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yo~ i just read the hc you did for the other anon about kissing the rfa. could I possibly take it up a notch and ask for the rfa (saeran and v if you want) and mc accidentally ending up having a make out sesh. like one thing led to another and then bam! sry i hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable +_+

i’m not uncomfortable at all!!! thanks for requesting! I kinda strayed a little bit with some of them but i hope it’s okay?

lol i really enjoyed writing saeran’s bc angst but also askjdghaikjsfcb

Make out sessions with RFA+V+Saeran


  • He was doing his usual LOLOL session one night
  • You were feeling extremely affectionate and clingy
  • Unfortunately, he wasn’t giving you the attention you wanted so you kinda just
  • Plopped into his lap
  • Your boyfriend didn’t think much of it as you’ve done that multiple times before
  • Until you started kissing is neck
  • Poor lil bean is SHOOK
  • “U-Um MC? What a-are you doing?”
  • He’s trying so hard to focus on the game but you are ruthless
  • You just keep kissing everywhere
  • Not even 20 seconds later he caves
  • “Sorryguysgottagobye”
  • He shuts off the game and starts to kiss you back
  • Plot twist: Yoosung is the one who starts the make out session


  • You were in his dressing room watching him get ready for a show
  • Everything was fine until you realized that his costume was really just him shirtless
  • ohmanohmanohman rip me and my impure thoughts
  • But also rip you and your impure thoughts
  • You slowly make your way over to Zen as he’s fixing his hair in the mirror
  • Coming up behind him, you wrap your hands around his waist as you press kisses to his back
  • He tenses up a little but he ignores your affections because
  • You start running your hands up and down his chest and abs as you kiss him even more
  • His self control is wavering
  • “Babe… I have a show starting in-”
  • You physically turn him around and start the make out sesh
  • All self control is GONE
  • RIP Zen 2017


  • It was super early in the morning
  • You and Jaehee were at the cafe getting ready to open
  • She was going over inventory as you got a head start on baking a cake for a catering order
  • When you looked over at her, she was yawning
  • Poor girl works so hard omg
  • You decided to have a little fun before opening so you just
  • Flicked some flour at her
  • She was so taken aback lol
  • You giggle at her face that was now covered in flour and decided to flick some more
  • It’s not fair that she’s covered so she flicks some at you in revenge
  • After a few minutes, you’re both leaning against the counter from laughing too hard
  • “MC, I think there’s a little something on your face”
  • She proceeds to kiss you
  • But you still have a lot of time before you open soooo
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • You were just lounging around as Jumin sat on the couch reading through reports
  • You could tell he was pretty stressed out with a project
  • Not even petting Elizabeth the 3rd was helping
  • He had been working so hard lately and you wanted to help him somehow
  • So you just decide to give him a back massage to help with the stress a little bit
  • This giant has so many knots oh my god
  • But he’s very grateful for it and it really does help and it feels so nice and
  • Did he just moan?
  • “Uh… Just ignore that, dear”
  • Narrator voice: She did not ignore it
  • You came up with a new idea to help him
  • Leaning down, you start a deep kiss with your husband
  • He’s taken aback but he’s going along with it
  • The kiss gets deeper and longer
  • The reports were looong forgotten


  • You two were play fighting again
  • It was literally over the last can of PhD Pepper
  • You were just smiling and laughing like crazy and having a good time
  • Until Seven pinned you down
  • “Give me the can, MC!”
  • “Never!”
  • Somehow, you flipped him around and pin him under
  • *MC uses Tickle!*
  • *It was effective*
  • After you’re done tickling him and declare yourself the winner, you both have tears from laughing so much
  • You look at Seven being all happy and cute and 
  • You start kissing him
  • At first he’s caught off guard because it was so sudden and
  • His brain does not compute
  • But then he starts kissing you back and eventually takes it a step further
  • It gets pretty hot and intense
  • PLS give me a make out session with seven ugh fuck


  • He took you to the park one day
  • You ask him about it but he swears it’s not a date 
  • It’s a date you doofus
  • Of course he’s got his camera at the ready to take photos of nature and candids of you
  • You’re both enjoying yourselves a lot!!!
  • When you get tired of walking, he suggests sitting on a nearby bench
  • He looks over and the sunlight is hitting you just right and you’re just looking dreamily at the sky
  • It’s a perfect shot of you and he wants to capture it quickly
  • You hear the camera go off and you look at him with a lil cute smile on your face and omg
  • The sweet bby’s heart is beating so fast and he just
  • Leans forward to kiss you
  • It ends quickly and you’re both blushing because he finally kissed you
  • But you’ve waited waaayy too long for a small peck oh no
  • He’s surprised at first with the sudden aggressiveness but hey he ain’t complaining


