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Forget Me Not | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After an accident you wake up with temporary memory loss and can’t remember being in love with your boyfriend.

Warnings: mentions of a crash, basically the whole thing is based on someone losing their memory temporarily. 

Word Count: 2026

A/N: first of all i am v v v sorry if this isn’t 100% accurate but it was an idea playing around in my head so i just took things from what i know and shows ive watched. i also wrote half of this while i was in a crap mood and the other half when i was v sick so it might not be the greatest but it’s something. also forgot my tags list on this one i’m the worst. and i almost didn’t wannt post this bc i’m a lil iffy on it and don’t want to trigger anyone or upset folk but yolo i guess. it’s not too bad ???

Forgetting thing is always annoying. Whether it’s where you put your keys, plans with friends, if you’d taken your dog out - simple things like that. Trying to search your brain to see if you can figure out if you can remember is never anyone’s favourite thing to do but imagine if you couldn’t remember anything at all.


Never mind where the keys were. Imagine what it must be like to not remember anybody, memories and everything you used to know. Imagine having everything you ever knew ripped away from you.

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Reggie x Reader: Let Me Explain, Please.

A/N: different scenario, NOT a continuation of “Finding A Date” ~~~~~~~~~~~

Walking out the entrance, I pulled my car keys out of my pocket. Shoving the key into the car door, he bursted through the entrance of Pop’s Chock-Lit shop and made his way towards me.

‘Lord, please help me now.’ I prayed.

“Can you stop please, Y/N? Just listen to me, please.” I slammed the door of my ‘83 Rabbit shut and shoved him away from me. “Listen to what, Mantle? More lies coming out of that stupid mouth of yours?” He took a step towards me and attempted to grab my hand, but I shoved him again.

“It’s not what it looks like-” I let out a dry laugh and ran a hand through my hair, looking around the empty parking lot looking anywhere, but at it him.

“What’s it supposed to look like, then hmm? Tell me that, what’s going on?” I pushed him again, egging him on. Trying to get some answers from him, answers to all this crap he’s got me stuck in. Three shoves and not one word from the tall Asian that stood before me.

“I don’t know how they do it here in Riverdale or if it’s just your dumb ass, because this whole situation you’re putting me in is complete bullshit. You know that, right?” He ran both hands down his face and placed them on his hips and I just watched his face. I could see that his brain was running full speed, trying to come up with some lie to tell me that it wasn’t what it seemed, but he didn’t utter a single word. Shaking my head, I continued to stare at him in unbelief.

“You’re not even going to say anything? You seemed pretty confident running out of Pop’s away from her.” I told him as I threw my hands up and glared through the windows of the diner at the raven haired girl with the sharp eyebrows. ‘God, I can’t even be mad at Veronica! Her eyebrows literally slay my existence, fuck!’. My hands found their way to my hair and tugged harshly at the strands as I growled in frustration.

Closing my eyes, I spoke, “Just answer this, make me understand. Not even three hours ago, you spilled your heart out to me and I told you to give me time because I’m new to this dating shit and I need to straighten out my feelings. For you! Because lo and behold, I fucking like you too. Now, you’re here snuggling with Veronica and sharing a milkshake with her. You almost kissed her, Reggie! What the fuck is this?!” Again. No reply from him.

“What? Was this all some game to you, did those jock dickheads dare you to play with me? ‘Fuck With The Other New Girl's​ Feelings’? Did you need a backup for when I said n-no?” My voice cracked and he finally looked me straight in the eye, his own brimmed in tears.

“No, I just- This was all a big mistake.” He stumbled. ‘I’m so pathetic…’

“The part where you said you liked me and wanted me to be your girlfriend? Or the part where I caught you with someone else after you said you’d wait for me?”

“…I don’t even know.” His shoulders slouched with his hands tucked in the pockets of his varsity jacket and his head hung low. Letting out another dry laugh, I shook my head.

“Reginald Mantle the Third.” Said boy looked back up at me, eyes hopeful and meeting mine. I sadly smiled at him, finally letting the tears fall from my eyes. Reggie’s eyes widened and took a step forward to me, bringing me into his arms. I felt his tears soak into my hair while he cried into the crook of my neck and my own tears soaked the front of his jacket.

“I hate myself for liking you. I wish I had never met you. I wish we were never friends.” He shook his head and held me tighter against him, trapping my arms by my side.

“No, don’t say that, Y/N, please. Don’t say that.” His voice wavered as he pressed his face further into my neck. I stood lax, Reggie just clinging onto me like a little kid and I, his mother, scolding him. ‘Well… I kinda am scolding him, why am I such a grandma though.’

“I wish you’d just left me alone out of whatever this is. I wish that you had just dated Veronica and I could just get over you, find someone else to love because it so hurts so much just thinking about living without you.” I pressed on and tried to wriggle myself out from his grip, but his hold just became tighter and his breathing became heavier and ragged against my neck.

“Y/N, stop. I love you! Veronica-” A new voice cut in.

“Veronica what?” His hold on me became non-existent and I slowly peeled myself away from Reggie’s grasp. I found myself face to face with the one and only Veronica Lodge.

“Veronica… should give Reginald a chance.” I stated. I took one last glance at him and walked to my car, got in, put the keys into the ignition and drove home.

I just sat in my car for a few minutes, thinking. ‘Should I apologise…? No. But, I overreacted. I should’ve waited for him to say something. Did he even have anything to say?’ I wiped the remaining tears from my face and chuckled at that last thought that ran across my mind. “How long was I supposed to wait for him to break my heart?” I asked myself aloud. I slammed my fist against the steering wheel and got out the car.

When I made it to the front porch of my house, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Reluctantly, I slid the phone out my back pocket and swiped to unlock it. It was a text. From two people. Two from Reggie and one (many) from Veronica.

REGINALD: Please, meet me after school on Monday I swear just give me another chance Y/N.

REGINALD: please y/n I’m begging you, just meet me after school

VERONICA: Are you okay, Y/N?? I’m so sorry about what happened, please.

VERONICA: I had no idea that you were with Reggie!

