i wanted to go to venice to see this

Concept: me, in venice, biting into a loaf of unsliced crusty bread. A flock of fat feral pigeons descends upon me, covering my entire body until you can see nothing but a seething mass of feathery bandits. When the birds finally disperse I’m lying completely dead on the pavement and the bread is gone


New short interview on Grazia italia, Eddie interviewed in Venice by Piero Macchioni.

Eddie spoke about two babies, a magician and a pair of jeans

Fifteen years ago Eddie , was among the students of  Deborah Howard, Cambridge University arts teacher , in Venice.I wonder what would  say now Howard Professor of billboard with the portrait of his pupil redhead who currently holds one of  lagoon palaces.

E:R: “yes, I’m sorry you have to see my face” says Eddie laughing.. Eddie  came to Venice as Omega face and guest of honor at the Omega Sea Master Aqua Terra gala.

E:R: : Everything started with a call: “ Eddie we are going to shoot a new campaign in Ibiza on boat”. That experience, for me has been like concentrate an entire summer of holiday in one day. Instead, my wife said only. “ Bastard I want your job”.

Eddie ‘came to Venice with his wife Hannah.

E,R;. I would like to be a good guide for Hannah and tell her what I studied about Venice, but I don’t have a good memory: about that time i remeber   particularly the strong emotions. 

E.R::I knew Hannah at school, but our first date was in Florence. I had four  holidays days before to start to shoot Les  Miserables, so I'proposed to her  to come in Italy. She said “You’re joking, right?” me “No”. She didn.t see me like actor, but like the boy who she known from a long time.The first evening walking on the Santa Trinita bridge, an italian girl knowed me and said “ Look there’s Jack !! There’s jack!” my The Pillars of The earth  character, and Hannah “ Noo It’s wrong he’ s Eddie”

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe married on December 2014 and have become Iris’s parents on June 2016.

In these days they annunced the second  Hannah’s pregnancy .

E.R.: I’m ready to repeat the exeperience, without to sleep and living with a sort of jet-lag and melt at  the first smile! the last year was unique. because even if our Iris was very small, we went in Brazil for Olimpic Games, and I allowed myself a year off to understand and live my fatherhood, and control my life.

How is changed your life?

E.R: A lot, living your life with a doughter, it’s another thing. Every day it’s different and we’re going to change our life for Iris, we w’d like she sleep till seven in the morning, so if I want leaving home early, I have to do it like a Ninja:I have to leave my shoes outside the door, dressed in silence, and not to slam doors.

Let’s talk about Smartphone:

E.R.: We’re smartphone’s dipendent, even if we hate it, and decreases ouf attention. hannah repeat always she would be mother during our parents period, but they remeber us, at that time, we’ re mesmerized by television. My hope it’s when my doughter will be big enough to have a cell phone, my generation has learned from own  mistakes.

Eddie doesn’t joke, he’s no active on Instagram. Doesn’t he  want to be social dependent ? Maybe. The world cinema calls Eddie “ Man of other times” he’s a very gentleman, and carefully avoids the topics Hollywood’s scandals.

The Theory of Everything a part, he played always costumed characters: Newton Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, Lili Elbe- The danish Girl, Marius - Les Miserables…. He jokes about it 

E:R.: I w’d like to play a contemporary role,   where  wears a pair of jeans, going on set,  mussed hair and say, ok I’m ready.

I told him that an Academy Awards should have no problem to find a script who satisfies himself . Eddie leaves the cup of tea on the table,  lowers his voice and said: “ Win an Oscar it’s  never been my  inspiration, I think  it’s enough extraodinary to live playng. To do what you love it’s so  beautiful that should be illegal,. you live  too much emotion.

E.R.: Most of the roles I’ve played before they did not seem good for me, maybe  I just have to trust what others find in me.

What they see?

E.R.: when you play a character you made a research before on him, then you try to create using what you learn, and you leave on him something about you.


Building Castles in the Sky / Justin Foley

Words: 976

“I don’t think I’ve ever just stopped and taken in the night sky,” you whisper, pulling the blanket tighter around yourself as the cool breeze suddenly hits you. 

Justin, who was sitting beside you, wraps his arm around your shoulders and pulls you towards him. Kissing the top of your head, he nods in agreement, “It is nice to just sit back every now and then and just take this all in.”

“It’s so beautiful,” you sigh, leaning into his hold, appreciating view of the first clear sky you had seen in a while. “Thank you for convincing me to come up here,” you smile.

Justin laughs slightly, “Anytime,” he grins. 

You were both sitting on your roof, huddled together under the starry sky. The window to your room had the perfect access to the spot you now deemed as your favourite. 

“There’s something about the stars that always makes you think,” you begin. “It reminds you that there is such a huge world out there, that there’s so much more to see and learn in life.”

“Anything in particular that you wish to do in your lifetime?” he asks, looking down at you. 

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Lena Luthor/you fic part 16

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“So, she can walk on it?”

“Yes,” the doctor looked up from the air brace he was fastening to your leg, “as long as she keeps this brace on, she can start easing off of her crutches.”

“Is she going to need any physical rehabilitation?”

“No, not unless she experiences any trouble.”

“Lena, give the man a break,” you sighed.  “Sorry about her; she just worries a lot.”

“I understand,” he replied with a respectful smile towards Lena, who had crossed her arms in irritation with your remark.  “Well, you have my number if there are any issues.  I’ll see you in another month for your final follow up.”

“Thank you, doctor,” you hopped down off the the examination table and swung your crutches under your arms.  Lena gave you a curious frown as you crutched out of the room and began towards the hospital exit.  

“You aren’t walking on it?”

“I don’t really feel like falling down in front of all of these people, so no,” you replied.  Lena arched an eyebrow at the attitude in your voice and then reminded herself that you probably still weren’t feeling well.  You also hadn’t eaten much in the past two days and God knows how bitchy that made you.

“You don’t have to be so cross.”

“Sorry,” you grunted and pushed the door open before she could do it for you, “didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Still feeling sick?”

“No, you just…”

Lena unlocked the car and squinted in concern as you paused.

“I what?”

“You were having a nightmare or something.  Tossing and turning for most of the night.  I woke you up a few times and you settled back down; you don’t remember?”

“No,” Lena muttered as she got into the driver’s seat.  “I’m sorry about that…”

“Don’t worry about it.  It’s the least I can do.  Do you want to get lunch or something?  Stay out of the apartment for a bit?”

“Yeah,” Lena nodded and a small smile spread across her lips, “that sounds wonderful, actually.  Where would you like to eat?”

“You know the nicer parts of town better than I do,” you reminded her with a dry laugh.  “I’ll leave it up to you.”

“Alright then,” Lena shrugged.  She finished backing out of the parking space and then reached across the console to hold your hand.  The act was so innocent and light; so different from the rest of your life lately.  You hadn’t necessarily been good to Lena lately.  It was easy to become reclusive and absorbed into yourself after spending days on your own in the apartment.  Being out in the real world reminded you of when you had first started falling for her; the early mornings in her office where you brought her coffee and exchanged small glances and smiles.  You began to recall what an exceptional woman she was and what she had been through at both your hands and the hands of others.

“You know I love you, right?” you lifted her hand to your lips and placed a quick kiss on the back of it.  Lena’s gaze broke from the street for a few seconds and fixed on you.

“I do, and I love you.”

“We should take a vacation.”


“I still have some money left over from, you know, what your mom paid me.  I want to spend it on you.  Where haven’t you been?”

“Y/N, that’s crazy.”

“So what if it is?  Everything else that’s happened to us has been.”

“I’ve give you that,” Lena chuckled.  “Still, you really don’t have to-“

“I want to, Lena.  Come on; let me do something for you for once.  Let’s just get away for a while.”

“Alright, if we were to go somewhere, where would you want to go?” Lena asked as if she were actually thinking about it.  You smiled a tad at her compliance and chewed your bottom lip thoughtfully.

“I assume you’ve done London, Rome, and Paris?  All the major spots?”

“You would be correct,” Lena confirmed.  “Venice and Athens too.”

“How about…” you paused for a moment and racked your brain, “Amsterdam?”

“Stopped there for a few hours on a layover but never saw the town.  You?”

“Always wanted to see it.  The Anne Frank house, the canals, the ‘coffee shops’.  How about I rent us out a place for, say, a month?”

“You want me to drop everything and go with you to Amsterdam for a month?”

“Yeah, kinda,” you grinned.  “We should just, you know, get away for a while.  I’m good at running away, Lena.  But this time I want to take someone with me.  I want you.”

“You’re very charming when you want to be, you know that?”

“I’m always charming,” you reminded her.  Lena took her eyes off of the road again and chuckled as you planted another kiss on her hand.  

“If you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to wreck this car.”

“Sorry, I’ll try to be good.”

“I’m really going to crash if you—oh,” Lena tensed as you moved her hand to your inner thigh and spread your legs a little.  “Y/N…”


“We’re, uh, we’re here.”

The car all but swerved into a parking spot and you couldn’t help but feel some self-satisfaction at how fast Lena leaned over the console and pressed her lips against yours.  Her hand moved the rest of the way up your thigh and her other one came up to grip the back of your neck, pulling you in closer to her.

“Let’s go; I’m starving.”

Lena huffed in frustration as you pulled back and opened your door.

“You’re evil.”

“I believe the word you used was ‘charming’,” you corrected her and stepped out of the car with your good leg.  Lena groaned a little bit, but followed your actions and came around to retrieve your crutches from the backseat.  You stopped her with a wave of the hand and she frowned in confused concern.

“Are you going to help me try out this newly healed bone?”

“Right here?”

“Uh huh,” you wiggled your bad leg and shut the door behind you.  Lena, though a little hesitant, wrapped her arm around your waist.  She did her best to hide it, but you could still tell that she was having a minor heart attack as you carefully started to put wave on your foot.  The limb felt weak and the muscles trembled a bit as you added more of your balance.  Lena was watching your face intently as you took your first step.  

“You alright?”


A little bit of pain shot through your leg, but you ignored it and took another step.  Lena continued to keep her arm around you as the two of you entered the restaurant and managed to flag down a hostess.  

“This place is quaint,” you noted as you limped towards a booth in the back.  Lena offered a small little grin and shrugged.

“Not everything I do is upscale.”

“I know.  You’re with me, remember?”

“Hush,” she helped you to sit and then sat down across from you as the rather disinterested hostess tossed a few menus onto the table.

“Someone will be with you in a minute.”

“Thanks,” you nodded and opened one of the menus.  “Do you want red or white wine?”

