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i think that louis' is more into songwriting and producing. he may release and collab on singles once in a while but he's not like into launching full albums and touring on his own (?). and i really like it because it'll be more lucrative and long term as a career.

I know that you have good intentions with this ask, but I’m really not into it, sorry. A lot of people in this fandom tried to say that Louis is more into songwriting and producing than singing and then he dropped Just Hold On with Steve, so please don’t come onto my blog acting like he cares less about singing and making his own albums and touring than Harry, Liam, or Niall, because I think that’s complete and utter bullshit.

Louis is currently trapped in hell and is clearly not able to put out music and promote it the way he wants to, which may make it seem like he’s hesitant on the album and touring front, but until he’s free, I’m not going to dismiss Louis’ love for singing and say “oh, I think he mostly just wants to be behind the scenes” because he himself has said that he’s interested in putting out more music and possibly an album. I think you’re making judgments based on the fact that Louis hasn’t signed a record deal yet and hasn’t done some of the stuff that you’d typically see with a solo career, but I think it’s unbelievably unfair to do that because it’s obvious he’s tied down in really significant ways that the other boys are not, or at least not to nearly the same extent that he is.

I think Louis does love songwriting and behind the scenes stuff, but he auditioned for the X-Factor because he wanted to be a singer, he was upset and felt that he wasn’t contributing enough to the band when they weren’t giving him solos because he wanted to be a singer, he gained more and more solos over the years because he wanted to be a singer, and he worked with Steve and sang on Just Hold On because he wants to be a singer. And I think it’s obvious that Louis loves performing (even if he gets nervous being on his own), so I don’t know how you can assume he isn’t as interested in touring.

It just doesn’t make sense to me that you would look at Louis when he has chains around his ankles and make a judgment on what he wants from his career based on that, so I don’t agree with your perspective on this.

Art Theft

Okay, let me say this as plainly and simple as possible.

Melodie is my character. Even if she is a fan character, I spent a lot of time on her, on her design, on her back story, on her personality. I do not want people RPing as her. I do not want people claiming her as their own. And I do not want people reposting ANY OF MY ART. 

I have seen people claiming Melodie as their own and to be frank it pisses me off. I do not like seeing her (OR ANY OF MY ART) reposted and used. She is not a toy for you to pick up and play with. She is my own character that I take a HUGE amount of pride in. 

The fact that you feel the need to STEAL my OC instead of making your own is pathetic. I have spent years of my life getting to the point where I can feel confident in my art to post it. 

If you think for ONE SECOND I am going to sit on my ass and let people steal my work you are wrong. I will not be POLITE, I will be as frank and rude as I need to get my point across.

You lost the right to politeness and my respect the MOMENT you stole my art. 

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I never saw the fandom so tense! I thought that with the boys being more active and doing their own things, the situation could improve but allo see on my dash are nasty anons, bitterness, people putting the boys against each other, petty indirects and so many people actually bored. Like, we're probably getting 4/4 MUSIC next months and people are bored and sad. It makes me want to cry! Remember when Harry asked for us to please don't forget them?

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Hi! I just wanted to comment that I was out with my mother and we passed this restaurant called DJ's International Buffet and the first thought that hit me was the DJ in your foodie 'verse had grown up and branched out to make his own restaurant.

AHAHA! YES A BUFFET. Perfect. Because you get a huge set of options, so there’s something for everyone, and if you take something and find you don’t like it, you can just leave it alone and get something else. If DJ grows up to work in the food industry he will totally run a string of insanely successful buffets known particularly for how all the plates have section dividers on them so nothing has to touch. 


C: I don’t know if I’m being extra or what, but i find it very annoying when my friend wants to go through my phone. She will go through my music playlist, my photos, my screenshots, my videos, my apps, my social media accounts, my messages, my contact list. She stay wanting to play with my phone when she have one of her own. I don’t feel the need to go through her phone so why is she asking for mines? We been friends for a long time, but when she does that it makes me cringe.

