i wanted to cry it was that good

OK SO YUURI SEEMS TO BE GETTING AN OFFICIAL BODY PILLOW (sound of me screaming my lungs out)




you were my anchor but now I need to learn how to stay steady without you. when night hits i hit back harder. when morning gets here I’m bruised and aching but I’m still here so it counts it counts it counts.

every time I have a dream about you, I wake up crying. last night you loved me and the night before you didn’t. once you told me you had a dream we were together and I still think about that, but only when I’m trying to convince myself you were good, too.

i’ve never known how to say goodbye so I keep saying hello but you don’t want to hear it anymore so I’ve stopped calling. the cards are in your hands and if I were you I’d throw the deck but this was never my decision it was always yours and you made that pretty clear when you chose her.

i’m not petty I’m just tired. its okay and it’s not. every song hurts but so does silence. i keep trying to wake up but the punches aren’t landing. nothing is impacting.

nothing is impacting.

—  can’t get a grip can’t get better– lily rain

The weirdest thing happened to me back when I was in 5th or 6th grade. This girl who used to bully me for my weight (not relentlessly she was just mean because she thought she was one of the cool kids) called me on my house phone (few kids had mobiles back then). She was crying and started to tell me her story. Her parents wanted to move and she didn’t want to leave school because all her friends were there. I was listening and saying some reassuring words every now and then. The call lasted for over half an hour. In the end she thanked me for listening and we said our buh-byes.

I’m still not sure what to make of that. Out of all her friends why did she call the girl she taunted? I never had a grudge against her, honestly, she had her good phases. To this day I’m still surprised and haven’t figured out why me.


Annie Lennox & Al Green - Put A Little Love In Your Heart

“Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart
You see it’s getting late
Oh, please don’t hesitate
Put a little love in your heart

And the world will be a better place  
For you and me
You just wait and see

Another day goes by
Still the children cry
Put a little love in your heart
If you want the world to know
We won’t let hatred grow
Put a little love in your heart

And the world (and the world) will be a better place
All the world (all the world) will be a better place
For you (for you)
And me (and me)
You just wait (just wait)
And see, wait and seeT

ake a good look around
And if you’re looking down
Put a little love in your heart
I hope when you decide
Kindness will be your guide
Put a little love in your heart”

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I'm so so so so so sorry, but their performance just didn't work for me. I wanted soo much for it to be good, but that arrangement 😭😭😭. I loved the outfits tho and I'm hoping for a great album, but WFH just didn't work, I wanna cry.

I think they did good considering the circumstances, but they did cut off the entire end of the song because it’s basically all Camila’s riffs. They just cut her off completely and that’s what I don’t like about it, not the performance itself but the fact that they simply erased Camz. I know it was bound to happen, Camz left, there’s no other way around it and the show must go on, but it’s all happening so fucking fast. I don’t blame any of the girls for that because I know it’s all management’s plan, but my Ot5 heart is in pain

why am I so fucking emotional? why am I only good at crying ? why can’t I fucking shout back? why am I so weak ? I hate it, I’m so tired of needing someone who can make me feel better, or who’s there to defend me. I don’t want to need anyone, I just want myself to be enough for me. why can’t I be of any good for my fucking self ?

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could you tell me how's mark personality ? is he funny? he's meme material?

Mark Lee is quality meme material as i have made some memes of him on my other blog . Here and here

Okay his personality. (Im going to get carried away sorry)

  • So smol baby child who is stubborn
  • very stubborn
  • hates doing aegyo
  • and being cute in general
  • (save him from NCT Dream)
  • amazing rapper oh my god
  • I hope SM lets him do a mix tape 
  • anyway
  • His korean is v good
  • Not in NCT Life in Seoul
  • He struggled
  • Poor Mark
  • But he’s v good at Korean and is like Mark from Got7 and barely speaks English anymore and prefers to speak Korean
  • Little baby Canadian
  • Is not pure and an angel as much as we want him to be
  • the boy isn’t Renjun
  • He’s going to be an adult this year
  • I cry at that fact
  • i feel like when he gets older like 25ish he’s going to be full of dad jokes and bad puns
  • #savemark2k17
  • Pls love mark
  • he’s in three groups all with v different concepts 
  • while in high school????
  • how???????
  • he’s great
  • tries to be Dad to the Dream babies but fails 
  • He cant cook for shit
  • but back to Dream babies (im only older than 2 of them but they are still my dream babies)
  • v protective of them
  • loves them to death
  • you can tell 
  • he just wants to love and care for all of them but he cant cause he’s still a cute little smol
  • #marklovesthedreambabies
  • Markhyuck
  • if you dont know what this i will inform you and go off on a tangent and not even answer this question correctly
  • Lovely Donghyuck (aka Haechan) and Mark are pretty much best friends
  • it’s great
  • they room together as well and they’re both in NCT 127 and Dream 
  • While Haechan doesn’t have the suffering of also being in NCT U
  • They are super close and adorable 
  • Haechan is going to be the reason Mark doesnt starve 
  • Like i said earlier Mark cant cook and Haechan is amazing at cooking??
  • In the NCT Life season 4 like Haechan came up with the breakfast and helped poor mark cook it
  • Anyway before I get more carried away
  • Mark Lee: cute stubborn smol who hates doing aegyo and is our precious little Canadian who is not a pure and innocent as we want him to be but we still love him. Rapping skills. Struggling single father of 6 who cant cook and his children are only going be fed cause of their middle brother Haechan who can cook well for some reason
  • As a wise man once said “That’s a long ass ride.” 

