i wanted to draw flowers on his head on day

consider: it’s a hot summer day. alex and magnus are at the poolside, lounging. alex has a giant floppy sunhat on her head, neon green round sunglasses on her nose, and a cold smoothie in her hand. she’s wearing jean shorts and a pink tank top that reads “sun’s out, guns out”. magnus is lying on her left, comfortable and warm, wearing a borrowed sunhat covered in fake garish flowers. his t-shirt, sleeves missing, reads “i flexed and the sleeves fell off”. 

Cowardice & Bad Timing

Paring: Armitage Hux/Reader

Tags: female reader (but can be read as a gender neutral reader), flower shop AU, tattoo parlour AU, modern era, flowers, fluff.

Summary: Reader works at a florists, and one day across the road in the abandoned warehouses, a small tattoo parlour opens, bringing the skilled Armitage Hux into the picture, and the heart of the Reader.

Word Count: 1,501

Posting Date:  2017-01-10

Current Date: 2017-06-01

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A Daydream Away // LH Pt. 2

Summary: A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, and that’s true, unless it’s not your wedding

Word Count: 2,956

PART 1masterlist

“Y/N, please, you can’t not come to my wedding.” Calum pleaded over the phone. You let out a sigh and continued drawing little flowers on the paper in front of you.

“I know, I know, but…” You trailed off, not wanting to say the pathetic reason you wanted to skip your best friend’s wedding.

“Luke right?” Calum said. You could practically see Calum shaking his head at you. “Y/N, seriously, you can’t skip my wedding. I will literally kill you if you’re not there. You’re the maid of honor for fucks sake.”

“Okay, but like, the bride has plenty of other girl friends she could choose. Your sister?” You suggested.

“Y/N L/N, if you are not on your flight to Australia tomorrow morning I will personally fly out and kick your ass.” Calum snapped. You groaned and threw your pen across the room.

“Fine, but if I have to see Luke for a second more than is required, I will literally flee the country.” You replied. Calum laughed and thanked you before hanging up.

You put your phone away and looked at your luggage, already packed and by the door. Of course you were going to Calum’s wedding, but you certainly weren’t ready to see Luke. Two years of dodging his calls and texts, and generally avoiding all news of Luke Hemmings in general, would be going down the drain in a few days’ time.

After his wedding, you’d gone straight home and packed everything. You moved to Toronto and tried to begin a new Luke-free life. Eventually, over time, you had been able to stop thinking about him. Every time he called or texted you just said you were busy or that you didn’t have time to talk or just ignored it. You felt so bad doing that to him, but you had to do it for yourself.

When you’d received the package from Calum and his soon-to-be wife, with a wedding invitation and a note asking you to be the maid of honor, you checked off yes right away before thinking about it. Only when you checked “no” to bringing a plus-one did you even think about Luke being there. By that time, it was too late to say no.

You tried not to think about it too much on the long plane ride to Australia. The businessman sitting next to you probably wanted to murder you when you began nervously shaking your leg up and down. You attempted to ignore his death glares and instead read your book, but your mind kept wandering to Luke.

How was he doing now? How was married life? How was the honeymoon you had helped plan? Did they have kids yet? Did they move to London like Luke talked about? Your mind raced a mile a minute as you imagined his perfect life.

By the time you’d gotten off the plane and arrived at the hotel, you had already tried to figure out their child’s, or maybe children’s’, name. You were so lost in your own head you didn’t even realize Calum was running up to you until you were off the ground being spun in a circle in the lobby of the hotel.

“You’re here!” Calum laughed as he set you on the ground. “I’m getting married tomorrow!”

“I know dumbass, that’s why I’m here.” You said and playfully punched his shoulder.

“We have a lot to talk about missy,” Calum said and started pulling you towards the elevator.

“Hey, texting and calling rules still apply.” You warned him. “No mentioning you-know-who.”

“Not even if it’s something you want to hear?” Calum asked. You shook your head no. “Fine, fine, I guess you’ll find out eventually then.”