“Uh,” Lena grimaced for a brief moment, “should you really be drinking?  I mean…I feel like its not really good for you with, you know, what’s been going on.”

“I’m fine.  Lena, I’m not made of glass.”

“I know, I know.  I’m sorry, I just…I don’t want you making things harder on yourself.”

“I’ve always liked booze; you’ve known that.  It’s not a problem, like the pills.  I don’t need to drink—“

“Hey there!  I’m Kiersten and I’ll be your server today.  Can I start you ladies off with something to drink?”

Your waitress seemed to have popped up out of nowhere and you quickly replaced your slightly irritated expression with a pleasant one.

“We’ll have a bottle of your best merlot, please,” you ordered and pretended not to notice the disapproving look from the woman across the table.  Your waitress, having sensed the bit of tension, hurried to scribble down your request and glanced between both you and Lena,

“That’ll be right out.”

“Thank you,” you nodded at the server and then fixed your eyes on Lena, waiting for her to say something.

“You don’t really know how to listen, do you?”

“I figured you would have picked up on that by now.  Now, back to Amsterdam—“

“I hate it when you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Deflect like that.  Any time I bring up something serious, you just wave it off.”

“Oh, and I’m supposed to want to talk about ‘serious’ things while we’re out to lunch?  Fine, let’s talk about how I got kidnapped by your adoptive mother and nearly killed.  And then we can discuss how I tried not using my pain pills at first and then started snorting them to keep you from dragging me back to the hospital because of how much it hurt me to fucking move.”

“Are you really blaming me for—“

“No, Jesus, I’m not blaming you,” you interrupted before her voice could get any louder and took her hands in yours across the table.  “Lena, let’s not do this, please?  I-I don’t blame you for any of this; I know my own mistakes brought me here.  I’m sorry.”

“We can’t just pretend nothing happened to you,” Lena murmured.

“I have spent my whole life pretending nothing happened to me.  That’s how I move past the things that did.  I’m not just bottling it up and waiting to explode, alright?  I’m…I’m letting everything go except for you.”

“Promise me that you’re telling the truth—that you’re okay?”

“I promise,” you squeezed her hands and then leaned back as your server returned.  Lena thanked her quietly as she poured two glasses of wine and then set the bottle aside on the table.  

“Ready to order, ladies?”

“Yes; we’ll both have the fettuccini Alfredo with a Caesar salad to start,” Lena replied and took your menu before you could even open it.  Something about the way she always ordered for you at restaurants reminded you of what had attracted you to her in the first place; that well-earned confidence that made something in your chest stir.  A little smitten, you leaned back in the booth and fixed your gaze on her as she politely handed the waitress your menus.

“What?” she asked upon noticing.



“Nothing!  I just…you’re very, very sexy.  I almost wish we had gone straight home.”


Her foot brushed against your leg beneath the table and you bit down on the inside of your cheek.  The corners of her mouth turned up in a smirk and she arched one of her eyebrows.  It took most of your self-restraint not to drag her into the bathroom and slam her up against the wall of one of the stalls with a hand up her skirt.

“You’re killing me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You love these games, don’t you?”

“I love watching you squirm,” Lena admitted.  “The way you start playing with your hands and how your cheeks get red…it’s hot.”

You glanced down, a little sheepish at the realization that you were in fact, ringing your hands.

“So, what are you going to do to me when we get home?”

“Lena Luthor, are you trying to talk dirty in an Italian restaurant over lunch?”

“I’m wearing the red panties you like.”

“Oh God,” you pressed a hand to your forehead, “the lacy ones?”


“Jesus, Lena.”


“God, where are my keys?”

Lena paused outside the entrance to the restaurant and handed you her to-go bag as she dug through her purse.  Both of you had been rather flustered throughout the short lunch and you were more than ready to get into the privacy of the apartment.  

“Nice to see you up and about, Y/N.”

The voice coming from your right sent panic coursing through your system.  You hardly had time to turn and face Lillian before Lena screamed and a strong pair of arms grabbed you from behind.


The scream ripped through your throat just before a cloth clamped over your face and overwhelmed you with a strong scent that you recognized all too well.  The last thing you saw before the chloroform took you out was Lena collapsing to the sidewalk with her mother’s blurry figure standing over her.

Lena,” you whimpered her name one last time as things went black.

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Dean/Demon!Dean x Reader



You had headaches and your were annoyed.

“Thanks Cas that you bring me here…couldn’t you choose a dry night? ”, you said into the rain and shook your head. You had to find a roof to get under and you knew where you would find one.

You knocked on the door and a very tall person opened up. You went past him into the not-so-nice motel room.

“It is raining like hell outside. Do you have any towels?”, you asked looking around in the familiar room.

“Uhm…excuse me but…”, Sam started and Dean finished his confusion with pointing a gun to your face.

“Who the hell are you?”, the green eyed one asked you and you would have loved to kiss him but it was impossible.

“Oh, my bad.”, you laughed and wanted to grab something from your bag.

“Don’t even try.”, he growled and stepped closer.

“Easy boy. It is just a silver flask full of holy water. See..”, you opened it and poured some over your hand.

“No Demon or Shifter. Do you guys have some soap, so I can prove that I am not a Leviathan?”, you asked and looked into their confused faces.

“Well I think you guys are like…shocked…or something. So I’m going to hop into the shower and it would be nice if you could gather yourself together until I’m done.”

You were drying your hair with a towel when the brothers came into the bathroom.

“So? Are you a hunter?”, Sam asked and looked at you.

“Yeah…you can say that.”, you said smiling to yourself and threw the towel at Dean who catched it.

“So what are you doing here if you don’t mind me asking?”, Dean said with a sarcastic smile on his face. You knew his skin was crawling because he hadn’t everything under his controll.

“To clear things up. I’m from the future. I know you guys. We are kind of close but I can’t tell you more because otherwise I would change the future and that would end like Balthazar unsinking the Titanic.”, you explained and waited till they processed it all.

“Why do you know Balthazar? He was way in the past…Who are you? Some kind of freakin’ God?”, Dean is the first to ask.

“Cute but no. I’m not a God. I’m a normal human passing through time. And my name…Let’s see…how about…Brenda? I think that is a cute name.”, you named yourself not wanting them to know your real name. They would look for you and find you if the wanted.

“Why are you here?”, Sam sat down on the bed. Dean was still staring at you. You loved this Dean. He was so much younger and with less demons. Literally.

“Well…you remember the Pheonix you had to kill to get to its ash? I need something which apperantly only exsists in this year and you guys destroy it in your hunt tomorrow. I need that thing to save a loved one back there. Well not back, further? Whatever you know what I mean.”, you explained and looked Dean in the eye. You remembered the last time you saw him. He wasn’t himself. He hit you, was about to kill you if Sam and Cas wouldn’t have been there. But he hasn’t been himself. Now Sam had found a cure but you needed this bone which they destroyed in the past becuase it was used to fullfill bad wishes. You had to stop that and take it with you.

“Who is it?”, Dean asked and his voice was calmer now. Carefull even.

“My husband.”, you were safe to say that.

“Oh…”, you could see disappointment in his eyes and you had to laugh.

“Can’t hit on a married woman right?”, you laughed and Sam chuckled.

“Well technichally you are not married yet.”, he defended himself gave you his flirting smirk but you knew that he wouldn’t try.

“Anyways…we got stuff to do so I get that damn thing before you dumbasses destroy it.”

It was the day after and you had half an hour left. You were in the middle of the fight with five witches who happend to be using that bone. You could hear Dean making jokes about that. Apperantly the job turned out bigger than you guys thought because it wasn’t just the witches who were after the item but demons also.

You just slit the throat of one of the red headed witches when someone grabbed you from behind and tried to strangle you. You kicked and scratched him but he remained unimpressed.

“Let her go you bastard.”, Dean yelled pointing a shotgun at the thing behind you. It kept getting more difficult to breath and your heart pounded in your chest.

“Well isn’t this cute. You shouldn’t have come here dear. I maybe dead in the future but I’m not in the past. You should have known that because you were the one who killed me! Now little Dean has to watch you die before he even gets the chance to bone you.”

“Anster.”, you said the demons name out loud and roled your eyes. How could you forget him. Damn it.

“The one and only.”, he said in your ear and yo felt your skinn crawl.

“Let her go or I’ll shoot.”, Dean threatend him but that was not wise of him.

“Shoot and I’ll slit her throat and you won’t be able to build your little family with her and stay forever alone. Well I could just destroy the bone and you would destroy your love by yourself. I like that.”, Anster said and you could hear his grin in his voice. This bastard was about to ruin everything.

“What is he talkin about?”, Dean said and was obviously confused. But before you could answer you felt something sting into your back and heard Anster screaming his lungs out. His body dropped to the floor and you turned around to face Sam with a bloody demon knife in his hands.

“I hate demons.”, Sam said and looked at the body on the ground.

“Copy that.”, you answered and grabbed the bone from Ansters dead body.

“Well. I got to go.”, you said so you could go before Dean could dig in way too much.

“Hold on there walkin future. What was the demon talkin about? Why would I destroy my love if I had one. That’s insane. And what would you have to do with it?”, you heard Dean say with the serious voice of his.

“Don’t worry about that. You’re not doing anything.”

“Wait! Am I your…”

“Cas! Time to go!”, you cut him off shoutig before he could end his sentence.

“Cas?! He is behind all of this? Hell no…” He came straight at you and grabbed the bone from you. Apparently Cas and Dean were not on good terms in this year.

“Your not going anywhere before you tell me.” You panicked immidiatly and looked to the clock. You had ten minutes.

“Dean give it back. I’m serious. I won’t be able to come back again and then…”

“Who are you?”, he yelled and you winced.

“Dean please…”

“Tell me who you are or I swear to god I will destroy this thing and you won’t be able to save your husband.”, he groweld and squeezed your armes.

“I would have to kill you for that because you are my damn husband you Asshole!”, you bursted out and shoved him back.

“I did this to you?”, he asked out of nowhere and reached out for your face where you could still see the bruises demon Dean left. He got you really hard with the one punch but neither of you mentioned the bruises until now.

“Technichally yeah. But it wasn’t really you. Look this is already too much information I got to go to my time as fast as I can before we change the future.”, you changed the subject and reached out for the bone. But dean pulled you in a kiss instead and you realized how much you missed his soft lips against yours.

“Kick me in the ass when your back home. You don’t deserve this. And when you save me I promise I will take you to Venice and we will have a hot honeymoon.”, he whispered against your lips. You chuckled and heard the clock hit 12 o'clock.

