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Sherlock HC/AU: The British Government and the largest criminal network - behind the scenes, Mycroft Holmes and Moriarty have been exchanging information on several occasions. Invulnerability comes with a price tag for both sides.

THEME 012: ✧ * º • ☾FROST.❜      — destinatiia

THIS TOOK AGES OMG but it’s ! finally Here ! i stopped doing drafts i hope ur Happy ! so this time i kinda wanted to do smth chrome oriented so ?? credits to … google i Guess lols . i am warning you though : i have like 0 knowledge on basic wtv language this is so pls Bear with me ! anyway , pictures shown on the preview don’t belong to me so credit to their rightful owners. hope there aren’t any problems. if so, message me right away. please like/reblog if you’re using or planning to. and most importantly, hope you like it as much as i do !!

please read don’t repost and claim as your own, don’t use as a base code, don’t move the credit around or put it in another page. don’t steal bits from this code. and i repeat, DON’T TAKE BITS FROM THIS CODE and put it on your own ! even if you credit me, just ! don’t ! do ! it ! i worked really hard . thank you .

  • contained theme
  • one 70px sidebar icon 
  • square-shaped icons option !
  • a lil speech bubble ‘cause i’m Obssest ™
  • a ?? toolbar i guess ?? with those three tiny dots at the upper left corner y’all know about . they can be turned into links if you want !
  • chrome kinda pagination + a cute refresh button and a search box ! 
  • tabbed navigation that features: home + actual navigation with a 300 x 82 header + muses that must be edited manually . these are completely optional .
  • 300px posts and an option for 400px !
  • six customizable links !
  • all my luv n effort

 live preview + code.

My blog turns 1 this month, which is super awesome and yet very bittersweet. I wanted to make a simple follow forever to celebrate (and smth else as well but that’ll be revealed towards the end of the month) as I’m not talented enough for anything else rip. There’s so many people I follow that I just love very much and I feel like they’ve helped me grow a lot in the past year, so if you’re below here, it’s because you helped me in some way and/or I just really admire you and your blog <3

no key because everyone here is my fave tbh.

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Yoongi’s description of the members:

Jimin - a guy who’s like a puppy

Taehyung - a guy who’s like a puppy no. 2

(for anon)