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will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

what they say: you’re using your mental illness as an excuse 

what they mean: i care more about the thing you couldn’t do than your mental health 

what they say: try yoga/a healthy diet/just being happy/etc. 

what they mean: i dont know what mental illnesses are or how they affect people 

what they say: youre overreacting 

what they mean: my microscopic brain cannot comprehend that people feel, think and act differently, especially when they have mental illnesses making them act/feel/think a certain way 

what they say: you just want attention 

what they mean: i dont understand that humans need attention and affection to survive, that wanting attention is nothing bad, and that just bc i noticed doesnt mean you actually wanted me to notice

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Maybe something with timetravel? Post-timeskip Garp traveling back in time to when Ace was just a baby and changing things because he wants his grandsons to live, and live happy fulfilling and long lives, not just survive, whether they're marines or pirates or whatever. This idea has been haunting me for almost two years but I can't write it no matter how much I love it.

Garp grins, holding Ace securely in his arms as he leaned back in his chair thoughtfully, ignore the quiet noises that he was making to entertain himself.

Dadan was still his first choice. The first person that he wanted to take Ace to and let them hide him away where no one would ever think that he was the Pirate King’s son. Except, he knew how that life ended for his grandson, murdered by Akainu saving his youngest grandson. He didn’t want that, not this time.

“What am I gonna do with you, brat,” Ace grabs the finger Garp used to tap his nose, burbling happily. “Yeah? I can’t do that either, what ever you just said. And I don’t steal peop-” Garp stops.

That grandson stealer had been one of Roger’s men and everyone and their mother knew that Rayleigh was Saboady with his wife, Garp pauses, was Rayleigh even married to Shakky at this point? He didn’t care. They were both talented fighters and good enough at haki that Garp was sure it could make a difference for his grandson in the future.

“What do you think, brat?” Garp asks. “Think it’s a good idea?”

Ace doesn’t answer, still distracted by Garp’s finger. Adorable, Garp had forgotten how cute his grandchildren were as babies. Well, at least Ace and Luffy, he hadn’t known anything about Sabo’s early years for the longest time. Actually.

“I have to steal your brother too, don’t I?” Garp sighs tiredly. “Or make sure you grow up on Dawn. Eh, we’ll figure out how to get your little brother later. I’m an old man who wants his grandchildren to grow up to be old men, I’m too old for all these little details.”

Ace giggles and Garp grins.

“Sir,” He glances up at his assistant. “We’re on approach for Saboady. Are, are you ever going to explain where you got the baby?”

“My grandson?”

“Dragon reproduced?”

“Hm,” He doesn’t answer. “I expect you can keep this quiet, can’t you? He’s just a child, a baby.”

“Of course sir.”

Garp is still proud of his second, the man had seen him take in Ace, bring Luffy to Dawn, and visit both of his pirate grandsons and said nothing to anyone about them.


Rayleigh is on his feet the moment that Garp steps into the room, his feet unsteady, but he’s upright and that’s what mattered.

“I didn’t expect you to be drinking yourself to death,” Garp frowns at him. “Don’t think I should let you two meet while you’re this drunk.”

“It’s only you,” Rayleigh says blinking until he’s only seeing one Garp. “Here to take me in?”

“No,” Garp answers. “Here to introduce you to someone. Come on, you’ve been making noises the whole time, why are you so quiet now?”

Rayleigh looks down from Garp’s face, blinking slowly at the bundle of blankets in his arms, two tiny fleshy things waving, “Is that a baby?”

Garp laughs, “That’s right. This is my grandson. Say hello.”

“How old is that kid? I don’t think it can talk.”

“You gonna come look at the kid? I’m not here to arrest you, I swear on,” He pauses. “I’ll swear on anything you think is appropriate.”

Rayleigh sighs, stumbling slightly as he moved to peer at the baby, “Hello?”

“Ace,” Garp answers the unasked question. “Portgas D Ace. Well his mom gave him his father’s last name, but Portgas is less likely to get him killed.”

“Monkey would get him killed?”

“No,” Garp snorts when Ace finally starts cooing and making tiny noises again. “Gol would.”

Rayleigh’s heart stops, “What?”

“You knew Rouge, I know you knew Rouge.”

“I knew Rouge, I didn’t know she and Roger were having a kid!” Rayleigh hisses staring at Ace with new eyes. “Why do you have him?”

