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A Medical Emergency Pt.2

Howdy friends! It’s wee bairn Marlo, coming to you live from a family holiday to Montreal. So many of you asked for a second part to my prompt surrounding doctor Claire and patient Jamie, which I have since dubbed A Medical Emergency (which you can read here). And, considering how angsty the last few TSS fics have been (blame Kaitlyn and Mikayla), I figured it was time to deliver some fluff for your amusement!

As always, a major thank you to my Kilt Kult buddies and fellow TSS mods for keeping me on track and reassuring me that my writing isn’t trash. Also, I owe all of you a major shout out as well, as I would never have written this fic without your overwhelming positive response. So, thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart!


It was two weeks before Claire could stomach facing Jamie again. The surgery had been a success, and Claire had meticulously mended the shattered bones of Jamie’s hand. She hadn’t counted on the infection that set in, keeping him bedridden and feverish for nearly a week. Claire couldn’t help but feel responsible.

“It happens all the time LJ. I wouldn’t worry about it.” said Joe Abernathy, Claire’s fellow doctor and hospital confidante. She knew that there was nothing she could have done, that infections happen and it was out of her control, but the thought of seeing Jamie in more pain, with even the smallest chance of it being by her hand, was too much to bear. She didn’t know what is was about this Scot: his bull-headedness, the way his nose crinkled when he smiled at her as she was wheeling him into surgery, or how peaceful and innocent he looked under anesthesia, the softness of his face making him look like a child. Whatever it was, Claire found herself experiencing feelings she had never felt before, and it left her simultaneously terrified and exhilarated.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and Claire had just finished a run of the mill appendectomy. Granted with a brief reprieve, she quickly cleaned herself off before heading to the on-call room, eager to take a quick rest before her pager summoned her again. Unfortunately, she found herself having to cross through the recovery wing, where Jamie lay behind the closed door of room 263. Claire had continued to follow his case, coercing nurses into providing valuable intel on his condition and moral.

“Yes, he is eating.”

“No. He doesn’t have a fever.”

“If you’re so interested Doctor, why don’t you go ask him yourself?”

Still, Claire refused to step foot in that room. The nagging guilt in her stomach surrounding his prolonged hospitalization, coupled with the more puzzling stirrings deep in the pit of her stomach, wouldn’t allow her to walk down the white tile hall leading up to his room. Unfortunately, she currently had no other option.

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Moon of Fire Part vi (Sastiel Sequel)

Thank you guys so much for the amazing Sastiel support! I write this fic because I too am the biggest Sastiel fan. I want to know what they’re thinking, what they’re about to do as you do too, so I hope you guys enjoy this, and let me know what you think!!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v


She’s never met anyone like him.
It wasn’t his classically beautiful face, nor the massive wings tucked tightly behind his back.
It was the sight of a Fae warrior—so closed off—so hidden behind shadows and darkness that pulled her towards him.
Asterin wanted to break that wall apart.
Piece by piece, layer by layer, until she really saw him.
The real him that didn’t hide behind the scars.
The real him that didn’t flinch at the sight of her iron teeth and nails.
Asterin wanted to unravel him, understand him, until his shadows made way to reveal his heart.

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Judy would gush about her crush in secret. She’d wiggle and swing and happily hide her blushes in paperwork while Clawhauswer (passing a bag of donuts, his own smile open and knowing) whispered far too loud in agreement- egging on something that only makes her heart burst further from its containment. 

On the other hand

Nicholas is like a pent up bottle of mentos and diet coke. 

He’s the guy that’ll sit STONEFACED next to her, nonchalantly waving off everything as totally cool and whatever you want and sure, I don’t care and I guess she’s okay if you’re into that

And then, during lunch break, he walks casually into the supply closet and screams into a box labeled NICK’S ETERNAL ONE SIDED WAILS do not touch before closing that fucker up and heading back out like nbd. 

And later when he gets with her, he’ll release his screams into the ocean and hire Finnick to take the photos and it’s like a fucking Pinterest mom announcing her bake sale achievements on facebook 

Precious Raindrops {Yoongi}

Pairing: YonngixReader

Warning/Genre: Fluff, light smutt, use of babygirl and princess 

Excerpt: You assumed he was going to give you your food and the speaker and find his way back to the living room or bedroom. But Yoongi was full of surprises today, instead without a word he handed you your food and then dropped his low-hanging sweatpants to the ground and made his way into the opposite side of the tub lifting your legs and draping them across his own. 

