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hey hey guys!! so i reached 1.7k followers yesterday I believe and basically I’m just soo soo grateful for each and every one of you guys!! I don’t quite have time to do a full blown celebration but!! i wanted to do something little for all of you so here we are!


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« I get it, I get it. It’s the Ross and Rachel. I was once a teenage girl and I told Jeff “They want their Ross and Rachel, they’ve gotta get it.” I’m doing my best rooting for you guys but just like jeff says there is gotta be real friendship there first, something organic built before they can be in a real relationship and I think we are doing a great job at doing that so stay tuned. » ▬ Holland Roden.

Scandinavian tales and creatures

Källrån (watchers of springs) are spirits who reside by springs and wells deep in the forest. When in human shape they usually look like a young woman or girl, but they normally take the form of a frog. A large frog or toad close to a spring means it belongs to the rån and if someone drinks from it without asking for permission they will fall ill or suffer misfortune.

This calms me down so much

Stay safe everyone!

Edit: People are sending me messages about only caring about Dan and Phil. Really guys? Of course I care about all the other people in London at the moment! I just wanted to be sure that they were alright because they are the only people I ‘know’ that live in London. Do you really want to blame me for that? They mean a lot to me and the fact that I wanted to make sure that people I care about are safe is something I should be ashamed for is absurd. 

I am really sorry for everyone who lives in London. What happened was terrible and I hope that everyone will be alright. I understand that some of you are shocked and maybe some of your loved ones were there. These are difficult things and I totally understand that. I care about every single person who lives on this planet and I don’t want to be harassed about “Only caring for my faves” because that is not true.

For the last time, I am really sorry if this made some of you angry or sad. I didn’t mean it and I want to apologize.


Royalty isn’t earned. It’s bought.” ©

The Road To Good Grades

[Warning - A Very Lengthy Post]

A fellow student of mine wrote this when for my batch when we entered high school, and I thought I should share it with you ❤️ it’s been edited to make it more universal to you guys :D

Intro: Having the Courage to Study.
When we fail academically, we tend to point to two causes: stupidity and laziness. It’s so easy to say that we’re not smart enough, or that we just don’t want to try because it doesn’t really matter. But there’s another factor involved: fear. So many students have the strategy of not studying or not studying properly for an exam. Why? Because if you put low effort into something, then you should expect a low result. So many of us are afraid of trying and failing that we don’t even try. “What if my best isn’t good enough?” We’re afraid of giving our best because once we know our limits, we feel that much weaker. But life in school isn’t about not trying, it’s about accepting those limits and breaking them.To survive and ultimately thrive, you must have the courage to reach your full potential.That courage, that vigor, that strive to be better is what will keep you alive, not just in school but in the real world.

- Sleep and Eat well.
We often lose sleep or skip meals in order to survive the rigors of life.But keep in mind, those choices in the rest and nourishment you receive have consequences. Having the energy to focus throughout the day is vital. Nobody wants to be tired, nobody can afford to be sick.

- Pay Attention in Class.
There’s a difference between passive hearing and active listening. Letting the teacher’s words wash over you like a warm shower is NOT the same as paying attention. Teachers are human beings, capable of expressing emotion and emphasis in their words and actions. There’s a reason why you learn from them rather than from a book or the internet. Catching what they’re trying to say is a skill that takes effort to learn.

**The skill of listening is one of the most important ones to develop because a teacher’s words are your last resort in an examination. If a quiz catches you by surprise, your memory of the class is the difference between A+ and an F.

- Take USABLE Notes.
Normally, humans are not capable of memorizing lessons entirely in their head.That’s what notes are for. Keep in mind that notes should be USABLE, they are not things that you make for the sake of looking or feeling productive. Each person has a specific style of learning and their notes should reflect that. Notes that are too long/elaborate, too short/simple, unreadable, or illogical are detrimental. Good notes should be aids in studying, not justification for carrying notebooks.

- Save time by using abbreviations or acronyms.
- Rearrange/reconstruct words or phrases for convenience.
ex. Famous Authors of America –> Impt. American Authors.
- Avoid copying verbatim unless necessary (quotes).
- Write down examples, esp. in science/math related subjects.
- If notes are incomplete, supplement them via reliable sources or your teacher.

