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Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o its a prologue just to test the waters but I’m stoked. if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. (also I’m planning a schedule! so stay tuned)
summary: Jeremy Heere never knew he missed something until he realized he was living a world not only devoid of colors but of a soulmate. After a terrible incident he’s found himself chasing after colors he wants; and realizing there are some colors he needs as well.
warning: Shakespeare references w/o translations :00
w/c: 3223
sincerely tagging: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships (betabae); @mishaisakitten @fandomgeek34 @theunidentifiedfangirl @gayrhodians @ka-rin7204 @nekothecatblog @binxi1031 @spilling-tea @loststardraws @green–llama @walkingcontadiction @purpledays9

  00. ← New Saved File→ 01.

Red was such a Michael color.

Jeremy couldn’t help it now; he loved everything about seeing color. Even video games were better in color and half the games Michael owned were so poorly colored it didn’t matter. Jeremy found so much endearment in things now…perhaps even more so feeling like Christine had given him this new life. Not to mention saving his life. Of course there was no way to talk about it. Three days into his Junior year and Jeremy had no idea how to even bring up the topic. Michael didn’t seem to bring it up either. He smiled and babbled like nothing changed, talking about his exciting escapades visiting the Philippines all summer.. “And then they had these candies that were like sweet but sour, but like salty…it was a trip, you would have loved them” Michael beamed as he came to a red light. His eyes flickered to Jeremy; he was staring at him.

Secrets ran both ways. While Jeremy was hiding the fact he did in fact want to pursue soul mates and ruin their twelve year promise, Michael had completely ignored the detail that he, too, could see color. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to even say to him. ‘Hey you’re my soul mate, ol’ pal.’ That would ruin everything! 

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anonymous asked:

Ahh~! I loved your little angsty drabble!! :D Could I request some jealous Rick? Maybe how guys keep hitting on his girlfriend & he gets jealous and pouty but you make it clear to him that you're his and only his? Just an idea, I'm fine with any jealous Rick idea you got ;)

Okay so this wasn’t exactly like your idea but it was in the general ballpark. Trying to break out of this writer’s block is hard as hell so I hope you like this! I’m so, so sorry it took so long ;;

Jealousy, an emotion you felt on more than one occasion. You hated feeling that way and you knew it was stupid. More times than not you’ve felt jealousy flow through your body when it came to Rick going out on his adventures with Morty. You knew they often went out together and sometimes it was days before they ever returned. You figured the jealousy you felt was because of all the time Rick and his grandson spent together. You wish you could spend a lot of time with Rick.

Today was no different as you sat on the couch, arm propped up on the arm as you rested your head against your hand. The tv was on but you were paying it no mind at all, you sort of just drifted off into your own thoughts as you stared at the tv stand. That was until Summer plopped down on the couch beside you, jolting you from your thoughts. You looked over to see her, of course, on her phone as usual.

“Why are you looking so sad?” Summer asked as she locked her phone and set it down beside her on the armrest of the couch.

“Huh? Oh, no reason..” You mumbled out softly as you extended your leg to very gently kick at the leg of the coffee table.

“Uh huh. It wouldn’t have anything to do with my grandpa, would it? You always seem so down when he and Morty are out.” Summer smirked a little.

It was no secret to the kids that you and Rick were dating. Beth and Jerry, on the other hand, were none the wiser and just considered you as a good family friend. It was actually rather amusing to you that even Rick doesn’t know that the kids found out about your relationship. You could easily play this off as boredom if it was Beth or Jerry but Summer was anything but stupid and could always read you like a book.

you puffed out your cheek in mild annoyance before sighing and looking over at her. “We aren’t spending a lot of time together these days and I’ll admit I’m starting to feel a little jealous that Morty gets to go out on all these adventures with him when I can hardly get a simple hello from him. It’s like I’m not even here anymore. It’s a chore to get his attention..”

It pained you to say it out loud but it was true. It felt like Rick was slowly slipping away from you. It was getting harder and harder to gain his attention in you. You felt as if he had become bored with you and that feeling always left a bad taste in your mouth and a huge lump in your throat.

“Well then let’s make him pay attention.” Summer grinned mischievously and you raised an eyebrow at her and tilted your head.

In that moment there was rustling and noise coming from the garage and Summer stood up, nodding her head for you to follow. You got up and followed her into the kitchen where the door to the garage was slightly ajar.

“So you gonna come with me to this party? Please, please come with me. There will be some older guys there. You might find a date~” Summer beamed happily and loudly enough for her voice to travel into the garage.

Morty opened the garage door more to step into the kitchen, he walked past you both with an exhausted ‘hello’ before trailing upstairs and who was following him into said kitchen? Rick. He walked right past you and Summer and opened the fridge to grab a beer and you felt your heart sink into your stomach. He didn’t bother saying hello. He just leaned against the counter top and drank his stupid can of beer.

“So you’re going to come with me tonight right? you could find the guy of your dreams!” Summer smiled widely and Rick side glanced at the two.

you scratched the nape of your neck before sighing. You weren’t sure what Summer’s end game was but you decided to play along anyways. “S-Sure. I’ll go with you. I don’t have any plans anyway.” You smiled sweetly and you could hear Rick scoff from behind you.

“So you’re going out to a..a…a teeny boppers party? You, you ever think Summer might be you know.. UUUGH using you to gain popularity?” Rick growled from the counter and you wanted to grin but you decided to look at him and give him the coldest expression that you could muster.

“She isn’t as heartless as you.” You said giving Rick a small wink before walking away.

“Party’s at 7!” Summer called out to you.

Seven O'clock rolled around and you decided to go with a nice casual look but still enough to show a little skin. It wasn’t your intention of going to the party to hook up with someone. You and Summer knew all too well that Rick would take the bait and follow you both in secret. You knocked on the Smith/Sanchez door and Jerry opened up the door.

“Ah, nice to see you. You here to pick up Summer?” Jerry asked as he sidestepped, letting you walk into the house.

“Yup!” you smiled happily as you seen Rick look back from where he was sitting on the couch. He let out a rather annoyed sigh and your stomach filled with butterflies. Summer’s plan was already working and you haven’t even left yet!

“We’ll be back around 1~” Summer Chimed happily and Jerry started to look rather concerned.

“That’s a little late.” He looked between the both of you.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m not going to be alone.” Summer walked over and placed a hand on your shoulder before walking out the door, you soon following after as you said goodbye to Jerry and Rick. Even though Rick hardly responded at all.

Closer to the end of the night you were sitting on someone else’s couch, drink in hand although you hardly touched it. It seemed as if Summer’s plan backfired. There were 0 signs of Rick anywhere. Maybe he really didn’t care? Was this how it’s going to be from now on? The thought made your stomach turn a little bit.