“I’ll save you. I will always save you.”, was the last thing you could say before you felt Cas pull you back. You woke up in the panick room on a bed not far away from the demons trap where Dean was sitting on a chair tied to it.

“Welcome back sweetheart.”, you heard him say and your heart ached. You still felt dizzy but stood up anyway.

“What happened? Did you get it?”, Sam asked and hurried over to you.

“Yeah. Anster showed up and was about to blow off the whole thing but you killed him.”, you sighed and handed him the bone so he could do the ritual.

“Oh honey. Was I rude to you back there? See, it is not because I’m a demon. You just deserve to be treated like that.”, demon Dean said and you looked into his black eyes. You hold on to the words from past-Dean and smiled at him.

“Actually baby…Dean kissed me and told me to kick your ass. Even you wanted to kick yourself.” You stepped into the demons trap and put your hand on his shoulder.

“And after kicking your ass…We’re going to Venice…You have to keep your promises.”

You sounded pretty confident but inside you wished that this ritual would work because otherwise you had to start from zero again.

Serial Killer AU(Part 2)

Well, everybody wanted a sequel so here it is. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on posting this today, but it is a special day.

Happy Birthday @ladyofacat ! You said you liked the au, so here is my gift for you. Best wishes ^^

|Part 1| Part 3|  Part 4| Part 5|  End 1| End 2|  

Marinette barely closed one eye the whole night. When she woke up, she glanced at the clock on her bedside.


Marinette groaned. She had to get up, she had work dammit. With a grunt, Marinette managed to get out of the bed and drag herself out of the bedroom. Her world was spinning with her. She really needed some coffee to get her through this day. Absently, she wondered how she still managed to use her body properly when it felt like every bone was about to crack under tiredness if that was even a thing. Was her boss going to be angry if she got a little bit late to work? She could come with a nice excuse and… Marinette covered her mouth with a hand to dimish the shriek that just passed her lips at the sight before her.

“Hey, easy, easy. It is just me.” Adrien said, circling the table to approach her, clearly taken aback by her reaction.

“How did you get in here?” she questioned while the memories from last night flooded her memory. He looked at her surprised.

“With the key? You know, same key Alya also has, cause we all have keys from each other apartments in case one of us forgets the oven on and almost burns down a building again” Marinette placed a hand over her chest. Her heart was about to jump out, but she needed to calm down. Right, keys. Adrien looked apologetically at her. “I’m so sorry, Mari. You were so tired lately and overworked, I just wanted to surprise you with breakfast. But I guess I shouldn’t have just come randomly in your house.”

“It’s okay, Adrien.” Marinette said managing to crack a smile, though it must have looked awful on her almost sleepless face. Adrien didn’t seem to notice or care for the matter how much she resembled a zombie. He gave her one of those smiles that seemed to make all the clouds go away and let the sun shine through while the birds sang in harmony.

“The crêpes will be ready in fifteen minutes. I even made your favourite sauce, with strawberries and a little vanilla.”

Marinette nodded. “I’m just going to get ready until then. I’ll be fast.”

Twenty minutes later, Marinette was happily stuffing her face with crêpes. God, she forgot when was the last time she had an actually cooked breakfast. She had been so ridiculously busy lately. Glancing up at Adrien, she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him chewing on his own food with some strawberry cream dripping from the corners of his mouth. Marinette snorted. This dork was way too cute. Noticing it, Adrien swallowed the bite he was chewing on. Then he put an extremely serious expression on. Marinette raised an eyebrow as he slowly stuck his tongue out. Then, he crossed his eyes fastly managing to make Marinette burst out laughing at the silly expression on his face. For the first time in weeks, she felt content. Until her eyes slid to the clock and saw she had about three minutes to get to work. Well, fuck. She was about to get up and go when Adrien called out her name.

“Marinette.” he rubbed the back of his head. “It’s not my place or anything, but maybe you should call in sick today? You are overworked and you’ll get actually ill if you keep this up. And the dark circles are still visible, even if you are wearing makeup.”

Marinette stopped dead in her tracks. Truth was, she was in no mood to go to work to analyze the same dead end again and again. And while the breakfast had been wonderful, she doubted she had enough energy to carry on through the day. Especially with the events from last night. A shiver run down her spine as she remembered how she took the gift box from last night and shoved it in the freezer. Isn’t like she could get rid of it as fast as she got rid of the other so called gifts. Pulling her phone out she shoots a fast message to Tikki informing her she is sick and she will be absent today. She got an answer pretty fast, telling her about a new body they found, with the heart ripped out. Still no other kind of clue. Marinette gulped, remembering the night before.

I wanted to give you my own.

“All good?“Adrien asked, appearing in front of her. Marinette nodded, trying to ignore the thoughts from last night just a little bit more. “Do you want to Play MS Seven? Or watch some movies?“We could do the random pick thing again.”

“Yeah, ” she said, giving Adrien the most honest smile she could muster. “Sounds like a good idea.”

Marinette had no idea what movie they were watching. She was cuddled against  Adrien’s side, on the couch and while, she was enjoying the feeling of relaxation and the shared warmth her mind was far away. Chat Noir was haunting her mind. It couldn’t possibly be Adrien. Paris had over two million people. Adrien wasn’t the only tall, green eyed, blond man. Marinette was surprised she could still remember Chat Noir’s look so well and the profile she made. She couldn’t accuse Adrien of it, not just because of one gesture that unsettled her. She didn’t get enough clues to get a mental analysis or behavior description. Based strictly on physical description, there were similarities, but…

Marinette frowned. Trying to picture Chat Noir without the mask and the cat eyes didn’t work. But trying to picture Adrien in a leather suit, that worked just fine. Marinette’s jaw clenched at the mental imagine. Too damn close. Too alike. No, it couldn’t possibly be. But when a black mask joined the imagine… no!

Adrien wasn’t a murdered. She knew him for so long he never once displayed anything remotely similar to homicidal tendencies. Nothing that could eventually lead to it. Hell, Adrien wasn’t even killing spiders or cockroaches, he simply took them out. He couldn’t kill a man. She glanced up at him. He was focused on the movie, his green eyes glimmering. His eyes were so soft and kind, nothing cat like about them. And Adrien was such a sweetheart. Always there to help without expecting anything back. Without all the snobbish behavior and superiority complex people in the world he grew up in had. Loyal, brave Adrien who was always there for people no matter how close he was to them. Who always tried to cheer them up even if it was a lame joke or pun.

Are you checking meowt?

No! Marinette felt a pain spreading in her chest. Adrien was one of her best friends. The most loyal one. He meant so much to her… he, he. Oh fuck it, she may as well admit after ten years that she was in love with him. She loved him so much. He can’t be a killer. Not him.

Denying won’t help you through the grief. You have to move forward. That’s what they always told the people close to murderers.

“Marinette?” Adrien’s voice broke her line of thoughts. “Marinette, what’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer. She just hid her face in his shirt and sobbed.

“Are you sure you will be okay?” Adrien asked later that evening when he was about to leave.

Marinette nodded, giving him what she hoped was a convincing smile. “I will be good. Thank you for everything today.”

”Marinette.” Adrien was giving her that look that she never could quite. It was simply so… loving. He settled his hands on her shoulders. “If you need more time, to just forget about everything for a while, we can always make a break for London or Amsterdam. Or Venice. Venice is nice in this period of the year and we could spend the whole night in a gondola, under the stars and watch the sunrise. Or we could go to that vineyard where we had been last summer. With the chateau you loved. We may get lucky and see fireflies again and dance in the gardens like we did back in July. Or I could cuddle you to sleep. Here or if you want, at my apartment. I could sing you to sleep and I also have the piano there. I could play your favourite part from Rite of Spring. Anything you wish, princess.”

Marinette did her best to keep from crying again. Without a second thought, she jumped in his arms, hugging him as tight as she could. “You are too good.” she wasn’t sure if she was telling him that or she was trying to convince herself of it.

”There is nothing too good for you Marinette. You deserve everything.” he whispered in her ear.

Marinette didn’t care how much they stayed like that, she didn’t want to let him go. Ever. “Don’t do anything stupid, please.” she requested.

Adrien’s only answer was a kiss on the forehead.

Marinette was sitting on her bed, trying to put her thoughts together. It was all too much to take in, yet nothing was for sure. She almost didn’t hear her phone ringing. With trembling hands, she accepted the call.

”I know you have a sick day.” Tikki’s voice was clear from the other end of the line. “But you have to come right now. We have a clue.”

Marinette must have broken several speed records since the call ended. Slightly out of breath, she made her way towards the victim. The area had been cleared, the only people around wearing the red and black uniforms of their division. The place was a beautiful one, quite romantic too, especially in spring with all the blooming trees and flowers. But now, it had a macabre air, especially with a corpse staring at the lake. Except there was nothing to stare with. The eyesockets were empty, the only thing suggesting they had been there in the first place being the dried blood around the hollows. Tikki pointed to a card in the lap of the victim. Marinette picked it up.

Why stare at any crystal water when I could just get lost in your eyes?

The note fell out of her hand as Marinette’s heart shattered in pieces. She recognized the handwriting.

ABC’s of Me

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A - Age: 20

B - Biggest Fear: Never feeling genuine satisfaction as to who i am or what im doing

C - Current Time: 10:58 PM

D - Drink you last had: Pepsi

E - Everyday starts off with: My dog staring at me from the door like “Dude please I have to pee”

F - Favorite Song: At the minute its Tale of the Winter Souls- Kisnou

G - Ghosts, are they real?: I aien’t fudge with you if you don’t fudge with me, real or not I dont ask I just walk away

H - Hometown: Grew up in So Cal.

I - In love with: No one. Crushes are mostly people too far to make it work

J - Jealous of: Better Artists, published authors, my brothers. I try not to be though, and actively work on it

K - Kill Someone: This is threateningly ambiguous 

L - Last Time You Cried: Earlier today while in a men’s clothing store cause i’m dramatic like that, lol

M - Middle Name: Im not into these security question like questions

N - Number of siblings: 3

O - One Wish: To make people smile and inspire them to create new things they might not have otherwise

P - Person you last called/texted: Kay

Q - Question you’re always asked: “Wait do you write or do you draw?” It seems impossible to do both.

R - Reason to Smile: Seeing other people smile. Seeing people improve and learn. Seeing anyone be passionate about something, that light that takes them over and the way they get so excited their words crash together and you want nothing more than to share that with them because it matters to THEM even if it doesnt matter to you. Seeing people work together. Collaborating with others to create new things. Animals. People. Silly people being silly without fear of being judged. Knowing that someone somewhere just had an amazing idea that will change their life and possibly MANY lives

S - Song you last sang: Gold from Once the Musical

T - Time you woke up: 11 am?