- Practice.
There is more to studying than reading/note-taking. Practice is essential. This is especially true for Math-related subjects. Reading your notes before a Math exam is not really going to help you understand the problem or protect you from careless mistakes. The only way to improve in the subject is by doing the exercises and learning from both your success and failure. Memorizing definitions isn’t as important as using them. Being able to analyze, compare, and contrast is vital to survival.

- Review a Little Bit, Regularly.
Slow and steady wins the race. Students tend to read a ton of material before an exam. However, the human mind requires time in order to fully grasp ideas and concepts. Taking 10-20 minutes to read your notes after school daily can help in memorizing lessons, understanding themes, and recalling important points. Taking every subject’s lessons day by day will prevent you from being overwhelmed.

- When reading through your notes, picture yourself in the classroom with your classmates and teacher. The human mind is like a web, connected by images and sounds. Doing so can help you recall things written on the board or things mentioned by the teacher.

- Learn to Plan and Cram.
Working for the long-term and rushing for the short-term are two opposing ends of the spectrum. But if you don’t master both, you will suffocate in requirements.Time and energy are limited resources and the best scholars know how to get the most out of them. You can’t expect to be able to plan assignments weeks or days in advance the same way you can’t expect to make “academic excellence” in 30 minutes or less like a pizza delivery service.

- Periodic Exams, Long Tests, and Projects REQUIRE planning and coordination.
- Teachers can take up to 5 minutes setting up. Exploit the time.
- Lunchbreak, and the 20 minute breaks are the normal “"cram periods”“.

- Don’t Think of Difficulty.
“Easy” and “Hard” are relative terms. They mean different things to different people and ultimately, they should mean nothing to you. Feeling scared of a “tough” exam is harmful, as is feeling smug about an “easy” one. Study well so you can approach every test with confidence. Remember: it’s just as possible to perfect a difficult test as it is to fail an easy one.

- Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.
The world has approx. 7 billion people. There are always going to be people who are better than you at a given skill, the same way that there will always be people who are worse. Don’t consider them. Your life is your battle, and you’re going to have to fight it for yourself. Being discouraged by your friends’ high scores is as illogical as being encouraged by their low scores. There’s no reason to be proud of 1/10, even if it’s the highest score in the whole class.

- Don’t Blame Teachers.
Not all of your teachers are going to be fair or good at their jobs, whether you like it or not. Regardless, you can’t control your teacher’s incompetence or harshness but you can control the effort you put into their class. Read in advance, find other of info sources, and predict their requirements. The odds may be against you, but as a student you’re expected to beat them.

- Consult.
There’s no shame in asking for help. If you have difficulty in a subject, it always helps to consult with a teacher. Not only does it help in resolving any misconceptions/mistakes, it shows that you’re willing to take the time and effort to do well. To most teachers, that spirit is just as important as the final grade. Note: if a teacher knows that you have difficulty in their subject, they’ll probably take note of it in class which may be to your benefit.

- Find Your Own Strategy/Work Smart.
No single study strategy works universally. Everyone has their own specific style of learning and it’s up to you to find yours. If skimming through readings works for you then go ahead. If you’re the kind that needs to take notes, fine. It’s all about working both hard and smart, giving the most energy but finding the most effective way of using it. Humans are creative creatures. You might find that the best solution is one that no one has thought of before.

- Be Liable.
You need to be proactive in academics. Many students have the tendency to be caught off guard by a surprise quiz. They’ll often argue with the teacher, using the retort “Ma'am, you didn’t announce it!” as an excuse. Shaking off responsibility through ignorance is suicidal in this school. If you’re willing to take the risk of coming to class unprepared for the sake of being lazy, go ahead. Just be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

- Keep Moving Forward.
You’re human. Humans make mistakes. Learn from your errors but leave them where they belong; in the past. Everyone wants to get an A+ but you’ll never go that far with the weight of your failure hanging over your shoulder.

Conclusion: Don’t Take Academics too Seriously.
It seems counter-intuitive to end this guide with a statement like “Don’t Take Academics Too Seriously” but it’s something that everyone should remember. No matter no hard you try, you will fail at something. You’ll reach an obstacle that will knock you down to the ground and it will hurt like hell. You need to have something to fall back; friends, family, a hobby, an interest, etc. You don’t want to graduate and realize that you’re only good at earning numbers in a system.You could graduate this high school with the highest average in history but it won’t matter to anyone if you don’t know how you got it. Life is just like math, it’s not all
about the final answer. Your solution is just as important.

