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Hello, how do I name a fictional species? It's so hard and whenever I something it's already taken a popular franchise already? Thank you

Hello!  I would personally go about this one of three ways:  

1)  Use inspiration from a different language.  

Let’s say, for example, I wanted to invent a species of rabbits with unicorn horns.  I know that the Latin word for rabbit is ‘lepus,’ so I might call them a lepicorn.  If I wanted to get a bit more creative, another Latin word associated with rabbit (or “to burrow”) is cuniculus.  So, I might call them cunicorns. 

Also note there’s no shame in Google Translate, just so long as you fact check to make sure it’s not totally nonsensical.   

2)  Play off of the names of real animals.

This can be something as simple as “snow rhinos” or “phoenix hawks.”  Not all of us can be J.R.R. Tolkien. 

3)  If all the names for your animal truly are taken, know there are still ways to have an original take.

Take orcs, for example.  We all know they’re smelly, crass, and barbaric, right?  Well, let’s you made a species of orcs who were incredibly intelligent, articulate, refined, and aristocratic?  In this way, you can still have a fresh and original take on the mythology of orcs without necessarily giving them a new name.

Also note that other cultures have different names for “common” mythological creatures that are very interesting and worth exploring, like the Kirin (Japanese unicorn), Draugr (Norse vampire), and Wulver (Scottish werewolf.)  I highly recommend exploring them, as they can also be a great source of inspiration. 

Best of luck, and happy writing!  <3

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1- I'm a teenager,basically like all other teenagers,we have this problem about "boys", i'm curently in love with a guy that is my age,and he is this one type of a bad boy that I like,I can't get my head straight 2-I'm a girl that thinks like a guy,watching all those silly videos that "boys like" 3-everytime I want to get closer to god,i just come back from where I started,watching those silly videos and stuff,everytime I do my tauba' ,i see no difference What should I do? Please help

As a teenager, you have poor impulse control. This means that even if you know what the right thing to do is, you may not be able to control yourself so that you actually do it. And even if you know something is wrong, you may not be able to control yourself into stopping doing that thing.

As your brain develops, it becomes easier to control your impulses, and this development is only complete after the age of 25. Before that, you will always have some difficulty with controlling your impulses.

For now, realize that you will not have an adult’s self-control no matter how much you wish for it. Instead of trying to control your impulses directly, you must plan against them. I describe this method in my answer Islamic Strategies for Escaping a Sinful Life.

There is nothing wrong with developing crushes on members of the opposite sex, that is a stage we all go through. What is important is to avoid engaging in any major sin while going through this.

Regarding watching things online that you later wish you hadn’t, this again goes back to your impulse control. For now it will be difficult to stop yourself from doing this until you grow older. Plan against it as I describe in the answer above, and if you do end up doing things that you later wish you hadn’t, just repent and go on with your life. Never despair of God’s mercy. Even if you sin everyday, not being able to stop yourself, ask God’s forgiveness and He will forgive you, and as a way of making up for the sin, do something beneficial, such as reading a beneficial book for 15 minutes, or watching a lecture on YouTube.

All teenagers engage in somewhat sinful and questionable things, even if they know better, because their desire for pleasure and entertainment overwhelms them easily. This is not unique to you. Instead of despairing, consider it just a phase of your growth that will soon pass. For now, focus on remaining on the Straight Path and do things that will benefit you later on, such as reading, watching lectures, or doing your studies if you are at school. As you grow older, things will get easier.

Islam does not ask you to spend all of your time in worship. It is OK to do things you enjoy and have hobbies, as long as they are not sinful.

The Difference Between Allies & Friends - Dunkirk Cast Preference

Summary: These are times of support from the members of the Dunkirk cast to their friend, who is transgender (FTM)/nonbinary and presenting as masculine. It’s up to you if the reader is a friend or in a relationship with them.

AN: Just some wish fulfilment and positive vibes to the LGBT+ community. I’m gonna do an MTF transition as well.

Perma-tag: @tomgcsglasses and @lowdenglynnstyles

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Hi friends this is the first time I’ve done this but I’m very broke and definitely am looking to work for some money so I’ve decided to start doing some commissions!!

