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What kind of husband would robert and damien be?

I wasn’t actually sure if you wanted me to do them both separately and be husbands to the MC Daddy or be husbands to each other HUHUHU so I’ve decided what life for MC be if he married either Damien or Robert. Here you go! hope you enjoy ;-)

How mornings would be with your now husband


I wake up to someone brushing my hair with his fingers. Damien always gets up earlier than me, his body clock isn’t as messed up as mine. In fact, it isn’t messed up at all. “Sorry to wake you from your slumber…” He whispers. “Good morning.” I say kissing his forehead. “Good morning to you too.” He smiles so genuinely; I’d never get tired of him. I stare at the view in front me, Damien yawning and still pretty sleepy himself. I could spend whatever eternity has to offer as long as it was with him. “It’s a Sunday, Amanda will be visiting soon.” He snaps me out of my daydream. “Plus, Lucien will wake up soon too. I better make breakfast for everyone.” He sits up and ties his hair up. “Here.” I hand him his glasses which were on the bedside table. “Thank you.” He said as he wore them. He was adorable. “Let’s get cooking then, I hope you don’t mind my company?” I say as he gives another smile. “I’ve been waiting for your offer. To be quite honest.” I kissed him again before getting up and heading towards the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. It’s still quite hard to believe that we’ve been married for a while now. I end up in trance again, looking at Damien who was reading the instructions on how to make pancakes. He was so focused, ignoring the hair strands that end up on his face. “Do you think there’s a good substitute for buttermilk?” He asks as I finally pull myself together and help him around the kitchen. “I’ll search it up on google for you.” “Thank you” He answered politely.

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You will never be able to ban every trans person from serving in the US military.

Do you want to know why? Because there will always be people who sign up to serve who don’t know they’re trans yet.

Does that make you a little incredulous? You’re not alone, Trent Franks, a Republican US Representative from Arizona said: “It seems to me, and all due respect to everyone, that if someone wants to come to the military, potentially risk their life to save the country, that they should probably decide whether they’re a man or woman before they do that.”

You know, trans people would love to know earlier in life whether they’re trans or not. I encourage Rep. Franks to aid us in that goal by supporting early education to children in public schools on gender issues, what it means to be trans, and guiding them to examine their own gender identity and ask questions as to whether they’re actually the gender they’ve been assumed to be all along. Doing so early in life would help trans individuals know what they are before signing up to serve their country in the military. Without the encouragement and opportunity to examine their own gender, and the education to understand what that truly means, trans people will always be signing up for the US military without knowing that they’re actually trans.

But wait, do you oppose educating children about trans issues? Do you think it’s “too early?” Then you can’t say that figuring out while you’re in the military that you’re trans is too late. It’s either support us early in life or deal with us when we show up later. We’re always going to be here. We can’t be expected to magically know what our own gender is if you never even tell us early in life that our gender was something we could question.

“Doctors work tirelessly overnight to make sure that a dying man can live long enough to give a yes vote towards legislation that could end up killing tons of people who have his same condition” is a concept so stupidly evil that I can’t attribute it to some famous villain like I wanted to do in an earlier rendition of this post.

On one hand, like I said earlier, Mandy Patinkin was most likely unaware that his casting would shorten Oak’s run, and, even if he did know and turned it down it wouldn’t have stopped the casting directors and producers from finding someone else so I feel like it’s unnecessary to direct hate to Mandy.
On the other hand, when was the last time a show wasn’t doing as good and they blamed it all on the fact that their lead was white? (in case u want me to spell it out for you: Never.)
To sum it up: give the casting directors and producers hell but leave the actors out of it at least until we know more.

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Hoe story: so I got home one night and started talking to an old friend I saw earlier. She asked me what I was doing and I did the same. She was fingering herself which got me jacking off. She then proceeded to tell me how she wants to be dominated. I then explained how and what I would do to her there and then. I became so hard from controlling her fingering herself! Even sent me a pic of her boobs (didn't ask) and all I can say is DAYUM!! I wanna fuck her so bad 😭😭

Wow do it do it

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Exo reaction when their gf/bf is a demigod? (Percy Jackson feels LOL)

heads up:

 I have not read nor seen the movies to Percy jackson so I did some very minimal research and based this request off of what i’ve read. 

