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I Love You, You Idiot.

For my lovely @regulusblaqk you darling, darling, darling witch. Merry Christmas!! I know Wolfstar holds your heart, but I thought you might like some Jegulus ;)

I’m also posting this in my Christmas Drabbles and Shorts series on FFN in case anyone wanted to read the other ones :D

I really hope you like it love!! They’re all winter/Christmas based, and this one is set in James’s 7th year, and Regulus’s 6th!

 Warmth, laughter and light is pouring out of the Great Hall, which is decorated to the nines with elaborate silver decorations, and the massive tree at the front looks like it is covered in snow. Snow seems to be falling from the enchanted ceiling, and peaceful music is playing as the students dance, and enjoy each other’s company at the Winter Ball.

 Two students however are somewhere on the fifth floor, with foul moods, and neither giving an inch.

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Sort of fluff idea...what about if he couldn't reach you for a while or he thought something To happened to you but you came home fine. He was all upset and you were so confused as to why, just didn't get his calls or something. How he would be when you walked through the door and he felt so relieved but kind of annoyed.

This ended up a lot longer and WAY more angsty than I originally intended… but I never write angst, so this is a first.  Enjoy.

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Last Night

I don’t even know what this is (I’m sorry!) but I couldn’t get Aaron’s expression from last night out of my head and then this happened. 

Short fic centered around Aaron’s feelings during last night’s cute scene in the pub.

If this is something you enjoyed, let me know :)

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*He had been acting suspicious the last few days, he was constantly out even more than normal and barely spent any time with you, so when he was in the shower you checked his phone and saw some text messages to your friend, and didn’t notice him come out the bathroom*

K: “Jagi, why are you looking at my text messages?”

*He grabbed the phone*

Y/N: “Why have you been texting my friend, is there something going on, you have been acting strange lately”

K: “Y/N, I would never cheat on you how could you think that, if you must know we were meant to be planning a surprise birthday party, but I guess it’s not much of a surprise anymore”


*You were together at a party and you noticed Sehun keep glancing over at a girl close by, you had the feeling something was going on because you noticed a difference in his personality lately so you confronted him*

Y/N: “Sehun, why do you keep looking at that girl?”

SH: “What girl are you talking about jagi?”

Y/N: “Don’t play dumb with me, is something going on, are you cheating on me?”

*He didn’t know what to say because the thought of cheating never came into his mind*

SH: “Of course I’m not, why would you even think that, I can’t believe you would think I’m am like that, she is just an old ex of mine and I can’t help but feel awkward that's all”


*You had noticed that your best friend had been texting Suho a lot lately, and you didn’t mind at all until it started happening really frequently and he would often hide his messages away before you could see them, so when he said he had to pop out for a bit you decided to follow him, and he walked inside a jewelry store*

S: “So you think Y/N will like this one best?”

Y/F: “Definitely!”

*You turned around and walked home half happy because of what you had just found out, but then sad too because of what you had just done, you decided to come clean to him later*


*The world had no idea of you and Chanyeols relationship even though you had been going out for almost two years now. The company had decided to make a fake relationship for publicity between CY and another idol, and he had been spending so much time with her it made you worried. He arrived at your apartment after practice to see you*

CY: “Hey Jagi, I missed you, it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages”

Y/N: “Probably because you are too busy dating another idol”

CY: “Hey, what’s that meant to mean, you know it’s completely fake”

Y/N: “Are you sure CY, because I’m really starting to have doubts”

CY: “Listen to me I know it difficult, I don’t want to do it either, but it will be over soon, and I promise that once this fake relationship blows over I will announce our real one to the world, because there is no one whom I love more than you”


*He had been asked to feature on another idols new song, and therefore he was spending a lot of time rehearsing with her. You had turned up to surprise him one day and he didn’t look too thrilled about it, and you weren’t thrilled either when all you saw was her flirting with him the entire time. Your blood was boiling as she continued and BH didn’t do much about it so you walked out, and he followed you*

BH: “Jagi, why did you leave so suddenly?”

