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It's weird, the last strip with Walky is suppose to be funny... but it almost made me cry.... What Walky said is EXACTLY how I felt for a long time when it came to my mother and grades, and still kind of do. That fear is very real to me, to the point where teachers thought my mother BEAT ME because I would panic so badly if I got so much as a B-. The fear of not being what your parent wants you to be and not loving you anymore because of it... For once I completely connect with Walky.

Ah ha ha ha ha yes.  We are both there, in that zone.  For most of my life, the greatest fear I possessed – other than, like, interacting with any and all other human beings at any time or in any place – was disappointing the parents.  Their feelings about me was all four load-bearing pylons of my self esteem.  It took…….. well, decades to try to unravel that.  I say decades because that’s still ongoing.  

anyway, i draw porn now


january 15, 2017 — hmmm on that last page you can see me trying a new style (and failing badly i mean its really messy ahhh) but i’ve made it a resolution to do something different this year since i wasn’t very satisfied with how the clean and minimal spread was looking ;; but!! i also want to post pics of my art as well, especially how messy my desk gets when im doing art jafsdkf ah, some of the lettering (”softly and tenderly”) was inspired by @studyrose !! ;’-)

my studygram!

At the very of the very last Fantastic Beasts film they make, I want there to be a cut scene in the credits of Platform 9 ¾. There’s a young Remus Lupin nervously trying to figure out what to do with his luggage. Sirius Black is off to one side being lectured one last time about how he’d better maintain the family tradition of being sorted into Slytherin. Peter Petigrew trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face. Then Lily Evans comes barreling through the crowd dragging Severus Snape by the arm behind her. She is SO excited. Even Severus seems cautiously optimistic. Then Lily runs into James Potter and falls over his trunk. James makes some snotty, snide comment about how she and her greasy friend ought to watch where they’re going. Then Lily stands up and punches James in the face, blackening one of his eyes.

Cut to black. The credits continue to roll.

Hella Date Ideas for Hella People

- video games
- laser tag (annihilate ur date)
- go shopping or find a novelty store and buy really weird/cute trinkets and shit
- stay in and watch disney movies cause who wants to do stuff?
- fort
- make food eat it and make more to eat later
- draw each other very badly (or try ur best if u want it’s ur decision)
- (film ur punk edits)
- be as childish as possible in a toy store
- place flowers on really old headstones bc everybody deserves a flower now and then
- go to an art museum
- read a book to each other or go to Barnes and Noble
- tie dye everything
- play monopoly and possibly hate them afterwards
- take a shower together i mean
- mini golf
- watch horror movies and then watch romantic movies and then sit in darkness and make out
- give each other hickeys
- do each others hair and makeup really badly and take pictures
- (make sure to cover up hickeys)

Trigger warning- child abuse.
Spending time cuddling this silly goose today.
Last night, for the first time, I woke up and hyperventilated. I had a horrific dream that I’d left her with an unknown babysitter (obv would never do) and they’d abused her. People don’t talk much about child abuse because it’s distressing but, I was very badly physically abused by my stepmother (not the amazing gorgeous one I have now) for 8 years from 7-15 and as that level of abuse would, its traumatised me. Whilst child abuse isn’t the norm (thank god), it does happen and I think I’d like to talk about it more. Nobody helped me because they didn’t want to seem nosey or thought it wasn’t their place. As the child with broken ribs and bruises carefully left where clothes would hide them, I wouldn’t have cared if someone had been nosey or stepped in. I wasn’t in a position where I could help myself, abusers are incredibly controlling and manipulative- I needed other people to help me.
I’m not a victim of my abuser but I’m still, on occasion, effected by her and what she did to me.
If you suspect someone is being abused, mistreated, whatever you want to call it, speak up. Talk to people. You can email the samaritans or confidentially call childline.
After a good cry and a lot of love from Liam, I feel ok. Not great because what’s usually deeply buried feels very fresh, but ok and ready to enjoy my day, because I can, because she didn’t win. I did.
Be aware of abuse and help stop it. ❤️ http://ift.tt/2fRS8S0


In the Archie comics, Archie gets everything he wants and treats Betty and Veronica pretty badly. On the show, we basically have everything turned upside down. In the comics, Betty and Veronica are always fighting over Archie, and on our show, Betty and Veronica couldn’t really care less! It’s three girls doing their own thing — my character and her two minions — doing everything we can to find out who killed Jason. Nothing really involves men. I feel like that’s rare for TV, there’s always a strong love influence with the main character. Of course there’s some making out — gotta keep it steamy — but we’re all very independent which I love.

