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Dogma gets a pick-me-up speech from Hardcase

this was originally written for @aerefyr but it definitely involves these two being bros, so I chose this for day 2 of @clonehub‘s BroTP Week!

                                        we did it, kids !!

                      finally at the 500 mark and most assuredly 

                 there will be many more milestones yet to come.

this sure isn’t my very first masaomi account. nope. at first i was flirtatiousmischief and then bakyurarian which was v short lived as some more personal matters came up that i will not be disclosing because this is meant to be a happy post of course ! Masaomi brings so much joy into my life. He is my beautiful adopted child, the light of my life. For me, he’s more than just a character. He is my constant companion and he saves me everyday. I’d be nowhere without Kida as strange as that might sound but it’s honestly the truth. I’ve had this nerd for a good six years now and he’s shown no signs of stopping. not to mention all of the aus i come up with on practically a daily basis. Masaomi is extremely important and special to me and i honestly could go on forever about how much he means to me. Furthermore, I couldn’t ask for greater writing partners, no, friends. you guys are seriously amazing people. so incredible and talented. i’ve certainly had my share of rough patches but i’ve always managed to pull through and a lot of it is due to the great amount of support i receive from you guys and i couldn’t be more grateful. now without further ado, it’s time to give credit where it’s due. here are my fave people who deserve your follow and merely the joy of knowing them.

sappy shit under the cut:

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How To Fight Fascism
We are truly fucked. We’re standing at the very edge of the American experiment. I can’t blame you for not wanting to take that next step.
By Mike Monteiro

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Because you are hilarious in your writing, I am dying to hear your expanded thoughts on Rory and why you don't like her.


Here’s basically exactly how I felt about Rory:


But let’s get more personal. She is a spoiled, over-privileged, entitled brat who learned nothing from her mother’s sacrifices and work ethic. Despite a tough beginning, she grew up in a beautiful home with a loving mother, and when she needed money for prep school and college, boom, here are her grandparents with whatever she needs, and if they’re not enough, let’s throw in a boyfriend from one of the richest families on the planet to give her everything she could ever want, including a rent-free apartment.

I grew up with Rory. I’m exactly one week older than her (but I was a year ahead of her in school). In high school I was so jealous of her because she got to go to prep school and although I got into Dana Hall, Miss Hall’s, and Walnut Hill when I was 13, my parents couldn’t afford to send me so I toiled away in public school and hated every second. Then I got into ivies out of high school and again, the money thing…my parents made too much to qualify for good financial aid, but not enough to pay outright (#MiddleClassProbs), so I had to choose between state schools with full scholarships or wait until I was 24 so I could apply for financial aid for Columbia without being a dependent of my parents (and when I finally got there, I had to work 30+ hours a week to pay for my living expenses…Rory never had to get a damn job aside from her bullshit card-swiping gig). Rory got everything I wanted and I was so jealous of her all the time, especially because she never had to work for a damn thing. 

Now, funnily enough, we are both writers. She has been out of college for a solid decade, and because I had to wait until 24 for the financial aid thing, I’ve only been out of college for three years. I wanted to be a freelance journalist, bumming around the world, covering what I want to cover and pitching to impossibly selective publications, but to do that, you need to either be independently wealthy, have your parents pay for everything, or live in a slum on $5 a day until you make it big. I’m not wealthy, I’ve been financially independent since I was 17, and I did the whole slumlord thing when I moved to NY after high school…it gets old fast no matter how much you love what you’re doing. So me, I went and found a writing job in an industry I care about roughly zero percent, but it’s also one of the highest-paying industries and I happily suck it up because it gives me a budget and vacation time so I can write about what I want to write about, which is gymnastics. And occasionally I get awesome paying writing gigs that are gym-related, and I’m grateful for those, but I don’t expect them and am always shocked when offers come in.

RORY THOUGH. She EXPECTS the world to give her whatever she wants, and she is a downright little bitch about it. Conde Nast is putting off meeting with you? Guess what? You’re literally a fucking nobody. You show up to a website interested in your work with zero ideas or even a portfolio and yell at them for not giving you a job? You are a fucking PIEEEECE OOOOOF SHIIIIIT. Look at your mom!!!!!!! She got a job at the bottom of the barrel at an inn, cleaning up literal shit for a meager living, and then worked her way to the top, saved money, and opened her own inn. She did everything for herself while raising you, you ungrateful little bitch, AND YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM HER!!!!!!!!!!!! You learned that whenever you need something, your grandparents will open their checkbook even if UGH WHINE BITCH MOAN you have to SPEND TIME WITH THEM once a week. And then you get the idea to write a book about your life (oh, I’m sorry!!! YOU don’t get the idea, someone else GIVES IT TO YOU like every fucking other thing in your life!!!!) and your rich ass not-boyfriend, whom you are banging despite him being engaged and not thinking anything of it, just like you didn’t think anything of banging Dean *REPEATEDLY* when he was MARRIED TO ANOTHER PERSON, he offers you a HOUSE so you don’t have to work and can just write your little life away!!!!! You are lazy uninspired trash and I hate you so much.

