i wanted to cry it was so perfect

EXO Reacts to: You having a bad day

Summary: You’ve had a terrible day and he knows the perfect way to make you feel better.


Minseok knew you were upset as soon as you entered the door. It hurt him to see you sad, so of course he wants to do anything he can to make you feel better. He wraps his arms around your waist and places gentle kisses on the nape of your neck.

‘You know you can talk to be about anything right? I love you and I’ll do anything for you.’

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He’s gonna be so mad at whoever made you cry. You’re his baby, and no one is allowed to hurt you. But before showing how angry he is at the person that upset you, he needs to make sure you feel better.

‘Don’t let them bring you down, okay baby? I hate seeing you cry.’

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As soon as you tell him what your boss said to you, he’s gonna be resisting the urge to go to your workplace and kick their ass. However, he doesn’t upon taking in the sadness in your eyes; he knows that you need some comfort right now and he’s the right person to give it to you.

‘Don’t dwell on assholes like them Y/N. You don’t deserve to be spoken to like that.’

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He misses your usual bubbly self and wants to help you go back to that. Seeing you sad wasn’t something that he was too familiar with, but even so he tries to return you back to your happy self. Hopefully making you laugh by doing aegyo

‘I love you jagi!’

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He’s gonna do everything in his power to make you better. Yixing will cook you dinner, buy you chocolate and flowers, he’ll probably get you a dog just to see you happy again. He wants nothing more than to see the love of his life happy again. If nothing else works he’ll just lay with you and make sure you know how much he loves you.

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He’s gonna shower you in kisses and cuddles. Literally you’ll just be in each other’s arms for the rest of the day. Of course there will be playful moments, but they just make it even better and you’ll be back to your usual self in no time.

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Jongdae was so excited for when you came home, but as soon as he saw the sorrowful look on your face his smile immediately fell. He is determined to make sure you’re happy. He does this by doing silly things to make you laugh.’

‘Smile Y/N! It makes my day.’

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Chanyeol would be salty af. You sit on the couch together, your head on his shoulder, as he goes on a rant about how much better you are than them and how they’re just jealous of you.

‘They’re stupid for saying those things to you jagiya, you’re amazing and you don’t deserve negative people like that in your life.’

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His main priority right now is to put a smile on your face, even if that means making a fool out of himself. He’ll save the scolding for your ‘friend’ for later.

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You bet he’s mad. He’ll stomp right over to whoever ruined your day and tell them straight not to mess with you. Once he’s calmed down he’ll comfort you by hugging you and stroking your head gently.

‘I’ve got your back no matter what Y/N.’

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This sweetheart is already all over you, repeatedly asking what’s wrong. You can barely explain as your face is smothered by his chest. He’ll calm down and listen after a while, he just got worked up because of course he doesn’t like seeing you upset or angry. Jongin will listen to every word you say, making sure to give you supportive words.

‘Aw jagiya I’m so sorry that happened. You’ll feel better soon, don’t worry I’ve got you.’

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You’re down? Then he’s down too. He’ll hold you in his arms pouting along with you as you tell him what happened. He’ll reassure you that he’s there for you and that you can get through it together.

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Soooo… En premier lieu, hello :) I was reading Their wings and i told myself  caspita, Frisk really need affection, then i asked you if Frisk liked hugs and then this drawing came in my head. I’m bad at drawing, so, yeah, awful proportions and i don’t know coloring… But i really wanted my three girls (left from right : Soru, Nilac, Mheetacce) from my AU Threetales to give a big HUG to your character, and to you by the way. I’m depressive and crying a lot too, yay ! But affection is the perfect healing, i can tell ;) 

I think my characters would wait a bit before hug time, since you said Frisk would feel uncomfortable with strangers, the sisters would first of all create a feeling of trust. Everything to make comfortable one of my favorite human ! :D

Well, à bientôt, and thank you for this wonderful fanfic, i love read it :)

Hi o/

Thank you so much for this lovely sketch, your style is quite unique and I love it ! Your characters look so sweet too, I’m sure Frisk appreciate the gesture, really ! I also appreciate your support, it’s kind of you, thank you very much Cao ;; I’ll treasure this gift

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the feeling is mutual m8!! it’s so hard to read ACOMAF without wanting to just dive into Velaris :’))

Musical Shitpost

this is what happens when i watch mama mia with my mum and we both cry at meryl streep

team voltron love musicals. this is a fact. but who loves what


  • keith loves legally blonde
  • he can’t help it
  • the music is all so fun
  • and they all have such a good time and no one ends up hurt except a couple assholes
  • every time he watches it he starts to sing the song what you want at lance behind his back
  • no one minds
  • hunk and him do a perfect duet of serious


  • this man loves les mis
  • he doesn’t hide it either, his jean val jean impression is spot on
  • sometimes he’s found doing his eyeliner singing both parts of a duet to the mirror
  • often it’s the confrontation
  • he isn’t good at it
  • he cries whenever a character dies too which is hard
  • because like
  • they all die


  • you do not wanna get between this woman and wicked
  • she used to love hamilton but as soon as she heard no good deed she fell in love
  • she can hit all the high notes especially in deying gravity
  • she tried to make keith duet what is this feeling but he couldn’t learn the lyrics
  • sometimes she and lance sing popular together and lance kills it as glinda
  • she refers to the mice as munchkins sometimes


  • when lance is sad he sings my favourite things and it chers him up without fail
  • he has a playlist of his favourite sound of music songs to go to sleep listening to
  • spoiler alert: it’s all of them
  • he convinced the team to do do re mi together and it almost made him cry when they did
  • once when they found a planet where the hills actually were alive he almost died imitating julie andrews
  • he still says it would have been worth it