Madelaine Petsch photographed by  Maddie Cordoba for Galore

I don’t think some of y’all understand swing dancing is not easy and is so cute and fun and romantic and it involves a lot of lifts and is very fast and is usually seen as one of the more fun, flirtatious dances and I cannot believe that Matthew Daddario, out of all the possible types of dances, can swing dance like it literally makes me swoon how nerdy and adorable is he like swing dancing is like Danny and Sandy in Grease dancing with all the lifts and the spinning and the laughing and smiling like I want to swing dance with him so badly and do a hip lift with him and have him twirl me around and see him laugh and smile because he said people want to dance with him because he looks like he’s enjoying himself and I’m so emotional over this guys more emotional than I should be but Matthew Daddario can swing dance

What do you do
if it’s never you?
If you’re never
the prettier one,
the better one, 
the golden one
that people choose
and instead,
you are yourself 
and yourself
is always second best 
or third best
or even possibly
the very worst-
the last choice,
the shadow,
the weak voice 
of sorrow.
Well if you want so badly 
to be the one,
the one that is picked-
not overlooked and shunned,
then look at yourself
all honest and true
and tell yourself-
“I will always choose you”
—  S.S.P //choose yourself//

INTERVIEWER: You seem very much aware of the world around you.

I’m quite in love with the human race and this planet that we live on and I see life as fresh and beautiful, not because “I have the world in my hands,” but because it’s just my reality. I also get very frustrated with the pace of life and the way the world goes. I want so badly for people to communicate with each other. With all this technology, is this the best we can do? It’s depressing. But there’s also an optimistic side of me that believes that we live in an incredible time and that if we all come together on the important issues and stand up for our rights, as Bob Marley said, we could really accomplish a lot.

INTERVIEWER: What would that be for you?

PHOENIX: One thing I would like to do when I have the money is buy thousands of acres in the Brazilian rain forest and make a national park, so no one can bulldoze it (in order) to put a McDonald’s there. I guess people find security in a Big Mac, but that’s our oxygen! And the mass slaughtering of animals is a chickenshit approach. I can’t understand the farmer who raises his cow and then rips it’s throat and eats it.

INTERVIEWER: You offer a positive role model for young people, not only by virtue of the ideals you espouse, but, on a different level, by the very characters you play. This will probably be more so than before because of young Indiana Jones.

PHOENIX: Yes, but it angers me that in this society we’re trained from a very young age, watching television, to swallow preconceived ideas of what is the ideal man or ideal woman. It’s prejudice, really. Many people overcome it, but so many remain oppressed if they’re not happy with their looks, if they don’t look like Robert Redford,. It’s a shame, because they shouldn’t be. When I was younger, I was worried about how others viewed me and if I was good enough. I realize now that you can’t mold an image or try to be something that you are not. As far as being an actor is concerned, your work really speaks for itself.

[Interview for Starlog Magazine, October 1989]

I love the Spider-man/Deadpool comics ok. 
Spideypool is so great. (And I don’t even mean that in a shipping way)

Lets just look at these comics for a sec 

Wade wants to be a good guy but lacks the moral compass to do so.

And Peter’s life is always very lonely and empty. 

They clash so badly cause they are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Peter is pure and Deadpool.. not so much. 

(Literally highlighted so well here with Spidey all shiny and god-like and Deadpool dripping with blood like check that contrast

Now lets just take a moment to appreciate how they actually complete each other

Spidey works as Deadpools Moral compass 

and Wade is there to fill Peters Emptiness. 

So yeah, turns out they literally fill the voids in eachothers lives.

They work so well together and have the biggest potential to be hilarious BFFs and they don’t even realise it. 

Things I noticed while watching Fantastic Beasts for the second time

Warning, minor spoilers and Harry Potter theories ahead.

1. SO, do you know why Grindelwald wanted to find an obscurus so badly? It’s because Dumbledore’s little sister, Ariana, was an obscurus, and Grindlewald saw the extent of her power. Just think about it, she was kept hidden her whole life, and she died during a chaotic moment where she could have easily just transformed and died. Plus didn’t she kill her mother in an “explosion”? I don’t remember that part completely so I may be wrong…

2. Also, how did Newt find the beasts so fast? Well he’s a Hufflepuff, and they’re particularly good finders. (StarKid reference)


4. Let’s talk about Seraphina Picquery for a second. She is a woman of color, and also a highly respected president… in the 1920′s!!! How freaking awesome is that! She rose above the racism and became a freaking President. Props to her!

5. We have the Harry Potter series with Gryffindor leads, the Cursed Child with Slytherin leads, and Fantastic Beasts with a Hufflepuff lead, I’m expecting a Quidditch Through the Ages with a Ravenclaw lead hopefully? That’d be cool, it’d be breaking Ravenclaw stereotypes. #RAVENCLAWPRIDE (I’m also hoping for some more Slytherin leads, to even out amount of movies/books)

6. I’m going to be 18 years old, sitting in the theater by myself and crying at the Warner Brother’s symbol, when the next Fantastic Beasts movie comes out. 