Something like this (½ body) would be $15 for the original or $7 for each copy!

Something like this would be $17 for the original or $7 for a copy

And something like this would be $10! The original isn’t for sale because it’s in my sketchbook.

We can talk abt price variation for different back grounds or anything you want! I can also do any other photos of any of the boys or anyone else you would like done!

Thank you for reading

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How did you know what college and major you wanted? I'm a lesbian hoping to get the heck out of Dodge (family is fine, town sucks) but it turns out there's a difference between knowing you want to leave and knowing where you want to go.

man that’s so true anon. i didn’t go into the college process fully prepared at all, i just knew i wanted to leave and had a vague idea of what kind of place i wanted to end up. geographic location was very important to me — i’m from the far northwest portion of the united states, and i wanted to experience something fairly different & distant — so that figured a lot in my decisionmaking (i started by deciding i wouldn’t apply to any schools that weren’t on the east coast). then i knew i’d probably want to do something with writing or theatre, so i chose schools that demonstrated strong english/drama programs. i applied to a few ivies that i thought would fit & a handful of schools i could reasonably get into & a couple safeties that still had what i wanted, in case all else went wrong.

i uh didn’t actually know for sure what i wanted to do or what i wanted from a school beyond that, i kind of went intuitively based on what felt like it’d fit. i am skilled in writing & literary analysis so i knew i could always return to my first love, the english major, if i wanted (and i eventually did) but until this semester i hadn’t officially chosen my field & was taking classes in everything that interested me just in case there was something out there that i liked better. 

once i got into schools money was the deciding factor. a few were off the list from the start & it came down to a less prestigious school that i really loved & that was in new york city (a major pull for me) but charged a lot and had terrible financial aid VERSUS a very prestigious school in connecticut that i hadn’t been seriously considering but liked a lot & that gave me buckets of financial assistance. as u know if you’ve followed this blog for a while i’m at the second school and extremely happy there

that’s my story!! thank u for asking anon and i wish you the best of luck w yr search

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Heyo japhers! I've been feeling really down recently and i kinda wanted to ask what do you do when you feel low?

some days I go outside and walk my frustrations away while other days I only really have the energy to get myself a glass of water before going back to bed. Taking a walk in a park on a cold but sunny day is what really gets me back to my senses!

in the end though it’s really going to be different for everyone, and I hope you find something that works for you ;u;

Tiny God or Goddess

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Pairing: Thor x fiance!Reader, past Tony x Reader, Nat, Bruce, Steve, Bucky
Word count: 3,113
Warnings: Tiny angst

Part 19 of Petty Insults

After the team dinner, your house was always full. It was nice, feeling like a family, but after a couple weeks, you were going insane. You had wanted Bucky and Steve in the waiting room when you found out what you were having, yet felt bad not having Clint and Nat there, as well. So, you decided to compromise. The morning of your appointment, you brought up your plans. “So, since Nat and Clint are here, too, I was thinking we do the baby thing differently?” You licked your lips. “Maybe a cake or something? To let everyone know what we’re having?”

Thor nodded. “Is this a custom of your people? I am by your side whatever you choose.” He smiled, having been excited for the past weeks.

You shrugged. “Different people do different things. I just figured that having Nat, Bucky, Steve, and Clint in the waiting room could get distracting.” You chuckled.

He nodded in understanding. “I’m sure the nurses would be overwhelmed, especially with the men.” He joked. “Though Natasha has distracted a few women for missions.”

“How about we treat them to a cookout after. And we can tell them then?” You suggested.

“Of course. Sounds great to me.” He smiled.

You grinned. “I’m so excited!” You chuckled. “Have you thought of any names you like?”

He grinned. “Atla for a young goddess.”

“Atla.” You mused. “That is pretty.” You agreed. “Atla…Marina? Or Atla…Natasha?” You suggested. “As Nat is the only female we really know well, and she’s been amazing throughout everything?”

He nodded, rubbing his jaw. “That would surely work.” He looked at you. “It’s settled then for a girl.”

