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Ikon Reaction “Crush is a bit perverted when flirting”


You two were walking around the mall when you see a couple having a very heavy makeout session on one of the benches. “They look so gross, even we’d look better kissing than them.”


He wouldn’t say anything and just smile, the thought making him happy.


He’d get all blushy and would kind of avoid eye contact with you the rest of the time. The fact that you said you wanted to kiss him was the only thing on his mind.


“If you wanted to kiss me so badly why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Would be kind of cocky and make it about him.


*Pulls out chapstick* “Want to test out that theory?” Lowkey dying on the inside.


He’d just burst out laughing and not get awkward at all. He finds your humor hilarious.


(I love this gif so much oml)

He’d get so awkward and his laugh would fill the area, causing people to stare at the two of you. Once he gains his composure, he’d definitely get cocky about it. “Of course we’d look better, I mean look at me.” 


He wouldn’t say anything,just surpress a laugh and keep living. He knows how your humor is and is pretty used to it now.

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okay I’ve been thinking about this a lot today, so lemme just Jane Austen vent for a bit:

The thing is that I want as many diverse and queer adaptations of Austen’s work as possible. Please. I really want to write a Sense and Sensibility modern adaptation where all/the majority of the characters are wlw, and that’s the reason Edward (Edwina?) keeps her engagement secret from her family and Elinor, she’s terrified of being disowned. An actual dream of mine. Or an adaptation of Persuasion where the leads are bi women and they were both convinced to look for men cause that’s what will make them truly happy and then it’s like nope. Love isn’t about gender. However what I’ve been thinking about all day is that P&P adaptations are strongest when Darcy is a straight white male. Why?

  1. Darcy is an idiot at the beginning and let’s be real, a lot of straight dudes are idiots. Especially straight white dudes.
  2. Darcy’s privilege is a major point in the novel. He has the highest social standing of anyone (sans Lady Catherine), which is why he thinks he is so above the Bennets. And even today, the people who have the most privilege are straight white men with money. In his proposal he tells Lizzie that it hurts him to propose to someone so below him but he loves her just that much. He sees it as a compliment but she recognizes what an insult that is and that his social standing doesn’t make him better at all.
  3. If Darcy remains a straight white dude and Lizzie becomes anything but, their contrast becomes even more interesting. This is why despite a lot of the problems I had with Bride and Prejudice, I loved the ideas behind it. Because adding that extra element of race and different countries added even more context to Darcy’s prejudice. In fact I think it makes it more interesting when Lizzie is a woman of color, because she goes through injustices every day that Darcy doesn’t understand.

So unless you want to put Darcy in a modern matriarchal society, such as Mosuo, (which I would pay fucking top dollar for oh my god), you can’t really understand why Darcy is an asshat unless he stays the most privileged person in the environment. 

But in conclusion even if you adapt it where Darcy and Lizzie have the same amount of privilege I’ll probably still watch it cause I love everything about Pride and Prejudice.

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Hello dear. I thank you for sharing your advice with us. And i found out that i need it now if you can ofc. I want to graduate next year so bad but my grades aren't good enough, but i have the determination to work hard even though it's impossible to graduate with a good mark. But the problem is that i don't know how to work hard, like how can I guarantee success? Next year will be a tough one for me , I have alot of subject and the thesis, and i don't want to study a 5th year bcuz I'm done:/

Hi there lovely! Awh, thank you; and I’m always happy to help <3 I think your question is actually made up of a couple of smaller ones, so I’m going to answer each of them in turn.

01 // Look up guidelines
If you want to make sure you’re done next year, the first thing I would recommend is to look up your university’s graduation guidelines for your degree. Do they require a specific grade average? Do they make note of any deadlines (e.g. for papers to be graded)? Copy all the information that you need to know in a separate document, and title it “Graduation Requirements”, so you can easily refer to it later on.