  • You and him were in the middle of a pretty heated argument
  • It had been going on for so long that you couldn’t even remember how it started
  • But the both of you were too stubborn to back down now
  • You were yelling at each other like crazy and Seven left the house a long time ago to avoid the fight
  • Eventually, he had started to say some pretty hurtful things and you were getting defensive
  • “Why the fuck are you even here?! I don’t even care about you!”
  • “Don’t give that bullshit about not caring about me! I’m here because I love you, Saeran!”
  • It gets really quiet after that
  • That was the first time you ever told him you loved him
  • All you can hear is heavy breathing from the both of you
  • But then he moves forward, takes your face in his hands, and kisses you like there’s no tomorrow
Method to the Madness ~ Part One

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || (Update days: Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays)

Word Count: 2.5K

Genre: Mafia!au & Demon!au

Please excuse any errors! It’s a bit short, but it’ll get longer as time goes on!


I started at the schedule book, trying to understand where these words came from. I don’t remember writing this! But it looks like it’s written with my pen, and it’s my handwriting. I glared at the book, letting out a sigh of confusion. I closed the book before turning around in my spinning chair to my computer. I began to look through some files, doing the work which was set for me.


I looked up to see Bora approaching me. Her eyes were wandering around as if she was looking for something. I also looked around, curious as to what was going on.

“What is it?” I asked, looking at her for answers. It’s gonna be something stupid, I know it is. Bora works in the marketing department of the company. She only sees values in looks and money. She comes to visit when Mr. Kwon’s handsome and successful nephew comes to visit.

Though I’ve been here for a short time, I’ve figured out how things work. She must want someone’s attention.

“I heard from Yeji that some very handsome gentlemen came to visit Mr. Kwon.” She muttered. I stopped for a moment, also confused as to what she was saying.

“Ah! Yes, they said they had some business with Mr. Kwon.” I answered, trying to turn my attention back to the computer.

“Are they really that good looking? Yeji tends to exaggerate.”

I kept my eyes on the computer screen as I nodded, “Yes. They’re very good looking.”

A smirk pulled at lips, and she flipped her long black hair, pushing some behind her ear. I was expecting her to leave when another voice soon joined in.

“Are they still here?” This time softer. I inwardly groaned knowing that Yeji has now joined. They always gather around like this.

“Are you here to gawk over some men? Don’t you have things to do?” I muttered.

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HCs for how Yuri K, Victor and Phichit will get a 23-year old student to study for her exams? (Not necessarily s/o lol, and no Yuri P this time because I KNOW he'd scream at me and I can feel it) I'm sorely lacking in motivation rn, and I can't believe I have to miss my YOI fix for the next 2 weeks, just look at that crying Thena icon, hahah wish me luck, thanks!!!

Don’t worry, I understand your pain. I can have hard time finding motivation to do my school work, as well. It can be really hard for me to focus, so I relate to you on a spiritual level rn. This one is dedicated to everyone that needs a little extra push today! I know you can do it! Thank for for the request, and good luck with your schoolwork! ((also I did these as friends, since I haven’t done anything very platonic yet!))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Now Viktor is a very persuasive person, so he’s going to get you to hunker down and study one way or another
  • He probably won’t be the best at understanding your frustrations and emotions
  • but let me tell you he is gonna try
  • If your emotions get the best of you and you cry or something, he’s going to be a little shocked
  • He would just give you a hug and beg you to stop crying because you’re too beautiful to cry like why
  • It annoys him that the schoolwork you receive is so extreme that it brings you to this
  • Like why do schools have to be so hard on students ???? you shouldn’t have to cry your way through it ???????
  • Even if he thinks the workload is stupid, he’s going to be there to motivate you and make sure you’re successful
  • He’ll bring you into the kitchen of his apartment and sit down with you on the stools by the counter or at the kitchen table, whichever you like best
  • Viktor would sit with you and read a book while you study, stealing glances at you every so often to check up on you
  • Being as observant as he is, he probably would know exactly when you’d need a snack or a drink
  • When he notices you getting really worked up or frustrated, he’ll distract you by taking your hand and ballroom dancing with you around the living room for a few minutes; it’s also perfect because you can get up and stretch
  • the slow music and steady movements Viktor leads you through help to relax you a bunch
  • also slow dancing with Viktor????? I would study all the time if it meant i would get to do that
  • Even though he takes good care of you while you’re working, he’s going to be strict to make sure you’re focusing
  • He would probably take your phone away if he caught you sneaking glances at it every so often
  • “Are the answers to your exam questions in those Snapchats, (Y/N)? Do those funny dog videos have your notes written in them? Do-“
  • “No Viktor they don’t I’m sorry I’m crying trying my best and I’m frustrated and these exams are going to kill m e
  • He’s the type to give rewards for correct answers
  • Usually chocolates, peppermints, cakes, shots of vodka, etc.
  • even hugs and cheek kisses if you want I mean I know that’s what I’d want
  • If you’ve been studying for a long time, he’ll give you a shoulder massage while you’re hunched over your textbooks
  • He’d probably make you go to bed or at least take a nap once it got late; no matter how much you protest, he’ll insist that you need to put your health first
  • He just wants you to be successful, and he believes in you no matter what