7. I almost forgot about this one! Newt was close to a Lestrange while at Hogwarts. That means that 1) not all Lestranges were evil, and 2) I’m assuming that she was in Slytherin, and that means that there were inter-house friendships! That makes me so happy!

Please add your theories/what you noticed! I’d love to read them

I have some Thinky Thoughts about the gender roles for the gaming system in Love o2o ^^;;

So, I’ve known married couples who play WoW. Almost always, the man is the tank and the woman is the support, and together they reach a very high level very quickly. MMORPGs are designed so that there are rewards built in for people playing together. What’s interesting in A Chinese Ghost Story is that getting married in the game is a feature that rewards a pair of players–and is heavily weighted in items and experience for the woman player.

Because in ACGS women are usually support players–healers and bards. This means their levels tend to be lower, so when they form a group with other players, their experience points are higher. (I used to play with that married couple and they would take me through high level dungeons to help me level faster. It’s great.)

Except, Wei Wei is a female tank who has risen up to #6 or #7 on a PvP server. Her first marriage was with another tank and she treated it like a business arrangement. When she got divorced in the game, it wasn’t a big deal to her (much like a man might treat his first divorce >.>), and she only experiences problems when her ex feels like his pride has been hurt or people think because she’s a girl, she should only be married once or is somehow ruined by fake game sex or something.

Xiao Nai is a bard who has risen to the top of the server through gaming with his friends, who all appear to be warrior class characters. In a way, he’s been forced to train and get equipment smartly so that when he is attacked by another player, he is so defended and his attacks have such good dps, that he makes winning look easy. But in a way, his class type makes having either a group or a wife necessary to advance. He’s literally had to spend all of his time in the game making himself look attractive to other people and hiding behind his perceived independent masculinity.

If you look at the Legend of the Condor Heroes quest, the dragon seal stage is clearly meant for a tank. If he hadn’t been agile enough or light enough, he wouldn’t have passed because the damage might have killed him. Someone like Wei Wei would’ve had a better shot. And Wei Wei was so bored waiting for him to come find her.

I think it’s interesting that the game forces a certain gender role expectation on the players, but both Xiao Nai and Wei Wei have found a way around it that suits their personalities better. Women often get praised for their agility and ability to manipulate while men get praised for their strength and ability to face problems straight on. But that’s not a part of who these two are, so they chose classes better suited to them.

Yet, at the same time, Wei Wei really enjoys being Xiao Nai’s wife in the game. She likes that he’s kind and protective towards her but he still has absolute respect for her skills and is paired with her because she’s a fantastic tank. He picked her specifically because he’s gotten real enjoyment out of playing with her.

Also, the three guy roommates are adorable. It’s like they thought Xiao Nai was a hopeless case and never would find true love so they’re nice and supportive of Wei Wei. 

Anyway, there are some frustrating parts, like the guy who publicly sex-shamed Wei Wei for getting out of an expensive car, only to turn around and go, Oh, you’re not a whore, so I like you now and It’s my right to pursue you until I change my mind, after getting rejected. I also find it frustrating that Yi-Ran, who appears sweet everywhere else, is being rewarded for her one-sided feelings by her friend. It would be different if she had some sort of relationship with Xiao Nai but she doesn’t. Talk about giving female characters only one purpose and failing them >.>

If you want to really hurt your parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.
—  Kurt Vonnegut
If you want to really hurt you parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.
—  Kurt Vonnegut

Some of you may remember the twins I hatched earlier in the year.
One hatched with an extreme case of scoliosis. It was very touch a go for the first few days but he showed spirit right from the get go; so we gave him a shot at life. And here he is. He is a super cool dude. Can do EVERYTHING for himself and doesn’t seem at all phased by his kinky back.
When an animal wants so badly to survive we owe it to them to give them a chance, at least. Especially when we are the ones that brought them into the world in the first place. Just because he’s not perfectly shaped doesn’t make him any less perfect.
As breeders we should always be prepared to have something go wrong; and potentially deal with the concequences of that. This dude has a home for life with me, however long or short it may be.

‘Daffodil’ AKA 'Daffy’, welcome.