You opened your mouth to ask what he was talking about before you shook your head to clear your mind. You didn’t care about anything to do with Luke.

“Alright, come on, let’s go see Ashton and Michael. Ashton’s been dying to introduce you to his girlfriend for weeks.” Calum said and walked down the hall beside you. You hesitated outside the door, was Luke in there?

“Don’t worry, Luke already went to bed.” Calum said and knocked on the door. The door flew open and two arms shot out to grab you. You were all but dragged into the room and crushed into a hug.

“God damn it Y/N, don’t you know how phones work? Would it kill you to text me once in a while?” Michael asked. You just laughed and hugged him back. It was good to be back with your best friends.

You set your bag on the floor before hugging Ashton. He introduced you to his girlfriend, who shyly said hello. The five of you all sat around on the queen sized bed and talked for hours before Calum declared that he had to go to sleep.

“I think my fiancée would kill me if I show up tomorrow morning with huge dark circles.” He said. He placed a kiss on your forehead before he went to his own room. Ashton and his girlfriend followed soon after, also needing sleep.

Michael offered to let you stay for a while, knowing jet lag would keep you up for a few more hours. You smiled gratefully at him and moved to lay on your back. Michael mimicked your movements, placing his head near yours.

“Have you seen him yet?” Michael asked. He didn’t say the name, but you knew exactly who he was talking about. You kicked your legs that were dangling off the side of the bed.

“No, not yet.” You said quietly. “I’m not sure if I’m ready.” You took to studying the ceiling closely to keep your mind from wandering places it shouldn’t.

“Have you spoken to him at all?” Michael knocked his head gently against yours. You shook your head and continued looking at the ceiling. “Really? You haven’t spoken to him in two years?”

“I couldn’t.” You sighed. “I was so determined to forget about him and move on after the wedding that I ignored his entire existence for 6 months. After that I was too afraid to talk to him because I knew as soon as I heard his voice I would fall right back down.”

“Oh Y/N,” Michael grabbed your hand. He ran his thumb over the back of your hand comfortingly.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.” You said nervously. Maybe you would break down into tears, maybe you would punch him in the face, maybe you would faint, who knows?

“It’s all going to be okay. Me and Ash and Calum will be there for you.” Michael reassured you.

“I know, I know, thanks.” You said and got up. You left to go to your own room to try and sleep before the wedding. Of course you didn’t sleep very much at all, but at least you tried.

The next morning you were woken up from your very short sleep by Mali pounding on your door excitedly. When you opened the door, eyes half closed, you were pulled into a tight hug. Mali talked all morning, keeping your one sided conversation going, so you didn’t have to speak. You were happy something was occupying your thoughts other than Luke. When the door to the bride’s room opened and you heard Michael talking to Luke as they entered the room, you gracefully shut yourself in the bathroom until you heard them leave.

“Ready Y/N?” Mali asked you as you stood outside the doors to the room where the ceremony was taking place.

“Is that a rhetorical question?” You asked back. She sent you a smile before walking in beside Michael.

You felt someone move to stand beside you, knowing it was the best man. You kept your eyes trained straight ahead, refusing to let your eyes glance sideways. You stiffened when his arm looped under yours, interlocking them. You both started walking forward towards the altar. You still hadn’t looked at him. It felt like your heart was simultaneously frozen and beating a mile a minute.

It wasn’t until you moved to stand behind where the bride would be, and the best man went to stand beside Calum that you finally allowed yourself to look at Luke. Your breathing practically halted as you saw him for the first time in two years. He was exactly the same, and yet, completely different. He was the same Luke, but he seemed like a stranger. When his blue eyes met yours, you snapped your gaze away. You scanned the guests sitting down, looking for Luke’s wife and children. You furrowed your brows when you didn’t spot them. Your frantic eyes made contact with Calum and he took a deep breath in and out, silently telling you to calm down. It was his wedding after all, he should be the nervous one.