Desire. The most important thing in the world and here it was lying quietly by my side while you were breaking into day. I thought how I also wanted coffee, and that had me rising from the floor away from you and into the kitchen where I boiled the kettle and, hidden behind it’s hissing, began to quietly hum. There were your feet. I could see them through the hatch separating the kitchen from the living room behind the table where you lay, makeshift bed. Bony feet. Like all of your limbs, clumsy movements made elegant by them and totalling a sort of brattish ease. Exaggerated when tired, at your best when at your worst. I wonder what dreams had occupied you through the night, you wouldn’t remember them. Didn’t that make you feel like you’d been missing something? I was missing something, somewhere within you that I could not touch and so it was the very thing I wanted.

I left to shower in my own house walking slowly with my face upturned to the sky, the sun warming the back of my top. I had nothing on underneath and every time the breeze lifted it up I blushed. I peeled the film back from the packet of pomegranate seeds I’d stolen from the fridge, popping individual jewels between my lips that stained my fingers in pricks of blood. When I walked through my bedroom door I stood still staring out through the window at the tops of the houses, their patchwork tiles each laid with human hands, and at the bluing sky offsetting them. It reminded me of that desert postcard I bought in Oslo that disappeared. I stood quite still in a sort of trance thinking of almost nothing at all, just watching the sky shifting its way around the globe.

Often when I left you I went in to a state of perpetual shock, it was so much and then nothing at all. I felt like I did not need anybody else in the world. I couldn’t think so I set about cleaning my room for the first time in that frantic way all the women I loved do. I even bought a headband. I copy these small things but would never admit to doing so and with defiance say, “I’ve always worn one.”

The wooden floorboards underneath me were separated by cracks and I noticed how each time I tried to sweep, the dust would fall straight down. Crouched down with a pencil, I stuck it between the cracks to test the depth below. The tip touched nothing and the pencil fell through my fingers and into the abyss. Years and years of things swept and lost. I would write a letter and fold it into the crack beside the pencil (would it still be there, do things disappear?) But then I felt a sort of fear at not knowing what lay below me; similar to the feeling i got while standing street level at Oxford Circus, aware of all the frantic heads directly under my feet and how I’d just been one of them. I wrote a few words to nobody about the love I felt that day on the back of a Egon Shiele postcard and posted it through the crack in my floorboard for the next girl with her head in the sky to find or think about and felt suddenly, quietly good.

I want to share how I’m always woken up / not allowed to nap after work / treated as I’ve been gone “forever”:

First Aika scoots over and noses me to wake me up / get my attention after making her own deductions if it’s a good time or not:

Then comes then “Khajit has the wares if you got the coin” -look where she steals my closest arm as her prisoner:

^ Also known as “I’m sorry I’m begging for attention, but I love you so so so much” -look.

Then begins the “washup”. She can go on with this for minutes, if I allowed it. She’ll do it to both hands, check my ears and if I’m not up by then nuzzle below my chin. 

^ I usually stop her after she’s “checked” my fingers and scratch her behind her cheek fluffs.

So, content and happy that I sat up:

^ You said coffee? What are we waiting here for?

And back to normal: 

Hey everyone, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has come to me asking for me to make commission’s for them and thank you to those who have used my graphics as their own. I know I offer free commission’s and for the most part I should be grateful for that and I am, but I need to make something very clear in a way that is not vague or directed at anyone. Please, don’t assume I can make you a commission as soon as you snap your fingers. I’m not asking to have my hand kissed and to be begged, but it’s disheartening when someone comes up like “hey I have this blog wanna make me a graphic ;)?” Or “hey can you make me a theme for ALL my blogs”. It would be nice for some consideration as I do have a waiting list, but I rather come public in saying this than someone assuming I’m saying no to them and yes to everyone else. Especially when people have a working Photoshop and can make their own things, but have decided I’m to make everything for them.

It’s a tricky subject because I know the roleplay community really does hold standards that aren’t fair to all levels of graphic makers and I do try my hardest to help everyone with sharing resources and ECT. All I’m asking is remember other people are waiting and it’s not fair that I’m assumed to be your graphic maker 24/7. I’m okay with making two graphics per person to start with, but please don’t request 7 and pressure me into doing it. Thank you ❤

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Hello so i was seeing all the fights about blaming and whatever regarding steve and tony and civil war and all i can say is they are mostly functioning adults and they are both on the blame scale no denying it. But forget about it can i just take a minute to gush at HOW FUCKING AWESOME SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING'S TRAILER IS LOOKING!!!! Like remember the moment where peter says "i was trying to be like you"to tony???? Fuck the blame fights look look dad tony as a canon!!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!  I loved it.  It was such a great commentary on their relationship and the parallels between Peter and Tony.  Peter embodies so many of Tony’s best qualities (and Steve’s).  I think Tony definitely has that parental perspective of learn from my mistakes, which almost never works b/c your kids need to make their own mistakes to really internalize it sometimes, but damn, do you ever WANT them to, so very badly.  So, yes, let’s put the CACW fandom wars aside for a moment and appreciate the wonderful character moments we are getting with actual development for both of them. 