You were ripped out of your thoughts when you felt an arm sling around your shoulder, your attention snapped to the person who was invading your bubble to see a drunken male wobbling in his seat, clearly extremely drunk. Summer was right there were older guys here, just not the one you wanted to be here.

“Could you take your arm off me please..” you mumbled lowly.
“Why? What’s the big deal? You’re very pretty.” He smiled.

He seemed pretty harmless. He wasn’t holding you tightly or anything, he was just one of those over happy drunks and it wasn’t in you to be very mean to people so you accepted the compliment with a small smile and a “thank you.”

The male had stayed like that for awhile as you both talked. to be honest, you had forgotten his arm was wrapped around your shoulder. You guess a part of you just wanted to feel close to someone, even if it was a complete drunken stranger. You both talked about a lot of different things like how you knew Summer, how old you were, and why you were here without a date.

You don’t know why but you told the drunken male about your relationship with Rick, without using his name of course. You didn’t want to embarrass Summer. You stressed your feelings and that’s when the male leaned in further towards you, he pressed his lips against yours and you immediately jerked back.

“Whoa..” you raised your hands up so that they came in between you and the male.

“What’s the problem. your boyfriend seems like such an ass-HEY!” The drunken guy slurred as he was yanked up from his seat.

You looked up and to your horror stood Rick. Rick was gripping the other males arm so tightly you thought that a small simple twist would break the poor guy’s arm. Rick looked pissed beyond all belief.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Rick growled as he glared at the drunken male.

“Just- Just having some fun old man. No, No harm.” The guy sputtered but wenced out when Rick twisted the guy’s arm.

“If, If, If I were you I’d seriously consider finding someone else because this one here is mine.” Rick huffed and you felt heat rush to your face when you heard him call you his.

Rick let go of the guy and the drunken guy stumbled away holding his arm tightly. There were a few eyes on you but you didn’t care. the only ones that mattered were Rick’s. you had to admit, seeing him become defensive over you made you want to leap off the couch and kiss him but you knew better.

“And you. What the- what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Rick glared down at you and you felt as if you had sunk into the couch a little more. You didn’t want to cause any more of a scene. Rick, of course, sensed this and grabbed your hand tightly, yanking you up before going outside.

Once you were outside Rick pulled you into him, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You were a little confused at the sudden action.
“Look. I know I haven’t been that great lately- Been busy a lot but don’t ever do that again… I was here from start to finish you know.” Rick said softly, his hold tightening a little bit. “When I saw you with that guy it made me so pissed off, I wanted to punch that asshole in the face. I don’t want anyone else to touch you like that-I don’t give a crap if it was innocent or not. You’re with me and me only. I don’t like to share” He growled as he thought about the memory and that’s when you finally hugged him back. He did care and that made you happy.

Morgan Rielly - Part Seven

Bit of a shorter post but I love it! So happy you all are liking it so far!

The car ride is short. Too short.

               I realize as Morgan pulls into a parking spot surrounded by several other too nice of cars that I don’t want to leave. I tell myself it’s because the car is so toasty, my seat heater is on high. Who wants to have a cold butt? Not me.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a topp dogg reaction gif or without to you (gf) flirting with them infront of the members and what would do/say when you're alone? Thank you~ ❤

Jeez I’m sorry for how long this took me! I also have a Sangdo scenario that I will try to get up ASAP!! Hopefully you like the reaction! :) Have a good day and thank you for the request! I really enjoyed writing this. 

-Admin C


Originally posted by cutejjong

Xero is a pretty confident and flirty guy. He would definitely reciprocate, but in the cutest way possible. He’d make sure not to do anything too suggestive around the boys. But he’d wrap his arms around you and bury his head in your shoulder and probably groan.
“Jagi, why are you being so cute? You know what it does to me!“ 

When it comes to being alone with them. I think that flirting with Xero would initiate a make-out session at the least. It’s very easy for this sweetie to get lost in you. Especially when you stare deeply into his eyes and he’s able to forget about everything around him and be immersed in you.


Originally posted by mancrushallweek

Hansol has absolutely no shame when it comes to flirting with you in public. He’ll wrap an arm around your waist and pull you into his lap. Cuddling you and telling you how cute you are. The other members might roll their eyes or tease you but Hansol wouldn’t care in the slightest. 
"They’re just jealous of how perfect we are together jagi hehe." 

When you were alone with Hansol and you started flirting he’d get a little flustered. He’s a very passionate person so I could see him taking a lot of joy in dazzling you. His favorite thing in earth is to see you look at him with admiration. So he would slowly move over top of you while he indulged in you taking in the shape of his shirtless torso. He’d really love cuddling like this, it made him feel extra close to you and he liked that. Whenever you were around, his attention was solely on you. He would never about other people when the most important one was right in front of him.


Originally posted by iknowyounow

Hojoon is sort of known as one of the most quiet members. I think that personality trait would translate well when it came to you flirting with him around the others. Hojoon is a witty person so he would never be short of a great comeback to your wiggly eyebrow’d comments. He likes it best when he can make you flustered in front of the boys in a way that’s not too suggestive or revealing. Just a comment cute enough to make your cheeks flush so he could giggle while you hide in his chest as the others pointed to laugh. 
"Wow Y/N! I really outdid myself didn’t I?" 

When the two of you were alone I think Hojoon would prefer to react to your flirting with physical contact. Nothing too heavy though. He’d like to place his hand on your lap or around your waist and run his thumb in circles over your clothes. He’d find a lot of security in your opinion on the way he dressed, the way he styled his hair, and the way you perceived him as a person. He would work hard every day to make you proud and whenever you complimented him in a flirtatious way he wouldn’t be able to contain his happiness and would grin endlessly.


Originally posted by b-joocy

Bjoo would probably be one of the most shy members when it came to flirting in front of the guys. He’d try his best to be sexy and reciprocate but it would end with a lot of WOWs at how witty and sexy you were being. His face would get red easily with how flustered he was with wanting to touch you but not being able to do much in front of his brothers and best friends. He’d have to settle for wrapping you up in his arms and squeezing you senseless. 
"You are so cruel! You know how flustered you make me when you act sexy like that!”

