i wanted to make flowers ok

  • love of m'life: lets me borrow her jacket for the fifth time
  • me, wearing her jacket for the fifth time: (because i am wearing her jacket, for the fifth time) haha! stole your clothes! stealing more of your life force and powers and memories yet again! what are you going to do! you can't stop me!
  • love of m'life: it's ok i want you to be warm and you look really good in it plus it makes me think of you anyway b/c it's got flowers on the sleeves
  • me: bursts into tears

Team RWBY Devastation AU Concept Art

Hello Friends and Followers! Welcome to My Devastation AU Concept Art for Team RWBY! I hope you all like cause I worked hard on this for hours! (ok days….maybe weeks…Months….) If you want to see more please tell me!

(Also If I ever say I’m backing out of this, please remind me im an idiot and how long I spent making concept art for team RWBY…)

greek mythology ask meme
  • ok you know what i wanted to make one of my own, so tada!
  • aphrodite: what do you find most attractive in a person? (physical and personality wise)
  • apollo: what's your favorite art?
  • ares: what's the thing that makes you angriest?
  • artemis: what's your favorite thing about girls?
  • athena: what's a fun fact that you know that others might not?
  • demeter: what's your favorite flower?
  • dionysus: what's your favorite drink? (alcoholic or not)
  • hades: what's your favorite thing about winter?
  • hephaestus: what's the most helpful thing you can do around the house?
  • hera: what's something you want in a marriage/relationship?
  • hermes: where would you like to travel in a month-long trip?
  • hestia: what's something you enjoy about your family?
  • persephone: are you indecisive?
  • poseidon: what's your favorite thing about the beach?
  • zeus: what's your favorite weather system?
  • BONUS:
  • chronus: what do you hate about time?
  • eros: how would you describe love?
  • hypnos: do you have a favorite dream?
  • thanatos: what do you think about death?
back on top
  • motorcycle: yes you would lie to us, steven (ft. choirs!)
  • summer shandy: summer song released in september about a winter in alaska???
  • cough it out: having a problematic fave
  • help: fuck capitalism, man
  • laugh till i cry: backflip part 2
  • historic cemetery: 'i dont smoke weed' ok sure
  • fuck jobs: surprise reggae!! everyone refuses to call it 'the plan'
  • ginger: no one is the least bit surprised tfb wrote a song about a dog and killing spiders
  • 2yl: no one wants to hear about your orgasms, brian
  • west virginia: The Ultimate Banger™
  • plastic flowers: brian making everyone cry
Seventeen’s singing voices sound like:


- ngl it’s daddy af

- makes me feel unholy

- will treat you right


- a hug after coming home

- how his hair must feel

- it’s from God’s own hand


- like a flower about to bloom

- morning tea

- Jesus would be proud of him


- 2 cool 4 u

- makes me cry

- invented sexy


- made lean on me his bitch

- a lil scary when he raps

- slow dancing


- cures sadness

- makes me want to be a better person

- he reminds me of ed sheeran a lot ok probs bc they’re both great


- dont get me started

- being in love



- hesitation then finally being brave

- makes me feel so much boi wyd

- A Great Guy™


- laughing with your friends

- proof that there is good in the world

- give him more solos



- say yes is a masterpiece

- underrated. can he be my friend?


- surprises me everytime

- he raps like a king

- he makes me trust him idk why


- soft pillows after a long day

- what did we do to deserve such talent

- Beautiful™


- excitement

- your fave’s voice could never

- he is unreal. who allowed this???

lmao i tweeted this but it didn’t get much love so here we are

Little sketches I did of some peeps gemstone(i hope its ok with u guys)

Star sapphire - @flower-thorns

Blackk lace onyx- @cosmiipu

Star sapphire- @galactic-cheesepuff

Albite and orthoclase- @artifiziell

Rainbow moonstone- @aaron-goforth

Malaya garnet- @melifalls

Gems don’t belong to me.