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This bean is the best study buddy you could ever ask for
  • I mean he wears glasses so he must be pretty smart ???? jk I’m awful
  • He understands the stress and anxiety you’re having from past experience
  • Knowing how your emotions can get the best of you at times like this, he keeps a box of tissues handy in case you need to cry out your frustration
  • When that happens he’ll just hug you and stroke your hair
  • He’s so friggin patient i s2g he’s too perfect for this
  • To motivate you, he just creates a relaxed environment and offers to endure the worst with you
  • He’ll set up a quiet room with a table and create a playlist of relaxing symphonies to have in the background
  • and if you have ADHD like me he’ll take everything off of the walls so you don’t get distracted by the photos or pictures
  • You know this boy will make sure you use effective studying methods and take plenty of rest breaks
  • He’s going to make you get up during breaks and will help you stretch out; every few hours the break will be a short walk outside to get some fresh air
  • If you become angry or frustrated, he’ll stop you and try to help you understand what you’re struggling with
  • I can really see him getting all passionate in his explanations and using examples you’ll enjoy and relate too ugh this boy is adorable
  • He’s going to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re reading your textbooks; if your eyes start to hurt from reading the big walls of text, he’ll sit next to you and read to you out loud
  • Expect a fuckton of praise and encouragements from getting the correct answers
  • He’s gonna make you all kinds of snacks and drinks
  • “(Y/N), I made us pork cutlet bowls to eat! Don’t they look good pls be proud of me!
  • “Yuri how is a 900 calorie meal a snack I don’t understand-“
  • stfu (Y/N) you need the energy to push through and study hard ok just eat this shit i made for you with love jfc
  • Once it gets late, he’ll brew you all kinds of tea and coffee to help you stay awake
  • If you start getting sleepy, though, he’ll do his best to keep you focused
  • He’s going to try his best to stay up with you, but he might not make it and fall asleep on your shoulder
  • It might be you who falls asleep first, though, so he’ll just snuggle up next to you with a blanket and think of it as a reward
  • but for real just imagine you slumped over the table asleep and he just comes right up next to you and wraps a blanket around both of you before clinging to you like a koala omg best friends ever so friggin cute
  • No matter what results you get on your tests, you know he’s going to be proud of your accomplishments and the hard work you’ve put in

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • This boy won’t be the best at helping you study, but he’s going to cry try his best to motivate you and get you through it!
  • He’ll bring a table and chairs into his bedroom so you can be in a comfortable environment but can still have an area to work at without getting distracted
  • He’ll help you get into a productive rhythm and then sit back while you work
  • probably just sits at the table with you and plays around on his phone
  • He’s gonna take a bunch of selfies with you working in the background and post them on Instagram js
  • “(Y/N), you look so cute while you’re working, and-“
  • Phichit pls why are you like this
  • Expect to be constantly bothered by his questions about how you’re doing
  • “Are you comfortable? Do you need any food? Water? Is the oxygen pure enough in here? Am I bothering you?
  • “Phichit enough
  • He would feed you so you wouldn’t have to look away from your textbook to feed yourself
  • The look you make while you concentrate is really cute to him and he really enjoys seeing the expressions you make while you focus but you didnt hear it from me
  • There is a timer set on his phone so every few minutes you can take a break and get up to stretch
  • Once you start to get a little stressed from focusing so hard, he creates a second timer that he calls the “Hug Timer”
  • When it goes off, he jumps right out of his chair and tackles you in a big, warm bear hug
  • You can try to act annoyed, but he can see how much better you feel once you return your focus to your studies
  • plus a hug from Phichit could cure anything tbh
  • When you get frustrated, he shows you funny dog videos and pictures on Instagram to help you calm down and take your mind off of school for a little while
  • Tired of reading yourself? Phichit will take over and read the endless lines of text to you as if he were reading you a fairytale before bed
  • he would even do different voices ugh what a cutie
  • Whenever you feel like giving up on studying and burying yourself in the ground, he bribes you with a reward if you keep going
  • First he promises a drink from Starbucks, then movie tickets, then a trip with him to his next abroad skating event
  • Once you show signs of being physically exhausted, he won’t make you stay awake any longer
  • In fact, he would encourage you to take a nap with him before you got back to work
  • He might not be the best study buddy ever, but he admires you and your perseverance to succeed