Y/N: “Are you cheating on me BH, is there some kind of connection between you two, I mean you didn’t even  look like you were happy to see me earlier”

BH: “Listen, I understand why you are mad, I didn’t want you to come because I knew you wouldn’t like it, she is flirting with me but I don’t want her too, I just don’t want to her hurt her feelings, but I will tell her straight up to stop because your feelings are much more important”


*You had recently had an argument with him and the day after it happened all you could see was a picture of him looking like he was kissing another woman pop up on the notifications on your twitter. He had saw them too but the camera man had just caught them at a bad angle. He frantically rushed over to your place to explain but you didn’t want to let him in*

D.O: “Y/N, please let me in I can explain everything”

Y/N: “They all say that, why don’t you just leave me alone and go back to that other woman”

D.O: “Because I don’t want the other woman, I want you, I promise you the picture just caught us at the wrong angle we didn’t do anything, I never would”

*You could feel the sincerity in his voice and so you opened the door*

D.O: “Please believe me jagi”

Y/N: “I do”


*You noticed that Chen had been spending a lot of time with  one particular idol, and you being an idol yourself witnessed this first hand when it came to thing like SM town concerts, he noticed you giving him and her a look after he tickled her and decided to stop. Baekhyun noticed and started teasing Chen until he pushed him out of the way to  walk over to you*

C: “Jagi, what was that look back there?”

Y/N: “Well sorry if I’m not particularly in favor of you getting too close to another idol”

C: “You know nothing will ever go past friendship with another woman, but I get what you are saying so I will stop with the tickling”

*Tickles you instead*


*He spotted you looking through his texts, and immediately realised what you must have found by the look on your face*

Y/N: “Why do you have these kind of texts from another woman on your phone?”

T: “Listen, another idol got my number and she was nice at first then she started to get too flirty, so I told her to stop and when she didn't I just blocked her number, I just forgot to delete the texts off my phone that's all”

Y/N: “Promise?”

T: “Of course I do, anyone who isn’t you isn’t right for me baobei”


*He never used to have a password on his phone because he never cared if you went on it as he had nothing to hide, but nowadays he did and he was very secretive about who he was texting and where he was going, until you had had enough and just decided to ask him directly what you were thinking*

Y/N: “ I have a question for you, and I want the truth Lay”

L: “Sure baobei”

Y/N: “Are you seeing someone else behind my back?”

*He was at loss for words for a moment because he never thought you would say that*

L: No, I would never do such a thing, what makes you say that?”

Y/N: “You just seem to be really secretive lately, about where you are going and what you are doing, not to mention the fact that you never go on your phone around me”

L: “Listen to me, I am not cheating on you, and I never will, as for the secrecy well you will find out what that is for soon enough I promise, and trust me you are going to love it”


*He had been extra busy lately due to his upcoming film, and you noticed that he was spending much time with his fellow cast member, which made you nervous about the situation. Deep down you knew nothing was going on but you couldn't get the thoughts out of your head. You were both at home when he asked you what was wrong*

Y/N: “Are you cheating one me?”

K: “Woah where did this come from?”

Y/N: “I really don’t know I have just been feeling paranoid lately that's all”

K: “Well there is no need to okay, I am not cheating on you I would never even dream of doing so”


*You walked in the studio to find Luhan with another idol, laughing together about something, you couldn’t help but feel jealous as you did every time you saw them together. It was mostly the fact that because of your busy schedule also, she had been been spending more time with him than you*

LH: “Baobei, I didn’t know you were coming I’m so happy to see you”

*The other idol also greeted you kindly but you didn’t feel like being kind back*

LH: “You should have heard what (Idol name) just said it was hilarious, did you also know that she loves football just a much as me”

Y/N: “Well why don’t you date her then”

*You walk out of the room, regretting what you just said*

LH: “Hey whats wrong, why did you say that?”

Y/N: “I don’t know, I didn’t mean it, I guess I just want to spend more time with you but I can’t at the moment”

LH: “I miss you too baobei, and remember that I love you okay”


*You were sitting on his bed when you looked down to see a pair of panties peaking from underneath the bed and you picked them up, thinking the worst and asking Xiumin why they were there, and he looked at your face and knew what you were thinking*

XM: “How the hell did they get there, jagi, they are nothing to do with me I promise, they must have belonged to the girl that stayed with (members name) the other night”

Y/N: “You better not be lying to me”

XM: “I never would, I love you too much to do that”

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Taeil x reader smut and fluff. 'I can't believe I have you.'

Anon said: Taeil, blue, both

Blue: shower scenario.

Send me the name of your bias and your favourite colour and I’ll write a smut or fluff based on it. (clarify smut, fluff or both.)


