i wanted to gif the whole scene

soul magnets.

My favorite thing about this scene, which I didn’t really notice at first, was that Thor actually pushes Loki away from the on-coming hammer. The best thing about it is that he does it while he’s angry (because he realized that Loki manipulated him and probably did something to Odin) yet he still pushed him away because he never actually wanted to risk his brother getting hurt; it was just a bluff. It’s so subtle yet so sweet. ❤ And that represents their relationship as a whole. They may be angry with each other and pretend that they’re going to kill each other but deep down they still care about each other and would never want something bad to happen to the other. 


Am I a man? To want you so badly that nothing else matters?

Can we all agree that he was so fucking close to her. I want to see all the scene, because he was not that close before the Stormtroopers came on screen. Wtf! I mean, in the book :

“ Shutting down and belting his lightsaber, Ren contemplated his immobile captive. Reaching up slowly, he touched her face.”

So J.J … give us the whole footage. Thanks. XD


I am once again blown away by Colin O’Donoghue’s amazing talent as an actor. This scene with Rogers floored me and here you see his skill at saying absolutely nothing while saying everything at the same time. Rogers is a guy who wants to do such good, but he keeps coming back to this missing girl and how he was never able to find her. You can feel his anguish, his frustration, his need to right this wrong. He carries this heavy burden and my heart completely broke for him here. Colin has managed to make me fall in love with Killian Jones in a whole new way, a way I never thought possible. Everyday, astounded by what he is capable of as an actor.

Can we please just take a moment to talk about this fight scene? When Caspian says here “You abandoned Narnia” and the look here on his face, the pure guilt and heartbreak like he’s almost pleading like we didn’t have a choice. like you think I wanted to leave? You think I enjoyed growing up to be a man and lived this whole wonderful life and then have it all snatched away in a second and having to grow up again as a child after living a life as an adult? You think I wanted to leave?just slow hand clapping for will here you guys his look here is if someone with knowledge beyond his years

The ballerina in The Overture is a representation of Ryan. For some reason everyone in the town has to leave. Brendon collects everybody and then makes his final stop at a house where he finds a girl tied up. This could be a representation of Ryan having issues with his alcoholic and abusive dad. Brendon must find the key to unlock the girl although he struggles at first to find the right one. (Brendon becoming closer to Ryan and finally getting him to open up and becoming very very close to Ryan.) Once Brendon unlocks her, she falls into his arms and they dance. The dance is magical at first but then it starts getting hectic and the girl tries to trap Brendon and keep him from leaving. (A representation of the band years maybe?) That’s when Spencer comes to the window to try to help Brendon. The girl is tied up again and Spencer begs Brendon to leave but Brendon refuses and says he has to help her. (Brendon not wanting to let Ryan go and Ryan falling back on his problems once he leaves the band and Brendon?) Spencer is the one who “pulls Brendon from the situation” and makes sure he’s okay. He tells Bren that she (the ballerina/Ryan) couldn’t be saved. I feel this whole scene was a representation of Ryan leaving the band. It took such a big toll on Brendon to leave Ryan behind but he had to and I feel like this is what was expressed in this scene. Also the scene where he’s in the bar and there are two shadows…Ryan and Jon, perhaps?

Did I mention that I legit died at this scene?!  

Okay, so I’m not a huge die-hard give-my-life-for-it Jonerys shipper, mainly because I’m always just so caught up in the action of it all - the wars, the suspense, the chase scenes, the White Walkers- that I can barely focus on the romance in the plot (except for the Jamie-Brienne scenes! Man, that is one ship I will sure as hell go down with).

So yeah, amidst all the gory action sequences and the killing and the blood and the dragons and the Others, love pretty much takes a backseat, ironically like Jon Snow himself:

But this scene! It blew my mind! Those puppy dog eyes every time he looked at Dany were already melting my heart:

But this scene took it to the next freaking level and how!

The best part was how simple the gesture was. It wasn’t overly romantic, or sexual, it was just him guiding her to the drawing. But the way he takes her elbow, that gentleness as if she’s the most fragile thing he’s ever handled, that ligh yet firm touch which spoke millions in volume about how protective he can be towards those he loves, and that look he gives her while she is so enthralled by the mystery of what is to come.

It was at this scene, that quiet chemistry between them, that lovey-dovey look in his eyes, which made me sit up and go like..Damn, I want them together now.

And I know that this ship will either a) end up in flames or even worse (the whole Azor Ahai angle) or b) is too predictable and that is not GoT. But no matter whether it becomes canon or not, Jonerys will always be the perfect ship for me.

Dragonball Z Abridged Episode 55 - It’s Been A Year If It’s Been A Day

au where jeongguk is back in busan for summer break and honestly he is just expecting to have a chill time, spending days on end at the beach which is the place he thinks about the most when he’s in seoul during the semester. (that is a lie, the place he actually thinks about the most is his home with his parents, he misses being a child okay, he doesn’t quite enjoy the responsibilities of being an Adult) for the most part that is true, he meets up with some old friends, binge plays video games and enjoys his time at the beach. however, on day 9 of his trip back, he bumps into a boy with a pet cat at the beach. little does he know that this brief encounter marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life.

“jeongguk-ah, you do know that you’re coming back to seoul in a week right?”
“yes, hyung i do know that.”
“have you told him?”
“not yet… i will though, don’t worry.”

Baker’s Dozen - Traffic Stop AU Part 3

(Part 1 | Part 2 | Baker’s Dozen Prompt)

“Well, there they go,” Michonne laughed as Andre and Judith took off running for the playground the second their respective parents let go of their hands.

She and Rick sat down on a bench in the shade where they could keep an eye on the kids. Rick let out a sigh of relaxation, stretching his arms out along the back of the bench and tilting his head back to enjoy the clear blue sky.

“Long day at work?” Michonne asked, eyebrow raised.

Rick turned to her and said, “This guy hijacked a truck. He was like a ninja or something and it took all morning to catch him. And then the truck? After all that, it rolled into a lake.”

“Wow, that was definitely more exciting than my morning,” Michonne said.

“The chase was exciting, but oh man, the paperwork is going to be a nightmare,” Rick rubbed a hand over his face, “I just want to turn my brain off for a while.”

Michonne regarded him thoughtfully. She was trying to figure him out but every time she thought she had a read on him, he did something different.

He was undeniably handsome but he didn’t carry himself with the arrogance of a man who knew how good looking he was. He was comfortable talking to her but didn’t feel the need to fill every second with chatter. And, the other day, he had acted impervious to her obvious attempts at flirtation and yet handed her a warning when she rightly deserved a ticket.

Now, sitting beside her on a park bench watching their kids dig in the sandbox as if this was something they did all the time, he smiled at her.

“Thank you for suggesting this. Judith is usually a bit shy, but she’s really warmed up to Andre,” Rick said.

Michonne smiled back. She found herself telling him about how it’d been adjusting to small town life and before she knew it the shadows were growing long and the kids were back, grumbling about being hungry.

It was time to go home, but something told Michonne not to let this moment slip by.

“So,” she said, “same time, same place next week?”

“Absolutely,” Rick said.

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