After the bride handed you her bouquet once she made it down the aisle, you tuned everything out. You could barely hear what was going on around you as the wedding proceeded. You gently shook your head as they started their vows, and you luckily caught the very end of the ceremony. When it was time to walk down the aisle again, you gave Luke a tight-lipped smile as your arms interlocked again.

Hours later at the reception, you had slipped out onto a balcony. You’d done your obligatory dances with everyone already. Everything was moving so quickly, and the room was becoming too much for you. You thought you’d been subtle, leaving when all eyes were trained on the newlyweds, but when the doors to the balcony opened, you knew you were wrong.

“Um, hey,” You felt yourself tense up at the voice you’d been dying to hear for the past two years. Luke came to lean on the railing next to you, resting his elbows on top of it.

“Hello Luke,” You replied softly. Even saying his name made your heart race.

“You’re quite a difficult person to reach these days.” Luke said.  You nodded mutely.

“Pretty busy,” You answered. “Where’s your wife? I didn’t see her at the ceremony.”

“We, uh, we got divorced?” The way Luke said it made it sound more like a question. Your head snapped up to face him. You were expecting a grin on his face, eyebrows raised, as if to say gotcha! But when you looked up, his face was completely straight, staring right at you.

“You did what?” You could barely believe what you were hearing. None of this made sense.

“We just, it wasn’t,” Luke started stumbling for words. “Being married to her wasn’t at all what I expected.”

“So your solution to that was to get divorced?” You could hardly choke out the words.

“That’s generally what you do when you don’t love someone anymore.” Luke shrugged. You were 90% sure your heart had exploded at this point.

“I’m confused.” You stated. Luke sighed and reached into his back pocket for his wallet. He opened it and pulled out a piece of paper that was so worn out it had holes in it. He unfolded it and started reading.

“Today, my best friend got married. We’ve known each other for only four years, but I swear it could’ve been 400 years-“ He began before you cut him off.

“Stop Luke, don’t.” You tried to grab the paper from him but he just held it tighter and kept reading.

“-because that’s how it seems. We met at a crappy bar in downtown where I blabbered on to a total stranger about documentaries. By some miracle, that total stranger shared my love for them and became my best friend.

“Over the next four years, Luke started visiting me in college more and more. And with each visit, I started falling in love with him. Every time I went to the airport to pick him up, every time he told me to stop studying and spend time with him while he was there, every time he told me that he was so glad we met, every time he looked at me, I fell in love with him.

“The time he brought a girl with him to see me, I swore my heart broke into a million pieces. When he introduced her as his girlfriend, I felt like someone had taken all those broken pieces and thrown them into a fire. But, being the best friend, I smiled and was supportive of him.

“When he called me to say that he wanted to propose, I took those broken pieces from the fire and stomped on them. I planned out a proposal, picked them up from the airport, and held the camera when he got down on one knee.

“Planning the wedding for the next half a year was like running over the broken pieces of my heart every day. Watching the person you love fall in love with someone else hurts. But you have to smile and say you’re so happy because that’s what the best friend does at a wedding.

“So Luke, I’m happy for you. I hope your marriage is everything you want, and I hope every day is an adventure. I love you so much it hurts my heart, but I hope your wife loves you more.” Luke finished reading your speech as tears ran down your face.

“What the hell Luke?” You asked and wiped the tears off your face with the back of your hand.

“Y/N, when Calum gave this to me and I read it, I felt like my entire world flipped upside down.” Luke said and carefully folded it up again, placing it back in his wallet.

“I… I-“ You stuttered, nothing to say. Luke grabbed the hand that was wiping tears off your face and held it in both of his hands.

“When I noticed Calum dragging the boys away at my wedding, I was so confused. I saw them all hugging you before you left. I was so confused so I ran after you. I tried calling out to you but you just kept running.

“After you drove away I went to go confront them and ask what was happening. They all looked so upset, which they shouldn’t at a wedding. Calum just handed me a folded up paper and told me to read it after the honeymoon. Of course, I didn’t wait until after. I read it on the plane. I felt like my brain had shut off. If only I had gotten this sooner, everything would’ve ended up differently.” Luke squeezed your hands, causing you to look up at him.