External image

You and Taeil were playing videogames, Mario Kart, to be exact. And Taeil was losing big time. Your boyfriend looked so cute, his glasses had slid down his nose, but he was too concentrated to notice or fix it. His Yoshi on the screen made a starteled sound as you made your Baby Luigi bump into him as you passes him by by one lap. (sorry gamer talk, ignore.) Taeil groaned as he tumbled off the course, and he put down his controler with an angry pout, you continued to drive as he sat there pouting in discontent and you laughed casually.


Taeil whined, trying to get your attention.


'What, Taeillie?’

You grinned finishing your last lap and putting down the controller.

'Jagi, let’s do something I’m good at too.’

You quirked and eyebrow, getting an idea.

'Well, that’ll have to wait, because I’m going to take a shower.’

Taeil whined again.

'What am I supposed to do then?’

'Well, last time I checked you WERE pretty good at showers..’

Taeil looked at you confused.

'Wait wha-’

He cut himself off and looked at you with wide open eyes from surprise. Without saying anything, you went off to the bathroom, Taeil closely following. You turned on the shower, steam steadily fogging up the mirrors and windows. Taeil stared as you took off your clothes as if he weren’t there, and stepped in the shower. Keeping his eyes on you he quickly rid himself of his clothes, as you started you put body wash on a puff and slowly washing your body. You heard the glass door open and cool air hit your back as Taeil stepped in. He pressed himself against you, digging his hands into the flower-scented foam that was dripping down your body.

'So you think I’m good at showers?’

He dug his nails across your hipsbones and blew cold air against your neck, making you shiver.

'Well, I guess I do..’

You giggled as he let his hands travel to your ass and gave it a little tap. He pulled you closer, and you could feel his slick length against your back. You sighed as a response to his gentle touches and reached your hands up to touch his face. His eyes shifted from following his hand movements to you.

'Hell, you’re so beautiful..’

He sighed at he gave you a kiss. It was a long, sweet, close-mouthed kiss, but he gradually started moving his lips and massaging your stomach and chest area. You let out a little sigh and moan as he added more pressure, and your cheeks flushed pink. You heard Taeil’s chuckle close to your ear as he turned you around.

'I can’t believe I have someone like you.’

He brushed your hair out of your face and let his thumb trail your jawline.

'You better start believing it because you do have me.’

You laughed pulling him down to you. Surprised he fell forward a bit, his hands landing on the wet tiles next to your face. His body brushed up against yours and his hands found your breasts again. He pinched your nipples and contently listened to your moans, starting to plant kisses all over you face and neck. Your hands slid down from his neck, down his chest to his hips to pull his crotch against yours. As response he nipped down just under your collarbone, a deep grunt leaving his throat. Sliding one arm behind your back he slowly moved his hips against yours, enjoying the friction. You subtly felt him slide between your folds and gasped. Another amused chuckle left Taeil’s mouth. You pushed him away slightly.

'How about I give you a little cheer-up because you just lost?’

Taeil just looked at you lustfully as you slid down his body. You landed on your knees. Your nails scratched won his sides, ending on his thighs. You gave him a soft kiss under his bellybutton, your chin lightly brushing his tip. A choked sound came out of his mouth, and you smirked, giving him kisses down his thighs. You gave him an open-mouthed kiss on the tip of his member, letting your tongue slither out a little. He leaned his head forward against the wall as you closed your lips around the tip and slid down. You went on like this for some time, slow, agonisingly slow. When you were all the way back again, and just going back in, Taeil slammed himself back inside your throat, his body unable to take the anticipation anymore.

'Sorry jagiya, I couldn’t help it.’

You just smirked at swallowed him again. Your gag-reflex had been desensitised from your slow preparation, so his sudden movement hadn’t caused you much discomfort apart from surprise. Relieving some of his tenseness you went a bit faster, the taste of precum hitting the back of your throat, releasing an appreciative moan from you. When you felt you had been there for long enough you got back up to lightly bite Taeil’s lip. He wrapped his arms around your back, repaying you with a deep kiss. He reached down a bit qand squeezed you thighs a bit, urging you to jump a bit. You did, and Taeil lightly caught you and brought your legs around his waist, humming as your burning skin met his. He broke the kiss to look at you with puppy eyes. No matter how many times you did this, no matter how enveloped you were in the moment, he’d always ask for permission.

'Can I..?’

