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Title: Finding the Way
Character: Shaun Murphy
A/n: Going back in the timeline in this one to fix my errors for communication with Shaun.

“Good morning, Dr. (L/n).” Shaun said as he brushed passed you and Dr. Claire to head to his locker.

“Morning, Shaun.” You said absentmindedly, trying to get the ink of your pen to run, shaking it to and fro.

Claire glanced up from her charts to look at you curiously, her eyes shifting to the back of Shaun for a second before she sighed. “I don’t get how you do it.”

“What? Keep my will to live? Cause let me tell you that I might be losing it.” You said as you half-heartedly tossed your pen to the side, deciding it was done for.

Claire couldn’t help but chuckle. “No, I mean,” She broke off, hands gesturing where Shaun previously stood. “He talks to you. You don’t even have to try, you just know how to talk to him.”

You held back the laugh. “Are you kidding? I have no idea what the hell I’m doing when it comes to Dr. Murphy,” You said with a bitter laugh. “We greet each other and sometimes I can manage to get him to talk about something small and then that’s it. I’m still figuring out how to reach him.”

“If it’s any consolation; you’re doing a hell of a better job than I am. I can barely get him to acknowledge my presence let alone something as simple as a hello.”

“Oh come on, I think it’s just because you weren’t very nice to him when you two met.” You teased, smiling whenever she gave you a pointed look.

“You of all people should know I was not being mean to him.”

“Of course I do, but like Dr. Glassman said, he can’t pick up on the same social cues we can.”

Claire nodded, both of you entering a familiar and shared mind space together. “Yeah, and there’s the whole question thing too.”

“Don’t remind me, I suck when it comes to avoiding asking him questions. I tried turning some into phrases and then writing them down, but they didn’t make any sense.”

Claire’s eyes went to yours. “You wrote down things to say to him?”

You squinted your eyes at her; knowing what she was implying. “Stop that, it just helps me think.”

Claire grinned, the crinkles around her eyes becoming more prominent. “I didn’t say anything.”

You elbowed her affectionately, closing up your charts before digging around your pockets. “You wouldn’t happen to have an extra pen would you?”

In hindsight, walking through a busy hospital while trying to shove your scrubs into a laundry bag to take home was probably not the brightest moment of your career.

You didn’t make it that far before your shoulder mashed right into a blob of white and blue, and the person in front of you would’ve toppled right over had you not instantly dropped your scrubs to steady them, your hands tightly wrapping around their arms.

“Oh jesus! I’m so sorry!” You cried in an apologetic tone, looking up right into the wide gaze of Dr. Murphy.

“Shaun!” You removed your hold on him as soon as you noticed who he was.

“Hello,” He said calmly, as if you hadn’t just knocked right into him, his hands adjusting to their normal place. “Thank you for catching me.”

“I’m really sorry about that, are you okay?” You asked with a slight tilt of your head.

Shaun looked blankly passed you, swaying ever so slightly back and forth.

Your face expressed confusion until you realized your error. “Right, no questions,” You said with a slight tap to your head, thinking for a moment until you spoke again. “You could have really gotten hurt if you had fallen.” You tried weakly.

Shaun nodded. “Yes, but I’m okay thanks to you.” His eyes glanced down to your scrubs on the ground, he knelt down at picked them before holding them out. “You dropped these.”

“Oh sorry,” You said, quickly taking them from him with a flustered smile “Thank you.”

“You say sorry a lot.”

The already glowing flush on your face deepend as you let out a forced laugh. “Yeah, it appears I do.”

Shaun scanned your face for a moment before his gaze adverted to your scrubs. “Are you heading home now?”

“Yes, my shifted ended a couple minutes ago.”

“Okay, you might want to drive more carefully tonight. There was an accident not too far from the hospital.”

Your ears perked up and you resorted to nodding at him. “Thanks for telling me, make sure you get home alright, too.”

“I will, have a good night.” He said shortly with one final nod to you before he walked away.

The Captain and The Recruit - Part 2.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.
Warnings:Language, Impure thoughts, Masturbation (female), Slow Burn.
Word Count: 1k.

A/N: Let me if you want to be tagged in future parts. Part 1.