When the two of you were alone he would turn into someone who is very sexy and confident. He’d try to seduce you but his methods wouldn’t be very great.
“Bjoo why aren’t you looking at me.”
“All girls love when I do this, Wait hold on watch my smolder expression!”
*pouts lip for extra smolder*
You’d end up giggling and then you’d have to break out the aegyo for him to forgive you for making fun of his smolder. He’s too pretty to be just sexy sometimes. :P


Originally posted by trainingpanda

Yano would have NO CHILL. He isn’t the type to be afraid of things like physical affection in public. Especially people who can just look away like his hyungs. He won’t care almost at all. If you started flirting with him in front of the boys he would be loud in his shock but would immediately deploy every method of getting you excited in a subtle way. He’d lean against the wall just the way he knows you like looking at him while talking to Nakta. He’d bite his lip and stare at you front across the room while he watches you turn away with red cheeks. He’d love the challenge that came with you flirting with him in public. It was a war to see who could get who more excited.
“Two can play at that game Y/N” *winks*

When the two of you were alone Yano would be very touchy with you. He’d like to put pressure on your sweet spots with his hands to force you to acknowledge his presence even while you were trying to focus on something or while you were trying to ignore his advances after he teased you about something. He’d love the reaction you had when he brought his voice down to a low groan while he whispered into your ear. But you knew the best way to get to him was to pull his body on top of yours and to breathe warm bursts of air into his neck. Good luck after that is all I’m saying.


Originally posted by takuyoung

Atom is a wild card. This boy is just equal parts cute and sexy so it would really depend on his mood that day when responding to your flirting. On the days he was feeling more timid he would giggle A LOT and probably just brush you off as being silly. On the days he was feeling a bit sexier he might pull you into his side and warn you that you were playing with fire on this one. Knowing you though, you’d continue. You could see him getting a little more handsy but only when no one was looking. 
“Last warning Y/N. Before we take this to the closet." 

When the two of you were alone he would be a lot less impatient. But it wouldn’t take a lot to get him going. His own imagination did most of the work. A cute outfit might even be all the work you had to put in, although any extra effort was much appreciated and you would be paid back with extensive love and affection. Atom really liked being around you anyways. He cherished the moments that he got to simply love on you. He would save them in his memory to play back in his head whenever you were apart. And when he was in his extra sexy moods expect him to show you why he likes sexy people.


Originally posted by leowatchyy

P-Goon is pretty chill and wouldn’t want to you to get too heavy into your flirting with him while he’s around the members. He is the leader after all, and it might take a lot for you to get him to forget that. He would appreciate your flirting but might not reciprocate very obviously. He’d just chuckle it off. 
"Ahh why are you like this? You know I lead all of these dorks!”

When the two of you were alone he’d break out his cheeky smirk right away. Your flirting would come as a challenge to him and he would easily accept it. I could see him being the type to ignore your flirting until it got to the point where you craved his undivided attention. He would make the wait worth it though ;)


Originally posted by xerols

Sangdo would love when you flirted with him in front of the boys but he would be extra shy while it was happening. There might be a lot of giggling and him cuddling you into his chest so that you stop embarrassing him in front of the other members. They would tease him a lot and he’d do the cute thing where he covers his mouth. 
“Ya Sangdo-hyung let them speak!” Yano chuckles.
“Aish! Why are you like this Jagi?" 

When the two of you were alone I think that Sangdo would still be slightly aloof with his flirting. He’d let you know he was acknowledging your flirting but would get flustered easily. When he did want to be sexy I think it would still come off a little goofy. The perks of calling this puppy your own.
*stares at you intensely*
*face changes completely into a grin*
"How was that jagiya? Was it sexy?”
Ugh this sweet angel.


Originally posted by j-nhope

Nakta I think would be pretty involved in the flirting but more secretly than anything. He is the type to keep his arm around his s/o even when the other members are around. If you started to flirt with him he would prefer to whisper his dirty responses in you ear than to say it aloud to make you flustered or something. He’d do it more to satisfy you both. If it made you embarrassed, he’d think it was cute but he’d settle down. He didn’t want to make your flirting a scene. He’d like it better when people knew only vaguely that you were flirting but that you COULD be talking about anything. 
*you start blushing*
“Sorry babe, I went a little too far I think. haha" 

When the two of your were alone He would get it done. You two wouldn’t be flirting for long. This man is definitely more about doing than talking about doing. When you did flirt with him while you were alone he would make sure that he didn’t move too quickly though. He’d want to savor only if for a few moments that you were interested in being close to him.. but not like CLOSE TO HIM, y'know?


Originally posted by jenissi

Oh. My. God. This boy. Jenissi is a subtly sexy character. He is very aware of his potential effect on his s/o and would conceal that around the other members unless there was a specific situation that called for it. If you were flirting with him and it was meant to be a challenge against him, he’d win. But otherwise he’d brush it off as you being cute.
"Ah you’re one of kind sweetie.”

When you two were alone Jenissi would chuckle to himself and run his fingers through his hair and lick his lips. He’d take it to the next level pretty quickly. Making sure you got exactly what you wanted. He’d LOVE when you initiated flirting because it made him feel desired and he loved receiving that attention and making sure he reciprocated properly.

anonymous asked:

A-Z ichigo kurosaki peeaseeee

Ahh, sorry it’s so late! But here’s the rest


  • A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) He’s very attentive to his s/o after sex. He likes to run his fingers through their hair and along their back, holding them close.
  • E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Ichigo knows what he’s doing most of the time.. or at least he think he does. He’s learning to separate porn from reality.

  • F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) Good old fashioned military style. He’s a simple guy.
 Also, it gives him a range of ability to work with.
  • G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) His awkwardness can certainly make it seem silly or goofy at times. But his actions are sincere.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) He’s quite lazy down there. Not much grooming or anything.
 But somehow he pulls everything off. 
  • J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) Ichigo jacks off more than you’d think. He’s learning to deal with all the interruptions…

  • K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) Ichigo gets turned when his partner takes control- if only to dominate them later.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
 Ideally, anywhere where he can get some good access to your body. He hates to be limited as to where (and how) he can pleasure you. 
  • M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Ichigo is a slut for 
a good tease. It might even be unintentional. But simply a good sway of the hips is all it really takes. 
  • N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe is a complete turn off for him. He wants to do what makes you feel happy in the end.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) Ichigo is a selfish bastard. He loves receiving oral, hands down. It isn’t that he doesn’t like (or mind for that matter) giving, but receiving is absolute heaven.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) He tends to lean towards fast and sensual. He loves to feel your body while he’s roughly taking you.
  • Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
 Ichigo likes taking them when he can. He’s not too good, control wise. So if you’re around, and he’s feeling it, he’ll whisk you away.
  • R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
 Ichigo’s secretly all for taking risks. But he likes to build up the relationship (and trust) first before trying anything too serious. 
  • S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…) He can go about two rounds… three on a very good night. Downside, he doesn’t last too long. 
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) The only toys he uses are his hands. They’re very versatile, he thinks, whether it be for spanking, choking, scratching, teasing..
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) Ichigo loves to be teased. Anticipation and the building of the nerves is fun for him. However, he’s not so patient when it comes to being the teaser. 
I mean, he can be, but once he gets a taste of you, his control gets stretched pretty thin. 
  • V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make) He’s a total moaner. Ichigo likes telling his partner how he’s feeling and what feels good. 

