i wanted to make another palette


// seokmin for dazed kr.

bashfully-alien  asked:

i love your art so much!! especially the outfits you design for characters!! i just wanna know, how did you get so good at making clothes for your characters? all of my character outfits end up looking so boring :'0

oh thank you!!

when it comes to outfit design i think the best way to approach it is the same way you would designing anything else; start simple and work your way up!

i always think about the silhouette i want an outfit to have before i get into details; not just the shape of the outfit as a whole, but what smaller shapes it’s going to carve out of the character’s body. belts or sashes, for example, are an easy way to split the torso into two separate shapes, and you can create variety by placing them higher or lower:

getting the basic shapes down gives you a helpful guideline to follow when getting into details.

i don’t want to harp too much on how to add detail over these shapes because i think a lot of it is up to personal flavor, but some things i keep in mind:

- don’t cover the outfit with detail; leave some empty spaces for the eyes to rest. you wouldn’t wear a striped t shirt and then throw on a striped jacket

- adding detail around the edges of shapes while leaving the body of the shapes less busy will further accentuate how the silhouette has been divided

- contrasting lights and darks in your palette is another way to make an outfit’s silhouette easier to read

hope this helps!!

Hi guys!! , Today I want to show a very late character, I had already announced months before

(but  I could not choose a color palette things complicated) but I finally bring another of my characters from the nextgen, he is zacarias Or zack, son of oskar and jackie, a calm and very sociable boy, natural charm and perfect smile, kind and understanding make him an ideal boy in the sight of many girls

Is Mona’s best friend and older brother of a little naughty girl named “skyler”

I will try to increase his story as I upload more drawings of him, I hope you like it X3 , i love you!!! <3

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut iโ€™m literally about to recommend 54 blogsโ€ฆwooow.

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yakisoda  asked:

AAAAA UR ART IS REALLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THE WAY U COLOURR AAAAAAAAA GO AL S [also would it b alright to have a smol tutorial on colouring,,?]


I usually just eyeball when I color and I try to experiment a lot!!!! I also color differently from artstyle to artstyle///// so im guessing you mean my most recent one?? I usually pick colors based on the mood and situation i want to portray and create palettes out of it.

I choose colors that I feel like associate with the emotions of the character and scene like
warm = cozy, happy, angry, etc
cool = cold, mystical, magical, sleepy, etc

Here’s a great video that explains the techniques on how to choose colors!! It covers up most of the basic things you need to know like saturation, shading etc. Heres another one (tho its quite longer though ^^;;)

I also try to make my contrast noticeble at a certain point to make it pop out more!! But it always depends on what im trying to achieve (ex. pure black shading + highley saturated flat colors = vibrant or thin colored lines + soft shading = cozy, soft , etc)

Heres a step by step on how I usually color: :OOO using laffy because he is perfect n i love him

This varies!!! depends on the mood u wanna set!! (warm or cool)

Create a folder and use clipping group Its waay easier to add shading and highlights

I used a blend of marker and pen here here (middle flat brush <33)

I hope this helps!!!


i was asked to make a tutorial on color and some on shading.

i might make another shading tutorial if this doesn’t answer everything.

the site paletton.com is helpful for finding what you want if you find it hard.

And sometimes you just go with what you feel in your heart. because that’s what art is.

good luck and have fun! hope this helped some!

anonymous asked:

Hii palette anon here, haha. Of course, I wouldn't mind the wait at all! Hrmm...I was thinking "The Sweetest Chill" (because you seem so sweet; I love reading the tags whenever there are, and yours make me giggle and fangirl with you lol >_<) or "Tuesdays" for Yoosung please? (I love him a lot and the color scheme matches!!) Or if there's another palette that you think would look great with him, please go ahead and draw that instead! I'm sure I'll like anything you come up with >~<

Hello anon!!! ☆ (sorry for the wait;;) omg another person who also reads my tags hee thank you for sticking around! If anyone is the sweetest chill here, I bet it’d be you and yoosung! 

you know what kind of aus we need more of? 

fashion aus

I’m not talking like, “famous model falls for normal person au”

I’m talking like, 

  • “God I’m such a fan of this one designer I will jump at any offer to model for them I keep all the samples I can”


