i wanted to draw some shirtless men


Okie, limited slot commissions here. ;w;’’

I kinda want to earn some mini cash so I can purchase a few things.

So it’s not extremely urgent, but if you wanna give some cash and get art in return then yeah~

Prices will vary depending on the difficulty.

Slots for fullbody:

Slots for Cheebs:
1.) [Taken]

Will draw:

- Females, males, non-binary, and everything in between.
- Ocs, and some characters, (I recommend doing some research before requesting.)
- I can draw shirtless men and women, anything below is forbidden.
- Simplistic Robots
- Simplistic Monsters (Unless I REALLY like the design then we can talk it out.)
- Some Furries

Won’t draw:

- Porn
- Difficult robots
- Old people, I haven’t gotten around to practice on it.

Or if you don’t have much but would still like a commission I offer flat chubs:

For 2 USD and up, Max is 5 USD.

(For poor peeps, they’re like literally SUPER easy to do so don’t worry if you think it’s too cheap. )

Slots on these are unlimited.

My paypal is maskedtack@gmail.com, msg me or inbox me for a slot.