And I got carried away. Nobody is surprised. 

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Can you please send good vibes I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety heard a conversation my mom and her boyfriend had from under my door and they said I'm crazy and that it's my fault I have depression and anxiety and I think they want to homeschool me so I don't ruin the family image and I rarely get to use my phone anymore even though that's the only way I can talk to my friends and my mom is forcing me to grow my hair out I just want to cry

i’m going to personally kick your mom what the fuck??? lots of good vibes lemme at ‘er

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I adored that new clip until everyone on my dash started screaming about the 'broganes' then I just wanted to cry because it's just uncomfortable when people do that? You feel me? Anyway I still love that new clip and shiro and Keith are so cute I love my space children :')

SAME THO??? like wow okay you do you bUT FUCK THAT SHEITH CLIP WAS SO GOOD I DIED 1528489746 TIMES

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paisley. i just cried a crap ton that ive built up. and god it felt so good. i know how silly it sounds but god. i just cried for 2 hours. i almost gave up tonight, but then i thought about this blog and it made me feel something.. i just wanted to thank you for maybe saving me. you're the best.

Oh my gosh, anon… sometimes that’s what we really need. A good cry to just empty out our system and flush all those bottled emotions out. I don’t know what you’ve been going through, anon, but I can tell you that whatever battle you’re facing, you’re one tough cookie and things will absolutely get better. It’s honestly really touching that this blog gave you a reason to keep fighting. That’s what my blog is all about! So you just keep kicking and punching your way through this. I’m here for you.

Don’t Touch!

Paulo Dybala X Reader

Word count: 435

Requested: Anon

Request: Omg i love your paulo dybala imagines, can you make more? You writing skills are soooo good!!! would you want to write an imagine about him being fighting with one of his teammates (physically) because they were assaulting you? xxx have a good day

Originally posted by alessa-10

You were waiting for Paulo when it happened you didn’t even register who it was all you know what that you were slammed against a wall you back stinging as you let out a harsh cry. “I know you’re not here because you love him!” he accused as you tried to push him away.

“Please!” You whimpered trying the get the man to let go but it only succeeds in making the grip tighter.
“You’re here because of the money and that means that as soon as you get what you want you gone and I refuse to let you walk over him like that!” He continued. Before you could say anything he was yanked away from you and you fell to the ground knees pulled up to your chest.
“You stay away from her!” Paulo yelled as he throws punch after punch at the guy’s face. There were shouts from team mates as they managed to pull him off of the guy. Paulo then looked over at you and saw the way that you were sat against the wall and slowly walked towards you crouching down, he gently reached out to touch your cheek and you flinched “Shh it’s only me.” You looked up before allowing him to touch your face and gently bring you towards him helping you to stand finally being able to take you home after the question from police and press alike, he didn’t leave alone once, he kept close to you in an attempt to keep you safe until you were home.

The following morning you were up before he was and you were better than you were yesterday, you were in the kitchen cooking when Paulo got up and when he found you in the kitchen humming to the music on the radio he smiled, until his eyes landed on the hand-shaped bruises on your shoulders shown by the tank top you wore for bed. He walked over attempting to make some noise so that you’d know he was behind you and you smiled at that. “Morning.” You greeted as his arms wrapped around your waist.
“Good Morning, How are you feeling?” Paulo asked kissing your shoulder.
“I’m good.” You answered putting the breakfast on the plates before you both sat down to eat.
“Your shoulders don’t hurt?” he asked.
“If anything my back hurts.” You mumbled. “But I’ll be okay.”
“No! Come on!” He gestured for you to go to the living room before ordering that you lay on the couch on your belly.
“What are you doing?” You asked.
“Giving you a massage.” he answered smiling.

Requests and general question!

