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>>The Marks We Make<< Chapter 2 update!

Tag. Honestly Lance get your head in the game, if you’re not going to pay attention you’re out. 

​ has fought hard and written a pretty long chapter for you guys to read and have fun with while we go back to SUADWM for a while! 

Admittedly, this one gif is… rough to say the least. Doesn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted it to, but I’m still experimenting and learning, so it’s fiNE. 

Hey dreamers! Can you believe it? One year ago I started working on this project that came from a dream I had and I can’t believe it has turned into what it has. Daisuga makes me the happiest~ o(*^▽^*)o

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I can’t believe it but i reached 6k followers a week ago! Thank you all so much for your support ❤️ I haven’t done tumblr awards in quite a while so i figured this would be a nice way to celebrate my milestone.


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[ Request: Chibs imagine, where he’s watching his twin daughters while his wife is at work and it’s kinda tough ] - i didn’t know how old you wanted the twins to be, so I decided to make them toddlers to give him a little extra slice of hell. 😂 

“You sure you can handle them all day, babe?” you asked. You turned to your husband who was leaned against the doorway, watching you with a smile as you applied your makeup in the bathroom mirror. “I mean, I’m not going to be home until at least five, and they can be a lot to handle for just one person.” 

You were getting ready to leave for work when your nanny had called and said she couldn’t watch your twins today. Chibs insisted he could stay home with them so you wouldn’t have to miss work, but you weren’t sure he really knew what he was signing up for. Your daughters were just a few weeks shy of four, and they were 100% energy all the time. As much as you loved your girls, you knew they were more than a handful, and they left behind a trail of chaos wherever they went. 

Today would be the first time Chibs had stayed with both of the girls entirely on his own, and you were skeptical of how he was going to handle it. Chibs may have been able to deal with all the shit that happened with the club, but three-year-old twin girls were an entirely different story.

“I’ve dealt with much worse,” he laughed, “I think I can handle my own girls.” He flashed you a toothy grin before leaning over and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Don’t worry, love.”

You smirked and turned back to the mirror. “If you say so.” 


“Aye, stop running in the house, loves,” Chibs groaned. He pushed his hair back and sighed loudly as he collapsed onto the couch. He had never witnessed two children with as much energy as these two seemed to have, and they were wearing him out. The moment one kid mellowed out, the other was off somewhere getting into trouble. He couldn’t seem to keep up with them, and he was convinced they were multiplying. It’s like they were challenging each other to see who could make their dad wave the white flag first, and he was at a loss. He was amazed that you managed to have the energy to chase down two toddlers every single day. It had only been a few hours, and they were already kicking his ass.

“Daddy!” a soft little voice called from somewhere in the hallway. 

Chibs looked up in confusion. There was now just one of the twins sitting on the living room rug. “Shit,” he mumbled to himself, wondering how the other child had managed to sneak off so quickly without him noticing. He stood from the couch and walked down the hallway. The second twin was standing at the end of the hallway, a crayon in her hand and a grin on her face. Chibs made a face. He already knew what had happened. 

“Daddy, look!” the precious child exclaimed.

Chibs pursed his lips and turned his eyes to the wall. Your child had drawn what Chibs could only assume was an artistic representation of how he felt right now. The squiggles and lines went halfway down the hall. The little girl looked up at her father, her brown eyes bright and excited. She was clearly proud of her work. Chibs couldn’t even be mad at her. Especially not with a face like that.

“I see, love,” he told her, flashing her a loving smile. The little girl’s eyes may have looked like Chibs’, but the way they shone with excitement and wonder reminded him of you. 

He let out another loud sigh and scooped the toddler up from the floor, walking towards the kitchen to grab any cleaning products that might help remove the new decorations on your walls. He loved his daughters more than he could ever explain, but he couldn’t wait until you finally got home.


You opened your front door to reveal Chibs standing in the middle of the living room. His hair was a mess, and his eyes were wide and distraught. He looked like he had just emerged from battle, weary and defeated. You couldn’t help but smirk at his appearance. You had given him fair warning after all.

“Jesus Christ.” Chibs dropped the toys he had been holding in both of his hands. He crossed the living room and enveloped you in a tight hug. “I’ve never been so happy to see you, love,” he mumbled against your shoulder. He looked up at you, a bewildered expression on his face. “I don’t know how you do it,” he continued, shaking his head. “Our children are absolute heathens.” 

You let out an amused laugh and pulled back from your husband. “Tough day, huh?” 

He nodded his head. “They’re a lot to keep up with.” 

