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How to research your racially/ethnically diverse characters

chiminey-cricket asked:

Do any of you have any tips for doing independent research for PoC characters?

This question is super broad, but I’m going to see if I can give it a crack!

First of all, consume media by the group in question. If you want to write a story with a Chinese-American protagonist, read some blogs by Chinese-Americans, read books by Chinese-Americans – both fiction and nonfiction – lurk on places like thisisnotchina so you can get a feel for what pisses Chinese and Chinese diaspora people off about their portrayal in the media, google for stereotypes about Chinese people and try to make sure you’re not doing those (even positive ones), go more general (East-Asian all-of-the-above in general since in many cases the harmful tropes overlap), go more specific (if your protagonist is female, look specifically for blog posts featuring the opiniosn of Chinese-American and other Asian/Asian diapora women; same if your protagonist is attracted to the same sex, is transgender, or deals with any other form of oppression besides anti-Chinese racism.) All of the above applies to Latinxs, Native Americans/Canadian First Nations, African/African diaspora people, Jews, Muslims, etc. Find out what we’re saying about ourselves.

Lots of things are available just from Google. “I have a Black character and I want to know what kind of hairstyles are available for her!” We have a Black hair tag, but apart from that, googling “Black hairstyles” will probably bring up some articles that can at least give you a good starting point to learn some vocabulary to add to your next Google search, like “natural” and “twists” and “dreadlocks.”

Next, you can talk to people in the group, but before you do this, be sure to have some specific questions in mind. “How do I write a Jewish character?” is not a specific question. “Do I have to make my Jewish character follow kosher laws if I’ve made her religious in other ways, or can she go to shul but not keep kosher?” or “What’s a term of endearment a parent might use for a child in Yiddish?” is much more specific. Remember, if you’re talking to someone they’re answering you back with their free time, so expecting them to do most of the work of figuring out what’s most important for you to know is a little entitled.

Besides, a more specific question will give you a more helpful answer. If someone asks me “how do I write a Jewish character” one of the first things out of my mouth will be a list of personality stereotypes to avoid, which isn’t going to be very helpful if what you really need for your fic was whether or not you have to write your character as following strict kosher laws.

If you’re sending a question in to a writing blog or one of those race blogs like thisisnot[whoever], please read through their tags and FAQ to see if they’ve already answered it. Longtime followers of a blog would get very bored if all the blog’s content was nothing but “We answered that here last week at this helpful link!” Those who participate in answering these blogs are usually unpaid volunteers who provide a resource that’s already there to help people; help repay them for what they do by looking through the material on your own first.

How to tell if a source from outside the group is biased and bigoted: obviously, you’re not going to want to listen to Stormfront about Jews, or the KKK about, well, anything. If you’re not on a source created by the group in question, look for dry and academic language as opposed to emotional, informal, or inflammatory words – although dispassionate and technical language is no guarantee it won’t be racist, colonialist, or inaccurate. If you read enough books and blogs from the inside, though, you’ll probably see some of the myths from those other sources debunked before you even encounter them.

Lastly, don’t assume that all people who are Asian, African-American Christians, religious Jews, or Muslims are from cultures more oppressive, more conservative, more patriarchal, more homophobic, more sexist, or more controlling than the one in which you were raised. If your plot calls for homophobic parents or a repressive culture, that shouldn’t be the reason you make your character one of the groups listed. There is plenty of oppressive, anti-woman, and anti-queer thought in white American Christian/Christian-cultured society and personally, I believe such criticisms of the marginalized diaspora peoples I listed above belong in the voices of the cultures themselves.

–mod Shira

I’d not leave looking for dry and clinical information as the ONLY means to distinguish that a work is biased.

While yes it is pragmatic to say “look for academically toned wording,” … in addition to that, these folks really need to look into who the author is. Definitely look into the author. And the year the thing was published (because man if it’s from like the 60s or earlier, 9 times out of 10, throw that shit out).

Because people can disguise hatred and racism in careful diction so that it looks reasonable and polite. A shining example is physiognomy studies from Nazis and anti-Semite eugenecists. And the sad thing is, you really can’t trust people to read it and make the judgement call that this hate-in-disguise they’re reading is hate.  

Somehow, when someone says, “The people of the Levant express features such as […] which, at the risk of sounding untoward, suggest a very rodent-like persuasion,” people are like, “Oh, well, that was worded fancily and there was no angry or profane language, I suppose they’re right,” not stopping to think even for a moment that they just accepted that this book just said to them that Jews look like rats. I saw it happen in my Nazi Germany class when we were given reading material. It was fucking nuts.

So definitely, definitely look every outsider author in the mouth and cross-check any and everything that person says. 

–mod Elaney

Shira again: Elaney is right that you will want to be critical of outside sources, especially older ones. Also, be suspicious of blanket statements about a group such as “X group are” instead of discussing forces in X culture. For example. Because there’s going to be diversity within any group and it’s likely what’s being said isn’t inherently biologically linked to being in X group.

–mod Shira

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Hey, cis girl here and I was just wondering if you could do a post about general guidelines for cis people when talking to transgender people about being trans. I have a friend who has recently come out and I want to ask questions to understand better but I don't want to be rude? I get the don't talk about genitals thing but what about other stuff? Also I know this won't be universal and I totally get it if you don't want to respond or don't feel comfortable. I just don't want to mess this up.

This answer post linked here is a good place to start!

A basic outline, plus I think some other stuff:

  • Respect boundaries. Ask what they are, if they’re not specified.
  • If you want to ask questions about something particularly sensitive (family reactions, dysphoria, anything about their body), ask if it’s okay to ask them about it first.
  • Google it first, if it’s something that can be Googled (for example, information about how hormone therapy or surgeries work).
  • Generally do your homework before asking. Seriously. Unless it’s something totally unique to that person, there is a shit ton of information online. It also makes conversations deeper and more informative if you have prior knowledge and don’t have to be taught “Trans 101″ stuff already readily available online.
  • Keep your questions specific. (example I gave in that post: “Are you on hormones?” as opposed to “How far have you transitioned?”) This makes things a lot easier on both of you.
  • Familiarize yourself with current respectful terminology.
  • Don’t misgender them. Unless they specify otherwise, use their current pronouns / identity even when referring to them in the past prior to coming out. Keeping it gender neutral works, too (Ex: “When you were little” rather “When you were a little boy / a little girl”)
  • Use common sense. 
  • Be mindful of where you are before asking questions about their transition. Is it a safe time to ask? 
  • Don’t out them to anyone without their permission.

