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Master Fanfiction/One Shots Post:


Just Cute:

Today Your Barista Is…- Nico’s a barista and his coworker Percy decided to have a little fun with the menu sign outside. 

The Overdue Book- After waiting for a book for weeks, Nico decided to track down the idiot who won’t turn it in.

Don’t Throw Books at the Cute Guy- After getting in trouble for throwing a book at an annoying guy in class, Nico finds himself stuttering a somewhat sincere apology.

My Neighbor is a Stripper- After several months of trading smiles with the mysterious neighbor at his apartments, Nico runs into him in a very awkward situation.

Lab Accident- After missing out on a lab in class, Will has to make it up after school with the school’s It Boy and he can’t help how clumsy he is.

Please Save Me from the Train Creep- Will asks a stranger’s help to get a creepy guy on the train to stop staring at him. 

Those Are NOT Mine- After fooling around with his secret boyfriend, an accidental memoir is left behind. 

Cafe Discount, Maybe- The cafe has a Valentine’s Day Discount for couples, so… why not pretend? 

Don’t Flirt With My Boy-FUCK- After a mutual decision to go to a party separately, Nico is trying not to make it obvious he’s jealous when someone flirts with his secret boyfriend.

Drunk Confessions- “We were drunk and confessed love to each other and on the next day everyone congratulate us about getting together and this is awkward because we don’t remember anything”

Who Are Those People- The very hot very mysterious boy living across the hall in his college dorm seems to always have someone new over, and Will is burning with curiosity to know what they do all night.

Oh No, the Landlord’s Hot- Nico makes a petition to lower the rent and is surprised when one resident challenges the sense behind it. (Spoiler alert, it’s the landlord.)

(Mortal) Camp Half-Blood- Camping is never fun, but it could be with a cute camp leader….

The Least You Could Do- After a messy break up, Nico wants to show he can move on and date someone else… even though they might not know it. 

Soccer Injuries- After getting hurt in a soccer game, Nico can’t help but get flustered by the volunteer medic helping him. 

Tacos- New to college, Nico can’t keep a proper diet. Good thing he has a friendly neighbor. 

Just A Little Lost- An art major in the science department… oops. But hey, there’s a very hot neuroscience major willing to help. 

Hello, Are You My Date?- A very attractive boy goes up to Will thinking he’s his blind date. Now Will finds himself in the best date he’s ever had… but his name is Alex now.

Who the Hell Are You?- After taking a break from work, Will returns to see someone else in his spot. Not only is his new worker arrogant and annoying, he’s also flirtatious and… confusing. 



Not Said to Me- Ways You Said “I Love You” Prompt

Just Stay Awake- It was supposed to be their anniversary, not a tragedy. 

A Promise to Myself- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Nico finds some very unnerving messages on Will’s laptop… but Will wouldn’t do that. 

White Horse- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Inspired by several Taylor Swift songs, follow the rise and fall of Nico and Will’s relationship.

The Story of Us- Closure to the story above.

Forever Yours & Forever Mine-  *Trigger warning: violence, abuse (not sexual)* Falling in love with a psychopath could be deadly. This story contains descriptive violence. Reader’s discretion is advised. THIS IS SIMPLY TO GO WITH THE HALLOWEEN THEME. 


Nightmares and Solace- Nico struggles with his trauma and can’t sleep without the help of his new friends in the Apollo cabin, and of course his very sweet boyfriend. 

Flowers and Tattoos- A tattoo artist used to prejudice catches the eye of a kind florist assistant across the street. Now every day he gets to work, there’s a new flower with a new meaning waiting for him. 

A Whisper in the Ear- The Way you said I Love You Prompt 

The “Straight” Roommate- Nico knows he’s straight. And he’s not homophobic…. So why does his roommate’s gay relationship bother him so much?

A Prank Gone Too Far- Will and Nico just wanted to prank their friends into thinking they were dating… they weren’t supposed to believe it. 

About Kit-Kat- Will’s cat keeps disappearing. To Will’s shock and excitement, his cat managed to befriend his favorite author. 

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This- Worried that Nico might not actually like him, Will asks Nico how long it’ll be before he shows a little more affection than just holding hands. 

You’re a Song- After looking on at a few or more dance rehearsals at his performing arts school, Nico finds himself entranced by one specific dancer. 

Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas- New to the state, and new to college, Nico manages to befriend a local that might turn into something more. Who could resist that Texas twang?