You playfully rolled your eyes and walked into the living area, glancing around the room. “Speaking of keeping up with them, where are our kids, babe?” 

Chibs sighed and tiredly flopped himself down onto the couch. “They’re sleeping like little angels now.” He watched you sink down onto the couch beside him. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

You kicked off your shoes and snuggled up beside your old man. A smirk played at your lips. “Yeah, I know.” 

“Honestly, I don’t know how you do it,” he continued. He took your hand in his and raised it to his lips, placing a kiss on the back. “You’re a saint, love.” 

Chibs looked down at you as you lay with your head against his chest. A proud smile formed on his lips. He knew now that he didn’t tell you nearly enough how much he appreciated you and everything you did for him and your girls. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have a woman as strong as you. 

You looked up at your old man and grinned. “Tell me more about how amazing I am.” 

Chibs pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “Anything for you, my love.” 

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I’m back!

I know it has been a while since I posted.  After bariatric surgery it took me a while to get focus to really be able to create something.   I am sure you all know how that can be.  Big moments that throw other things out of alignment.  With the new year I have set some major goals for things that I want to achieve. 

1: Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be devoted to Gif making.  hopefully this will mean at least 1 new entry each week. 

2: Its time to work on a more marketable skillset, so Thursday, Friday and Saturday are devoted to learning Javascript, HTML and CSS.  


3: I really want to learn to make music, though this is a lower priority, so I am giving Wednesdays to that pursuit. maybe one day I will be making music to play behind my gif’s Who knows.  

I want your feedback on this gif and anything else you wanna talk about? 


Request: can you do a cute fluffy kylo imagine where him and the reader have a kid(girl or boy) and it’s just cute. thanks!

A/N: I tried making this as cute as possible, I hope you enjoy, anon! BTW, yeah, it’s so repetitive to use the name Padme for the daughter but you can imagine whatever you want to be your daughters name :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 1.3K+


In all his life (or at least the life he started with the First Order) he never thought for a second that he’d be a father–let alone–a good one. Not after being the ultimate menace of the galaxy, the commander of the First Order, and the master of the knights. Being a father was the las thing on Kylo’s list, something he couldn’t see himself doing or even achieving; he never even thought for a moment that he would even be married, yet here you were, being his wife and the mother of your beautiful three year old daughter.

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Behind the mask with the ridiculous bunny ears Huxley’s actually a nice-looking man in his thirties. It’s his way of “trying to appeal less intimidating in a gas mask to children with airborne diseases”…. at which he fails miserably.

He’s not a common sense type of guy. (Well, no one in HC makes sense. In EP1, at very least.)

As for the game itself: minor stuff left to do + I want to add an extra level and revise the script for True End.


Kai Parker X Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where Kai and the reader are together but but someone “gets” into his mind and makes him break up with you to protect you. Like he fakes that he doesn’t love you anymore. That would be really chill. THANK YOU AND I LURVE YOU VERY MUCH

Author’s note: All these Kai imagines, got me missing him more ugh but I love it!

Also I’m gonna be gone for 3 weeks but as soon as I’m back I’m uploading in bulk. I just didn’t want to leave without posting at least one fanfic. Love you guys!

Sorry if I made any mistakes.


For: justkr

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AN: Thank you to the anon that sent me this request, it’s kinda refreshing to make an imagine that focuses on another avenger (But I still love Pietro to effing pieces don’t get me wrong), AND this still is slightly a Pietro story! SO, super happy to make this one! *The gif isn’t mine, and please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Steve X Reader ((A little Pietro X Reader too))

could you do a one shot with an avenger x pregnant reader? when he dies she doesn’t want to have the baby so another guy avenger convinces her to keep it and acts like a father to the baby?

(((It’s not going to be super happy (at least not in the beginning), so it may be a little sad)))


“Not the End”

You were going to tell him after he got back. You were going to tell Pietro, the love of your life, that you were pregnant with his child once he got back from defeating Ultron.

Once the team got back to the tower, beaten and bloodied, you rushed to them, searching out your white-haired wonder.

Wanda was a complete wreck, but then again everyone looked that way, so you didn’t think much of it. You just wanted to see your boyfriend, you wanted to kiss him and hold him and feel him in your arms again. The entire battle you had been worried sick about him, and that only got worse when you found out that you were with child.

“Pietro?” You said, looked around. Most of the Avengers didn’t meet your eyes, and the ones that did held so much sorrow. “Pietro, where are you?”

You expected him to zoom around the crowd of people and capture you in his arms, but he never did.

