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As someone who has never watched the show Shadowhunters but has read (and loved) ALL the books, will I be upset/disappointed/unsatisfied if I watch the show? Does it stay true to canon or diverge? If it diverges, is it still good?

more importantly, does it stay true to the characters, and the relationships between the characters? Is it good to Clace? To Malec? To Sizzy? To Maia and Jordan (have they been introduced yet)??


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)




Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post


You are the future of humans and monsters!

Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

The next and final part will be here in a week!

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Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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Sirius and Harry were in charge of candles.

So Chat Noir has the reputation in the Miraculous fandom for incurable punning, because Ladybug and Chat both make puns, but Ladybug occasionally rolls her eyes at his while he rolls with hers without comment, making incidents generally more memorable.

So I know the ‘Marinette hates puns’ interpretation is common, but.

What if Ladybug just thinks her puns are better.