i wanted to do a texas one alright

In your shoes.

This was requested a long time ago by @australiasami​ and initially I had some qualms about writing it because I didn’t know much, or any, at all but then, a sweet darling @balletbunsandsugarplums​ gave me a few advice and I am forever thankful to have you help me.

I am still worried about how this turned out so I hope it was alright and hope everyone can enjoy this! I have less than 28 requests now so I will work on them and hopefully by the end of July, I can open the requests again. Anyways, enjoy!

Being back at home is such a stress-reliever for you but too bad, the same cannot be said for your entire family, with the exception of Alfred, of course. You have half the mind to ask Alfred if he had been to Texas before but decided against asking him because Alfred might not even give you a straight answer. But you are back in Texas and you are happy to be back – it feels like you haven’t been home for the longest time.

“Y/N, we are not getting in that truck you have rented.” Bruce frowns, looking at the truck. “It does not feel safe.” You roll your eyes at your husband’s answer.

“Bruce, I love you very much, I really do but every single night you go out to fight crimes,” You whisper this part quietly, “You will be perfectly alright with getting on this truck.” You tell him, putting a hand on your hip, looking at him with one of your eyebrows raised, as if challenging him to answer back.

But before Bruce could even reply, Damian cuts in and slides in between the two of you, keeping his back to Bruce. “Mother, I have never driven a truck before – can I drive?”

Bruce and you look at your youngest son before answering, “No.”

Damian frowns. “Tt.” He crosses his road and moves to stand beside Alfred.

“Fine but I want to drive the truck.” Bruce finally relents and you smile at him before pressing your lips on his cheeks. He makes to move towards the truck and you turn to face the rest of your boys.

“Okay, Dick, you and Jason have got that truck and I trust Tim, Damian and Alfred will be alright with the last truck?” You ask and Alfred gives you a small smile, nodding his head. Damian looks at you.

“Are you sure I cannot drive, mother?”

You laugh, shaking your head. “No, Damian. Alfred’s driving.”

Jason picks up all of the luggage and gently throws it at the back of the truck. “Come on – the heat is crazy and I want to take a shower before we do anything later.” He calls out before getting in the truck he had been assigned to with Dick.

“We’ll see you at Grandpa’s house, Ma.” Dick exclaims before making his way to the truck. You wait until all of your kids as well as Alfred get in to their own respective trucks before heading to the truck where Bruce is currently waiting for you.

Bruce starts the engine as soon as you are seated, he glances at you and lets out a sigh before putting your seatbelts on for you. “Safety first.” He reminds you causing you to laugh before pushing him back to his chair.

“Come on – let’s go home!”

After eating the lunch your parents have prepared, you decided to bring your boys along to the local livestock show that happens to

After eating lunch that had been prepared for your entire family by your parents, you decided to bring your boys along to the local Rodeo. It took a little convincing mostly because Bruce had been skeptical but after reassuring him that no one would make fun of the Bruce Wayne, he had relented like he initially did with the trip and you beam. Damian had been as excited as he can get – though honestly, you think he was probably looking forward to the events where he can participate – Tim on the other hand is documenting every single moment, making what you assume is a Vlog. Dick and Jason are chatting with each other about how they could probably win the mounted shooting – your parents had been more than helpful with giving the boys details pertaining to events happening at the rodeo.

“Do you think if I ask mother enough, will she eventually let me drive the truck?” Damian asks once all of you arrive at the stadium. “Or perhaps, she will allow me to do some of these events?” He asks no one in particular.

“Maybe if you sneak away and do it, she probably would not realize.” Tim snickers, filming Damian up close. Damian rolls his eyes before pushing the camera away from his face. He has a few things he wants to see and if possible, register too.

“If any of you are betting, just don’t blow too much money.” You tell your boys before hooking your arm with Bruce’s. Alfred had decided to stay back at your parents’ house to help prepare food for dinner because all of your siblings and cousins are going to come down tonight and it’s really going to be really fun to see all of them again.

“This is surprisingly not as bad as I expected it to be.” Bruce presses his lips on your temple causing you to giggle, snuggling against his side as the two of you walk around the arena. You used to go to these things all the time with your grandpa while growing up and being here reminds you of the fun times you had with him. “What’s in that mind of yours?”

“I used to go to all of these things with my late grandpa – Rodeo was a huge deal to him and since I was the first born grandchild, he shared that love with me.” You smile at Bruce who nods his head. “Which is why I wanted to share that love with everyone too.”

Bruce feels a little bit guilty for his earlier reservations. He doesn’t even know why he had been so reluctant to come to Texas with you – perhaps, it’s a little bit out of his comfort zone, he can’t quite pinpoint why yet though – but now that you have shared that important part of your childhood with him, Bruce really wants to try to enjoy being in your hometown now.

“Alright then, you have me interested. What do you think we should do?” Bruce asks you but before you can answer, your comms – it’s a tad bit easier to have this rather than calling your sons one by one – rings and Dick’s voice enters your ear.

“Uh, guys – I think we may have to leave soon because Damian is starting to steal all of the cows he thinks are being mistreated.”

niutellat  asked:

OH GOLLY YOUR SONA IS SO DAMNLY CUTE. *A* I'm new on your tumblr - and I wanted to say that your art is WONDERFUL omg! - and so, speaking of OCs and FCs, I was wondering if you had an Hetalia's one? *^* *throws some love*

Ahhh thank you, friend! I do have some Hetalia OCs.

Once upon a time I had drawn up all goddamn 50 of America’s little gremlins and even had a blog for them, but most of them were poorly designed. Pictured here are Texas and Oklahoma, the only two who had any real characterization.

Once upon a similar time I also had a Mexico OC, who was alright, but I’d honestly only made him so I could draw this Texas Revolution comic. Since then he’s appeared once in a FIFA drawing of mine and once as a minor appearance in a fanfic.

I also spent a large portion of my time roleplaying back in high school, and I primarily roleplayed North Korea. To this day he’s probably still one of my best fleshed out OCs, but I have to pretend he doesn’t exist from time to time because current events happen and so do times where they should not intersect with Hetalia. He’s pictured here playing on his phone and  wondering why he’s in a picture that clearly involves North American affairs and not him.

i only pretend to hate love songs; a playlist of all my favorite love songs bc i am TRASH

i. when the day met the night - panic! at the disco // ii. favorite record - fall out boy // iii. oh ms. believer - twenty one pilots // iv. texas - magic man // v. summertime - my chemical romance // vi. suck it and see - arctic monkeys // vii. peach - the front bottoms // viii. no shows - gerard way // ix. lovely - twenty one pilots // x. black beauty - lana del rey // xi. how do i tell a girl i want to kiss her - modern baseball // xii. laughter lines - bastille // xiii. the end of all things - panic! at the disco // xiv. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy

listen here

well! i’ve gotten over three hundred followers in about a month?– which i’m totally thankful for, oh man. it happened so fast! and i love all of you…. love!!!

which is why i’m going to have this little giveaway! it’s not much, and i am busy with real life things so it might.. be a little while until the winners receive their art, but i swear you’ll definitely get it!

you’ll get a drawing like this ( thought a little more refined and nicely colored! ) of any character you want. it can be your oc, a naruto character, a character from some other anime, manga, or series!– anything! how cool is that.

there’ll be three winners and i’ll use a random number generator to pick them on wednesday, july 16th.

a few rules:

- mbf: i’m a follower grubbing jerk. follow me if you want the arts.
- one like, one reblog. that’s it! please do not reblog to multiple roleplay accounts, i will check. no giveaway blogs, either. be fair!
- and just to reiterate: it’s over on july 16th! ( 8pm central texas )