“I wouldn’t have married her Y/N, not if I had gotten this before the ceremony.” Luke said. You ripped your hand out of his as you gaped at him.

“What are you saying?” Your voice shook as you asked.

“I’m saying I was, well, I am in love with you.” Luke said. You swore you would’ve collapsed to the ground if you weren’t leaning against the railing.

“I have been in love with you since you started telling me about nature documentaries in a stupid bar. You never told me you liked me, so I tried to date other girls to make my feelings for you go away. I did love my wife, but not as much as I loved you.” Luke said. He took your hand again, and this time, you didn’t stop him.

“If you loved her, why’d you get divorced?” You couldn’t help but ask, even though it hurt you to say.

“The last part of your speech,” Luke said simply. “You said ‘I’m happy for you. I hope your marriage is everything you want, and I hope every day is an adventure. I love you so much it hurts my heart, but I hope your wife loves you more.’” You were shocked as Luke repeated the last few lines verbatim.

“I read this speech every single day, multiple times a day. I always thought about it. I realized that the marriage wasn’t what it should’ve been like. It wasn’t an adventure every day like you wanted it to be for me. When I pictured being married, I imagined you and me, sitting on a blanket in a field somewhere. It was never her and me.” Luke said. With each word, you could feel all the cracks in your heart going away.

“I don’t know what to say.” You looked into his eyes as yours filled with tears. He smiled at you.

“I tried to talk to you so many times but all I got was radio silence. I guess I deserved that for what I put you through, being with her and all. There were so many times where my first instinct was to call you instead of her. As soon as the divorce went through, I tried to call but you didn’t answer. I eventually gave up and just hoped I could see you in person to explain everything.” Guilt washed through you as he talked. You could’ve easily picked up the phone, but you chose to ignore him.

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry and that I love you so much, more than I’ve ever loved anyone before, more than I will love anyone ever.” Luke said. At this point the tears in your eyes spilled over, and you started crying again.

“I love you too.” You choked out.

Luke cupped your face in his hands, wiping the tears away with his thumbs. He bent down and pressed his lips onto yours. After 6 years, Luke was right here, in front of you, and he was in love with you. He was here, and he was yours, and you were his.


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In honor of mothers day, maybe a short fic about Synth Shaun in Sanctuary trying to create a great mothers day party for F!SS?

Thank you for making me crap myself thinking I’d missed mother’s day lol (I live in UK and it was in April) Don’t usually take from the top but figured I could just this once… Hope this was okay for you Nonnie, Enjoy <3

Mother’s day was a pre-war tradition that Sole had been really looking forward too. She was pregnant when the last mother’s day rolled around, but she hadn’t at the time felt like celebrating. She’d celebrated with her and Nate’s mother, however preferred the spotlight to be on them rather than her.

In the Commonwealth, it was days like the last mother’s day that Sole looked back on fondly- mother’s day was a celebration that hadn’t carried on through the times, so sadly she would never get to experience the feelings.

Mother’s day rolled around on the day that Sole was travelling alone back to Sanctuary, feeling her legs move just a little faster when she saw the bridge come into sight. She was halfway across the bridge when she saw Shaun come running out from behind the gated entrance.

Sole had mixed feelings on synth Shaun. She desperately fought alongside the Railroad freeing synths left, right and centre. But Shaun? She’d been devastated the second that she found out that Shaun was a ten year old boy in Kellogg’s memories; and the moment that she met Father in the Institute she’d been ready to throw herself in a Deathclaw nest. But, this synth child that she saved from the downing of the Institute was her son- at least, he had all of the memories of a child that was her son.

When they’d first returned to Sanctuary she’d left Shaun with other people- anyone really. But slowly as time passed she realised that she’d been given a second chance, and she wasn’t going to let this one go wrong.

So she invested all of her time and effort into her son, hoping that he’d have a better life than the son that was stolen for her. But she still was an agent for the Railroad; she still was the General of the Minutemen, and she did have to leave once in awhile.