U - Underwear Color: Currently? *checks* blue

V - Vacation destination: I want to go to Paris clearly, but also New Zealand and New York. And Austin again. And Seattle. Also Amsterdam. and Venice. and anywhere small also, with a few good restaurants and stunning views. 

W - Worst habit: Apathy. Is that a habit? it feels like one

X - X rays you’ve had: Ankle, wrists, knee, arm, teeth.

Y - Your favorite food: Any kind of sushi with lemon on it and a little bit of a kick of spice. Probably Lemon Pepper Salmon roll specifically. God i love sushi rolls with lemon, oh man im hungry now

Z - Zodiac Sign: Leo my dude. 

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Little White Lies - Part Four

Ughhh I reread/redid this sooo many times and I still don’t really like it. But, eh. Let’s just do it.

Chapter One 

Chapter Three

Chapter Four 

5,650 words - yikes!

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Nico muttered as he inched his way down the dimly-lit hallway. Slipping around the corner, he continued down another corridor - almost tripping over a coffee table against the wall and streaming a slur of hushed curses - then resumed forward again and counted the doors he passed. One… two… Nico came to a halt at the third and slid down the wall next to the door frame. He put his hand over his mouth to silence his heavy breathing and brushed his dark and still-tangled hair away from his forehead.

After managing to calm down he began to wonder what he was even doing there. Sure, he couldn’t sleep, but how does that explain why he had ended up outside the Prince’s bedroom? What was he even there for?

Biting his lip, Nico shifted onto his knees and pressed his ear to the door. He was met with silence on the other side. Was Will asleep? Wait, Nico thought to himself, of course he was. It was past three in the morning, why wouldn’t he be asleep?

Finally thinking clearly again, Nico decided he didn’t want to wake him up and began to get to his feet, using the door handle to push himself up. With a click, the handle dipped and the door swung open. He bit his lip so hard he could have sworn he tasted blood. He slowly leaned into the room and strained to see through the dark. “H-Hello?” he whispered. Feeling his hands shake slightly and his stomach lurch and twist into knots, Nico stepped forward, crossing the room quietly to stand at the edge of the bed - empty and neatly made.

Nico let out a breath, then turned and left the room, closing the door as silently as he could. Muttering to himself about how stupid that had been, he headed back to his own room. Why had he even left it in the first place?

When he gave up trying to figure that out, his mind flicked to the reason the Prince wasn’t in his room. Where would he be? Was he alright? - Not that Nico cared, of course. But if Will was taken by a cereal killer before the coronation, things would get complicated with the alleged ‘client’ Jason was talking about.

Huffing, Nico decided to just push it from his mind and flopped back onto his bed when he got to his room. For the second time that night, he found himself staring at the ceiling and tracing the pattern on the wallpaper with his eyes, sighing. “What am I doing here?” Feeling miserable, he flung his arm over his eyes and let out a trembling breath.

It was hard to tell how long it was before he fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the Prince wearing a navy blue tailored suit, walking confidently onto a platform at the front of a massive room full of people. The King and Queen stood to the right of the stage. Nico watched the scene from behind the three of them.

There was deafening applause from the crowd as Will took his place and waved at them. Nico felt himself smile a little. But the rare smile quickly faded as the applause came to a sudden halt and a hush settled over the entire room. Gasps traveled through the crowd, eyes widened, jaws dropped. Small children started wailing, their parents scooping them up and holding them tightly. Will and his parents spun around and their eyes locked on the strange boy standing behind them.

Nico could hear their hearts beat faster, as well as his own - a percussion orchestra banging against the inside of his head. Fear overcame their features as they stumbled back from him. Nico looked down to find his dagger gripped in his hand so tightly his knuckles turned milky. Before he even knew what was happening, he was striding toward the Prince, who fell backward and tried to scramble away.

Kneeling over him, he put a hand on Will’s throat to still his movements, though Nico wasn’t in control of his actions. His hands clasped at Nico’s forearm and he could see the terror in the Prince’s eyes. It was only until he followed Will’s horrified gaze that he realized his other hand was slowly raising the blade.

“No,” Nico wanted to yell. He wanted to scream, he wanted to stop. He couldn’t. The knife came down, Will cried out in pain, and Nico woke with a start. He pushed himself up on wobbling arms, gasping and struggling to breathe.

With a sigh, he pulled off his shirt, which was soaked through with sweat. Nico rubbed at his eyes and tried to get the look on dream-Will’s face out of his mind, but it was a futile attempt. He shook his head. Whatever, he thought. It wasn’t like he was going to be the one to actually kill the Prince, anyway. He was just a spy. Nothing anything like that dream was ever going to happen.

Nico laid back again and reached blindly for his phone on the bedside table. He checked the time. “Ten o’clock?!” he yelped as he jumped up, got tangled in the sheets, and toppled head over heels off his bed. “I’m three hours late! Shit shit shit!” For the next fifteen minutes, Nico scrambled around his room as he got ready. Hopping on one leg, he yanked on his pants, then swept his hair into place without bothering to comb out the knots while simultaneously brushing his teeth.

After going through a mental checklist of everything he needed, and then once again to make sure he didn’t forget anything, he bolted out the door and tried not to sprint to the kitchen. Thank god he didn’t have to punch in with one of those timeclock things.

Still struggling with the last button on his shirt, Nico walked toward Leo and Piper as they talked with one of the younger chefs about who-knew-what if Leo was involved. But they seemed to be pretty excited. Piper was the first to spot him approaching and waved. Leo looked over next and raised an eyebrow.

“You look like literal death,” he informed Nico once he was close enough.

“Thanks, I try,” Nico replied.

Raising a brow, Piper asked, “Do you know how late you are?”

“I overslept.”

“For three hours?”

Nico muttered something under his breath, then straightened and squared his shoulders. “Look, it was a long night, okay? Can we just drop it and talk about something else?” Of course, he didn’t mean to sound so harsh - it must have been the lack of sleep. The others seemed to catch on and reluctantly restarted the conversation they were having, sending him weary glances every once in awhile.

While they continued talking, Nico promptly zoned out, probably appearing as if he was staring at one of the chefs and effectively freaking them out, but Nico’s mind was nine miles away.

“-nk, Nico?”

His head snapped back to Leo, Piper, and the other dude - who still hadn’t walked away, oddly enough - all of whom were now looking at him expectantly. “Uh, what? Wasn’t listening.”

“I asked you what you think about coming to a party tonight,” Piper explained patiently, though Nico picked up on the slightest hint of playful annoyance. “We’re all getting off early, and there’s a really cool bar a few blocks into town. You in?”  

Nico paused and made a face. “Nah, wouldn’t be a good idea. Parties aren’t my thing. Plus… uh, I should probably call home. My family wants me to stay in touch.”

“Oh, come on!” Leo whined. “It’ll be fun! You’ll get the chance to get some more friends around the town.” Leo still thought Nico had come from Venice - though why he hadn’t questioned the lack of an accent and that he was ‘already’ fluent English Nico didn’t know. “Also,” Leo continued. “I am extremely curious to see what kind of drunk you are.”

“Ten bucks says he’s the reckless type that tries to jump off buildings and see if he can fly,” Piper added.

“I’m going with bipolar emotional sap.” Leo and Piper shook on it and Nico rolled his eyes.

For the next two hours and for the first half of Nico’s shift he went around the kitchen and took care of chores. He was already used to having to take care of the bakery basically by himself (because Hazel was no help at all, saying she had to study).

As Nico was stepping through the back door after taking out two bags of trash, the same sharply-dressed man that had approached him on his first day at the palace sauntered up once more. He stood straight and tall and adjusted his bowtie before speaking. “It has been requested you complete a task for His Royal Highness,” he stated, voice nasally.

The boy quirked a brow and turned impulsively, grabbing a broom leaning on a counter and sweeping the floor a few times before he paused and faced the man again, leaning on the handle. “Alright, and why is that?”

“I have told you before, please do-”

“-as you are told,” Nico finished. “Yeah yeah. Am I entitled to know what this ‘task’ entails?”

“This information was not disclosed to me. In any case, please report to-”

“Sorry, bud. I wish I could, really.” Nico feigned a distressed sigh and inspected his nails. “But, I’m a bit swamped with work here in the kitchen and if I don’t know what I’m passing my initial responsibilities up for, then I’m afraid I can’t help ya.”

The man’s eyebrows bristled and his face turned slightly red. He looked like a beet with bushy eyebrows and a mini mustache. “I assure you, any work His Royal Highness has made the decision to trust in you is far more salient than an obligation to complete such lowly kitchen chores.” He spat out the last part like Nico was some sort of cockroach for doing his job.  

Feeling himself becoming agitated, Nico replied in a steady voice from between gritted teeth, “Well, then I’m sure such prestigious work should be taken care of someone a little more important than a kitchen maid, huh?” He smirked as the man searched for an argument. Evidently not finding one, he tugged on the hem of his vest and walked off the way he had come, trying to keep his posture straight. Nico chuckled in victory - before realizing he now had to get back to cleaning. He groaned and continued sweeping the floor.

For the rest of his shift, Nico tried to listen for any gossip being spread around the staff as he finished up his chores. But no such luck. Either there were too much clattering and clanging and oven-beeping for the boy to hear, or these people didn’t talk as much as he assumed they would.

Before noon, three more people had come up to Nico, asking him to tend to something for the Prince. Nico found a way out each time, telling them he had prior obligations and that there must be someone else who could take care of it. It was getting annoying.

Finally, just as Nico finished cleaning the counters, his hair tied back and plastic gloves covering his hands, the clock struck half-past noon and various people took their lunch break. Nico quickly put away his cleaning supplies and yanked off the hair tie before heading for the main entrance to the kitchen. Leo and Piper tried to get his attention before he left, but he waved them off, spouting out a quick lie about how he forgot something in his room that morning.

He grabbed a bagel from a woven basket on the counter on his way out the double doors, crossed through the dining room outside the kitchen, then into the corridor. Taking big bites from his small lunch, he roamed around the castle, trying yet again to memorize the layout. He had pretty much gotten the first and third floor down, but there were still three others.

After exploring the second floor, Nico advanced to the fourth and roamed wherever the hallways took him. He had long since finished his bagel and was wishing he had a drink for the third time when he approached a door, slightly ajar, further down the hallway. As he neared, he heard familiar voices softly floating out into the hallway, keeping their tones hushed.