Also Im gonna be making moree of these. If you want me to draw one justt ask😘😊

What Christmas gift do you want to get for your girlfriend?

Jiwon: Me, myself. There’s nothing better than that.

Sunghoon: I’m not sure. A pair of gloves or a coat?

Jaejin: Pictures that we took together, clothes, flowers, etc.

Jaeduc: I want us to have fun and make it a really memorable Christmas.

Jiyong: I want to go on a vacation to a really nice place.

Suwon: What gift? We’re in an IMF financial crisis. As long as we have love for each other, it’s OK!


Finally done!! This is another little watercolors for the Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas and the “Overgrowth” fic made by @leviticusarts!

At first I wanted to make something sad but then I wanted to draw Sans being taken by the flowers.;u; I hope its ok! Maybe its all a dream someone is having in the flowers… (It ended up way more colorful than I planned too…)

abloodneed replied to your post “Ok but can we talk about Magnus cooing at that snake and calling it…”

this is the thing that kills me like either way those are HUGE, that’s why i wrote that thing because just imagine him working on that, perfecting it, putting so much time and energy into it. such a god damn thing

dammit now you’re making me want to know what else he might’ve made, whether as gifts or for himself. and also, when did he discover he could do this? did he grow flowers out of the ground when he was younger by accident? did he realize one day the flower simply never wilted or faded even in the frostbitten winter and it occurred to him what he could do? and then he went and tried it on small things like butterflies and spiders and lizards – eventually a snake.

imagine alec watching magnus one day, unnoticed, and magnus is out on his balcony growing a flower. just the world’s most powerful warlock, growing little pink and purple flowers that glow at night because he thinks it looks pretty. alec would have the softest look on his face.

Pastel Ponyboy Headcanons

Ok nobody requested his but I got the idea in class today and really wanted to do it haha


-Drinks a shit ton of green tea

-Really like picture books of pretty scenery and gardens

-Hit his pastel phase soon after
Johnny and Dally died

-His favorite color is mint green

-Flower crowns are his SHIT

-He makes them a lot and sells them around his school

-This dork has a fucking Etsy shop to sell them too

-He sometimes makes some to keep for himself

-His favorite is a soft pink one that’s really poorly made but he and Johnny made it so he likes it a lot

-They made it when they were in Windrixville and had nothing better to do

-Or sometimes they would make them when they couldn’t sleep

-They picked on them a lot but both or them secretly really enjoyed making them

-He has a bunch of fairy lights and dream catchers all over him and Soda’s room

-Darry hates it and insists its a fire hazard
-“Ponyboy for the last time take

-Runs a poetry blog

-Owns loads of house plants and takes care of each one like their his children

-People talk about him a lot behind his back and he pretends not to know but it really bothers him

-He got really tight with Two Bit after Johnny and Dally died and he thinks Pony’s look and vibe is kinda tuff in a weird way

-Curly kinda took pity on Pony cause he seems so soft and hurt nowadays and is really protective over him

-Pony doesn’t realize it but everyone wants to be a big brother figure to him because they feel awful for him

Lavender ✽


take as much time as you need to get healthy, carats are always here!


listen,,,, derek nurse takes a photography class SPECIFICALLY so he can make dex the subject of his series of photos and have him pose however nursey wants him

“nursey why do i have to put these flowers in my hair”

“u don’t want me to fail do you?”

“ok but is it necessary for me to take my shirt off?”

“srsly do you want my gpa to drop? bc i won’t be able to play if i fail this class”

meanwhile nursey has an 110% in the class and could literally not turn in the next 10 assignments and still manage a B in the class

ok idk if anyone wld be interested in this but im gonna make lil packages to welcome spring, im thinkin ill include some pressed flowers, maybe seeds, stuff like that? stuff that wld fit into a letter i think! so if any mutuals want one pls message me i rly wanna send some letters ;n;;