VERONICA: Y/N please believe me

VERONICA: If I had known you two were endgame I would’ve NEVER made any advances on him, I swear on my mother’s pearls


VERONICA: Is there anything i could do to make it up to you?

After reading Ronnie’s texts… Y/N pieced together what had actually happened without Reggie telling her and she knew.

She done fucked up.

“I done fucked up.” I whispered to myself.


A/N: hey guys, another trash fanfic from me. sorry, im trying to get my head clear of ideas for that daddy imagine with Reggie but i keep writing other “prompts” I guess. I dunno, I was too dramatic in the beginning bc I was literally frustrated at the time that I had started writing it but then I let it alone for awhile and now i opted out with the ‘misunderstanding’ trope This was supposed to end up with Reggie NOT getting the girl, buuut… I hate those type of endings bc I’m a soft roll of cookie dough:’) Pls tell me if you want a Part 2 or not bc I might just leave it to the Reader realizing that she done messed up Also, sorry for the cussing:’)
Golden Days - Ryan Haywood GTA!AU Part 1/?

Pairing / The Vagabond x Reader

Prompt / “Her, he’d kill for. If she ever wanted him too, but she never would; she doesn’t burn inside like he does.” - @promptsonpaper

Word Count / 1,055

Warnings / swearing, violence 


A/N: its here! chapter one, i hope you enjoy it and please please let me know what you think/give feed back bc it is really helpful. Also i will try to get a chapter out a week or so but sometimes it might be a bit longer or shorter idk i just wanna make sure im giving you guys the best that i can do 

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Invisible Boyfriend

Requested: You and Shawn break up and the fans really like you two together and want you to be together / You break up with Shawn and then get back together / Shawn and Y/n have broken up for a long time and they see each other again and he wants them to get back together and tries all he can

a/n: i decided to combine these prompts bc it made the most sense and it turned out much longer than anticipated !! Also, i wrote most of this at like 3am (which is my prime time to write lol) but i hope you enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!🤗🤗

Your name: submit What is this?

“But Y/n,” Your best friend, Emily, slid her phone across the library table, “have you seen this?” 

           Without even picking your head up from your sociology book, you slid the phone back to her, “Don’t really care.”

           “You didn’t even––“

            “It had to do with Shawn,” You gave Emily a pointed look while she looked guilty.  You sighed as you capped your highlighter and rested it on your book, “We broke up almost a year ago, Em.”

           You were about to go back to taking notes, but Emily pulled away your book, “They still like you!”


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High School!Yoongi

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie who actually looked really cute in his lil wig he had in the whole BTS high school thing like I’m surprised I would’ve never thought it would look that good but it shouldn’t surprise me, he pulls everything off damN IT, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (also I just wanna add in a quick message to everyone to stay safe, I know there was just a shooting in Quebec and it breaks my heart to hear things like that are happening so I hope everyone is doing okay and that everyone stays safe)

  • This will be an extension of the teenager series (for the teen!Yoongi post, click here) the original post focused on the relationship, like the first meeting, the confession all of that fluffy stuff so this post is gonna be filling the gap in and saying what I think he’d be like as a high school student 
  • The teenager post featured American!Yoongi (here) to sum it up, he’s a big city kid (most likely somewhere in New York) he was born in Daegu but moves to New York around 7 or 8 so Korean is his first language and then with your help, he becomes fluent in English but he’s also got the tiniest lil hint of an accent and it’s so cuTe
  • Onto the visuals for this bc I love fetus BTS so much
  • Okay so fetus yoon hasn’t fully grown into his features yet so his cheeks are a bit chubbier and oh my god they look so cute and squishy I love me some chubby cheeks like when bbys have the really squishy cheeks yeS  PLZ
  • I lo v e fetus!Yoongi so much I’m looking through pictures rn and oh my lord he was such a cutie he still is but now he’s in his evolved form, a cutie pie 
  • Onto hair, idk why but I get this image in my head of Yoongi hearing how dyed hair isn’t allowed so he comes back the next day with vivid orange hair
  • But if I were to stay true to normal!Yoon, he had black hair in all of his fetus photos so either way he’s looking niCe, he only dyes his hair for a few weeks until they give in and let him have dyed hair then he’s rushing to go back to black
  • Onto fashion, Yoongi’s fashion is actually one of my favorites
  • It’s pretty much all about comfort but bc he’s Min Yoongi he can make a baggy t-shirt and some jeans look cute as fuck
  • He wears a lot of looser things, lots of coats, lots of beanies and hats, lots of jeans he’s definitely a jeans person and of course when the weather gets colder we get the beauty that is yoon in a scarf I love seeing yoon look all smol bc he’s pretty much swimming in his scarf bc he gets these huge ass scarves and he’s so content all nuzzled up in it it’s so precious also side note Yoongi in flannel fuck me u p
  • HS!Yoon wouldn’t be any different, he goes for a lot baggy shirts and jeans and maybe a snapback or a beanie but that’s about as far as he goes
  • His outfits are still put together but he also goes for a lot of blacks and grays and whites so it could be that but sometimes he’ll add in a lil bit of color like he had this one outfit that was all black, black t-shirt black hat black bag and then he had this bby blue jacket with black details and it was just one of those “ight I see you” moments bc he knew what he was doing
  • Okay so I think that Yoongi is actually really smart in general (obviously music is his forte) so I don’t think his grades would be horrible, he may get a few Bs here and there but that’s only when he gets really busy with his music
  • But at the same time, Yoongi during finals is stressed out as shit and goes into full on study mode and lives off of coffee, gets to a point where he gets up, says he’s gonna drop out and walks out of the library but then comes back ten minutes later with a blanket around his shoulders, a kumamon plushie hugged to his chest and a box of donuts in his hands, tries to ask the librarian to move into the library temporarily
  • But he’s also that person that sits there after finals are over with and is like “why were you so stressed out lol it’s just a test chill”
  • I’ve said this a few times but Yoongi, to me, is a bit more of a loner, he’s not mean to people but he’s also not gonna jump through hoops to become friends with everyone he talks to  
  • He’s more of a quality over quantity type of person, he’d rather have one really good best friend than twenty not so amazing friends so he really only regularly hangs out with a handful of people
  • It’s you, the boys and this one other person from music club bc next head canon is that Yoongi is in the music club
  • Music and Yoongi will always go together for me, it’s hard to think of Yoongi without thinking of music as well bc he just lov es music so much it’s his passion in life and it makes him so happy
  • Clubs aren’t really his thing but it’s good to have something for when he applies for colleges and if he’s gonna join any club, it might as well be music
  • Onto sports, Yoongi has a well known love for basketball so he would be on the basketball team
  • You would come to every game, every practice (if you could) just to support your bf bc that’s your man and you’re proud of him and he’s highkey loving the attention
  • We all saw how flustered and shy Yoongi got when Jimin started screaming the names of the players on yoon’s team like he literally just hung his head and giggled that’s pretty every game tbh bc Jimin is also at all the games to support his bro
  • “Jimin the game ended twenty minutes ago”
  • “MIN SUGA”
  • The two of you team up and make lil posters for Yoongi and it actually makes him really happy when he sees it and he gets that precious gummy smile on his face and after the game is over, he gives you this huge hug and he’s all soft for the rest of the night
  • Prom with Yoongi is really sweet and romantic and he’s a nervous bub the entire time he’s getting ready like how the fucK does a tie work what’s a bowtie is there a difference what’s a skinny tie does he want a skinny tie is that what people wear to prom
  • But then when he sees you, he gets that smile again and he gets a bit shy bc whoA that’s my babe but he doesn’t stop smiling the entire time and he even gets convinced to take a few cheesy before prom photos and even some actual prom photos 
  • Okay so Yoongi can get pretty hyped up when he wants to like we all remember the Baepsae dance practice where Yoongi is pretty much twerking and losing his shit that’s him at prom tbh he can be s o fucking extra sometimes it’s so funny to me 
  • The entire night, he has three modes, he’s either being his extra self or he’s judging the rest of the boys bc one of them is on a table, someone’s lost his tie, two of them have taken over the music and Yoongi’s trying to decide whether he should pretend he doesn’t know them, laugh or join in
  • But then the third mode is his sweet side where, towards the end of the night, he takes you onto the roof of the school and he has it all set up with rose petals and fairy lights and his own playlist to play so you two can slow dance in private bc Yoongi is a private guy when it comes to affection so he figures this way, he can make you feel special while keeping it between you two
  • You get to just rest your head on his shoulder and dance with him and if you focus on it, you can hear his heartbeat and both of you have this soft smiles on your face and it’s just really sweet and cute 
  • High school!yoon is just a music loving sweetheart who’s doing his best to pass his tests, writes essays the day they’re due and is super in love
Publicity (Request)