02 // Take action
The next step would be to run down the list and see what you still have to do to successfully meet all of the guidelines for your degree. First, cross out all the things you have already done. Congratulations! You’re on the road to graduation~

Next, if there is anything you need to take action on that won’t take longer than 2 minutes - e.g. registering for a test, contacting a Professor, etc. - do it right now. If it will take longer than 2 minutes, make sure to schedule it into your calendar/planner/to-do list/phone, so that you can make sure to do it this week. And if a guideline is made up of more than one requirement, like writing a thesis, break it down into actionable steps in the same document. For example, step one could be to brainstorm for ideas. If you need more help picking out a subject for your thesis, here’s a short guide

If there’s a guideline you’re not sure how to meet or have any questions about, contact your student adviser and set up an appointment. It’s never too early to start preparing.

03 // Prepare and plan
Now that you’ve got your checklist at the ready, with all the necessary information, it’s time to start preparing and planning for graduation. For example, you can make a summer studying schedule, and start studying for the classes that are coming up next year (here’s a cute weekly planner by @bunykid you can download!). 

You can also start researching your thesis. Start by picking a subject, then deciding on your thesis statement (here’s a brilliant guide by @healthyeyes), and start reading articles and books you can read.

04 // Building good study habits
If you’re afraid your studying habits aren’t up to par, it might be a good idea to remember that they’re habits and you can form them any time you want! You might want to start with smaller studying sessions - of, say, 25 minutes at a time, followed by a 5 minute break - and then gradually increase the time by five minutes. Soon, you’ll be doing two hour studying sessions!

If you’re finding it hard to study by yourself, study with a friend, or watch this newfangled thing I’m completely obsessed with - real time study sessions on YouTube

I hope this helps! If you’ve got any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Good luck! xxx

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hi I love your still star crossed fics, that one where rosaline asks to live away from the montague clan is so heartbreaking, I've actually been thinking if they'll ever touch this subject on the show bc I think it's super important. Also I don't know if you ever write more smutty things but imagine benvolio saying "pardon me but I think this will please you as much as I" in a more intimate context

Argh, thank you so much! I really like that fic too, myself, and I do wonder if that will be addressed on the show - wouldn’t it be beautiful if they got to make their own home somewhere, away from their horrible relatives? (Minus Livia, obvi, who gets to either marry and be stupidly happy or live with them.)

As for the quote: DON’T GIVE ME IDEAS! 

jk I totally want ALL THE IDEAS for Rosvolio fic! I love that quote, and your suggestion of how to use it - cheeky ;) And wouldn’t you know, I am actually in the middle of writing a more explicit fic right now, although I still have to muddle through a bit more angst before I can get to the smutty parts. I’m not sure I’ll use it in this one, but consider it filed away as a prompt because it is an AWESOME idea. 

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it!

Heeey, thank youuu!!! let’s go!  😍

1- i hate driving, seriously! i even sold my car 3 years ago…

2- i’m a really organized person, in my professional and academic life, but not my own room hahahaah

3- i tend to dislike people who speak too loud. this bothers me a lot. 

4- when i was younger i want to make design in college, and now i’m graduating in civil engineering, life’s crazy, right?

5- and i’m really happy with how the thing turns out, now i can’t imagine me doing something else than that!

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Five Things You’ll Find In My Bag 

  • a book
  • a pencil
  • pads
  • chap stick
  • hair ties

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom

  • blankets (a lot of them) 
  • pillows
  • books
  • a glass of water 
  • notebooks

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

  • go to France 
  • visit the Library of Congress
  • see a performance at the Globe 
  • write a book 
  • get more tattoos

Five Things That Make Me Happy

  • my sister 
  • books
  • rabbits 
  • libraries 
  • cake

Five Things That I’m Currently Into

  • Still Star Crossed 
  • Blue lipstick 
  • Laini Taylor
  • Baking and cooking 
  • Psychology

Five Things On My To-Do-List 

  • Get my freaking computer fixed so sound doesn’t cut out any more 
  • Visit France 
  • Learn nail art
  • Get my license
  • Write a book 

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Is it okay to not celebrate holidays when first getting into Hellenic Polytheism?

You don’t have to ever celebrate the holidays if you don’t want. The festivals and holidays help me to make sure I’m honoring more Theoi than just the ones I’m closest to, and they give me an opportunity to celebrate the gifts the Theoi give us, but figuring out a calendar can be complicated. 