I hope this helps! Wishing the best for your friend. - Mod A

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langst where maybe lance got hurt during a mission and decided to just keep it a secret from the team bc other ppl got hurt worse so he thought he could handle it on his own, but then his wounds get severely infected? with shance maybe??

-Hi! Thank you so much for the ask! I’m really sorry but there will not be any Shance. I don’t want to offend anyone, and I would like my blog to be a safe place for everyone. I’m going to try and avoid ships in general. If you want to send an ask off anon, if you’re comfortable, then I can send you a fic privately. Sorry again! I hope you like it!

Lance grips his arm tightly to his chest as he runs to Blue. The scratch from Hagar’s latest monster feels as if it’s burning.

Lance quickly sprints up into Blue and collapses in the pilot’s seat. The rest of the team has already left, they’re waiting for lance to make it back before they can worm-hole away.

The sounds of lasers against metal chase Blue as she flees. Lance just worries about his arm. He knows that she’ll take him back safely.

He takes off his armor and rolls back his sleeve. A long, jagged cut runs from his shoulder to his forearm. The skin surrounding the wound is purple and swollen.

Lance thinks he might be sick.

He grabs a bandage from the emergency first aid kit on board and wraps his arm tightly. It’s not perfect, but it will have to do for now.

He sighs in relief as blue lands. As soon as the air-lock closes he’s up and heading for the main hangar to meet with the rest of his team.

He’s greeted by the panicked shouts of Hunk and Pidge. “Lance! Where have you been? Quick, help us get Shiro to the med bay, Allura and Coran have already left to prep a pod!” Pidge is on the floor next to Shiro, they’re pulling at his arms as if to drag him to the med bay.

Lance rushes forward to check the severity of the wound, he almost gets sick again.

Shiro’s entire left side is a mess of shredded skin caught in his shattered armor. A pool of blood is beside Lance’s beloved hero. Shiro is deathly pale.

Lance quickly comes to himself. “Pidge, grab under his arms and around his upper chest. Hunk you get his legs. I’ll support his torso.”

The others are quick to rush into position and Lance slides his arms gently under Shiro. He ignores the flash of white hot pain in his arm when a piece of shattered armor jabs his wound.

“Okay, lift on 1, 2, 3!” They successfully get Shiro into the air. The trip the med bay is long and hard. They just barely make it.

Allura and Coran are waiting with a suit for Shiro when they arrive.

The next hour and half is one of the most stressful chunks of time in Lance’s life. His arm burns the entire time as he frantically tries to help his team save Shiro.

Once they finally get Shiro into a pod, everyone sighs in relief. Allura tells them all that they can go to their rooms for the night and rest.

Lance almost stops to ask for a new bandage for his arm, but everyone looks so tired, and he doesn’t want to disturb them.

He hobbles tiredly back to his room and collapses on his bed.

‘It’ll be fine’ he thinks as he drifts to sleep.

The next morning everyone is gathering for breakfast when Hunk realizes that Lance hasn’t shown up yet.

“Why don’t you go get him Hunk. He’s probably just sleeping in again.” Hunk nods at Allura and heads towards Lance’s room.

He knocks several times, “Lance! Time to get up!” He receives no reply.

Hunk opens the door and steps in. “lance?”

The lump on the bed doesn’t move. Hunk walks over to gently shake his shoulder, but gasps is shock.

Lance’s skin is boiling hot to the touch.


-Hey I hope you liked it! Please let me know what you think! :)

rant. sorta. hiatus.

I’ve just found out that some people here think I’m using my blog for the wrong purpose, that I’m cliquey, and that they dread being associated with me. That’s completely fine but that’s not who I am.

I talk to everyone who talks to me. I have trouble reaching out to people because I don’t want to bother anyone. I don’t think everyone wants to talk to me or anything similar, so I don’t reach out to people. I have mutuals that I adore, but I’m too scared to talk to them because I feel like I’ll be bothering them. I still feel annoying when I message some people, for example @noona-la-la-la, who I’ve been following from day one, let alone when I message people I’ve just met or that have just followed me.
As for the cliques … I have a couple of writer friends. I talk to a lot of writers, but it’s about our stories and it’s basically mutual fangirling.
I think it’s extremely unfair of people to talk about me when they don’t know who I talk to and they can’t see my inbox. I talk to a lot of writers who are just getting started, I just don’t promote people because I don’t want to get used for that. If everyone on my blog asked me to promo them, this would become a promo blog and I don’t think you guys are here for that - this is a fanfic blog. I think anyone can understand that. Besides, I’d like to think that the people whom I talk to aren’t here to get promoted but are here because they like talking to me, even if they are considered “smaller blogs”. That’s so subjective and depends on so many things like how often you post, what members you post about, how long you’ve been on this site, what time of day/week you post, who reblogs your stories etc. Notes don’t mean quality.

At the end of the day, I am who I am. I may come off as mean to some people, but I know in my heart I’ve tried to be the best person I can. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been through a ton of shit this year, starting from a breakup of a 4 year relationship to getting diagnosed with a disorder (which I don’t want to get into because it’s TMI and it’s personal). I like to keep my things private and I think people tend to forget they’re not the only person that follows me and that I’m a real person with real problems and feelings. Right now, there are about 28 000 people on my blog. To me, that number is INSANE. This isn’t me boasting or bragging about it - I don’t think my blog deserves that many followers at all. I don’t deserve that kind of attention. There are people that are so much more talented than I am that don’t get enough attention and I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I don’t even know what most of the followers are doing here since a lot less people interact with me than before. But realistically, if anyone thinks I can talk to a hundred people daily and answer all the asks I get and write and work and deal with personal shit all the time, I’m willing to give them my password and see them try to keep up with it. It’s hard to deal with your own life and then come to tumblr and get messages about people asking you to help them overcome depression and suicidal thoughts, asking advice about a breakup, asking help about tumblr stuff, about uni, school etc. I’m not a machine. When someone sends me a message saying they want to die, I feel like shit because I know nothing I say can help that person and I try to come up with the best answer possible to give them some comfort and try to get them to ask for help. So if I don’t reply to an ask asking about when I’m updating something, it’s because I tend to prioritize the asks I get, if I even get the time to go through them.
This is tumblr, not the real world. It isn’t something serious, it doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t change anyone’s value as a person. I DON’T THINK I’M BETTER THAN ANYONE HERE, especially not based on notes and follower count. Personally, I felt happier when I had around 1 or 2 000 followers because I knew they were all here for my stories and not for whatever reason they are now, and I talked to a lot of them on a daily basis and I still do. Now I don’t even recognize most of the usernames that like and reblog my stories because that would just be impossible. It’s easy to preach when you’re not in this situation, I think.