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Oh! Oh! Can I request a Negan x reader fic where the reader just turned 18 and Negan shares her first drink with her which leads to the bedroom? I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-Deaky. 🤞🏻❤️ @fandomfreak202

sorry this took a decade to get out! hope you enjoy! x 

“23rd February. Red circle? Shit. Why did I circle today?” you thought curiously, looking up at your calendar, you had purchased from the sanctuary’s ‘store’ with your hard earned points. You had the job of laundry, mostly just the wives dresses and lingerie. They frequently needed them washing, considering Negan got through at least a minimum of two wives a day. You couldn’t deny your jealousy, sitting on your ass all day and getting anything you wanted would be nicer than having to go outside and deal with the post-apocalyptic world. You knew Negan would never offer you the chance to become a wife, his pet names for you were ‘kid’ or ‘little one’, making you feel like a three year-old. He would never see you as a woman, always that kid.

You got ready for the day, grabbing your point’s sheet and heading down to the washroom. Your friend, Malia was already down there, working away without you. “Trying to get some extra points? Your a half an hour early.” She quizzed, looking confused. “No, I’m just a little forgetful today. I circled today on my calendar and I can’t remember why. Did I ever mention it to you?” Malia shook her head, folding the top she was holding. “No. I can’t remember you mentioning anything.” You sighed, feeling stumped. You knew that it would annoy you until you remembered why today was so special.

 You finished your 7 hour shift, placing the washboard back in its holder.  Malia had finished about an hour ago, saying good night to you as it was getting dark when she left. You wiped your face with a flannel, a slight sheen of sweat on your forehead.  You locked the door to the washroom behind you, placing the key in your back pocket. You began walking back to your room, located on the other side of the sanctuary. You took a turn to the left, walking down the corridor that had the saviour’s rooms along it. Going up the stairs, you came to the floor that housed the wives and their rooms.  A pain of jealousy hit your heart, knowing Negan was probably with one of them right now.

You came to your door, before Simon sneaked up on you from behind, wrapping his arms around you in a hug. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!” he exclaimed, as you turned your head to look at him. That’s what you had forgotten; it was your birthday today! You didn’t really see the point in celebrating birthdays anymore, but you didn’t want to put a damper on Simon’s mood. “Thank you Si. What did you need me for?” You asked, just wanting to get a nice bath. “Negan wants to see you in his room, asap.” he said, giving you one last hug before walking off back to his duties. You started to worry a little, if Negan asked you to visit him, it wasn’t normally good. Last time, Dwight had been burnt by Negan. You couldn’t think of anything you might have done to piss him off, so you hoped it wasn’t anything negative. You walked further upstairs, onto the floor of Negan’s room. This floor was reserved for Negan and his top guys, making you intimidated and not worthy of being here. Negan’s door was placed at the end of the hallway, every step you took felt like a mile. You approached the door, breathing in and out before knocking firmly on the door.  

“Come in!” you heard him shout through the door, firm and blunt. You pushed the handle down, opening the door with a slight creak.  You popped your head around the door, seeing Negan sat at his desk, leather jacket placed on the back of his suede desk chair. “You wanted to see me, sir?” you addressed him, not knowing what your words did to him. “Come on in sweetheart.” He beckoned you in with his fingers; you feeling yourself swoon at his nickname. You walked further into the room, his eyes watching your chest swell in the tight tank top you had on. “Don’t be nervous, darlin’. I brought you in here because…” he started, opening one of his wooden desk draws to reveal a bottle of whisky. “I want your first drink to be with me.” He pulled the lid off with his teeth, grabbing two small glasses. He guided you to the couch, sitting at the side of you. He placed the glasses on the glass coffee table in front of the couches.  He passed you one, clinking the glasses together before you both gulped them down. You heaved at the taste, feeling the alcohol burning your throat. “Don’t worry darlin’, you get used to the taste.”

“So you were a teacher? In a school? With children? And you didn’t get fired, ever?” you asked in disbelief, feeling tipsy from the whisky you and Negan had been sharing. “Hey now, I was a good fucking teacher. I do wonder what happened to my students sometimes though, some of them were fucking good but others were fucking shit.” He confessed, downing the leftover contents of the glass. “Did they call you coach Negan? Or Mr Negan?” you giggled, picturing Negan in a sports outfit, playing soccer or basketball. “Always fucking sir, sweetheart. They showed me respect, just like you do doll. I like that about you.” He smiled, edging closer to you. 