You giggled at his flushed face, nodding your head to urge him to do what he wanted. He lifted you up a bit at the hips and brought you down again, onto his member. He kept intently looking at you, and you subconsiously brushed the wet strands of hair out of his eyes. You rocked your hips down a bit, trying to get him to find the right spot. Taeil stepped forward to trap you between the cold wall against your back and his burning chest against yours. This slight change of angle did it, as he forced himself back in and hit that spot that made you squirm. You gasped his name loudly.

'taEIL! There! Oh God there!’

Taeil grinned and blushed a bit at the same time, but his pride won over his embarrasment as he slammed back in harder to hit it again. And again. Little high choked sounds kept getting out as you clawed at his hair and back to handle the pleasure. With every movement your muscles flinched and quivered, electricity shooting up your body from your lower region. Taeil hit that knot just enough to have you balance on the edge, his face concentrated at wet with sweat and water. You pulled him closer, head buried in his neck. He felt your irregular twitching and slight trembling, and he slightly leaned into you.

'It’s okay jagiya, it’s okay. Don’t hold it in.’

And that did it. Even when in such a primitive situation Taeil knew to be his little caring self. The man you loved. You let out a little whiny sound paired with his name and clenched one last time around him before his muscles went crazy too and you both stood there trembling in pure bliss. His thrusts got slow and deep, trying to gently ride you out of it. Once the muscles in your back relaxed you let out a sigh.



Taeil hummed in response. His voice was a little croaky, his statisfied. His eyelids were heavy, and he was drawing soothing patterns on your back.

'I love you, you know?’

He smiled in response, putting you down and grabbing the shampoo for your hair. He turned you around on your wobbly legs and started to massage your scalp as he kissed your neck and whispered.

'And I love you.’




Lemme know what you think, whether you have tips or tricks, and how I can improve!

A Coliver 2x03 Coda - (ao3)

Lounging back against the pillows, Connor tilts his head to the side and smiles. Oliver’s in the bathroom, disposing of the condom and getting a washcloth, and he’s humming all the while. 

Oliver is humming and Connor’s trying not to find it unspeakably endearing. 

He walks back in the bedroom carrying a washcloth and Connor reaches for it, automatically. But Oliver ignores Connor’s outstretched hand and takes the cloth to Connor’s stomach himself, wiping away the mess. 

The cloth is warm, almost soothing, and Connor relaxes a bit under it. Oliver’s movements are efficient and almost perfunctory but nothing about the gesture feels like simple courtesy. To Connor, it feels like being taken care of. 

Task complete, Oliver glances over his shoulder to toss the cloth into the laundry basket before leaning down to kiss Connor’s stomach. 

He lazily nibbles and pecks up Connor’s chest, kissing the ribs he can find, detouring to circle a tender nipple with his tongue. Connor tangles a hand with Oliver’s and trails a hand down Oliver’s back, lightly scoring the skin with his nails. Until finally, Oliver captures Connor’s lips with his own.

The entire process is effortless and slow. No building pressure or hurried anticipation of what’s to come. Just pleasure, simple, unadulterated pleasure. 

Oliver bites on Connor’s lips just to feel Connor’s smile against his own. Connor angles his head and presses up to take the kiss deeper, almost bruising, because he can. It’s taking the time to revel in skin against skin and lip against lip as their hears beat as one. 

With a final kiss that lingers, Oliver pulls back and rests his arms on Connor’s chest. Settling legs between Connor’s and notching his chin on his forearms, Oliver licks his lips rather obscenely and Connor’s huffs a laugh in response. He absently traces patterns on Oliver’s skin and delights in Oliver’s weight on him. It’s grounding and comforting in a way Connor never expected. 

“Do you need anything?” Oliver asks. 

Connor’s about to shake his head in no when he glances up. Oliver’s got that look in his eye again. That look of devotion and caring and…and love. 