Nico slowly crouched down and inched his way toward the door, trying not to think about how similar this situation was to the one he was in that morning. Once he reached the edge of the door frame, he gradually leaned forward so that he could just see around the door.

It was a wide room, the walls lined with dozens of overstocked bookshelves and lamps hanging on the walls here and there. In the far corner from where Nico sat was a large maroon desk, scattered with papers, books, letters, and pens that had run out of ink and had been haphazardly tossed aside. There were two people, a man sitting at the desk with his head in his hands, and a woman with a straight and slightly stiff posture in a chair in front of him.

“He will do absolutely fine, Lester,” the woman assured him, “I believe he is ready.”

“Yes well, shall we agree to disagree?” the man replied bitterly, glancing up from where he had been staring at the wood desk. “He is just not ready to rule a kingdom! The mere thought is - just astonishing. He’s practically still a child.”

Nico had to bite his tongue to keep quiet. There was a reason he had recognized these voices. The King and Queen. And they had to be talking about Will.

“You’re being rash,” Queen Naomi informed him. “Still a child? You said the same thing when I suggested the coronation take place three years ago. Then, I could understand your concern for his maturity, but he’s almost twenty! I believe he is more than ready.”

The King shook his head. “I’ll believe it when I see it. He’ll have to really step up if he wants my blessing.”

Nico bit his lip. For about 0.2 seconds, he felt a pang of pity for the Prince, that his own father didn’t believe he could run the kingdom well - but it quickly dissipated when Nico remembered that he and the King shared the opinion. Stay focused, he told himself.

The King and Queen continued to argue, but Nico didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation after something wrapped around his bicep like a vise and yanked him backward, dragging him all the way down the hall while he tried to regain his balance. It didn’t work and he stumbled over his feet until he was jerked to a halt.

“Just what,” A voice hissed in his ear, “do you think you’re doing?” Nico swallowed and chanced a glance at his captor’s face. Recognition flicked through his face as he remembered the girl in the white dress with the black eyes and glossy hair pulled into a braid that rested on her right shoulder.

Nico struggled to find a way out of this one. “I-I was just,” he paused, clearing his throat as he tried to come up with an excuse, keeping his voice low. “I was passing by and stopped to tie my shoelaces.” He pointed to his foot for good measure.

“So you mean to tell me,” she started slowly, her voice low and perilous, “that you just happened to be passing by the King’s study while they happened to be discussing a topic of confidentiality and just happened to have to tie your shoe at that exact moment?” She raised a brow.

“Uh, yes. That is exactly what I mean to tell you.” Nico nodded firmly. She hummed skeptically and pushed him to his feet, allowing him to gain his balance before yanking him down the hallway again.

Once they were far from the King’s study where he and his wife continued on with their argument, the girl pulled Nico to a stop again and grabbed a fist full of his shirt. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is-”

“No problem,” Nico interrupted. “I tied my shoe, so I’m all good now.” She glared at him and he glared right back.

“I better not catch you trying anything funny with the Royal Family. Got it?” There was something weird in her eyes, the expression on her face. Her tone of voice and words tumbling from her lips gave the feeling that she was willing to protect the Royals at whatever cost. But Nico could see the flicker of doubt behind her eyes. It was almost as if she was forcing herself to come off as she was; forcing herself to seem loyal to them.

Nico wanted to ask but knew it was pointless. So instead he used her technique and put it in his eyes, hoping she noticed. “Got it,” he answered. She paused before letting him go.

“What are you even doing in this hallway? The kitchen is on ground level.” She crossed her arms.

Nico shrugged. “I was just walking around. I’m on lunch break.”

The girl rolled her eyes and scoffed. “That doesn’t justify you walking around in restricted areas of the castle. You shouldn’t be up here.”

“And you should?”

“Yes. I’m the Princess’s lady-in-waiting.” She looked him over once again. “You’re the same kid who needed directions to the Prince’s room about a week ago, correct?” Nico nodded. “I assume he wanted to get to know you like he does with all the other staff?” Another nod. “Did you let him?”

“No…” Nico knitted his eyebrows. Why was she asking?

“Good. But, he can be obstinate at times. He won’t give up, you know that right?” The boy grumbled and ducked his head angrily, dark hair falling in his eyes, as he explained about all the people telling him to go find the Prince and take care of something for him. He assumed that if bringing him his dinner a week before had been an excuse, it was justifiable that the reasons he was presented with earlier that day were excuses as well. He knew the Prince just wanted to dig up his past - for whatever odd reason - and The boy couldn’t let that happen, for more reasons than just the fact that he was a spy.

“It’s going to be hard to avoid the people he sends for the rest of today.” Nico sighed and rubbed his neck, trying to work out the knot that had been there for the past few weeks.

“Well,” the girl hesitated. “I guess I could help you out with that.”

Nico straightened and met her gaze. “You could? How?”

“I’m going to be busy for the rest of today and I need someone to watch the Princess while I’m gone. I was just on my way to meet up with someone and ask for their help when I ran into you. Now, I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, but I don’t think you’re stupid enough to mess this up.”

“Uh, thanks?”

She simply nodded. “Kayla’s room is on the third floor, east wing. It’s two corridors over from the Prince’s. You can’t miss it, trust me.” Nico nodded. “You’ll just have to watch her for a few hours while I take care of a meeting. Think you can handle it?” Nico gave her a two-fingered salute and she turned and walked the way they had come - back toward the King’s study.

“Alright, then,” Nico breathed. “Guess I’m a babysitter now.”

Feeling much more confident about his navigation skills, Nico headed off toward the stairs and climbed down to the third floor, then set out to find Kayla’s room. As he walked down the hallway against the east wall of the castle, he got distracted by the view from the windows - which took up the entire wall. Below was an extravagant garden, full to bursting with white roses accompanied by eccentric tulips and violets and other flowers and plants.

Nico forgot to watch where he was walking as he stared out the window, and bumped into someone heading the opposite direction. Books went clattering to the floor as the other person grunted in surprise and papers flew all over the hall.

“Ack, sorry,” Nico muttered, bending down and reaching for a book.

“No problem…” Nico’s hands froze at the voice. You have got to be kidding me, he thought bitterly. “Hey, are you who I think you are?” Nico looked up and met the Prince’s gaze, a scowl on his face. “Ah, you are.” Will bent down as well, but not to pick up his things; solely to just be eye-level with Nico. “I’ve been sending for you all day. I don’t believe we’ve finished our conversation from last night…”

Nose twitching slightly, Nico shoved the books back into Will’s hands and stood. “Odd. I seem to remember it ending fairly quickly.”

“That’s the problem.” Will stood up as well. “I didn’t even get your name.”

Nico shrugged. “Call me whatever you like, your Highness.”

Will sighed. “I told you I didn’t like that.”

“Too bad.” Nico’s eyes widened and he clenched his fists as he realized the mistake. “I mean… I’ll… take that into consideration… Sir.” Nico ground the sentence out, each word practically causing him physical pain to let past his lips.

Will groaned as Nico pushed past him. “‘Sir’ is even worse! Is it so hard to just call me by my first name?” he yelled after Nico, but he never got a response. “Fine then.” Will sighed again and continued down the hallway after collecting a few more papers.

Nico eventually found Kayla’s door, plastered all over with posters and signs saying Please knock, and I may think about granting entrance - maybe, and Off with their head ye who barges in. There was one nailed to the center of her door, hanging on a string so that it could be flipped over, currently displaying the words HER ROYAL HIGHNESS IS AVAILABLE, in green glitter. Nico peeked at the other side, which read HER ROYAL HIGHNESS DOES NOT WISH TO BE DISTURBED. COME BACK NEXT MILLENNIA, in blue glitter.

Not wanting to have his head chopped off - according to the sign - he knocked and the door immediately opened. A girl of around ten years of age stood in front of him, ginger hair pulled into a high ponytail, a green headband to keep wisps from falling out.

“Who’re you?” She asked.

“I’m Nico,” he told her, offering his hand. When all she did was stare at it, he put it back down. “Your lady-in-waiting sent me to watch you for the rest of the day,” He explained, wearing a small smile.

“Oh.” Kayla opened the door wider to let him in. “I guess that’s fine then. But if you try to kidnap me, you’re in a heap of trouble, got it, Mister?”


“Right. And anyway, I don’t get why I have to have a babysitter for just a few hours. I mean, I’m almost eleven!” She brushed a few dolls to the foot of her bed and jumped on, pouting. Nico stood there awkwardly, not having the slightest clue what to say to the kid.

Her room wasn’t much smaller than Will’s, Nico noted. But it was drastically different. Her bed was smaller, a twin, and sat in the far right corner of the room. The walls were a light green with gold and white patterns. She had a pink beanbag chair, two chests full of toys, and Christmas lights looped the entire room where the walls met the ceiling.

“Are you bored?” she asked suddenly. “I’m bored. Let’s go exploring!” She hopped off her bed and grabbed Nico’s hand, pulling him out the door and turning down the hallway. “You’re new here, right? I’ll show you my favorite places in the castle.”

Before Nico could respond, he was being yanked down the hallway, vaguely thinking that maybe the small Princess had learned it from her lady-in-waiting. Kayla dragged Nico all throughout the castle, giving him her own personal version of the tour he received a week prior. After a few stops, she tugged him into the ballroom.

“Look, my big brother showed me how to dance that really fancy one that they always do at the big parties.” She positioned her feet and straightened, raising her arms around an invisible suitor and spun around the room, humming a waltz. Nico chuckled. Kayla glanced at him over her shoulder as she continued. “Do you know how?”

Nico shook his head. “Oh, no. Definitely not. Besides, I don’t think that I’ll ever need to use it.”

Kayla frowned and stopped dancing. “Of course you will. How else will you meet your Prince Charming?”

Nico smiled and shook his head, before fully registering what the little girl had just said. “P-Prince Charming?!”

She nodded, humming. “It’s in all the fairy tales. Will talks about it all the time. Seeing your Prince Charming from across the ballroom and feeling drawn to them like a magnet,” she explained, a wistful expression on her face, “and then you meet and take each other’s hands and dance together and fall in love and kiss at midnight!” She giggled.

Nico’s eyebrows furrowed. He highly doubted she knew what she just implied. And as for Will talking about it all the time, that was probably just because he read her the stories so often. “Yes, right… uh, how about we move on now?” Kayla nodded eagerly and continued on her favorite place tour.

