i wanted to do something but i'm very limited

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Every time a customer says "But they let me do it last time!" in regards to something that breaks company/store policy, I want to tell them, either my coworker was willing to risk their job for you or you are lying, but either way, I'm not doing it. Like I'm not denying you a service just for funsies, trust me, I will do everything in my power to get you out of here as fast as I can, but my power is very limited.


ok, so this blog is one year old now and I wanted to do/share something different, so here is Solas for you :) I hope I didn’t scare you too much!

I wish I could do something more interesting than that, but my drawing skill are very limited, so the portrait is all I can do at moment :P 

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I want to fight this hideous regime in the US but I'm not sure how. I'm poor and I struggle with depression and anxiety that make it hard for me to do even the things needed to take care of myself. But I don't want to just sit passively and watch this happen when I'm not all right with any of it. Please tell me, is there something I can do to help despite my limiting factors?

It’s very important that you feel like it’s ok to take care of yourself. I care about you. We all do.

When deciding the level of commitment or involvement, it’s important you understand that doing what you can at this time is what you should do. I’m not in a position to dictate those terms to you. My objective is to cooperate with you in a way that helps you, to be honest. If anything I post has made you feel like you’re not doing more than you can do right now, I apologize. 

Anxiety and depression are difficult obstacles because capitalist culture more often than not treats depressed people as if they’re “problems” are fictions. The vocabulary we have in everyday speech to discuss depression already leaves depressed people with a heavy burden. And anxiety is always generalized and patronized. It sucks.

It’s important to me that you know I get it. Many of us do. You have support and solidarity. You may not be in a position to feel assured by this message, but it’s true.

If you can, take an inventory of the direct actions you can accomplish. You know, showing up at a protest or rally or large meeting can be difficult for many. A lot of people want to participate in ways they cannot and that can add to anxiety about doing the right thing. 

Self-care is doing the right thing. That’s primary.

I’ll post this to my blog and encourage our community to add things to a list of “something [you] can do to help despite [your] limiting factors”. 

To all of the 'shitposting x' accounts in the EC tag

Could you like…just maybe turn it down a bit? I mean rping is fine and it’s fine to do things in character but some things are just unacceptable from a moral standpoint. I mean, I rp Kaspar, Carlos and Gear on twitter but we have rules there. There are some things you just have to do as not just a sign of respect to other people but also a way of respecting basic morals.

Things have gotten too far and multiple people have been disturbed by the content that *some* of you post. Please think about others and the effects you may have on them. You may think something is acceptable but others at find it at least sickening or even triggering.

Feel free to discuss this but I feel that it’s about time some rules are put down for common decency. Please do not come up with ‘it’s in character and so I can do it if I want’. That’s not the case as this is a public platform you’re role playing on and it would be very much appreciated if a mod or someone starts setting up rules to limit what some people say.


Double-Sided Acrylic Charm Designs

I’ve been ridiculously busy these past few weeks due to finals, so I haven’t been able to do much…  But the ever wonderful and oh so lovely @chibimonki has been kind enough to split an order of charms with me! I can’t confirm these will be the final designs since they might still need some fixing, but I decided to design Edea and Ringabel charms to sell as a pair. My idea was to do something based on Ringabel sending poems to Edea, and these are the results of that. I’m not taking orders at this time, but I am wanting to know if anybody is interested in placing an order when I get them in. I will be very limited though, and will have less than 10 pairs to sell. If you are interested, you can either mention it in your tags or send me an ask/message, but it isn’t required!  (〃∇〃)

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Hi ! Love your blog! I have a question... in your opinion, if a foreigner (me) were in Japan / Kyoto, and went into a fancy shop such as Kintakedo wanting to buy a nice hairpin, and wear it, would that be okay? Would it be seen as cultural appropriation in a bad way? Or like an intruding tourist? Same with Obi or Yukata, to wear casually/ incorrectly in their home country. Would it seem rude? I'm wondering because I don't want to seem rude and like I'm just looking for souvenirs... thanks

Of course that’s okay! The issue of “cultural appropriation” is something that is very American-centric and tries to blanket any use of culture by someone else as “appropriation”. If you think you’re “appropriating” then ask yourself this: Am I doing this respectfully or am I just picking and choosing what I want without a care to how something should really function? Kanzashi isn’t just limited to Japan and, since they’re hair ornaments, wearing one in your hair is the appropriate way to wear it. The same is with kimono; if you learn how to wear it properly and with respect for the makers of the piece and traditions on how to wear it then you’re not appropriating. The kanzashi makers like those at Kintakedo see tourists all the time and are very happy when their craft can be appreciated by people around the world. For kimono and obi a yukata is very informal and it’s not a big issue to make mistakes. Since most Japanese people don’t even know how to wear a kimono properly they are very surprised (in a good way) when someone who is not Japanese can put one on by themselves. Most Japanese people will actually help you if you don’t know how to wear kimono and are very open to teaching anyone how to wear one properly, mostly because “cultural appropriation” doesn’t exist outside of America and they enjoy it when people can appreciate their traditions and customs.

For some excellent videos from a Japanese perspective on wearing kimono I recommend the following:

Can Foreigners Wear Kimono? (Japanese Opinion Interview)

Can Foreigners wear Kimono? ボストン美術館・着物イベントに批判で中止?

(Also, Googling “Can foreigners wear kimono?” will give you the exact same results as those videos)

What would be considered “appropriation” is sticking chopsticks in your hair, slathering on some white make-up, and calling yourself a geisha. First of all, chopsticks are for eating and do not belong in your hair (that’s just gross and unsanitary). Secondly, the white make-up only becomes an issue when you don’t know how or why it’s worn (which most people don’t). Thirdly, it takes years of training to be able to call yourself a geisha, so having some ignorant idiot call themselves one, either at a Halloween party or something, is incredibly disrespectful to the hard work and dedication that it takes to truly become a geisha. It would be the equivalent of putting a stethoscope around my neck and calling myself a doctor.  

tl;dr: Cultural appropriation is an American word that most people don’t understand because they’ve never bothered to open up a dictionary. If you do something with respect then you are not “appropriating”. Most Japanese people are very happy when foreigners show an interest in kimono and other traditional aspects of culture and are more than happy to help you out if you want to learn more.

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what does it mean to be a badger? I am very loyal and caring, but I am also feel like I only am because that is what people want me to be.. because when I try to be my real self I am yelled at and told that their is something wring with me and I am just being influenced. But pottermore says I'm a badger.. But I don't feel like one... I am not good enough to be in your house. ~little badger

Helga: Labels will only limit you. And you ARE enough! Sometimes we must look at ourselves and decide on what we want to improve upon or change, make yourself someone you like. Someone you want to be. Not what others expect of you. Badgers are stubborn and they are territorial and sometimes very solitary, but they do what pleases them. They suit their needs and that is what matters.