i wanted to experiment with colours i guess

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Nikos @snowghoul / edit: Pete @tvoom

The photos Nikos and I usually take/post couldn’t be any more different, I guess. I always adored Nikos’ raw and gritty approach which of course also translates in his edits. And that is what I tried to maintain while finding my very own way. I wanted colour, because… well… Nikos usually makes black and white edits, but for me this photo screamed colour. And this whole experiment was not about trying to copy the other person’s style, but to find something different. Something they might not have had in mind, but that was still in the photo. I have to be very honest and say that I was “shocked” when I got Nikos’ RAW file. Because I seriously doubted that my skills are good enough to do this VERY abstract shot justice.
After playing around with it for about three times as long as I usually spend on my own captures, I think I found my personal approach. I had to punch these dirty, snotty, slimy greens. This… Alien blood? Suddenly my mind was filled with the thought of some alien creature being shot in a dark alley.
Or in a bar… A cantina… whatever… Han shot first.

PWS MAD - Pete

I selected this kind of photo not only because at the time I was kinda low on available material but also because I was curious. How could it look at the hands of a totally different photographer than me? When Pete decided to do it I was intrigued as to what approach he would follow. I suspected it would be in color and I was very happy with the result as it is indeed very different than my usual approach, which I did post some time ago. The alien blood impression is also what came into my mind when I saw his edit, before I even read the text. Thanks a lot Pete for your time and effort!

PWS MAD - Nikos

yakisoda  asked:

AAAAA UR ART IS REALLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THE WAY U COLOURR AAAAAAAAA GO AL S [also would it b alright to have a smol tutorial on colouring,,?]


I usually just eyeball when I color and I try to experiment a lot!!!! I also color differently from artstyle to artstyle///// so im guessing you mean my most recent one?? I usually pick colors based on the mood and situation i want to portray and create palettes out of it.

I choose colors that I feel like associate with the emotions of the character and scene like
warm = cozy, happy, angry, etc
cool = cold, mystical, magical, sleepy, etc

Here’s a great video that explains the techniques on how to choose colors!! It covers up most of the basic things you need to know like saturation, shading etc. Heres another one (tho its quite longer though ^^;;)

I also try to make my contrast noticeble at a certain point to make it pop out more!! But it always depends on what im trying to achieve (ex. pure black shading + highley saturated flat colors = vibrant or thin colored lines + soft shading = cozy, soft , etc)

Heres a step by step on how I usually color: :OOO using laffy because he is perfect n i love him

This varies!!! depends on the mood u wanna set!! (warm or cool)

Create a folder and use clipping group Its waay easier to add shading and highlights

I used a blend of marker and pen here here (middle flat brush <33)

I hope this helps!!!

Sugar Daddy Application (Currently Accepting)

Name (Full if applicable):
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
-If not, how many past experiences?:
Use of Illegal Substances:
Sexual Orientation:
Education Level:
Favourite Sport:
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Monthly Income:
Experience As a Sugar Daddy:
Why I should pick you:
Why you’re applying:
Perfect Date:

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hi! i hope it's ok to ask this and if it comes across as rude etc i'm sorry. but i've been confused: would light-skinned ppl from minorities count as poc? i'm a white-passing latina and obvs i have privileges due to the color of my skin, but i guess what i'm saying is that i want to make sure is if it's ok i identify as poc and reblog posts related to it or i should just identify as a minority. idk sorry for bothering you and if this is ignorant in any way, i sincerely apologize!!!

its ok u dont have 2 apologise. i guess u are a poc, but if you’re white passing then u don’t experience racism, so you’re different from most poc in that regard. but yeah as long as you’re aware of that then it’s fine. u can definitely reblog posts about being a person of colour, but don’t talk of the racism urself since u dont experience it

edit: hey anon u should read the replies to this because it has more info than my answer lmao

Blue Boy IV    (Part III & II & I)

He holds the classroom door open for me with a smile. If I haven’t had a crush on him yet, I definitely would have developed one by now.
I sit down in a chair near the windows and my heart skips a few beats when he just casually takes the second seat on the same table.
“Good Morning, class!” the teacher greets us happily. “Today you’ll take a look into your future!” she announces with a warm smile. “Usually I let my students randomly pair up for that..” she pauses and looks around “..but today it seems just fitting that you work with the person on your table.” she finishes her idea and I look up to the person that actually sits next to me.