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anonymous asked:

A lot of people seem to think Simon will hang those NDA's over Harry and Louis' heads for life that will force them to barely be allowed to ever say anything real about their love story or what they went through. Or with how Simon is setting it up, he's putting Louis in a position where he will have to take the fall for babygate, it was all Louis' decision because he couldn't deal with Larries !Even typing that made me gag, I'd like to know why Simon thinks he's the only one with power though 🤔

i’m going to be super lazy and copy and paste myself from this post back on february 25th that essentially outlines a number of ways the boys can undermine their ndas without actually breaking them:

“seriously, a well placed ‘no comment’ or ‘i’m not allowed to talk about that’ combined with the perfect facial expression to gain public sympathy can be deadly.

have you ever heard of a loaded question or a leading question? they occur when the asker of a question (usually in a courtroom or interview setting) pre-‘loads’ the question they’re asking with the answer they want or the angle they’re going for (typically something controversial or unjustified). generally it’s used in a negative way (“when did you you stop robbing banks?” vs the more neutral, “have you ever robbed a bank?”) because it forces the interviewee’s response to go in the direction the asker wants.

in our case, they could take the concept of a loaded question but flip it around so the barrel of the metaphorical gun is pointed at simon rather than at the boys themselves (therefore pushing all of the responsibility for babygate directly into simon’s lap).

they’ll have the luxury of picking who’s interviewing them too so it’ll be easy to come up with the perfect way to phrase the questions so they’re very blatantly skewed against simon and in louis and harry’s favour:

hypothetical interviewer: “louis, there are rumours that you were forced into going along with the baby scandal by your old team, specifically simon cowell and his team at your record label. can you comment on that?”

louis: “i’m not allowed to talk about that.”

hypothetical interviewer: “a huge portion of your fans believe that you and harry were being aggressively closeted for years against your will by your team. are they right?”

louis: “unfortunately i can’t comment or i’ll risk being sued.”

they also have the option of having ‘sources’ close to the band leak information to credible publications that cast simon and syco in a terrible light. and, not to toot our own horns, but they have our blogs and literally YEARS worth of evidence and opinions to mine from. all they have to do is say “the fans believe” or “the fans discovered” and they’re golden. it’s not like any of us signed ndas. i’m sure most of us would be open to being interviewed too if it came to it.”

simon is used to getting away with all kinds of evil bullshit because the people he puts in these nasty situations are usually too afraid to fight back.

what’s happening now with one direction is unprecedented even for him and i think it’s important to keep that in mind. this bts war is new territory for him too and as much as he might act like he gets to control the outcome … i seriously believe louis and harry and liam and niall are going to be the ones coming out on top.

Title: Things Your Boyfriends Now Know [1/1]
Ship: AH OT6
Warnings: Suicide Attempt, Self Harm, Anorexia,
WC: 1308
Read on AO3 here

In which I get so moved by a piece that I can’t help but write. Companion piece to Things My Boyfriends Don’t Know by legalizemavin on AO3 - read that first before reading this or this might not make as much sense!

Ryan replies to Michael’s note.

Things your boyfriends now know.

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18. jily (if you can do something along the lines of that video of the dude who couldn't remember is wife at first & was all, like, wow - you're my WIFE?, that would be cool.

Bless you, lovely one. I’m not totally satisfied with this incredibly fluffy nobody dies AU, so there might be another (doubtlessly also fluffy) take in a few days…

18. waking up with amnesia au

(Enough Misadventures) To Last A Lifetime

It’s not like he forgets his name. Okay, he does for a few minutes, just when he wakes up, but when they tell him his name is James, it fits. Or he doesn’t question it. Whatever. Most of his memories seem to have slid into place. Why be picky?  Especially when there’s bigger business to deal with.

“We’re married?” It’s the third time he’s said it. Once to Sirius, before he’d left (Merlin, was Sirius old and responsible now?) and once, dazedly, to Lily. It actually seems to get more incredulous the more he says it. “You married me? James Potter and Lily Evans?”

“Lily Potter now.” She hums to herself, somehow counting stirs to her cauldron as well. “I spent ages wondering if I should hyphenate, though. Do you think I should have?”

“Whatever you want,” James says quickly, looking at her with wide eyes. The last thing he remembers, he and Lily Evans didn’t have as much of a relationship as they did an agreement that he wouldn’t talk to her and she would let him keep all his body parts. Because he’s an idiot, he reminds her of this.