Sorry if this is terrible.



Xiumin: “That’s awesome babe! You’ll have to show me some of your powers someday”

Luhan: “Wait… so like…. one of your parents is a god or goddess and you have super powers and stuff?! And I’m JUST NOW hearing about this? How did I not know this earlier?!”

Kris: So do you have the scent like other demigods that allows monsters to find you? ‘Cause uh I’m not sure I want to come face to face with monsters. You’ll protect me won’t you?”

Suho: “that’s cooo… uhh demigod?! Did I hear that right?” 

Yixing: “Demigods have powers based on what their god/goddess parents control right? Does that mean that I could be a demigod?”

Y/N: “Yixing, your powers aren’t real”

Yixing: “but they could be, maybe us being drawn together is a sign, maybe SM made us have a superpower concept for a reason, maybe EXO are demigods and we just don’t know it. that would explain Baekhyun, Chen, and Chanyeol’s hyperactivity, this could really mean something!”

Y/N: “……… okkkkkaay maybe” *lets him believe what he wants to believe even though he’s wrong*

Baekhyun: *you thought that Baekhyun’s lack of reaction was strange until you were facing a tough opponent  and he came to aid you* “looks like the surprise is on you huh y/n”

Chen: “no wonder we’re known as the troublemaker couple huh hahaha” *nervous laughter* “I guess the whole ADHD thing with demigods if true if you’re anything to go by” *more nervous laughter*

Chanyeol: *total fanboy mode on* “That’s so awesome y/n! So you fight monsters and have superpowers and your dad or mom is a god/goddess! That means that ‘mythical creatures’ aren’t actually mythical! This is super amazing!”

Kyungsoo: “uuuuuuuwwwaahhhhhh!!!!” *astounded/shocked beyond words*

Tao: “that means that my babe’s a bad ass like me! Hell yeah! Bring it on monsters!”

Kai: “so that’s why your scent is so strong. Well sweet heart, things are about to get quite interesting in our relationship”

Sehun: *gif speaks for itself*


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Lapidot is the only thing make my Life make sense, everyday i want to die, now lapis is leaving the cg, the people will stop shipping lapidot? How many episodes do you think lapis will leave peridot?

Aw man…

Anon, seriously, don’t worry about it.  Peridot and Lapis will be reunited again, if Lapis does leave!  And honestly?  I’m seeing more Lapidot shippers who are looking forward to the potential angst-fest rather than letting it stop them from liking the ship - because this is a golden opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

I’m not qualified to give advice on these things, but I suffer from depression (earlier in the year I was signed-off work for almost a month and given anti-depressants, which I’m still taking now).  I’m not saying you’re necessarily suffering with the same thing as me - I have no idea of your circumstances and what-have-you, after all.  But, if you’re feeling that low, please seek some expert advice from a doctor.  You don’t have to suffer like this, ok?  You don’t deserve to feel like you do.

Seeking medical advice is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Sure, I still have the occasional bad day, but I feel a million times better than I did.  The road to recovery is a long one, but it’s not impossible!  Please don’t suffer like this.

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Hi there!! I'm an underage little (17) and I have a daddy. Earlier today my daddy told me to be a big girl because he didn't wanna deal with me because he's tired and didn't want to be daddy. Now he wants me to and I'm scared I'm being annoying. We were together before and have broken up multiple times, we took a break, and now we're back together and he says he loves me but I feel like I'm just a bother. I don't know what to do

Try talk to him about it~

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now that the chapter is out what do you think is in store for urie? while he's survived bad injuries before i worry that his opponent being furuta may mean he needs a miracle to escape.

haha oh man. i’m so unsure. urie was unexpectedly VERY smug this chapter so i still want to believe that he got hurt as part of that “hammer and fire” i mentioned earlier, to bring him down a notch and emphasize/be an example that furuta’s side of the plot shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

“his opponent being furuta may mean he needs a miracle to escape” — this makes me think — what if furuta tries to manipulate urie first? 👀 similar to how ui was manipulated into being on furuta’s side? maybe talking to urie about — his father…or takeomi and urie’s previous hate of takeomi, right in front of kuroiwa sr……or maybe even mucchan 🙊