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May I request a headcanon of the SCM gods, perhaps relating to a theme of "guilty pleasure" or "embarrassing photos" or just something humorous in general? If you're feeling up to it, of course~

Haha of course you can request darlin, I gave the embarrassing photos a go, hope it’s ok :)

Embarrassing Photos of MC

“I cannot believe you used to wear pink frilly dresses like that!” Leon said after finding my baby photo album in one of my drawers.

Naturally, I had tried to get it off of him, but once Leon had his mind on something, he wouldn’t let it go. In the end, I just let him browse through the embarrassing photo album, slumped back on the sofa in a huff.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that” he said, but still not putting down the album.

“I can be like however I want Leon” I muttered.

“These photos are cute! You used to wear such girly things” he said, flicking through more pages.

My cheeks glowed red in embarrassment until Leon became suddenly very quiet, silent actually.

“What?” I asked, finally leaning over to look at one of the photos.

“Who’s he? Why is he kissing your cheek?” he asked, staring at me with a huge glare.

Oh, was he jealous at the younger me having a childhood sweetheart? I smirked up at him.

“He was a friend” I explained briefly.

“A very close friend it seems” he almost growled, turning to me.

“Leon, I was 6! Don’t get me that look, you know I’m yours now” I laughed but he quickly kissed me, hard.

“I’ll make sure you know you’re mine now” he said, tossing the album aside to kiss me harder.

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If you’re Losing It over Overwatch: Reflections but in a Bad Way because of Shipping Sad Times

Okay, I said I had to gather my thoughts, and I did, it just took a lot less time than I expected. Fair warning this is gonna be long as FUCK.

First thing’s first: all of the comics, at least the ones released so far, take place before the events of the actual physical Overwatch game (though possibly after the events of ‘Recall’), since by that time people are using dropships and transporting gauntlets and doing generally Overwatch-y things and aren’t off by themselves. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at what we ACTUALLY can get from the comic and what is ACTUALLY just speculation and how that connects to ships like Pharmercy/Reaper76/Widowtracer, etc.

Genyatta/Gency: I’m not really on board with either of these ships, but that’s personal preference, and I can see why other people would be. Genji’s hanging out with Zenyatta, so there’s potential there for the two of them, and he’s writing a letter to Angela, so there’s potential there for the two of them. Nothing definite. If you’re into it, there’s stuff to get excited about, and if you’re not, there’s nothing really to worry about - if you’re a Pharmercy shipper, keep in mind that people write Christmas letters/cards to people they’re not romantically involved with literally all the time; it makes perfect sense for Genji to write to the woman who saved his friggin’ life, even if there’s no little hearts floating around anywhere. Moving on.

Pharmercy: This is one of the ships that kind of takes a hit, but I don’t see anything approaching a nail in a coffin or even a nail or a coffin just by itself. Fareeha’s having dinner with a dude with streaks of silver in his hair; it could be a dinner date, or it could be with her dad. I’m leaning more towards the date for several reasons: the first is that Ana Amari is 60 and has stark white hair. Not little streaks of gray, we’re talking whiter than Jack Morrison. The dude Fareeha is eating with does not look 60. They’re also dressed very similarly, which leads me to believe they’re on assignment from Helix Security International. I guess it could be just an ordinary dinner between fellow soldiers, but the wine glasses and the lighting makes that conclusion feel like stretching. The shot itself is obviously framed as kind of a ‘romantic dinner’ deal, so there’s no use in denying that. None of that (A) confirms that Fareeha is 100% heterosexual OR (B) that Angela and Fareeha couldn’t eventually fall in love when they’re both back in Overwatch. The only person at that point back with Winston is Tracer so far; everyone else is off on assignment or w/e. People date all the time; here having dinner with Doctor Strange or whoever doesn’t mean things don’t work out or they’re together forever. It just means that Fareeha at least sometimes likes the D and possibly hockey. Moving on.