You clapped, going back to your breakfast. “But, I think that if it’s a girl, we don’t tell anyone her middle name until she’s born.”

He kissed your temple. “Of course my love. Any thoughts on if it’s a boy? I did not ask ahead if you wanted a Norse name for the child.”

“I asked you, remember? If you wanted an Asgardian name for a first name for the baby.” You chuckled, giving him a playful look. “That was for boy or girl.”

“Oh.” He blinked, then nodded. “Well I must think of a mighty name then.” He furrowed his brows as he went deep in thought.

You thought it was adorable how Thor looked at the moment, and wished that you had your phone on you. “We’ll know in just a couple hours, babe.”

He looked worried then. “What if I cannot think of a name fast enough?”

“We have time. We’re not going to have the baby today.” You assured him. “If we find out we’re having a boy, and we don’t have a name right away, we’ll call him our Tiny God or something.”

He was content with that answer and nodded, smiling. “Then we shall plan for this cookout.”

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Have some Klance in 3 different versions (childhood sweethearts, “canon” AU, and altean!Lance and galra!Keith parents) because it’s so cuuuuute!

It’s still octobre 23rd here^^ It’s a little rushed but I really wanted to do something for the birthday of this special boy (with his soulmate of course :3)
Tried a watercolor brush for once. OMG it’s nice! <3

holy heck i hit 600!!!

which is kinda incredible but also pretty cool!!! thank you guys, you’re the best!!

so i thought, i made the moodboards for 400, i recenty answered an ask about my favourite blogs so there’s no point in making a ff, and a blograte would probably flop… so i had a different idea. i’ve received so much love and support from my mutuals recently and i wanted to make something to show how much i appreciate it. and i’ve also been thinking about making edits for a while, soooooo…… i’m gonna make some stuff!!

you don’t have to do anything, it’s not a request-based thing, i’ll just drop a little something every now and then, trying to make some really nice people happy :) i know it’s not a traditional celebration but whatever! 

i’ll tag them as #600edits.

and that’s it i guess! again, thank you all so much :) <3


so many things i want to make tbh

I used to think the biggest hurdle is learning the different skills and stuff, but with the internet, books, courses, videos, etc. you can learn how to do anything you want.

The hardest part isn’t doing the work, but the workload.
There’s a lot of work and not much to show for it.
I can’t seem to get over how much work there is.
My thoughts are all over the place and I can’t seem to focus.
it’s probably just like anxiety or something.

I told myself I was just gonna try and finish one of these projects, regardless of the final result. I’m naturally a perfectionist, so I’ve been in hell for over a year or so trying to get rid of that mindset.  Now I have this sort of passive “que sera sera”  approach to everything. Which isn’t perfect, but allows me to actually get things done without being locked in analysis paralysis.

Halloween Costume Ideas?

I want to draw another Blastoise Dad/Buizel son Halloween picture again this year. Last year was Harry Potter so I’d like to do something different this time around. Also different is Blastoise has a serious boyfriend going trick-or-treating with them! So basically I need 2 adult costumes and a kid’s. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated! :] 

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"Hey babygirl. Bought you a gift." Long day at work didn't keep Namjoon from buying you a gift for the time you two have alone. He sneaked the nicely wrapped box in your hands as you confusely looked at him raising one eyebrow. "What's the occasion?" The question just rolls off your tongue hoping you didn't forget anything important. In your response he just smirks, scoffs and shakes his head. "Nothing special just hoped you might like it. (Part 1) ;) -kaya

If not I can easily just exchange it for something… slightly different.“ Curiosity got the better of you so you open the cute box to find a choker in it. The choker is about 3 cm thick with golden spikes going around it. The center of it contains a golden hoop. Besides the choker, the box also contains a leash-like rope with a clasp also made of gold. Immediately you realize what he wanted to do with it. (Part 2) -kaya

"Huh, now I can finally be your bitch.” Playfully smirking at him you put the choker on as Namjoon buckles the leash on the hoop and dominantly yanks you closer to him. Lust in his eyes excites you even more while you know that from now on you obey your oppa. (Part 3 -final) -kaya ;) heheh sorry i had to

ohhhhh~ ohhhhhhh~ ohhhhh okay kaya anon… thanks for that, fam… um— i’ll just ahhh— go and um… leave cause w TF OMG THAT WAS SO SEXY? THANKS, FAM, I RLLY APPRECIATED THAT.  AHHHHHHHHHA!