  • W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice) Ichigo loves to sleep on his s/o’s chest. He feels close to them that way… plus, it makes for a soft pillow. 
  • X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) It’s a pretty decent size- long an’ lanky like his body. 
  • Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Quite high, given he’s you’re typical teenage boy. He does the do when he can (when he’s not out fighting, of course).

  • Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Not as quickly as you’d think. He’s likes to stay up with his s/o for a while, murmuring and stroking their back.

Group & Member(s): Got7 JB

Genre: fluff

Warnings: none

With a bag of groceries in one hand and your keys in the other, you walk up the stairs to the apartment that you share with JB.

Humming, you unlock the door, toss aside your purse and head into the kitchen to put up the groceries.


Married life has been good to you and JB. Having dated for 3 years before he popped the question (on stage during a concert) and getting married a little over a year ago, you knew each other inside and out. You shared everything and had a good handle on the crazy and hectic schedules that he has to deal with.

Lately his schedule has been extra crazy with the new comeback. Every night he returns home (almost always past midnight) from practice, you can see his utter exhaustion. His face is heavy and his shoulders bent. He always tries to act like he isn’t as tired as he is, for your sake. But you see through it and you try and help him the best as you can.  You wait until late to cook dinner so that it is still semi-fresh when he arrives, you put him to sleep with back rubs and wake him up with breakfast.

“What did I do to deserve such a caring wife?” He asks every morning before you both leave – him to practice, and you to work. You always respond to him the same way: with a hug and a kiss before you separate off to your busy work days.


You finally finish putting the groceries up when your phone goes off. Picking it up, you look at the I.D and see that it’s Jackson calling.

“Why would he be calling, they’re supposed to be rehearsing?” You ask yourself out loud before answering it.

You: “Hello? Jackson, what’s up?”

Jackson: “Y/N you need to get down to the dance studio right now”

You:”Why?! What’s happened?! Is JB okay?”

Jackson: “please just get here he needs you”

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Cake by the Ocean

Part of my Hamptons AU
Words: 2720
Rating: Explicit; has the ol’ dick in the butt


When Jack received an invitation to Aurelia’s Fourth of July party, convincing Rhys to attend was a surprisingly difficult task. The kid had hoped to join Angel and her friends to watch fireworks together, but more importantly, he didn’t forget the last time Jack took him to a high society gathering.

But Jack didn’t become CEO of the leading tech company in the nation by taking “no” for an answer. He always needed to have his way, so after days of sweet talk and phenomenal, mind-blowing sex, he finally persuaded Rhys to attend the party with him.

There was, however, one condition. Rhys insisted that he must never be left behind at the “mistress table” ever again. If Jack wanted the boy on his arm so badly, he needed to show more respect for Rhys in front of all his rich buddies.

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kidding around, pt 10



I can’t believe how long this is getting omg

Pepper drops by again just before lunch.

She comes prepared this time, wearing denim shorts and a white tank top. “Look,” Tony calls to Rhodey. “Dad took a break from bringing home the bacon to play with the munchkins.”

Rhodey huffs, eyes twinkling playfully. “That’s just like you to come home and get them all riled up and then leave all the tough stuff for us.”

“I work hard all day, I deserve to come home to some damn peace and quiet,” Pepper says imperiously and Tony can’t quite bite back his laughter.

“What’s going on?” Steve demands, his little feet slapping on the tile as he comes running in from the living room where they’d left the kids to play. “You said you were coming back!”

Tony bends down to scoop him up rather than let him barrel into his legs. “Oof, hi, I did do that you’re right, I got sidetracked.” He waves toward Pepper and Steve grows inexplicably shy, tucking himself into the crook of Tony’s neck. “You remember Pepper don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Steve says softly and opens and closes his hand in a tiny wave.

Pepper smiles and waves back. Then she sidles over to the fridge, where the kids’ art has been hung up and says, “Gosh, look at all this beautiful art, did you do one of these?”

Steve’s shyness is gone in an instant. He wriggles to be let down and then races over pointing at his drawing, which Tony had placed in a position of prominence, right in the middle. Pepper oohs and ahhs appropriately as he explains what it is.

“How’s lunch coming, Porkchop?” Tony asks, peering over Rhodey’s shoulder.

“All set,” Rhodey says, wiping his hands.

Tony turns and yells through a cupped hand, “Munchkins! Oh, munchkins! Grub’s up!”

Shockingly, he gets no response. He sighs. “Well, it was worth a shot.”

Rhodey snorts. “Go on.”

With another sigh, Tony does an about face and goes to track down the kids.

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Cinnamon Skies - Part One

The Sky Falls

Summary: A man by the name of Sam Wesson moved into your town 8 months ago. He was a recluse, though a seemingly nice guy who worked odd jobs around town, volunteering at the local animal shelter when he could. Though you suspect there is more to him than he lets on…
: SamxReader
: 1534
: Language, an attack??
AN: Here is the first part in the collaboration I am doing with @skybinx-blog!!! It follows on from our prequel drabbles, linked below. This was super fun to write, and we’re both really excited to sink out teeth into this series!!! Part Two will be posted over on her blog, so go follow so you don’t miss it!!!



“Dammit” you muttered, quickly dropping the invoice you’d been reading, a small bead of blood forming on the tip of your index finger. You growled slightly, glaring at the papercut as if it had offended you before sucking it into your mouth.

“Paper cuts are the worse” a small redhead chuckled, tossing a file onto your desk, “I think their the worse kind of cut, if I’m honest!”

You rolled your eyes, snatching the folder up to file it away. “Coming from the girl who’s never been scratched by a main coon or bitten by a doberman” you retorted, grinning over your shoulder at her.

“Sooo… you going to the bar tonight?”

“Haley…” you moaned, slumping your head forward and resting it against the corner of the filing cabinet. “I don’t have time to go, I’ve got my shift at the shelter after this” you told her, frowning at your friend as she sighed.

She raised an eyebrow at you, stubbornly standing her ground as she stared you down. “You need to lighten up, Y/N. You work too much” she said with a slight smirk before turning to leave, “you need to get out more!”

Once she was gone, you shook your head before deciding to pack up your work for the day. It wasn’t like you had much left to do anyway.