As soon as Shaun saw his mother he went running towards her, throwing his blackened arms around his mother, hugging her tightly around the waist.

“What’s happened here Shaun?” Sole asked, shocked at the sight of the child. Soot and ash covered his whole body, slightly reminding Sole of a chimney sweeper from a pre-war film she remembered. He looked as if he’d barely survived a fire.

Sole didn’t have a chance to stop Shaun before he’d made off across the settlement- she quickly followed behind, nodding to various people as she went. Shaun ran into the mess hall before stopping her, blocking the entrance. Sole smelt burning.

“Stop mother” Sole moved Shaun to the side, before heading into the room, shocked at the sight that lay before her.

The cooking station was nearly burnt down to a crisp- a mouldy looking foam spread across what looked to be fire marks. Someone had clearly set something on fire- and tried to use a pre-war extinguisher. Hancock was stood holding the extinguisher in his hands, the foam covering his coat, some of it even soaking through to his shirt and trousers.  

Sole turned to the seating area, spotting Curie and Nick staring intently at a old tin cake tray, some sort of gloop in the tray that looked a wrong shade of brown- Sole was sure that it was supposed to be a cake of some sorts.

Towards the end of the room Danse and Deacon stood bickering about something- upon moving so that Sole could see the wall, she saw a sign that misspelt out ‘Happy Mohter’s Day’. Both the men turned to her in what looked like shame.

In the centre of the destruction- or room, whatever you want to call it- stood the most perfect thing. A brightly coloured in (in childlike colouring and writing) card, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ scrawled on the front, a drawing of a woman and child underneath. A bunch of randomly picked flowers sat next to the card, and sat down at the table sat Shaun.

Shaun had his head in his hands, and when Sole got close enough she could hear the weeping coming from the child.

She sat next to him on the bench and pulled him to sit on her lap, tucking his head into her chest. The room quickly quietened at the sight, all the adults heart’s breaking for the child.

“I want… wanted…” Sole rocked the child in her arms, listening to what he was trying to say in between his sobs.

“I wanted it to be perfect”

Sole’d heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. She’d worked out that this was a mother’s day thing- something that she hadn’t expected at all. With her son in her arms she looked around at her friends in the room.

They’d tried so hard- a cake and decorations, just for her. But Sole didn’t need all that. She just needed her son and her friends.

“It is perfect baby” She whispered into his hair, kissing him before tightening the hug.

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A Daydream Away // WJ Pt. 2

Summary: A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, and that’s true, unless it’s not your wedding

Word Count: 2,956

PART 1 | masterlist

“Y/N, please, you can’t not come to my wedding.” Minghao pleaded over the phone. You let out a sigh and continued drawing little flowers on the paper in front of you.

“I know, I know, but…” You trailed off, not wanting to say the pathetic reason you wanted to skip your best friend’s wedding.

“Junhui right?” Minghao said. You could practically see Minghao shaking his head at you. “Y/N, seriously, you can’t skip my wedding. I will literally kill you if you’re not there. You’re the maid of honor for fucks sake.”

“Okay, but like, the bride has plenty of other girl friends she could choose. Her sister?” You suggested.

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#167 I need to do this

(Lol @ that title also HIGH SCHOOL AU)

Dan: He found himself doodling your name once more and immediately crossed it out. He couldn’t have a crush on you. You were his best friend and his best friend alone.

“What were you drawing in class?” You nosily asked on your way to lunch. “I saw you not paying attention.”

“Nothing special,” he shrugged it off. You knew he was lying, but decided not to press further.

Lately, he’d been regretting the fact that you had super similar schedules. He wanted to get you out of his head and that was hard to do when you shared almost all the same classes.

Your last period was art. Your assignment for the day was to watercolor some flowers. He finished pretty quickly- he almost threw it away after he realized he’d subconsciously used your favorite colors. He spent his last little while watching you- the way you seemed so focused made him want to scream. He loved you.