Can you do one where Harry only started to date y/n bc management told him to choose a fan and date her and he choose her bc she wasn’t freaking out when they met, but she doesn’t know it’s a publicity stunt and when she founds out she gets all sad and want to leave him, but he confess that now he really love her? - lazy-nightcollector


You didn’t know how you ended up as lucky as you did. Dating Harry Styles was something that millions of girls could only dream about, and you were living that dream. Especially considering that you weren’t famous or anything like that; just a normal, every day girl who really loved One Direction and made a point to try and get to as many of their shows as possible.

It had all started back a few years ago when you and a friend had won special, backstage passes to a One Direction event. You had both gotten to meet the boys one-on-one and spend some time with them as part of your prize. Your friend had way less chill than you did and spent most of the afternoon freaking out whenever one of them spoke to her. You, on the other hand, managed to keep your composure much better. That’s not to say that you weren’t excited; inside you were practically screaming. But something about Harry’s presence made you calm. The way he spoke and looked directly into your eyes made it a lot easier for you to respond like a normal human being.

As you were leaving, Harry had pulled you aside and privately asked if he could have your number. It was definitely not something you were expecting, but under the circumstances (this was Harry freakin’ Styles), you obliged. Not expecting much to come of it, you were shocked when he called you a few days later.

It had started out simple enough. You met him for dinner a few times, he took you to a movie, he showed you a few of his favorite spots around town and got you used to being hounded by cameras and paparazzi every time the two of you ventured out in public together. He always adamantly denied the “dating” rumours when they were brought up by interviewers, but after a few months of hanging out the pictures could no longer lie. Harry - being a notoriously private person - took you out in Los Angeles one night to a club and kissed you in front of dozens of photographers and fans. After that, the media had a field day. Dating rumours could no longer be denied or shrugged off; Harry Styles had a new girlfriend and it was you.

Some days, it felt as if nothing had changed. With Harry being away most of the time, your day-to-day life went off without a hitch when he was gone. You barely ever got spotted by photographers when you were out by yourself because they weren’t looking for you. There was the occasional time that you saw something about yourself on the internet or your Twitter notifications suddenly spiked, but you got used to it.

When Harry was home, however, life was a delight. He made you feel like a million bucks whenever you were together. It seemed as though he was shooting all caution to the wind and didn’t care who saw you together or what you were doing. You would go to media events, he would take you to award shows and show you off on the red carpet, go with you to a fancy club and display massive amounts of PDA for anyone to see. There were a few times were it almost seemed as if he were overcompensating for something and you would get a slight twinge of concern or confusion in your gut, but at the end of the day he was still your Harry. He told you that he was so comfortable being around you and was so in love that he finally didn’t care who knew about it.

You and Harry had been dating for over a year. He and the boys had just finished their last tour and started their hiatus and you were excited to have him around more often.

He was out visiting you in Los Angeles when everything went horribly wrong.

You woke up that morning to find Harry no longer in your bed. You knew he was an early riser, so once you woke yourself up a little more you tiptoed out of bed and down into the kitchen wearing one of Harry’s sweaters. You could hear his voice in the kitchen as you approached and realized that he was talking on the phone. Not wanting to disturb his conversation, you waited outside in the hallway. You weren’t specifically meaning to hear what he was saying, but it was hard not to. The words he spoke made your blood run cold.

