i wanted to do a colorful gifset for a change


little big rappers ♥ (2014 - 2016 debuts)


things you’ll need: 
photoshop (i’m using cs5) 
basic photoshop knowledge 
know how to make a gif (tutorial here or here)

In the following tutorial I am going to be explaining how to color gifs to your full potential and in a style in which you want. The first one is colorful, whilst the second one is pastel with a hint of color change + creativity and the third simply just pastel. I will also give advice on what you should do to get this styles. Please like/reblog if you’ve found this tutorial helpful in anyway. Follow for more like this!

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anonymous asked:

I sent a question a long time ago about this so I don't know if you got it or not but I was wondering how you do the colorings for your gifs I know every gif obviously has a different coloring but you seem to entirely change the color of the original video which is really impressive I was wondering how you went upon doing that? I know it's hard to describe since it isn't a specific gifset I'm asking about but I've always wanted to try to do that and I wasn't sure who to ask

hey anonymous. no, I never got your first message (tumblr must of eaten it). but thanks for sending it again! I’ll gladly help you out :)

there are multiple techniques that you can use, depending on the light/color of the video/picture. these are the main adjustments that I use:

  • color balance
  • curves
  • hue/saturation
  • selective color
  • gradient map

I’ll do a tutorial on all of these adjustment functions (with pictures), so it’s easier for you to understand how I do it :) if there are any more question after this tutorial, feel free to ask! 💖

[ + gif example is at the bottom of this post ]

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one gifset per episode
↪ orange(オレンジ)► letter 05

Did the me of the future send the letter knowing that the past couldn’t be changed? Maybe nothing can be done to save my future self from her sadness and regret. But I’m sure the future me is moving forward.