You were a few minutes early to the shelter, which was only across the street from your Veterinary clinic, and the sun was just starting to set as you walked through the door.

It was reasonably quiet inside, the evening feed having already finished and all the animals were shut away for the night, but as you went about setting up for your shift the door behind the desk opened with force, colliding painfully with your side. The blow knocked you sideways into the front desk, your hip bone hitting the wood with painful accuracy.

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For the Rivetra Squad Facebook group who requested this! I am SO sorry it took this long, I was meant to have written it for you weeks ago :( I suck.


“I’m bored,” Eren whined, slouching back into the leather sofa. He pulled his beanie hat down over his ears as the shorter man next to him grumbled in annoyance.

“Then go home,” Levi dead panned. 

“But it’s raining. I’ll get wet,”

“And that’s my problem, how?”

Eren sighed. It was actually pretty dark in the living room, only a few candles Levi had lit up giving them any source of lighting. This was because the rainstorm had caused a power cut, which was a downer for Eren as his original intention to bother Levi and his flat mates was to use their TV.

His other room mates, Erd, Gunther and Oluo were all away on holiday, leaving Levi and Petra alone. Levi had been hoping for this opportunity for a long time. Finally the guys were away — a chance to woo Petra and hopefully get somewhere with their relationship.

Not that they had a relationship. It was strictly friends. But he was hoping for something more than that. Well, was, before that damned brat Eren had turned up at their door and cursed the fucking house. Now Petra was out in the laundry room by herself trying to mess about with the lights, and Levi was left to babysit the boy.

Fortunately, she returned before Eren could attempt to talk again.

“I think the power;s completely out,” she sighed. “We’ll have to wait until the storm is over.”

“Then what are we going to do?” Eren complained.

Levi crossed his arms. “Like I said, you could always go home,” 

“Come on, Levi, we can’t make him go home in this rain… Eren, you’re more than welcome to stay here until it’s safe to leave. We’ll just have to find some traditional entertainment!”

Eren smiled smugly, hoping Levi didn’t see.

Much to his chagrin, Levi shot him a death glare, sending chills down his spine from those icy eyes. He was glad it was Petra who was left behind and not one of the other guys. Eren got along well with all of Levi’s room mates, but he knew if it was anyone but Petra, they would certainly allow Levi to beat the crap out of him and send his ass out into the rain.

Fortunately, the three of them were not too modernised and found a solution for the lack of electricity. Petra had fished out some old board games which had brought out an individual competitive streak in each of them. With Levi beating Eren at chess, and Eren beating Levi at Guess Who?, to Petra beating them both at scrabble (twice), it seemed like a decent night in.

Eren had slid across the wooden floor awkwardly as Petra and Levi helped each other put the boards away. He cringed as their fingers skimmed and fumbled their hands about, embarrassed by each other’s touch. Continuing on his adventure, Eren stopped at the box of games, rifling through it.

“Hey,” he spoke up, pulling another game out. “Let’s play Twister!”

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Neighbour! 5SOS (Michael/4)

Request: Ok so neighbor ! Michael being kind of an ass whole but having a thing for y/n and he acts like he hates her and vice versa so one day they get into a huge fight over something idk what and he like gets really angry and she gets really angry and while they’re yelling Michael just kisses her out of no where and then yeah 😂 pls pls pls



You’re sitting in your room, working on some important paperwork that you have to get done, when you hear your door go. You roll your eyes, hoping whoever it is does not need you for too long. 

However, when you open the door, there’s no-one there. You begin thinking that you took too long to get there so they just left, but almost as soon as you sit back down, the door goes again. You sigh, going to answer it again, and finding that there’s still no-one there. The door goes for a third time, as soon as you sit down again and despite you not wanting to have to do this, you know you’ve just about had enough of it.

You storm out of your apartment, and slam your fists against his door. You can’t believe you’re having to deal with this level of immaturity at your age.

“Yo, what’s the emergency?” He asks, smirking.

You roll your eyes as you storm into his apartment, him closing the door behind you, before sarcastically saying, “Please…come in, why don’t you?”

“DON’T play me, Michael!” You yell

Michael lives in the apartment next to you, and you hate him. He’s immature and annoying, and thinks that because he’s in a band and can just mess around for a living, that everyone else is the same. He doesn’t realise that some people have to work nine ‘til five everyday for money, or that they have to go to university and study like mad. 

Okay so secretly, you don’t actually hate him. He is the exact kind of guy a younger you would have had the biggest crush on. But now that you’re older, you want something more sophisticated in a guy. Well having said that, living next door to him, you’re beginning to question it. You quite often picture what it would be like to kiss him, or imagine what it would be like to date him. But you’d never let him know that. And it doesn’t take away from the fact that you hate his guts!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” He smirks

“DON’T FUCKING PLAY ME!” You shout, “OKAY? I am trying to fill out important paperwork for a job I really want, and I can’t do that when I have a nineteen year old, more like seven year old, boy knocking on my door every thirty seconds!”

He bursts out laughing, “How did you figure out that was me?”

“Well who else was it going to be?” You question, angrily, “Old Mr Hudson on the first floor? Or how about Rhona on second? Or maybes it’s just my idiot neighbour, who thinks he’s great because he doesn’t live as part of the norm? Who thinks he can just joke around 24/7 with people who actually have to work for a living?”

He furrows his eyebrows, “You don’t think I have to work for a living?”

You laugh, “You spend most of your nights getting pissed and playing video games. I spend most of my nights working and applying for jobs, so yeah, I guess I do”

He clenches his jaw, “You don’t know shit about what I do! I spend hours in a studio writing songs…songs that might not even make the cut…I record songs, I produce them, I perform them, I promote them. If you don’t think that’s work, then you don’t know what work is”

“I don’t give a shit any more, Michael, I’m past the point of caring!” You shout, “I just want you to respect the fact that I work in a different game to you and that I can’t afford to have you doing shit like that whenever you get bored? I know we hate each other but I just thought if we kept out of each other’s way then we wou-”

You’re cut off by the force of Michael’s lips crashing against yours. The adrenaline rushes through you even faster than it did while you were shouting at him, as you rest your hand on his shoulder and he cups your head in his hands. He pulls away and he looks at you mischievously, before kissing you again. He leads you to the bedroom where the kiss picks up a bit, and you’re quickly removing each other’s clothing…


“So…we hate each other, do we?” Michael asks, out of breath, as he flops down on the bed beside you.

You grin, “I don’t know…do we?”

He smirks, “Well…we could do that again, and we could soon work that out…”

He leans over and kisses you again, but this time you pull away, “Michael, I’ve got all of that paperwork to do!”