I hope your book is a fucking disaster and I hope every publisher shits on it, Rory Gilmore!!! You are the worst and don’t deserve anything good in life. I hope you never get a job ever again and I hope the father of your child is the wookie.

I was tagged by @lilbuffalooooo to put my music library on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that come up! (thanks!!)

1. Welcome Home by Radical Face

2. Heavy by Jeremy Zucker

3. Middle by DJ Snake

4. Hurricane by Panic! at the Disco

5. Thermometer by KOPPS

6. Ah Yeah So What by Will Sparks

7. Rhythm Ta by iKON

8. We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth

9. Easily by Grimes

10. Oh My God by B1A4

I tag @galaxydetective @dona-troy @al-khuffash and @jaysontoddz 

Ambush Attack ~ Final Fantasy IX by Nobuo Uematsu

Click here if you want to view this better!

This is a continuation of a previous post I made using OSTs to inspire battle art. Part 1 - http://atelier-bagur.tumblr.com/post/151261200441/war-cry-dragon-quest-viii-by-koichi-sugiyama

This time we have part of the “main group” (Wingull, Murdaw, Mochi and Jin) caught in a battle between the Lutren and the Polcan…with neither side being very friendly.

To be frank, I originally wanted to make the background inside a fort along with including Bagúr, but I chickened out in the last minute due to my novice artistic skills and just stuck with the plain jane outside setting. I’ll work out my comfort zones eventually, mark my words >:(

And yes it was foolish of me making this a horizontal piece and forgetting tumblr’s image limitations. Again click the link above for easier viewing!

people in my class including people i wanted to be friends with were cheering because i got last place in kahoots they wanted to see me loose so bad and i even gave half of them donuts no one will be friends with stupid me and if they want to ill fuck up and theyll hate me

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Evelyn Smythe for head of Ravenclaw house?

Unfortunately, I have Barbara already for Head of Ravenclaw AND History of Magic, so I’m not really sure where to put Evelyn, which is quite annoying. 

To be honest, I’m considering just making her one of Six’s cats. (I’ve made Brewster his scrappy tabby cat.) 

WAIT NO she can run a cake shop in Hogsmeade and she comes to have hot chocolate and cake on weekends. 

But she is definitely a Ravenclaw, yeah. Maybe she’s the old head of Ravenclaw and History of Magic, and she gave it to rising talent Barbara to go run her shop but comes in to do guest classes sometimes?

Thank you for this ask because I really wanted to include her and didn’t know how!!


MIIA - Dynasty (Piano Cover) 

It’s that time again! Another song that I liked and wanted to try reproducing as a piano cover, including a few other instruments. Still think some parts could be perfected, but i’m happy with finally sharing it now. Hope you enjoy! 

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDgjbo3_K5g)

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That new RP is dominated by bullies whom if you upset them even slightly you get bombarded with anon hate. Chloe was the only one who actually wanted everyone included and happy and I'm sad to see her blog go before I really got to know her.

i’ll probably get hate now lmAO. honestly tho i know how much work Chloe had put in to it and how much love she had for it and for her to leave something she loved thAT much should show that it took her a lot to leave and to then get hate for leaving and not being able to handle some of the issue any longer that she did she already was…idk it just rubs me the wrong way how she was treated after saying she was gonna leave 

Gaetan dared me to list all the reasons why i am Robbie Rotten so…

-Say i’m lazy but keep doing shit
-Ewwww sport
-Debatable incredible fashion sense
-Never ate a vegetable in my life
-sad when not included but never wants to come
-i want cuddles bUT DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME
-that fluffy chair is basically all i want/need
-vain af
-what even is heterosexuality
- i am number one
-my sportacus is @gaetanmolierecosplay​​ <3

P.S. I got a request awhile back for a PDF of my Grimoire, which I’m happy to say is underway! ☺️ It’s a little early for me to be able to say when it’ll be completely finished because I’m still working on writing up some of the pages I want to include in the PDF, but it’s in the process of being made and I’m excited to show you all the finished product!

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Me and my boyfriend really love otters, including the adorable ones you work with. I want to take him to a zoo nearby that has an Asian small-clawed otter experience where you get to meet and swim with them. Their website and reviews elsewhere make it appear like they treat their animals well, though they aren't AZA accredited. I'm just wondering how ethical it is to do, because it sounds so cute, but I don't know if it's good for the otters. I don't want to support something that's bad for them

This is the place in Southern California right? I’ve heard mixed reviews. The otters are imprinted so they like human contact. And I’ve also heard that it’s the otter’s choice to come over and participate or not. But I don’t know anything about how the facility is kept, or where they got their original otters, or how great their breeding program is, or what they do with otters who aren’t in the meet and greet program. But I’ve heard a few keepers weigh in on it on other websites and it didn’t seem terrible.