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I didn't know you had a tattoo! May I ask what it is? I can't really tell in the photo. Also, you don't need makeup, you're too beautiful without it. Pull off that Alicia-Keys-no-makeup

aH thank you! That’s very kind of you!

This was taken right after it got done so that’s why my arm are so red haha


I was tagged by @natsuh Thank you so much Mel sweetheart! *hugs*

+ post your lock screen, home screen, last music you’ve listen to and a picture of yourself. (i’m so awkward taking selfies, forgive me lol)

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do you think you could make ur mitch audition thing an audio post? its cool if you don't want to or can't btw

Mmm ;3; I am a little nervous but if you really do want to hear it, I could! I am allowed to share it, if I wanted to!

Like this ask if you’d want me to post it and if it gets enough maybe I will!

Mitch Mueller is a character from the awesome webcomic Long Exposure by  @smokeplanet​ !!

please give it a read!!


honestly, boys are so dumb like why would you give me a tour of your place, introduce me to your friends, give me a little gift, walk me to my car, ask me to get dinner later this week, kiss me, and then cut off all communication? 

boiiii so i have a tattoo appt booked for early april and i think i’ve finalized the designs i’m getting and so i’m getting a simple lil line work girl on the back of my arm above my elbow, “big bang” and a lil sun and moon on the front/side of my arm, and “the wreckage of stars” along the very edge of my back and i am frickin hyped 


me when I saw my follower count:


Honestly you guys, I cannot tell you all how much this means to me. I didn’t think that when I started this blog that I’d get to here this soon. I am so grateful for each and every one of you!

Unfortunately, my keyboard has decided to stop working so I cannot write up any special Requests/Headcannons/Drabbles for you:( I would love to, but they simply wouldn’t be the quality you hons deserve.

I am willing, however, to get to know you guys! I know I seem super lame and boring, but I swear I’m super cool and not the loser I make myself out to be on the internet. Send me a question about myself- it can be about anything (so don’t be afraid to make it awkward which I am probably going to regret saying later)- and get to know me! Or, feel free to tell me a bit about yourself;) I look forward to getting to know you all!

Again, thank you for 300!!! Love you my children.

Words I Long to Hear (shalaska) -indie

A/N: So this is my first RPDR fanfic ever, so if there’s anything that seems out of character or this is absolutely terrible please leave a note and let me know. :P I’d like to improve wherever I can. Anyway, this is a fluffy soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate will say to you is tattooed somewhere on your body. Sharon has a generic greeting while Alaska has a very, very specific sentence. I left it so it could be a oneshot, but if you’d like to read more of it I do have plans to turn it into a short fic :) But I wanted to test the waters with this first lol.

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  • Jackson: hey
  • Jiyong: what do you want
  • Seunghyun: oh yeah HBD
  • Daesung: sending all my love from Japan right now
  • Jackson: lol I'm in Japan
  • Daesung: ooh we should meet up!
  • Seungri: I haven't said anything yet
  • Jiyong: WELL-

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first, I feel stupid fo not recognizing the symbol (I don't watch that much anime, only DBZ). Second, for my fanart of both Epictale Frisks which would you prefer? Open eyes or closed eyes? I'm doing both Neutral and Pacifist btw.

Just draw what u want lol

bts ask meme

i was tagged my @kimskj to do this (thank you!) i’m sorry my breathing is so weird i’m sick right now. there was also a roach crawling on the wall so i was moving around trying to get away from it

  1. Name + Username
  2. Who is your bias and why? Any bias list wreckers?
  3. When did you become a fan of Bangtan and what made you like them?
  4. Which album is your favorite?
  5. What’s your favorite song?
  6. Who is your favourite vocalist?
  7. Who is your favorite rapper?
  8. Do you have a favorite era?
  9. Which Bangtan Bomb is your favorite?
  10. Rookie King vs. AHL vs. Bon Voyage?
  11. Have you ever seen them in person before? Any special memories, if yes?
  12. Tag your friends (or don’t lol)

i’m tagging @jiminiep @6uji @6tigma @taehyngies @akmv @1994liners @oh-no-its-mo sorry if youve done this/dont want to do it

I’m sitting here looking at all 193 of you lovely followers and love every inch of you. I want to squish your faces and hug you and pet you and tell you everything will be ok.

On that front… My idea for our 200 celebration is… Headcannons!! I know surprise right?! Lol

Now I’ve assigned ribbons to those that have asked (still open btw). Now I want to share little headcannons about our dear crew and how they accepted their fate.

Let’s do this fam!!


i was tagged by@sangdont to do the lock screen&home screen + last selfie& last song tag!! 

i was tempted to use a better selfie of me but that would be CHEATING i guess

and i made a new homepage to screenshot cause all my apps are messy and covering the pages

i tag @the-tdboys @jbumholic @the-one-that-loves-u @minsugadotcom @a7xkenyaetf [but only if you want to, you don’t have to😊!!]

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oh and 73! honestly it gives some Kol vibes lmao

73: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

I feel like my writing is getting worse…fuck xD Probably because it’s 5 am! But hey there’s Kol yay! On FF 

Also, If you want me to do one!

Surprise, Surprise!

Caroline stepped out of the hot shower, covering herself with her cute pink towel she exited the bathroom. “AHHHHHHH! KOL! What the hell?”

“What is it darling?” Kol asked stretching his arms.

“Uhm…is there a - good - reason you’re naked in my bed?!” Caroline insisted.

“There is a reason, whether it’s good or not…is unclear…”

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yeah there are some blogs I follow who do that. like, they’ll reblog a post that has dogwhistles in it (like a post that says “why do cishets want to be kweer so badly lol” or smthg like that) but unless you’re active in the discourse you don’t know they’re dogwhistle words, but when I explain to them how those posts are offensive they’ll delete it and apologize, and tbh I wish there were more people like that. those are good people