  • “You’re head sewer and you’re telling me that my pattern doesn’t make sense well excuse you bitch I worked as a sewer before, let me show you exactly how to execute this part of the design so you can do it.”
  • “I’m a designer and I know you’re a photographer but I made this line with your tastes in mind so I could hire you to come to the studio and possibly get your thoughts on it also someday could you please wear them”
  • “I’m the manager for this one model that likes your clothes except they’re very particular I’m so sorry about them they can be embarrassing at times.”
  • “We’re two rival designers working for the same fashion house but because of corporate downsizing we have to work together what the FUCK WHAT’S WITH YOUR OBSESSION WITH EMBROIDERY ON EVERYTHING.”
  • “We’re two models working together on a photoshoot and wow sorry how was I supposed to know that was your coffee I thought it was the lighting guy’s”
  •  "I’m a photographer and will you stop dramatically looking into the distance this is not a movie advert. If you don’t stop I will break your neck"
  • “I’m a model and you’re a designer’s assistant and wow why aren’t you doing your own stuff, these sketches look neat.”
  • “We share a work station because the company building is under renovation and gOD HELP ME IF YOU TOUCH MY RHINESTONES AGAIN”
  • “I’m a sewer and I am here to tell you that you have no idea how fabric physics work the drape that you want is not going to work with this goddamn fabric.”
  •  "I’m a patternmaker and what the fuck is with this design.“
  • "I’m a designer and the patternmaker fucked up, can you do something so I can shove it in their face and possibly file a report after I get these samples produced.”
  • “I thought we were trying to make a dress, not a fucking teacup wtf is this design”
  • “I’m a sewer and I will sew the patternmaker and the designer together holding hands if they don’t shut up dear god. Hey design assistant do you want to help me shut them up”
  • “I’m the production manager and my employees seriously need to lay each other”
  • “I’m a sewer and my favorite pasttime is to sow the seed of discord among the warring design factions in our company because they keep me here against my will with a shitty contract and shittier designers, you’re new and you caught on quick”
  • “I’m a designer, and I don’t care how much you want to save on fabric costs, I will give these women’s jeans proper pockets or you’ll have to fire me.”
  • “The designer is so bad that I’ve been able to quote devil wears prada at them for everything they’ve made”
  • “I’m a model and I love the clothes you design. I love wearing them. I wouldn’t mind taking them off for you, though.”
  •  "Sleeping with you was supposed to be a one off thing, no strings attached, but the way you take off my clothes makes me feel that you’re sleeping with my clothes instead and i dont know how to feel about that"
  • “I’m a photographer and the way you look in red lighting makes me feel things. ‘I want to see you in the back lighting of my bedroom’ kind of things”
  • "I know you’re a world famous photographer, but if you ask me to get into the lake in the middle of winter again i am going to sue you. AND NO, I DONT CARE THAT IT CREATES THE PERFECT COLOR PALETTE”
  • “I’m a designer and if I have to deal with another lineup of mayonnaise palette models I will KILL and sure you for racism.”

Just. Please. Fashion aus, people.

Romance Card!!! I didn’t want to make it like overly romantic, at least not this one, more implied and “quiet”. (You can’t see it well in the small version but Dorian’s wearing his coin as a bracelet). I also wanted them to be in more casual attire, but it ended up dulling the color palette quite a bit (especially on Cullen) and no colors really worked in the background. :(  X_X Anyway, I think I’m going to do another more “romantic” version as well because I can never draw too much of them. Then I think I’ll move on to Alistair or Zevran? Suggestions?

