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I decided to put the translations in the actual video, as you can see there’s a video out there where you can see the subtitles if you turn on the captions, but what if you want it for yourself? 

So here it is, Kuon’s love message for you, princess.

Youtube video here, with the subtitles in captions c;

Lost Cause  (Gang!Bangtan pt.4)

Genre: Angst, smut, Gang/mafia AU

Pairing: Bangtang x Reader (mainly jungkook)
POV: Third
Length: 1228
Description: Stripping, money, gambling, sex and alcohol was the last thing she’d imagine doing but things happen. Life long friends come back, problems grow bigger, and she soon found herself with her life at stake
A/N: the long awaited part 4 is finally here. I just want to apologize. I haven’t had any motivation to do anything and i always feel so worn out. I dont mean to make up excuses but im the type of person that has to be motivated to write. its not something i an rush, otherwise it’ll be very shitty like this part. I didn't know what to write and i still dont know what to write but ill be working on it. In the meantime please dont expect a new part for another month or maybe even two since school is starting and im focusing on getting my summer reading done. 

also ive been working on this fan art of hobi for quite sometime now so please look forward to that within the next month or so!

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(pt 4) 

So now what?

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irieahl  asked:

Hello, I'm one of your fans from Inkblazer, I just wanted to see if you had heard the news yet that the site will be shutting down in feb. I believe it is. :( Since you are on hiatus I didn't know if you were aware and I know I'm not the only curious about if you will make your work available else where :)


Yes I have heard the sad news. The people who ran Inkblazer were always very good to me and supportive. I ended up leaving the site because I had bigger opportunities elsewhere (YenPress approached me with Beautiful Creatures and Miss Peregrine). And that is why Land of Lions and the others were put aside on Hiatus. By the time I had any free moments to maybe return to Land of Lions (it was maybe 2 years later?) it was too difficult for me to pick it up where I had left off. My art had changed, my thoughts on the story and writing had changed, so I left it as it was. 

I am really sorry for all of the artists who still posted their amazing stories on that site and now suddenly find themselves without a home. Even if I didnt post on the site I did read some of the comics so I’ll have to hurry and find out where they are moving too. Has a database been created for all the Inkblazer comics and links to their new homes? There should be if there isn’t yet!

As for picking up Land of Lions again, I am afraid that probably won’t happen. Maybe, someday, I would like to start it over from scratch with better writing and art and maybe a publisher! But until then it is more of a fond memory. I am so happy that so many people enjoyed it. Goodness knows I spent years on the project, Land of Lions was over 40 chapters long. The fans were always good to me but life just didn’t work out in such a way that I could finish it. (Although I did have an ending written out already! It was a good one! Okay it was kind of a SAD ending but I swear, it would have been nice.) 

SO to all of my lovely-loyal-sweet Land of Lions fans, I apologize that I have been somewhat tight lipped about the future of the project, that you never knew if I would return from Hiatus or not and yet you kept enjoying my unfinished work. I apologize that you might not SEE an ending to it, but now that Land of Lions belongs completely to me again I will see what I can do and I hope you will enjoy my new work!

p.s. Good luck to you poor things that are scrambling to find a new website for your work.


While Dustin is at work, Brandi shows up outside their trailer, just sort of… lurking. Meadow goes outside to greet her. Brandi’s excited about her first grandchild, and is wondering why she’s not invited over more often. Things get out of hand quickly. Brandi was always sort of disappointed that Dustin broke up with that nice Angela Pleasant (who had money) to get together with Meadow (who did not), and Dustin moving back to the trailer park, working a dead-end job while his pregnant wife is unemployed and trying to make this silly “organic vegetables” thing going… Well. Let’s just say Brandi’s not so pleased about it all.

And she takes it out on Meadow.

Meadow’s not about to bend over backwards and take Brandi’s crap, though. She tells her to get lost.