If you’ve ever felt ignored, I’m sorry. I’ve tried to reply to every ask and message I got, but a couple of months ago, I was going through something and I let them pile up. And then I just didn’t have the mental strength I needed to go and answer the asks so I let them pile up and I hated logging on. Then I had a literal breakdown and I deleted the 4K messages that were in my inbox because they were just adding to my already insane anxiety. They were stressing me out and I felt horrible for not being able to reply to all of them and they just kept piling up and I wanted to delete the blog and everything that came with it, but the problem wasn’t this blog or the asks or the questions - it was me and my anxiety and I’m aware of that. If that makes me a bad person, I’m a bad person.

To the people with the mean comments - I wish you all the best. I hope you get a lot of followers, lots and lots of them since I’m being judged based on that, and when you do, you will see that it isn’t as amazing as you think it is, and it isn’t easy to keep up with everything. If you’re offended by this post, I’m sorry. That was not my intention. I just want to give my opinion since I’m being judged without anyone even talking to me or addressing it directly instead of behind my back. I’m a person, not a robot behind a blog. When I find out someone’s talking about me behind my back, it hurts, despite this being virtual and despite these people not really knowing anything about me. It hurts because it’s not fair. But the world isn’t fair and I’ll deal with it.

To everyone else, thanks for your support. You guys have helped me a lot without even knowing. I’ve posted about my personal issues through my stories a bunch of times because it was my way of dealing with those things and the conversations I had with you guys about my stories have been so pleasant and some of them have helped me a lot. Thanks for being here and for reading my stories. Conversations with you guys have helped me deal with the problems I have. Like I always say, you’ve made Tumblr my happy place. I know it sounds corny, but a lot of times I would feel horrible and this was the only place I had, and you made it great for me. I loved logging on and talking to you and just being here in general. 💗
I’m going on hiatus because of my master thesis, but also because I keep getting dragged into childish drama that I don’t want to be a part of. I don’t want to log on and see posts about me, posts shading me, or trying to make me feel like shit. I don’t think I’ve done something to deserve that. This is a social media site, not my life, and it shouldn’t be anyone’s.


 HARRY STYLES is hurtling towards chart domination in the UK and US this week with his critically acclaimed debut album.

But as he emerges to greet me — dressed head to toe in black — from the back of a trailer parked behind the venue of his first ever solo show in North London, it’s clear he is in a reflective mood.
Security have just ordered us not to move more than two metres from the modest caravan — where his band members are chilling after sound check — to avoid the ­hundreds of fans gathered nearby.

It’s for their own safety, of course. Who knows the reaction if they knew just a fence and four guards stand between them and the new prince of rock ’n’ roll?

The ONE DIRECTION superstar shrugs it off — this level of hysteria has become a commonplace part of his day-to-day life.

My first interview with the band, in the X Factor canteen seven years ago, took place as a number of teenage girls were climbing on the roof.It was a sign of things to come.This is the first time I have seen Harry since 1D went on an ­indefinite break at the end of 2015 and there’s a lot to talk about.

While the 23-year-old is famously guard­ed about his ­personal life, he reveals that ­writing his own music let him reflect on how his life was turned up­side down by being part of 1D.

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A-Z NSFW: Johnny

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A = Aftercare  
I think Johnny is a guy that’s pretty reluctant to leave your side or anything after you’ve rolled around the sheets, so like Taeyong, unless it was some intense sex that needs aftercare, he’s the guy that just finds his shirt on the floor to wipe you both down before cuddling up with you again.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Hands down Johnny’s favorite thing on him is…his hands lol. They’re fricking huge, he relishes in knowing he’s just as capable to make you completely come undone by his fingers as he can when you’re wrapped around his cock, makes play outside of the bedroom funner, knowing when his fingers and playing around in your panties, he can wreck you just as much as in the bedroom. Funny enough, his favorite body part of yours, is also your hands. He loves holding hands, pinning them to the bed as he pounds into you, something about feeling and see the stark difference in size between you and him really gets him going.

C = Cum
Nana says he’s a freaky boy, and Nana knows best y’all. He’s very unpredictable in the bedroom, until the moment strikes, hell he doesn’t even know where he wants to finish. It’s like throwing a dart on a board full of body parts, every time it’s different, face, chest, legs, ass, in you, you name it, the list is endless.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
He guards this with his life, his heart almost ejects from his chest if one of the boys goes near his bags, with fear that someone would find it, but tbh it’s his dumb fault for taking it. Every couple ever, when the boy goes away, obvi you steal his hoodie or something that smells like him you can wear to feel close to him. Johnny? His dumb ass stole your panties for while he was away on tour. No idea why, it was a joke about jerking off with your panties but it was never a serious thing, and he’s too much of a chicken to even do it now he’s actually taken them, god forbid the boys found him with his dick in his hand, let alone with your panties too.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
The little bitch knows what a daddy kink is, his ass knows how to put his dick somewhere. I don’t look into their past with girlfriends or anything so I have no idea, but that boy knows…he knows…he knows too much tbhquit tellin exo

F = Favorite position
More often than not, sex with Johnny is morning sex, some fun with his love and it helps him wake up and be ready for his daily schedule. He’s a cuddler, morning wood exists, 9/10 sex is spooning morning sex. Plus I think he’s highly intimate, he likes holding you, so best of both worlds yo.

