i wanted to do only 8 gifs

*I’m Luke in this scenario, wherein I’m happy and drunk, and I just want to celebrate with everyone and spread some love all around!

After being on this site for almost 8 years, I recently reached a follower milestone and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people by doing my first follow forever! I’ve only became super active when I officially joined the Shadowhunters fandom a few months ago. With that in mind, most of the people I would like to thank are those that made my experience here worthwhile, and also those that gave me lots of inspiration and motivation through the beautiful content they share—fanfics, gifs, edits/graphics, etc. It was because of you that I finally rekindled my love for writing after neglecting it for years, and also the reason for me to learn how to make my own gifs and experiment with photoshop (which is so enjoyable and fun, so thanks for that!).

The list of people here are a mix of those who I admire from afar, those who I recently became friends and mutuals with, and those who are part of my lovely Shadowhunters family (#our loft in Brooklyn). Here’s a lil shoutout to all of you, for being such lovely and amazing people!

[ohh and to my other followers, I just want you to know that even if I don’t mention you all here and I don’t follow you back, I see you and I still appreciate all of you. You all mean the world to me! So, thank you so much for all the love, everyone xx]

***I feel like I missed a few people. So, if I miss anyone, I’m so sorry and please tell me so I could add you here!


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#8 “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“You can’t be serious. That looks like a belt.” Warren says as he comes in your room.
“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” You respond coldly and he snorts in disbelief.
“I don’t want you to wear that.” He says and for a second you get insecure.
“But I thought you’d like it.”
“I do.” He pulls you in a hug, his hands wander down to your ass. “I really do, but only for myself.”
“Mh, then maybe we should stay here.” You whisper, kissing him passionately.
“Sounds good to me.” He mumbles against your lips before pulling you in another kiss.

unf, i just hit 700 followers?? i am Shook to the max. 700 individuals?? so, of course, i just want to give back to everyone who’s supported me on this hellsite that’s taken over 5/8 of my life tbh. tl;dr: THANK you so much <3 and i’ll be doing massive compliments, mmc, & and writing name aesthetics ! : ‘ )


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Dating Kol Maikaelson would include.

• Him being overprotective

• him teaching you how to fight and protect yourself

• “Good morning, love” with a sleepy voice

• Kol being very jealous when other men talk to you

• night long talks about everything

• you asking him to make you a vampire

• teasing each other 

• “Relax, darling”

• playing with his hair 

• losing your virginity to Kol                                              

• him asking if you’re okay during sex

• him telling you he can’t live without you

•"Don’t worry, darling, so what if you’re a little unexperienced? I have one thousand years of experience, that means I’m experienced enough for the both of us.“

• stripping for Kol

• him teaching you various sexual things

• often having rough sex

• so having lots of sex in general

• him putting you on top because he wants to see you ride him

• “Kol, what the hell? It’s only 8 am”

• “I will be quick”

• “But I’m sleeping! Stop doing it…oh God…Kol…”

• “Shh, I know, baby, you don’t need to wake up”

• phone sex 

• watching your favorite TV shows(especially True Blood)

• him eating you out

• him dancing with you

• teaching you languages

• kissing you

• Bekkah is your best friend

• “Y/N you are the best thing about being alive”

• “You are mine! Always and forever” (Gif isn’t mine)

okay so I have recently hit 500 followers (currently 530 omg) which is incredible and i want to thank you guys so much so i’m doing blogrates and make me choose moodboards. these will be done slowly over the next week, because i am in school and applying for unis and my time can’t be spent just on tumblr but i did want to celebrate so this is what i’m doing


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  • help out the slytheringirlsgang halloween event (optional)
  • send me an ask with a 🌷 & your favourite poem for a blograte
  • send me an ask with a ✨ & two things (characters/places/ships) and i’ll choose one and make a moodboard (i will only do hp ones!)

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Sorry only Demisexuals and Nonbinary peeps allowed…lol
Yesterday I made about 8 different flags and these were the only two to be accepted. Probably because these flags aren’t the first thing to show up when you look up “lgbt flags”.

Also, I just want to put out my opinion on this. Animal Jam isn’t made to just to make kids happy but the parents too. And I can say with 100% certainty that if my parents knew about all the queer stuff we’ve been doing they wouldn’t let me anywhere near AJ

I know a lot of parents. And I live pretty close to ajhq. I feel like If ajhq kept letting us go on our merry way eventually some crazy parent would try to sue them because “THEY CLAIM TO BE THE SAFEST KIDS SITE BUT MY KID SAW A PAINTING OF TWO GIRLS KISSING??!!!” ajhq would loose A TON of income from frantic parents and, long story short, the site would be shutdown.