So if holidays are something you’d like to eventually incorporate, then I’d be more than happy to help you however I can, when you’re ready to add holidays into your routine. If holidays aren’t your thing however, then you don’t need to worry about them to be honest.

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Hey Nassy. I know you're in a difficult space right now. Idk your story, idk your life, but i know that a suicide is a permanent solution that will take all the chances for your happiness away.I just have one request for you: Think of things that you always wanted to do but didn't dared to. How it would feel if you would do the things that makes you happy? Just think about it. Then maybe even do them! Please don't take the opportunities away from you. Everything is temporary. Suicide is not.1/3

Even the heaviest feeling will change, you just need time. Believe me, i was at the same point. I was just existing, broken in my own way that no one seem to understand, i just didn’t care anymore. And somehow i realised that because i didn’t care i had nothing to hold me back anymore. I made it my mission to become happy for me and i’m still on my way, trying new things constantly, blocking out the negative influences. 2/3

I believe in you, that you someday find your own happiness and i hope that you can start to believe too. I just want you to try. (I hope this was understandable, i’m not an english native, but this was too important) 3/3

thank you anon for this message to nassy, I hope she is reading all of these and sees how much amazing support she is getting!! we are all here for you lovely

PSA for turtle lovers

So PETA has recently posted an article about helping turtles across the road. While this sounds great, the article is loaded with nasty images of turtles who have been crushed by cars. The images are close-up, gory, and overall terrible to look at. So, for those of you out there who don’t want to see that, I’m making a post with happy pictures instead:

So turtles are amazing. I mean, look at that face

And often times during the warm months you will see turtles on the roadway just trying to get where they’re going. Unlike this little guy who’s already found the perfect spot

If you see a turtle in the road. The best thing to do is put on your hazard lights and safely pull over. watch for other cars as you examine the situation. Most turtles you come across aren’t super aggressive, so if you go to pick them up, the only thing they’ll do is this

if the turtle isn’t a snapping turtle or other aggressive turtle, simply pick it up like a hamburger to reduce the risk of injuring it, and take it to the side of the road that it’s trying to get to.

If it is a snapping turtle like this guy

or another kind of more agressive turtle, keep your distance. try to find a stick or something else you can goad it into focusing on. If you’re lucky, it will keep trying to attack the stick and you can “kite” it across the road. If not, call animal control and wait until they arrive. They’re trained to handle the situation.

In either case DO NOT take and wild turtles or tortoises home. I realize that they are incredible adorable

but you can seriously disrupt their environment and the overall population by keeping wild animals as pets. If you are looking for a pet reptile, it’s best to adopt from a shelter, or if you can’t find one, find a breeder that raises their reptiles ethically.

In addition, do not take them to a different area either, even if it’s a nearby lake in town. You could be taking it too far away from it’s home, lessening it’s chance of survival. Only take it to where it was already going.

Thank you all for reading, please share to help spread the word. Images I posted are not mine, with the exception of the sulcata tortoise hiding in the grass (That’s my shy boy).

I wish I knew the right words to say when it came down to writing about someone who makes you feel like flowers are growing inside of your chest. I wish I knew how to explain the way you make me feel when it’s two in the morning and we’re both laughing over something that probably wasn’t even that funny but to other people, our laughs make it seem like it was the world. I wish I knew how to tell people just how really beautiful you are, because when you are there, whether you’re laying down or pacing back and fourth, talking about the things that excite you the most, or just about anything in general that makes you happy, your eyes hold a certain kind of light beneath them that makes me want to never look away. Or when you laugh, my god, when you laugh, I never want it to stop because you do this thing where you tilt your head back and cover your mouth at the last moment after you already been so loud, shaking your head and every single time, I’d think, I wouldn’t mind hearing you laugh for the rest of my life. And when you yell, which is very rare, is scary because you can be there, veins standing at attention and I’d still think you’re the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on, even if I’m driving you insane. Don’t worry though, you drive me insane too. And I wish I knew how to explain the way my hands shake when I think about losing you, or the way my chest tightens to the thought of you being with someone else who isn’t me, because it messes with my mind sometimes and I get fustrated, because only I want to know your favorite book to the way you hate wearing that poka dot shirt, or how you eat when you’re nervous and can’t seem to stop making a mess. But you always been a messy eater so I don’t mind. I fell in love with you and although you are not perfect because you do have your moments, I promise I will love you again and again and again because I am not perfect either but if I am here, holding my heart out to you, and you are there, doing the same, I swear we both can be non-perfect messes together. And I’m trying not to be too cheesy here, because you always did say I buttered you up too much so for now I’ll leave it off with an I love you and an I’ll love you forever until my very last breath and an I am so lucky you decided to choose me.
—  A.M// to jake, maybe loving you isn’t so bad after all.

root‘s reactions to ‘shaw telling her….’