G = Goofy(Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Listen…we know he’s a mess. That boy is a meme on legs, I can just see him being the dummy that’s in the middle of stripping you and remembering a joke Jaehyun told him and having to pause and tell you before he forgets again, laughs his ass off telling you, then immediately returns to ripping your clothes off. He’s a meme…we know this.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
We’ve caught a lot of tummy flashes from Johnny, and his tummy is pretty clean, no trail or anything, so I think he keeps it pretty bare, or at the very least trims it really well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Johnny’s love is more goofy. You two makes jokes about it all the time, the first time you slept together, he had gone all out like some pre-proposal sex in a movie. Candles, lighting, music, the whole shabang. It was the sweetest thing ever but it was so drastically different from your relationship that it was laughable. His level of romance is whispering over and over how perfect you are and how much he loves you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Of course he’d much rather have you do something to him, there’s always those moments away on schedule when he’s got to handle…business himself. Johnny’s pretty loud…he’s definitely one that just sneaks off to a locked bathroom, that doesn’t do anything to hide him grunting on the other side of the door at all, and just handle the issue and impatiently wait for when he can get his hands on you.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Having his hair pulled, or just played with in general. Who doesn’t want to touch his hair, that’s like ever nct fan’s goal, touch the soft johnjohn hair. But he genuinely gets off on it, he loves feeling your fingers running through his hair, gripping the locks while he’s pounding you into the bed, pulling on his hair, he’s a goner.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
I don’t think Johnny is very adventurous if there’s the slightest chance someone will walk on on you two while you’re bump n grindin, I don’t see him doing anything outside the bedroom unless he’s absolutely positive that no one will come in, like the boys being in another country kind of sure. But when he’s sure…he loves the kitchen, mainly because of the counter.  Standing sex is a pain, because of the height differences, but he loves how he can prop you up on the counter and take you every way in the book and be on the same level.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
It’s so weird and it isn’t his fault, you’ve conditioned him like this. It started as an unspoken sign that you wanted the d, when you were in public or around the boys, the little ‘hey i wanna fuck mate’ sign was you running your fingers through his hair, and tugging on it lightly. Simple, looks like a regular, affectionate touch between lovers. But now that he knows what that means, if you so much as brush his hair from his face, he pops a boner.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
We all make the jokes about the ooh daddy, and being the comfortable couple you two are, and sex is always full of giggles and fun, you had jokingly mimicked the iconic moment while he had you bouncing on his lap, and everything was put on pause. He just looked at you, said, ‘no’, and kept going like it never happened. Not his forte y’all, think again.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Like his thing with his hands, he thrives off knowing he can wreck you with anything including his tongue, his teasing of choice is going down on you, he loves feeling your thighs wrapped around his head, you clutching at his hair, using his large hands to hold your hips down from bucking against him, he loves the complete power he has over your pleasure. On the flip side, Johnny isn’t one to oppose a bj, but he’s extremely picky of how and where he gets them. He leans more to 69ing, he likes your pleasure being on the same level with his, if he’s getting a bj, he’s determined give you the same.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
He’s not fast, he’s not slow, or rough, he’s…hard. Unless you say to go faster or something, generally his thrusts are just an average speed but very firm and precise.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He’s not a fan of quickies, he likes being able to lay around and spend hours going from just cuddling to light kissing to making out to touching and then finally sex. He’s very thorough with his love making, he doesn’t like leaving without knowing you’re both completely satisfied, so quickies aren’t something he likes to do. It he can’t just skip out on whatever is happening to take you back home, he just puts the thought into the spank bank for later.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Johnny’s a fun guy, we all know this. If you propose something, unless he has a firm opinion on it, he’s down to try it at least once before he makes a decision on it. In general, he’s down for anything if you both agree on it, he’s here for the wild ride.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Like I said, his sessions last for hours, so by the time it’s done, he can just restart the list and go back to cuddling, to kissing, to touching, etc, all over again. If you’ve got the time, and you’re both here for it, he can keep the circle repeating as many times as you want before you’re just a puddle of limbs that desperately need a shower and a nap.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
When the idea was presented, he had smirked and just said, ‘I’m your toy’. He’s secretly bought handcuffs that you two use every so often. He doesn’t go far into it, but you two have a small box filled with a few toys. Handcuffs, a few vibrators, and Johnny’s stupidest but favorite buy; glow in the dark condoms.”but why” “my dick looks like a lightsaber, let me live”

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Sex with Johnny is very entertaining, half of sex with Johnny is teasing and giggling and just over all fun. He’s just the right amount of tease, enough to be fun but he’s not going to hold out on you that much.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Johnny is a soundtrack of his own, he’s not silent by far, he’s a full blown moaner, groaner, grunter, the whole nine yards. He’s very vocal, he enjoys letting you know how much he’s enjoying and how good he feels, just like he enjoys hearing you be just as loud.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
He made you promise never to speak of it again. Goofing off while you were getting dressed, Johnny did that stupid thing where you wrap up a towel and snap it at someone, and of course you retaliated, catching him right on the ass and……..“did you….did that…you just got a boner from being spanked lmao” “shut the fuck up Y/N this never happened, do you hear me? never”

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana says there is no way a boy of his build/height isn’t packing. In her own words, “thighs like that are built to home a good schlong”yes i hate her 2

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I genuinely think Johnny has a pretty high sex drive, like he just carried the intense teenage boy hormones over into adulthood, if he doesn’t get some within like two days, he’s getting irritable and just itching to touch you again.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
As long as the sex took place at a time he can fall asleep, he’s up a moving just fine. I don’t think he gets worn out that easily when it comes to sex, he definitely is able to, and most often does, get up and get clean, maybe get something o eat on before sleep. It takes him a while to come down from the high and chill out again. Plus I just think Johnny is hella the dude that ends up talking about aliens for 3 hours before you have to literally tell him to shut the fuck up and go to sleep.

Writing What You Want to Write

Anonymous asked: “I’m writing a story that has about 27 chapters so far. I want to introduce the characters in Part 1, but then I would like to write Part 2 where the action happens to the characters. I really want to get started on Part 2 because I have a lot of plot lines that are pretty awesome. Should I finish Part 1 or tuck it away and get started on Part 2?”

