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Hearts by Quirkilicious

Finishedddddddddddddd!  That keyblade research though! 

Oblivion and Oathkeeper were a no brainer but I wanted to include Chaos Ripper, Brightcrest and Lost Memory as the trio’s most powerful chains too!

Thing took longer than I thought it would, getting old and slow I guess. OTL

Also had to redraw Ventus halfway through because I forgot he has a very specific stance with the way he holds keyblades. @_@

Edit: Added Xion so all the 368/2 players stop asking xP

suis-le-soleil asked: Any recommendations for satire?

I’m slowly catching up on asks but I’m getting there! Sorry it took me so long to post yours! I do have some recommendations for you. The first one I wanted to include is a short story you may have already had to read for school, but I put a link to the actual full text in the hyperlink :)! Hope you enjoy it!

1. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift 

2. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

3. Slaugterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

4. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

5. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

6. Survivor by Church Palahniuk

And if you can stand it, check out Dead Stars by Bruce Wagner. It took me forever to get through but it does have some satirical elements to it! It is also one of those books where I still don’t know how I feel about it. 

Thanks for the question! Happy reading!


// Okay so like, fic that I am probably never going to write, but this:

Kiera takes her friends/classmates along with her and Lail to a natural hot spring near her home village above Northguard. The outside air is a sharp cold like always but the water is so warm and makes for a lovely juxtaposition. The hot spring is full of dissolved natural minerals and makes for a nice relaxation for all of our combat-worn and school-tired wizzies. 

Kiera and Keira both have their hair up in buns (Kiera’s just barely staying up bc it’s so thick and heavy) because humidity in general causes their hair to frizz like crazy, and because such hot water is right next to such cold air, there is a lot of steam.

Roslyn finally gets some relaxation time. Did Morgrim even come, because I’m sure he’d think that bathing in such a place is “unsanitary” and “there are bugs and who knows what else?!” (*cue eyeroll* lol) But maybe he would come to be with her.

Courtney and Morgrim (other Morgrim, not marleybonian one, the necromancer one, in case u get confused easily) chillin in the corner, Courtney telling cool DS stories of that one time she and her dad almost accidentally set fire to an entire street of houses, good thing there’s a lot of stone used is Dragonspyrian architecture.

Alric being so comfortable in the warm water that he is leaning against one of the rocks, trying not to fall asleep.

Boris and Katie, sitting next to each other, secretly low key holding hands under the water, Boris animatedly telling her about a cool book that he found in the large restricted section (that he, of course, has access to) that accounts some of Wizard City’s earliest myths about Azteca.

Is Mary there? Maybe, if she felt like it. Perhaps attempting to #balanceschoolrepresent by being chill and balanced.

Catherine is there, because Rylee is not there, and the Chaos Oni doesn’t like water and she likes to do small things to make herself feel more in control. That she ain’t scare. Plus, she’s used to hot springs, they have a bunch of them at home. None quite this rustic, but this is Grizzleheim.

Kiera and Lail, Kiera leaning against his side, his arm around her waist underwater. She points up to the different constellations up in the night sky and teaches him the Grizzleheimian names of each one. Most of them are named after bears. She points out a specific one named after a raven because it looks like a raven. He asks her if that one is her favorite. She just narrows her eyes at him. He laughs. She remarks she thinks it looks way more like a fish and that she’ll request King Valgard to change it when he has the time.

americanfacepalm keira-dawnglade roslyntitanflame bloodedbattler

So I’ve been getting a lot of anonymous messages complaining about me and my blog…

Yes, I’ve been posting a ton of pictures of fashion and stuff but I put them in my queue so that they would be more spread out.

My blog is my little space. My little space can include anything I want.

Before you say anything hurtful, please remember this.

anonymous asked:

Funny how psychedelic communism could actually work. I mean the ego dissolution from psychedelics would stop means of power abuse. But technology could mediate that same experience. Like if we could map out what neurones are being fired during a psychedelic trip, and what part of the brains are active. We could recreate it with technology. Imagine like a technologically mediated, sustainable, interconnected, egoless system, or something like what Terrance Mckenna articulates.

I am not entirely against people having an ego.  My vision of communism is not of perfect utopian humans with no sense of self, but rather people who see that true economic democracy is whats best for everyone, including themselves. I want people to realize that when everyone has equal access to resources, there is nothing holding people back from reaching their full potential.

I definitely experienced what people call an “ego death” while on 3 hits of acid and it definitely changed my life and my outlook on life for the better, but I think that only happened because I was starting to embrace communist ideas at the same time and the combination of drugs,radical politics, and my physical involvement with the Occupy movement really mindfucked me. I dont think that having an “ego death” experience is necessary for people to no longer act like assholes. I think Terrence Mckenna puts too much faith in the power of drugs without looking at the other conditions in peoples lives that, when combined with drugs or other environmental inputs, create an experience that changes ones life and mindset in such a way that makes communist ideas more palatable. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, would it be okay if I went to a con as a character from a musical? The cons I usually go to are not anime specific they include video games, movies, comics etc. I want to go as a character from the musical Cats. I told my friend who also cosplays about it, and she teased me about being a furry, even though the costumes are not at all like furry costumes and I know she was joking but I still feel like I would be a bit embarrassed? I really want to go as that character.