#lets acknowledge the fact that root never ever wanted more from shaw than she was able to give #she never crossed shaw’s boundaries #she never wanted to make shaw uncomfortable etc #she just wanted HER and was willing to be patient until shaw was fully ready to go THERE #so root’s reactions to shaw’s more playful/intimate moments with her are the most precious cause you can tell shaw being that vulnerable catches her off guard #she never expected ANY confession of feelings so imagine how much root is internally screaming inside #shaw making it known that she indeed loves her back was all she ever wanted

Dear Self,

I know how you’ve been feeling today. Your life feels empty, and the sad truth is that you have nobody to blame for anything that’s happened . Unlike most people, you haven’t blamed yourself, because you know that you have done everything in your capacity to make things work, to make things happen. I know how ambitious you are, and you do everything you need to do to make your parents proud, to make them happy again. You have no one to share your pain with. Mainly since your pain isn’t because of some tragic accident or loss of life, neither is it because of a sappy breakup or a nasty flu.

But you can feel your true self breaking down a little bit more with every passing day. There’s so much you want to do and so much you want to achieve and you know that you have it in you, yet it’s always a dead end.

You look back in time and see a different version of yourself, someone you can’t recognize now. You have no idea how to define yourself any more. You were a social maniac and have always found yourself the most comfortable among people, lots and lots of people, friends, foes, family, strangers and you managed to plant a seed of memory into everyone you’ve ever met.

Now you’re uncomfortable to be around people, you repel even making a healthy eye contact with someone passing by. I know you aren’t scared or tense to interact with them - to ask how they’re doing, but you’ve lost the urge to make bonds anymore.

You’ve met all kinds of people, seen through each one of them but you’ve realized that no matter how well you know and understand them, you walk right into a boulder beyond which you cannot see, beyond which you know there’s a spot where all their weaknesses lie, and you peek between the brick walls and recoil back - you have seen the ugly side.

This side of them is nasty and no matter what is said or done following it, you’ve lost your trust, you just can’t go back to square one all over again. You know you can never be the same with them again. And as you walk away from them, you know they’ve taken off a small chunk out of you. These chunks total up to the whole of you and you lose yourself running away from them. You cannot risk losing anymore. So you walk alone, and everyday you die a little more.

You now focus on the few people you trust and you’d do anything for them. I know very well how greatly you suck at expressing your love towards these people, somehow you feel that if you reveal it to them you’ll lose the love you have for them, they’re eager and hope to hear it from you. Your family wants to hear you say that you love them. But you just cannot, because you’ve never learned how to. You’ve never told anyone confidently the way they show it movies, to confess love. You love them too much, it’s scary to say it out loud. But you show it in ways nobody ever does.

You have your own weird ways, only if they could listen. Only if they could listen when you scream at them and cry out of guilt the very next moment, when you swear at them now and internally curse yourself next, when you ignore them because you do not want to say you’re sorry, when you plan big to see them happy, when you struggle to smile even as you’re dying inside only so that they don’t sense your sadness.

You are scared to express that you are vulnerable and you are scared to admit that you are scared. You prefer to be an emotionless robot to them, because you’ll never be able to prove how much you really care. They distance themselves from you naturally, and again, you die a little bit inside.

But you know you’re amazing at being a lioness when you want to, your wounds make you stronger and that’s how you like seeing yourself - a lioness on the hunt. And you walk with all your pride as you walk by the people that you’d rather have by your side, again you die a little inside, yet you walk alone with all your pride.

Loads of Love,

- J.E.M

So, the time has come where I have decided to share my hidden Nashcon 2016 Cockles photo op with everyone.