Commissions are back on!
I’m raising my regular Black and Whites by $5 and adding sketchy BW for the first time as $10

Everything you need is on the sheet

But I have some extra rules
I don’t start until I get paid
I have the right to refuse a commission
No I won’t lower the price for you
I won’t draw comics
And I won’t make any kind of exceptions
and no I won’t copy styles
again please be specific about what you want unless you just want me to do whatever
and please give me a reference if it’s your own character.
And if it’s an original character it has to be yours if you want me to draw someone else’s character the original creator has to be okay with it.

Message me if you want a commission please don’t use the askbox and I’ll give you PayPal AKA my e-mail address.

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What's a hc you want to write, but haven't yet?

thank you for this great question, @redinkofshame

I think most of us believe that Solas created the Veil at Skyhold, it is a pretty common headcanon. 

I kept thinking about how Skyhold inner courtyard is green and warm with no snow, while just on the other side of the gates and in the valley below, everything is covered in it. My headcanon is that creating the Veil was such a huge expenditure of magical energy, that the residual magic still makes everything warmer right there, even millennia later. 

I imagine a post-trespasser scenario (in my woefully unlikely fix-it world) where Solas explains all this to either Lavellan or Dorian and Vivenne. Unfortunatly magey theory babble is not my strong suit to write. 

Something else I sort of want to write is my own headcanon for Solas past? I don’t subscribe to the theory that he was a spirit, but rather that he was born, had a family etc. I am sort of hesitant to actually write it since I love @galadrieljones take on the same so much - it feels almost redundant to add my own version, even if its different. 

I also think I differ quite a bit from the rest of the fandom on my take on the Evanuris and their rise from generals to gods. I sort of take Solas words quite literally. I think they were all generals and equals in way, figthing battles among each other and others long dead. 

I have a whole thing where Solas has a sister, who is also a general of a great army and also has some sort of wolf imagery associated. She dies, never makes it to anything other (so legends), but it was her that told him to use the Dread Wolf image as a positive/scary thing. And I have this idea that she was wolf form that she died, and Solas jawbone pendant is her jawbone. 

I sort of want to write it, but I don’t? Both for the reasons mentioned above, but also it feels very personal, like I am not sure Solas would ever share it, and it feels wrong to write about it in detail. Is that odd? It’s odd, sorry. 

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Do you have a list, or can you make one, that links all of the FiCoN flash-fics? I love that series and want to read EVERYTHING! :-)

Thank you! We’re working on a completely different tumblr blog to organize things on (as that is not my specialty). There’ve been a few answers to asks that sort of verged on being their own little fics. But for now… 

September 2045 - Ameliam and Bethany

June 2036 - Amelia and Jules (most of this will be worked into a later ficlet that’s posted in Pieces of Always)

Around Spring of 2026 or 2027 - Olicity and Will

Sometime in 2027 - Oliver and Jules 

As I take more flashfics, I’ll tag them as ‘flashfic friday’… as my tentative plan is to try and do them on Fridays here and there (though not weekly). And once the new blogs specifically for FiCoN ‘verse are up (there will be two - one a lexicon of characters and the other for the stories and for asks), it’ll be much, much better organized. Because @dust2dust34 has a thing about layouts and making it neat and pretty. I frankly haven’t the skill for that, but she does, so… yay!