Next stop was the garden that Nico had seen from the windows. Kayla navigated through the maze-like rows of plants and flowers taller than Nico, while he did his best to keep up. He was less afraid of losing her than he was of getting lost himself. The garden was at least three times the size of the massive ballroom, taking up an enormous space of land behind the castle. As he had seen from inside the palace walls, the majority of the garden consisted of white roses, but there were eccentrically-colored tulips and hydrangeas and countless others.

Suddenly, Kayla looked up from admiring a ladybug marching across a leaf, squealed, and ran off down the row. Nico’s voice rang through the garden when called out for her to wait, then hastily followed. As he rounded a plant he couldn’t name to save his life, Nico saw Kayla being swung in a circle by a girl in a single-strap white dress, caramel hair braided over one shoulder.

Nico wondered briefly if a white dress and braided hair was the dress code for women of the palace or something.

The girl - maybe around Nico’s age - set Kayla down gently and adjusted the young girl’s headband for her. Then she straightened and sent a glowing smile Nico’s way. “Hello!”

“Uh, hi?”

She smiled brighter and closed the distance between them, offering her hand. “I assume you’re the new guy I’ve been hearing so much about? Nico, was it? I’m Calypso. You can call me Caly.”

“Uh, nice to - wait, how do you know my-”

She chuckled. “Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy.” She winked.

What the heck?

“I’m the palace gardener,” Caly explained. She gestured to the foliage surrounding them. “To me, this place is my palace.” Smiling fondly all around her, Nico couldn’t help but admire how happy she seemed to be. He also couldn’t help but wonder if that smile would last longer than a month. He doubted it; the coronation was in four weeks.

Not wanting to be rude, Nico let Calypso show him around the garden, telling him the names of the various plants and flowers, although he didn’t even remember one. However, he didn’t say anything and simply let Cally prattle on about them. There was something soothing in her voice that made you want to do nothing but listen - no matter what she was saying.

After Nico didn’t know how long and him trying to politely refuse a flower crown but Cally insisting and giving him one anyway, Calypso let them go and Nico followed Kayla back inside, where she turned off down a hall and continued onto their next destination. They walked for about ten minutes before she stopped in a random hallway, the walls covered with portraits of the Royal Family. Nico quirked a brow.

“This is one of your favorite places in the castle?” Kayla nodded. “Why?” A sly smile spread across her face and she raised an eyebrow.

“What, you didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?” Nico watched as Kayla stepped toward a painting sitting low on the floor, just barely bigger than she was, and pulled it aside. It slid to the left along a hidden track and revealed a small door that opened into the wall. Nico stared, dumbfounded. Giggling, Kayla pushed the door open and gestured to the hidden corridor it leads through.

“This goes all throughout the castle walls. I always win hide-and-seek.” She grinned. Meanwhile, Nico was trying not to make his own too obvious. He pressed his tongue to the inside of his cheek, shifting his weight onto one foot.


“You want me to show you? I’ve never told anyone, so you should feel special.” With that, Kayla grabbed his hand and pulled him into the secret hallway. He had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling, and his shoulders were constantly pressed against the walls, but he didn’t have a single complaint. After a week, his luck was finally turning. Nico had noticed that the people who worked at the palace didn’t gossip much - which wasn’t any help to him. But who knew what they talked about behind closed doors?

The Princess guided Nico all over the third floor, passing a surprising amount of empty rooms - including Will’s. While Nico was wondering (against his better judgment) where the Prince was, the door opened and a boy with dark skin and curly black hair crept in. Leo, Nico thought without hesitation. Assuming Leo was going to pull some prank on him, Nico opted to move on.

Nico let the Princess gain a lead a few times to pause and listen in on conversations between maids and other castle workers. Unfortunately, the topics never sparked Nico’s interest.

That is until he found Kayla’s lady-in-waiting.

They had climbed up a ladder to the fourth floor and continued through the tunnels when they came across a room with only a few cabinets and a small window, the girl standing stiffly in the center, talking quietly into a phone. Kayla got bored after a few minutes and continued ahead, but Nico hung back.

“Yes, I know,” she said. There was a pause. “I promise, things are moving forward. It’s just taking longer than I thought.” Another pause. “Because… let’s say…” she glanced around the room, not noticing Nico peeking in from behind a fake air conditioner. “There’s a… rat in the kitchen.” Nico’s hand flew to his mouth to keep from gasping. She couldn’t be…?

“No one else else knows; I’m keeping it under wraps to prevent a panic.” She nodded as someone spoke on the other end. “Yes… yes, I’ll take care of it.”

Nico slowly backed away from the vent and took off as quickly down the tunnel as he could, whispering Kayla’s name. “Kayla! Come on, where are you?”

Kayla’s head popped up from another ladder. “You rang?” She smiled. “I was waiting for you here.”

Nico let out a breath. “How do you even know that reference?”

She quirked an eyebrow. “What reference? It’s just something Reyna says all the time. Though, she always sounds kinda mad.” She shrugged and ducked down the ladder, Nico climbing on after her.

Nico and Kayla made it back to her room just before Reyna (Nico assumed her name was). After asking how things went and questioning Nico thoroughly, she allowed him to go back to his own business. By now, it was early afternoon. He still had a few more hours left to work in the kitchen. Nico’s mind was still reeling about Reyna’s conversation, and he didn’t even complain about having to go back to work; the distraction was welcome for the time being.

Hours later, Nico was cleaning up the dining room outside the kitchen when Leo and Piper, along with three other kitchen workers, burst through the doors, smiles on their faces. Nico paused from setting a table. “What’s up?” He asked.

Piper looked at him, exasperated. “You forgot?” Nico shrugged.

“We’re going to par-tay! Whoo!” Leo punched the air.

“I thought I told you guys I wasn’t going.” Nico shook his head and returned to struggling to remember which side of the plate a fork went on - whenever he tried to set tables at the bakery, Hazel would switch up the utensils and managed to thoroughly confuse him.

“Too bad.” Piper crossed her arms and nodded to one of the bigger kitchen workers accompanying them. He then stepped forward and grabbed Nico, then proceeded to drag him along behind the group like a ragdoll, him trying to get away all the while.

“Seriously, I’m not going! I’m underage anyway!” He yelled, clawing at the hand gripping his forearm. “Let me go!”

Leo turned his head to look at Nico over his shoulder. “Can’t do that, bud. See, Piper and I raised the bet on what kind of drunk you are, and I’m getting that fifty bucks if it’s the last thing I do.” Nico sighed.

It was going to be a long night.


Question 3: Romance me! How would you create my most memorable romantic night?

Mango: I would keep it simple with a nice candlelit dinner accompanied with some nice wine at my apartment made by yours truly. Then we would head outside to my balcony overlooking an amazing view of the city where I would proceed to serenade you with my guitar. Then hopefully we end the night in the bedroom making some sweet music together. *smirks*

Coconut: Ouff this is a tough one.. I don’t know what you like, so I think I first have to get to know you before I can be able to know what you see as a romantic night. But I’ve always wanted to go to Venice with my partner, so I would say on a morning ‘honey pack your bags, we’re going to Venice.’ When we arrive, I’ll drive us just out of the city where I take you on a hot air balloon flight over Venice. When we’re done with that, we have a nice little trip on a gondola through the streets of Venice. When we step out of the gondola, there will be a dinner table for two surrounded by flowers and some nice music. After dinner, I’ll walk you to a hotel where I give you the night of your life *winks*

Pineapple: I would start by taking all distractions away for the night. Yes, we have busy lives and responsibilities but we all need moments to step away from that and just feel something more. Then I would set up a nice intimate dinner for 2 at home. Since I like to dabble in cooking, I would cook you dinner. Finally there would of course be a nice dessert. *winks on the word dessert*

Step Bro...Fuck Buddy...or Love?

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Jimin & Reader

Word Count : 1.407

Han Ra’s eyes are filled with rage and she begins to cry…

“You both… You will pay for this… I know more than you think”

I get closer to JungKook as Han Ra passes through, shouldering me. I literally whisper to him.

“JungKook what are we going to do ?”

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Begin Again - viii || TBS

Summary: Thomas and Y/N go to Ava’s favorite cafe in Venice and talk about their plans for when they get home - not without Thomas planning to spoil them completely.


I’ll be using the hashtags #tmr newt, #newt x reader, #tbs x reader, #tbs imagines if you want to look for me. Ever since Fantastic Beasts came out I can’t see you guys anymore.

Here’s 1/12 of the 12 Days of Imagines I promised you! Thank you for the love.

You woke up because it was too cold.

You were about to roll to your back when you almost fell off, realizing too late that you were on the couch with Thomas beneath you.

He was still asleep, his arms draped effortlessly around your waist. His lips were slightly pouted and it took every ounce of self-control you had to not kiss him at that moment.

It was a nice feeling, being this intimate with him. You were so close you could feel his crotch on your thigh.

Ruining the moment, your stomach rumbled, causing Thomas to stir.

He rubbed his hand on his face, taking a deep breath before looking at you with a small smile.

“Hello.” he said, “this is, so far, the best sight I’ve woken up to in my life.”

“Same here,” you whispered, pecking him around his mouth.

“I do recall this,” he slid his hand between you both on your stomach, “telling me that you’re hungry.”

“A little,” you admitted.

“I’ll take you out for breakfast,” he announced, sitting up and taking you with him, resulting in your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Mmmkay,” you smiled, getting off of him despite his whines.

Thomas smirked at you after a while. “Okay? No objections? No ‘spoil your daughter’?” he formed air quotations with his fingers at his last words.

“No,” you said simply, deciding to wear a light dress and a thick coat for today. “I’m just trying to not be a killjoy like you say I am,”

“Oh, my,” he chuckled, shaking his head as he stood up himself. “We’re going to take a boat to the cafe we’re going to.”

“Really?” you smiled excitedly, your eyes secretly scanning him from head to toe.

“Yeah,” he nodded, throwing a sweater on. You loved it when Thomas wore sweaters. He was so huggable. But then again, you loved Thomas with nothing on best. “It’s Ava’s favorite place. Funnily enough, she told me to bring my girlfriend there on our first visit there as kids. She said it was romantic and any girl would love it.”

You hummed. “We should send her a photo, then.”



You turned your head back to Thomas. His polaroid was directed towards you. You watched him put it down with a huge grin on his face as the camera printed your photo.

“Thomas!” you shrieked, “I’m barely wearing anything!”

“Mhmm, that’s why I took a picture.” he winked at you before blowing on the photo. “It lasts longer.”

“You freaking…” you stomped towards him. You probably looked terrible.

“Ah, no,” he smiled, his eyes raised as he lifted the photo up, far from your reach.

“Stupid tall people,” you slumped and walked back to your clothes, deciding to change.