Why did I wait so long? Because I told myself, as a silent promise to Jensen and Misha, I was going to wait one year from the day, before I share it, even though Misha said to share it initially. Haha. Anyway, it’s been four months past the year mark, and I have decided to finally unveil the photo, I know it might garnish some stuff from haters, and I might be called “disrespectful”, however I ask everyone to read below first, on how my situation went down with receiving the photo, and then cast your opinions.

 So, I am waiting in the photo op line nervous as all hell haha, I keep the front of the book hidden the entire time, just patiently and nervously waiting. The book I held in my hands was “The Threesome Handbook”, by Vicki Vantoch (For those who don’t know who she is, she’s the amazing woman married to Misha!!). I’ve had the idea in my mind for nearly a year on how funny it would be to take a photo of the three of us reading it, I could imagine Jensen’s “what the hell position is that?!” Face, I can imagine Misha’s mischevious intrigued face, and then I would just be there looking like a dork, haha, either way, it was a year’s idea in the making. So the time has come and here i am shaking with my book…When it is my turn…I walk up to them…I immediately went to Jensen first because above anyone else, I wanted to get his Blessing for the photo, I didn’t want him to do it if he was not comfortable with it, and I was perfectly fine if he would have declined…So, I’m right in front of Jensen and I say “I completely understand if you don’t want to do this but, if not, it’s okay, but can we do something with this?” I showed him the book Misha’s wife wrote “The Threesome Handbook”, and he was like “With this?” He replied with like a shocked laugh as he pointed at the book, I laughed a bit in embarrassment…Then at this moment Misha comes over to the two of us, he sees the book and giggles as he grabs it, Misha being amused at the sight of the book, all I could do is look on in embarrassment and nervously laugh. At this point however, Jensen’s handler came up right away and was like “ Nope. No. No.” And she snatched the book out of Misha’s hand. So he was like “Oh Well” with a shrug kinda look then I was like “Oh well”, I knew at that point it was the risk of asking, so I didn’t mind. So I turned to Misha and Jensen and was like “Hugs then?” So we did a hug picture. The bliss and awesomeness of being between those two, still sends shivers down my spine. Forgive the capital letters but this was the exciting part…after the picture I THEN HUGGED THEM BOTH AND SAID THANK YOU, THEN THE HANDLER GAVE THE BOOK BACK TO ME. I WAS READY TO WALK AWAY WHEN MISHA GRABBED MY HAND, PULLED ME CLOSE TO HIM AND TOLD THE PHOTOGRAPHER TO TAKE ANOTHER. SO MISHA HUGGED ME WHILE WE HELD THE BOOK AND JENSEN GAVE HIS LIKE “WHAT?!” FACE. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!! SO ALL I HAD ENOUGH REACTION TIME FOR WAS TO MAKE A DORKY LOOKING “Idk, worth a shot” SUGGESTIVE FACE.

It happened so quick…I was not expecting it at all…After the picture all I could do was happily give Misha another hug, and just mutter “Thank you thank Misha”, I gave Jensen one more quick one and kinda high tailed it out of the room shaking.

Now…I was absolutely happy, and just speechless, I had two ops, the op I wanted to do, and I spent more time with them. The thing is though…After some time…I felt bad…because I wasn’t sure if Jensen was upset…or kinda just disappointed, because I felt maybe he didn’t want to do it and it was forced, as much as I appreciate it…To confirm, I decided to apologise to him when I got my autograph…The stressful part of it all, was the timing…See…I had to wait for the pictures to print, I wanted to grab it right away because I know sometimes people take photos of other people’s pictures, and I didn’t want this to get out by someone else’s hand. The thing is Jensen was then signing autographs in the same time…So, I was pacing back and forth from the picture table and the autograph hall to see how the lines were, just as it seemed like autographs were almost over, as they called my row many minutes before, the pictures were put out. LUCKILY I received my picture and I was able to make the line for Jensen, photo hidden. So again I nervously wait in line, when I got to him in line, he recognized me and said “Hey you” and smiled, and of course I was like “Hi” *giggles* and then I said “Jensen I’m really sorry about the book photo op”. He smiled and was like “ah, it’s no problem at all” And I said “Okay I just wanted to make sure you know I didn’t mean anything bad by it” and he said “Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly fine”. I apologized to his handler also and she said “ Its okay honey, I’m not mad about it” and they both said you have a good night and pretty much don’t worry. So *SIGH OF RELIEF*

Got my autograph and his Blessing!! However me being me, I wanted security…So…To Make sure…When I got my Misha autograph, I walk up to Misha with items in hand to get signed.