“You know, being 21 now. I don’t feel any different; I don’t feel like a woman. I mean, what 21 year old hasn’t had sex before?” you sighed, not realising what you had let slip to your crush.  “You’re a virgin, doll? Oh my goodness.” He said, getting up from the seat. “Please, don’t treat me like a kid. Negan.” You sighed, walking over to him, grabbing onto his t-shirt to make him stay. “I want this, I want you. I have for a while but you see me as some dumb kid, don’t you?” you cried, letting the alcohol mess with your emotions. 

“No sweetheart, I don’t see you as a dumb kid. I see you as an independent, sexy grown woman. I’ve always wanted you, hell more than my fucking wives. I’ve imagined you in every position possible, but I didn’t want to act on it because of your age. I didn’t want to be the creepy old pervert.” He explained, his eyes burning into yours. “Well, lucky for you. I’m into older guys anyway.” You whispered into his ear, beginning to kiss under his earlobe. You heard him give a low growl, picking you up, walking towards the couch again. He put you down, spreading your legs so he could get in-between them. He placed his lips on yours, his beard rubbing against your cheek. Your fingers ran through his slicked back hair, as his hands grasped your waist. You ran your hands down his chest, and put them up his t-shirt, silently begging for him to take it off. He whipped it off, disregarding it on the floor, his full attention on you. He placed his hands on his belt, undoing it so he could get to his zipper.  

He began to slide his trousers down his legs as you took your top off, throwing it down near his t-shirt. You straddled him, feeling his hardening cock through his boxer shorts. He ran his hands up your back, unclasping your bra. As soon as your breasts were exposed, he took your right nipple in his mouth, sucking and teasing. You moaned, grabbing onto his hair. You broke away from him, so you could take off the rest of your clothes. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this babygirl.” He gasped, pulling your naked body back on top of him. You put your hands down his boxer shorts, grasping onto his hard cock. He moaned, bucking his hips slightly as he lifted himself so you could slide them off his body. They fell like a pool at the bottom of his feet, kicking them off before climbing back on top of you.

 “Fuck, are you ready sweetheart?” he asked, you dripping with anticipation. “Yes fuck!” you begged, Negan admiring you from above. He slid into your opening, you fitting him like a glove. You felt a tight pain as he began at a slow pace, knowing he didn’t want to hurt you. The pain started to subside the faster he went, you easing more into it. “Fuck, Negan harder!” you moaned, wrapping your legs around him, allowing him to go deeper. “Fuck, sweetheart. You feel so fucking good!” he said, grabbing your legs from around him, placing them on his shoulders. You gasped at the new feeling, pleasure building up in your core. Negan could feel himself getting ready, not wanting to release before you.

 “Come on baby, let me see that pretty cum face of yours.” He growled, hearing your whimpers and moans bringing him closer to his own climax. You felt yourself let go, along with a loud shout of Negan’s name. “Fuck, sweetheart. Shit!” he swore, feeling him release inside you. He fell on top of you, making sure not to crush your body in the process.

“Fuck, baby. Can I propose to you now?”

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Do what your heart desires

Thank u @miss-miep​. Hope u like it!

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist


Cas was pissed. Beyond pissed. 

Why you invited Dean and Sam to join you on your date night, he had no idea! All he knew was he hated it. 

He’d planned something for you tonight. The comment about ‘I like being tied up’, you made when the demon held you didn’t go unheard. 

Dean and Sam thought you were joking, but Cas knew. He knew exactly what you meant. Which was why there were silk ropes tied to your bedposts right now, ready to be attached to you, letting Cas have his way. 

But with the brothers here, Cas wasn’t willing to do anything. 

Dean teased him enough as it was without hearing him groaning as he filled you up with his seed.

So Cas sat at the table, glaring at you constantly. 

You caught them of course. You weren’t dumb. You could feel his eyes on you. But you weren’t sure what the hell the problem was. 

When Dean and Sam got up, noticing the tension and went to grab a beer, you confronted your angel. 

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

He didn’t answer, giving you the biggest bitch face and turning away. 

You scoffed, grabbing his face and making him look at you. 

“Tell me now, Cas!”

He sighed, groaning, feeling embarrassed for being so childish. 

“I…tonight was supposed to be for us. I got those-those ropes you wanted”, he whispered, blushing lightly. 

You immediately knew what he was talking about and felt yourself getting turned on right then. 

“Dean! Sam!”