“That’s going in my wallet.” he announced proudly.

“And what if your mom or even your dad,” you cringed, “goes through your stuff?”

He chuckled. “I’ll put it under my credit cards, love, I’d kill anyone who’d be lucky enough to see you like that.”

You huffed as you put your boots on then you frowned. “Why am I still cold?”

He walked towards you, putting his wallet in his back pocket. “Because you need this,” he wrapped his arms around you, lifting you from the ground.

“I’m hungry,” you joked.

“Right,” he nodded. “Let’s go.”

Arm in arm, you exited the hotel. 

Thomas’ eyes immediately wandered around the docked boats, then his eyes lit up.

“Here it is,” he smiled, leading you inside a blue kayak. He buckled a life jacket on you and himself.

“Where’s the driver, Tommy?” you asked as he pushed the kayak to the canal.

“Yours truly,” he gestured to himself. You scoffed jokingly.

In a second, he was in the kayak and was paddling around.

“This must be expensive.” you gestured to the kayak.

“It’s a family kayak,” he explained, “my aunt bought it. She lives just outside the city.”

You nodded, watching his biceps tense with every push.

“She’d like to meet you, actually,” he continued, “I told her we’d be around Italy and she wants us to come over before we leave.”

“That’d be great,” you smiled.

“I’m warning you, though, there’s a small possibility we won’t ever leave the place. I swear she’ll fall in love with you.” he rolled his eyes, but the loving expression on his face was obvious.

“Better than her hating me, right?” you teased.

“That’s impossible,” he scoffed. “Ah. Here we are. Wait here.” he got off the boat first. He tied the kayak to the dock and only then did he half-pull, half-carry you to land.

It was your typical cafe, but Thomas said something about having to make reservations.

You were welcomed by an overly cheery waitress at the front desk.

“Mr Sangster!” she cheered, “great to see you again!”

Thomas cleared his throat awkwardly. “You too, Lauren.”

“Table for two?” she prompted, eyes landing on you briefly.

“That’s right,” he replied. “overlooking the water, please.”

She excitedly led you to a window table, overlooking the water as he’d asked.

“She seems happy to see you,” you commented.

Thomas sighed, seemingly frustrated. “When we divorced, I came to stay here for a few months. Ava visited often and we’d go here.”

You nodded, not sure where he was going with that.

“She asked me out several times until Ava not-so-nicely told her that I just got divorced,”


“It’s nothing, don’t worry.” he smiled charmingly.

“Well, she’s pretty.” you sighed, looking at her. She had wavy, blonde hair that hung to her waist. She was petite and slim - she looked like a model.

“She’s alright,” he shrugged. “What would you like to eat?” he then put on an excited front, gesturing to the menu in your hands.

“I’ll have whatever you usually have,” you replied.

“Alright,” he called another waitress, who obviously had to bravely check him out. Thomas wasn’t oblivious to her ogling, but he paid her no heed.

Thomas’ phone began to buzz, and he sighed once he read the message.

“Who is it?” you asked. Then you lowered your face. “Sorry, I shouldn’t pry,”

Thomas looked at you seriously. “Listen, Y/N, if we’re going to make this work, we shouldn’t be allowed to keep secrets. You’re my business, I’m yours. Got it?”

You nodded.

“Anyway, it’s Ava.” he smiled. “She thinks we’re going too fast into the relationship.”

“Are we?” you bit your lip.

“She’s mad at me, and not you - if that’s what you’re worried about.” he sighed. “And no, we’re actually seven years late. We’re making up for lost time.”

“What are we going to do when we get back to London?” you wondered.

“You’re not living in my place right now, that’s for sure,” he chuckled. “you’re not staying in the place I spent seven years of hell in.”

You shot him a look of confusion.

“I’m going to buy us a new place,” he said as if it could be done by the wave of his hand. Then again, this is Thomas we’re talking about. “a better one, where Hope can have a better room and I a study.”

“Thomas… that’s unnecessary. Your home is beautiful.”

“Oh, it is.” he smiled. “But you two deserve better.” he gave you a look that said it was the end of the discussion.

“Tommy, I think we should take it slow. Let’s see how dating goes for us then we’ll take it from there - while I stay in my apartment.”

Thomas frowned but nodded. “Okay, love. If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what we need, Thomas. Last time we made drastic decisions without thinking, we-”

“Divorced,” Thomas finished.

“Yeah.” you looked at your lap and laughed bitterly. “I’m sorry - I just ruined this.”

“No,” Thomas shook his head. “we need to talk about this, don’t we?”

“Mhmm. What else do you plan on?”

He was interrupted by the waitress placing your food on the table, purposely brushing her chest against Thomas’ forearm, making you bury your face in your hands.

It’s high school all over again.

“Love,” he called for your attention. “look at me.”


“I plan on asking you to quit your job.”

You stared at him, mouth hanging open.

“I wouldn’t if you loved it so much. But they’re torturing you there, Y/N. You need to leave.”

“I have a daughter, Tommy.”

We have a daughter,” he corrected. “and you have me. What problem is there? You want to stay home with Hope, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I want to contribute something,” you half-shouted, half-whispered.

“You’re taking care of our baby - that’s more than I could ever ask for.”

Our baby.

Ours. No one else’s.

“Let me find a part-time job,” you begged, “while Hope’s in school.”

Thomas sighed. “Alright, darling. What do you have in mind?”

“Matt’s best friend is a teacher in the school down the road,” you replied. “They need preschool teachers.”

“Why not?” he smiled. “You’ll be wonderful at that.” he began taking a bite of his pancakes as you blushed furiously.

As if you weren’t red enough, Thomas forked his pancakes and held them to your mouth, a loving gaze lingering on his face as he watched you chew.

“It’s good, right?” he smiled.

“It is,” you nodded. “thank you for this.”

He dismissed your thanks with a wave of his hand. “This is just the beginning, baby.”

“Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes.”  

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“Where are you going, ma’am?”

Anywhere the wind blows me, I thought to myself.

“Uh, Venice,” I responded instead. I gave the woman as warm of a smile as I could muster before running my hand through my new do. It had become a habit since I cut inches off of my hair, getting used to the spiked extremely short cut I wore. It was a dark brown tint that nearly shimmered black with hints of dark blue accenting the ends.

It was new. It was so opposite of the old me. The old me?

She was restricted. Shy, reserved, afraid to take risks. She would never be in this airport right now. Instead, she would have been stuck in some class studying some subject she didn’t like at all like medicine only because her parents were successful doctors and she had to follow ‘the family name’.

The new me?

I was daring. I didn’t give a care in the world about what others thought about me. I was able to move without inhibition and that included taking a flight to a random place.

I didn’t know why I had chosen Venice. Looking at the board behind the airport worker, I gazed with interest at the various destinations that lit up behind her. I had thought of many times just closing my eyes and using my finger to select one of those places but even though I had turned into this new personality, the fearful me still resided deep down inside that wouldn’t let me just show up to an airport and hours later have a plan to land in a place I had never been with no hotel reservation or directions.

Venice was the safer choice and hey, maybe I could graduate to the riskier course one day but for now, I was headed to a place where one of my childhood friends now lived. I had the stability of her presence but still the instability of placing myself in a foreign land with no family beside me.

I placed my suitcase, filled with very little items, on to the deck and watched as it began to slide away on the carrier. I didn’t bring many prized possessions. The most expensive thing I owned was my laptop and that was tucked safely under my arm to entertain me as I waited at the terminal.

I grabbed my remaining things and headed for that area, letting my eyes fall in admiration at the various shops along the walkways and the strangers as well that decorated the halls with their conversations and boisterous languages.

I envied them. I wished I could just break out in a language many couldn’t understand. Instead I was stuck with three very popular languages under my belt.

Once I arrived to the gate I would be exiting out of, I found a seat and immediately put my headphones in to seclude myself from the world. I wanted to get up and make conversation with a random stranger but I was still her. I was still a bit too enveloped in my insecurities to do something as wild as that.

Plus Arsenal was playing a match and I couldn’t just not watch my favorite team. I imagined my friends were all at the match right now, screaming their lungs out as they followed each and every chant passionately and were probably sending me messages right now to say how much they missed my presence. I would have been able to read them if I hadn’t set my phone to airplane mode long ago. I was mainly trying to avoid the emotional messages my father was currently sending right now.

I logged into my account and pulled open the stream for the game, the team immediately flashing upon my screen. I smiled to myself and got comfortable in my seat, now prepared for the wait until I could board now that I was comforted with a piece of home, a piece of me.

I sat that way for a while until I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I looked over my shoulder, the sight was a bit surprising.

Rafinha Alcântara.

He was standing right there. He was easily recognizable even without the proud crest and colors adorning his skin. He had a dashing smile on his face as he looked down towards me, pointing to my computer screen. I realized I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying with the headphones in my ear so I quickly yanked them out.

“What did you say?” I repeated. It came off a bit more blunt than I wanted. I guess it was the new personality.

“I was asking what it was you were watching but I see the red now. Who are they playing?”


“Would you mind if I…?” He let his question trail off as he just pointed to the seat next to me, currently housing my carry-on bag.

“Oh! Yeah! Sure.” I dropped the bag to the floor and he quickly dropped into the seat, leaning over so he could see my laptop screen and I pushed it further down my lap so it was more visible to him.

“So you’re an Arsenal fan?” A smirk caused me to pay more attention to his lips than I wanted to admit as my eyes drifted from them and up to his eyes. “Yes. I am.”

“Ah, that explains the calm reaction when I walked up unless you don’t know who I am.”

“I know who you are. I don’t just know the attractive, popular footballers.”

An amused, shocked expression came across his face as put his hand to his chest. “I’m not attractive or popular? I’m more offended at the attractive part.”

A high-pitched laugh escaped my throat. It was truly awful how loud I could laugh sometimes. “No no. That’s not what I meant. I just…most people assume women only know the big players that have their own commercials or make it on the ‘Hottest 50 Players in the World Cup’ list. I actually watch football for the sport though that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the physical features at the same time. And you are attractive.”

“Hm, okay. So you know me but I don’t know you. What is your name?”

I paused. I didn’t know whether to introduce myself as the old me. The one with the name I had grown up with, the one that was attached to the calm memories or if I should just find a new name to go by for the trill of it all.

I decided to go with the second option. “Natalia. My name is Natalia.”

An amused laugh sounded from him. I narrowed my eyes at him, now becoming even more distracted from the match. “Why are you laughing?”

“Your name is not Natalia,” he said between small laughs. I froze. How in the world did he know I was lying?”

“Oh my. I’m already terrible at this,” I covered my face in shame.