This sounds like an oversimplification, but there’s something to it, I promise, you should write what you want to write. 

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never have i ever (m)

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in which a game of never have i ever, which you probably wouldn’t have played under more sober circumstances, opens a box of hidden desire. 

Member: Jungkook

Word Count: 1.9k

It was a foregone conclusion that whenever you and your friends were at a house party, you’d end up in the basement. Which is why as soon as you entered the house, Jungkook grabbed your hand and led you towards the stairs.

“What’s with the urgency?”

“Someone’s trying to convince me the world is gonna end in three days unless I let them stick their fingers-” You held up your free hand to stop him.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to know.”

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BTS reaction: their girlfriend gets mad, because they don’t want to cuddle her.

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Hi^^ Can I request a BTS reaction to their girlfriend wanting to cuddle them but they’re tired and don’t want to. She then get hurt and they feel guilty so they end up cuddling her (or maybe not)? 


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Jin would start feeling guilty the moment he says “no”. He would sigh to himself when he sees how angry he made you. He would give you space at first letting you cool off before making dinner for both of you. When he’s done cooking he would take the food to the couch where you were sitting setting it on the table and wrapping an arm around you.

“Jagi…Don’t be mad at me…I’m sorry! Here, now you eat your dinner and let me cuddle you!”


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You opened the door to Yoongi’s bedroom only to find him leaning over a notebook on his desk, furiously writing stuff down in it. 

“Yoongi, oppa come cuddle with me!” 

“Y/N, baby, I’m busy…”

You groaned in annoyance, shutting the door behind you and moving to the kitchen to make dinner for yourself. 

You were just done heating up your food in the microwave when you felt Yoongi’s arms wrap around your waist from behind you, and him burying his face in your neck. 

“I’m sorry for earlier, baby. But we can cuddle now…if you still want to.”


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As soon as he realizes how mad he made you he would run after you and give you a big hug refusing to let you go for awhile. He would then take your hand get on his knees and being extremely over dramatic say:

“I’m so sorry for saying “no” jagiya! Please let me love you and cuddle you for the rest of my life! PLEASEEE!!!


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Namjoon would feel extremely guilty for saying he can’t cuddle with you, because he was busy. He would try to go back to his work but the feeling of guilt would be so strong he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. After a few minutes of trying he would finally give up on whatever he’s working on and walk over to the living room where he finds you asleep on the couch with a movie playing on the TV. He would sit next to you and quietly and gently pull you into his lap. 

You opened your eyes slightly, becoming aware of Namjoon’s presence. “I love you oppa…”

He kissed your forehead and smiled, “I love you too jagi..”


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When Jimin realizes that he made you mad by saying no to your request, he would decide to take the romantic approach to make you forgive him. He would disappear for a few hours without telling you where he’s going. Two hours later you would hear a knock on the door. When you open it Jimin would be standing outside with a giant teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers. 

He raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Do you still want to cuddle?” 

“Park Jimin!” You laughed, “You’re so cheesy and I hate you!!! But I love you so much!! And yes, I still want to cuddle!”


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To be honest I don’t think Tae would ever say no to you wanting to cuddle him, just because I feel like he’s the type of person who absolutely loves cuddling and just hugs in general. But if it ever happens, he would be really frustrated with himself for making you mad. He would quietly come and sit next to you on the couch where you were sitting - still mad at him - and slowly start getting closer and closer to you and eventually wrapping his arm around you before pulling you into his lap and start kissing down your neck and playing with your hair, making you forget that you were mad at him in the first place. 


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This boy would be so confused! He wouldn’t know what to say or what to do, it’s probably going to take him a long time to just realize why are you mad at him. He would probably ask one of his hyungs for advice, but if they’re not there to help he would mumble a simple apology before wrapping you in a tight hug.

“Hey, look baby…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say no, but I was just so tired and…I’m just very, very sorry okay?”

REQUESTS are still open!

RFA + V + Saeran Kinks

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RFA + V + Saeran kinks plS ^q^ <3

Here you go! Also I’m sorry that some are longer than others. I elaborated more on the people that had more kinks because I really feel like Yoosung,V and Jaehee are generally very vanilla. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

I also got carried away with saeran please forgive me but you're welcome saeran stans

NSFW below!!


 I honestly don’t see him as much of a kinky person. He’s pretty vanilla in terms of everyday sex. Occasionally spicing it up with a bit of role play. Even though yoosung isn’t the type, he’d be open to trying new things as long as it’s not tooooo crazy. He’d be open to things like extended foreplay is that even a kink i don’t even know


 bODY WORSHIPING IS HIS THING! He will never stop telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves every inch of your gorgeous body. especially if you wore lingerie. He is also into consent (obviously they would all need consent, but he like to verbally hear it many times) he would love to ask you vulgar questions just to hear your response. the way you would answer as he’s thrust into you just makes him nghhhhhhh- the beast™ 


rough sex. enough said He’d love the ddlg stuff. i don’t think he’s much of a sadist though. he’d just want to control you make you feel like he owns you. he’d like some minor bdsm play such as handcuffs blindfolds and silk ties you guys saw that coming he loves seeing you squirm in the binds as he continues to pleasure you, things getting more and more heated as he hears your whimpers. He’d also want to mark you but he’s gotta do it in places that aren’t visible to the general public out of respect to you and to spare you the embarrassment even though he’d really want to do it anyway (he’d probably just leave one on your collarbone bc he couldn’t resist) 


 I also really don’t think she is kinky. there isn’t much to say about her honestly. i think she might be an exhibitionist. the feeling of being caught gives her that rush that she can’t get anywhere else. She tends to follow all the rules so she gets really excited when there is a possibility to be caught doing something “bad" 


is a low key daddy honestly. He is a confirmed sadist so i don’t doubt he will drag out foreplay to tease you in every way he sees fit. He also has a roleplay kink. He’ll bring out costumes that he bought for you to get your opinion. I also feel like he’d be an experimentalist. He’s always down to try something new with the consent of both people. He also has a thing for sound. Hear me out on this. anytime in mysme when things got heated saeyoung never has his glasses on. i’m telling you right now his vision is sHIT. he just stares at a screen all day so it’s a given. since he doesn’t wear his glasses during sex, he’d probably close his eyes. which heightens his other senses. it's a reach I know I have an overactive imagination 


okay he is not kinky whatsoever. He is super vanilla. but i do see him being into body worshiping. he’d want to make you feel like the goddess he says you are. he also has a thing for taking pictures and videos of the intimate moments. 