“Because Roger asked me to take care of him and Rouge died making sure he wasn’t born until last month,” Garp answers. “I want you to help me raise him. You and the kid.”

“You want me and Shanks to help you raise Ace? Is this a trap?”

Garp frowns, “It’s, it’s not a trap. I… Ace is going to be his parents’ son. He’s going to become a pirate one day, I’m sure of it. I want him to live, to grow up and to never worry that he won’t be able to care for himself.”

“You mean that.”

“He’s my grandson.”

Rayleigh laughs, “Alright, alright. I guess I’ll help raise the kid. If he’s anything like either of his parents he’s going to be a little monster.”


Shanks isn’t actually sure what he’s doing on this island. Rayleigh had asked him to stop by not too long after he had made a name for himself, one of the Yonko.

“Brat,” Garp states meeting them on the dock. “I see you made it.”


“Come on, Rayleigh is in the mountains, I’ll lead the way.”

Shanks glances at Benn, who shrugs, hand staying on his gun as they follow him. The path is far too long, but Garp doesn’t stop once, not until they reach the top and he falls to the side.

“Got ya, Gramps!” One of the tiny blurs that took him down laughs excitedly. “Got ya!”

“We did!” The other grins.

Garp laughs, “I see. Is this what you’re teachin’ my grandsons, Rayleigh? To attack their old grandfather?”

“Marines are to be surprised,” One boy says brightly. “Right Uncle Rayleigh?”

“That’s right, Ace.”

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If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼 (not gonna be anonymous - why would I? )

Thank you!!

(queue breaking oops whatever)

1) Knowing someone genuinely wants to talk to you/sees something and knows that I’d like to see it. For example, my friend often messages me out of the blue telling me random stories from her day and last night she snapchatted me some random photos of her puppy because she knew I’d have liked seeing them (however i did the same back today with my dog and she left me on read so i’m kinda sad about that, it happens a lot :( )

2) When my internet actually works well enough to LET ME QUEUE POSTS. It’s so bad atm because my mum’s skyping my stepdad in Vegas and it’s taking up literally all of the internet which prevents me from even uploading photos despite having turned off the wifi on my phone and iPod D:

3) That I’m seeing Ed Sheeran in less than a month!!

4) Having great academic achievements. I don’t like talking a bunch about them because I don’t want to come across bragging but last week I got a history essay back and got 24 marks out of 25, the highest by far in all Year 12 history classes! I was pretty proud of myself.

5) Knowing that I’m (hopefully) getting my braces off in a couple of months! My teeth are almost fixed and I really can’t wait to see the finished result.

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hey nadia! just dropping by to say your art is amazing and cute and the way you draw your characters makes me want to hug everyone and watch them be happy forever (especially their faces they're so beautiful and just seeing them makes me smile) :D you have great taste in fandoms from yoi (came in with a bang with that first post) to night in the woods (so rare to find all my likes on one blog). Keep up the good work!

OKLEWGFMDS,; THANK YOU SO SO MUCH AHHH FRIENDO!! <33333 ;O; And thank you for thinking I have great taste in fandoms ahaha omg, I’m glad to know I have followers who likes NITW too!!! ANON come talk to me about NITW, I could write a novel on how much I love Gregg and Angus iepwjdo;aslk

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Hi I just read that awful anon thing about you cleaning and as someone with anxiety and depression (amongst other issues) I have to say that cleaning my room can be the hardest thing I do but afterwards im excited and feel like I climbed a mountain and made it to the top. I'm happy it makes you happy also and maybe if people weren't so bitter and were happy that little things can make others happy (even if it doesn't to them) then maybe it'd be a nicer world. -Abra-cat-dabra

I feel this way too! I’m just glad there’s people out there who understand, thanks for the kind words. <3

(Everyone else who sent me lovely asks thank you so much, I’m going to stop posting them however as I don’t want one tiny unimportant bit of negativity to dominate my blog :)

Let's clear some things up

First off this blog in no way would ever insult the talking blog. People have made allot of assumptions without knowing facts. There is another blog out there that beyond crossed the line those individuals are who this blog referrers to. They have made physical threats, hacked into my personal accounts and posted my personal information. They have done the same to other members of this blog. So please before you make assumptions ask questions.

