i wanted to do this ever since i watched frozen

Caius x Fem!Reader

REQUEST<  Jealous Caius please! Maybe the reader is on a date or just about to leave and caius calls her pretending he needs help with something to get her away from her date?  Thank you!! 

The night breeze felt warm and welcoming upon your skin as you opened your bedroom window, letting in the moonlights glow. You were about to go on your date. You planned on spending the night with Caius. He planned on giving you a tour of his residence. 

Before heading out the door you pulled out your phone, putting in the number for the receptionist. After a few rings she had picked up. “Hello, If you are planning to schedule a tour of the famous castle please call in the morning. Thank you” Before she could hang up you quickly let her know who you were. “No! I mean.. This is Y/n, Remember? We met forever ago.”  an audible sigh could be heard from her end “Ah yes, The one who is always with master Caius! What can I do for you?”. To be honest you didn’t plan on ditching Caius, The date was last minute. “Could you give a message to Caius? Please tell him I can’t make it tonight. I will try to see him tomorrow.”                                                                    “Of course Y/n, Oh and have fun on your date” She teasingly responded. 

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Yuuba asked a drabble where Silver babysits his Granchildren but Gray keeps checking on him.

This is AU ;)

I tried to answer the ask by my phone last night, but when I saved as draft, it vanishED and I can’t found anywhere, So, I had to do it this way.

“I can’t believe you are calling me again! You should be having a nice dinner and then making me more grandchildren afterwards!” Silver said over the phone. He was babysitting his grandchildren unsupervised for the first time and Gray had called him every thirty seconds, it seemed. He and Juvia were out celebrating the sixth anniversary of their wedding and Silver had offered to stay with the children and after Juvia’s insistence that he was qualified for it, Gray agreed, but checked on his old man all the time;

“Shut it old man!” Gray groaned, and Juvia – who was sitting across him from the table – chuckled. “How are they?”

“Grisa is fine, she’s watching that Frozen movie again and she refuses to change her Elisa dress.” Silver said and Gray automatically corrected his father.


“Yes, that one. I noticed that she has four of them dresses.” Gray could almost hear the way his father’s eyebrows went up.

“Yeah.” Sighing, Gray hid his face on his hand. “She’s going through a phase. How’s Frost?”

Grayson Frost Fullbuster was only four months old and aside of Juvia’s nose, he already looked like a little miniature of his father and grandfather with his thick dark straight hair – unlike his three-year-old sister Grisa who had curly hair like her mother if not the color.

“Fed, bathed and ready to sleep.” Silver sounded very proud of himself. “I still can’t believe you named him that way. Who call their kids Frost?”

“It’s his middle name. We call him that because having a Gray and a Grayson in one house can be confusing, Plus, yours, mine and Grisa’s name are colors. Frost is nothing compared to it.” Gray rolled his eyes. “Juvia and Grisa chose it because it’s frozen water, or something. And once they set their mind…” Gray eyed his wife and she just laughed, winking at her husband, who winked back. “You should’ve seen when Grisa refused to call him Frost and called him Jack instead for almost a month. We had to explain to her that it was just Frost.”

“Jack?” Silver sounded confused.

Juvia took the cellphone from her husband. “Oh, Silver-sama, you still haven’t seen Rise of the Guardians with Grisa-chan? You will. A thousand times.” The blunette chuckled. “He’s her first crush.” She said while Gray protested with a ‘it is not!’ “Frost is easy to put to sleep, just put him on his crib and start the mobile.”

“Thank you Juvia-chan.” Silver said affectionately. “Try to make that no-good son of mine to forget about children for the night and give you a good time, yes?”

“Juvia will try her best. First night off ever since Frost was born? We won’t be home until morning!” Gray tried to protest, but Juvia shushed him. “Give them a kiss from us, okay?”

“Grandpa! Come sing with Grisa! You can be Anna!” Juvia could hear her daughter and she laughed imagining Silver pretending to be a Princess. It was funny enough to see her husband singing the songs with her daughter, one day she would have to record them.

“Good-bye, Juvia-chan. My beautiful darling calls!” Silver said and Juvia said her own good-bye to her father-in-law.

“Juvia told you they were fine.” She put Gray’s cellphone in her purse so he couldn’t call his father again. “Juvia heard Grisa-chan and she was calling for him to sing the Anna part with her.” The blunette took a sip of her wine – she could only have one glass, since she was still breastfeeding – and missed the mortified look on her husband’s face. “You know what we should do? Take a picture of Grisa dressed as Elsa and Frost as Jack Frost. It would be the cutest thing ev-”

Gray interrupted his wife. “But I am always Anna!” Juvia frowned. “When we watch Frozen, I am always Anna!” He was got up from his seat. “We need to go home.”

“Gray-sama, you can let Silver-sama be Anna for just one night.” Juvia reasoned with her husband even though she wanted to laugh of his obvious jealousy of his daughter. “It’s the first date night we could have ever since Frost-chan was born. Come on. Just one night.”