 jihyun i swear to god if that click sound was your camera 


 like i mentioned before this dude is kINKY OH GOD PLEASE I KNOW IM GONNA GET CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS okay so first of all he has a major dominance thing. he always wants to be the one to dominate you but imagine him being bottom oh shit that’s going to the spank bank (i also may write a fic about this in the near future) he will dabble into light bdsm like blindfolds and handcuffs or rope. also he’s definitely a sadist, but he will only give you pleasurable pain because he’s afraid to hurt you although he’d never admit it. Overstimulation is his favorite thing. I even touched on this in my dirty talking headcanon shameless plug seeing your body writhe underneath him as you beg him to stop in between moans oH GOD I NEED TO STOP NOW

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Hiii, dont you think that when Jimin, jungkook and Jin are together, Jimin tends to forget jk? And jk does the same? It sounds weird but i noticed that on the eat Jin of last year in the hotel room. Jikook didnt interect much, and i dont wanna be one those shippers that diminishes one member for shit like this but, i cant help but think that Jin gets in the way of them, and Jimin its reeally touchy with Jin. Just wanna know your thoughts Thank you!

No and no. I talked a bit about this here and answered a similar ask here.

And who’s forgetting whom?????

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Jikook in general don’t interact in front of camera as much anymore. Their Vlives together are rare and they don’t even get to sit beside each other as often in fanmeets these days. There’s always someone accompanying them whenever they’re in a public place. It’s one of the things that makes us feel they’re real for reals. (It’s best that “if” Jikook is real, they keep it under wraps & let the world continue guessing. No matter how much we want them to go official, it’s no one’s decision to make but theirs.)

In my opinion, instead of getting in the way, Jin makes way for Jikook to happen in a soft, domestic (or sometimes teasing) way. It’s because of him that we got to witness a happy family dinner party live

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In this Vlive last year, JK wasn’t even invited. He just barged into Jin & Jimin’s broadcast like it was his right (atta boy!). All through that episode, JK was teasing Jimin in every way possible without touching him and Jimin was trying his level best to remain calm (failing lots of time). It was Jin’s misfortune to have his Eat Jin broadcast turned into a lollipop-sucking-eyefucking porn video.


Jimin is touchy with every member. It’s his nature and nothing’s wrong with it. But his attraction and love for JK is on a gravity defying skyrocketing levels. 

Just because Jikook are close to each other, doesn’t mean they would keep staring at each other, holding onto each other, or remain glued to each other 24/7. Who does that? I don’t know one single person who pays attention to their significant others or close relations every single second of their life. In general, we have so many people we care about in different ways. Even if we go hangout with friends and our partners are also there, do we keep holding onto each other like the rest of the world doesn’t matter? If someone does that then it’s pretty rude and disrespectful. 

I’m grateful to Jin that he always invites Jikook to his broadcasts and we at least get to see the both of them onscreen together. Otherwise, we only have stealthy glances and those minor, hidden, subtle moments to count on. These three together make for a great company and it’s always a delight to watch them together. 

Writing Loners

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Final Fantasy XIV is an online video game that I occasionally dabble in that recently announced that players will be able to play as the “Samurai” class. 

As Final Fantasy XIV is home to a fairly congested roleplaying community, I fully predict such samurai characters to fully engage in hamfisted concepts like bushido, honour, and “the way of the sword” with about as much subtlety as a fifty-ton bomb demolishing a high rise apartment complex in a fiery apocalypse, complete with screaming children and unfortunate escapees leaping from windows.

In equal measure, I fully expect such characters to be “loners with dark pasts”, “seeking atonement”, or desiring solitude for completely arbitrary and laughable reasons.

Now perhaps this is just my cynicism, but I’ve seen many a trainwreck wherein a character is less “lone noble ronin wandering the country and rescuing peasants” and more “sword-wielding sociopath inexplicably killing random people who have very justified intentions”.

This post was written to try to stem that tide.

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So like ?? I’m feeling bleh?? I feel kind of burnt out but still feel pressure to continue making content consistently on YT, I dunno?? I’m also just worried about other life stuff in general, even though like, life is going overall pretty well, cool things are happening. It just seems like a lot of waiting for things to fall into place now… Lot of it depends on where I will end up this summer.

I don’t know, bleh. I used to want to stay up 24/7 editing–dont get me wrong, I still LOVE it, I just think I need to chill Out for like Ten Seconds also,, you feel me.?? I kind of feel like trying some random project I’ve never done before, just like a personal project to explore stuff. Like I’ve thought about trying to make an animatic of a story idea I have. but it feels like there’s never time because as soon as I put out one video, i start working on the next one, and also i work full time at my day job doing QA (which I love but you know it’s time consuming and takes Energy) and also pursuing the voice acting thing… I feel like this post is portraying this as a lot worse than it actually is, I am pretty much super happy with where my life is right now, but I also feel like I want to continue to grow, and I’m afraid of stagnating I guess?? I don’t know why I’m posting this here but I just wanna let u all know Where I’m At and Be Real, plus it just helps to write it all down.

Anyways this is my ramblings nightposting etc @staff my icon is still broken please fix it

“...Probably carrying around all that metal doesn’t help.”

A spell to get rid of negative vibes/subconscious gunk; a first step towards healing yourself of bad habits/negative experiences that you might not even realize or want to admit are there.

You will need:

  • a polished/tumbled hematite stone you’re willing to part with (they’re very inexpensive, I found one for $1)
  • something to enclose the stone in after the ritual, preferably made of earth.
  • a candle (optional)

Light a candle, if you wish. The main scene that I’m drawing inspiration from took place in front of a fire and I just like lighting candles in general. 