On Redbubble if anyone is interested: http://www.redbubble.com/people/noelle304/works/22189640-allegiance

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Hi. What is the best recolor tutorial in your opinion? I wanna learn

ok so i’m not sure if you meant for clothing or hair?! i’ll cover both to be safe

clothing: i couldn’t find a tutorial out there that simply explained how i do it so i might actually make one - if you have photoshop and a dds plugin all i do is make a new layer over the texture, paint bucket the layer with the colour i want and set it to multiply - here’s an ok one i guess 
you can use actions people have made eg. wms’s colours and it really does all the work for you 

hair: here’s a tutorial a lot of people use to recolour hair and here’s another one
again you can use actions people have made to save you time & effort eg. pastry-box’s saccharine palette & dustflwr’s anathema palette


part of me wants to call this “The Great Watercolor Post of 2016″ or something else mildly dramatic because I’ve been asked these questions so many times in only a few months…

But because I go out sketching a lot, and because I go out sketching a lot with a group and with my watercolors I get asked a lot of watercolor questions, so I’ll try to put together what I can in a big post. Keep in mind though that I’m still figuring out this medium, and despite all the classes and sketching over the years it’s such a finnicky and dense medium that I wouldn’t be surprised if I miss half of everything in this post. 

Reasons why watercolor rocks:

  • it’s lightweight and compact
  • no need to refill your palette every time, they’re rewettable!
  • they’re cheaper than other paints
  • no flammable oilsor toxic turps
  • they look nice (super subjective point)

So here’s what I’ve got:

  • a Japanese style palette ($5-6?)
  • what’s basically a split primary palette with some extras
  • a handful of brushes I’ve accumulated over the years. (~$1-15 each)
  • a utility brush for big water washes - you might find them called hake or wash brushes in art or hardware stores

^I have a lot of flats, rounds, and angled shaders. The art store where I used to live also would often have discount buckets of watercolor brushes for $1-3. Keep an eye out for stores like this or for art students selling old supplies, but also don’t fall into the trap I did in high school that is getting a new brush each trip to the art store only to find you tend to gravitate towards the same type/size of brush. You’ll be returning the same thing a lot. 

Next up are my colors. I get asked a lot what’s on my palette, and frankly my palette’s a bad example. It’s a mix of colors from class lists in high school and from my mentor. You can see which ones I use a lot and which one’s I barely touch, but some I think are necessary to start out with:

  • warm and cool yellow (mine are lemon yellow and cad yellow)
  • warm and cool red (mine are alizarin crimson and cad red light)
  • warm and cool blue (I have ultramarine blue and cerulean)
  • black 
  • horizon blue (from holbein)
  • and…I use cad orange and yellow ochre quite a bit. 

The other colors on my palette I haven’t listed are magenta, burnt umber, new gamboge, naples yellow, viridian, and burnt sienna. These were from my high school class and I can’t say I use them all that much anymore. They’re not really necessary to me. 


literally anything. I’m not a stickler for paper types. If I was getting paid consistently for my watercolors I’d splurge on Arches or Cottonwood paper, but for now I mostly stick with strathmore watercolor paper (18″x24″) and my handbook sketchbook. I also have two little arches sketchbooks I got in France that are wonderful (and wonderfully cheap in Europe - if you’re anywhere near the Sennelier shop out in Paris stock up on these). You could paint on cardstock or low-quality printing vellum though and be just fine, actually cheapy paper isn’t half bad for your initial scribbles. 

Watercolor brands:

I’ve had teachers that’ll tell you anything goes, but I’ve tried a handful of brands over the years and don’t really agree anymore. How did I put up with Koi student watercolors for so long?! Horizon blue is a given since only Holbein has it, the rest I tend to get Da Vinci or Sennelier since they’re great quality, Da Vinci come in bigger tubes, and both tend to always be coupon-kosher at the art stores I’ve been to, so they satisfy my cheapskate bargain-hunter soul. This is another one though - if you’re heading to Europe (or Japan I think), stock up on what you need. A few of my paints on my palette are still Koi. They’re not horrible and I’m just trying to use up what I have (if you were gifted a set of watercolors get your practice out of them), but considering how long watercolor tubes tend to last (since you push out half the tube in your palette and keep rewetting them every time you use them) it’s not a bad idea to get your staples from artist grade brands/lines. 

How to Use:

watercolors are pretty versatile. You can work opaquely like gouache, you can work translucently, you can work wet-into-wet, dry brush, the list goes on and on…so I’m not going to say anything about techniques except to experiment with what different things do. Get out a sheet of computer paper or cardstock if you have to and just scribble. This isn’t my picture but it’s a good example:

just fill a few pages testing out your different brushes, different colors, different color mixes, different color strings. Mess around. 

