i wanted to do only 8 gifs

#8 “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“You can’t be serious. That looks like a belt.” Warren says as he comes in your room.
“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” You respond coldly and he snorts in disbelief.
“I don’t want you to wear that.” He says and for a second you get insecure.
“But I thought you’d like it.”
“I do.” He pulls you in a hug, his hands wander down to your ass. “I really do, but only for myself.”
“Mh, then maybe we should stay here.” You whisper, kissing him passionately.
“Sounds good to me.” He mumbles against your lips before pulling you in another kiss.

Countdown to Charles Challenge

Only 8 more episodes! I figured we could start a gif/graphic challenge to not only count down to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, but to also celebrate what we’ve loved most about the show before the highly-anticipated time jump!

You can do them out of order, just do the ones you want, whatever. I just thought it would be fun to take a look back on the show so far.

Tag your brilliant creations with Countdown to Charles so we can see all the amazing things you come up with! 

Please reblog and share!

  1. Favorite Liar
  2. Favorite Supporting Character
  3. Favorite Villain
  4. Favorite “A” Moment(s)
  5. Favorite Ship
  6. Favorite Friendship
  7. Favorite Family Relationship
  8. Favorite Season
  9. Favorite Episode
  10. Favorite Premiere
  11. Favorite Mid-Season Finale
  12. Favorite Finale
  13. Favorite Scene/Moment
  14. Favorite Place/Set
  15. Favorite Holiday Special
  16. Your Ideal “A”/Charles Suspect

so I’ve just recently hit 3K (I honestly can not believe it?) and thought I’d do a ‘tumblr awards’ for you guys in honor! I was originally thinking of doing blog of the months, but you guys voted for tumblr awards—so I may just do both…any who, heres whatcha gotta do:


-mbf me, aka someone who loves a *dead* man
-reblog this (this has got to at least hit 40+ notes, if not, you didn’t see anything)
-you have until Wednesday, November 25th 8:00PM EST
-winners will be announced on November 26th (Thanksgiving!)
-each award has one winner and one runner up


-a follow from me (if I don’t)
-a special page for the winner/runner ups on my blog
-group promos (one for the winners and one for the runner ups)
-a self promo through my ask whenever you want!
-only winners get a gifset of their favorite character + lyrics of choice
-you get extra lovin’ from me (c’mon, best gift ever)


-IRON MAN AWARD: best icon/header
-BLACK WIDOW AWARD: best theme
-HAWKEYE AWARD: best mobile theme
-HULK AWARD: best posts
-THOR AWARD: nicest blogger
-VISION AWARD: underrated blogger
-WINTER SOLDIER AWARD: dicksilver’s favorite
-FALCON AWARD: best multifandom
-ANT-MAN AWARD: best original content
-BLACK PANTHER AWARD: best dc posts
-SCARLET WITCH AWARD: best marvel posts
-QUICKSILVER AWARD: best overall