Anahardt: I mentioned this in my last post about the comic, so I’ll just expound on it a little bit. At this point in the continuity, Reinhardt still thinks Ana’s dead (by the time we get to the game proper, he’s still surprised/overjoyed that Ana’s alive) so there’s no reason for them to be together since she’s still doing her own thing. I earlier said I found it unlikely that the guy eating dinner with Fareeha is her father since they’re in similar uniforms and - unless Ana’s a total cougar - he’s too young to be Fareeha’s dad. After all of that, even if Pharah isn’t Rein’s kid (which would be a hugely missed opportunity considering what an almost complete mashup of Ana and Reinhardt she is), it doesn’t mean Ana and Rein aren’t/couldn’t still be together; whoever Pharah’s dad is, it’s not someone Ana seems terribly interested in keeping tabs on. Ultimately, this is barely a concern. Moving on.

Roadrat: I don’t ship these two as anything but best buds, adoptive father+son, or both, but plenty of people see more romantic stuff there. They’re having fun causing chaos, and it can be read any way you want. Moving on.

McHanzo: Jesus Hanzo what the fuck are those piercings; I’m going to assume they’re fake since he’s still hiding from the vengeful remnants of the Shimada clan. Ugh. That cake looks tasty though. McCree is drunk in a bar with Sombra; the ship nobody asked for? Who knows. There’s not enough context to glean ANYTHING from this, really, and - like Angela and Fareeha getting together once Overwatch reforms - it’s fine that they’re apart since they’re both Tortured LonersTM. I guess if you ship Sombra and McCree there’s something to go off of here, but neither of them looks particularly interested in each other. Maybe it’s a job. Who knows. Moving on.

Reaper/Soldier 76/Ana: This one’s kind of complicated. Ana and Jack are hanging out together but obviously their minds are on completely different things, so there’s nothing blatantly romantic going on there. Jack’s looking at an old black-and-white photo, but of what? It’s hard to tell. There’s a guy who looks a LOT like Jack in the photo, but because it’s an old photo, it might very well be Jack’s own dad and not Jack himself unless he’s in the business of only taking photos in grainy black and white so he can experience immediate nostalgia. Who’s the other person? Jack as a young punk? Jack’s son? Again, we’ve got zero context, and the picture isn’t detailed enough for us to make any sort of educated guess. There’s not enough to go on, so there’s not really any reason to get stressed out. As for Reaper, it’s ultra-ambiguous. I saw someone theorizing that the mother in the scene is Reaper’s ex-wife, but I’ve got a hard time accepting that for the same reason I have a hard time accepting the guy Fareeha’s having dinner with to be her dad: they just don’t look old enough. What a lot of people forget is that Gabriel and Jack are the same age - 56 - and neither of the parents in that scene (again, unless Gabriel really likes his women young) look even close to that age; early-mid 40s at MOST. I think it’s more likely that Reaper, poor burnt-up cinnamon roll that he is, is probably just looking at a happy family, wishing he had anything resembling that experience. Reap’s had a hard life, folks. Also, as to the lack of Gabe/Jack looking at pictures of each other, remember that they’re still trying to kill each other in the comics as opposed to grudgingly cooperating in the game, so looking at photos of each other is probably the last thing either of them want to do at that point.

Shoutout to Widowmaker wearing a fabulous coat over her ridiculous sniper suit as she goes to visit Gerard’s grave.

