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  • viktor: i bought us matching silver rings yuuri!!
  • yuuri: wow that's so sweet!
  • viktor: i melted down the pole you danced on during the banquet and made them
  • yuuri:
  • viktor: let me explain-

can i get a round of applause for *insert marginalized group here* y'all are awesome and im not just saying this bc i want validation and compliments for this incredibly easy entirely preformative activism (if i can even call it that). please reblog it so i can have even more attention and more people will see what a complete narcissist i am. k im gonna spend the rest of the day jacking off and reading call out posts about steven universe fan artists instead of doing any kind of activism that would actually make the world a better place.

Pen Pals - Part Two

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean wants to take the relationship to another level. Would the Reader want to take that risk or will she back out?

Word Count: 1.8kish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Light Cursing

Author’s Note: Here is the second part of Pen Pals! If you want to catch up, read the first part here –> Part One. I hope you guys like this chapter. I’m sorry for not posting it fast enough. Life got in the way and I had to stop everything for a cool minute. I hope you enjoy this and feedback is always welcomed!!

Chapter Two: Long Distance Relationship

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it’s okay to be aro and feel like you want someone to have a crush on you. it’s okay to be aro, want that crush, and have no desire to ever actually enter a relationship. your desire isn’t cruel or unfair. it’s normal to want that kind of validation. it doesn’t make you a bad person.

Hey, I am SO GRATEFUL for all the art you guys are making for the au!! I really want to keep my blog a bit less crammy so if I had like your post it means I’ve already drafted it!! I’m SO SO SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF YOU.

You guys are the best and this au is so amazing just because of all the support and love.

I want to remind you guys again that @objectionable-code is the co-owner of this au and they actually thought out MOST of the characters! 


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Okay so this is weird but I feel you could understand. So the guy I have a major crush on just revealed himself to be a Ravenclaw and gave me a high five when I said I was one, too. Knowing now that he likes Harry Potter and actually sorted himself (into my house) makes him even more attractive ☺️ Swoon Not necessarily a question, i just wanted s.o. Who understands to know

where can I find me a guy like that? 

hey, yup das me again
I just wanted to thank everyone for the super sweet messages, I wish I could just answer them all personally. not many people know this but when you leave comments, they legit make my day. I thought I would’ve had a longer break, but I’ve actually been thinking a lot and I pulled myself together a bit more. I’m still struggling but that’s life. And I’ve missed everyone on here so much, I can’t imagine not going on for a whole week.
I love you all ❤😘

New Girl Season 6: Alternative Version

It’s Sunday night and I’ve got nothing better to do, so here are some random ideas of plots/scenes I had for this season. Not all of them make a lot of sense but I just wanted to show that we didn’t need Robby or that much of Reagan there and that they could’ve wrote more stuff to Cece and showed Nick’s growth in other ways. Some of these are just adapted ideas of actual episodes on the show. I don’t even know if someone will have the patience to read it because it’s a really long post because I don’t know how to be short and direct when I write. I just wanted to post these somewhere, so here we go:

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Hey what are other things that team delusional say besides with the Negan thing, being friends with Shiva and etc. I want to write this down on paper 📝 so I can remember all the crazy 😜 shit they say

Oh boy, mhmm yisss, I love doing these. Long post ahead, boys.

1. Beth is alive because it wasn’t Dawn who shot her. Apparently that makes a difference in her being dead and TF just didn’t notice one of the other cops pulling out and firing their gun at Beth.

2. She’s the *co* leader of the GPK (the new group that was just introduced) and has been watching Alexandria for some time as Boots.

3. Beth was never actually buried, and was placed in a car because TF had to move quickly. I don’t see how this makes her not dead, but okay.

4. She died in a hospital. Again, I don’t see how this would make her magically not dead, but whatever.

5. She and Daryl were meant to become the story’s main couple. Apparently Rick and Michonne and their relationship have nothing on the two episodes between an adult and a teenager. Again, I don’t see how her being “meant” to be something makes her not dead. Glenn was meant to be a father, and look what happened to him.

6. She’s immune/Grady had the cure and Beth is gonna save the world. Apparently Beth was bitten between s4 and s5 and (as stated above) she was immune or Grady gave her the cure. Again, in the insane world where Beth was immune to walker bites, she wouldn’t have been immune to being shot in the head.

7. (Back to #3) TF being “sketchy” around cars for about a second in 5b means Beth is alive and was left in a car. It doesn’t mean that they were suspicious of all the cars together like that, or, if Beth was left in a car, that they were taking a minute to mourn their decision.

8. (P1) Glenn (and other members of TF) knew Beth was actually alive when they apprently left her. The biggest piece of evidence supporting this is that when Glenn was talking to Enid in the church about people deceased characters who had impact on his life, he failed to mention Beth. It’s worth noting that a) Beth didn’t have an impact on him, and they barely interacted, as well as b) even though he “should have mentioned her because she’s Maggie’s sister,“ he didn’t even mention his own sisters.