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have the altmatsus seen the lion king? if so what do u think about it? :>

Oso- Likes the second half of the movie, but repeatedly made animal-based jokes during the first half. Giggles with the hyenas, which terrify everyone. Pouts when Scar dies, concerning everyone even more.

Kara- Appreciates the story, hums “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” as a lullaby, hates the hyenas because they freak him out. Actually debated on the “bugs taste like chicken” thing.

Todo- Very emotional and wanted to strangle Scar the moment he killed Mufasa, had to look away during the eating bugs scene because it made him feel sick. Vomited during the scene where Nala gives Simba “the look”.

Jyushi- Also emotional, but couldn’t stop crying after Mufasa’s death. He likes “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, which terrifies Ichi a bit. He nearly ate a passing cockroach in order to see if bugs actually taste good, but was stopped by Ichi.

Ichi- Pretends to not like it, actually likes it. Hates “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” with a passion, had to cover Jyushi’s eyes during the scene where Nala gives Simba “the look”.

Choro- Repeatedly tries to convince everyone that it’s just Hamlet with lions, calls Simba “the reckless young prince Hamlet”, Scar “the vile Claudius” and Nala “the fair maiden Ophelia”. Cries when Mufasa’s ghost appears.

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Two years ago, you encouraged people to try something new... and I wrote you a message saying that I'd applied and had been accepted to grad school. Grad school didn't leave much time for Tumblr or reading fic but wanted to come back and say that I will graduate with my MA in April. Just wanted to say thanks for making my small Tumblr addiction into something I never thought I'd actually do! It's never too late (I'm 44) to learn new things. Peace and good things...

I’m just going to sit here and cry for a while. I’m so proud of you. That’s wonderful!

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two posts before i take my long ass nap and stuff

1) i got new meds cause my other one wasnt helping me with my anxiety (in fact it made it worse) lol

2) finally admitted to my sort of therapist that im depressed as shit, 2016 kicked my ass, and that i want to die and he was very helpful and understanding. man it felt good to finally let it all out.

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Hii I really like your blog! :D And I was wondering if you could do a scencerio if what would yandere 1p and 2p America and Canada do when their s/o told them he/she wanted to get a divorce. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

2p America & 2p Canada:

Originally posted by hanatollas

He would be shocked and he would be trembling a bit and he  would try to reassure them of what they were saying , “(s/o) are you joking around babe , please…”, he would try to hug them by the waist but (s/o) will push him away , he would start crying a bit but he will stop for a while and look at (s/o) , “you can’t leave me babe”, he would grab them by the wrist and throw them to the wall , making (s/o) wince and fall to the ground , he will start giggling as he walks slowly to them , “(s/o)` Why do you want to leave ~ we’re a happy couple ~ no one can treat you better than me ~ I know I’m been rough right now but your misbehaving , now , now , don’t start crying and blame it at me , you started it ~ “, he will grab them by the hair and drag them to the basement and the last thing that we can hear are (s/o)’s screams as he closes the door behind him . We can say that (s/o) will be deserving a punishment.:2p America & 2p Canada

1p America & 1p Canada:

Originally posted by redmist36

He would already be crying , he wouldn’t let  go of (s/o)′s leg  , he would be pleading at them to not leave , “I’ll buy you anything you want , I can change as however you want me to change , just please stay !”, he wouldn’t let go even if (s/o) try to push them of their leg , “PLEASE!BABE! I LOVE Y-”, he was cut of by a slap in the face that (s/o) gave them , he would be staring at the ground shock , “You’re such a creep!”, (s/o) would be yelling at him , but he wouldn’t pay attention to their insults , he knew they loved him , they just , they just need to stay here with him , forever, he got up and all of sudden grab their hair and slam their head to the wall , not hard enough to kill them but hard enough to make them pass out , he smiled as he looked at  them fall to the ground and pass out , he smiled more as he picked them up and carried them bridal style to the basement,”Forever .”:1p America & 1p Canada

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ok, this is going to sound silly but i was having a bad day & i saw this rp in the tags & i did see that you already accepted but i went around & snooped anyways & i can just see that you're a really nice admin and that everyone in this groups seems to be having loads of fun & that it generally just seems like a nice good positive place & i'm just??? like i'm not even in this rp and it made me feel a bit better, and so i just wanted to say that i hope everyone in it has a wonderful day/night.

i’m ……. omg this did not sound silly at all ! i’m actually crying to be honest, this is the nicest message i have ever received on tumblr ever ?? like how are you even real ? you’re an actual angel ! we all have those awful, bad days & they suck but i’m so glad that this little group could make a difference for you ! i hope you have a billion good days in a row bc you deserve them ! thank you for sending this, it made me so happy ! messages like this are what makes me even more excited to be an admin …,. there are actual tears rn, i’m sending you all the love in the world <3