Widowtracer: here’s the big one, the one that most people are both upset and excited about. Before we get into it, I want to reiterate how excited I am for THE Overwatch mascot character to be at the very least bisexual but most likely just an honest-to-dog lesbian. I’ve got no issue with that and I think it’s fantastic. Out of all the relationships we’re shown in this issue, this is also the one with the most context: Lena is in a romantic, live-in relationship with a girl named Emily. There’s no getting around that, there’s no explaining it away, there’s no sweeping it under the rug or shoving it in the closet, it’s there. It’s fact. Denying it is, at best, just dense, and at worst outright homophobic. It’s canon. And the more I consider it, the more convinced I am that it doesn’t contradict at least the possibility of the Widowtracer pairing, and shippers honestly have nothing to truly go ballistic over. If anything, it at least raises the possibility a little bit because at least we know for sure that Lena digs chicks. First, let’s return to the timeline and the fact that all of this takes place before the actual game, before Tracer and Widowmaker are forced to work together for whatever reason. As with Fareeha’s potential date, it’s possible that things didn’t/won’t work out by the time we get to the game proper - as we’ve seen with plenty of superheroic relationships in comic books and otherwise, it’s easy enough to maintain when confined to a single city, but as soon as you graduate to a perpetually globe-spanning battle against shadowy organizations and robot armies, it gets exponentially harder to keep things up, especially if one person’s out saving the world and the other one’s watching it happen on the news. Secondly (and this is where it gets a little wonky since Blizzard seem staunchly opposed to properly keeping track of specific years on their timeline as opposed to general events) it’s unclear whether Amelie became Widowmaker before or after Tracer joined Overwatch; if you’re in the ‘Lena knew Amelie and had a crush on her before she was turned’ then Emily, as emotionally awkward (and a bit reachy, I readily admit) as it is, actually fits in pretty well to the Widowtracer story: extrapolating what we can about her from the comic (minus the perspective tricks) it appears that Emily is taller than Lena, is a bit more built of physique than Lena, and is more relaxed but also more assertive than Lena. Who else is taller than Lena, built thicker than Lena, and is both cool and confident? Well, it’s Widowmaker. Emily is, in more ways than one, the anti-Widowmaker; even her name, Emily, is about a polar bear hair away from Amelie. So what can Widowtracer shippers take away from that? Well, they can take away that Emily is a at least a partial surrogate for Amelie, certainly; the idea that Lena is dating Emily exclusively because she reminds Lena of Amelie isn’t what I’m suggesting - I think Tracer’s too kind to do that, at least intentionally, but remember that Lena’s only 26 (possibly younger by a year or two in the comics), and it’s pretty easy to do dumb stuff like that without realizing it, even at that age. It’s clear they have a much stronger connection than ‘Emily reminds Lena of Amelie,’ and chalking it up purely to that is a disservice to the characters. That also doesn’t mean it might not have had any sort of impact. Let’s be honest, as openminded as a fair number of us try to be, most of us have a ‘type;’ Lena’s type might just be ‘tall, strong, and dominant,’ but if you subscribe to the idea that Lena had a crush on Amelie before all that nasty business, that might be a pretty hard thing to get past. If you don’t subscribe to that idea and view Widowtracer through the lens of an attraction built on the battlefield, then…well, there’s not much to hold things up now. It’s still possible that Emily and Lena are no longer a thing by the time we get to the game’s events, but without the history - and with how horrified Lena is at the end of ‘Alive,’ that’s a lot harder of a sell, in my opinion.

Ultimately, the worst thing to come out of this could be Widowtracer fics where Widow bumps Emily off so she can swooce right in, because that would be seriously bullshit. I’m going to continue to ship Widowtracer but also acknowledge Emily’s existence and role (like I said earlier, I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive) and I’m going to continue to ship Pharmercy and Anahardt and Reaper76, and I think that, if you did before this comic came out, you still should. Ships, for better or worse, are fan creations, and until Blizzard drops the hammer and outright says ‘no the way it REALLY is is __________,” they still belong to the fans.

Something More (Chanyeol)

chanyeol x you; 1,955 words

summary: where both of you want to be more that best friends

You tapped your foot impatiently, looking for the stupid idiot called Chanyeol. He had promised that you both would finally watch a movie and hang out after finals but as usual, he was late. Two hands grabbed at your waist as you let out a yelp.

“Yah! Park Chanyeol!” You smacked him hard on the chest while he laughed. “You look like shit.” You referred to the darkness under his eyes.

Rolling his eyes, he replied that you didn’t look that great either. You two were both worn out after finals and hadn’t caught up on much sleep. He slung his arm around your shoulder casually as you both looked at the movies and their timings, arguing about which action movie you wanted to watch.

You both finally settled on Transformers and went up to the cashier to get the tickets. A sweet old lady cooed at the both of you as you exchanged weird looks with each other, “it’ll be the couple seat then? You two are so cute together.”

“Together? With him?” You laughed, “we’re not together, we’re just best friends, but we don’t mind the couple seats.” It was a fact that the couple seats had the best view of the screen and a lot more leg room.

“It’s such a shame, but you two would make a lovely couple,” the lady tore the tickets from the printer and gave it to them in exchange for money. “Enjoy your movie.”

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