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You guys have no idea of how happy I am to have you guys as my senpais, this kouhai
is the happiest little shit when they’re having fun and interacting with you all… I would’ve
abandoned this blog a long time ago if it werent for you guys. The lil’ Kouhei and Amami
have grown a lot since december of last year and you all are an amazing part of all of this. ]

I met such wonderful people here that it’s impossible to not make special mentions, so here
we go:

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What if S and M bros S/O accidentally used there shampoo and the bros noticed? Sorry I don't have good english.

Your English is fine hun!


Shu - He actually uses the same shampoo as you because he’s too lazy to pick out something different for himself so it wouldn’t be different to him.

Reiji - He likes that you smell like him but he prefers you to have a different smell than him… plus his shampoo makes your hair dull and lifeless looking.

Ayato - I actually happy since you smell like him. “Now everyone will know who you belong to!”

Kanato - “Our prey smells nice today don’t they Teddy?” Kanato is very happy about the mistake and wants you to keep on using his shampoo. Plus floofier hair for you!

Laito - Okay he thinks it sexy when you wear his shirts but you using his shampoo is the best thing ever at that moment.

Subaru - “You smell different… Oh, by accident? N-no I think it’s c-cute that you smell like me.” Stop him from rambling please.


Ruki - “Livestock, you smell like your master why is that?” He’d actually take the mistake with stride and make sure to keep your bottle separate from his now on since you hair looks terrible when you use his.

Kou - “Hey Masokitty don’t you smell good! Hmm. the smell doesn’t suit you though.” He prefers you to smell different from him but he understands the mistake… he’s still gonna tease you though.

Yuma - He doesn’t really care and shrugs it off even though he thinks it’s hot that you smell like him. It’s almost like how you smell after you to do that thing with his [CENSORED]… Yuma you were the good one.

Azusa - You and Azusa share shampoo since he doesn’t really know what to look for, plus he’s fine with anything.

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Hello sweet ladyleanam! You sent me this ages ago and I’ve been stupid busy, but I will write now 

This story is my baby. My first ever and still a work in progress, but it’s coming to a conclusion very soon. In my heart, I really, really wanted to read/write a story within canon that could make Dramione work, and matured versions of themselves seemed like the right time.

Confessions by SaintDionysus

A Story Set Ten Years After Cursed Child
Ten years have passed since Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Draco found themselves in an unlikely team-up. In that time, friendships have grown, marriages have crumbled, the next generation has grown up, and family dynamics are stretched. The story begins with a celebration where a few drinks give friends the courage to confess their long harbored feelings for each other. Visions of the past spanning almost forty years reveal how many events lead to this moment.Post-Canon, flashbacks to Hogwarts era, post-war, and post-CC/start of this story. Reading of Cursed Child not necessary.Dramione-centric. WIP—The final installment will be several chapters released at onceSemi-Finalist Best Work in Progress
The “Wait, Granger. I even put a bow on it.” Winter 2017 Dramione Fanfiction AwardsEditors/Betas: Mama2HPBabies and MrBenzedrine89 

Rating: M for language, drama, and sexual situations

I joined my first prompt fest over Christmas and I was so deep into writing Confessions. I ended up writing an angsty tale. Writing sullen teenage Draco was so too much fun—though I am totally dreading when my kids become teens.

Christmas Lights: A Holiday Story from Confessions by SaintDionysus

Synopsis: Draco comes home for Christmas holidays during his seventh year. With the Ministry and Hogwarts taken over by Voldemort’s followers, muggle-borns are in hiding.
This story is a stand-alone piece, but there are references to chapter two from Confessions. I hope you get a chance to read it if you aren’t already.

Rating: Teen and up. Warnings: Teenage boy angst, immaturity, and self-love. Death of minor character.

I wrote a drabble and my friends were salivating for more. Well, I didn’t just dip into smut the smut pool, I did a cannonball! It was so much fun to write multiple pairings all at the early stages of adulthood. Who knows, they may make another appearance one day.

Hot Mess by SaintDionysus

Adulthood has everyone engaged to be married and preparing for the next stage of life, but is everyone done sowing their oats? All it takes is a night out to realize settling down may not be the best idea…

Dedicated to Gryff_inTheGame and coyg_81 for whom I am thankful crawled up my ass and begged me to write this story. It was so damn fun to write and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Beta: MrBenzedrine89

Rating: Explicit

I so so so want to get back to this story. It’s a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, farce that breaks the fourth wall. I was a total drama nerd in school so this has a special place in my heart.