Misha: “Oh hey it’s you, how are you?”

Me: “I’m good thank you, how are you?”

Misha: “I’m good, I’m good, are you having fun?

Me: “Yeah, it’s been really great”

*Misha begins to sign my items*

Me: *Nervously* “Can I ask you a question?”

Misha: “Of course go ahead”

Me: “Was Jensen upset with the photo with the book?”

Misha: *smiles, then giggles* “Oh no, he wasn’t upset at all. He would have gone through with it if a certain handler didn’t snatch it away from us”

Me: “Are you sure? I really don’t want him to be upset, I just didn’t think it’d be bad”

Misha: “No, don’t worry about it at all, he wasn’t upset” *Misha hands back items*

Me: “Okay, thank you Misha, thank you. You have a great night” *I say while gathering my stuff*

Misha: “You’re welcome. You too” *Misha smiles*

*I turn to walk away when Misha says to me*

Misha: “Don’t give it a second thought”

I respond by just smiling and saying a relieved “Okay”, and then I turn and head out to the hall.

So…This is that photo, from my amazing Nashcon 2016 time…I hope those viewing, find the humor in it as much as I do…If you’re gonna share it, please just attach this story with it, so people know, that yes while some might find it tasteless, it was done with a calculated understanding of the actor’s feelings behind taking the photo and not without asking their personal consent for it first, the events that unfolded from it, were not expected and were out of my hands, just as well I finally want to thank Misha and Jensen and just as well, Jared!! (Though they may not ever read this haha) for everything they’re do for the fans, it was a great time and is now a hell of a story I can add to my life of events. Everyone else…enjoy. :)

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I wanted to grab my phone and call him.” she stared at the photo she’s been holding for hours. She’s talking to her best friend, telling her about all the things she had been feeling these past few days. It had been a silent week for her. A week of gloomy days and drizzles from the grayish skies. A week of starless night and moonless sleep. A week of feelings she can’t truly describe.“ I don’t know the exact reason why I’m saying this to you. But I really wanted to talk to him. I need to hear his voice. I need to know that he’s doing fine. I need him to tell me that everything is going to be all right. I don’t know but now I feel that maybe, I need to hear it directly from him. Maybe he should tell me that he’s not coming back. That he’s going to avoid me forever even if we happen to cross each other’s path again in the future. Maybe he should tell me that everything is going to change and I can’t do anything about it. That I can’t make the impossible things happen, the way I wanted them to. I know he said it already, but maybe I need to hear it again and again, until it knocked me back to my senses. Until I believed that it was real. Until I believed that it was not just the scariest nightmare I’ve been through. Maybe someone needs to remind me that I need to finally loosen my grip to this photograph of him. That he’s no longer happy to be with me. That I need to finally let him go. For real.
—  ma.c.a // Tell me, You’re no longer mine

a thing I love about the TransDanny headcanon: there’s a photo of Danny and Maddie when he was little, happily dressed and presenting as male, meaning that his parents either accepted him as trans from a young age, or allowed him to dress himself and have his hair done as short as he wanted and not forcing him to conform to gender roles, which allowed his coming out to be a lot easier

did he have a phase where everyone just called him a ‘tomboy’? or did he announce that he was a boy early on and that was that from then on? did he start school as Daniel or Danielle? like maybe it was one of those kids will be kids things where he wanted to be a boy for a day and his parents were like, 'aww that’s cute we’ll let her have her fun’ but a day became a week, a month, a year, he never grew out of it because he was never just playing pretend

personally I like to think that it started with Maddie and Jack just having super lax views on gender roles, unsurprising since Jack loves knitting which he might have been made fun of for because it’s 'feminine’ and Maddie is very strong and self sufficient and grew up with a big tough sister who wears her hair short and acts very 'masculine’, so they already have experience subverting traditional gender roles

so when they have a daughter who drags them to the boy aisle as soon as she’s old enough to choose her own clothes/toys and asks for a short haircut like that Chip Skylark guy who sings about his shiny teeth on tv, Maddie and Jack are just like, yeah sure why not? their kid can look however she wants