G͈͚͈̮̩̎ͧͫLͧ͗̚Iͮ̂T̰̥̝̬̂͒̓̋C̯͙H̗̾̄̏͊̋I͇͙͓̹̼̞ͩ̐͐P͐ͭͅL̫̪͈̤̮̂͆Ĭ͓̲͎͂̓́ͥ̾ͭE͎͓̦̞ͫͭͥ̑͌ͤ̐R͒͊̇̽͂͒ͧ ̰͉̯͎͕ͧ̏̂͂+͊̆̇͆̈ͧ̏ ̜̠͉̗̰̳̯ͪͪͩÁ̟̜̘̟̳̼́ͅÑ̯̩̤̮͙̄͒̃T̎̍I͕̺̥̖͐̋SE̫͕͑P̙̪̥̺ͣͧT͓͇̖̗̰̲I̟̖ͫ̎̾͂C̰̭̟̞͉̻̏͒ͥ̄̊ͣE̲̥̪̙Y͐͐E̫

inspired by sconee

Here’s a little WIP for all the nice folks who have been so patient with me :) I’m just about done the lineart, and I hope to get a lot of work done on it at tonight’s livestream (which’ll probably be around like 7pm eastern time, I’ll decide for sure later). I’m doing my very best to update this weekend.

Star vs: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Theory Starco and Jarco

I think we can all agree the latest episode of Star vs was very stressful considering the conflict between Starco and Jarco shippers.

The episode did seem to lean towards Starco becoming a reality but it also involved a sort of fulfilment for Jarco fans through the kiss and I just want to say my point of view.

Really sorry if this is badly written this is my first time doing a theory thing.

So immediatly after watching the episode Starco shippers jumped on the fact that the blood moon Marco sees over Jackie’s shoulder was half meaning that Star is Marco’s other half.

But the blood moon is always half when we see it. Apart from in Marco’s dream which we will get back to later.

The appearances of the moon all coincide with specific circumstances:

1) No one is in shot with it/ Marco is in shot with the blood moon

We never see the blood moon with anyone else apart from Marco. Maybe because he was the lead when dancing with Star under the blood moon, but I’m not sure.

2) Somebody is stressed out about something

At the start the brief appearance of the blood moon then followed by Tom might hint that he’s worried about being rejected by Star again (not completely sure about this one), Marco being worried for Star going with Tom alone, Star and Marco having an argument about how Marco doesn’t think she should go, when Star comes back and they have an argument about Marco’s behavior, Marco’s dream, and Marco seeing the blood moon over Jackie’s shoulder (Blood Moon probably signifying a loved ones turmoil: Star)

Whenever the blood moon comes on screen everyone freaks out because it is linked with conflict.

It makes sense that Marco is the character most seen with the blood moon since he is the character in the show most prone to freaking out, but the fact that it never turns up when Star is there shows something contrary to what we all believed.

I think the blood moon is an indicator for when Marco is worried/ stressed/ whatever negative emotion you can conjure up.

The words of the demon guy right before the dance “When the light of the blood moon grovels down and selects two lucky souls binding them together for eternity, in its hynotic, ruby, brotummmm” is referring to a intense bond between two people being brought on by the blood moon shining down on them.

Also the words of the captain in Star’s room “Blood moon tonight. The moon, of loverrrrs” I know it heavily hints towards the blood moon being romantic.

No not hints, it straight out says it.

But “loverrrrs” could also refer to people that Marco loves. He loves his parents, he loves his friends, he loves Star, he loves Jackie. I do accept that Star is attracted to Marco but at the moment I think Marco only sees Star as a friend who needs help and sees Jackie romantically.

My point is that there are different kinds of love and we shouldn’t rely on random paintings of Captains to tell us what Star and Marco’s relationship is. Because even I don’t know yet.

I don’t think Star and Marco’s relationship is anything particularly perceivable as just “they think each other are cute so they date” they are bonded by the blood moon, they probably have some kind of magical destiny to save the universe together, they could change the course of reality that’s how powerful this relationship is that we literally have no idea where it’s going to go because it’s so much bigger than we can conceive.

In Marco’s dream the blood moon is full, and going with what I said earlier about the blood moon linking to Marco’s stress, this is the most stressed out Marco has ever been about something and he’s afraid when it realates being left behind by his loved ones.

Star isn’t there though.

So they have such an intense bond that Marco feels that there is no doubt that she will continue being his friend (which is wonderful honestly bless their relationship whatever it becomes).

Jackie and Marco’s relationship is big too though. Big for Marco, since he’s had a crush on her for as long as he’s been in school and he’s never liked a girl that has liked him back. So this is big for Marco and we should let him have this.

Right now I feel like Star needs to sort out some of her feelings about how things are going between Marco and Jackie (maybe talk them out with Janna; one of my ships which I blame @spatziline for, check them out they’re great omg) before she can go into a relationship with Marco because if they do start dating we want it to be as natural as possible, right?

So this was just me making some points about things; not dismissing either ship cause they’re both great ships.

So uh I hope I didn’t bore you too much and please no one decide that I’m trash-talking a ship because I really really am not.