Once you do that I had a teacher in high school who had us, with clean brushes, mix ever combination on our palettes like a Mendel diagram with paint. To mix watercolor you can either paint with clear water the shape you want and then drip in some pure color (or mixed but not for this) onto your water puddle. It’ll evenly disperse and you can either drop another color in to see what happens, or mix by layering…so do a dry brush layer over what you just did when it dries. This’ll give you a good idea of what your paints make. 

You can also work opaquely as if you’re working with gouache. But try seeing what different things do (like salt or rubbing alcohol or if you live somewhere cold, vodka). Then just start working - doodling, photocopies followed by doodles or memory drawings, or outside. 

I don’t know if it’s visible from this sketch I did recently - but I started translucent and got more and more opaque where it needed to be:

Hope this all helps and goes a little bit beyond the infamous “what brushes do you use?” type of question. 

((this thingโ€™s been sitting around for a couple of weeks now so i figure itโ€™s finally time to post it before i tweak it to death! the other week i was likeย โ€œhey what if i wrote a poem of frisk and chara arguing with each otherโ€ and then this happened

i fully intend to have frisk and chara argue with more characters (and have actually started a few of them ahaha) so if you want me to focus on a particular character feel free to request em!

this is one of the longest poems iโ€™ve ever written so itโ€™s under the cut wooo

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i was asked on another blog how i’d redesign some characters from steven universe to make them more interesting and diverse! here’s lapis and pearl!

for lapis i wanted to give her a different (and bigger) body type, because i thought hers in the show was too similar to pearl. i wanted to make her look strong and solid, like the ocean, and make her hair and her design more curvy with less sharp edges. i also wanted to darken her color palette, because i don’t like lapis with cyan colored skin! i like a more dark ocean color for lapis!

as for pearl, i wanted to incorporate more of a cone design into her body! pearl’s hair and face is obviously based on a cone (where garnet and amethyst are cubes and spheres, respectively), and i tried to use the cone for her body as well. the first version is a more muscular, top heavy pearl, and the second a pear-shaped pearl!

Fetch Modi (according to survey)

Will update this post as I receive responses.  (Currently 59 responses.) 

Canon modi

  • Array x2
  • Pictionary x2
  • Match
  • Stack 

Game modi

  • Dartboard - When an idem was wanted, a dartboard will appear, and darts will have to be thrown at it. The different squares on the dartboard represent different items, and throwing the dart at a specific square gets that item. Less important items take up the larger sections, and more important ones the rings and the bullseyes
  • Rubix Cube - In order to access an item, I need to match the all the colors together. In that time I can grab whatever I need, but I do have a timer. Once I am finished it scrambles in a new form. The solution to it is never the same.  
  • Rhythm Game - The user must tap out a rhythm using any means possible to retrieve the item. The more important the item, the more complex the rhythm.
  • Tetris - a certain number of rows must be cleared the larger the item the more lines
  • Connect the Dots - You have to connect a certain amount of dots in a certain way to unlock your object.
  • 52 Card Pickup - Each item is assigned to a card in a deck (whether it’s a standard playing deck, or a tarot deck, or etc. is to be determined). To pull an item out you must draw that card from the deck. You can play “52 Card Pickup” to release all the items. Jokers are wildcards.
    Magic Eye - Items placed in the sylladex are converted to magic eye pictures. They must be seen in order to be removed.

Art modi

  • Photoshop - Each item you captchalogue gets pasted into a photoshop image on its own layer, unlabeled of course. You have to search through every single layer until you find the one with your item on it, then select it.

Skill modi

  • Shuffle Time - all inventory cards float about the person, backwards. they must keep an eye on the one they want and grab it as it flies about
  • Pun (1) - Once I store something, it cannot be taken out unless I make a pun of said item. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad, it just has to happen.
  • Pun (2) - make a pun relating to the object wanted. For further note, if a pun is made that can relate to another object, it ejects them both. Unlimited space.