As you look into each other’s eyes, you shrug and say, “Ahh you know what, fuck it!”

He laughs as you carry on where you left off. When you stormed out of your apartment, you didn’t expect it to end like this. But you’re not going to lie, you’re not disappointed.



Doing some Michael requests now!

First kiss you share with him - Part 2 (1D and 5SOS)

A/N: Sorry it is a little bit later than I wanted it to be, but I just have a lot going on at the moment!! Hope you like it anyway, please let me know if you do. 

Find part 1 here


Your first date with Zayn hadn’t exactly gone to plan, you hadn’t known Zayn too long and didn’t know too much about his lifestyle. Because of this, he had tried to keep it simple and under the radar but not long after leaving the discreet restaurant, you two had shared a quiet dinner at, did you realise that there was a small group of girls not far behind you, cameras and phones at the ready. Zayn groaned, “of course now they are able to find me” he says and without much warning his hand wrapped around your own and he started running down the street, you stumbling slightly after him. “Zayn” you called out somewhere between laughing and gasping for breath, “I don’t mind if you go take some pictures.” “No, I’m busy” he called back. This time you did laugh, this wasn’t a part of Zayn you had seen before, but you definitely liked it. When Zayn finally slowed down you were both panting slightly. “What on earth made you thing that was a good idea?” you gasped out through your laughter. Zayn laughed back, “I don’t know I just was enjoying being alone with you finally.” “Well we are definitely alone now, and a lot further away from my house” you said with another laugh. “I’m up for a walk back then?” Zayn suggested and you happily agreed, taking his outstretched hand. After quite a long walk home, letting you get to know even more sides of Zayn you hadn’t seen before, you finally arrived at your front door. “Thanks for tonight Zayn, it was fun and interesting” you said with a smirk. “Hmmm better finish it off properly then” Zayn told you. leaning forward and softly connecting your lips, keeping the kiss modest, his hand still wrapped around yours and the other cupping the side of your cheek. “Goodnight Y/N, I’ll see you later?” he said questioningly, “Goodnight Zayn, I’ll see you soon” you agreed with a smile. 


“Hey Y/N wanna come watch the game tonight?” Niall asked you when he caught you walking through the studio just as he was finishing up a session. “Sure” you agreed with a smile, trying to hide the blush that coloured your cheeks. Though you knew Niall wouldn’t notice, he hadn’t noticed any of your nervous habits around him for the last few weeks. “Cool I’ll see ya then” Niall said, shooting you a grin before continuing on his way. Later that night you made your way to Niall’s, admittedly a little late and found him already engrossed in the game. “Hey Y/N” he greeted, “hey Niall” you returned sitting on the couch close to Niall, trying to be a bit more confident and obvious with your hints towards him. “Yes, great job boys” Niall called to the TV as the first half ended. You laughed softly at his antics and he was quick to turn towards to noise, “what’s so funny Y/N?” he asked with comically raised brows. “You acting like they can hear you” you told him with a smirk. “Oh yeh” he said reciprocating the look, “well I’m glad I can make you laugh” he said moving slightly closer. You thought for a moment that after weeks of fruitless flirting, Niall might actually be making a move. But no sooner had the thought crossed your mind than Niall spoke again, “want a snack?” he asked pulling back slightly. You bit back a groan but then made the decision to throw caution to the wind, “dammit Niall, can you just kiss me already” you blurted out in frustration. Niall’s eyes widened as he stared at you silently. You immediately regretted your words and as the silence lengthened you started to apologise. “I’m s…” you started but were cut off by Niall’s urgent lips against yours. Niall moved forward so your back was against the couch arm and his hands were on either side of you head while he leant down over the top of you. His lips lifted momentarily for him to say “I thought, you’d never ask” accentuating each word with a quick kiss.  


Ashton asked you to go to dinner with him and you had happily agreed. The dinner had gone well, somehow hiding your awkwardness, you managed to keep a solid conversation up for the whole time. Nearly all of your nerves had disappeared as you easily smiled back at Ashton and laughed at his horrible jokes. “Do you want to go for a walk before going home?” Ashton asked when you both stood up at the end of your meal, he was looking at you hopefully his dimples showing. You swallowed nervously but nodded anyway, smiling. The two of you started towards the nearby pier and it didn’t take long for Ashton to reach out so that his long fingers could entwine with yours, pulling you slightly closer to his side. Though you were nervous you melted into the touch leaning into his side ever so slightly. After walking for quite some time, Ashton led you to one of the benches overlooking the water, sitting with your locked hands in his lap. You were focused on the waves crashing against the sand until Ashton squeezed your hand making you look at him. He smiled gently before leaning forward slowly, his intent clear. You almost let him but at the last second bailed, instead pushing your hand to his chest to stop him, “Ash don’t” you said softly. He stopped immediately and looked at you in concern, “I’m sorry I just…I thought the date was going alright, I’m sorry” he mumbled, starting to move away. “No Ash I am having a good time, I just I ahh” you stumbled. “What’s wrong Y/N? you can tell me” he said sincerely. “I haven’t kissed anyone before” you rushed out, blushing furiously. Ashton looked shocked for a moment before he shrugged, “I don’t mind” “I don’t know what to do, I’m probably terrible” you tried to insist. “You won’t be” he said slowly, leaning in again while gaging your reaction. This time you made no move to stop him and his eyes slipped closed just before his soft lips met yours. Ashton kept the kiss slow and gentle, one of his hands twisting softly through your hair, your hands still locked together. When he pulled away he grinned at you, “now you know” he said with a cheeky grin making you giggle, though it was cut off by him leaning in again to reconnect your lips. 


Calum asked you to come to a party with him and though you were horribly nervous about being around all of the other famous people that were sure to be there you agreed anyway, not able to deny Calum smiling at you. So here you were walking into the party, clad in a shirt, short skirt and heels you were sure to regret, Calum by your side. “Here, loosen up a bit Y/N, just have some fun” Calum said, trying to be encouraging, handing you a drink. And that’s how it started, somewhere between the 3rd and 4th drink you decided you were much less nervous with alcohol so you kept drinking, until you were well and truly past the point of being tipsy. You stumbled slightly towards the dance floor until you melded into the dancing group, moving your hips to the beat. A moment later two hands fell on your waist and you turned to meet Calum’s eyes, smiling down at you. “Hey Cal” you said happily, wrapping your arms around him. Calum laughed at your giddiness, he let you lead the two of you, just keeping his hands on your hips as you moved. A few moments later he stopped “can I kiss you?” he asked suddenly, clearly wanted to be straight forward to make sure your drunk mind understood what he asked. You giggled, “yep” you said popping the ‘p.’ He didn’t waste a moment, wrapping a hand behind your neck and pulling your lips towards his, connecting them in a rough kiss. He pulled away a few moments later and that’s when you felt the bile rising in your throat and the after burn of alcohol on its way back up. “Sorry” you managed to say before running from the room and promptly throwing up on the grass outside. “Wow” a voice shocked you from behind, you turned to see Calum looking at you, “that’s probably the worst reaction I’ve had to a first kiss” he said with a smirk. You giggled lightly, but this somehow only made you gag again, the rest of the consumed alcohol making a reappearance. Calum moved forward to run a soothing hand across your back, “I’m sorry” you mumbled. “It’s ok Y/N I’ll wait till you’re sober for our second kiss.”