“I know that’s what we decided in the beginning, but it’s different now.” Pause. “I can’t just leave her.” Pause. “No! This wasn’t part of the agreement! The point was to get some good publicity and then I could break it off whenever I wanted, but now I don’t want to!” Pause. “Well, sometimes things change in a year.” Pause. “No, listen, I’m not -” Pause. “Of course I’m with her right now! Look, I’m done with the set up photo opportunities and planned interview questions. I actually care about this girl now, I’m not going to play your game anymore!” Pause. “Yeah, well I think that you can go to hell. I’m not your puppet anymore. Have a nice day.”

You heard him let out a long sigh after he hung up the phone. You didn’t realize that you hadn’t taken a breath almost the entire time he was talking. Your heart was pounding and your eyes were stinging.

A set up?

Your whole relationship had been a set up?

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Hair Shop Boy

Ok so I’ve finally got a story I can share. So about a while ago I went to this hair store with my family. I was chilling like a normal person, when lo and behold this freaking adorable Asian boy pops up out of nowhere and starts ringing things up at the cash register. And I was like where tf did this cutie come from? But I couldn’t really enjoy my experience bc I was upset about something that day. So anyway this past Wednesday I went back there with my family, but he wasn’t working that day. Sadly.

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Ok first ZAYN LIKED MY POST OMG…!!! I didn’t expect he would react at all. I have no words… He is the sweetest human being ever :’)))) I’m still sober here staring at the screenshot seeing his name glowing. What an exciting night.
For those who want to read the article I mentioned, I’m posting it here. It’s only a summary of what I’ve been through in the recent years and is for people in my school to know about me. It’s originally written in Chinese by me so here’s the translated ver.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She got a box of color pens for present at the age of 3, and from then on opened the gate of a brand new world.
She loves to draw figures, and has even done her own comics. Growing up, she found herself getting used to pin her hopes on drawing characters after finishing a book or a film because of still stuck in the vibe and emotion.
At 14, like many other normal teens, she got her own fav.
And that is where the story is supposed to start.

His name is Zayn Malik.
I never liked to admit that my behavior was “worshiping”. My own expression would be “nah I like him the same way as how y'all like the charming guy next door”. Before everything happened, people would laugh and say, “grow up baby, you still need to go back to reality after daydreaming… Like how are you going to contact someone who’s that distant from you? ”
I couldn’t even fight them tho - they’re right :)
When I listened to Lost Stars, the lines enchanted me a lot.
Please don’t see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me reaching out for someone I can’t see.
“Why do I have to achieve it that soon tho.. I wouldn’t mind waiting for another few years when I become a real artist, so that I could reach out to Zayn..” I thought.

Zayn loves to see drawings.
And I like to draw him. I always say I don’t rub my emotions onto people’s face all the time when I’m into something. Drawing is my best way of expression.
I dedicated all my stubbornness, infatuations and adolescent craziness into my colors and started to depicted the look of his in my mind. The outfits on a certain concert, the hairstyle during an interview… Those are all I’d love to note down. 15 minutes per day and I have never stopped. I put my doodles on Instagram with almost no followers as if it was a way of relief.
2015 wasn’t easy for Zayn: his decision of leaving the group raised criticisms against him. To support him as one in thousands I drew even more pictures than I thought I could do. Slowly, my works got recognized in a small-range of the Zayn fandom. People DMed me encouragements, and a few of Zayn’s family members liked my drawings on IG. All of these inspired me a lot and made me itch to draw more creative things for my idol.

One day a friendly girl came to me and introduced herself. She told me she’s also a fan of Zayn and she liked my style of art. The best part is she seemed to have bunches of awesome ideas, so she successfully convinced me we would be a real cool pair of partners and might get Zayn’s attention one day.
I wasn’t positive about being noticed at first, but I’m sure that collaborating with such a fun girl would never bore me. So we started to contact each other through Whatsapp every day, even when I was on a trip to America. Anita comes from South Africa. She loves to read and write, and there is always some kind of passionate personal charm around her. If I had to pick a character to define her I would say Monkey D Luffy. And yeah we have so many interests in common - spanning over 6 hours, we chat from Disney films to the One Piece TV.
I enjoyed the whole summer discussing what to draw with her and seeing our ideas glowing…

Last August, I have got off a flight from Los Angeles and arrived home.
I checked out my Twitter and saw Zayn was online. He has just changed his icon.
I couldn’t help tweeting him - or talking to myself cos I knew he wouldn’t see me.
“Sigh when is Zayn going to see my drawings of him? I can’t wait for feedback from him.”
“Maybe my works ain’t that good…”
“Maybe he’s never going to see me… Nvm”
When I was about to get offline, these words appeared on my screen.
“Zayn followed you back!”
…That must be fake. I thought.
But then my notifications blew up. I couldn’t even see clearly what people were yelling about. When I finally caught a glimpse of the msgs, I learned that the real Zayn Malik has followed me.
I felt like my heart would explode in seconds.
… Imagine something you’ve been longing for ages finally happens.
I thanked him through dms and tried to calm down… But you know… How could I :D

Since the follow Zayn has hardly ever directly interacted with me, but it’s good enough to see that some of my drawings were collected to his Facebook album. I mean… He’s Zayn! The one I thought I never thought I could get in touch with. He now knows me as an artist, and probably knows he has fans in China.
On social media things were going smoother as well. A website has asked me for credit, and some online shops bought my pictures for making T-shirts, phone covers and mugs.

Because of being busy studying, I had no choice but pause. I went inactive on all social media and tbh it killed me bc I didn’t draw at all during those months.
When I got back, half a year has passed and things changed. I sort of found that it was impossible to go back to the days when me and Anita doing our magic and had fun drawing.
I talked to Anita, saying I don’t think it’s necessary for me to come back. People don’t need me anymore, and Zayn doesn’t.
She comforted me as usual, telling me we’re going through this together so don’t worry.
I still felt sad for a few times, but I wanna be as happy as I could be, at least it’s for her.

This July, I got a package from England.
Yeah it was from ZAYN.
I nearly passed out when Anita revealed the truth. In short, Zayn wanted to appreciate the dedicated fan artists so he prepared surprises for us. I suddenly thought of back to April or May this year some big accounts asked for my address… And then I understood. This is all kept well in secrets.
So the gift was a photo canvas and a card with Zayn’s handwriting on it. He told me that he has loved my art and I shall keep drawing.