The brothers rushed into the room, worried and on alert. 

“You need to get lost for…a few hours. No questions. Go. We need some time alone”, you commanded, staring at your angel’s blue eyes, more black now, his eyes blown with lust. 

The brothers noticed the sexual tension, including the obvious bulge in Cas’ pants and grimaced, walking out, not wanting to listen to their best friends fucking. 

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Imagine you got dumbed by your boyfriend and the moment he leaves it starts raining. It reminds you of these stupid romance books, where a breakup always ends with a rain shower. You get so angry that you start shouting into the sky for it to stop. Your best friend Remus finds you minutes later still shouting at the rain and he wants to lighten your mood.
“D'you wanna make out in the rain?”
“Are you joking Remus?”
“Yes of cause…i mean yeah…if you want it to be a joke…uhm no i mean…yes it was a joke”
You burst out in tears again: “that’s what he said to me…”
“That it was a joke…all of it was just a joke to him…”
You wanted to break down on the street, like you have seen it in so many movies before.
Yet your knees never reached the ground, instead you found yourself in Remus’ arms. “I would never take your relationship with me as a joke Y/N!” And with these words he leaned down and kissed you…

By Lisa and Selina

Monsta X Reactions: Falling In Love After A Bad Break Up ~Kihyun~

I decided to change the set up. Idk if everyone could tell but for some reason no matter what I did the format on my last one would not stick. I am still pissed about it. Lol but whateveeeerrrrrrr ❤❤~ **gif is not mine. credit to the owner**

~Admin Rainbow Bitch~

▪Will not even be looking for something serious when he comes across you. His last relationship was so wrong for him he couldn’t even imagine starting another so soon. But there you were doing your own thing making him wonder “what’s their name?”

▪He is not gonna settle down right away. It could take him ages to even look at the two of you even being in a relationship. He wants to have fun, but he’s definitely weighing his options as well.

▪You’re never gonna know what he’s feeling or thinking. He’ll have opinions on work, music, movies, people, but he will never tell you what he’s feeling about you until he’s certain he’s gonna commit to even making you his boy/girlfriend.

▪You’re totally gonna have fun. He’s gonna make up weird date ideas and fun things to do with you in his spare time because you keep his attention and no matter what he does he cannot get you out of his mind.

▪Kihyun is not known for PDA necessarily. But I don’t think he would be adverse to holding your hand or kissing you while going on dates. He just isn’t overly touchy and feely while in front of people.

▪You probably won’t tell when he starts to fall for you. Nothing will change necessarily. He’s just trying to wrap his head around settling down into you. How he’ll ask you to be his. And then realizing he’s gonna commit to you.

▪Probably the week before he confesses and asks you out, you will not hear from him. Not that he’s being a flake, he just wants to make sure when he sees you again. His heart pounds the same and he feels like he can’t go a day without knowing you’re really his.

▪He isn’t gonna be extra when he confesses. It’s gonna be really personal and sweet and he’s gonna like brush your hair out of your face. Just to kiss your nose and realize how grossly cute he’s being -you love it. He then just sighs and gives in, “Aish… I just… I love you and I want you to be mine.” You say yes obviously and Kihyun smiles that dumb smile that melts insides.

A/N: Totally need to stay in my Hoseok lane but Kihyun makes it hard lol

Request Scenario: You are feeling insecure and Mark tells you there’s no reason to. 

Genre: FLUFFF 

Word Count: 1379 

A/N: squealing squealing squealing.


It was a road you’ve been down more times that you can remember. It was a place where you swore to yourself you will never go back again, but words are easier said than done because here you were again, staring at yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t even judging yourself anymore, it was like greeting an old friend, ahh hello, you are still here I see. No matter how fucking hard you tried, each flaw was still there, etched into you, bone deep. Never leaving, always reminding just how imperfect you were. Looking blankly down at your now damp tshirt from the tears that have been continuously falling from your eyes, you unconsciously reached over for a tissue and carefully dabbed away the salty pain away. 

Numbly walking out of the bathroom, you saw your ever-growing-in-fame boyfriend, Mark in TV. Reaching over to give him a call before the feeling of inadequacy came flooding right back as quick as it had sparked in the first place. You watched him as he danced on stage, biting those lips that still made your heart race after all these years, his body moving along with the beat of the music, pieces of his hair stuck onto his forehead as he glistened sweat. You could almost laugh about how ridiculously good he looked, how is he real, it’s like he is a freaking god. 