People cosplay from musicals all the time! Cats cosplayers are certainly not uncommon to see at conventions. But, yes, you should mentally prepare yourself for the furry comments. Those happen even if you’re a half-human/half-animal character like Blake Belladonna or a Viera. Don’t let the comments get to you, though – if you want to cosplay from that musical, do it! And have fun!

anonymous asked:

was tenacity the last one in the series? i loved it soo much but it felt kinda like an ending it was fucking great but i cant deal with this

(Tenacity was the ENDING of the series, yes, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other parts added here and there. Right now my writing brain is pretty tuckered out, but there’re a few ideas I’d wanted to include that I didn’t get a chance to yet, and Jen is an absolute factory of genius headcanons. Plus, playing with this sci-fi world has been a blast, so I’m not totally ready to give it up. I’m glad you enjoyed it!)

catsandbreadandbikes asked:

Hi! I am putting together a zine collection of intrusive thoughts. It helps me to fight them by typing and reading them to myself. I was hoping you or your followers could anonymously (or not) send me their regular intrusive thoughts to include. I specifically want to make it weight-related, since mine are all related to my weight. Thanks! and if anyone wants a copy when it's done, they're welcome to request one and send me their address (which will be kept private, of course)

Fly, my pretties! Let’s make art together!

I made falafels and they were AWESOME and now I’m disappointed that I only made one batch when I wish I’d made two! But I did only have 1 tin of chickpeas so I couldn’t make anymore even if I wanted too. I had a day of ups and downs (including me being stupid and doing stupid things, nothing going right, no sunshine) but I’m still feeling pretty good. I have an 8.50am appointment at the dentist tomorrow which I’m not looking forward too, and then work from 1-5.30 but then I’m free for the weekend (the first one in 5 weeks yay). BUT I’M SO SAD because it’s supposed to rain all Saturday, which probably mean no market visit for the third week in a row and the Saturday market it my favorite time of the week. I honestly think I’ll cry if I can’t go again, because I don’t think I’ll get next Saturday off. Why must it rain on the one weekend I actually have free, and stay sunny all the others :( I really hope the weather woman is wrong and the rain hold off t between 11am-1pm Saturday :( :( :( 

BUT in other news I think it’s only 3 weeks till my holiday (and I had better make sure I actually have the time off at work approved…) so that’s something to look forward too. I may finally be able to wear shorts again! I just need to get away because the rain, the clouds and the cold are getting me down. So all I’m asking for it for it not to rain saturday morning and for these 3 weeks to go by fast.

catsandbreadandbikes asked:

Hi! I am putting together a zine collection of intrusive thoughts. It helps me to fight them by typing and reading them to myself. I was hoping you or your followers could anonymously (or not) send me their regular intrusive thoughts to include. I specifically want to make it weight-related, since mine are all related to my weight. Thanks! and if anyone wants a copy when it's done, they're welcome to request one and send me their address (which will be kept private, of course)

Can anyone help out?

Less running, more eating?

My plan from yesterday is already in danger.  It’s just really hard to find the time to get in miles.  I’m busy as hell at work and have to go straight to my daughter’s school open house after work.  Then if I want to eat dinner with the family (including my mom who is in town visiting), I don’t have time to run.  Maybe I can cram in an easy one tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll just do 4 days this week and miss my 50 mile goal again. 

I have a friend from when we lived in South Carolina that’s a nutritionist.  So I finally called her and asked for her advice about training better and maybe dropping fat.  So she gave me a calorie budget based on my current training schedule and a protein budget to properly recover.  It’s pretty safe to say that I almost never hit this protein budget, so that’s my focus for now.  The other focus is cutting carbs, though I don’t intend to be immediately militant about that.  I need to figure out foods to eat that will keep me from getting bored.  A proper ketogenic fat budget for me is 180-190 grams per day, which is completely insane.  Without drinking oil directly out of the bottle, I’m not sure how to get that much in my diet.

Why am I doing this?  I’m pretty frustrated with my bad training, lack of time and lack of energy.  And when I was training for the Waldo 100k last spring/summer, I did the low carb thing and my training volume was much higher than it’s ever been.  I don’t know that I have the time to run 70 miles a week in my current situation, but having more energy will hopefully allow me to tack on a few more miles on the days that I do have time.  If nothing else, it will help me drag myself through the Cuyamaca 100k in 5 weeks.  Sustained forward movement is more important that speed in something like that.  It also gives me a self-improvement hobby to balance out my lack of running.

I’m headed to Costco tonight and whole foods tomorrow to load up on foods without carbs in them.  We’ll see how this goes.

Send me art prompts!!

I’m trying to get in the habit of drawing more each day so give me stuff to sketch and speedpaint. I mostly want to draw things from dragon age (including your OCs) and Steven Universe (including your gemsonas)….and maybe other fandoms. 

You don’t have to be following me. Only rule is that I’m not comfortable drawing porn. (Soft sexuality such as cuddling, kissing ok.) I’ll keep doing these until I get burned out or…I don’t know. I just miss drawing art for people but don’t want the pressure of doing fully painted pieces. 

the signs as Harry Potter characters
  • Aries:Blaise Zabini
  • Taurus:Hermione Granger
  • Gemini:Draco Malfoy
  • Cancer:Luna Lovegood
  • Leo:Ginny Weasley
  • Virgo:Neville Longbottom
  • Libra:Lucius Malfoy
  • Scorpio:Voldemort
  • Sagittarius:Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Capricorn:Harry Potter
  • Aquarius:Remus Lupin
  • Pisces:Ron Weasley