Rafinha was holding something up to my face when I re-opened my eyes. My boarding pass. Well, that explained everything.

He placed it into my lap with a smile. “So where are you heading, Y/N?”

My name sounded so exotic leaving his tongue. It was less…blah. It wasn’t boring. It was like he had given new life to an old identity.

“Venice. And you?”

“It’s back to Barcelona for me. What’s in Venice?”

I thought to lie and just say my friend was there. It wasn’t technically a lie but that was far from the reason I was really going there. I decided to be honest for once. I was trying to be less reserved, right? “To get away from my old life. I wanted a new setting for a few months. I wanted to see new things and escape the monotony of my birthplace. New faces, new experiences, new things to love.”

I stated my reason in such a romantic way, as if I was rehearsing it as a line in a script. Was Venice going to be as ‘romantic’ as I had made it? I wasn’t sure. What if for the first few weeks I could barely digest the beauty of it all but then after that everything became…bland?

What if I longed to go home because I reverted back to the old me and I was stuck in my friend’s place crying my eyes out over Skype to my old friends because I missed home, I missed the boring moments, I missed the monotony, I missed living with inhibition?

I couldn’t have that outlook. I had to think that Venice was going to change me for the better and I had to start thinking that now.

Rafinha seemed interested in my answer as he took a moment to digest it before responding. “That actually sounds really fun. I wish I could just do that, hop on a plane to a new place.”

For a moment I thought of that scene in ‘Just One Day’ where Allyson makes a split second decision of instead of joining her friend to go back home, deciding to join a boy she barely knows on a one day trip to Paris.

Was Rafinha my Willem? Was I going to make the random decision at this moment to follow him to Barcelona for a day?

No. Way too creepy. That could only happen in a Gayle Forman novel.

We found ourselves deeper in conversation, halting our talk whenever a team crept closer and closer to a goal. He was pretty attentive to the game in between sharing laughs with me. He even offered to share his small bag of fruit snacks with me which I thoroughly enjoyed.

But the time came.

The time came for me to board my flight and head off on my new journey.

I closed my laptop though the match was still going on, looking over and smiling at the man who sat next to me.

“So I guess this is goodbye?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think goodbye is a fitting word. I don’t like it.” He held out his phone for me to put my number in which I gladly did.

“Is my number going to get lost in your hundreds of contacts?” I giggled. He seemed amused with my joke as well.

“Never, Natalia. I will definitely remember you and besides, I’m expecting you to visit Barcelona one day and attend one of my matches since you love football so much.”

“It may be sooner than you think,” I playfully hinted. I stood up from my seat and placed my laptop in its protective sleeve and then into my carry-on bag. I was reluctant to leave Rafinha but also anxious to board my flight.

“I guess I will be seeing you soon then?” He questioned as he looked up at me.


anonymous asked:

Hey can you recommend me some Narry fics from wattpad or ao3? hope u have/had a good day! xxx

Oooooh yay haven’t been asked to rec in a while and there are some beauties 

I don’t really read wattpad fics so these are all gonna be ao3 my lovely.

1. Baby, I  by makesomelove . Honestly this will always be up here for me, it’s wierd and cute af at the same time so it’’s my kind of thing and bloomin beaut.

2. Trade All My Tomorrows for Just One Yesterday by harriet_vane . This is a lilo fic primarily but give it a shot because it’s funny and everyone loves a bit of Lilo decorated with Narry sprinkles.

3. you are the only thing in life that i got right by strawberryfinn . It’s not finished so I shouldn’t really rec it but what there is of it is quite lovely so do what you want with this one. Alos it’s dedicated to the author that inspired it who is called dirtymatress with the fic venice.

4. friends just sleep in another bed by littlecather. In general all stories by this author are great so go to the ao3 account and have a field day babe.

5. Ridiculous by scottmcniceass. So Ziam but god is it amazayn. Yes i said it. AMAZAYN. Narry is strong within this one and kfojfjsk just read it and you’ll see.

6. Just Smile by harriet_vane. more from this spiffy author.

7. Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by justyrae. This is cute just like Narry so you can’t deny it.

8. good enough to eat by brokendrums. This one is what it says basically.

9. Let Me Ruin You by KayleeJohn this one is super hot and stuff. I like it.

10. emotional knapsack by irishmizzy, miss_bennie if you haven’t read this then i’ll be suprised because it’s what we’ve all wanted for years.

11. My page. I’’ve got a few narry things up, nothing as great as what i’ve reced but still decent. Sometimes i gotta self promote.

I hope you have a splendiferous day anon

5 Things Meme

I was tagged by @sheepassisted (thank you!)

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my wallet
  • 20+ crumpled up receipts
  • my keys
  • one of those shopping bags that folds into a pouch (they’re convenient!)
  • earphones probably? Unless I forget them at home.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • my kindle
  • an electric heating pad (my shoulder is fucked up and it helps, okay?)
  • my bed?
  • a guitar that I haven’t played in years (because I can literally play 3 chords)
  • a desk

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • go to the US (I guess this can be checked off as I am currently in Pittsburgh)
  • go to Iceland (and no Reykjavik airport does not count)
  • see the Northern Lights
  • go to Vancouver (I know a bunch of people who have been there and told me they loved it, so it’s on the list)
  • go to Venice (…it seems this is all travel-related? Is somebody super rich and wants to marry me? You’d never have to see me, I just want your money!)

5 things that make me feel happy

  • cats
  • hockey
  • friends/family
  • being home
  • rainy afternoons + fic + a cup of tea

5 things I’m currently into:

  • hockey
  • chatfic (so much fun, and I can feel like a writer without the stress of sharing it with a bunch of people)
  • uh…I…have some nice games on my phone?
  • I don’t know, wearing warm socks and drinking tea?
  • yoga? This is really difficult, if I’m into something I’m /into it/, and there isn’t much room for anything else?

5 things on my to-do list

  • see if I can get any Pens merch while I’m here that still fits into my budget
  • get that tattoo I’ve wanted forever
  • buy food
  • shower
  • make a list of all the things I want to do in Pittsburgh

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Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 10

Welcome to the city of water.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Gou: A trip in Italy, huh… How nice…
Nagisa: Hm? Gou-chan? What are you reading?
Gou: It’s a travelling magazine. This month is a special issue about Venice in Italy!
Rei: Venice is the city traversed by many canals, and that is nicknamed “the City of Water”, isn’t it?
Haruka: The City of Water…
Makoto: Haru! I really doubt you can swim in the canals!
Nagisa: But if you become a gondolier, you’ll be able to stay close to the water!
Rei: If Haruka-senpai became a gondolier…
All: Hmmm…

Haruka: Ciao! You cute lady over there. How about going around Venice with me? And let’s watch the sun setting over the ocean, as we talk about love. Although… With how enthralled I am with you, I doubt I’ll watch the sun at all.

All: Hm…
Rei: That doesn’t suit Haruka-senpai’s character at all.
Nagisa: Is that so…? Hey, hey, if we were all gondoliers, what instrument would you like to play? By the way, mine would be singing!
Rei: You ask for instruments, and then choose singing…
Nagisa: Singing is a very important instrument, you know! What would you like to play then, Rei-chan?
Rei: It would have to be the accordion. Beautiful melodies, and on top of this, a beautiful playing form! And the accordion is–
Nagisa: Then, Haru-chan and Mako-chan, what would you like?
Makoto: Eh? An instrument? Let’s see… Hmm… The guitar, maybe?
Nagisa: The guitar! With you playing, Mako-chan, we’d surely get some gentle melodies!
Makoto: You think so? Hehe, thank you.
Gou: Haruka-senpai, what about you?
Haruka: The ocarina.
Rei: The… Ocarina?
Haruka: Yeah.
Makoto: Why?
Haruka: It’s shaped like a mackerel. 
Gou: Mackerel?! …Now that you say it, maybe a little…? 
Nagisa: Hmm… But with this, we only have the melody… We need someone to beat the rhythm too, right.
Rei: Nagisa-kun is actually thinking about balance!
Nagisa: What are you saying, Rei-chan? Balance is important! Ah, I know! Let’s ask Rin-chan to play the tambourine!
Makoto: The tambourine?! Why the tambourine?
Nagisa: Huh? That’s because Rin-chan’s “rin” is for “Tambou-Rin”! Tambou-Rin-chan! Right?
Rei: A pun…
Makoto: Hahaha…
Gou: It sounds like the introduction of an unpopular idol…
Nagisa: If we all played together, I’m sure it’d be fun!
All: Hmmm…

Nagisa: Come on, pretty lady. Let’s sing together.
Rei: We shall lead you through the city of Venice.
Makoto: I just want to spend the whole day talking of love with the cute girl you are.
Rin: Here, grab on me. And don’t ever let go of my hand.
Haruka: We will show you our Venice, one you have never seen before.

Gou: This might be nice!!
Nagisa: You see! What do you think, Haru-chan?
Haruka: There’s water close, I like that.
Makoto: So that’s what you care about.
Rei: But then… What point do the instruments even serve…?
Makoto: And really, I doubt Rin would choose the tambourine…
Nagisa: Eeh?
Gou: Then, I’ll ask him!

(phone vibrating)
Rin: Hm? A call from Gou? (picks up) Hello? Gou, what’s up?
Gou: Hello, onii-chan? It’s just… I had something to ask you…
Rin: Okay… What is it? If it’s something I can help with, I’ll do anything.
Gou: If you were to become a gondolier, what instrument would you want to play?
Rin: Huh?
Gou: I said, if you became a gondolier, what instrument do you want to play?
Nagisa: Tell us, Rin-chan!
Rin: What is this about? Geez, you guys never make any sense… Um… An instrument, huh… Hm… The tambourine?
Makoto/Rei: EEEH? 

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gender: girl
star sign: pisces sun, aries moon
sexuality: lesbian
height: like 5′10 last time i checked 
hogwarts house: slytherin
average hours of sleep: 6 on a good night but usually 3 or 4
dogs or cats: i’m more of a dog person but i luv cats too
number of blankets you sleep with: two
dream trip: i want to go to italy, greece and france really badly. i have since i was a kid! in italy i’d like to go to rome, venice and florence. in france i’d like to go to paris obv and bordeaux as well as maybe some other smaller cities. and i haven’t really thought of where in greece exacty honestly i want to see it all lmao
dream job: originally i wanted to be a veterinarian but now i want to be a journalist/writer!
followers: 41 dksfdn i’m a loser lol
why i made a tumblr: i first made tumblr in like grade 6 i think. i was an anime blog lmfaoo
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