I know that all sounds crazy but I know the parents here and they’re crazy as bananas. Heck, This sudden crack down on lgbt subjects in aj could have been caused by complaining parents and if ajhq wants to stay a float they need to appear neutral. And that sucks. it really does.

Sorry if im being a downer but none of this has to stop us! We can always find loop holes around the chat system, we can make inconspicuous gay art. Unless ajhq plans to turn everything in Jamaa to greyscale there ain’t no stopping this queer train~

So guys👀💗 here’s a drabble lf u want a Imagine Tell me wich one and with wich Person You want it🙆 I do Teen Wolf but 5sos,as well🤗 the stiles Imagine comes on later
1. “You’re going to get killed someday”
2. “You’re supernatural like Spider-Man?”
3. “You should’ve told us”
4. “I’ll never leave you”
5. “Come over,I wanna cuddle”
6. “I’m not letting you do that,without me”
7. “Are you jealous?”
8. “My dog said no”
9. “You’ll stuck with me for a long time now ”
10. “That’s my jam”
11. “I just have a thing for Wolves”
12. “Open your window,I’m coming over”
13. “I friendzoned you”
14. “Are you drunk?”
15. “I care for you”
16. “Where’s my hoodie?”
17. “Want some Mac ‘n cheese?”
18. “I’m going to punch you”
19. “Why can’t fictional characters be real?”
20. “Wanna make out?”
21. “You deserve someone better than me”
22. “You should only look at me like that”
23. “Please, don’t leave me”
24. “I don’t want to loose you again”
25. “They are fighting again”
26. “Let’s play hide and seek”
27. “We need to talk”
28. “Promise me”
29. “I’ll loose my mind”
30. “Chaos has come again”
31. “Every inch of you is perfect”
32. “Wanna bet?”
33. “sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.”
34. “I still love you”
35. “Can You rub my tummy”
36. “You smell hella good”
37. “Netflix and chill?”
38. “Have you locked the door?”
39. “Do your parents like me?”
40. “How do I deserve this?”


I hit 3k a little while ago and I’m just like ; u ; how and why y’all are amazing people for putting up with my crap!! I’ve think I’ve only been in this fandom for about 10 months and in that time I’ve met some really sweet and cute people as well as received a lot of love from every one ; u ;

I wanted to do a little follow forever with some of the really cool blogs I follow that I think you guys should follow too because they are g r 8

# - b: @4dsana / @9477 / @abitofeverythingstrange / @alltwiceicons / @amixedsix / @bangbayah / @bby-jeongyeon / @boraunnie

c - e: @chaenqs / @chewytzuyu / @cutiedahyun / @dahyeagle / @dahyun / @dahyunsmile / @dahyvns / @dubuchaeng / @eagledubu / @etherealtwice / @eunchaes

f - h: @foodymomo / @gay-shit-girlgroups-do / @himetzu / @hiraikim / @hiraimomo-s / @hiuyu-twice

i - k: @jeongyeonjpeg / @jihyodess / @jungyeonie / @justlovetwice-all / @jypetwice / @k-idol-reactions / @kawaiisana 

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r - t: @sana-squad / @sanamania / @seulgicious / @sugoisana / @think-about-it-twice / @toomuchtzuyu / @tozakis / @tw7ce / @tw9ce / @twice-9 / @twice-girls / @twice-jyp / @twice-scenarios / @twice-trash / @twiceheartlock / @twicejype / @twiceoneinamillion / @twiceotps / @twicesana / @twicespsd / @twicestuffs / @twicetheallery / @twicetrinity / @twiceu / @twivesreaction / @txuyuu / @txxce / @tzuwice / @tzuyew / @tzuyonce / @tzuyoungs / @tzuyumi / @tzuyunation / @tzuyus-gf / @tzuyuuuu / @tzuyuuuuu

u - z: @withsana / @yeojapower / @yesunyoul / @yoojeongsunbae

thanks for the 3k everybody I love you ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Countdown to Charles Challenge

Only 8 more episodes! I figured we could start a gif/graphic challenge to not only count down to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, but to also celebrate what we’ve loved most about the show before the highly-anticipated time jump!

You can do them out of order, just do the ones you want, whatever. I just thought it would be fun to take a look back on the show so far.

Tag your brilliant creations with Countdown to Charles so we can see all the amazing things you come up with! 

Please reblog and share!

  1. Favorite Liar
  2. Favorite Supporting Character
  3. Favorite Villain
  4. Favorite “A” Moment(s)
  5. Favorite Ship
  6. Favorite Friendship
  7. Favorite Family Relationship
  8. Favorite Season
  9. Favorite Episode
  10. Favorite Premiere
  11. Favorite Mid-Season Finale
  12. Favorite Finale
  13. Favorite Scene/Moment
  14. Favorite Place/Set
  15. Favorite Holiday Special
  16. Your Ideal “A”/Charles Suspect

Hello, dear followers! With Empires AND this blog’s 4th birthday (anniversary??) only a few weeks away, I have decided to do a giveaway for all of you amazing warriors!

