i wanted to do a colorful gifset for a change


You asked me, what kind of life we had just surrendering. It wasn’t, It wasn’t a life. What we did back there, what we’re doing now, making a future for Judith and for Glenn and Maggie’s baby, fighting the fight, that’s living. You showed me that.

so, I reached 1.5k followers and as this will probably be the last milestone I hit and my following/friends have changed since I last did my follow forever, I wanted to do an updated one & it’s such a good way to find some new amazing blogs!. I can’t believe this many people follow silly ol’me and put up with all my annoying posts haha. I’m so appreciative of all of you, and especially those who show my gifsets love and appreciation <33

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I was just wondering how you managed to do that colouring on the Sansa gifset. It's amazing

ahhh omg thank you so much wow!!!! i used my usual layers, like curves, brightness, selective color and the particular in here is colorize (in hue/saturation), which allows you to color the edit in one color (similar to gradient map, but not exactly) and obv change the hue (color) the saturation (pale,bw / bright, strong), or lightness (dark/bright).  later just delete the parts who you don’t want to be colored in the layer mask! fkjgfdljk ok since its a bit long to explain every layer, here is a psd of one of the colorings that i saved flkhdfhkh (i never save them so its a record for me wow)

post // download // don’t repost or claim it as your own! // 
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things you’ll need: 
photoshop (i’m using cs5) 
basic photoshop knowledge 
know how to make a gif (tutorial here or here)

In the following tutorial I am going to be explaining how to color gifs to your full potential and in a style in which you want. The first one is colorful, whilst the second one is pastel with a hint of color change + creativity and the third simply just pastel. I will also give advice on what you should do to get this styles. Please like/reblog if you’ve found this tutorial helpful in anyway. Follow for more like this!

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little big rappers ♥ (2014 - 2016 debuts)

anonymous asked:

I sent a question a long time ago about this so I don't know if you got it or not but I was wondering how you do the colorings for your gifs I know every gif obviously has a different coloring but you seem to entirely change the color of the original video which is really impressive I was wondering how you went upon doing that? I know it's hard to describe since it isn't a specific gifset I'm asking about but I've always wanted to try to do that and I wasn't sure who to ask

hey anonymous. no, I never got your first message (tumblr must of eaten it). but thanks for sending it again! I’ll gladly help you out :)

there are multiple techniques that you can use, depending on the light/color of the video/picture. these are the main adjustments that I use:

  • color balance
  • curves
  • hue/saturation
  • selective color
  • gradient map

I’ll do a tutorial on all of these adjustment functions (with pictures), so it’s easier for you to understand how I do it :) if there are any more question after this tutorial, feel free to ask! 💖

[ + gif example is at the bottom of this post ]

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helene-of-flowers  asked:

Pardon me for asking, but why is that one gifset whitewashed? It looks perfectly normal to me. I was never able to "see" izzy and Simon as latinx bc of their physique, so I'd be really grateful for any tips on how to recognize whitewashing for them


I’ll ignore how offensive it is that you are not able to see Izzy and Simon as latinx because they have light skin, i’m latina and i have very pale skin so it’s kinda :/ when people tell me im white because of it, i’m not. period.

But anyway, yeah, i’ll gladly explain. Izzy and Simon are originally white but on the show they are both latinx, and it’s never really mentioned in any way which is why I can see people getting confused about their race. Alberto is  of colombian and cuban descent, Emeraude is half mexican and half lebanese, it’s really important that you know, even if they “don’t look like it” to you, they aren’t white, they are representing latinx people, both of them have talked about how important it is that young people are gonna be able to feel represented because of them, and here’s when whitewashing them becomes a huge problem. You are taking that representation away, you are erasing something they are (proud of, mind you) and changing it because you just “don’t see them like that”. If you are white i can understand how whitewashing and colorism is not a big deal to you and you don’t notice or if you do you choose to ignore it, but that is not an excuse.

Now, because it sounds that you really want to get educated about this and find a way you can help to not contribute to this way of racism, here it is:

This is Emeraude’s normal skin tone (or at least what the coloring on the show makes it look like, which is not that far away):

and here is her with a coloring that whitewashes her:

You still can’t see the difference? How about with Alberto now?



Not yet? How about Harry?:

Normally colorings are made to make skin tones brighter, they are made to color white people, which is why, while making an edit, you have to be extra careful to not whitewash anyone. If someone calls you out on whitewashing, accept it and apologize and then try as hard as you possibly can to never do it again. You can notice gifsets or edits are whitewashed when you look at their skintones and find something odd, something weird, when you notice it just doesn’t look right on them.

Now, I want you to look at this:

It doesn’t look that weird right? The exact same coloring, but now used on a white person. That’s because it’s not changing her skin tone, well maybe it’s making her paler but it’s not taking dark skin and making it lighter to make it more “aesthetically pleasing”

Both Emeraude and Alberto have darker skin compared to Kat or Dom so it’s easy to notice, please try not to ignore it. When I first watched the show I noticed immediately that Emeraude was latina, and when I saw Matt I actually thought he was too (I guess just because he kinda reminds me of Noah Centineo) and then I found out Matt is white which is why I can also understand if people get confused while thinking of both characeter’s heritage,but, like I said before, it’s not an excuse, if you ever see an edit and you think that it is whitewashed but you are not sure then ask a poc. hell you can even come to my blog and ask me. 

Anyway, yeah just try to not ignore that poc are poc and try to stop thinking that there’s nothing wrong with whitewashing :).


one gifset per episode
↪ orange(オレンジ)► letter 05

Did the me of the future send the letter knowing that the past couldn’t be changed? Maybe nothing can be done to save my future self from her sadness and regret. But I’m sure the future me is moving forward.