—Admin Sav


“Alright. I’ll take it. But I want another date.”

Ursula grinned. “Of course.” She held out her hand expectantly, snatching the bills as soon as Agnes placed the money in her palm. Ursula’s grin widened, until she counted it.

“I thought you wanted to do something different.”

Agnes smiled excitedly. “I did! I bought the potion!”

Ursula gawked at her. “Oh, you poor thing.” She waved her hand over her crystal ball with a roll of her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to do the words?”

“She wants the theatrics,” sighed Ursula, shaking her head at the clouds. “For 70 simoleons! Ha! Oh, bippity, boppity, youknowtherest.”

Agnes took Ursula’s hands in hers as a young man fell from the sky with a shout.

“You’re doing the Watcher’s work, Madame.”

Ursula waved her away. “Sweetheart, I do more.This is Cristian Tteok. Have fun.” She chuckled, something almost sinister.

Cristian smiled confusedly. “Where am I?”


Don’t take it personally but this era is being a mess. We suppose to be unite by the fact that Taylor is dropping an album soon but y'all r yelling to each other like we are enemies. The secret sessions are something special. Something unique. Have you ever seen a celebrity doing that? No. Taylor was the first person because she wanted to know better her fans. But this year it’s different. Why? Why this year everyone has to throw shit to each other? Aren’t we a family?

I am so happy for all the ppl who went to the ss but I am not happy for those ppl who feel above the others just by the fact they weren’t invited. That’s selfish. That’s annoying. It’s ok, you met Taylor Swift hallelujah. But you don’t need to say “ oh I met Taylor so now I’m her best friend and I know things you will never know”. Grow up. It’s sad.

Friendly reminder: Taylor was upset with the media for something. Don’t act like you are part of them.

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I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!

Hey, guys, Voltron Season 4 is technically ¼ of a season split as ‘a single season’ by execs. The producers and showrunners have no say in this whatsoever. So if it’s underwhelming or the pacing doesn’t sit well, then consider the following:

Season 1: 13 episodes (including pilot)

Season 2: 13

Season 3: 7

Season 4: 6

This is opinion and experience-based, but I also say ¼ because typical cartoon seasons are USUALLY boarded out in around groups of 24-ish. So, traditionally, we’re looking at the middle of the second season. You guys are asking for way too much considering the allotted time.

Not to mention, they have a 78-episode commitment from Netflix, which is subject to change as long as you heathens don’t murder the fandom. So we’re only at 50% of the first commitment from Netflix.

I would also like to add that every minute in animation costs thousands of dollars and there’s only so much room for your relationship preoccupations. Voltron was never created to be your romantic drama or romcom, so respect a show that’s been in development as what it is for years before it dropped onto your lap. This is a children’s adventure show above all else, and I understand your desire for representation. Man, I do, but this goes back to the execs.

Lauren and JDS stated at NYCC they are advocating, but the pressure of millions of dollars and people behind big desks really hinders them. These higher ups are thinking about making money and giving capitalism a handjob, not the greater good, and old dudes in this business are entirely out of touch with fandom. Dreamworks is borderline as bad as DC. I mean, have you seen Voltron’s official merch?

I just want you guys to keep all of this in mind when you’re attacking Lauren and JDS and the other writers or funneling your anger at “bad writing.” You’re not being forgotten by the heart of the show. This is just the real red tape people in this industry fight, and I’ll be frank, not everyone can pull off a Rebecca Sugar.

Dreamworks is in no way shape or form Cartoon Network, and while we do have Netflix carrying the show? It’s not that simple because animation is such a different ballgame.

I want you guys to respect these people. I don’t believe anyone is above critique, but if you genuinely do not like where the show is going, then find something that makes you happy. Stop wasting your rage on something so many of you can’t seem to find a positive in because it’s not validating relationships never promised to or baited to you in the first place.