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Ok, can I share "THE TRUTH" ™ about art dreams and aspirations for POC millennials?

Hello all you lovely brothers, sisters and fun folk <3

I have some brutally honest truth to share with you all about being a POC millennial with a goal in mind for being an artist. Keep in mind, this post leans neither towards the left or right. It just explains the sheer truth. Read at viewer’s discretion~


So, you wanna be an artist? You got a story to tell with a crucial message for society or a specific group of people. You have to get it out there by hook or by crook, it’s your friggin calling! 


Now, lets look on the real side. Yes, the real. Like, reality wise, what is your real world situation like? And lets think about how you are gonna make it happen from your standpoint in life. This includes but certainly is not limited to: your age, your level of education, your daily income or some form of assets you have in the bank, your race/ethnicity/gender, your social/political standing, your neighborhood culture, and your personality. 

Now whether you like it or not, this world is hella subjective and will try to gravitate you towards or pull you astray from things based on all of the elements listed above in bold print. Folks, we cannot ignore this when trying to achieve ANYTHING in our lives. 

I hear and see all these interviews from people telling about their life story and how they went from nothing to something. Let me tell you, IT CAN HAPPEN AND WILL. But what people tend to leave out its the real nit and grit of their story, especially if their interviewer is trying to earn them a wider audience. Make no mistake, y'all. This world is heavily popular-culture washed. You will almost never hear or know the full stories.

You can be about something, any controversial topic that’s all good and well to be bringing up and making it known to those who are misinformed. You should be, and if you wanna just put something out there for worldwide enjoyment thats fine too! But know, it is much easier said than done, and where you are in life plays a HUGE part of this.

For example, lets say you grew up in in project housing or from a poor neighborhood. Lets say you work hard and one day meet someone who is able to give you a big break, and you take that break with open arms and no doubts. Why? Because you know even if it flops, you started with not much so it won’t hurt you that bad to return to that point. Try again, make that money. Get something better than what you have!

Now, lets say you worked your way up into middle class, income wise and living wise. Same thing happens, someone offers you a big break. OH BOY–ahh wait a minute. What if it goes really big and i have to leave my family behind, or WORSE what if it flops when i try and i end up with NOTHING. See, you grew up or earned something, and to fall all the way down to 0 is much much MUCH harder that it is to have started from nothing and go back to nothing. (Don’t you know thats why most people in this category don’t become anything to do with art? That gravity of “what if” is very real, and rarely messed with.) Not to say getting there is impossible now. I’ll explain later. I’m in this category.

And if your born into some kind of wealth, mommy and daddy got you covered, do whatever the heck you want whose stopping you! Unfortunately, not a lot of us are there so, this kind of reality check (if you will) is needed.

Bottom line is, this want, to be an artist of color with a message or what have you, is not IMPOSSIBLE to achieve, but certainly takes some more planning than a more well off citizen would need to do. IM JUST BEING REAL.

You need a game plan, wherever you stand in any class or category. Make sure you have an exceptional work ethic too, because you’re gonna need it. Sometimes, that and patience has to be learned along the way. Don’t get frustrated. Learn to accept change where it seems fit. You can find yourself happier elsewhere, and thats quite alright.

 But if you are like me, and WILL NOT stop until there is a way to get your foot in the door, please acknowledge the dire need for having a well mapped out plan that takes into account the reality of things as well as the possibility of better things. You will have have to make tough choices, ie: “going for it cold turkey, or waiting for it while you work to secure plan B.”

All I’m saying guys, is make these decisions WISELY. I know you can do it. Sometimes i feel like I’m preaching to myself by saying this too so, the struggle is real but can be overcome with critical thinking and determination.

anonymous asked:

I'm not a feminist but I'm a girl, what do you think about females that's not feminist.

I know you probably expected a snarky answer deriding your decision not to be a feminist but this is a lot more complicated then I think you realize?

Feminism is a movement and an ideology. On an ideological level it’s great. Wanting women to no longer be subject to misogyny, wanting men to no longer harm us at such a high level, wanting systemic discrimination to end against us, that’s all good stuff.

But that movement part, a movement is made up of people with an ideology. And people can do screwed up things or pervert and twist ideologies into something more harmful.

There’s a lot of transmisogyny and racism and ableism floating around in the larger mainstream feminist movement. Which can lead to the ostracization, discrimination and even violence against these really vulnerable groups of women. And sometimes the focus of the larger movement is a little bit too obsessed with small gesture victories and not changing the larger systems. 

Also there are feminists who have some incredibly destructive views, often born out of a vengeful outlook, like the claim that it’s impossible to for women to rape or abuse men (which unfortunately does happen, more rarely sure, but it does happen and we shouldn’t erase that).

So there are valid reasons to not want to have ties with the feminism movement and to even be distrustful of the word.

But if you think women and men are already equal, that discrimination against women doesn’t exist or that we somehow deserve it or that it’s not something bad that’s forced on us, then I think you and I won’t be seeing eye to eye. Any gender can be wrong and an asshole, girls included, even about issues that affect us all, that we should know better on.