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SLBP lords modern college au headcanons

I made a shit post about what if the lords were buddies at college and not trying to kill each other over divine rule.

Sorry there’s no MC here cause I wanted to focus on the brotherhoods…but you can insert her in and run with it.

Halfway through, it occurred to me this is centered around yasu’s assholeness and yukkin’s misery.

Inspired by all those slbp modern au headcanons going around on tumblr.


  • studying medicine? god save the people pharmacology? bioscience? criminal profiling? because evil understands evil criminology consultant?? more like consultancy for criminals
  • campus Mr White but he works alone bitch/weed lord, kojuro is his no.1 loyal customer.
  • to mitsubun’s disgust, he’s also an avid reader……of Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Machiavelli…so also, edge lord.
  • has his own room cause no one dares to room with him he’s rich and his granddaddy tadatsugu’s the faculty dean
  • helps???out in the school infirmary sometimes. yukkin is a regular due to sports injuries. he blackmails yukkin to buy daifuku


  • literature? teaching??
  • one time he put out a sign saying he’s looking for a roomie and yasu applied. that day is never spoken of in campus. mitsuhide comes by and is so overly compensating and considerate mitsubun has to agree. they bond over their senpais and live happily ever after. hide says its fate and yasu refers to them as thing 1 and thing 2.
  • he and mitsuhide are usually seen at the library together. the two nerds.


  • PR? international relations? psychology??
  • most loved dorm RA, fav TA.
  • works at the neighborhood café with masa. they are hella good at baking.
  • Yasu keeps threatening bribing people to buy the ichigo daifuku for him.
  • great at food porn photography. he and masa are in charge of the café instagram.
  • helps out the school counseling office. one time he gave yasu and mitsubun punishment for school property damage by making them babysit at a childcare centre.
  • got asked to do nude modeling for the art students cause have you seen his bod


  • sports science? vet??
  • resident dog sitter/walker, especially for shingen. one time for nobu and one time as a cat caretaker for mitsuhide.
  • always challenging hideyoshi to an arm wrestling competition ever since he lost.
  • he and yukkin are gym buddies


  • politics? business management?
  • holds the biggest, best parties where everyone gets piss-drunk.
  • food taster for hideyoshi because hideyoshi cannot trust mitsubun to give honest objective feedback
  • probably head of student council and holds all sorts of crazy events when he gets bored.
  • also head news editor and runs the sauciest, juiciest articles.


  • another literature nut? law? journalism?
  • his roomie used to be kojuro until he could no longer stand the mountain of trash semi-important documents on kojuro’s side of the room. their room smelled like weed, books and bad poetry
  • works for the school newspaper and is forced by nobu to sneakily take photos of people. ends up asking saizo for help


  • sports science? maybe he’s aiming for the national soccer team or some Olympic sport.
  • gets to knows shigezane when yukkin sleeps over one night after a Halloween party gone wrong.
  • gets introduced to masa whom he had always thought of as standoffish, until he realizes the guy’s as big a cinnamon roll as himself. they become bros afterwards
  • he and shigezane secretly feed this rabbit kept for dissection class and smuggle it out one night


  • idk languages? security management for his intel spy training? maybe he’s just an average guy studying creative writing
  • secret online smut writer with kojuro. they met at nanowrimo. hey he gets paid for it ok.
  • mitsuhide gets most of his news sources from saizo.
  • probably earns extra income as a phone sex worker. rooms with yukkin, so when he does his job, yukkin stammers a lot and plugs in his earphones or seeks shelter with shigezane. until he stumbles upon his secret porn stash


  • business?
  • rooms with inuchiyo and has a huge black dog (kurokumo) which he leaves with inuchiyo to take care of when he’s not around.
  • friends with Nobu cause their dads are old business rivals
  • saizo references him for his fics


  • Fine arts? Museum hoarding curating??
  • Yasu says he should get a My Strange Addiction/Hoarders series starring himself
  • really good at ikebana. he and yasu each have their own sections in the community garden. sometimes they trade weeding/gardening tips
  • tadakatsu thinks he’s a fellow masochist in-between yasu’s insults and kanetsugu’s homicidal scolding


  • idk business? culinary arts?
  • hideyoshi’s baker partner. yukkin’s his fav customer and he always saves him a donut. though sometimes he wonders why the guy stammers so terribly when ordering daifuku
  • meets inuchiyo who’s out walking the dogs during his morning jog. he then helps take care of the animals when inuchiyo is busy. Yukkin and shigezane join them sometimes.
  • the Date and Kai boys like to hang out at his room ever since the porn incident with shigezane and kojuro’s room is just a no-go zone.
  • gets teased together with yukkin a lot and they both look at each other helplessly wondering why.


  • shigezane gets suspicious of kojuro’s meetings with yasu, stalks him and worries for his future.
  • rooms with kenshin, who appreciates the beauty of his poetry and neither of them minds the treasures mess in their room.
  • saizo interviews him when writing daddy kink

Also, sorry I tried my best but I couldn’t think up more for some of the characters and I haven’t been on everyone’s routes yet.

I shudder to imagine what the chapter titles may be if this were a fanfic: pardon me for Ieyasu’s butting in

  • noodle brat goes to college, or yasu forgets all about granddaddy tadatsugu’s lectures
  • pretty boys growing flowers and weed
  • mitsubun looks for a roommate and accidentally summons a demon
  • hideyoshi’s baking genius, or yasu tests hide’s delicacies for drugs because they cannot be that good
  • no one dares to go to the infirmary now
  • icha icha smut tactics
  • in which noodle brat is disgruntled people are fearing him less
  • yukkin is now a drug mule?!?!?!!

I was orignally gonna post this on DeviantART but the Submission system seems to be having issues.

So it goes up here! I wanted to do a quick mock-up fight. and it was fun to do. This is Painsetta. who original came form this post. -> http://faustisse.tumblr.com/post/132861572130/fobytox-disbeliefpapyrus-monodes-tis-i

and I loved the look so i did a mock-up Painsetta fight.

To go along with this pic. Listen to this!


I hope you guys like it!.