**Ultimately, your success as a scholar isn’t measured by a number on a piece of paper but in the difference you make in people’s lives. We’re not going to carry facts and theorems with us, but an attitude of trying to give our best no matter what the cost. That’s the most important lesson you can ever learn in school, but you’re not going to learn it from one subject or teacher. You’re going to live it everyday through every requirement and every grade receive.


Realistic Lips for the Sims 4.

I think EA did an awesome job on the skin textures this time, I don’t even need to replace them (for the moment !). The only point that bothers me are the lips : maybe there is something wrong with their color, not pink enough to be realistic. That’s why I created this makeup, available for all age, girls and guys, in 30 different tones. 

There is three version in the archive, one categorized as a lipstick, and another one as a facepaint. 

The last one is a skin detail, so you don’t have to put the lipstick on every outfits, but there is a little issue with it : you can’t use it with most game lipsticks (the texture of the skin detail will hide the lipstick texture). Some lipstick, like this one from down-in-simsland (the only one I use :p), work fine with it. So use the skin detail version on your male sims, your children, and on your female sims if they use no lipstick or only use lipstick compatible with the skin detail (don’t worry if you use a non compatible lipstick, it will just be hidden).

You can have both in your game.

Download : SimFileShare

Looking for more colorful options ? Look at my brother’s work ;)

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


starlitrainbowhat submitted:

i’m working on the actual video but i figureed you guys would want to see something awesome either way! took me several edits and re-edits BUT I DID IT and i’m really proud of how it turned out ((and i avoided quite a bit of spoilers!)) let me know what you all think!


rare pair favs: l e e  jordan x f r e d  weasley

“…I’m gonna love you ‘till the heavens stop the rain.”

✁ follow train ‘”

  hey guys!! so to celebrate me actually reaching a goal i wanted to make something? like yes pOSITIVITY but also i need help with my edits… anyways me and a friend were talking today? and since i’ve done them long ago on another account, i thought i’d do it again !! (obvs. inspired by someone, named victoria @puveblood)

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30 days of Bellarke challenge

I made a 30 days challenge for myself and I’m posting it here in case you guys want to play, too. I will obviously only post gifs, but it can be used for anything, really (gifs, edits, even fanart). You don’t have to follow the 30 days format if you don’t want - I know it’s hard to make something every day - and you can skip some/don’t have to go in order if certain themes inspire you more.

Anyway, enjoy!

day 1: favorite bellarke season
day 2: favorite season 1 bellarke scene
day 3: favorite season 2 bellarke scene
day 4: favorite season 3 bellarke scene
day 5: favorite season 4 bellarke scene (so far)
day 6: favorite bellarke quote(s)
day 7: favorite clarke about/to bellamy quote(s)
day 8: favorite bellamy about/to clarke quote(s)
day 9: favorite quote(s) from other characters talking about/to bellarke
day 10: the scene that made you ship them
day 11: an edit based on a song that reminds you of bellarke
day 12: happiest bellarke scene
day 13: saddest bellarke scene
day 14: cutest bellarke scene
day 15: an au of anything (ark, modern, other genre, hogwarts etc)
day 16: an ~aesthetic bellarke edit
day 17: an edit based around a quote/poem
day 18: favorite scene(s) of bellarke saving each other
day 19: favorite bellarke dialog(s)
day 20: one color
day 21: reason(s) to ship them
day 22: favorite ot3 involving bellarke
day 23: four themes surrounding bellarke
day 24: make an edit based on your favorite fic
day 25: bellarke + scenery
day 26: a black & white edit
day 27: favorite physical touch(es)
day 28: a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ edit
day 29: favorite parallel(s)
day 30: whatever the hell you want

In honor of Valentine's Day....

I’m gonnna tell you guys about my embarrassing love life:

-I went out on a date with someone only to find out we weren’t actually on a date…I just thought we were

-one time my bf sent me a text that said “did you know making out brings couples closer together” and I thought he just wanted to talk about random facts….so I replied with “yeah, physically but not necessarily emotionally” (something like that). It was a few minutes later when I realized he was trying to say “we should make out” (we never did)

-another guy once gave me roses and a love confession in a card after I had known him for a few days

-another person wrote me a poem in English class and handed it to me….I edited it for grammar and content and handed it back to him. I didn’t know it was a poem he wrote for me.