Word Count: 1,499

Note: Made this upon request and omg i don’t think ive been this fluffy ever so i think i tried a bit too hard but idk. Also i wanted to let you guys know if you ever want PM me for any reason even if youre bored and just want to talk about space im down i luvvv new friends.  

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Hey pals! Sorry to be missing for a few days, my grandma passed away and I just haven’t felt like doing anything. I’ll probably open up the game tomorrow though. I miss playing it, and posting on here. But yeah just wanted to let you guys know in case anyone missed me :)

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I wanted to let you both know that you were my first "holy shit" band, like as a young kid my mind was just blown by you guys! when asked what music I liked you were always my answer without hesitation. I remember sitting in the cinema 10 years old watching coraline and turning to my dad to whisper "that sounds like they might be giants!" times are low for me now, but when I put on tmbg it's like coming home to my John dads and things feel safe and ok :^] so I think I'm just saying thank you <3

JF: Holy shit! Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated!

Alright Guys...

With the recent news that Tumblr is owned by Verizon and is no longer a champion for Net Neutrality, I’m worried that all my writing will ‘go missing’ and I don’t have the final drafts backed up anywhere. SO I’m backing up everything I write to Wattpad (and fanfiction.net once it lets me post there [stupid 12hr rule] or Archiveofourown.org) under the username “John-The-Revelator

I will still post here first, as long as it is possible, but I just wanted to let you guys know because I know I told a few people that if they saw my writing anywhere other than tumblr that it wasn’t me, but now you’ll be able to find anything I write elsewhere too.

But I do have a question, for those of you who do post elsewhere, which do you prefer: Fanfiction.net or AO3?

Important Announcement!

hi guys, recently the admins have been seeing lots of accounts (instagram, twitter, facebook, and tumblr) reposting a lot of our work and not crediting us! I would like to ask that if you guys see any of our work circulating around without credit PLEASE LET US KNOW! all of the admins work incredibly hard to put out amazing content for our followers, and for some people to turn around and take our work its very rude and hurtful. I do not want to have to start watermarking ever single moodboard we make just because some people cannot credit the content makers. 

PLEASE STOP REPOSTING OUR WORK! and if you see any of our work please let us know! we would greatly appreciate it!

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Zeb, dont think just about you and Olly, think about Olly's opinion on the other after you do that. If Olly discover the shit you're going do to, what do you think they will think about the others? Dude, let Olly go. I know that you only want they the best, but im pretty sure this isn't the best for none of you guys.

Billiam: Zeb went off to his lonesome. To my discourage he still proceeded… Do not fret- I let Olly go after him… It’s for their best…

Billiam: In the meantime, why don’t you all ask me questions for the time being? I know that I haven’t shared the spotlight for a while-

Awkward Andrews - Mark Andrews

Originally posted by zacksabre

Just a little thing for @nerdandwwegeek and @rabidwrestlingfan for helping me through last night. Love you guys.

Tags: @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @wrestlingnoob @alexahood21 @imnobodiesbitch @logandemico @glamlover87 @baleesi @shieldgirl95 @na-nou83 @morgancorbin @lilmisscrisis @rollinsdar @damnbuvky @blondekel77 @mandi512@wwesmutdonedirtcheap@imagineall-the-fandoms@oreillyskyle@thegenericluchadora@laochbaineann@rabidwrestlingfan@theholyfallenangel@nerdandwwegeek​ (If anyone wants to be added, let me know. If anyone wants to be removed, I won’t be offended lol)

Mandrews was smitten.

Y/N was friendly, funny, smart, talented etc. Everything he looked for in a girl, not to mention that she also happened to be incredibly beautiful. There was just one problem; her father just so happened to be William Regal, his boss.

Pete loved reminding Mark of the look that was on his face when his dream girl kissed Regal on the cheek and said ‘how was your morning, dad?’. Priceless! Perhaps Regal would be thankful that it was Mark who was after his daughter’s heart and not Dunne, though that was a longshot.

Any flirting that he wanted to do had to be sneaky to get past his eagle eyes.

“Oh, hello there Mark. May I help you?” All of his confidence drained as soon as she started to speak.

Be smooth, don’t be awkward.