Knowledge or Memory modi

  • Mind Palace - Stores items in a mental map modeled to look like a place from your imagination or memories. Remember where you left the item and navigate the palace to retrieve it.
  • cmd - Store an item in a location; to fetch, recite the entire file path to that location
  • Palette -  Each object is assigned a color palette based on its colors, when you need to retrieve all that appears on the card are the three most prevalent colors of the object.
  • Language - The person using the modus sets the language to something they can’t understand. They then must learn the name of the item in that language, and speak it properly to retrieve it. Once a language has reached a certain level of proficiency, it will automatically change. Limited to languages from the user’s homeworld.
  • Dictionary (2) - you say the definition of the object to access it
  • The Rap-crunching Deluxe Special Limited Edition BeatMaster - BeatMaster is the meister of all things cool, and sick raps are no small deal for him; he’s released over 50 albums in his lifetime, and it’s been estimated just over 7/8 of the English language has made an appearance throughout his songs. To celebrate this, a new kind of modus has been released for all you hip youngsters out there with a serious passion for BeatMaster’s hit jams. To retrieve an item, simply recall the line of the song that this item made an appearance in- either with an instrument, voice or tapping out of rhythms. This modus relies heavily on your intense love of BeatMaster’s songs; only the best of his fans can quickly identify which line they must recall at the speed they most likely need the item at. But what if my item doesn’t appear in a song, you ask? Well, it’s easy, really! Just take a few lines that contain words which describe the item and wrap (or should I say, rap?!) it all together to form your own unique-but-still-copyright-of-BeatMaster Mini Groove Bar!

Organization modi

  • Library - Every item becomes a book, which goes into the ‘returned’ bin, in a 'fetch modus world’ sort of thing. In that place, there is a library. I can access any book I want, but I have to find it first. If I keep the place organized, it’s easy, but if I don’t…
    The limit is how many books I can fit on the shelves (including if I can fit the ones in the bin in) and the size of the book changes depending on the size of the object. I just have to open the book and read out what it is to get it.
  • Collector - My modus is represented by a card collector’s case. The captchalog cards go into the sleeves on the pages of the book. Identical or similar cards stack into the same sleeve, i.e. The Wrinklefucker stakes with the Pogohammer but not the Warhammer of Zillywhoo.

Miscellaneous Task modi

  • Cat - every item turns into a cat. make the cat happy to get your item. 10/10 modus.

Random (or Externally Determined) modi

  • Roulette - The item you want and one will be flipped over and cloned once. A random third and fourth item will be put into the mix. Then select of the cards. 50% chance of being right.
  • Coin - flip a coin, it’s not rocket science
  • Ghost - If something dies near you, it’s ghost will follow you around until you need to fetch something or other, and it will choose which thing you get to fetch.
  • Satchel - semi-organized bag of garbage, reach in and hope you get what you were aiming for
  • Tarot - Draws a card. The card contains the item most needed at that particular time, or may be more importantly needed in the near future. 

Basic Storage modi

  • Pack - Similar to inventory from many mmo’s; main inventory has a set amount of slots, which cannot be added to or subtracted from. Instead, Pack Cards can be added to the deck, which add new inventory tabs.
  • Alphabetical Order - everything gets sorted in alphabetical order pretty simple really
  • Backpack (1) - There are multiple stacks of cards, a main pouch, front pouch, two side pouches, and an inner hidden pouch. The main pouch stack requires top cards to be pulled first, unless the object is particularly small. The inner pouch stack cannot be accessed until the main stack is at least half empty. The side pouch stacks can carry one or two small items that can be accessed at will. The front pouch stack can only carry small items, can carry many, but are accessed randomly, so have fun digging around.
  • Backpack (2) - If the individual item can fit into a backpack, I can carry it.
  • Dictionary (1) - I have nearly infinite space, but each card can only be used to store one item ever. For example, a card that stored a pen in the past can only store pens in the future as well, even if it is empty currently. All cards are alphabetised and must be individually selected.
  • Pipboy - instead of requiring cards to carry thing everything has a weight value and if you go above the amount you can carry you move dreadfully slow, works as a computing device so you can communicate with your allies and it wont get lost cause it’s always attached to your arm, you can view your current weapons and clothes in it as well and listen to music from it if you’d like

anonymous asked:

Do you have any beauty tips? I love your look!

Sure do!