In All of a sudden, I thought of the old me. Two years ago, I was unhappy about people’s remarks, about the theory that since not many people could achieve such things, I won’t be able to either.
What I thought was… What if I am the one?
I’m glad I was such a stubborn kid. I wasn’t even good, but I set my sights high.
I need to say thank you to the old me. Thanks for daring to turn depression into motivation instead of being knocked down.

I’ve won plenty of awards and medals since I have contributed my works to organizations, but a present like this, I would say, means even deeper since it’s about spiritual encouragement. Zayn has so many fans who has done a lot for him and he might not always remember me but it doesn’t matter. The strength he’s given me will never fade away.
So I’m currently holding a gallery called “Lya & Pop Culture” in school. During these 2 weeks you can see Zayn in different styles with different mediums by me, along with many other celebrities and animated characters I drew. You will even see my version of One Piece characters in realism!
I’m sincerely inviting all of you to come x.

neonsauce submitted:


cyborg matt who was an assistant for a mad scientist but gained his own personality and thoughts, & ran away when the scientist threatened to deactivate him. cyborg matt who accidentally falls in with the crew bc of how good he works with mechanics, but matt doesn’t want them to know, doesn’t wanna be taken apart for scrap. cyborg matt who tells the crew, and wants to cry when they respect his boundaries but he can’t but the crew understands. cyborg matt who sits down in front of geoff and quietly asks if geoff can look at his back gears to see if they’re working properly and geoff nearly starts crying

kdin who is young by dragon standards, but old by witch standards. kdin who tried not to care about the lack of acceptance from either community, but who desperately wanted something to be a part of. kdin who has black shiny scales that laccent her features, and who has magic that gleams purple in her eyes. kdin who hoards knowledge and skill, who joins the crew to further her tech magic but stays for the friends the family, the love.

trevor who is the wind tied together with stardust, who has no class, no category, who flies and soars without a care in the damn world. trevor who never stayed in one place, who flew towards the stars with the winds, stars come and go and wind never stops. trevor who glistens and glimmers and glows and who laughs gales and cries gusts, who is light in spirit and light in heart. trevor who stays with the crew because if he glows, they shine, and who brings the wind to him, who lifts them up, up, and promises to never let them down.

Mica who is a messenger of fall. Mica who always breathes white chilly breath and who always brings good food and smiles. Mica who has seen every fall since the world began, who has brought the fall to Los Santos before the first man set foot there. Mica who leaves the crime scenes with billows of orange, red, yellow, and the scent of spices and bonfire.

steffie who is a genie geoff released long ago. steffie who has been passed from master to master, who has her ‘three wishes, no wishing for more wishes’ down to a science. steffie who can conjure anything from nothing, no matter if someone wants it or not. steffie who likes her lamp, but aches for a day when she no longer is bound to it. steffie who grants geoff’s first wish of happiness for everyone in the crew, and spends three more months free of her lamp, sees the happiness, feels it warm her from her head to her toes. who grants his second wish for him to stay with them and for them to stay with him until the universe will end, and who spends the next four months laughing and crying and smiling wholly once more. steffie who dreads the last wish, who readies herself for the lamp again. steffie who starts crying when geoff says “My final wish is that I wish that you are free of your lamp.” and when she is geoff smiles and says, “my fourth is that you’ll stay with us for a long long time”

and she does.

This au makes me so happy godbless this



And last but certainly not least, to finish the series off as he always does is our golden maknae, the second to the Busan line with the cutest lil giggle, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Visuals first bc yes
  • Okay but fire!kookie was like a gift tbh
  • His hair was fluffy and messy and I loved it so much and it was black !!!!
  • Like have you seen kookie with black hair that is some good shit!!! top quality I need
  • But that isn’t gonna be superhero!kookie, even though I lo v e that hair on him
  • Do you remember that one time that kookie had blonde hair for 0.3 seconds like literally if you blinked you missed it but he had it and it was beautiful
  • It’s still one of my favorite hairstyles on him, although fire!kookie is also so fucking nic E I could make a post dedicated to his black hair but also one dedicated to the blonde bc bL E S S
  • Kookie’s fashion is super nice too bc he likes his simple t-shirts and jeans and those lil boots that make him look !!!!
  • It’s a simple idea, jeans and a t shirt but he makes it look s o nice it’s almost unfair
  • Like how the hell does he make literally just a white shirt and jeans look amazing ?!?!?!?!?!
  • But honestly can we just talk about blonde!kookie in some black jeans maybe with a lil rip around the knee area bc why not, a simple white shirt and then like a black cardigan and maybe some sunglasses if it’s sunny, if it’s cold then a beanie
  • Just take a minute to picture that bc !!!!
  • His superpower is super strength
  • This kid is honestly s o strong like he literally lifted Jimin when he was 15
  • He was like 15/16 (depending on which age system you use) during No More Dream let that sink in he did that lift as a bby
  • And he’s done several other lifts too, it wasn’t just that one
  • There’s like an entire video about him carrying Tae around bc kookie casually just lifts grown ass men like it’s no big deal
  • And the boys have said multiple times that he’s getting stronger and I just saw a gifset of Jimin being like he throws me around so do not let the maknae status fool you
  • It would be a huge help around town though
  • His neighbors always ask him for help when they’re carrying in groceries bc he can carry literally all of them at once
  • And he doesn’t mind doing it bc they always give him some sort of treat as a reward like hey take a lil candy on your way out thnx for the help see ya next Monday
  • Like just picture lil 14 year old kookie helping his neighbor carry in the bags and getting so fucking excited when she gives him a bag of candy in return
  • He actually gets really close with this one neighbor, an older man that’s in like his 50s, who always talks about his son that went off to college not too long ago who already has a bby
  • Btw the bby adores kookie bc they can play together and kookie can show the bby all the things he can lift
  • But kookie helps the man out every single time he goes to the store and the man actually ends up buying a few things for kookie every time he goes bc he knows that once he gets home, lil bby kook is gonna be waiting to help out and get his lil prize
  • Kook reminds him of his actual son so that helps a lot and they just become best friends
  • When people move in, literally everyone in town points them in his direction bc he can casually live an entire couch by himself and not even break a sweat
  • The amount of furniture this kid has moved is astonishing
  • But of course, everyone does give him something in return, whether it’s food or money
  • There was actually this one time he helped a chef move a new stove into his kitchen and he ended up getting free food from his restaurant for like a year
  • He also helps the city out
  • Just about everyone in town knows about his powers, including yourself
  • You also know that he’s a total sweetheart that just wants to help people out
  • You two meet when you end up moving into the apartment next to his
  • Everyone tells you that if you need help, you should go to him and you figure since you have to unload everything, it’ll get done a lot faster if you have someone that literally everyone is telling you to go to
  • When you knock on his door, he answers and he’s in these super cute jeans that make his legs look !! bc kook’s legs are so ni C E and he also wearing a sleeveless shirt and you can just see the muscles that are happening
  • He still looks like normal!kook which is why a lot of people are surprised when they first see him lift a car above his head or something like that
  • But normal!kook’s arms are really fucking nice like honestly he’s just really nice overall and he’s got a super cute personality so like he’s just !!
  • You two start bringing all of the boxes into your apartment and he’s making these lil jokes along the way and he’s just being himself and being all cute
  • He’s shyly asking you questions like what made you move into that particular apartment, what you think of the neighborhood, if you happen to maybe need someone show you around the area like he knows this really amazing restaurant just down the street
  • “Is that your way of asking me out??”
  • “Did it work”
  • “Pick me up at seven”
  • “I’m taking that as a yes”
I’m your coach (Nate Maloley Imagine)