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Preference #6: He's Being Protective
  • Harry: Everyone knew you hated crowds, but it was inevitable because of Harry. With his hand laced in yours, he stopped the car. "I'm right here, it's okay, okay?" You nodded gently as he kissed the back of your hand that he knew so well. Thoughts raced passed you as you were swarmed. In seconds the car was surrounded by cameras. Your heart rate quickened and you could feel your breathing begin to speed up as well. "I'm gonna run around the car and get you." Harry spoke with so much understanding in his voice. He was secretly terrified that you would get pushed down one of these days. The paparazzi have pushed the other boys down before, what would stop them? When your door opened, all you could think about was the small space to move and the people crowding you and the overwhelming amount of noise and lights. "I've got you, just stay close." Harry shouted, staring into your eyes. He held your petite hand and pulled you along the sidewalk in attempts just to enter the building. You began to feel faint as the stench of strange men and fear filled your veins. Your step faltered a bit and Harry hadn't noticed. "H-Harry," you squeaked out. "Harry." He heard this time, turning to face you. He noticed your hazy display and carefully pulled you closer. "Are you okay?" He asked into your ear. After you shook your head, he gently picked you up, telling you to place your head in the crook of his neck. You did so while trying to catch your breath. Once inside, he placed you back on the ground. He still held you to his chest, mumbling "Hey, sh, I'm right here. It's okay, It's okay."
  • Niall: "Niall, you're drunk. Give me the keys." He crossed his arms all giggly and his face registered cheekiness. "Y/N, you're beautiful. Give me a kiss and I'll give you the keys." He puckered his lips and you scoffed, rolling your eyes. You indulged him anyway, gently kissing his lips. He had other plans, pulling you in by the back of my neck. "I'm going to pull the car around so we can get you home. Stay with Liam." He nodded slowly and you left him standing by Liam at the bar. You pulled the car to the front and parked, making sure it was easily accessible. As you began to walk in to grab Niall, a guy blocked your way. He wasn't super drunk, but you could definitely smell whiskey on his breath. "Excuse me." You tried to move around him, hoping for it to be that easy. It wasn't. The man put his around your hip and pulled you closer to him. "Don't touch me!" You brushed his hand away and tried to walk past him. He grabbed your arms and spun you to him. "I like a challenge." You pressed your palms flat against his chest and pushed with all your might, failing to get him away from you. An arm flung at the man's jaw and all you saw was Niall's enraged face. Even in the bad lighting you could see the red hue that had replaced his usually fair tone. Niall kept at his assault until Liam helped pull him off the man. "Niall baby, Niall look at me." Niall was huffing and his fists were still in angry balls, blood splattered on them. The man staggered away while Niall watched him. You finally got his attention by gently pressing your hand to his cheek, the only place the other man had gotten to swing at. Niall winced but let you examine his face. The music had lowered and the other people in the club had stopped for the most part. "Niall, why'd you-" "He was touching you and you didn't want to be touched and I didn't want you to be touched and are you okay?" He asked with all sincerity. You nodded and kissed him softly. You only then realized how frazzled you were. "Hey, let's get both of us home love. It'll be okay."
  • Zayn: "Zayn, it's my first time, and I want you to help me, pleeeeease" You whined, sitting down in his lap with your feet dangling over the couch. "Please," You whispered onto his skin as you placed a kiss behind his ear, sucking his ear lobe between your teeth soon after. He shivered and you knew you had him. "Fine, on one condition." He moved his hand further underneath your thigh, fingertips generously leaving fire under your jeans. "Hm?" You murmured, pulling away so you could look into his eyes. "I get to sketch it out before we go see any professional. I don't want them to fuck it up, especially since I'll have to see it everyday for the rest of my life." Your eyes lit up as his smile grew, kissing hard with hearts fluttering. You sat in bed all afternoon describing to him what you wanted, you laying back and him with his sketch pad and pencils. After two hours or so, he finally let you see. It was everything you had wanted and more, colors melding perfectly and lines so straight they looked like they had been measured and not free handed. "Wow, this is perfect Zayn." You marveled, eyes wandering from one part to the next. He sat behind you, arms wrapping around your waist and nose nuzzling into your hair. "Thanks sunshine. And I'd be honored if you would use it." He sighed lazily, taking in your shampoo. You couldn't help but smile to yourself and lay back on him a bit. "I love you, Zayn." You could feel him smile as he kissed the back of your neck. "I love you too, and I promise to be there when you get your first tattoo, no matter what."