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Valentine <333 how did you become a guard and will you guard me pleeeeeease?

instead of being killed for my shitty stabby behavior, i became a servant for  King emo dick the first  (aka Kain) . THE TEST FOR THAT HURT AS U CAN SEE , he makes you remove your own organ to prove loyalty. my job.is bull shit. paper work sorting and  i deal with issues and i get to live. basically the ass hole wants to use me : skills” in a good way so he dosnt have to move off his ass and drink all day and just sing the paper work . when oniaka came in to our lives i was on a break i guess , no one had to be dealt with so in stead of rotting in a cell im baby sitting the human. i dont mind it dont get my wrong its better then having every part of  your body being thrown in separate confinement capsules and have those contaminators locked in a coffin int he basement.i have a habit of breaking out of places so they had to go all ancient egypt on my ass,  and im afraid that i cant be a full time grad to anyone but oniaka due to my contract. though if i happen to be close in a time of danger if you ask nicely i may be of assistance. 

Okay so I’ve been a content viewer on Tumblr for so many years and I’ve always wanted to start some sort of blog but I never knew what I would post about. Well, with college just around the corner I figured that I could use my upcoming medical and educational transition as an excuse to finally make my own tumblr! So here we are, and here’s what you need to know about me!

For starters, I have Cystic Fibrosis (hence the name). Having CF is weird because people who have it really can’t be in the same room together, so I have always turned to social media for support. However, I am also a student, as I know many other spoonies my age are, and I have been following several Studyblr blogs recently that have helped keep my organized and motivated with not only my homework but also my health. I figured that, since my life is a pretty complete combination of these two realities, my blog should be too! So yeah you can expect a mixture of health updates, spoonie hacks, and study session pics!

Okay so more about me:

-I’m 18 and a senior in high school

-I have already chosen my university next year (one that is remarkably close to my medical care team so that makes life easier)

-I plan on studying Political Science, American Sign Language, and possible Disability Studies next year

-I eventually want to go to law school (but lord knows if that will really happen)

-I really love books and tv shows and politics and musicals and all sorts of nerdy things so beware of the reposts 

-I really just want this blog to hold me accountable for my health and my studies so if I overpost about random routines and stuff sorry I just need to in order to keep myself motivated

And my favorite blogs on here so far are definitely 

@acadehmic @littlestudyblrblog @throughthick-and-thin @toomanysubjectstudyblr @smallstudyblrsunite @paperandcaffeine

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Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I've fallen so in love with Temmie that now owning a crestie is one of my dreams! Right now I'm not in a place to own one since I'll be moving soon and don't make enough that I'd be comfortable about being able to care for them and have vet savings BUT in a couple years I should be in a place where it'll be possible ^_^ Reptiles used to freak me out but seeing all your beauties has changed my mind completely. Keep being awesome and tell Temmie she's gorgeous :D

Awww this is so awesome to hear omg <3 <3 I am glad I could get you interested in the world of reptiles :D Thank you so much, and I’ll tell her for you and give her her favorite pangea food too :3

regarding cws...

I’ve wanted to start my own shop, but after browsing this blog, I’m worried that if I start releasing CWs it will make me a target of pointless hatred/drama. 

I’m constantly seeing submissions here where people complain about a CW artist or releaser. It feels like CW makers are just the most popular people to hate. I have nothing against legitimate complaints/venting, but there have been lots of posts here that are just complaining about an artist or releaser without any evidence or even saying anything substantial. 

Here is what I think. If you think an item is a ripoff or art theft or something, REPORT IT TO STAFF. Make a ticket on Subeta and provide your evidence. They’ll presumably investigate it and problem is solved.

If you just want to complain that CW makers are releasing similar styles/kinds of things, well, too bad! They are doing that because people WANT them and CW makers are doing what their customers want. For instance, so what if an item has a million recolors, that’s because people WANT those colors. When you post on subetaspeaks complaining about too many recolors or something, it just feels like you have some bitterness against CW makers in general and are looking for an excuse to complain about them! 

Does anyone else get the same feeling as I do? And should I actually be afraid of this, because I wanna release some CWs but I also don’t want people hating me for no reason ;-;


My mother and father used domestic violence and child abuse to make me strong. However, like medicine their were side effects. I didn’t trust anyone and I barely I trusted myself. It left a hatred for others who wanted to keep getting close because I felt they were also coming to hurt me. I was protective of my emotions and traits because I felt they were ammunition used by others who seemed like friends but would turn enemies if I let my guard down. A lone wolf without a pack or family. My own loneliness, aggression, anxiety, and depression have become my self inflicted abuse.