“I, um. I, uh, just wanted to, uh… tell you that I think you look, uh… nice today.” Well done, you absolute dunce. She tilted her head to the side, sweet eyes staring holes through him. To make matters worse for Mandrews, she started biting her bottom lip and shuffling one of her feet in a swinging motion.

“That’s very nice of you to say. Oh! Dad wanted me to tell you that you have a match tonight, good luck.” And with that, she walked away.

The boys could be in the middle of a conversation and they’d still have to stop and punch Mark in the arm whenever she walked by. The dude was bewitched.

Pete did not help the situation, opting to invite her to the next ATTACK! show. So, Mark was stood there in awe because someone (*cough* Tyler *cough*) had thought that Travis, who was dressed as Mandrews, could use a special valet in the form of Y/N. Nobody was expecting her to show up in a cosplay of Alexa Bliss’ old face attire from NXT, from the tutu to the sparkly boots to blue hair extensions.

“What d’ya think, lads? Any good?” She giggled, lowering herself into a quick curtsey. Travis laughed, pointing at Mark with a knowing look.

“Mark definitely likes it. Poor boy looks like he’s going to faint!” A couple of the other boys burst into laughter along with Banks whilst Mark turned a deep shade of red. The girl was committed though, even doing the old Bliss entrance and blowing glitter from her hands.

The whole match, he struggled to keep his eyes off of her and he was certain that she knew that because she kept hopping up onto the apron and sending wide smiles his way. Webster and Dennis found it difficult to stay in their ‘anti-fun police’ characters, stifling laughter when Y/N leaned over the top rope once Mark was tagged in. The Welshman looked petrified but just barely kept it together.

She was going to be the death of him.

Back in Florida, he nearly had a damn heart attack when he was called into a meeting with Regal. The main worry in his mind was that he was going to get fired but luckily, his worries scattered when he saw her sat in a chair, beaming up at him.

“Mr. Andrews. Y/N has raised an idea to me that I believe would greatly benefit you both. How would you feel about her valeting for you for the time being?” He wasn’t about to say no to him and nodded. The woman next to him jumped up in excitement, excusing herself from the room to find her new gear. Regal went from his boss to protective father in seconds, rounding the desk to stand in front of Mark, just close enough for him to be looking down at him. “I see how you look at my daughter, Mark. Let me be frank with you, dear boy, because I am not the type to lie; I have respect for you because you show respect to me but I will gladly break a man in half should he disrespect my little girl. Should she decide that she feels the same way as you do for her, I will not stand in her way. However, if you dare abuse that privilege for even one moment, I will have your head. Am I clear, Andrews?”

Mark had never been more afraid in all of his career. His boss was a relatively cool guy but Y/N’s dad was terrifying simply due to the fact that he stayed completely calm when he spoke his threatening words.

“Crystal, Mr. Regal.” Pete, Trent and Tyler were waiting outside of Regal’s office. Each of the three gave their friend a questioning glare.

Ooh, boy. This was going to be interesting.

Con Booth Etiquette!

Hello guys! Anime Expo is just around the corner, so I’m writing up a little OOC introduction to meeting your favorite artists and people who are running booths!

This does NOT APPLY TO ALL CREATORS, as some run their booths specifically for this stuff, but just keep in mind some things that may happen!

I’m making a read-more since it’s a pretty big article! If you want to chip in, please let me know! Would love to hear more feedback that I’m not thinking of at the current moment!

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Not gonna lie but i got a bit protective over you when u told us about the twitter thing. It made me want to cuddle you and shield you from all those rude ass people. I mean constructive criticism is one thing but just straight up bashing ur work? GTFO! You're so amazingly talented dont let anyone tell u otherwise; with every comic u do your art will keep improving. Trust me it has been an honor to see how far youve gone. Even though i dont know u, i want u to succeed and i know u will 💚 ilyvm

AhHHH thank u sm ;__; im super touched that so many of you guys have my back 😭💘💘😭💘 I’m ok now though! I was just shook cause they were just openly leaving mean comments or saying it in another language and I was hmnnnNNNNNN ??¿?¿? But I’m over it cause I got u guys so who believe in me clutches chest LOL ty for all the support!!! I hope u have a great day~

Hello guys

So I just finished watching Kong: Skull Island (I know it was about time eheh) and now I started to gif it ! So I’ll be tagging it as #ksipoilers for those of you who might have not seen it yet. So I suggest you to blacklist this tag not to get spoiled ;)

Also I wanted to add- this goes to fellow gifmakers- that I’ve been avoiding tags such as #TomHiddleston and #Hiddlesedit since the film has been avaible on digital download to avoid spoilers so I basically didn’t see any gifs which have been already made and if I appear to make a similar gifset to yours, then please know it’s a coincidence and it wasn’t my intention. I didn’t see any gifset.