  • Liam: "Okay, Liam, I need you to sit down and listen." You had been dating for a year now, and you've never been spotted together. There had been subtle hints, like when you'd leave his apartment building or vise versa, but no one had ever caught on. Liam had voiced his concern about showing you off due to fans and hate and paparazzi that he knew would hurt you. So at the one year mark of your relationship, you had decided that you didn't want to hide anymore. "Li, I really want to come out to the public." You sat facing him on the couch as he was slightly angled so he wouldn't have to crane his neck. You hadn't said 'I love you's yet either, which was starting to worry you. The truth that was still horribly unbeknownst to you: Liam loved you, but he was scared to. He was scared that he would lose you like he first lost Danielle and soon after lost Sophia. He didn't want the same happening to you. He didn't want to see you hurt because of him and he was scared to love again, because he had been convinced that he couldn't love someone and live the One Direction lifestyles at the same time. Whenever the public topic came up, he would always brush it off or beg you not to bring it up again. You had begun to feel like Liam didn't really care for you, but you just couldn't see the whole picture. So sitting here now, he could feel rage boil in his system, not because of you, but because of of his own doubts. He was mad that he wasn't normal enough for you. "Babe, I-I don't know." He would soon muster up the courage to say, fidgeting with his hands in his lap and his gaze staying downward. You gently placed your hand on his two larger ones and stared at him lovingly. "I'm ready for the hate and the fights and the angry fans, because I can handle it with you by my side. I want to be able to show off our incredible relationship in public. I want to be able to hold my boyfriends hand as we walk down the street. Please Li." You pleaded. Liam stood up and began pacing the floor, hands running wildly through his hair. "I just..." He muttered. You stood up as well, getting angrier by the second. Why won't he show you off? "Why? Why not? Am I not good enough for you?" You couldn't help the volume of your voice and you were a bit scared at his towering height when he stood over you to respond. "No, you're perfect, that's why I'm terrified to see you get hurt! It always happens! Good things don't stay in the public! In private, everything is good! I've never wanted to go public because I love you god dammit! I love you and I don't want to lose you!" He held you tight, whimpering like a little boy. You were honestly shocked at his words more than his temper. Liam has never gotten like this. "Liam, please look at me," You tilted his chin off your shoulder and there were tear stains down his cheek. "Do you mean it?" His breathing was shakier than normal. "Yes, I can't lose you because, I, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. So much."
  • Louis: "Lou, I'm not as fragile as you may think." You were getting a bit heated because Louis wouldn't let you play football with him and the boys while you were visiting on tour. Little did he know that you had played soccer in school until you got to UNI. "Babe, you could get hurt or worse, get your shoes all muddy." He teased, always thinking that you were one step behind him when it came to anything physical. "It's not like it's an actual match, what's the harm in letting her play?" Niall spoke up, Louis grunting in response. "Fine, but if she gets hurt she's your responsibility." Louis threw his hands up and he ran to his side of the field with Liam and Zayn in tow. Your team was comprised of Niall and Harry. Being One Direction, they were able to rent out a stadium for the day to relax. You provided Harry and Niall with a quick intel of what you knew that Louis didn't know and decided that you were going to surprise him. You and Harry were on the field while Niall was goalie. Zayn and Liam were on the field for Lou's team, leaving him in the goalie spot. After a few runs and him seeing how much of the game you really knew (which was a lot), Louis and Liam traded. He was on the forward line as he got the ball, weaving past Harry easily and trying to kick into your goal from halfway across the field. As soon as the ball left the grass, you knew something bad was about to go down. He had kicked the ball with a strong trajectory, aimed right for you by accident. You managed to get hit in the stomach so hard it knocked you to the ground. Louis was the first one by your side, knees sliding on the wet mud as you clutched your stomach in "pain". Soccer players: famous for faking it. "Love are you okay?! I'm so sorry, so so sorry baby!" Louis had his hand on your back as soon as possible, trying to lull a pain that didn't really hurt, not that he could know. Out of surprise, you pounced on him like a cat, knocking him off balance and onto his back. "I think I win this round." You laughed, pecking him on the lips. "And look, I'm fine. I've told you before Tomlinson: I always end up on top." You laughed as you stood up, helping him up as well. "Now I'm headed to the showers, and you're welcome to join to make up for hitting your girlfriend." His eyebrows raised as he muttered a 'how did I get so lucky' and smacked your bum as he raced you to the showers.