9. (P2) Even though these members of TF know Beth isn’t dead, they still wanted to leave her behind and apparently just didn’t want Maggie to be informed that her sister wasn’t actually dead. Bunch of assholes right there.

10. Every blonde character that shows up is a Beth proxy meant to remind us of her (I’m not fucking joking).

11. She has to be alive because Andrea is alive (in the comics) and they both have their blonde hair up in ponytails (like most every other blonde character with longer hair (shit, even Jessie had a hers up sometimes)) and have matching facial wounds. Andrea has one from her mouth to her ear (and lost part of her ear) when she was cut by Thomas, and a second from when a bullet grazed her. Beth’s wounds didn’t look like these. But they’re matching.

12. Also, because TV!Andrea is dead, Beth has to be alive to take up her comic storylines (because they’re important). No one knows why it HAS to be Beth, but we all know why they’re ignoring Andrea’s comic storylines going to Michonne, Carol, Sasha, etc.

13. Rosita now has a facial wound on her cheek, calling back to Beth. Again, they don’t match and Rosita isn’t the only other character to have a facial wound, but it’s totally just there to let us know Beth isn’t dead.

14. (Back to #4) Beth’s GSW was survivable, with accounts of events where people with similar wounds survived. There are a lot of characters who died the same way Beth did. I guess they’re all alive too now. Not to mention she would have needed help, and everyone (yes, everyone, including the doctor) obviously assumed *cough* knew *cough* she was dead, and didn’t treat her. Cause, y'know, they carried her outside. If they thought she might actually be alive, they would have been kind of stupid to leave the hospital with her body.

15. She was in charge of the Wolves (disproven and forgotten by even Team Delusional). This is because a song in s4 mentioned wolves, as well as the W walker that Daryl found was a blonde.

16. She’s Christ (no, really), and is the figure of “Light and Goodness” that will destroy Negan (who is apparently the Anti Christ now (again, no, really)). This is because her father (so wouldn’t HE be Christ? Or are we doing the veterinarian thing again?) and Father G are both religious. Don’t 100% know why Negan is the Anti Chrsit (or was it Satan? Whatever.), but he is in this theory. #bethsuswillrise

17. The “Mirror, Glass, Spinning Glass? Going Through The Mirror? What-the-fuck-ever” theory from s6. I don’t remember the details but let me tell you, it was dumb as fuck.

18. [COMIC SPOILERS] She’s gonna lead the Whisperers from the comics, or be brainwashed and replace Lydia (because they’re both blonde teens I guess). But hey, Negan kills the Whisperer leader in the comics, so at least we know how that “Negan’s Ultimate Rival” thing would go.

Again, sorry that there’s so much here (I wanted to get everything I could remember), and feel free to add. I’m sure there’s some good ones that I just didn’t think of.

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Hi!!! Don't take this the wrong way but is there a reason why you don't talk much? Its just that tbh we don't know that much about you outside of your art :x Hope this doesn't come off rude I'm sorry if it does, your art makes me smile I just wonder some times about the person drawing it

nonono don’t worry about it!! the sentiment’s kind of sweet actually (๑•́⌄ •̀๑)

i kind of thought people weren’t interested in me, so that’s why i haven’t spoken much i guess (๑•̆૩•̆)ᕗ but to hear otherwise is really nice, i’ve always wanted to interact more with you guys!!

i’ll be more open from now on!! (•̀ᴗ •́)و ̑̑ (but just in case i blab too much, all personal posts will be tagged with #cocochat)

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you do understand that todays nazis arent the same as Ye Olde Iron Crosse nazis right? like I'm not supporting em, but anyone who still believes/posts shit from the 1940s is 100% trolling. modern nazis are totally different and only an absolute idiot would spill the same tired shit from over 70 years ago

yes they are different in some ways but that doesnt mean they arent real nazis who actually hate jews and non-whites and want an ethnic cleansing

also the “trolling” thing is fucking stupid bullshit because (among a billion other reasons) even if they are trolling they still have more or less the same effect as actual nazis making racist disgusting tumblr posts and posting propaganda and shit

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Peyton HELP I really want to go to a show but I don't have any friends in the city I live, but I really want to go and I have social anxiety do you have any tips for going to shows alone????

i actually wrote a super extensive post about exactly this a while back!!! i have brutal social anxiety too and i find that going to shows alone is very easy for me and even recuperative because it’s a good way to be around people and feel like part of a group without actually having to engage in small talk or enter into any interactions that could make me uncomfortable. you can totally just keep to yourself and just be a face in the crowd enjoying the music. anyway!! good luck and have fun!!