A good way to figure out style is to look at different aesthetics! Inspirations like nature, food and colour palettes all can contribute! Also, the silhouettes of clothing you’re looking at can also make the look even more cohesive!

Another important thing: no matter what body type you are, the clothes you love will ALWAYS suit you. The look you want to achieve will look fantastic on you; that’s a cosmological constant. 

like if you look at myself, I enjoy large hairstyles and tighter fitting clothing, along with lots of jewellery that helps to accentuate my style!

My look specifically though is a selective colour palette which compliments itself; Pinks with accents of gold, and the cherry of my mane! my clothing silhouette is usually something simple, so as not to detract from the smaller details like my jewellery and my hairpins, but truthfully these “rules” can be broken. 

Really though, if you have any specific questions about fashion or cultivating a style, feel free to ask!

MaskCara Beauty 

Last week I received this alluring bundle from MaskCara Beauty.
If you watch my tutorials, you’ll be sort of familiar with the brand having watched me create looks using their IIID Foundation palettes.

Cara Brooks, a beautifully talented woman, is the creator of Maskcara Beauty - aptly named, Mask‘Cara’.
She is a lover of all things beauty and has a very successful blog, which you can find here - maskcara.com 
Cara’s blog contains a whole host of helpful posts! Whether you want to learn how to HAC (aka highlight & contour), tackle your tresses, or apply self-tan for that perfect golden sun-kissed glow, she has you covered! 

Cara loves to help women embrace their beauty! As if giving you tips and tutorials on how to get the perfect flawless foundation base wasn’t enough, she went one further and has provided you with the tools and products to do so!  

IIID Foundation Palette $45.00

Please excuse the swipe marks in this palette, I have used it a few times. 
This is the pre-built ‘Medium’ palette which contains an illuminator, blush, highlight and contour shade. I’ve had this particular palette for a while now, and the shades in the pre-built palettes online have recently had a move about to accommodate more skin tones. So the list of shades in this palette may not match the order of the ones online. 

* Pearl - Illuminator 
* Sunlit - Highlighter
* Pink Grapefruit - Blush
* Walnut - Contour

The highlight and contour shades are cream foundations, so you would go straight in with these onto your face, there is no need to apply a liquid foundation first.
You probably read the word ‘highlight’ and assume that it’s not suitable for the entire face. It’s a foundation shade that is formulated to brighten your face, not add an extreme tippex white triangle under your eyes. 

I have a custom built palette next that contains shades suited to a darker skin tone: 

* Ruby - Blush 
* Shadow - Contour 
* Stone - Contour Creme 
* Wheat - Highlight

Just recently, Maskcara Beauty brought out individual pan refills that come with picturesque tin lids, that slide on and off. They can used to replace an empty pan in your Maskcara palette, or you keep them as individuals which makes them easy to transport in your purse! 

IIID Foundation Pan Refills - $10.50 each

I was fortunate enough to receive an array of the new pan refills, as well as their new brushes, and another of my favourite latex-free sponges!! 
Here are the pans: 

I just adore these, and I think they are super convenient! Whether you’re a pro who wants to carry around a minimalistic kit, or if you’re simply a lover of makeup, these tins are the ideal size! 

The last colour I have to show you is a favourite of mine, and it’s not for those who like to shy away from blush - that’s for sure!
This blush is called, Dahlia. 

The Completed Look! 

Here is my ‘before & after’ using the Maskcara Beauty IIID Foundation pans, including blush & illuminator:

For full details on this natural but flawless looking highlight & contour foundation base, click here to watch my tutorial! 


Training scenario with dark portals and lasers on zero-G. The cadets must adapt quickly to the environments the portals spawn. The following rules are: -Only allowed to shoot while touching a solid object & the shot only counts if the target is also touching a solid object. 


I wanted to do another environment scene with multiple characters and I really wanted to make some laser trails and explosions. Once I did the composition I realized that I would run out of time unless I made it smaller.

I imagined it with more depth and scale but I could’t juggle all the elements correctly. I changed the color palette a lot as I rendered each element so it is not clear if these are teams or solo fighters against each other. 

The portals were added at the end as a graphical balance. the image has more sharp cuts and angles so the circles add a nice flow and counter. -Gabo