strangelymyselfagain  asked:

Ok, but like ennotana is a blessing. Could you do one like, Enno has to take care of drunk tanaka, who just keeps on flirting with him

“Okay- okay, what about this one?” The words come out slightly slurred, not quite rolling off his tongue like they usually would. His tone is off too, mostly because he’s trying to deepen it, but even without the added effect it’s easy to tell something is different. “If you were a volleyball, I’d hit you hard from different positions.”

Ennoshita groans and rolls his head back. If he has to hear one more volleyball pun he’s going to drop Tanaka and leave him to wallow in his alcohol ridden thoughts. Deep down he knows he wouldn’t, as he’s still trying to drag Tanaka’s half limp body up the stairs, but the thought is a comfort. 

“Would you just – shut up? Ugh – at least, at least help?” Ennoshita groans, trying to keep them balanced and keep himself up as Tanaka is putting all his weight on him and dammit why did his bedroom have to be on the second floor? “I’m going to let you fall if you don’t.” 

“I see you’re good at receiving balls. Wanna receive some tonight?”

“I hate you.”

“Do you want to play volleyball, I have two balls you can play with.”

Ennoshita just rolls his eyes.

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anonymous asked:

I don't get being so upset by Felicity and Ray kissing. I mean...Oliver basically told Felicity that they couldn't be together. He's been dangling maybes and she can't take just a maybe. She wants more than that. But she isn't going to sit around and put her life on hold, waiting for Oliver to change his mind. That isn't healthy at all.

People just want Felicity to be chronically unhappy, because Oliver won’t allow himself to be happy at all. I mean, what the fuck kind of story is that? I don’t want to see BOTH of my babies upset, I don’t want to see either of them upset and unhappy and unloved, but Oliver has put Felicity in such a complicated position, and when push comes to shove comes to CHOOSING between Felicity being unhappy and alone or with Oliver, or with someone else, I’ll always pick her being with Oliver. Always. But that is not a fucking option right now. Best case scenario is letting herself feel something else for someone else. Not LOVE someone else. That’s not going to happen. The writers are lovely, but they ain’t dumb. 

Now, Ray is up to something. I love bae, but he’s been coming on stronger than a herd of bulls when it comes to Felicity, but I think that we all need to wait and see what happens. He kisses Felicity. GREAT. Barry kissed her last week and everyone went, “Awwwww!“ but now that’s it’s Ray, it’s like, ”That creepy fucker needs to move it along!“ I don’t want to spill the hypocrisy tea, but come on.

Felicity was on the receiving end of Barry’s kiss, then reciprocated, and if I’m angling the kiss from the promo correctly, it’s the same with Ray, but there is something different about it. THAT is what has people up in arms. Felicity could really be feeling so much EXTRA for Ray, that actually threatens Oliver, when really, nothing could threaten Oliver for her. If you call yourself a true Oliciter, that fact is cardinal.

What am I gonna do at the end of a long day today? I’m gonna find a nice chamomile tea bag, heat up some water, throw it all together before I find a comfy spot on my balcony furniture and not give one red cent of worry about Ray and Felicity, because it’s going to always come down to Oliver for her. 

fic: untitled

Ten/Rose, AU. Oneshot; just a little glimpse into two lives slowly coming together.

John hurried over to Rose’s flat, quite unable to remove the smile from his face at the prospect of an evening in her company. When he arrived, his stomach tumbling with nerves, he knocked swiftly on the door and rocked back and forth on his feet.

Rose opened the door to find him a ball of nervous energy and her first response was to laugh. “Hey, you,” she greeted, her eyes warm.

“Hello,” he replied, voice rich with feeling.

They stood still and staring for a brief moment before Rose extended her arm, tugging on his hand to lead him inside. “So, I was thinking maybe calling for a takeaway?”

“Sounds lovely, I’m starving,” he replied, still smiling, eyes bright as he watched her take his coat and hang it up on a hook in her hallway.

“What do you fancy?”

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Sweet Talker

A fluffy Strange Magic Art School AU drabble inspired by THIS post. 

Also I blame dainesanddaffodils because she tagged it #marianne and gave me this idea. 

Thank you to jaegereska who read it over for me.

if I seem

a little strange

well that’s because

I am

Bog considered the sign for a few moments. It was assembled out of foil letters of various colors suspended on strings held onto the wall with thumbtacks, the weight of the letters making the four lines of text dip in the middle. He recognized the letters as being from one of Dawn’s projects. However, it was not the younger of the Summers sisters who was responsible for this interesting statement. No, it had to be Marianne, who was currently laying on the couch with her face buried in a pillow.

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