Her husband thought for a minute and then sat down again. “Fine. But the next time Grisa and I watch Frozen, I’ll be the best Anna she’s ever seen!”

Gray is jealous because he wasn’t Grisa’s Anna that night :/ LOL I just love any sort of jealous Gray. I hope you guys had fun, especially you, yuuba, who requested it. ❤

let's talk about Hans

This has bugging me ever since I watched Frozen and saw all the hate for Hans literally everywhere. The memes, the hate posts, the edits and being the twisted minded human I am I began thinking about Hans non-stop. I despised the Prince very much in the beginning, but I didn’t want to kill him (as many apparently do) or torture him (as many apparently do, seriously ppl?) I wanted him to take back what he said about Anna not being loved. Now I didn’t care much after because that’s about the time my Jelsa obsession occurred.

A week or two ago I read this great mini comic about Hans returning home to the Southern Isles and being put down by his brothers yet again. It’s really unfortunate that I can’t remember where I read that comic but if I find it, I’ll update this post. Anyway, that artwork got me thinking about Hans again and I realized, Hans didn’t get a happy ending. “Yeah because he was the villain, villains don’t get happy endings” you say but hold up there reader, Hans was the villain? I don’t think so. Hans was a victim to loneliness and detachment just as much as Anna and Elsa, in fact I would argue x12 times as much since he had 12 older brothers not just one. What’s more, I doubt his older brothers even had a reason to ignore him, unlike Elsa who was only trying to protect her sister.

So I was thinking about all this while rewatching the movie and Love Is An Open Door came on, from which eeeverybody quotes the one line Hans says “I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place”

Let’s just think about that line for a minute shall we? Hans has just told Anna he had a dozen older brothers 3 of whom pretended he was invisible for 2 years and now he’s saying he’s been looking for a place of his own. Hans never felt like he fit in with his brothers, or rather, he never felt like anything belong to him. If you have an older sibling than you know what it feels like to not have something of your own especially if said older sibling is the overachieving one.  

The second line that caught my attention was “say goodbye to the pain of the past, we don’t have to feel it anymore”. While we’re on the subject of not belonging and being ignored, let’s take about how painful that is and can be. To be treated like you don’t exist to feel like there isn’t a place you belong and can call your own. Hans felt this more than anyone. Not much is said about his parents in the picture but with so many brothers and how monarchies usually are, I doubt the King cared much for his youngest son who would not be crowned king. His mother, maybe, but between the pressure of being a prince and the competition from his older brothers it’s a lot to handle. 

Despite all that, Hans grew up to be a capable person. While Anna was gone he took care of the towns people, gave away the trade-able goods for free and opened up the gates to make sure people had a warm place to stay. if he were in it for the money or power, why would he give away his prospective kingdom’s goods aka the source of money? The point I’m trying to make is that he just wanted a place to belong to, where he’d be respected and acknowledged The people of Arendelle learned to trust Hans quickly because he was a capable leader, they needed him and we all know how good that feels. 

When his personality completely turned around it shocked me (duh!) for two reasons. 1) the obvious plot twist and 2) that looks so out of character. I mean, here’s this guy giving away all the free stuff and now he’s being a total asshole – what happened? The only explanation I could come up with was that of a injured animal being cornered – it’s gonna bite and it’s gonna bite hard. 

The one place Hans felt needed was being taken away from him so he obviously fought back. Desperation can lead a person to do many things, including murder. I’m not trying to justify his actions, I’m just trying to prove Hans wasn’t and isn't evil. Hans was not the villain and therefore he deserved to have a happy ending. 

Elsa almost killed Anna, she nearly killed those two henchmen as well, but no one calls her a villain. Hans tried to kill a main character and POOF he’s the official bad guy and doesn’t deserve to be happy. Wake up everybody, the character is more complex than that, the movie is deeper than that and the world is certainly more intricate than that. 

Sure, hate Hans for leading Anna on and saying such a cruel thing to her, be my guest because that was a douche move but do not make Hans the villain in Frozen.Hans was just as much a victim as anybody else.

In the end he’ll have to return empty handed to the Southern Isles to an unloving group of people related to him by blood and when you’re a prince, failure marks you as weak. If you’re weak you’re unworthy of anyone’s time. Hans is a Disney prince and he did not get his happy ending.

A lot of people are gonna disagree with me or pull out that line about “hot villains are misunderstood” and you are very welcome to do so, but remember, this is my take on Hans and his motivations. Maybe I am giving the writers too much credit but as a writer myself I know that nothing is ever placed by coincidence or chance – it’s always there on purpose. Why would Hans ever mention his family? Or be shown helping the people? If we was supposed to be a simple evil guy why give him a third dimension? Yes, Hans is attractive, yes Hans did a bad thing but putting the evil mastermind label on him is too simple a way to describe him.