Stand or sit comfortable. I prefer to stand because it feels more like “actual” bending, but others might prefer to sit. 

Plant your feet and breathe, setting the stone in front of you. 

Picture the negative energy/spiritual gunk inside you is a semi-solid silver sphere in your chest. You’ve made steps to recover from most of it, but there is still some stuck in there, to your bones, to your muscles, to your soul. You need to get it out, you need to accept that there are still things left to change. 

 Draw your arms close to your chest and back out in a circle. Move your arms back and forth, up and down, as you see fit. Imagine yourself pulling that toxic energy along, up from your chest to your shoulders and arms and finally off your fingertips into the stone in front of you. 

As you draw your energy out, imagine what it is that’s been holding you back. Picture it, in your mind. Picture yourself moving past it. It can’t hurt you anymore, you’re taking steps to heal. You’re admitting that this is something that has been holding you back and has been keeping you from your goals.

Take the stone and seal it off in an earthen jar or lump of pliable clay. Bury it somewhere off your property.

In the series proper, Korra removing the mercury was only a physical measure to healing, there was still a lot of psychological issues to work through. This is only the first step in your journey to becoming a better you or getting rid of a bad habit or a buildup of stressful and negative energy. Fixing bad habits or dealing with trauma might take a professional help like a doctor or psychiatrist or therapist. This is just making it easier for you to do so with a clear head.

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Jim and Bones meeting at speed dating

  • Jim’s an expert at speed dating. He does it regularly, known by the event organisers by name and phone number, probably. Jim’s usually there to meet casual fun, the occasional one- to two months worth of a relationship if the girl keeps him interested enough. It’s really not the girls’ fault he doesn’t usually stick around; Jim loves the thought of a relationship, but it also terrifies him. He knows he’ll find someone, eventually, but for now, he’s all about having a little fun.
  • Leonard actually sits down at the table next to him, and he’s a face Jim’s never seen before. “You done this speed dating thing before?” he asks, and Leonard shakes his head. “No, my friend signed me up for this shit. What do you even say to a dozen girls you only get two minutes to talk to?” He asks, and Jim laughs. “I’d start with hello,” he replies.
  • Jim scores a few numbers by the end of the night, and Leonard does, too. “See? Not that hard,” Jim says, “any one of them catch your eye?” “It’s a bit soon to tell, isn’t it?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “Speed dating is all about instant chemistry. No time to overthink things.” “Are you an expert on this?” Leonard asks, and Jim laughs, shrugging lightly. “Sort of.” “Not sure if that’s a good thing,” Leonard says with a small grin, “I’m going to watch a football match in O'Reilleys. D'you want to join?” Jim’s up instantly, grabbing his coat. “Hell yes.”
  • Jim scores another number that night, but it’s not romantic. He just thinks he found himself a new friend, which is cool. They text a lot, and Jim finds out Leonard is a doctor. That means he’s smart, too, and Jim learns that Leonard’s also pretty witty. Quite quickly, casually texting here and there turns to continuous, long conversations about everything and nothing, and Jim’s up way past midnight just staring at his screen waiting for a reply. They meet up occasionally to watch a game together, or they just eat a Taco Bell or whatever, and end up loudly discussing movies, politics, and other things. 
  • “Hey,” Jim says, smiling lightly when Leonard slides down at the chair in front of him. Their restaurant choice is a bit more fancy than usual, but Jim picked it purposely because Leonard’s been complaining Jim’s continuous fast food habit is unhealthy. Maybe, partially, also to impress Leonard with his actual decent restaurant finding skills, maybe he just wants to impress Leonard in general. “Is this place not too fancy for you?” Leonard asks, and Jim grins. “Shut the hell up and order the cheapest thing on the menu, please,” he jokes. Because really, Jim has money. He’s a pretty decent salesman. “Oh yeah? Maybe I want the lobster,” Leonard replies, and Jim smiles fondly. “Then we’ll get you the lobster.”
  • After dinner, a mere few hours have passed and Jim feels a bit on edge. Doesn’t know what it is, he just likes having Leonard around him. “I got a new car,” Jim says, “want to join me taking her for a spin?” “Where are we even going, then?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “I dunno, does it matter?”
  • It’s a pretty good car. Pretty fast, pretty sleek. Leonard looks impressed, although only mildly so, and mostly jokes about Jim’s premature midlife crisis. Jim doesn’t even know where they’re going. They’re just talking, deep in conversation about everything between their favorite football teams, work, and the space colony going to Mars (“Doesn’t it sound fun?” Jim asks, and Leonard makes a face. “No! That sounds absolutely terrible!”).
  • Jim knows they’ve reached their destination once they hit the beach. The parking lot at the dunes is abandoned, the sun is nearly completely set, and the sky still has some bright pink and orange, but it’s fading. Sitting outside on the hood of the car is soothing, as are the quiet waves of the ocean. “I can’t figure you out,” Leonard says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “What d'you mean?” he asks. “You act all cool, but you’re the most romantic person I’ve ever met. Besides myself. Just how are you single?” He asks, and Jim laughs. “Shut up, dude.” “Look where you brought me,” Leonard says, “if you brought your actual date here, you’d get laid in that dumb sports car of yours.” Jim would’ve thought about that further, maybe, but instead he turns to Leonard with a frown. “What do you mean, dumb car?!”
  • It’s well past midnight by the time Jim drops Leonard off at his house. “Did you enjoy yourself?” Jim asks, and Leonard laughs. “What am I, your date? Want to go again?” “Obviously,” Jim replies, and he wants to give him a joking grin, but instead he must have looked rather fondly. “Really, you’d just drop off your date like that?” Leonard asks. “Hey, I don’t end a good date without a kiss,” Jim says, and Leonard glances in his direction. Jim catches him looking. Catches him leaning in, too, and Jim finds himself leaning in as well. Kissing Leonard is the weirdest sensation. It’s thrilling, the kind that sends shivers down his spine, and Jim just pulls Leonard in closer when the other even leans slightly away. “Jim,” Leonard breathes against his lips, and the way he speaks in such a hushed voice makes it even better. Jim wants to hear more of that breathless voice, his name called out in a quiet whisper. “Can we just continue this inside?” Leonard asks, and Jim raises his eyebrow. “Inside, really? You’re that into me, huh?” “Shut up,” Leonard laughs, “my neck hurts from being turned like this. There’s plenty of positions inside that are much more comfortable,” Leonard replies, and Jim glances at him for just a second, before nodding. “Yeah,” he says, his hand on Leonard’s thigh, “different positions work for me.”