This is all I can think of for now. But if there’s anything I’m sharing with thousands of strangers, it’s gonna be this stuff.

-Admin Castiel

Okay, so it has seriously been years since I had my last follow forever. I have been super busy with school and I really appreciate the people that have stayed by me with this blog through thick and thin, as well as the new people that I have followed and became friends with. So, in order to show my appreciation, I wanted to make a follow forever. PS: Im really sorry if the edit looks crappy! I threw something together because its finals week and I made this while taking a quick study break from physical chemistry. So, here is the blogs that I absolutely love and cherish. Thank you, everyone! 


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Goodbye. (Seungcheol Ficlet) [A]

THIS ANON REQUESTED THIS AND I A SEUNGCHEOL BIASED WAS BASICALLY KILLING MYSELF TOO. OMG SO OKAY. It took me a lot of guts before i posted this just so you know guys I am so NERVOUS mainly bcsI don’t want to ruin this blog reputation for writing good goods (shameless may it seem but i am a fan of the admins too so lol hahahaha) I’M SO SORRY BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY SHITTY AND this is just my second time posting a scenario (and it’s mah baby seungcheol again lol) and and and fck really i’m just really nervous and rlly not confident abt this so anw.

I was scrolling through the request box and I saw this and was feeling angst-y that night so why not try is what i thought. this is really short tho. (I’M SORRY) I wanted to post something as a thank you for you guys heh we love you~

Thanks to Admin Kate for editing this one and adding a lot of those dramatic shts that i really can’t express.Thank you btch love u ♥ And also the [words like these] are lyrics from I.O.I’s Downpour, credits yes. so here you go~~ i’m sorry for the grammar mistakes and my shtty writings.

-Admin Kenvy

Warnings: contains death and shitty writing..

“I’m sick of this Cheol.” You stare at him with damp eyes, biting your lips to restrain the salty tears from falling, you had already rehearsed a lot of times and successfully handled your emotions right, but the actual thing was a lot worse than what you had expected.

“No, no, Y/N please.” He begs, holding your hands tightly as he quietly sobs in your lap. You can’t help but feel your heart squeeze in pain. It was so hard to see him in this state but you needed to, as much as you want to not see him hurting, this was the only way now. He needs to let you go. He has to, or it’ll be even more harder for you to leave.

“Stop crying.” You cooed, reaching out your hand to wipe away his tears, smiling widely at him to cheer him up, silently taking his features all in. Ah, this is man I love.

He took your hand, staring at it longingly before he kissed the back of it, eyes shit as he breathed you in, he chokes on his tears, your vision became blurry at the sight. It was and always will be his favorite thing to do, kissing the back of your hand while looking at you getting all red and flustered was one of those things he loved about you. He loved the fact he had that effect on you. He treated you like a princess, he gave you everything but with the way things were now, you just didn’t deserve any of it.

“I’m tired Cheollie, can you sing me a song?” You propped yourself back under the sheets, just like those days when you have a bad day, his singing will always turn it upside down.

He tried to smile at you, and composed himself for the last time, he sniffs quietly, but resumes to clear is throat, almost too painfully.

You’ll miss him so much. You’ll miss his lovely almond eyes that always seem to take you to a newfound galaxy. Every day was an endless adventure.

I wish things wouldn’t end this way, if I knew I was going to be erased from this world then I would’ve never have dreamed of meeting you. But, I’m glad I did. You made me happy, you made me feel loved. The world didn’t seem so cruel the minute I laid my eyes on you.

[Please stay, I can’t be alone without you, yet.]

The beautiful words and tunes that always would always leave his pretty lips, he had your whole heart in his hands, the whole world.

[I keep yearning for you.]

You’ll miss loving him, you’ll miss every bit of him, you’ll miss the gummy smile that always shined so bright, you’ll miss his kisses. You’ll miss everything about him.

[I will never lose our many happy memories in the rain…]

I won’t forget the day we first met, I won’t forget the day we made amends, the day you told me you loved me, will never be forgotten. I’ll continue to love you even afterlife.