“Y/N…” Clint came up to you and gently placed a hand onto your arm. “he…Pietro, he-”

“Is he hurt?” A wave of worry washed over you and you began to frantically look around to see if he was anywhere near. “Is he in the hospital?”

You saw Steve look up at you with the most hurt expression you had ever seen, and then it clicked. “Is he…dead?”

The silence in the room gave you your answer.

For a moment, you were numb. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t speak, you couldn’t breath. But when you saw Natasha start to walk up to you and try to comfort you, you dropped to your knees and cried. Nat dropped down with you and held you in her arms, whispering in your ear, telling you that it was okay.

“He died saving a child, you know.” She said. “A child is alive because of him.”

A…child? You were reminded that you had his child growing inside of you, and he wasn’t going to ever be able to see it, to hold it, to call it his own. Would he, if he had known about your situation, sacrificed himself?

“No, no, no, no.” You sobbed, then shoved Nat away from you and ran as fast as you could to your room.

You felt nauseous and you booked it to your private bathroom, you barley made it to the toilet before you ended up loosing your stomach.

“Y/N–oh.” Someone came behind you and twisted your hair out of your face with one hand and rubbing your back with the other.

Once you didn’t have any more food in your system, you leaned back and closed your tear-filled eyes. The person left for a moment then came back with a clean towel and a glass of water. He ran it under the sink and pressed the damp towel against your face.

When he pulled the towel away, you saw a very concerned Steve squatting down to your level. “Y/N, are you ill?”

You practically fell over Steve and flung your arms around him. He immediately wrapped his arms around you and continued to rub your back as you sobbed into his shoulder.

“Steve…I can’t keep it. I can’t do it without Pietro. I’m…I’m going to get rid of it before it can be born.” You whispered.

He pulled back and looked you in the eye, his own widened. “Are you…talking about a baby?”

Him saying it so directly made you want to break down again. A baby. Such a big responsibility, such a big reminded of what you have lost.

“You’re pregnant with Pietro’s baby?” He asked again, this time a little clearer.

“He didn’t know.” You answered pathetically. “I just found out.”

“Y/N, you have to keep it!” He said, gripping your shoulders. “Pietro wouldn’t want you to get rid of the baby, he would want you to raise it!”

“How?” You yelled at him, suddenly angry. “How can I raise it when their father is dead? I can’t do it on my own, I can’t.”

Steve kissed your cheek softly. “You won’t. The entire team will be by your side, and I’m sure Wanda could use something to take care of as well.”

When you said nothing, he added, “Remember what you are feeling now; the regret, the loneliness, the abandonment. That baby could very well be your best chance of healing. Y/N, this is not the end.”


“Steve!” You shouted as you began to shove Pete’s little baby feet into a pair of neon green sneakers.

Steve jogged into your room, and breathlessly asked, “What is it, Y/N?”

You looked over your shoulder for a moment, then focused your attention back to Pete when he began to fuss. You scooped him up in your arms and stroked his still rather bald hair until he calmed down. “Is Pete’s diaper bag still in your room from the last time you babysat him?”

“Probably, I’ll go get it.” And with that, Steve took off down the hall.

Pete was about a month old, and with every second that passes, you are so glad that you had him. And Steve was right, Pietro would have wanted you to have him. You had been slowly but surely growing to except that Pietro was gone, but the thought still made you tear up every now and again, especially when Pete does something that you just know Pietro would have gotten a kick out of.

“Here it is.” Steve dropped the silver bag on your messy bed and walked over to you. Pete watched Steve from over your shoulder, and he smiled that little toothless smile that he had.

“How’s my little Avenger?” Steve murmured as he reached around you and stroked Pete’s head like you had. Pete’s icy blue eyes lit up.

Steve had taken up the role that Pietro would have. He often watches Pete and takes care of him, sometimes because you needed him to and sometimes because he really wanted to. Pete had taken a major liking to Steve, always giggling and smiling when he was around.

“How’s mama Avenger doing?” Steve asked in a much softer tone, looking at you. Your faces were only inches about and you felt his breath fan over your face.

“I’m okay.” You answered softly, not knowing what else to say.

Steve brushed a piece of hair away from your face looked at you closely. “You need to get more sleep, you look tired.”

“It’s hard to sleep when you have a baby bugging you all night long.” You joke, because really you didn’t mind.

“I’ll watch him tonight, you can get some rest, okay? I’ll set up some spelling video for Pete and I to watch and he’ll be asleep in no time, it’ll be great.” Steve kissed your shoulder caringly, you blushed but hid it by looking down at Pete.

“Thank you,” You mumbled. “I’m sure Pete would love that.”