The next thing I want to clear up is the other rumors being spread about this blog. I am a Norman fan and have been since Boondock Saints. I want him to be healthy and blindingly happy. I want him to be successful and at peace in his life. Norman gives so much to his fans it breaks my heart to see the disgusting and untrue things being said about him. People who call themselves fans don’t make fun of the way he looks. They don’t spread lies and viscous stories about them. It is undeniable how happy Norman looks around Diane. And if she makes him happy I’m over the moon for them. I will not allow hateful and mean things said on here about either person. I do not know Diane and I will not throw hate to someone i don’t know. I have heard good and bad stories about her. Until I see her acting ugly she is ok in my book. None of us are perfect so none of us have the right to judge complete strangers do harshly. Norman and Diane are both people with feelings. If you don’t think the awful things that are being said about them wouldn’t hurt their feelings well….. I’m sorry for you. I want to see Norman happy and at peace in his life. I don’t care who he is with as long as he is happy. And the smile on his face when he is seen with Diane. It is undeniable and speaks volumes. If you see bullying stand up for the person being bullied. You are no better then the bully if you stand by and do nothing. ✌❤

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I love them all, but things like this leave me so bitter and sad. I'm not mental. That's so wrong to say. I know that there is no correlation but I don't feel like spending my money and my time promoting something when their sister is nasty. I love boys but I also can't be happy and cheerful for them when there is constantly someone shitting on me. She should really shut up if she doesn't know how to apologize...

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I made a Larry video edit with Harry’s recent clips, but now with what Gemma is saying I’m just not wanting to post it lol

I’m sorry you feel like this, but don’t let that make your love for the boys get subdued. Remember that Harry and Louis both have shown many times that they love all their fans. And another thing: you’re not mental 

After my last couple of rides, I came to the conclusion that I truly despise my straw in my aero bottle. It smells, and makes my drinks taste weird, no matter how much I wash it and what I wash it in, even tho its new. So, what to do? To amazon of course for the quick fix until I figure out if I want to replace my bottle. 200 17 inch bendy straws for less than $15. So what if it doesn’t match my bottle?! I think the neon is kinda fun. I just hope they’re heavy enough to not fly out of my bottle with any wind. Now I’m looking forward to this Chicago weather shaping up again so I can get back out and try them out. It’s some of the the smallest things in life that make me happy!! :)



It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!

Things to do instead of thinking about that gross boy:

-Take a bath. With candles and a book and a face mask

-Look for a new show on Netflix

-Watch videos of happy babies (or happy puppies. or kittens)

-Paint your nails

-Do that thing you’ve been procrastinating for hours

-Reorganize your room

-Find new music, make a new playlist

-Pet your cat or dog. Or your friend’s cat or dog. Or your neighbor’s cat or dog

-DIY a hair mask or a sugar scrub (I can write up some recipes if anybody wants them!!)

-Call your mom

-Sing and dance around your room to some Rihanna (or another singer that makes you feel like a boss ass bitch)

-Do some yoga


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day while I have a moment of free time so enjoy these Stranger Things valentines and feel free to use them :)

(Btw, I did NOT make these, I just found them on the internet)

Credit: unknown (I just found these on the internet but if you know who made any of these let me know so I can give them credit)

Tsukishima Appreciation Post

Okay so before the new episode airs I want to talk about how important Tsukki’s character development in this last episode really is.

First of all, we know Tsukki doesn’t really get excited about anything, but we do see Tsukki either caring about stuff, or getting excited/smiling at things when he’s younger:

  • He steps in and laughs at Yama’s bullies, calling them lame. 
  • He’s happy talking to Akiteru/playing volleyball with him.
  • He’s excited about Akiteru playing.

When he finds out Akiteru lied about his true status on the team, it doesn’t turn him off of volleyball, it just makes him stop caring about stuff altogether:

  • He doesn’t smile anymore unless he’s making fun of someone, because caring about stuff is lame.
  • He specifically makes fun of people like Tanaka, Noya, Hinata, and Kageyama the most because they care so much, and caring is lame.

Ultimately, he’s seen first hand that caring about anything too much is pointless, and will only leave you heartbroken.

As viewers, we can see that he actually does still care about stuff, even if he doesn’t show it. Mostly, we see this through Yamaguchi. 