I don’t know what to do. I work as a cashier at a sports bar chain and I get paid $9/hr. I got a new job at that religious chicken place that’s closed on Sundays making $12. My 2 weeks are almost up at my old job and last time I worked my gm asked me what it would take to get me to stay because like 3 employees in the entire store aren’t lazy af and the store is really desperate. So he offered me $12, but this new job seems so much nicer. No football Sundays, or Sundays in general. They close at 10pm instead of 1am. They seem to care about how many hours I want to work. No more hosting. No one can say they can’t do something because they only make $2/hr while also making me do their job constantly. But I also feel really bad for leaving because it’s not my managers fault this place sucks so bad and I still have a lot of friends that work there. Also it sucks being the new person and it’s awkward being around religious people when you aren’t religious yourself. I mean either way I’m making $12 so, I got that going for me.


FX animation process

I thought it might be interesting to talk about this shot I helped with some FX animation.

1. I receive the animatic and the character animation and I get the main idea of what the director wants for the shot. The first thing I do is to place the background, the OL and UL smokes, these are really important to give the tridimensional feeling of space.

2. Once I am happy with the camera move, I draw the main keys, the smoke animation is pretty straight forward so I just need to make it disappear as the character travels through it, the only thing I need to pay attention is to not make all disappear at the same time and to keep the general timing of the character animator.

3. To add the light rays I just need straight lines coming from the source of light, what really helps selling the shot though are the highlights on the character, they are all animated on 1′s and because I am doing my own cleanup I chose to animate cycles of two images so the highlights vibrate and then move them on top of the character with symbols in Animate.

That is it! hope you find this useful, if you want to check out the whole thing the video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jInzG9Ukrk


This is for the wonderful @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ ‘s SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie was The Conjuring, and my pairing was Destiel.

Warnings: smut, anal sex, dry humping (is that a warning?)

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: My use of the movie wasn’t my most creative idea ever, but I still love writing these too dorks having all the sweet sex. Feedback much appreciated!

“What are we watching?” Dean relaxes just asking the question. These movie nights with Cas are his favorite nights, when everything is quiet except for the small laptop on his bed, and the whole world outside of his bedroom doesn’t exist.

They were his favorite nights even before he and Cas became…whatever they are- they haven’t really talked about it or labeled it, but Cas does stay in Dean’s bedroom every night now, and they definitely do more than sleep. But now, now that Dean’s allowed to snuggle into Cas’ side, or fall asleep tangled up in him afterward, or distract himself with sex if the movie is boring, now these nights are the absolute best nights Dean has.

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Companions react to drunk f!SS who asks them how they would make her have huge orgasm. And which companions would actually do it right there, right now.

Cait: She would already be all over her. Cait would probably also be drunk with Sole and laying on a couch they would just begin to make hot, drunken love.

Codsworth: “Mum, I think you’re a tad tipsy, you should probably lie down…”

Curie: “Oh!” she exclaims, feeling light headed. “I’m not too sure, there is more than one way?”

Paladin Danse: “S-Soldier… I…” Danse forgets that Sole is drunk until she slumps drunkenly onto the table, knocking a few beer bottles over. He keeps his mouth shut tight and with wide eyes, he studies her curves - A heavy blush spreading across his cheeks as he thinks a little too hard about what to say.

Deacon: Talks about gourds for a while and when he realizes Sole is even more pissed than he thought, he slowly backs away and tries to forget he was even there.

Hancock: He looked at Sole when she asked and smirked, Jet in his hand. “Sunshine,” he began, inching across the table slowly, “instead of me telling you how, why don’t I show you how…”

MacCready: “Uh…” MacCready panics and rubs his sweaty palms together nervously. He stares at the center of the table, not wanting to meet Sole’s eyes. He didn’t think she would ask him this, of all things. Maybe visiting the Dugout was a bad idea. As his face pales even more, he doesn’t dare say anything, Sole’s rowdiness continuing.

Preston Garvey: He doesn’t know what to say. And places an arm around Sole. “General, let’s get you back home…”

Piper: Awkwardly sits near Sole and blushes a little when she feels a warmth between her legs. “Blue… We’re in public, stop being embarrassing

Nick Valentine: “Kid, trust me, you wouldn’t want my old fingers up there.” He shakes his head and lights a cigarette before watching Sole play with the assortment of bottles on the countertop.

Strong:: “STRONG DON’T UNDERSTAND” Strong scratches his head in confusion.

X6-88: “Ma'am. You really need to stop with the alcohol.”

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reasons i love hearthstone and blitzen

and also they’re definitely a couple fight me

  • they’re known as magnus’s mom and dad
  • blitz bought hearth his scarf
  • hearth hitting blitz over the head with a bucket to prove a point
  • when they got separated and almost died and after hearth was so happy to see blitz that he couldn’t even sign so he just tackled blitz in a hug.
  • hearth constantly reassuring blitz that he’s a good craftsman (craftsdwarf?) and a brilliant fashion designer even if the other svartalfs don’t recognize it.
  • blitz constantly reassuring Hearth that he’s extremely talented with magic but defending him not using it when he doesn’t want to because of his past.
  • how protective they are of each other in general really and how they’re constantly telling each other that they will make their dreams come true.
  • hearth telling blitz that he isn’t obligated to tell the others about how his dad died and finishing telling the story when blitz can’t.
  • they first met when blitz saved hearth’s life in Nidavellir by creating a device that allows hearth to get sunlight (and it has a permanent place in blitz’s apartment).
  • hearth sacrificing the luxury of healing from his abusive past in order to reach his dream for the future. I just. I want to hug him so bad.
  • both hearth and blitz not feeling at home where they came from and finding a new home with each other, and later, magnus and samirah too
  • i just love these dorks a lot and im constantly emotional
  • i’ll probably add more later but go ahead and add on if you want, please