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This is what I think of when I hear people wishing they could've been born Korean

You could be ugly LOL. There are obviously beautiful people, but now that I think about it, life would actually be a billion times harder for you if you weren’t born beautiful in Korea. All these people wishing that because they don’t think they’re attractive when they’re White or any other colour, they would be attractive if they were Korean - lmao no. You’d be even more insecure than you are now. Now I hear people saying ’ I JUST WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE CULTURE’ - I actually think that you’d probably be so insecure that you wouldn’t even be able to enjoy yourself properly because COME ON, only deeply insecure people would wanna wish they were ANOTHER FREAKING RACE. That’s actually so disrespectful to your own culture. I guess everyone already knows but Koreans are not a perfect race - and I just wanna say that back when I was into K-pop I was sucked into the beauty as well, but after watching a few documentaries it showed me that they really weren’t all as beautiful.I’m not dissing Korea, but you’d better think twice before you wish you were born into a culture of insecure youths and idol worshippers.

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Gom + Hanamiya + Kagami reacting to their s/o refusing their proposal after being together for a very long time?

Akashi: “Is there something wrong, (f/n)? Am I not good enough? I’ll respect your decision, of course.”

- he would be quite dejected about it, but still manages to stay composed throughout the exchange.

Aomine: “Hah? What did I do wrong? Is it that you wanna break up, or you just don’t want to get married…?”

- he would actually overthink it all, contrary to how I normally see Aomine. It’d been something he had worked towards for a while, so of course he’d wonder why they’d said no.

Hanamiya: “Pssht. Is that how it is? I guess I shouldn’t try and do things like that, then.”

- his tone would be pretty cold, but he does have a heart somewhere so naturally it’d upset him and visibly piss him off.

Kagami: “Is it me? I-I mean, I get it, kinda, but why…?”

- he’d become pretty tongue-tied and confused, because he’d thought it’d be the perfect time to propose.

Kise: “Wait, what do you mean? You don’t want to get married? Okay, but you’re not breaking up with me, are you?”

- he’d take it pretty well if they explained that it was simply because they didn’t want to/believe in marriage, because they’re still together. (but he did kinda want to experience the thrill of his own wedding.)

Kuroko: “I understand." 

- he’d keep the response short. If it was because they didn’t want to be with him any more, he’d need it to be short in case he said something he would later regret. 

Midorima: "I did everything I could. I have both our lucky items and we’re both wearing our lucky colours. What went wrong? Is it something else?”

- this would all be muttered under his breath, as he really tends to go overboard on possible reasons why they’d said no.

Murasakibara: “(nickname)-chin doesn’t want to get married? ‘Kay, I guess. D'you have any snacks for me?”

- it might stun him a little, but if it was simply because they didn’t see the point (or whatever other reason that’s not because they wanna break up), then he’d get over it and change the topic quite quickly.

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How did you get them to do your hair like that!?!!?

hey there!! i talked about this in an earlier ask, but here’s a more explanatory and slightly more detailed process post!

i’d suggest that if you want to go to my hairdresser, or want to know how much it cost, that you should read that post first! c: i haven’t yet answered your question, just send me an ask and i’d be glad to help!!


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anonymous asked:

I wonder, where did you learn how to color/do your art? Did you saw a tutorial in youtube. If so please show the link. I'm a newbie in sai. If you did not, I'll check out your tutorial instead. Thanks

I guess when it comes to colouring digitally, it’s all about playing around with layers and options and generally what you like better over something:’)

I don’t have the links, I’m sorry. I can just say that I came from colouring on one (majorly) layer to colouring with lineart and like 23872 other layers, so it’s always a long process:D

Everyone was a newbie at some point, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little, even though at the beginning it might not turn out the way you want it to, or not good enough. 

But I did make a few tutorials on colouring in the past (and although I colour kind of differently now), they still might help you to find out the tweaks of sai. (scroll to the question 11 there:) 

totakelolo  asked:

Hi! I just started following you and I love your artworks so much! I wanted to ask how you choose colors and hues, how to harmonize colors together and blending :) Thank you! :3 ♡♡♡

Thank you :)

I just wing it I guess? Also I tend to use the same colour schemes and hues for most of my work, especially peachy tones, contrasting with blue or grey. Or even grey tones colours with the bright alternative of that colour? Pink, brown and orange all blended really.

As you can see I play favouritism when it comes to colours, no yellows, greens or violets here. I find picking out colour schemes beforehand can be helpful

Here’s some quick digital sketches of me experimenting with colours to find out what I want to draw.

Also look at complementary and contrasting colours for help, just experiment with colour and processes, you’ll find colours and techniques you like.


And since people are always wanting to know about my process (and it changes based on lighting) here we go.

1. Base colours

2. Shading layer– linear burn, one colour one brush, really simple

3. green glow

4. Green glow edges

5. Warm candlelight

On less strong light pages I generally have two shading layers and one lighter layer. Everything you see is really just a bunch of practice and rendering I guess? I’m sorry there’s no magic trick to what I do.