In spite, you chucked the flimsy wadded-up tissue at the screen. “You good-looking asshole, why did you even take a second look at me! WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST HAVE LEFT ME BE. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME FEEL SO SHITTY ALL THE TIME.” You broke down, you were so emotionally drained that the remaining pain just came vomiting out as you whispered, “Why can’t I be good enough for you…” Knees buckling as you collapsed onto the ground. You were so defeated, Mark wanted to punch himself for leaving you to drown in all that internal agony. You had accidentally hit the call button before your emotional breakdown causing your cries to ring throughout the suv containing the members of GOT7. Everybody knew you as their little sister and wanted so hard to run back to you and surround you with as much love as possible, it ripped each of them apart hearing your cries, but they also knew it was Mark’s job that cannot be replaced. He wouldn’t allow it. 

“Hey Mark, don’t grip your phone so hard, you are going to break—” Jackson tried to calm his hyung down, seeing how angry he was at himself. 

“Do not tell me what to do. Damn it, can’t we drive faster?!” Mark shouted, slamming his fist against the foggy window, dispersing the mist clinging onto the window. 

The moment the car was even remotely close to the distant to your home, Mark slammed open the door and sprinted into your house, ramming into the corridor walls as he entered. You bolted straight up from the ground, frantically rubbing away the tears stains from your cheeks, not wanting Mark to see you in this state. 

“Mark! Baby! You were great on stage! As per usual!” You tried you hardest to be perky and excited, like you usually were, but the hiccups between each words left you exposed and vulnerable. 

“Y/N. Come with me.” Mark eyes were glassy and tears were threatening to fall.  

“What? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” You did not know what he knew, concerned that your baby was injured. But he gently wrapped his arms around your body before carrying you towards the bedroom. 

“Put me down! Mark! I’m heavy, oh my gosh, please put me down.” You declarations immediately faded away as you saw a single tear glide down his flawless face. 

“Mark?” You whispered, wondering if he had somehow heard your little commotion. There was no way though… 

Placing you gently onto the bed, Mark sat next to you and stared at you. Knowing that thinking about how beautiful you were, even with reddened eyelids and pink-tinted nose, was useless, Mark took a deep breath and spoke. 

“You remember the first time I met you?” You nodded rigidly in response, mind drifting to the unforgettable cold winter day. “We were at the pet store, I was getting food for Coco and there you were stealing my new puppy right from under my arms when she ran towards you." 

All your sad thoughts were suddenly washed away when you remembered seeing the attractive boy and the adorable white fluffball in his arms. You were shamelessly gawking over how gorgeous he was before the puppy in his arms jumped off and ran over to you–making you drop off everything in your arms because you wanted to catch her. 

"The first time I saw your face, you had the most beautiful and brightest smile on your face. Your eyes were literally shining as you played with Coco, my heart wanted to jump out of my entire body because I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life- and I never will. And oh your laugh, do you know how much I love your laugh?” Mark tilted your chin up because the entire time you were drilling holes into the mattress, trying to absorb the words Mark was saying. You gulped, not familiar with such strong emotions. 

“I’ve done the most dumb things just to hear your laugh. Things I will never do for anybody else, things I will probably never admit doing if you ever tell people, but I do it because I love you so much.” Unbeknownst to you, although Mark seemed so collected, he was internally bursting at the seams. He wanted blurt out everything he loved about you, even if it didn’t make sense. He didn’t know if what he was saying was making a difference in how you felt, but he wanted to do whatever was possible to make you understand how treasured you are by him. 

“Mark…” You managed to get out, you could feel everything all at once, bubbling over within you. 

“I’m not done Y/N.” He held his hand up, pretending to be offended, causing you to release a light giggle. Oh this boy… 

“You are one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life, although you can be sassy at times, which is the best. I love how much you care about me and the rest of the GOT7, hell, sometimes you give me perspective from the fans so I understand why they do certain things.” Tears were smoothly rolling down your cheeks, while the pad of his thumbs caught each one. Wiping them away tenderly. 

“And your body is perfection, it was handmade from God himself. Every curve of your body, I love so much, it’s amazing to hold you. So soft and there will never be a day where I will find a flaw in your body. You are also so so sexy much when you are moaning my name.” This made you flush red, eyes widening and staring at Mark in disbelief. Yet, he still continued on, gently rubbing lazy circles on your thigh. 