A/N: Hope you liked it, thanks for reading!

1D and 5SOS prompts welcome!!!

Feedback would be appreciated!


Prompt: sunshine
Main pairing: RiSo
Rating: G
Word count: 13,732
AO3 collection: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/AkuRokuRiSo_Month
Prompted By: sylvermyth

So, apologies for the length, but this is a fic I intend to be consumed in one sitting. It’s just kind of the way the fic is, it would lose its energy if it got split. Hope you guys enjoy!


Riku was seven years old when his grandfather took him aside and gifted him with a jar of sunshine.

“This is a very special gift, Riku,” Yen Sid solemnly told him, who, when crouched, was as tall as the boy when he was standing. Riku had a hand planted on the old man’s shoulder, eyes wide, expression an echo of Yen Sid’s as he gazed sombrely at the jar. It was the size of a pickle jar, made of heavy-bottomed glass, with a silver lid screwed tightly in place. The glow of light within was bright and warm, undulating between yellow and white. When Riku reached out a cautious hand to touch, the glass was cold, Yen Sid softly urging him, “Be careful, now. The sunshine will fly away if the jar is opened or broken. You must take excellent care of it.”

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Previous part can be found here. Thank you hartbigguyz for not laughing at the silly notes I write to myself. And tvfreakinabox, who is super duper.

Part 3 - SFW

Going out is a good idea. At least that’s what Grace tells herself.

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Zero Time Dilemma Predictions

Spoilers for 999/VLR ahead!

Team C:

- Akane & Junpei’s first reunion after 999. Akane acts distant from Junpei (because of guilt after what she did to him; she thinks she does not deserve him) hence why they don’t seem happy with each other.

- Junpei could have ill feelings towards Akane for being distant from him (if she does) which could be the reason why he is “through playing the hero” and done with Akane’s games.

- Carlos and his sister may remind Akane about her and Aoi, which could prompt her to talk about Aoi and reveal what happened to him. (This could help build a relationship - that is not romantic? - between the two.)

- (In the trailer) Carlos had an axe next to him, while he clutched his arm. He probably chopped it off to avoid the effects of the bracelet, if Team C gets an idea of what the bracelet does.

- Carlos will always be the brave one to take risks (”It’s okay, I won’t die”). Junpei doesn’t volunteer because he is “through playing the hero” junpei what happened to you and the two men won’t allow Akane to take risks.

- Akane has little to no connection with Zero. “We might be in a place that god has abandoned” sounds like a hopeless quote and how Akane is helpless, nobody - not Aoi, certainly not Junpei - will help her.

Team Q (personal favourite):

-  Eric is possessive and overprotective of Mira. “Mira is my angel and MY angel alone!”

- Mira is more independent, and does not enjoy Eric’s protectiveness over her.

- Eric could betray Mira. Her quote is, “Just like what happened with my first partner…” (or something along those lines), so Mira could have been betrayed or cheated on by a previous partner.

- Eric and Mira have no affiliation with Zero. It seems unlikely, those two are too normal. (Mira is more likely than Eric, as little is known about her)

- Q is going to burn to death in an incinerator, judging by the trailer?? Eric most likely not wanted to put Mira’s life in danger, but Q is just a little boy..!

Team D:

- If there is an “ending” where Diana dies and Sigma lives, Diana will give Sigma her necklace as a memento before she dies, or Sigma will take it himself. (Another reason why Luna is so much like Diana - Sigma was extremely close to Diana and wanted to almost “recreate” her, right down to the necklace)

- Sigma will lose both his arms and eye trying to save Diana and/or Phi. 

- Phi’s reason for volunteering in VLR was because she saw the outbreak of Radical-6 herself and felt responsible.

- Immediately after the game, or as soon as possible, Phi is placed into a treatment pod and frozen due to being one of the first humans to come into contact with Radical-6.

- Diana was sent to participate in the game by her “boss” - somebody working with Zero or Zero him/herself.


- ZTD takes place one year after 999. Is one year enough to train a dog to crawl through air vents and carry messages?? Maybe. That means Zero started preparing for ZTD long before just to train Gab. and THAT means zero must be a dog person

- Zero wears a “bird” mask. In the medieval times, doctors used to wear masks that resembled the mask Zero wears, filling the beak with herbs to ward off disease. This is foreshadowing Radical-6, so Zero is fully aware that the disease lurks inside the game.

- Zero might have connections to Free the Soul and how they wanted to purify the world - he knows about Radical-6 due to his bird mask and the deadly effects. Instead of terrorizing the world, he decided to gamble. (The symbolism of flipping a coin - it’s entirely based on luck, nobody knows which side the coin will land on.

- Gab will not die because Zero likes Gab because Zero is a dog person and Gab will not die because THAT’S INHUMANE AND TERRIFYING AND AHH

- Zero is an esper, and Akane cannot connect with Aoi because of it.


- Zero was shown directly speaking to the players himself, which means that Zero is not one of them at the very least. 

- Aoi is not dead because a) I’m in denial b) there are too many unlikely causes of death (accident? Please. Suicide? Why? Aoi is too strong for that. I can launch into a full explanation of this if wanted, he can’t be dead aaugh. -w-;;)

- Akane, Sigma and perhaps Phi have some knowledge of a doomed timeline and world that died by Radical-6. Sigma and Phi joined it because of their abilities - and other reasons. Akane joined it because of her “secret organization she is in” that strives for a peaceful world. Akane could have also seen into the future or jumped timelines herself.

Those are most of my predictions for Zero Time Dilemma. I cannot wait until the game comes out and answers all our questions - while leaving us with a few more questions to ponder about. These were all judged on sources that gave out ZTD information, the trailer, and the character’s personalities. (Akane, Junpei, Sigma, Phi. Diana’s character is also relatively straightforward, not to mention that Luna resembles her greatly.)

I cannot wait for the game, I am too excited!

anonymous asked:

Can you do number 43 with Chanyeol? Smut please :) thanks

43. “That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life. Let’s do it.”