Drama Club by SaintDionysus

Professor Flitwick attempts to bring a classic tragedy to Hogwarts, instead, comedy ensues. This tale will be told by the students who lived it.

Sixth year. Lucius isn’t in Azkaban, Draco isn’t tasked with fixing the vanishing cabinet, things are kind of quiet in regards to Voldie, and Dumbledore is an idiot.

Sorry! I am taking a short hiatus on this project. I’m trying to wrap up Confessions and just finished a smut-tastic fic called, Hot Mess. I plan to get back to this soon!

Thank you to MrBenzedrine89 and mama2HPbabies for the beta love!

Rating: T

Sometimes we just want our stories, short, sweet and hiliarious. This is my drabble collection. 

The Wine Rack by SaintDionysus

This is a collection of nonsense, headcanons, drabbles, and one-shots under 1500 words. Mostly humorous.

Rated M: for sexual innuendos and language

Trigger Warnings: You might pee your pants with laughter, or not.

Cheif Medic of the IRKEN ARMADA vs. Highly Revered IRKEN ROGUE Healer

I’ve been on a huge Saverse kick lately, and I couldn’t help but think about what would happen if these two met. Sav has limited supplies and makes due with what she has- which may include strange potions and such, whereas Pepper has the entire MASSIVE’s Medbay at her disposal. 

Would they argue? Would they get along? Share stories? Who knows! Just thought it would be an interesting interaction, and have wanted to draw it ever since I revived this old character. 

Pepper belongs to @irkenmedicpepper 


Happy Birthday Jackson Wang!

My Mandu and organic tea boy. Thank you for making your Ahgases  proud everyday. I wanted to let you know that you are so loved and we thank you for all your hard work. These past few weeks have been hard since you were sick for me. I hope on this special day you are getting everything you ever wished for. I love you to the moon and back.      

Malec Café AU Fic: On a Wednesday in a Café

Rating: PG-13 | AO3 Link

Summary: Magnus had drug his heels about dating after Camille, but when Raphael sets him up with a handsome stranger, he might rethink everything he’s ever thought about blind dates.

Warnings: Mentions of bi erasure and shaming

A/N: I was listening to Begin Again by TSwizzle and this entire scene flashed through my head. So, have some cutesy first meeting Malec ^.^  Again, thanks to brizzbee for being an awesome beta.

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^^there you go anon! Read from left to right! It’s wednesday and since there’s no new episode have this comic instead as an offering 
Ever since we learned yuuri can pole dance hella good and he wants to be the one who seduces the playboy i was like what if this was a thing… tho irl playboys i don’t think pole dance or are guys but hey this is an au! for a reason haha
also since they apparently serve alcohol all characters in this are +18 years old!

edit: @couldbesweeter pointed out it would make more sense if it was 18+ rather than 21+ like in the US so thank you for correcting me!



Several months ago I saw a guy at the gym wearing a shirt that had a stick figure drawing of a bride and groom and underneath it said “Game Over”. And it’s been bothering me ever since… Like I know that’s the typical cis-het dude’s perception of marriage, but I want to go up to every knucklehead and say “Yo. Tell you what. I’ll marry your girlfriend, how bout that? Then you get to keep playing your "game”, I get the gay wedding I always wanted, and your now-ex finally gets appreciated for the lovely woman I’m sure she is… Everybody wins!“

I’m so sick of dudes making marriage into a joke and taking their wives for granted, but then when two women or two men want to cherish each other for the rest of their lives all of a sudden marriage is so sacred…

I have lived forever in a smile. — e.e.cummings


                                         The best and wisest men I have ever known.
                                                       O u r Baker Street boys.

cute klance sleeping things:

  • ever since they started dating, keith secretly wanted to share a bed with lance so bad but felt it was too fast/rushed/pushy and agonized over it. should he ask??? how even?? (and that amount of touching makes him a bit nervous too)
    • but one night lance comes in to keith’s room, exhausted after a Coran Cardio workout and just collapses into the bed next to keith, sleeping before he hits the sheets
    • keith doesn’t move the whole night. it’s like a cat has Chosen him and he doesn’t want to scare it off. he just lays there grinning like an idiot at the ceiling while lance snores on his stomach.
  • keith is a total blanket hog; by morning he is wrapped up like a wee caterpillar. lance fights back by spreading his lankiness over every inch of the bed, whether keith is occupying it or not.
  • also lance sleeps in until like noon so keith’ll wake up and just stare lovingly at the boy for a while until lance blows a snot bubble and ruins it.
    • OR lance’ll wake up and see keith and blearily, crookedly, smile instantly and that right there makes keith’s whole day
  • before they go to bed keith reads aloud from a book while lance snuggles into his side and listens, holding his hand.
  • on the rare occasions lance wakes up before keith, he kisses keith awake:
    • “wake up, sleeping beauty! I am thy prince and thy spell is lifted.”
    • “oh my god lance you have morning breath get off”
    • “i SAID thy spell is LIFTED”
I told a potential my fee & he laughed !!!!!

LI-TER-FUCKIN-LY ! Y’all this man responded, “Lol”.

Now, this is where a lot of sugar babies make an mistake. They allow this mans mockery of how much it cost to support their needs/wants sting, they allow themselves to become vulnerable to manipulative and cheap men

I simply explained to him in the most polite and bitchy tone ever (because ladies sometimes sugar may just in look like salt), “The outfits that you so politely complimented and admired, the makeup, the hair, nails, smooth legs, they all cost. So to maintain your desired image and my lifestyle that you wish to be included in (since you messaged me) you have to support me. In exchange for your support, I shower you in attention, affection, make men envious of you, and offer you an introduction to a diverse culture. I thought that was the kind of man you were, and the interest you had in mind. However I apologize that you cant afford me and my lifestyle and I wish you the best of luck!

See what I did there, “your desired image, make men envious of you, thought that was the kind of man you were, you cant afford me”. Subliminally bruising his ego. Sooo just to try and prove how much of a man he is, now he’ll be competitive, hungry to try prove me wrong. Which he was and immediately he began to retract his statement, and accept my offers. :) people just really want what they cant have…well cant afford.

& since he was acting all funny I will neeed my cash in hand before anythannnng.

This, ladies, is why you shouldn’t lowball yourselves

Bruh one thing I never understood in hxh…if Killua’s yo-yo’s weighed 50 kilos each, THEN HOW THE FUCK DID HIS PANTS NOT FALL DOWN WHEN THEY WERE IN HIS POCKETS



And btw 50 kilos=110 pounds, which means he’s carrying around 220 pounds in his pocket. R i d i c u l o u s 

All Tied Up

Summary: Theo and (Y/N) have hated each other since the beginning of time and it doesn’t help that he’s with the pack now. Scott and Stiles’ have a bright idea to lock the two in a room together until they make up, but they never expected things to get so heated.

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: About 2.1K

Warning: Handcuffs, orgasm denial, smut

A/N: Let’s all pretend Theo helped them defeat the Dread Doctors.

Credit to the creator of the gif!

Originally posted by training-wolves

“That’s enough!”, Scott yelled, “You two have been going at it for weeks and it’s starting to get annoying”

“It’s just starting?”, Stiles let out

Scott glared at his best friend before he could continue to chastise Theo and I. Ever since he tried to have Scott killed, I’ve wanted nothing more than to bury him. In the end, he did help us defeat the Dread Doctors, but that didn’t mean I’d just start trusting him.

“She started all of this. It’s not my fault!”, Theo yelled back

“Just like it wasn’t your fault Scott died!?”, I countered

“How many times do I have to apologize? I’m so-”

“Your apologies don’t mean shi-”

“Enough!”, Scott yelled again, his eyes beginning to glow. I knew better then to start yelling again, but this argument was far from over. No one should trust Theo.

“(Y/N) I know this is difficult for you to accept, but he’s a part of our pack now. And Theo, you need to give it time. I’m aware that you two have a history, but somehow you’ll work through it”, Scott reasoned

“That’s not even the reason why!”

“How about some time alone?”, Stiles suggested

Theo groaned, then shook his head, “No, not a good idea”

“You’re right! It’s a great idea”, Scott grins, “Meet me in my room”

I grimaced as Theo smiled politely and led the way. Once we reached his room, Theo plopped down on the bed and made himself at home.

