i wanted to make a regina edit so much

it is truly amazing to me how excited squers are for the princess emma scenes solely because she’s wearing makeup. 

I was looking through the Emma tag and there are so many of them pointing out how great it is that it’s just Emma and Regina and Emma looks so much better because she’s wearing makeup and she’s not with Hook. “She doesn’t look tired or sick anymore!”

It is AMAZING to me that a community that is supposed to love and uphold two central women on a show can be so incredibly misogynistic. Ship swan queen all you want, make edits and fics and speculate your eyes out, but is this how you really like Emma best? Cursed, not herself, and most importantly wearing makeup? That’s the big takeaway? She’s happy now and you can tell because her lips are red? 

In canon, Emma is happy. She has a family and that includes both Regina and Hook whether any of us like that or not. But Emma’s choice to not wear makeup does not factor into her overall arc and her happiness. 

Like shiitttttt. Wtf. 


The bunny had fun with After Effects. Please don’t use any cuts without permission or remove my watermark. Thanks.

I both needed and wanted to learn more about After Effects (special efx software), so I…er…borrowed some footage from Once Upon A Time and havoc ensued and I thought it would be fun to make a trailer type video to share some of the craziness. There’s some kind of edit in every cut, sometimes several. Much fun was had, not near all cuts were used, etc. Story? Mostly, “Look, pretty things!” Past that, knock yourself out. If someone writes the story to go with the trailer, let me know.

In case someone is wondering, yes, I know I bastardized a Nietzsche quote.