i wanted to do stuff about the government too

I want to talk to your manager!!!

Say you’re a new President who got into office partly because you promised to create jobs. With new jobs in mind, how about hiring more people to man the phones at Social Security? I’m apparently looking at over an hour long wait, just to talk to a person about stuff I simply cannot do online. 

But please, tell me again about how smaller government is good for all.

An hour on hold with the SSA so I can talk about health insurance means an hour of sheer, stomach clenching dread so, you know, that’s fun too.


my friend padda inspired me to create an overwatch character so here he is!!!! his name’s mamba (as in the black mamba snake, yes) and he’s a taiwanese doing lots of research on government corruption and other stuff with regards to the omnic crisis, but under the guise as a freelance journalist!!!

he’s constantly changing hairstyles because he doesn’t want to be too identifiable but honestly it’s partly because he’s… fickle…… maybe a little narcissistic?

his concept circles around traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture/acupressure, healing n poisoning medicine)!! i might talk more about him in the future :-)