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why dont u wont your art reposted on anything other than tumblr? mind ofc that a lot of people would give credit and twitter/ etc brings a lot of attention to your blog/art ? not to be mean or anything! just wondering, bc i'd love to post them on mine with giving credit included

To be precise, I don’t want my art to be reposted anywhere - tumblr included. There’s this button you know…

it allows you to reblog posts.

Art reposted on other sites doesn’t bring a lot of attention to the creator’s blog. It brings a lot of attention to the reposter’s blog/site.
How do you think, who gets the notes, likes, comments, all the feedback? Well, guess what :) Not the author! (who in most cases have no idea someone took their art in the first place!)
You want to bring attention to someone’s blog/art? Share the link and write something nice about their creations. If it’s all about the artist then there’s no problem if their pretty drawings don’t appear on your site.
No picture - no example? Well, let’s think. If you’re very popular people will check the link to see who you reccomend, you’re famous, a trendsetter. If you’re not very popular then people who follow you must know you quite good and will trust your judgement, they’ll check the link.

Now you’re writing anonymously, I don’t know you! Even if I said yes, how am I suppose to know where you want to put my art, what you plan to do with it??? How am I suppose to keep the track of what’s happening with my drawings?? Have you linked me to your site and asked what drawing you want to put there??? I don’t think so.

You may say artists are stupid, why don’t they want the recognition, the fame, the glory??? Well… respect the fact the art is made by them, they did it, they were sitting in their dark room, googling their eyes and ignoring the wrist pain with determination to get that tiny line right at last. And even if it seems abnormal that they want to keep their art only on tumblr or deviantart, stop making them happy against their will! Artists are weird, just deal with it!

What else? Ah.. In my faq you can read:
Can I use your art as an icon/sidebar/theme element?
Yes but give credit! (also please don’t use the icon I am currently using :))

^ this is not about reposting my art!
^ I guess that’s clear.

Now, do people follow these instructions? Hell no! I can enter some blogs that have my dawing as an icon right now and I won’t find any ctredit if I turn their blogs inside out. Why? Because they don’t give a shit. They like the picture and nothing else matters.*

All these things, the fact that so many people take artists’ stuff without asking, without giving credit, (MY GOD!) editing it as they like without permission, make artists bitter and distrustful, suspicious and apprehensive. So don’t be surprised that if you send some artist an anonymous message saying: “Hey I love your art! Can I post it to my twitter?” the artist can say NO!



smoaking canarrow + “one thing”

hi studyblrs!! my name is vaidehi and I’m so happy to join this cool, motivating community! after scrolling through the gazillions of pretty, color coded notes and organized workspaces for more hours than you can imagine, I finally made one of my own!

I’m a 15 year old sophomore who goes to high school in the NorCal area and has a big passion for anything science! I definitely want to study biology and/or psychology in college. 

My hobbies include reading, drawing, listening to music, helping people, and biking. please message/drop me an ask anytime and we can be friends, I love talking to people :)

I can’t wait to spread my positivity and tips on studying here as time goes on, and try to participate in the 30 day back to school challenge! Here are some studyblrs that have inspired me to start mine:

@studyign @studybuzz @journalsanctuary @studyrelief @studyjewel @studypetals @elkstudies @taystudies @astrostudy @acadehmic @educatier @lycheestudy @nehrdist @studeying @studyquill @tbhstudying

So many of my mutuals have so many OCs that deserve kisses, and I want them ALL to get attention, but I was draining myself drawing big things that were at the far edges of my ability.  So here’s Samhal with a kiss for all of them!  I think I’ll just have to keep drawing kisses when I feel up to it, so maybe I’ll just leap out of the bushes randomly for a while now with a new OC kiss image.

Hi everyone! You may have noticed a steady decline in posts from yours truly over the course of the last couple months. And this is because - well?

I’m getting married! ^_^

In four days, actually. To the love of my life Alexandria. I’ve known Alex for 17 years. We’ve been together romantically for eight of those years. Many of the comics I’ve done over the years were either inspired by her, or made possible by her strength and wisdom. Literally it was Alex’s suggestion of “why don’t you just do comics?” that set me on my path. I really, really, really, really love my partner. Which brings me to my next point…

I’m taking a hiatus until October.

I’ve actually been on this hiatus for some time now but I’ve been a bad cartoonist  wanted to include a saucy link to a spanking GIF here but good gracious a cursory search online yielded nothing but pornographic content and not made this terribly transparent. Hiatus really isn’t the word to describe it either. Essentially the all the planning, details, communications, meetings, decorating, designing etc etc has kept me so busy that I had to drop my artwork entirely in order to concentrate on it entirely.

I will be hitting the ground running in October with a comic called “Don’t!” that is going to be super awesome!

I will also be dedicating my time to revising my Patreon page - and planning out 2017 to include either printed books or convention appearances (most likely the former)

And in 2018 Alex and I will be collaborating on a comic about this wedding.

Because holy shit our story is NOT the typical wedding experience. It’s probably anything but. Pretty sure it’s going to be a graphic novel tackling:

  • Marriage from a Feminist perspective
  • Marriage from an interracial perspective.
  • Marriage from a Trans/Genderqueer perspective.
  • Marriage when you don’t got monies.
  • Marriage from our personal perspective.