Danny was able to present as male from a very early age, his parents treated him and Jazz equally regardless of gender and I feel like maybe he didn’t even think to ask to be referred to by male pronouns until he got to school and the kids immediately assumed he was male and he realised ho dang, this feels RIGHT.

and then he’d have the teachers calling him Danielle and referring to him as female and another kid is like, umm Danny’s a boy tho?? and the teacher looks at this little boy with little boy hair and little boy clothes and is like, oh uh sorry kid there must have been a mistake in the paperwork, was it supposed to say Daniel?


but then he feels bad because technically he 'lied’ to the teacher so he goes home and doesn’t say anything because he thinks his parents will be mad at him for lying on his first day at school

and then the parents get a call from some very confused school staff asking whether or not they’d enrolled a boy or a girl because they had a Danielle Fenton in the paperwork but a Daniel Fenton was dropped off to class this morning and that’s when Maddie and Jack were like… oooooh okay so this is how it is

they tell the school that he’s definitely a boy, always has been, they don’t say he’s trans because they probably don’t even know that word exists but they do know that their daughter seems far more comfortable as their son and they don’t see a problem with that and as far as they’re concerned it’s none of the school’s business

they’d probably sit Danny down for a talk after that in which he starts crying and apologising and they have to spend about ten minutes ensuring him that he isn’t in trouble for lying at school and if he wants to be a boy that’s okay they can call him a boy for as long as he wants, he just has to let them know if he changes his mind but if he doesn’t then that’s okay too, they just want him to be happy

and from that point on he was pretty much just the Fentons’ son, his parents would buy him binders and do research on trans kids to make sure they were doing the right thing and as soon as he was old enough for T they said they’d support him whether or not he wanted to take it and if there were any complications it was okay because he was still their boy no matter what his body looked like

I mean just, the Fentons have fucked up a lot of aspects of parenthood so I just really really REALLY want them to have done this one RIGHT or as right as they possibly can, they might be quite scatterbrained and neglectful at times but it’s clear that they really do love their kids, and were probably a lot closer with them when they were young, so it makes sense to me that they would be accepting of Danny’s identity even from such a young age

all they want is for their kids to feel happy and safe, which means when they find out he’s half ghost it still doesn’t MATTER, because they already promised they’d accept him no matter what

anonymous asked:

You know that shipping any Shaladin ship is shipping pedophilia right??

Hello Anon!! :) 

I actually have a parent who worked against pedophilia and child pornography so let me tell you something!!

First of all, what is pedophilia??

And what is prepubescent??

So now we know that a pedophile is someone that is sexually attracted to children who has yet to reach puberty. Does that sound like our paladins?? Pidge is the only one I’m unsure of. 

Secondly, I live in a country where the age of consent is 15 and it has been announced that Lance, Keith and Hunk are all “late teens” (15-19). That means that in my country, they are legally allowed to consent to a sexual relationship with someone older than them. I see nothing wrong with that as long as it is consensual. (If you ship Shidge and headcanon Pidge as having reached puberty/older than 15 then I see nothing wrong with it!!)

Another thing I can say about this is that consent is the most important thing. If you ship a shaladin ship that is not consensual then, yes it is wrong. But other than that, I really don’t giva a damn what you ship as long as it’s for the right reasons. (Meaning for your own enjoyment and not because it turns you on or because you simply want to be anti another ship.) (Remember that I’m not accusing anyone of anything, just stating my own opinion.)

If you ship Sheith, Shance, Shidge, Shunk or any Sahladin ship because it makes you happy, I respect you. I don’t hate you. You’re not pedophilic for shipping them. I personally ship Klance but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to ship anything but Klance. Ship what you ship, it’s fine by me. 

Thanks for the ask Anon, and have a nice day!! :)

Edit: Shiro is confirmed to be 25 by @keith-against-sheith’s post about SDCC but my point still stands!!