A/N: I honestly didn’t know how to end this and I’ll admit, it really wasn’t my best, but it was requested so here it is. And the only reason why I chose to go ahead and write this is because I feel like this is different, in a good way where the reader doesn’t get what she wants, I guess. Lol. || Requested by Anonymous: Could u write an imagine where you’re 14 and Nate is your (tutor, coach etc) and u have a crush on him so u try to make a move but he sits you down and tells u you’re too young for him? || Heads up for the real world though, try not to make a move on any teacher or faculty member, especially if you’re underage, bc it’ll be hell for both you and anyone involved, just saying.

Pairing: Reader + Nate || Word Count: 2,450 || MASTERLIST || REQUEST HERE

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natroze  asked:

Dark Becky show me the dank bokuoi


who confessed first: THEY DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE DATING. or, rather, they knew they were together and they knew they called each other babe and they knew they kissed a lot and slept together and murmured to each other late at night about how much they loved each other, but there was no grand confession scene, no formal Sign The Boyfriend Contract type of thing unless you count that one time they’d been sleeping in the same bed for almost a year and Bokuto was like “oh wait babe we should probably change our relationship statuses on facebook shouldn’t we”. because in the long run, what matters to them is that they love each other and they both know it, that’s all

what does their home look like: once they made it to pro salaries they splurged on a big penthouse apartment with huge windows out over the city. when they first decorated it they went to whatever stores they liked and paid no attention to theme, so there’s bamboo rocking chairs on the balcony, colorful beanbags in the living room, an eye-searing neon couch from the 1970s they picked up for free off the side of the road. also: dead potted plants that they accidentally killed, volleyball shit thrown everywhere, a fancy medals/trophies case they meant to organize but kept forgetting so everything’s kinda just in a haphazard pile on the bottom shelf of the thing. neither of them can sing for shit but they put on catchy bubblegum pop and sing along anyways and dance around the kitchen island together. it’s always full of light and music.

their mini mixtape: bad day (daniel powter), bubbly (colbie callait), morning glow (from pippin)

what happens on date night: there’s a 99% chance that they’ll either a) plan the date to be just volleyballing in the first place, b) ditch their original plan to go to the gym and play volleyball, or c) pass a public volleyball court at some point and pull over to the park to practice together. mostly because they’re both pretty one-track in their interests, but also because bokuto in a fancy restaurant/museum is a bull in a china shop and oikawa doesn’t really care as long as they’re spending time together. when they do manage to pull off a real date, they tend to try a lot of new and different things together, not necessarily because they’re interested in the activities themselves but because bokuto is interested in novelty and oikawa adores following him around and enabling him when bokuto gets excited about stuff

what are their shopping trips like: I WAS TALKING TO AMBER ABOUT THIS A WHILE AGO AND WE DECIDED THAT THEY’RE PROBABLY THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO GO TO THE STORE LIKE “SURE LETS GET SOME FUCKIN GROCERIES” AND THEN THEY COME HOME WITH A BUNCH OF EXPENSIVE SPICES FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD AND SIX BOXES OF LUCKY CHARMS neither of them has any idea how to cook they mostly live off takeout and microwaveable shit and the occasional nights when kuroo just can’t let them live like this anymore and he comes over and makes them real food while they happily watch TV

trivial fact about them: oh man i’ve already done a lot of these but here’s one: they have a shared passion for fucking ridiculous t-shirts, bokuto wears all the cheesy volleyball shirts he found on cafepress and zazzle, oikawa wears those weird engrish ones (im still hung up on “I’M SO FUCKING FUTURE”) and ratty old alien shirts like I WANT TO BELIEVE and BEAM ME UP

also: bokuto tries to stay up with oikawa to keep him company when he’s pulling all-nighters but bokuto usually goes to bed pretty early so he conks out with his head in oikawa’s lap at like 10pm but it still works in some ways because oikawa plays with his hair all night and doesn’t hit that 3am existential crisis caffeine crash bc bokuto’s presence keeps him calm

also: every post about how powerful hufflepuff/slytherin relationships are is about them (look) (lo OK) (LOOK)

oh no i’m making myself emotional again

send me a ship!

#206: shapes

Mark: He didn’t even have to turn around before you could tell it was him by the shape of the hoodie that was pulled over his head. As he nodded his head rhythmically to the sound of whatever was playing in his headphones, you sneak behind him quietly before suddenly placing your hands on his shoulders to scare him. Whipping his head around, a shocked look turns into a beaming smile as he laughs, happy to see you.

Junior: The unruly shape of his hair that seemed to stick out from every angle as he sat up tiredly in bed, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He ran his fingers through that unruly hair, first noticing that you were still fast asleep beside him and then chuckling to himself before leaning over to kiss your forehead.