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Do you sometimes think the studyblr community go over the top with their expensive stationary? I'd love to see a studyblr with messy notes on poundland refill pads😂

Hi, and yep! I 100% think that this community gets wrapped up in the cute washi tapes, mildliners and just general aesthetic of expensive and excessive stationery. It makes for good photos, but you don’t need any of that stuff to study effectively and achieve what you want. 

I am guilty of it sometimes - I do bloody love my mildliners and cute notebooks, and I post photos of them, but they’re more tools to motivate me than to have to take photos/blog about. I hope that nobody in this community would go out and buy stationery for the sole reason of taking photos of it to have it on their blog. I’d hope that they would actually like and use the product a lot!

Adlock quotes #91939124021

Sherlock Holmes, again, must have sexual impulses because human beings tend to – most human beings, not absolutely all, but that’s the majority. The fact is, he decides to put all that in an iron box to make his brain work better. Of course, the fact that that iron box bounces around and shakes and bangs from the inside is what makes the story interesting. He wants to rise above us like a snowcapped mountain, but he’s actually a volcano, and that’s where the story is. That’s where the story is. You know, you shove Irene Adler in front of him, and he just falls apart like most men would. (Steven Moffat, 2014)

(From this post - @randombiochemist I’ll be forever thankful for your post :D)

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Well, Saeran is screwed for 7 asks. XD (Can I make a pun out of this?)

Saeyoung: I wouldn’t say that! At least he can still speak! Besides, what he has going on now takes half the effort. All he has to do is think of what he wants to say and it will come out of that machine attached to his throat!

Saeran: You m̢akę it͝ s̡oun͞d҉ e̵a̡s͞y.
͠/͏/̢sighs W͞ell.͝.҉.͝it isn̢'͝t̡ s̸o ͞b̡ad̕ ̛no̕w̸, I g̶ues̡s.̢

Saeyoung: That’s the spirit! I knew you’d get into this~

Saeran: S̷hut ̛up.̴

Saeyoung: Hee~ My Sae sounds a bit like a robot now!

Saeran: Wh͏át͝ ͠is͢ t͝h̴i̴s..͟.́oh҉..͟.͞tar͏getin̵g͞ ̨s҉y͜st͜ém̷?͠

Saeyoung: You get all the cool stuff! No fair~~~!


Hello I see that this post made on Jan 28 by me has blown out of proportion and being hugely misinterpreted and people are adding vile comments to it which is greatly messing with my mental health so i thought of making some clarifications because i know that post is just gonna be shitted on and on for eternity and I don’t simply block people for actually harassing me, i like to clear things up,unlike Mark


(x)  (x) 

if you want to read the thread in which I tagged Mark, BBC, and Hartswood (which btw WAS NOT HARASSING MARK IN ANY WAY IN FACT IT ASKED VALID QUESTIONS BASED UPON THINGS MARK HIMSELF SAID, they were genuine questions WITHOUT any trace of harassment or vile comments)

unless you consider a period (.) and a “please” being a form of harassment, I don’t what to say to you all

it would perhaps please (oh im sorry did i offend you with this word?) you to know that Mark blocked people who just asked him about Euros and how she fit into the show as added to my post here by @captaincumberbum Literally what form of harassment is that? 

and yes, regarding the language of my original post: when I said that “i was having the best day of my life” I meant that “i tagged mark in a thread with a period mark and he goes on and blocks me how petty is he i’m so shocked by how petty he can be i cannot believe this is happening to me this is the best day as i’ve never experienced this kind of pettiness from someone”,

of course i never wanted to be blocked by him, what would i actually gain from that? 

also, to all of those who are saying that how can we “harass” Mark who is a gay man and accuse him of queerbaiting, here I have something more for you:


he blocked this twitter account too

do you all know that most of the comments that you added to my post were harassment and vile? That post was long forgotten, and it was unearthed by someone and coincidentally on my 18th birthday (not that it matters) Idk about you all but I would be deeply and gravely affected by pathetic comments calling me idiot and whatnot about something which actually is being misinterpreted and of course, that’s what happened\like how did you think that what most of you were adding to my post was NOT harassment on your part? 

finally, so that you all don’t feel offended or harassed I didn’t add even one period (.) in this post at all

thank you for aggravating the shit out of that post. feel free to slander me after this, i don’t care

@mycrofts-kitchen @shannon-posts @slingblade125@dominiquesh @bringmetowonderland (i loved yourcomments personally!) @disneys-dankerbell @channybatch @chriseve @iwasthesouthernpansy @the-septic-land (I’m 18, thank you for your wrong guess) @221bcumberbatched @lovesarah309-blog (LITERALLY WHO IS HATING ON BEN AND MARTIN OH MY GOD?)  @cake-and-umbrellas @wwediva2020 (i hope this is CALMLY voicing my complaints) @notesoflore @gaycouplefrombakerstreet @tricksters-captain