This is not a big blog and we don’t do much, but thank you for supporting the games and the artists who make the lovely art and edits you see on the blog! So have this small little giveaway as my way of saying thanks and I love you! ♡

There will be a first place winner and a second place winner, and they will be selected with a random number generator. Most likely I’ll order online and ship directly from wherever I buy.

Unfortunately, because this is my first time doing a giveaway and I’m kinda dumb/lazy, this is only for US and Canada followers. Sorry!

1st Place

  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (any console or PC - Amazon or Steam or whatever)
  • any Dynasty Warriors 7 or 8 game, except Empires (any console or PC)

2nd Place

  • any 2 Dynasty Warriors 7 or 8 games, except Empires (any console or PC)


  • Likes count, and reblog as many times as you want (but try not to annoy your followers??)
  • No giveaway blogs?
  • Must be comfortable giving me your address - I’m small and lazy, I’m not going to attempt to hurt you
  • Must have your inbox open
  • If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will pick another winner

The giveaway will end on January 24th at 9 PM EST, I guess. Winners will be announced on January 25th.


one scene in every episode: 2x15 revelations

so I’ve just recently hit 3K (I honestly can not believe it?) and thought I’d do a ‘tumblr awards’ for you guys in honor! I was originally thinking of doing blog of the months, but you guys voted for tumblr awards—so I may just do both…any who, heres whatcha gotta do:


-mbf me, aka someone who loves a *dead* man
-reblog this (this has got to at least hit 40+ notes, if not, you didn’t see anything)
-you have until Wednesday, November 25th 8:00PM EST
-winners will be announced on November 26th (Thanksgiving!)
-each award has one winner and one runner up


-a follow from me (if I don’t)
-a special page for the winner/runner ups on my blog
-group promos (one for the winners and one for the runner ups)
-a self promo through my ask whenever you want!
-only winners get a gifset of their favorite character + lyrics of choice
-you get extra lovin’ from me (c’mon, best gift ever)


-IRON MAN AWARD: best icon/header
-BLACK WIDOW AWARD: best theme
-HAWKEYE AWARD: best mobile theme
-HULK AWARD: best posts
-THOR AWARD: nicest blogger
-VISION AWARD: underrated blogger
-WINTER SOLDIER AWARD: dicksilver’s favorite
-FALCON AWARD: best multifandom
-ANT-MAN AWARD: best original content
-BLACK PANTHER AWARD: best dc posts
-SCARLET WITCH AWARD: best marvel posts
-QUICKSILVER AWARD: best overall


100 dang followers! 

that means 100 people who put up with me and my natural ability to shitpost!

 anyways i dont really have the crowns to do one of them fancy give aways…. so ill do something art related! yea! 

ok so ANYWAYS im gonna do an art giveaway! where i draw things for people and actually do it at a reasonable time and speed (hAH)


1. the winners are gonna be picked by a random number generator. so reblogs and like both count. you can reblog as many times as you want, but think of the children i mean your followers. do not doom them to a life of looking at this horribly made post.

2. it’s gonna be art. just art. it can be of whatever of want, but wizard101 is my fav (i’ll do something else if you REALLY want but…) i’m not gonna draw anything nsfw *squint* but gore and stuff like that is okie dokie. but like, think of the children

3. don’t have to be following me (but hey here’s the perfect chance to do so)

4. it will END 8-4-15. thats like, a whole week. so have at it

5. winners will be publicly announced on another post

6. THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL FOURTH PLACE FOR WIZ ONLY BLOGS. you can only get this if you weren’t picked for any other prize.


first place gets:

one nice looking draw w/ the color and background (doesn’t have to look like this but you know, something that isn’t dumb like everything else i draw)

a phone wallpaper draw of whatever you want bUT YOU GOTTA BE READY TO TELL ME WHAT UR PHONE PIXELS ARE (can be replaced with a sketch if you don’t want a phone wallpaper. could also be a computer wallpaper)

second place:

one nice line weighted pic w/ color and background

sketch of whatever

third place:

non-colored lineart

tha sketchhhh

(reference above ↑)

special fourth place:

minimalist pic with cool background

as you can see, this will be a LOT OF ART. when the winners are announced, plz do not expect to get ur art lickity splity. i do have a life, you know (wiz and dealing with family). but i will get to it by the time summer ends, i promise.

now go! go unto the spiral and be awesome!