JB: You couldn’t stop staring at his lips – the ones shaped almost like small heart and the ones that you wanted so badly to kiss. It was hard listening to him talk – not because he didn’t have interesting things to say, but because you couldn’t concentrate. “What?” he’d ask, laughing so that his lips curved into the perfect shape for laughter. “Nothing,” you say. He smirks. He didn’t believe you.

Jackson: The shape of his silhouette was the only thing you could make out as the room drowned in darkness, only bits of the sunrise bouncing off his back. “Sorry,” he mumbles, “Did I wake you?” You yawn, shaking your head. “No,” you say, “But have a good day. See you later.” He smiles, seeing the whiteness of his teeth leaning in closer to you until you can’t see anything because your eyes are closed and his lips are on yours.

BamBam: His shoes were pointy-shaped, sparkly, and very out there and you loved them. You stared at the shoes hitting the pavement with each step as you held his hand tightly, swinging your hands back and forth along the same beat as the shoes and sidewalk. “Maybe we should get you a pair,” he laughs, noticing you admiring them.

Youngjae: He rolled himself up in the shape of a little ball whenever he fell asleep on the couch. Books, papers, notebooks and pens scattered the living room as he would finally give up on studying or writing music like he usually would, and end up feeling too lazy to walk to the bed. So, you’d have to find a little blanket, cover him, and kiss him gently on the head to make sure he would sleep just fine on the couch, too.

Yugyeom: The shapes his body were able to make along the beat of the music were shapes that you knew you couldn’t make yourself, and that was why you admired his determination so much. Glancing at the clock, he knows practice is supposed to be over and he didn’t want to make you wait, but he needed to go once more with this routine. “Wait up,” he calls, “One more time. I’ll be with you soon.” You blush as he grins.

Pokémon Doctor!Jin

So a while ago someone requested what role BTS would have in the Pokémon world, would they be a trainer, breeder etc. and I thought that sounded like fun bc I’m currently finishing up the original series and I’m kinda hooked ?? and also this is gonna be a mini series !! So to start us off, like he always does is our prince, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Okay but just think about this for a second
  • Pokémon doctor!Jin
  • Like honestly this sounds s o fucking nice I can’t
  • Jin is such a caring, loving person and like he does take care of BTS in these lil ways that are so fucking precious
  • Like he’s been shown cooking them meals a few times, he comforts them when they’re upset, he’s also just plain out really affectionate with them and he is just a gem I love him so much
  • I can just see him as s u ch a great caretaker like I feel like he’s someone who genuinely cares for the Pokémon even if he’s never met them before??
  • Like it could be a random stranger who was only passing by and happened to have an injured Pokémon
  • Jin would still treat that Pokémon like it was his own, he’d be super quick about healing it bc he doesn’t want it to be in pain or discomfort longer than it already has been
  • He gives all of the newly healed Pokémons a lil treat that he makes at home with the boys’ and the Chanseys' help
  • I really really wanna see Jin walking around with a lil Chansey TELL ME THAT DOESN’T SOUND ADORABLE
  • Like he’s so tall and broad and nic E and they only really up to nurse Joy’s shoulder, like ba rel y if you include their lil hats so even just seeing them walk around together is cute as fuck
  • He probably understands what all of them are saying and they all make jokes when they have time to chill out
  • He’s always giggling around them bc they're just so cute like they do that thing with their hands where they’re always together ?!?!?!?! that’s fucking cute
  • We all saw how NicE Jin looked in Dope, when he had on his lil doctor’s outfit so can you imagine walking to see this extremely handsome doctor in his coat that makes him look s o broad and tall like sigN ME UP
  •  He lo v es going to work bc he gets to help lil Pokémon out, he gets to hang out with the Chanseys, he can see the trainers smiling when they found out their Pokémon are okay
  • He just likes making people happy and he likes making everyone around him feel their best and I just really really want this I n e e d it

this is mostly because @fabtrek and i were talking the other night about how the judges on Chopped Canada are so much MEANER than the Chopped U.S judges; and also bc i NEED a FoodNetwork!AU in the cp ‘verse :~)

(more under the cut bc this got SO DARN LONG oh my goodness)

  • bitty as that one chef that can pull off ANY baked good in 30 minutes ?? the judges see him pulling out ingredients for pastry and IMMEDIATELY start screaming internally bc they really hoped they weren’t going to have to eat any kind of raw dough but then . the judges blink and suddenly there are golden mini pies sitting prettily on plates ?? they’re not really complaining but they just want to know H O W ??

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anonymous asked:

alright so here's the corniest thing ever: an au where adam and lawrence met online in a shitty mmorpg years ago and became friends just two lonely nerds who stayed in contact and helped each other through complicated shit before they even meet irl lawrence develops feelings for adam but ofc he thinks it's unrequited and doesn't want to screw up what they have by confessing and when they finally meet adam's all like "so i hope you picked up on my awful flirting bc otherwise this'll be awkward"

i had to lie down after reading this this is too pure

they meet in world of warcraft where lawrence is a mage and adam is a paladin 

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(Anonymous again)

Alright, GTAV Story, I remembered what happened before the kids so I’m gonna actually start off with that.

This one was more recent than the Minecraft story, about two months ago maybe ? I was on skype with my friend, and we were playing in a server together. So we’re doing something, probably robbing a store because I don’t have much money on the game (can’t afford to buy my own), and naturally the cops get on us. We’re trying to get away from the cops when we get invited into some other player’s apartment. I tell my friend (we’ll call them J) that we should accept it so it’s easier to get away from the cops. J agrees, and we’re teleported into the apartment. Big mistake.

So we get in there, and I’m the only female character in there, this is so obviously a good sign. I’m just walkin around, minding my own damn business, looking around the apartment even though it’s like most apartments people have in the game. And all these male characters keep walking near me, doing the jackoff motion towards me, bc that’s how u get the gamer girlz. I run to the downstairs area of the apartment and have my character lay on the bed for a second bc I had to get something. I come back and lo and behold, my dumbass had set myself up for the boys to continue the jackoff motions as my character was ‘asleep’ in bed. Fun fact: Not the first time this has happened.