The New Kid- There’s a new boy in school and no one seems eager to say hi. Except for Will. 

Sick Days- Nico came down with the flu, and of course his doctor boyfriend is there to nurse him to health. 

Gravity- Based on Twilight’s “imprinting,” Nico, who takes the alpha position on accident, finds himself imprinting on a boy. 

Mix of Angst and Fluff:

I Never Meant to Fall in Love- From the first date to the possible last, Nico and Will never meant to fall in love, and now that they have, they don’t want to let it go either. 

Fireworks- After three little words make Nico panic, he immediately regrets what he did, but has no idea how to fix it. 

Just A One Night Stand- No one ever wants much to do with him. So why would Will be any different? He just didn’t expect to see him the next day….

Roommates and More- After witnessing a traumatizing death at the hospital, Will gains the courage to finally make a move on the roommate he’d been crushing on for months. 

Burn- With inspiration from Hamilton’s soundtrack, this one shot is about Nico and Will building the dream relationship only for a mistake and secret exposed to ruin it. Forgiveness is hard to reach…. Can you imagine?

Soulmate AUs:

Our Handwriting- They weren’t supposed to be the leads in the school play. They weren’t supposed to become friends. Their handwriting however says otherwise. 

The Song In My Head- Will can’t get old Disney songs out of his head, and Nico can’t stop recalling songs he’d never heard before. 


The Big Day- The day Lily is born, the day Will and Nico finally get to hold their little girl. 

A Day at Home- Nico being a stay-at-home dad. 

Just a Joke- Lily comes home crying and neither Will or Nico know why or how to fix it. 

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus- Christmas morning, Santa is the enemy for Nico and Will’s daughter. 

Flightless Bird- After losing newborns to an unknown disease, Will can’t help but wonder what he’d do if that was his baby girl with her life on the line. 


(these are literally between 1-4 paragraphs long based on requests.)

Dear Diary                 Temptation / Temptation pt.2

Hot Pepper Improv    Card Games

It’s a Texas Thing       Lazer Tag

IKEA shit                    Domesticity

Gender Norms            Mistletoe

Not Again                    Novels

Hair Braiding               War and Tears



(all of these except OatS have links to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter)

Nemesis AU (5 parts)- Will made up a boyfriend to get his mom to stop worrying over his single state. But now she wants to meet him.

Carnival AU (4 parts)- After meeting at a carnival, Nico can’t stop thinking of the blond who’d managed to stay in touch after a chance meet. 

What Is This Feeling (5 parts)- Two classroom rivals get paired for an assignment. What else could go wrong?

Secrets of the Sea (11 parts and counting?)- A pirate AU, not sure if I will continue it.

One and the Same (24 parts and counting?)- A fantasy AU in which Nico is a vampire, Will is a werewolf, and neither know about the other. Use the list of links, I wasn’t able to connect them all, there’s too many lol. 

Your Wish Is My Command (7 chapters)- Nico discovers a genie in an old Arab artifact. The last thing he wants to do is make his third wish. 

Inverse!AU (6 parts and counting!)- Nico wakes up to see Bianca looming over him… and to a cabin full of siblings…. and to Will Solace being known as “the creepy Hades kid.” 

The Exception (4 parts)- As someone who doesn’t believe in love, Nico is challenged when he begins experiencing new emotions for a heartbroken boy. 

I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico (7 parts)- Based off I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. 

Fire Meet Gasoline (9 parts)- *Trigger Warning: cheating* After seven years, Nico and Will meet again… through their boyfriends. A little catching up never hurt anybody…. Right?

Warm Me Up (39 parts)- Depression keeps a person from trusting and opening up. It leads to self destructive tendencies. Nico has suffered this for a long time, and no on has been able to understand or make it easier. Until the right person hears his song. Link is to the full index of the story :)

No Vacancy (Ongoing)- After the death of his mother, Will doesn’t think he’ll ever be the same. But the siblings next door show him that maybe, that’s okay. And the boy? Well, Will may not have to be his picture perfect self to catch his eye.


Just Cute:

Despacito- Dancing is not Keith’s thing, but he can’t say no to the very music driven Lance. 


Drunk Mistakes- Lance being drunk leads to a few mishaps and confessions.


Barrio Slums and More (ongoing)- Lance was the special one, the one who made it to college, and Keith was the distant crush. But the summer after freshman year, the year Lance dropped out, shows that there’s more to both than their high school image.