@zerocarb tagged me in a SDS earlier. I wasn’t able to post then, but I can now. Me and the little one were buckled in and about to head to the aquarium after her gymnastics class. The car is parked, I don’t use my phone while driving. All about safety over here. Now she’s asleep and I’m on my break. Going to catch up on all the social media while I drink some tea. Yay, caffeine. 👌

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Leo there's a new post on your blog EVERYTIME I check. do you never sleep? My dude, please get some rest. voltron theories can wait. Sheith will be there when you wake up. Bedtime. now.

lmao thank you for your concern anon! I’ll go to bed soon i promise,, no worries. I did take a catnap earlier though,, it was nice 

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Do you think Waver loves Iskandar? I saw your musing reblog and wanted your opinion.

       I am going to assume you are referencing this post that I reblogged earlier today, because that’s the only reblog I can recall that would have someone asking something like this, so I’m like - uhm, yes hello, hi there :)) But of course, I adore rambling about these two, so I would be more than happy to give an opinion. ❤️

       Short answer: without a doubt
There is no doubt in my mind that Waver does love him. Just looking at a certain detail in his day to day - video games. Waver, you ain’t slick.

(Just a warning, this is going to be taken from a platonic perspective rather than romantic. I can’t be like - AHHHH THIS SHIP IS CANON ASDGHJK!!11!1!! So, I’m going to keep this as platonic love throughout this entire post.)

       Detailing a bit more though, I can see Waver loving Alexander just as much as anyone could for their dear friend. His love stems from such an abundance of respect he has for him to calling Alexander his ‘King’ and agreeing to be his retainer, living on for not only himself but to make sure he can tell his Servant’s story. Yet sometimes I believe maybe Waver is continuing to live and hope that he will see Alexander again some day, just lingering on the thought that they will meet again.

       In Case Files, he is caught talking to “Alexander” (his relic in a locker) by Reines, which she tells him to stop talking to himself because it is weird - Which, c'mon, Waver. That is a little odd, but… it is also very sad. To think, he misses him that much he would openly talk to someone that isn’t there. It is a form of pining that reflects a deep longing for him. He wants to have his friend back, someone that saw him as an EQUAL despite being weaker and inferior to him. Waver’s inferiority complex is so great, and Alexander saw that but he built him up when he needed it most.

       Flat even describes Alexander as someone his professor would spend his entire life to see again. It might be silly, but the fact that Waver would go through his life and have this dream need to see him, even just once - It shows how much of an impact was made upon him that he would go through such lengths of waiting. Maybe he is longing for the idea or memory of him, a friend he clearly cherishes so much.

               There is probably a lot more reasons but jfc I can’t make this post too long,
                               but if that ^^^^^ ain’t love, then I don’t know what is.

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i was just curious if its the same crow in all your birb encounters videos!! is there a story behind it or anything?

hi thanks for asking! sorry this got kinda long.

ok so every saturday and monday i go to volunteer at a wildlife rehab refuge (if anyone wants to donate to them just message me privately and i’ll send a link. also i usually post videos on those days too around like 12-3pm EST in case you’re interested lol) and i typically pick grass/dandelion leaves (which is why i have a bucket in some of my vids) and do stuff outside for a while.

as you can see in one of my earlier videos there are two crows. but it turns out, apparently there were three of them that were injured or sick around the same time (at least i think??) and even though they’re all released now, they like to hang around the area and see if they can still get fed.

so that brings me to your first question. tbh i don’t really know?? but i personally think it’s the same crow. i’ve been told not to touch the crows too much because “they need to learn how to act like crows” and so i think the other two have done just that since i haven’t really seen them lately.

this one however likes to hang around and follow anyone who’s outside and always begs for food by making the weirdest noises as you can hear haha. it’s adorable and always makes my day bc it’s like having a little dog follow you around (plus i lowkey feel like a witch with a familiar so that’s pretty fun too lmao).

sorry if this is kinda rambly, i’m pretty tired atm but i wanted to answer this before passing out for the day haha. if you have any more questions feel free to ask!!

thanks for watching my vids and enjoying them, i like to post them so others can enjoy them as much as i do. thanks again, hope you have a lovely day/night :~)