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… okay so i definitely was going to animate dre under the lovely @cursetale‘s blessing and… then i couldn’t get Dreby outta my head so here we are

i’m totally working on Dre but man i just could not resist that face and those bunny ears are you kidding me

from this gorgeous chain from last week or so between cursetale and the also-fantastic @blesstale because just… hell yes. hell goddamn yes.

Title: Sway With Me (Part 6.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Sisi (original female character)
Summary: A familiar face discovers Ike’s secret affair with his student, Sisi.
Word Count: 1,661
Warning: SMUT (oral)!!
Author’s Note: And the big, bad wolf has finally arrived to this story. Enjoy! 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

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Short Drabble ~
You paced around your living room continuously looking at the watch on the wall. Your sister said that she’d be here at 11, it was currently 12. What if she’s in jail or worse dead. You had a habit of over thinking things.

You heard a sound coming from the bed room. You did calm down opening the door. Your sister was trying to put your picture frame back on the nightstand, she saw you looking at her so she quickly fixed herself up.

“I have a door you know” You smiled walking up to her giving her a bear hug.

She scoffed “ I’m a bad guy sneaking through the window is our motto"She reciprocated the hug squeezing you tightly. You brought her to the living room where there was cold coffee and stale cookies. You could see the regret on her face. “Mr J didn’t let me leave till he was done doing business”

“Shh it’s okay sweetie I know. I just want to know how you’re doing” She went to her usual happy attitude. It pained you seeing her like this, she’s a bad guy and your a cop but no matter what you will always love her.

“Well let me tell you about the Gotham bank robbery” She smiled wickedly, you stopped her before she could say anything.

“How about you plea the fifth on this one?”

(Comforting Axl after finding out you can’t have kids)
For as long as you had known Axl he wanted to be a father and you wanted to have children. Recently your period was late and you couldn’t wait to tell Axl. He was coming home from tour today and you had an appointment to confirm your pregnancy.

“Y/N, I’m home! Where ya at babydoll?” You came rushing out of your bedroom to go attack Axl and smother him in kisses. You were bursting at the seams to tell him the news. You couldn’t wait to see his reaction to find out he was a father.

“Okay, I’ve got some news to tell you.” Axl raised an eyebrow as the two of you sat down on the couch. “I’m pregnant!! You’re going to be a daddy Axl, we have an appointment in an hour!” Axl picked you up and spun you around your living room wearing the biggest smile on his face.

“That’s great, Y/N! I can’t believe this! Holy shit—I mean shoot, sorry there little one.” Axl finally put you down, not able to wipe the smile off his face he went to go get ready for your appointment.

Upon your arrival at the doctor’s office you were given a stack of paperwork to fill out that was as big as a hard cover novel. After you finished filling out the paper work you and Axl were impatiently waiting for your name to be called to be seen. An hour passed and a nurse cheerily stood in the doorway looking around the waiting room. “Y/N Rose?” You and Axl followed her down the long hallway until you were put in a room.

Axl couldn’t contain his laughter once he saw you in a hospital gown. “Baby, you look ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong you still look hot, but ridiculous.” Pouting you slapped Axl’s arm as the doctor walked into the room and introduced herself.

A series of blood tests were ran and they had you give a urine sample. The doctor walked back into the room and looked like she had seen a ghost. “I’m sorry to tell you Mr. and Mrs. Rose, but you’re not pregnant. Y’N, I’m also very sorry to tell you that you can’t have children.” The words burned the pit of your stomach as hot tears began to stream down your face. Axl squeezed your thigh before he stood up.

“What the fuck do you mean she can’t have kids?! You’re lying! I want a different doctor. Get the fuck out of here!” Trying to make Axl calm down you stood up and rubbed his arm sympathetically. Instead of him sitting back down he stormed out of the room and slammed the door which made both you and the doctor jump.

Axl walked all the way home, leaving the car for you so you could drive home. Crying the whole way home, all you wanted was for Axl to tell you it was going to be okay. When you finally got home and walked in the front door you saw everything in the house was trashed and you didn’t see Axl.

You made your way to the bedroom to find Axl sitting beside the bed with his head in both hands. “Axl…” You whispered as you sat down next to him rubbing his back, trying not to cry you had to be strong for your husband. “It’s going to be okay, baby.”

“No, it’s not going to be okay! You were supposed to be pregnant; we were supposed to start a family Y/N!” Axl snapped in-between his sobs.

“So we’ll get second opinions, hell we’ll get as many opinions as it takes. If those other opinions say the same thing we’ll adopt. Nothing will stop us from starting our own family.” You said calmly and softly, hoping your words would calm him down. “This doesn’t change anything, I still love you Axl. This won’t change us, this will make us stronger. I promise.”

Axl laid his head in the crook of your neck still crying, but not as hard. “I just wanted to be a dad, Y/N. I love you, and I want you to be a mom. I want us to be parents; I want to give my own kid a better life than I had.”

“Shh, I know baby. We’ll figure it out, and when you we do you’ll be the best father a child could ask for.” Beginning to cry yourself, you stroked Axl’s hair as the two of you cried softly in the dark.

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