“Cassie, You’ve said that Isabelle is who she is because of her growing up knowing about Roberts affair (because of Maryse telling her and also telling her to never trust a man, especially with her heart) and that Isabelle wouldn’t be Isabelle without that knowledge. But I’ve read somewhere that in the show Isabelle doesn’t know of Roberts affair and is in fact a daddy’s girl. Do you think that will change how she is portrayed? And do you think that will change who she is as a person in the show and that she will be different than book Isabelle (I mean different emotionally, mentally, and personality wise; not her not being portrayed as a badass)? Because that vulnerability of having known that at such a young age and having Maryse tell her to never trust a man is what made Simon actually see HER and see why she is the way she is or at least that’s how I saw it. It’s also what made her seem more real and less fantasy-like. — avalonsterling18

So since the Beyond the Shadows special aired, I have been inundated with these kinds of questions, as well as of course the usual stuff about how I could have “let” “them” make changes to the books, etc.

I thought it was time to reiterate what’s on my website, just because I want you to understand that this was my position before, and the situation before, and that it is the same, and nothing has changed.

Yes, Isabelle not knowing as she grew up about her father’s affair changes Isabelle very much, and alters her substantially from the character I created. Not just in the way Simon sees her, but in the way Isabelle’s character was shaped and formed: only growing up with the knowledge she has, not acquiring it later, would create Isabelle as we know her. You’re right.

I think it is very clear to everyone at this point that there have been many changes to the books in the TV adaptation, and that the characters are different, as is the story and how it unfolds. 

I can’t speak to the changes that have been made for this show, their extent or their repercussions, because I was not at all involved in the creation of this show. That is not because I did not want to have any input. I offered to be involved, tried to be and would have loved to be, but unfortunately that wasn’t on the table, and eventually I stopped looking at the scripts because there seemed no reason to if I could not comment on them in a meaningful way or effect any change. (There is one scene, in the pilot, that is there because of a discussion I had with McG, and I suspect when it airs you will know what that scene was.)*

I have decided to maintain positivity and hope for the best from the show, as nothing would be gained from my negativity. The show is the show, and nothing I say here or anywhere will change anything about it. While I know some things about it, there is much I don’t know, and I don’t believe in making up my mind without the whole picture, or misleading others with opinions that aren’t based on the full story.

Again on the topic of input: it is normal and not unusual for the author of the source material an adaptation is based on not to be consulted about the adaptation. The exceptions get most of the attention: Game of Thrones, Outlander. But they are exceptions. Here’s a discussion of “How involved is Thomas Harris, the author of Silence of the Lambs, with Hannibal?” The answer: “Not even slightly involved.” And he is a much more famous and powerful writer than I am.

Hollywood is built on hierarchy. In the case of television shows, the decisions are made by the show runner. I have noticed an interesting thing, and perhaps it is because the show has not aired yet, but most fan questions about the show are still directed at me, and the discussion about changes from the books vaguely references “the writers.” The person you are thinking of is Ed Decter. He is the showrunner.

From what I have seen, the names of showrunners are centrally and passionately known on tumblr. Everyone knows Jeff Davis is responsible for Teen Wolf. Julie Plec is responsible for The Vampire Diaries. Bryan Fuller is responsible for Hannibal. In that same way, Ed Decter is responsible for Shadowhunters. 

So yes, you are right about Isabelle, but I don’t know if it really helps anything for me to confirm that I agree. I understand why you would want to know my opinion and if I share your fears and concerns, and of course I have my own concerns. But I think my speaking to it or about it underlines the mistaken idea that I have some control, or some say, or had input and I did not.*

Therefore, with the hope of redirecting people toward the actual creators of this show, I will not be commenting on the show again until substantially after it airs. I won’t be answering questions, whether they are about characters’ hair color or plot changes or whether the show airs in Antarctica.  I can’t, because I do not want to be the person who speaks for a television show whose story I had no part in — when you are talking about an artistic creation, you should be talking to/about the creator, and that is not me.

I don’t mean I am going to ignore that the show exists; I’m always happy to reblog gifsets, and Instagram when I’m with the cast or crew so you can see what’s going on. But I am not going to answer questions that involve decisions made by people who aren’t me. Mostly what I am here for is to talk about books: I’m always excited to chat with you about characters, and about books past and upcoming, and I’m super thrilled about Lady Midnight and can’t wait for you to read it!

Whatever happens with the show, I’m always a writer first, and sharing the world of the Shadowhunters with all of you has been one of the great pleasures of my life. :)

* Actually, I did get some say in casting the main parts, and I very much like the actors. If the question is “Why did you get input into casting and not into the story?” — well, casting and writing are different departments. If the question is “Why did you let them do this or that” — there is absolutely no let. I had no choices and no more say than you.

** The scene I was talking about in the pilot was actually deleted before the pilot was aired. It was a scene from the books. Which goes to show, I do not have any say in the show or any knowledge of the changes they make when they make them.

Ed Decter: @edecter on twitter

Shireen Razack, story editor : @shireenwhynot on twitter

Hello everyone and welcome to the WHEN THEY CRY - SECRET SANTA EVENT 2014!

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What I won’t do/ Don’t want to receive: This is where you tell me what you don’t feel comfortable with. What are you not so good at? (for example: I’m an Artist- But I’m not good at drawing old people) What would you rather avoid doing? (for example:porn, gore,……)
Are there any characters/ships/… you despise and don’t want to see in your present? Anything that would offend you? Let me know!

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(I will decide that later based on how many entries I get.)
If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask! I’ll make sure to answer as soon as I can.

Happy Holidayys!~