  • He walks home with Yama, and clearly listens to what he has to say (even if he does tell him to shut up afterwards.) A great example of this is when Hinata and Kageyama ask him to help them study.
  •  His immediate reaction is “Why on earth would I do that?” but as soon as Tadashi encourages Kei to help, he reluctantly agrees. He cares, at the very least, about what Tadashi thinks of him. 
  • He still plays volleyball. He still actively tries, when he could have quit a long time ago. 
  • We see him get pissed off when stuff doesn’t go his way, and we see him thinking/analyzing/coming up with a solution to the problem, even before the Shiratorizawa match.
  • When he starts to lose steam, Yama kicks his but into gear with the whole ‘Pride’ speech.

Most of this character development is from Season 2, so this is all stuff we already know, but stay with me for a moment so I can talk a little more about things from Akiteru’s perspective. 

Think about how hard this must be for Akiteru.

Yeah, initially he must have lied at least partially for his own sake, to protect his pride. 

Ultimately though, he wanted his brother to be proud of him, and when he saw his brother’s excitement for volleyball and didn’t want to ruin that by telling him that no matter how hard he worked it ended up being pointless.

That’s the exact opposite of what Akiteru wanted: for his brother to stop caring, stop trying, because it doesn’t matter anyway. And yet, that’s exactly what ended up happening.

Flash forward to the match with Shiratorizawa:

Akiteru sees Kei thinking, trying, actually caring.

And when Kei succeeds at what everyone assumes is impossible, he sees Kei actually, outwardly care about the result.

As an older sibling myself, this moment gets to me because what Akiteru must be feeling is more than pride.

It’s more than ‘My little brother did something and I’m really proud of him, I always believed in him, etc. etc.’

It’s the feeling of ‘Even though I fucked up, I didn’t ruin everything. He turned out okay. He did what even I couldn’t do.’

And god if that isn’t what he wanted all along, just to do right by him, just for Kei to be excited about something, regardless of whether or not he succeeds.

Because it’s not about the success, it’s not about the fact that he did it. It’s the fact that he cares about succeeding, that he actually tried, that he’s hooked on volleyball, that he’s got something to be passionate about.

This moment is really, really important, because it’s not the moment Kei begins to care about something, it’s the moment he actually shows it. 

i wish i learned younger that one good night among thirty bad ones doesn’t make a good relationship. i know. she bought you something nice. he took you out to your favorite place. but that doesn’t forgive what she said last night. and that doesn’t fix that he never listens. you don’t have to stay with them just because they did something nice for you - and the fact you feel you have to pay them back is proof enough they’ve trained you into thinking you have to earn nice things. the person who is right for you will just want to see you happy, no strings attached. they’ll listen to your problems and yes maybe buy you flowers to say sorry but more importantly they’ll change what hurt you. i know we were raised to forget he lied because of a boombox he lifted above his head but at some point he’s no longer admitting he was wrong - he’s just paying for you to no longer be allowed to be annoyed by it.

  • Victor: You’re the only one for me.
  • Yuuri: I know you feel that now, but there are things you want. There’re things we both want.
  • Victor: So? Everyone wants stuff, we wake up every day with list of wishes a mile long and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true, but just because we want them doesn’t mean we need them to be happy.
  • Yuuri: What do you need to be happy?
  • Victor: You.

Happy Birthday 카이 // Kim Jongin [ January 14, 1994 ]
I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.” ∞ NYLON Interview

By far the worst thing my ex did post-breakup was make me feel guilty for blocking her on social media.
If someone makes you uncomfortable, block them. If you don’t want them to see your posts, block them. If it makes you sleep better at night, block them. There’s no threshold for what someone has to do for you to block them. The beautiful thing about the internet is you can cultivate your own spaces and if you don’t want someone to be a part of that they don’t have to be. Put your happiness and comfort above the feelings of someone who doesn’t deserve your time. You’re allowed to do that.

Random Thought:

So, I came across these pictures again and it made me realize that the thing that I love the most about them is that they’re actually canon. That thought makes me so happy because it makes me think of all the cute and dorky pictures Laura has (most likely) persuaded Carm into taking with her lol.

Like I can just imagine Carm sitting on a chaise lounge, reading her book, and Laura comes in to sit next to her and says how they should “document their adventures” or that she wants to update her account for her viewers. And Carm (after some mild complaining on how pointless it is) reluctantly agrees to be in them. And Laura is all excited in the pictures while Carm just casually looks at the camera and broods.

However, I also like to think that when they’re alone and Carm drops her walls with Laura, that when she decides to take pictures (just for them) that Carm is more open and authentic in them. Like she’ll genuinely smile and be warm towards her in pictures. Like with this one:

Anyway, just a random thought…