With one last look, one last smile, and one last breath you finally said goodbye.

[Goodbye to us.]

The second you close your eyes, he felt his whole world crumble down. No, please no.

Please don’t take away the most important person in my life, don’t take her away, I love her. Why are you doing this to me? God, answer me. Why?

The heart monitor fell flat, and the tears just kept on coming.

She’s gone.

He held your limp body in his arms as he held on to you tightly, sobbing loudly he hid no embarrassment.

The nurses stood and watched quietly, things like this were frequent. They knew he still needed some time.

“Y/N, no..” he sniffed, “Baby, please. Wake up.” He cried and cried. As he pulled your body closer, a sheer white paper came tumbling down from the sheets, in which he looked at curiously, he cautiously picked it up and when he saw the familiar handwriting, his stomach flipped. He hastily read the paper, his heart dropping as he read every word.

I hope you don’t regret falling in love with me, because falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened in my whole life. Didn’t I tell you that you’d be the only one I’d love ‘til my last breath? I kept my promise.

Banana Bus Squad!

So anyways, if you guys like the bbs squad, or just want something to watch on YouTube, I’ve got some vids on H2o Delirious’ channel for you!

‘Hide and seek - Dino edition!!!’


• Delirious adorably growling at the camera, pretending to be a dinosaur

• Nogla, Vanoss, Delirious and Basically being flirty nerds

• Many randomly sexual flirty comments, usually pertaining to Delirious’ asshole

• Delirious, as usual, being mostly completely oblivious and adorable in response to said flirts

• “hey delirious, I heard you wanted a gaping fucking asshole”

• “hey delirious, nice ass”

• All the boys being attention whores for Del’s attention, as usual

• “guys we have to be careful we might get a speeding ticket”

• Delirious finding high points on the map, using them to both mock people and try to help the other seekers

• Panicked screaming

• Lots of laughter

• Sneaky hehehehehe


• Playing shitty pranks on each other

• Everyone is very giggly, especially Delirious and Vanoss

• Always hiding together

• Marcel being super fucking adorable


• “oh no they found me :c”

• “I’M GOING AWAY ON A BUSINESS TRIP AND NEVER COMING BACK!!!” “Are you on the stupid fucking car??” “…no?”

• Lots of joking and screaming, as usual

• Overall just really gay and cute, 12/10

And, 'Finding Bigfoot - Back in the woods!!! With Cartoonz and Ohmwrecker!!’


• Cartoonz and Ohm fighting for Delirious’s attention, as usual

• Lots of flirting

• Delirious, yet again, being oblivious to 99% of said flirting

• The boys being really overexcited and acting like ten year olds

• Terrified screaming


• Delirious randomly flirts at Ohm-Ohm looses his fucking mind, Delirious giggles, and Cartoonz aggressively changes the subject

• “No supplies, we die like men”

• “You guys, put down some meat!” “Oh, I’ll put down some meat alright ;)))))”

• Lots of compliments and overexcited, giggly thank you’s

• Refusing to be separated under any cost

• Climbing trees

• Falling out of said trees

• Five million and seven sexual jokes and just jokes in general about Bigfoot

• Talking over dramatically and being extremely overprotective of each other even though it’s literally just a video game

• Delirious standing and watching Cartoonz 'pee’ as they stare at each other behind a tree

• Ohm walks two more steps before panicking and going back for them

• Cartoonz screams and gets angry when Ohm comes over; Ohm and Del make fun of the flustered demon boy

• “You just can’t find fresh dead bodies like this anymore”

• “God, we’re the real monsters here. He just wanted to come home and want Netflix and we fucking cut off his legs!”

• Ohm and Cartoonz laughing at Del’s shitty jokes even though they’re shitty just because it makes him happy

• Random huddle walking

• Getting giggly over flares

• Aggressive sharing

• “DELIRIOUS ARE YOU OKAY??” “Yeah, are you?” “Meh. Not important.”

• I think they’re scared of the dark

• Happy adventure boyos

• Very gay and wonderful, 100/10

I honestly love these videos, they’re so cute, please so give them a watch and a like, the happy boys deserve it

Oh, and at the beginning of one of the videos, there’s a really cute promo for their parts in the Monster Game where Del and Wildcat fight and it’s wonderful and hilarious XD