I do what I want
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Btw they where talking about how Wild shouldn’t just go running around, especially with how fast he goes hahah

I feel like my brain is a jerk

I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I am relatively smart. Or at least too smart for my own good. A weird thing that happens when you know a bunch of stuff is that your brain has more shit to use against you.

I don’t just mean being socially or politically aware, because of course your brain and heart will use that to make you miserable. Or happy. But usually miserable, because let’s face it, it seems like most of the world (or at least the people we hear about on the news) are terrible. I try not to post my opinions about that stuff anywhere online because I don’t want to be one more person reminding you how terrible shit is. Rest assured I am also afraid and angry about all of it.

But that’s not the kind of “smart” and “aware” I am talking about. I mean when you know “the answers” and then in times of need you reflect on them and your brain is like “Aha! You are accessing your coping mechanisms! You are in a crisis! Crisis crisis crisis! Oh yeah you better take deep breaths. Fuck yes drink some water. You sure are losing it aren’t you?????” Which only makes everything worse until it makes it better (because deep breaths and water do actually make things better eventually).

I feel like my brain is a jerk. Well, sometimes. The rest of the time it is furiously writing notes on paper and objects and the internet, reminding me of what to do in a crisis later. “Cheer the fuck up!” Haha yes, thank you non-jerk brain, I read you loud and clear. I will see you soon when I get back out of this feeling.

We already know what we need most of the time. We know self-care rituals, we know healthy eating habits, we know who to call or what to do when we need extra help. We know all this because we are all smart. But being smart doesn’t mean we’re impervious to the shit. The shit is coming. We just need to remember what we know and gather our tools so we can ride it out.

My life these days is good and busy and it makes me anxious but it’s good-anxious. Remember the happy cry emoticon? That is how I feel a lot lately.

BTW if you are your business, quarterly taxes are due in 5 days. :*) :*) :*)

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It was on my dash again…

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I was wondering would someone come to  livestream  if I make one oneday ? i usually do them but for a friend so ..I kind of wanted to try a public Ls  at least once-

also sorry I havent posted much drawings with bgs i have doodled but for some reason idont finish anything lately …I start new ones and leave them unfinished sorry-(will finish stuff I start or try sh)

This is the one change I really liked.

Int he game (localized at least) after telling Maya that the lawyer she asked for refused, Phoenix hears about her family life and a former case of Mia’s (involving White) and immediately decides to defend her.

I prefer how the anime did it. Because Phoenix is a rookie lawyer and not very certain of himself, so I think for him to seek out help from other professionals makes more sense. Plus it shows how honestly he wants to help Maya, to the point of going to all those law firms for her sake in the rain on a bike. More importantly, it’s an effort Maya sees, which gives her reason tow ant Phoenix defending her.

Notice how Stefan says “I like you” — he doesn’t go right ahead and tell her he’s in love with her. He wants to save that for when Caroline is Caroline. He thought that by at least telling her his feelings aren’t just friendly anymore, he’d trigger something inside of her and she’d snap back to reality, but it’s gonna take more than that. AHHH IM SO EXCITED FOR RIPPER STEROLINE but I have a theory Caroline will be the one to bring Stefan back. I mean, ripper Caroline is crazy, but she’s smart, unlike ripper Stefan. Ripper Stefan will do things without thinking twice about the repercussions, but Caroline proved that she thinks things through before going ahead and doing them. Ripper Stefan will obviously cross the line and that will trigger Caroline’s feelings and concern for him — she knows it’s not really who Stefan is, and she’ll be the one to eventually tell him that and they’ll share a passionate kiss and just gaze into eachother’s eyes and UGH IM HURTING MYSELF ILL STOP NOW

So since i have this really cool sideblog called STARKNET and i want to share all my love and feelings for this family, i thought “why not make another network :D”

What to do:

  • mbf the Queen in the North
  • reblog this post till August 20th (likes are just for bookmarking)
  • there is no typeforme to fill out but if you want you can write me a little message in the tags :D
  • you must be willing to give me your email so i can add you to the group chat (It’s just a thing between you and me, no one else will get it and i will delete the information after adding you to the chat)
  • must reach at least 35 notes
  • check #starknet for updates

I’m looking for…

  • …approximately 20 members
  • …friendly, active and organized bloggers who reblog/post GoT content (multifandom is totally fine)
  • …people who love the Starks and GoT as much as i do :D

What you get:

  • New friends and maybe followers who love the Starks and GoT
  • a spot on the network page
  • an invitation to the group chat
  • a place to express yourself and share you feelings
  • hugs and love <3

if you have any questions feel free to message me <3