i wanted to do stuff about the government too

I want to give a shoutout to all of the members of the LGBT community that are scared about the results of this election.

Please stay strong. Please don’t do anything terrible. We fought for marriage equality and we got it, and we can keep fighting on even if they try to take it and our other rights away. It sucks, I know, but we can fix it. Somehow in the future we can fix it.

We’re stronger than this government and we have to keep being strong. Don’t let them make you fear the future, even if it IS scary and uncertain. Cry if you need to cry, because I’m sure a lot of us need to, but please stay strong.

Keep pushing forward. We aren’t wrong for being who we are. I love you guys.


my friend padda inspired me to create an overwatch character so here he is!!!! his name’s mamba (as in the black mamba snake, yes) and he’s a taiwanese doing lots of research on government corruption and other stuff with regards to the omnic crisis, but under the guise as a freelance journalist!!!

he’s constantly changing hairstyles because he doesn’t want to be too identifiable but honestly it’s partly because he’s… fickle…… maybe a little narcissistic?

his concept circles around traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture/acupressure, healing n poisoning medicine)!! i might talk more about him in the future :-)