And suddenly, I get an in-game text from one of the jackoffs, I don’t remember what the exact wording was but it was on the lines of ‘do you want to be my girlfriend’ like. Ok buddy, kiddo, pal, what the fuck. I read the text out to J and he’s laughing, and I am too actually, bc it’s so fuckin stupid. So now I’m contemplating if I’m gonna ask this kid questions or not before I tell him no, J encourages me to do so, so I ask the kid his age. He won’t answer me.

“What’s your age ?” “Only in the game.” “What’s your age ???” “Only in the game.”

Finally, I just told the kid, “No age, no gf.”

Kid was thirteen, J and I are losin it. After we’re done joking around about the kid (“J how can I leave my 'possible-future-bf’ behind I can’t leave him !!!!1!!”), I finally message him “I’m seventeen, so no.”

Once again, “Only in the game.” I finally just tell the kid that I’m literally months away from being a legal adult and that he’s just a small child and he finally gets it. But not before asking me if we could be friends. I just ignored him after that.

The second kid wasn’t as weird as that one. This one messaged me “nice style” bc I take time to pick out outfits for my characters and so I responded “yo thanks”

Kid starts gettin a little flirty, and at this point I was tired of messing around with thirteen year olds trying to hook up with h0t gamer girlz (I look nothing like my character actually, which made it funnier to me), so I just ignored him. He did follow us around for awhile tho, to the point where he managed to get me and J separated. I eventually killed him and J and I reunited and changed servers before he could catch up with us, and that was the end of that.

This story ended up being longer than the last, but hopefully not too long ?? That’s all I got, though. Thirteen year old boys are fuckin weird.

the search for girl gamers continues

Seize the Day (Pietro x Reader)

This was requested by a cinnamon roll by the url of quicksilverslove.

Prompt: maybe one where the reader is teaching PIETRO a different language (your pick) and she teaches him to say ‘I love you’ but he doesn’t know that and he’s super adorable and yeah

This took so damn long and I’m sorry. Tell me if its fluffy enough bc I like fluff! I took a little creative liberty with the plot? Feel free to tell me if it sucks!

“So why are you teaching me Spanish again?” Pietro asked. You sat upside down on the couch beside Pietro. “So that when I start cursing in Spanish you can laugh at me. And because it’s the only language you need to pass your shield test,” you said. Pietro groaned at the memory of it. Pietro only needed to pass the language test to become an official Shield agent. Only problem?

He couldn’t get the hang of Spanish. That’s where you came in. You became a full fledged Shield agent ages ago so you were sent to tutor Pietro. “Can you just take the test for me? You can shapeshift, no?” Pietro asks.

“Not that simple. The test is administered through the tablet and they have a DNA scanner in the doorway,” you explained. “I can’t shapeshift at a molecular level, even I can copy your fingerprints.”

Pietro groaned and stuffed his face into a pillow. “C'mon, let’s practice,” you said. You gave Pietro a sheet of paper with sample greetings and sat in the chair right side up. “Hola, Pietro,” you said.

“Hola, (y/n),” he said back. You took a drink from your water bottle. “Te amo.” [I love you.] Wait, what? You started coughing and put your bottle down. “I’m fine,” you assured Pietro.

“What, did I say it wrong?” Pietro asked, concern lighting up his eyes. You shook your head.

“No, you said it right. Was that on the paper?”

“No, I remembered the book you gave me to study and te amo was in there. Did I just curse at you?”

You laughed a little and shook your head. “No, you’re good. You didn’t curse.”

“Alright, um. Tu es muy bonita,” Pietro said. [You are very pretty.] You covered your face that was probably redder than a fire truck.

“Gracias, Pietro. Um, can we start over?”

“Alright then. Te amo, (y/n).”

“Pietro, do you know what that means?”

“What’s for lunch?”

You laughed a little and Pietro beamed a little more. “No, I love you.”

“I love you too, but I think we need to focus on studying.”

You looked back up at Pietro who was giving you his classic heart stopping, ovary exploding smile. “Piet,” you said.

“You just said that you loved me.”

“Because I do.”

Then it dawned on you. He set that up. You could tell from the shy yet shit-eating smile on his face. And it didn’t make it better that it was the truth. You did love him. But in your mind, it didn’t seem possible. I mean, the guy’s a friggin Avenger! But here he was. Telling you that he felt the same way.

Te amo wasn’t in the book that you gave him, you knew that much. Alright, you thought. Two can play this game. “Can you say it in Spanish?”

Pietro sat up straighter and looked directly at you. You stared into his light blue eyes that looked like small skies. It felt like there wasn’t anything outside of the two of you. The whole world disappeared around you. Only you and Pietro existed in that moment and you wanted it to last forever.

“Me encanta tu risa y cómo su sonrisa ilumina la habitación. Que usted no toma la mierda de nadie. Yo no tengo tiempo para decirte todo lo que me gusta de ti. Que llevaría demasiado tiempo, pero sepan esto: Sé que con cada parte de mí que estoy enamorado de ti. [I love your laugh and how your smile lights up the room. That you don’t take shit from anyone. I wouldn’t have time to tell you everything I love about you. That would take far too long, but know this: I know with every part of me that I’m in love with you.]”

Pietro still looked right in your eyes and you felt like your heart was going to explode. Scratch that. If your brain was one of Tony’s machines, every single circuit would’ve been fried.

His regular accent was amazing enough but Pietro speaking Spanish? And that stare? One could make a girl’s panties drop. Both? He could do anything and no one would give a second thought. Hell, he could run for President of he wanted. Better choice than Don Trumpet, anyway. “I thought you said you sucked at Spanish?” You managed to ask, still sounding breathless.

Pietro smiled at your previous speechlessness. “Never said that. I took a Rosetta Stone program thing a couple of months ago.”

“Then why was I brought in to tutor you?”

“I wanted to get to know you better. And it worked right?”

You smiled and brushed a few stubborn strands of hair out of your face.

“Aprovecha el día. ¿Verdad? [Seize the day. Right?]” Pietro asked.

“Sí [yes],” you said, grinning ear to ear.

Seize the day.