A/N: I’m not too sure what I’m supposed to do with this line, but I hope you enjoy it!

*WARNING: If sexual content makes you uncomfortable, don’t continue reading! *Daddy Kink.

“Did you overhear Baekhyun masturbating last night?” Chanyeol blurts suddenly, and your jaw drops, because how could he so bluntly ask about that? You reach over to smack his arm for it, but he was expecting it, so he quickly dodges it by rolling to the side.

“Don’t talk about your friend’s personal affairs so openly!” You scold, sitting upright. Chanyeol follows suit, a playful smirk growing on his lips.

“Come on, you have to admit it was hot.” He says, and he smirks more at the way your face turns red.

“That’s a kink I wasn’t expecting from you, Park Chanyeol.” You say, trying to change the subject. Baekhyun was a close friend of yours, though attractive, you didn’t appreciate Chanyeol putting lewd images of him in your head. Especially on purpose.

“Did you hear what he was saying?” Chanyeol continues on, like you weren’t trying to cover your ears and block him out. “He was saying ‘Daddy’.”

“Chanyeol!” You say, exasperated and red like a tomato. “Baekhyun is still in his bedroom!” You remind him, but he only smirks wider, crawling over to your side of the bed.

“It’s the perfect time to have sex, then, don’t you think?” He says lowly, and his deep tone sends chills down your back. “Maybe we can try out his little kink.” He adds, and you look at him in shock as he pushes you down against the bed sheets.

“You’re kidding.” You say seriously, placing your hands on his bare chest. It was a bad idea, because it only made you horny, but you needed him to stay away. “That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life!” You squeak nervously as he leans down, despite your attempts to stop him. “He’ll hear us through the walls! You’re apartment isn’t the best, you know!” You try, but it was no use.

Chanyeol made it his goal to get you in the mood, and in the mood you got. His tongue lapped below your earlobe, moving down to the defined line of your neck and sucking on a spot there before moving down to your collarbones. While doing this, his hands crept down your waist and hips, until his large fingers were tracing circles on your naked thighs.

“Chan..” You breathe, your hands sliding to his back and clutching him desperately.

“No,” He says sternly, gripping your leg slightly more. “'Daddy’.” You huff in defeat, rolling your eyes when he pauses to look down at you, an eyebrow raised, waiting.

“I hate you.” You state. “Fine. Let’s do it.” You say, closing your eyes for a moment. Chanyeol waits patiently as you put yourself into a good role. You and him didn’t roleplay often, but this definitely falls under that, and you were going to do a damn good job at it.

When you open your eyes again, you have an innocent look on your face, and you push out your bottom lip cutely. “Daddy,” You whine, pulling at his forearms. “Get inside me already.”

Chanyeol’s eyebrows raise, his smile raising ever so slightly as his eyes darken, and he lowers down a little more to tease you. “What was that, baby girl? Can you say it louder for Daddy?” He says, running his hands up your thighs and causing your moan in anticipation.

“Get inside me, Daddy!” You whine, bucking your hips up, begging. Chanyeol is more turned on than you were both expecting, and he presses his entire body flush against yours in a second, attacking your breasts with his tongue and your hole with his fingers.

“Gosh, babe, that was hot.” He grunts, sucking on one nipple roughly before licking a trail up to your neck again. He bites down on it with his teeth, making a mark there.

“Daddy!” You cry out, overwhelmed by every sensation he was giving you. His mouth on your skin was working wonders, and his fingers inside of you, curling up and hitting that spot were heavenly. But it wasn’t what you wanted. “Daddy, please,” You whimper, hips moving up to meet his thrusting digits. “I want you inside me, Daddy.”

He groans in pleasure, pushing himself up to hover over your body. He spreads your legs after removing his (now) drenched fingers and settles in between them, placing his giant cock at your entrance. You’ve always taken pride in his size, since it was larger than average, and right now, you didn’t want anything more than it to pound you.

“Tell Daddy what you want,” He pants, and you can tell that he was having a hard time controlling himself. Maybe you were putting up a better act than you thought. Confident, you latch onto the sheets at your sides and grip them, so that Chanyeol knows how badly you need him right now.

“Daddy, put your cock in me.” You say, and what _____ says, _____ gets, because he slides into you in one go, sheathing his rod completely inside of you. You both moan simultaneously, the feeling of his thickness stretching your walls was so stimulating, it made your mind spin.

“Baby girl, you’re so tight.” He chokes out, unable to help but buck into you once, and you gasp at the sensation. “Ahh– you feel so good, baby.” He gasps, kissing your lips.

His mouth occupying yours was what drowned out most your noises, because hell, Chanyeol was relentless. He slammed into you repeatedly, not giving himself a break until you both reached your climaxes.

Your body arched on the bed, and Chanyeols rhythm stuttered as he moaned deeply, but his dick milked out your juices until you were both too sensitive to move anymore and he slips out.

Your breath comes back to normal, and you lift your hands up to run through Chanyeol’s hair soothingly. “That was amazing,” You mutter and kiss his forehead. “Daddy.” You add, and he chuckles, done with the acting.

“We should do that again.” He suggests, and though you want to roll your eyes at him for that, you find yourself nodding.

“We should.” You agree, cheeks burning.


“That was quite the show you put on, guys.” An hour after your morning sex, you decided it was time to get ready for the day, so after your shower, you started cooking breakfast in the kitchen for Chanyeol and your guest.

Baekhyun had appeared around the same time Chanyeol did, and the silence had no meaning to you until Baekhyun spoke up. You turn around and look at him in shock.

“What do you mean?” You ask, completely confused. Baekhyun lifts an amused eyebrow before looking down at his glass of milk instead.

“'Daddy, put your cock in me’ or something.” He shrugs, taking a long sip from it. You shoot a horrified look at Chanyeol, who was having a hard time holding back a laugh at your reaction, before turning back to Baekhyun and stomping over to him.

“That’s all your fault, might I inform you.” You say, grabbing his collar and shaking him. He blinks up at you in alarm.

“What do you mean it’s all my fault?” He asks, and now Chanyeol was looking at you in terror.

“Chanyeol was the one who wanted to try it out, because he was listening to you masturbate.” You spill, and Chanyeol glares at you. By the way he is, you know he’ll want to punish you later in the bedroom. But it was the only way you could get back at him.

Baekhyun’s face flushes a dark shade of red. “Next time, maybe you should hold back your horny thoughts when you’re somewhere with thin walls, yeah?” You let go of his collar finally, and you almost laugh at the way Chanyeol and Baekhyun don’t look at each other, but still try to keep a normal conversation.