“What?”, he sighed when I glared in his direction

Before I could tear him a new one, Scott and Stiles entered the bedroom with a familiar sac in Stiles’ hand.

“We’ve decided to go on the mission without you”, Scott finally says

“What?”, we yelled in unison

“We don’t need this many people for it anyway. Stiles and I can handle this”

“What if you need backup?”, Theo fired back

“We have a hellhound, banshee, and two betas. In case you forgot”, Stiles replied

“What makes you think we’ll stay put?”, I nearly yelled as Stiles walked closer to the door

He faced my direction as a giant grin spread across his face. Scott quickly grabbed my right wrist and handcuffed it to his headboard, then moved out the door. I frantically pulled my wrist to and fro trying to get out of it.


“Whoa, calm down sweetheart. You might hurt yourself”, Theo said trying to get me to relax, “You know handcuffs won’t work on me. So I might as well leave”

As he began to stand, Stiles dumped the contents of the sac in a line front of the door.


“I doubt you will be anytime soon”, Stiles replied, “Try not to break anything kids”

“Scott be reasonable!”

“I am being reasonable! We’re a team and we need to stick together. Whatever is going on between the two of you you need to work through it. We shouldn’t be gone too long. Don’t destroy my room either”, he said as he shut the door and left the house, effectively trapping Theo and I inside

“Sooooo…:”, I let out to break the silence

“Don’t”, he quickly said, “No small talk”

“Oh so I take it you’re in charge now?”

“Someone should be”, he mumbles

“Aww is someone still mad they aren’t the alpha?”, I smirked as Theo got off the bed to put some distance between us

“Will you quit bringing that up!?”, he shouted

“Why would I do that? You came along and pulled our pack apart piece by piece. Scott died, Lydia was stuck in Eichen House, you blackmailed Stiles-”


Theo stood near the bed with his hands balled into fists, the rise and fall of his chest slightly increasing.

“And you took Hayden from Liam. All because you crave power! Was it really worth it Theo?”

“Be. Quiet”, he sneered

“It must have been worth while since you still ended up on the side of the good guys. Even though it doesn’t wipe away all the bad you’ve done”, I finished

Theo began to tremble as if he was going to break down right in front of me. His eyes flashed yellow and blood dripped from his clenched fist. I’m sure it hurts, but I really don’t care enough to say anything.

“You’re never going to trust me are you?”, he asked quietly

“Not in this lifetime”, I replied, “If you get these cuffs off me, I can break the seal and we’ll never speak of this again”

“No”, he was pacing back and forth, “We’re going to get through this like he said. I know this will take a while, but that’s a risk I’ll have to take”

He was either crazy or cared too much about what happened between us.

“You’re still angry”, he continued, “I know it’s my fault that you’re hurting. Believe me I want to make it up to you, if you’ll let me”

This was a side of Theo I didn’t get to see often. He felt bad for being an ass and wanted to be forgiven.

“No”, I said hesitantly, “You’ve said that before and it didn’t end so well”

He lowered his head and let out a frustrated groan.

“I didn’t know they would take you. If I had known I would have left a while ago”, he said softly

“The only reason you decided to help our pack was because they took me. What if they didn’t? Would you still have helped or let us suffer? You make terrible decisions and I’m always going to be the one to pay for them”

“The Dread Doctors used you to get to me. They thought if they got you out the way, I would be compliant, but it only made things worse. The thought of them harming you drove me crazy and I knew it was all my fault. I stopped at nothing to make sure you would be safe”

He hesitantly moved closer to me and sat on the bed.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you (Y/N). I thought I was doing the right thing until you were kidnapped. Out of all the crap that has been going on you’re the only thing that makes sense and I can’t lose you. That’s why I stayed”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Honestly, you shouldn’t. You have no reason to, but I want to work on us. Find a way to right my wrongs with everyone and that starts with you sweetheart”

He’s never been this forward with me. It was a start and I did miss spending time with him. The late nights. The kissing. God the kissing. It drives me crazy just thinking about it. He leaned forward, his face inches from mine. He was lingering in front of me, eyeing my lips down to my neck and chest. His hands ran slowly up my arms up to my wrists. They ran across the handcuffs, but he didn’t take them off. Confusion spread across my face as he smiled.