I would liked to have made a romantic collage of all the times Alex has made an appearance in my comics but frankly there’s no time. I can’t even… My mind is more or less shot! AUGH! So I leave you with this comic from 2010


(Thank you so much (ಥ﹏ಥ) , im still nervous about every post (especially bc i need so much time to answer an ask AND ABOUT POSTING THINGS WITH CHIYO !!! THANK YOU so, so much, i dont want to force things onto people so idk when i can include her into posts (;_;)

i really dont want to self advertise, but if anyone is interested in learning about chiyo, i started to draw a kind of “manga” explaining her story on my main blog @evaison-art (( i know i only finished the first page, but i’ll hopefully continue it QAQ )) )

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Don't you love the fact that larries are so talented that every manip looks so real that i almost convince myself it is the original pic ? wow. And it hurts because louisandharry are a beautiful couple sbbdns

That’s one of the reasons I usually reblog manips to my sideblog. They’re so real-looking, and I am such a terrible tagger, that I don’t want to confuse anyone, so I include them with the art. There are some very, very talented artists in this fandom, working with so many different media. I’m always so impressed.

Updated Fortune Friends

So a lot of you have messaged me saying that you have no friends to nominate you for the “pool” for the Fortune Friends project I want to start. While I didn’t want to include being able to send forms in for yourself (I think maybe because I’ve always enjoyed nominating my friends for things versus getting them myself, but I know how nice it is to be able to enter for yourself as well~) you’ve changed my mind and swayed my heart ^^ So the page has been updated, as well as a slightly more in depth form being listed there instead! So have at it my loves~ I can’t wait to see all the forms you send in, and start getting listings up so we can all start spreading the love!

Fortune Friends Information Page

If you’re on mobile, try copying and pasting this link ( http://stitchingscreamer.tumblr.com/fortunefriends ) into your mobile browser! It worked for me but I know not everybody is able to! If not, send me an ask off anon (so I can respond privately and not spam the dash!) and I’ll give you the necessary information!

It’s come to my attention that the Leonius toy by Blue Ritual previously sold at a common price of $70. I did some rummaging around when the sculpt came into my possession and couldn’t find her prices of the model so I did my calculations as I do with each model to determine it’s price point which set it at a base price of $80.

That said, I got into this hobby because I was inspired by many different toy makers including Blue Ritual. I don’t want to tarnish the legacy of this particular model by getting the Leonius sculpt and for people to feel as if I’m gouging them or upping the price simply because the model exchanged hands. Just because my shop is pirate themed, doesn’t mean I am.  

I’m adjusting all prices on this model to match the original common price of what it sold for from Blue Ritual at $70.   In my shop I discount $5 per toy for any minimal flaws and $10 for major or multiple flaws. I’ll come out with a more complete price list here in a few days including all base prices of toys and what discounts and add-on’s my shop features so every price point is transparent and easy to calculate. <3

The orders for the tongue that I’ve received thus far will be refunded the difference in the base price.  I don’t believe it would be fair for them to pay a bit more just because they purchased right away. Haha.

Thank you everyone for all the feedback! I can’t wait to pour more of all the crew members and continue working towards being able to offer more to you all in the future!

Being TJ Hammond’s daughter would include:

Hey so I want to start Would Includes because they’re so fun! I might even make one into a one shot…

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  • Him being clean because of you.
  • Him trying to keep you from the press as much as possible.
  • Him trying to not be like his father.
  • Him being super overprotective.
  • Loving you so much.
  • Him not caring about your sexuality.
  • Him bringing his boyfriends home just so you can approve of them.
  • When a guy/girl breaks your heart he will threaten to kill them.
  • “Dad no!”
  • “But he hurt you, pumpkin’”
  • Baking.
  • Failing at baking.
  • “Dad, that doesn’t go there!”
  • “Yes it does!”
  • Him being stubborn.
  • “Dad no!”
  • “But I wanna”
  • Doing so much fun stuff with him.
  • Him giving you the “Don’t do drugs” talk every single day.
  • Him crying at every achievement.
  • “Dad it’s just an A”
  • “But it’s your 11th A!”
  • “Doug, what do I do?”
  • “She’s gonna grow up, Teej, you can’t help that.”
  • Taking you shopping
  • Him being your personal styler.
  • Him crying when you buy your prom dress.
  • Hugs.
  • So many hugs.

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What should we call you now? Like, if I were to send an ask and wanted to include a name, what should it be?

What about my actual name 

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Hey! I absolutely love your writing, and I've actually been considering starting up a blog to post some writing of my own. I love ACOMAF and all the characters in it and would absolutely love to get involved with writing fanfiction however I have no idea where to start, I was wondering if you had any tips? What things have you found easiest to write (AUs, alternative POVs etc)? Thanks! Xx

Hello sweet anon!! These “tips” turned way longer than I thought they would, so here’s a spark notes version and I included a Keep Reading if you want more details.

1. get comfortable with your own writing or else you won’t be able to handle other’s feedback

2. write what comes easiest to you, not necessarily your favorite story

3. send your writing to your favorite blogs, writers, and artists because most of the people in this fandom are super nice and so willing to read your works and give feedback! (ps this is me telling you to send me your fics) plus you can make some awesome friends

4. have fun with it!

Keep reading

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 



Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters as Pokémon Go teams. What team are you on?