After school, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He pulled you behind the lunchroom where no one could see you. “I’m about to do something completely out of character and honestly I’m terrified that you’ll hate me after. But I need to do this.”

You were confused and honestly a little scared. But that all melted away when the sweetest kiss was pressed to your lips.

Phil: He stood outside your last period class. He was almost shaking he was so nervous. But he needed to do what he was about to do.

He’d repressed his feelings for the past 5 months and he needed to let you know how he felt. Part of him had hope that you liked him back, but majority of him was terrified.

The door opened and the first few students fled out. When you exited, a smiled spread on your face. “Nice to see you here,”

“We got out early, so I figured I’d come get you.” He shrugged.

You walked together to the parking lot, chatting about your last few classes. He stopped and stared at you for a minute.

“What? Is there something on my face?” You touched your face.

“No, no. I just.. I’m scared. But know that you are one hundred percent allowed to punch me in the face after this.” He gently cupped your face and pressed his lips to yours.

You didn’t punch him in the face.

Anonymous said:honeymoon night?Anonymous said:Bill drowning Dipper in flowers and gifts?Anonymous said:Playful flirting in the house they bought? B.C (before children) One moment they were on the dance floor, the next they were in their room.  The fairy lights on the ceiling were on, making the star crystals sparkle.  There were vases of flowers everywhere, even a bouquet of lovely longing on the night stand- beside a bottle of champagne.  In between the the flowers were neatly stacked wedding gifts, wrapped in white and silvery papers.  On every surface that had the space were candles. Dipper could still hear the faint music outside as he was swept up into Bill’s arms.  They spun laughing.  Dipper smiled down at his husband as Bill carried him to bed.  "Hello, Mr. Cipher-Pines.“  He cooed, earning a grin.  "That has a nice ring to it.  Mr and Mr. Cipher-Pines.” “Better than nice- PERFECT.”  Bill agreed, laying him out on the bed and giving him a feverish kiss.  Dipper returned it in kind, arms wrapping tightly around his beloved to hold him close. They both quickly shed their suit jackets, dropping them carelessly to the floor before they started pulling at each other’s waist coats.  A flurry of movement and Bill found himself on his back, propped up against the pillows with Dipper in his lap.  Be fore Bill could protest Dipper ran his hands up over his chest, stopping to undo his bowtie.   “Let me undress you.”  Bill relaxed more against the pillows, hands coming to rest of Dipper’s hips. “Anything you wish, dear husband.  Mmm that has an even better ring to it than Mr. Cipher-Pines.  Husband- my beautiful, darling, beloved husband.”  He reviled in the blush that graced his lover’s cheeks.  "How I wish I could have given you more luxurious than this.“ Dipper deserved to travel, to see the world.  Oh the places he wished he could take his Pine Tree.  To give him a fancy honeymoon in Greece, or France to be clique, even to Bill’s home country of Egypt.  To take him to some luxurious hotel in some ancient city.  He wanted to give him the world. "I don’t need luxury.  This is our home, this is a place full of love.  Thats all I need.”  But Bill was still looking disappointed he couldn’t give him more.  "Do you know what Gruncle Stan got us for our wedding?“ "Something cheep?”  Bill snorted, about to add ‘please lets not talk about him while we’re in bed’, but he stopped short at the withering look his husband gave him. “The deed to the Shack, our names on it.  This isn’t just home Bill, its OURS.”  Dipper’s voice was so soft Bill was scarcely sure he heard him right.  "We just have to go to the bank and sign it and the Shack is ours.“ Bill stared at him in what could only be described as shock and awe- a strange look on Bill.  There were several moments silence then Bill was wrapping him up into his arms laughing, candle flames flared up, flowers grew larger, they floated several inches off the bed, holding each other and laughing. "Ours.. its OURS!  First thing we sho-”  Bill stopped himself, shaking his head as they settled back onto the bed.  "No- business another day.  Right now I want to savor THIS.“ A hand came up to caress DIpper’s cheek, drawing him in for a slow kiss, he fell back against the pillows, pulling Dipper down with him.