“Life being an idol can be so difficult and so pressuring and I pity the rest of the guys because at least I get to come home to you. I get to call you after a long day, see your face, and hear your voice. Do you understand how important you are for me to live?” Mark’s face was now wet with tears too as you two began to laugh at each other. 

“Oh we are a mess.” You hiccuped, messily wiping away his tears with your hands. “Mark, I love you so much. What have I done to ever deserve you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, wanting to hold him forever. 

“I could ask you the same thing, beautiful.” Mark mumbled against the base of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. “Don’t let anybody tell you anything different because you are just right.” He added the cheesiness wink and finger-guns at the end. 

“Did you just…” You mouth gapped open before crashing into the bed backwards laughing, having to clutch your stomach because of the pain caused by the constant movement of your body. 

“See, this is my amazing girl.” Mark chuckled, looking at your lovingly as you continued to laugh. 


Oh gosh, blushing from my own writing… Hope you all like it and know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. BECAUSE ANYBODY WHO SAYS OTHERWISE DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL. xx 

//gif is not mine//

“The fruit of all my grief” - [Sebastian/Tom - one shot].

Prequel to: “One million bullets” 

Also based on: Imagine: Sitting on Sebastian’s lap while he’s smoking, and kissing him as he blows the smoke into your mouth.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title (Same one Sebastian is listening to): “Don’t wanna fight” by Alabama Shakes.

Notes: NSFW. 


And as if the radio was trying to mock us, it had to play that song.

It was still raining when I exited the coffee shop. My favorite hot beverage in one hand, a script pressed against my chest using my arm, and an umbrella in the other one as I made my way through the city.  The gray sky made it look like it was almost midnight when it was actually 4:30 pm.

Working in a production house had its pros and cons. Sometimes one of us had to deliver scripts to some actors when we were interested in casting them in a film. I was on a mission to deliver one that day, but I knew I had been called for other reasons as soon as I read the familiar address on the memo; this is how we had met.

In time, one thing led to another, needless to say.

I was still half a block away from his apartment and I could already hear the loud music coming from the inside.

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“Hey there, Daddy-O!” She calls out with a slight giggle.  It should be charming, it’s meant to be, but something about it hits my ears wrong.  I watch her smile fall as she reaches me at the driver’s side.  “Negan, what’s wrong?”

“Nuthin’,” I lie, finally lighting the cigarette in my mouth.

Beth bends to pull it from my lips, put it to hers, and take a long drag.  She straightens, blows the smoke up and away.  “You’re fulla shit.”  I forget the girl’s got brass balls to balance out that angelic face.

“I’m actually fuckin’ old enough to be your fuckin’ daddy.”

“Really?” She makes like she’s dumb, then smiles.  “That’s what the puss is about?  I called you Daddy?”  I shrug and she opens the door wider, moves in, boxes my legs in with hers.  “Here I thought ya’d like that.”

I give a laugh, signal for the cigarette’s return and get a beautiful woman straddling my lap instead.  “Doesn’t fuckin’ bother ya?” I ask, hands going to her thighs.

She takes another drag.  “If I wanted to be with someone my own age, I coulda stayed at the farm, married some boy I went to high school with, and hada buncha kids.”  Her fingers delicately set the cigarette between my lips.  “But I don’t want that.  I wanna sing, I wanna live, and I wanna a man who’s gonna let me, help me, do whatever the fuck I wanna do.”  Her fingers run up into my hair.  “I wanna man who’s the boss.”

“Mmm…Boss…” I chuckle out smoke as I flick the cigarette away.  “I could get used to that one.”

“Boss it is then…Daddy,” she smirks out.

“Just fuckin’ fuckin’ with me now, aren’t ya, Doll?”

“Yes, Sir.” Beth smiles full before kissing me, full.

The second requested/prompted by @dwaynii​ for my 500 Follower Celebration.  I confess, I thought the first line the moment I saw the gif and, haha, just ran with it.  It’s within the Noir AU where Negan and (20-somethig) Beth are together…which I think I need a masterlist for still, sorry, haha!

(Because Noir AU: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash, @strangersangel9, @dusty-cookie, @dwaynii, @vizhi0n, @kinkozan, @despoinak27, @smuttwd, @stone-met )

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