i wanted to gif a whole video

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Okay. So I was making this gif for THIS ASK HERE, and I just… had to make a separate post about it because…



I thought it was a GIF error, since when I make gifs I have it cut every second frame to cut down on the file size.

BUT IT ACTUALLY DOES THIS ON BOTH DIFFERENT DIGITAL COPIES I OWN. I haven’t checked my BluRay, so I can’t confirm that. The GIF starts at Timestamp 8:25 for anyone who wants to check.

As a designer who has dabbled in video editing this is an easy error to make, but surely a production as huge as this had a tonne of eyes checking it before it was sent out, and as far as I am aware, this was done months before it actually aired.


LIKE… the timing is TOO perfect for it to be a mistake. It literally enlarges JUST AS JOHN STEPS ON IT.

Someone please tell me I’m not crazy.

I fell in love with Mai’s whole “resurrection” scene. Like, it was made so beautifully. I also loved how her hair came in and I wanted to make her hair kindof flow, like it was in the wind.  

In the actual video, it falls down, it doesn’t go back and forth like it is here. But, I love her hair so much that I wanted to mess with the frames and make it look like her hair was flowing.

I don’t know if I like how it looks ( I may have messed up the order of a frame here and there, ) but I think it’s the best I can get xP

Edit: The way I type sometimes can be confusing, so to clarify: I didn’t draw anything. I just switched around and added a few of the same frames from the video to make it loop.

“And here, we have Harry about to enjoy a nice cup of soup.” You smiled when Harry looked up from the pot to you, rolling his eyes playfully. 

“Yeh don’ have t’ document every step of our honeymoon, love.” He chuckled lightly, moving along and sprinkling some salt into the soup bowl. “Should’a taken your phone away from the start if I knew you were going t’ be recordin’ me the whole way.” 

“Aw, don’t be like that! I’m only doing this for the memories, you know? One day, we’ll be able to watch back on these home videos and just reminisce about the good old days.”

“Remini- Y/N, we’re a couple of twenty-something year olds who’ve just gotten married and are on their honeymoon. You’re actin’ like we’re going t’ die in a year!” Harry teased, pulling a face as he looked directly into the camera.

“Don’t blame me for wanting to record something I want to cherish forever!” You scowled, reaching down and picking up a strawberry from the fruit platter, popping it into your mouth and chewing thoughtfully. 

“And yeh think me getting corn soup is a moment you want t’ cherish forever?” Harry raised an eyebrow, smiling when your bottom lip pushed out in a pout. “A’right, a’right. No need to pull out the puppy dog eyes and make me feel bad.” He murmured, leaning in and giving you a sweet kiss. “You know wha’ I wouldn’t remind you recording?” 

“What’s that?” 

“A sex tape of us.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Recursive Trefoil Knot - Another Perspective

Higher quality versions: Ello | G+ | 2x@Dribbble | 960x960 + node setup at Imgur

This is an alternate perspective on my original “Recursive Trefoil Knot” design.

Everyone here is familiar with the concept of the Trefoil Knot, right? Topologically, it’s the simplest possible non-trivial knot. Well, I like that shape a lot, so I wanted to make one of my own… but this is where the recursion comes in, and this is the cool part: The objects moving along this path are exactly the same shape as the path itself, and they’re all interlinked! They each move and rotate along the path while maintaining that linkage the whole time. AWW YEAH HOT MATHS!

I have also prepared a 1920x1080 1 minute looping video of these two perspectives in case you would like to put on some music, fullscreen them, and study them without distraction. I recommend trying this because this animation is hot.

For this design, I chose to learn how to work with moving objects along a Bezier Curve using the Blender Animation Nodes Addon. It took a while to figure out how to move objects along a curve using the “Follow Path” constraint, and then to ditch that approach because it wouldn’t allow me to build complete loops in rotation. Then it took me a while to learn how to use the “Evaluate Spline” node, and convert the derivative tangent at that point in the curve into a rotation that I could use to orient my moving objects like the “Follow Path” constraint does. It took me a while longer to figure out that I needed to be performing compound rotation matrix multiplication in order to rotate the shapes along their animated axis first, and then orient them to the direction of that tangent.

See this node setup here.


Your boyfriend Robbie is on the set of OUAT.

He sends you a video.

Robbie: “Hey love, I wanted to tell you that I miss you very much. I love you babe, thanks for supporting me all time. When I’m coming back, we are going to cuddle the whole day!”

Sean (who’s filming) : “Eww, gross!”

If angels are real, Aaliyah is one of mine.

No words can truly express the deep and profound impact Aaliyah has had on my life. She was and is such an icon to me. I’ll never forget watching her ‘Are You That Somebody’ video on MTV and telling my Mom I wanted to do that. By which I meant back-up dancing. I was in dance classes my whole life, and my mother was a dance teacher so she immediately responded, “You CAN do that… You could learn that choreography.”

That’s when I first knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I never really thought I would fulfill that dream, but I have many times over.

I am so thankful for miss Aaliyah’s inspiration in my life. Her death was the first death anyone I didn’t know to impact me on a real level. I was in shock for weeks and could hardly believe it was real. My father called me the day Princess Diana die to talk about how important of a role model she was… But he should have called me the day Aaliyah died.

HBD to my fav female vocalist of all time. I promise to try to channel you every time I am lucky enough to perform.


but until that fateful day, i’m grateful / i got a destination /  i’m runnin’ to make it home / and home’s what vanessa’s runnin’ away from (x)

featuring Joseph Morales, Manoly Farrell and Anthony Ramos Martinez @ Pioneer Theatre Company (2012)