Theo moved so he was sitting between my legs and unbuttoned my shirt. As he got closer, he ran the tip of his nose along my neck, I let out a moan. He kissed up my neck as his hand trailed down sliding into my leggings. I couldn’t stop the sounds escaping my mouth. The tip of his finger brushed across my clit and I pulled against the restraints. He smirked as he saw my reaction and began moving his finger in slow circles, but soon picked up the pace. My back arched from against the headboard. He positioned two fingers at my entrance and slowly pushed them in.

“(Y/N) you’re soaked”, he groaned as he finally started to pull out, then push them back in. His fingers went in farther until he found my spot. My legs shook uncontrollably as he continued to rub his fingers against it. Theo kissed me to silence my screams, but soon moved away to watch my reaction. I was getting closer and closer to the edge when he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean.

“Theo please”, I groaned

“Not yet sweetheart”, he smirked as he pulled off my leggings and threw my panties aside

He lowered himself between my legs and softly bit the insides of my thighs. He moved at a painstakingly slow pace as he teased me. Finally, he leaned forward and rubbed the tip of his tongue in circles on my clit. I wanted to keep myself from screaming too loud as I pulled the restraints once again.

“Theo”, I moaned as he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked gently

His hand yanked my bra down and he rolled my nipple between my fingers. My core began to throb as my moans got louder, then he pulled away with a grin.

“You can’t get too loud, you might wake the neighbors”, he winked

Before I could respond, his lips were on mine once again. He pulled away and his pants and boxers were on the floor. He stroked himself as he stared into my eyes.

“I should have asked you before. Are you okay with this?”, he asked hesitantly

“Yes”, I gasped, “I want this. I want you”

“Thank God because this would have turned out so awkward”, he laughed

His laugh was infectious and I felt myself smiling at him once again.

He leaned over me once more, positioning himself between my legs. Theo pushed himself inside halfway and began to shake. He groaned at the feeling of me being wrapped around him before pushing himself in completely. It didn’t take long to adjust to his length.

He pulled back, then slowly pushed himself in again. His lips met mine once again. Everything he needed to say was in the kiss. The last thing I expected was to have Theo between my legs this evening.

My legs began to tremble. He may have been taking his time, but I could feel my release slowly building up. Just when I thought I reach an orgasm again, he pulled away.

“Are you trying to kill me?”, I gasped

When grinned at me I knew I was in trouble. He lifted one of my legs up, then slammed into me. I barely had enough time to adjust, let alone get a word out. As he continued his pace, I was far from able to form a coherent sentence.

He moved his hand to get a hold of my waist at an angle. As he began to hit my spot again, I let out another moan, barely able to control myself. By now I was screaming his name.

Theo leaned down to kiss my neck when I heard him growling softly in my ear. He couldn’t control himself either. I pushed my hips up to meet his pace and he growled even louder.

“(Y/N) I’m so close”, he groaned

The look on my face told it all. With my movements matching his torturous pace and his lips on my neck, I was pushed over the edge and Theo quickly followed suit. He collapsed on top of me trying to catch his breath.

Soon the cuffs were broken and we scrambled to put our clothes on once we heard the front door open. Theo and I smiled as we raced to put Scott’s bed back together. As soon as we finished, the door pushed open.

“We’re back”, Stiles called as he broke the seal

Scott hesitantly stepped into his room and looked around, “You took her cuffs off”

“Yeah. They weren’t needed…after a while”, Theo said, a knowing grin spreading across his room

Scott paused again, then breathed in. His eyes widened as his gaze landed on the both of us holding hands.

“Did you two…in my bed!?”

Stiles doubled over in laughter, “I never saw that coming”

“Scott, I never planned on this happening, but one thing led to another and…”, Theo stated

“Look in the bright side. We get along now. Isn’t that what you wanted?”, I said grinning from ear to ear

Scott opened his mouth, but nothing came out as he glared at the both of us.

“Babe”, Theo said as he squeezed my hand, “We should run”

With that being said he pulled me out of Scott’s room and run like hell with Scott chasing right behind us.


“When I first saw it in the store two years ago, I laughed at it. Then I went back and bought it. It’s as if they tried to make a guitar so no one would have to have an effect pedal ever again. It’s got a repeater effect, a palm wah-wah and a ratty fuzz distortion sound. And when you play it, it sounds like an orchestra from outer space.” 

Alex about his Vox teardrop-shaped 12-string Starstream guitar (Guitar World - December 2013)