The Lost Poet- Having a boyfriend is hard. Having a boyfriend and a kid is harder. Especially when your kid doesn’t know you like guys. 

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Solangelo 4 ( maybe a new aphrodite camper flirting with Will and Nico being like "back up."?)

Okay so like I kinda just realized that there could be two different things this could be, either a scene or a dialogue so I think I’m gonna try to mix both if it’s possible. Let’s see…..

4- “Ho ho ho, bitches.” + Christmas Party

The Christmas parties at Camp Half-Blood where always… odd. Nobody really understood how exactly they became that way, but they did. Maybe that’s what happened when you put every single camper in Camp Half-Blood, all of which have ADHD, in the great hall.

It’s not that Nico didn’t enjoy Christmas, in fact, it was his favorite time of year. The only time he would trade black t-shirts out for red and green ones. But he did not like people, and everyone seemed to go to the Holiday Party at Camp Half-Blood. 

Nico would have been much happier just sitting by the fire in an oversized sweater with a mug of hot coco in his hands, curled up on Will. Will. His new boyfriend. 

Nico would never get used to that word. Ever. Calling Will his boyfriend seemed unimaginable, yet the day was here, Will’s face radiating sunshine as he linked his arm through Nico’s. Nico proceeded to look at the ground, trying to hide a blush. 

The only reason he was here was because of Will, really. This was, technically speaking, their first Christmas together. They’ve been dating ever since Halloween, where Will kissed him behind the Hades cabin, him dressed as some weird zombie doctor and Nico in a ghost costume. Halloween then took a different meaning to him. 

But they kept it a secret. Of course they kept it a secret. They where both scared of what other people would say, and what they’d think. And Nico always knew he wasn’t good enough for Will, and he could never take it if other people agreed with him. 

But Will had an idea. 

“Hey Neeks?” Will asked the day they made the decision. They where in the Hades cabin, hidden from the view of everyone. Will was playing with Nico’s hair as he laid in his lap, twining flowers through it. 

“Yeah?” Nico says, sleepily. 

“When should we tell the others?” Will asks, threading another daisy in Nico’s black curls. Nico angles his head to look up at Will’s face, full of sunshine and freckles. Nico shrugs his shoulders. 

“Do we want to?” he says, playing with the helm of Will’s camp shirt. 

“We can’t hide it forever….”



“Let’s do it.”

They decided that the Christmas Party was as good as a time as any. All their friends would be there and they could stuff their faces with food as they talked with people. But Nico never expected there to be this many people. 

Streamers were everywhere. Silver. Gold. Red. Blue. A large tree was decorated with red bulbs inscribed with Ancient Greek letters. A giant star topped it off and white lights glowed. Snow fell around everywhere and it glittered like it was covered in glitter, and the food was laid out buffet style. And every half-blood that ever existed was there. 

Nico found himself moving closer to Will, gripping his hand tightly. He never was fond of crowds, and this was the biggest one yet. 

“It’ll be over soon,” Will says, gently kissing the top of Nico’s head. Nico nodded his head. 

They filtered through the crowd, Will making small talk with newly recovered patients and his countless of other siblings. 

Eventually, Nico pulled away from Will to go get some food because he was starving. He surveyed the different options, taking some mashed potatoes and gravy. He walked back to Will, who was talking with one of the Aphrodite girls. She was one of the newly claimed ones, and she was close. A little two close to comfort. She was twirling her straight black hair and drinking in every detail of Will. 

As Nico got closer, he could make out their conversation. 

“You’re very handsome, you know,” the girl said.


“I’m single too,” she says, batting her eyelashes. 

“How about you?” She smooths the collar of Will’s shirt. That’s when Nico lost it. 

“Oh hell no,” he says, stepping between them. 

“If you think–” he says, poking her in the chest, causing her to back away, “–that you can just try to steal my boyfriend behind my back, well then–” he pushes her back again, “–you got another thing coming.” The girl looks a little scared but she backs off, disappearing back into the crowd. It is only then that Nico realizes that the whole crowd is silent, every eye on him. Well that could’ve turned out better, Nico thinks to himself. 

“Ho ho ho, bitches,” Nico says grumpily, grabbing Will’s arm and pulling him away, dragging him all the way back to the Hades cabin, grumbling. 

“Well that went well,” Will says, giggling.

“Shut up.” 

Lol what even is this????? It’s kinda short but here ya go!!! :p

Christmas Prompts