Sorry but before I post anything I just needed to let you guys know and clarify things first.

Hope you liked the film (or will like it) and that you’ll enjoy the gifs guys ! :)


Hey guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that on Sunday I’ll will be leaving for Vietnam for 6 weeks. I’m trying to create CCs for those 6 weeks since I’m off this week but since I am going through them in a fast pace, they might not be the best designed… just wanted to apologize in advance. Sorry! 😭😔Also the time schedule there is WAY different than here in the US. So I’ll prolly answer a lot of things late or slowly cause of this.
Just wanted to apologize in advance and let you guys know. Hope you guys are having a great summer and is enjoying my cc. Wish y'all the best with everything! 👋🏻🖤

So I went to Japan to visit some extended family that couldn’t make it to the funeral. Kyoto was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed seeing relatives, some who I haven’t seen in ten years! Unfortunately my sister had to leave a week in because she was anxious about making the flight home while 30 weeks pregnant. But I just wanted to let you guys know that some time out of the country did me some good. And I’m getting very excited about my future niece and nephew.

I wanted to make a personal announcement before I did anything. This is a very hard announcement but please bear with me.

I’m leaving Tumblr. All my blogs are going to be deleted. I’ve enjoyed most of my stay on Tumblr but the stances of most people on here, I just can’t take anymore. The negativity on this site is gross. I’ve been attacked by those who I’ve considered my friends and by those that I don’t even know, so I think it’s time I move on, even if I am doing it reluctantly.

That being said though, all of my followers are welcome to friend me on Skype and /or Discord, and if y’all wanna keep up with me on Facebook or Instagram, just feel free to message me on either Discord or Skype. I don’t want to lose you guys.

For those that have made my stay on Tumblr great, thank you so much! I’m not letting the haters tear me down at all, but I think it’s time to distance myself from them. In the end, God wins this one.

I do want to leave y’all with a little bit of encouragement, and that’s to never give up hope and always encourage one another. That’s the strongest thing you can do, encouraging eachother. I hope that I’ve done that here on this site. You guys have been really cool and I appreciate y’all, but it’s time for me to go. Maybe I’ll come back someday, but for now I have to go.

With much love,


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😜😜 I’ll be posting a Connor oneshot and an Evan Drabble today for y'all! Also, I’m considering taking Jared requests! Let me know what you guys want!

so I’ve been thinking of expanding this blog opportunities into being a video game blog in general; the video games I enjoy/would primarily blog about are:

× fallout (ofc lmao)
× overwatch
× dead space
× dragon age
× portal
× left 4 dead

I’ve accumulated a bunch of followers on here, and so I want to know how you guys feel about this idea! and if y'all like it, then give me other video game ideas you’d want me to post about (I’ll let you know if I’m into them too)

hey there !! simba here, did ya guys miss me ?! ( i know it’s been like 2 minutes just deal with me <3 ) we will soon be updating our main with these new regulations, but i just wanted to pop in and let you guys know so it doesn’t just magically appear ( lbr we barely go thru the rules/guidelines for the app, why would we go continuously check the page just for kicks & giggles ). 

so basically our new rule is that the new members are required to make an introduction post that includes the following: a little bit about the muncause you guys are cute and adorable ), somewhat of a bio for your characterdoesn’t have to be full blown, but just enough for people to know who your character is ), and some wanted connections that you would like for your character ( this is not a requirement, but it is recommended just so it’s easier for people to approach you with plots ). this post would be tagged under #fvhqooc where all of the other posts that have been previously made are.

lastly, i promise i’ll shut up after this, we encourage our older members to check the tag every other day ( like maybe the day after we accept ) just to make sure no one was missed !! luckily, we don’t currently have a problem of cliques, but we just wanted to avoid the problem all together by having this new regulation !! ok i’m done, love you all, #LongLiveFV