  • i don’t know if you know this but pidge and heathers go together like shiro and suffering
  • candystore is her anthem
  • and whenever lance pisses her off which is a lot she belts out yo girl around the ship
  • losing rover put her into full on i am damaged mode for weeks
  • lifeboat makes her sad because it reminds her how much of her family she’s lost. sometimes she’ll be alone in her room crying thinking how much she’s lost. no one knows.
  • dead girl walking reprise puts her back in a good mood though so it’s fine


  • i bet you thought this would say high school musical
  • everyone loves highschool musical lance isn’t a basic bitch
  • although he does love it
  • lance‘s favourite is obviously mamma mia and i’m not just saying that because i just watched it
  • it has meryl streep in it for christsake
  • and abba
  • dancing queen is his anthem but lay all your love on me is pretty awesome to him too
  • winner takes it all still makes him cry with pride
  • he’s sung S.O.S about both hunk and keith at different times and same times. they are so perfect for it
  • the musical both makes him incredibly happy and incredibly homesick. use only when needed


  • avenue q of course
  • this was the first musical he’d ever heard and every one since has been a disappointment in comparison
  • he sang everyone’s a little bit racist to allura when she was having her issues with keith
  • it didn’t help
  • he sang if you were gay when keith first got his crush on lance
  • it didn’t help
  • when lance had to handle keith’s bonding moment issue he sang mixtape
  • it helped.


  • grease all the way
  • alone at a drive in moo-vie is his favourite
  • beauty school dropout also resonates deep in his heart
  • this is the only musical the poor cow has seen, he saw it when lance watched it with shiro
  • grease is the word was a spiritual experience

im sorry this is what i made tonight


  • zarkon likes Hairspray purely for Miss Baltimore Crabs
  • haggar enjoys chorus line surprisingly
  • shay adores RENT in every way
  • the blades of marmora watch rocky horror regularly and each have assigned roles to sing. ulaz was dr frank n furter
  • lotor is high school musical 2. he wants fabulous.
  • varkon likes shrek the musical.

If there is a life after this one,” he said, “let me meet you in it, James Carstairs.”

“There will be other lives.” Jem held his hand out, and for a moment, they clasped hands, as they had done during their parabatai ritual, reaching across twin rings of fire to interlace their fingers with each other. “The world is a wheel,” he said. “When we rise or fall, we do it together.”


On this occasion, a home, more than bricks and mortar, a turtle, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of belonging. Isn’t it? Of love of course. Of hope… for the future. I don’t know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to one another than you two. To Barry and Iris. To us.

Context: In the urban fantasy campaign I GM, the vampire mafia boss and her siren bard girlfriend are staging a rescue mission to save another player character from a rival gang. The environment they are in is a large park bordering an equally large lake. The siren, who can swim and breathe underwater in saltwater but not freshwater, wants to know if the lake is salty.

GM (me): it’s a lake and we aren’t in Utah what do you think

Siren (OOC): …………………..yes

Vampire (OOC): can we make It salty

GM: roll for it

I decide I’d only give it to them on a perfect or above perfect roll… which they got.




GM: there’s a huge cleanup happening next week but for now it’s saltwater

submitted by @abunaday: This is my almost-a-cat bunny, Bunbun. He chases cat toys, likes to cuddle, and is a long white noodle child much like your own magical goblin soaghwtti. I hope you have a much better night because you’re really great! Thanks for sharing your pets with us!

When you meet your fave and he is every bit as nice and adorable as you thought he would be and you’re both really un-photogenic (and sleepy)  at midnight but it’s okay because you had a nice talk and good things happened for you and everything is great and nothing else matters.

hamilton + marriage proposal headcanons


you had to know this one was coming next.


  • he does it in a public place of course
  • literally in the middle of the food court
  • it really wasnt safe to carry it in his pocket in the mall but. he did it anyway
  • he gets down on one knee
  • in the f o od court
  • and because of that you genuinely think hes just tying his shoe
  • who the fuck proposes in a food court surrounded by teenagers who might get wrong ideas and french fries
  • apparently alexander hamilton
  • so you’re looking around and waiting for him to finish 
  • and when you look back theres a box in his hand
  • and he… takes out a… folded up piece of paper…
  • ITS A POEM…….
  • and he READS IT OUT LOUD and its so CUTE but youre also SO EMBARRASSED because theres a part about how much he LOVES YOU IN BED
  • and after what felt like six hours he finally just says… “will you marry me?”
  • you hug him and pull him very close
  • (you mainly want him to shut up and for him to not talk about you in the nude in public anymore)
  • (he will ask you if it took too long. say yes. it was. he will then say “you know what else is long”)


  • this boy…
  • is so romantic…
  • he puts his heart into everything he does!!!
  • so he takes you to a little hillside in a park or in the countryside
  • and takes you for a picnic and everything is really nice
  • he packed all of your favourite foods and drinks and desserts and hes wearing a really nice white dress shirt and black pants
  • theres a little letter at the bottom of the basket he wants you to read
  • the dedication is really cute (”to the love of my life”)
  • but when you finish reading the letter… he is gone?
  • you are clearly very worried and you stand up and start looking around frantically 
  • and he is behind you and behind him is laf, alex, and herc
  • they’re all wearing…. matching outfits….
  • he starts s i n g ing and da nc ing
  • and when the song is finished he rushes over to you and gives you a big hug
  • and he keeps going
  • he gets down on one knee and has the BIGGEST, HAPPIEST GRIN ON HIS FRECKLED FACE 
  • and when he asks you to marry him
  • you’re probably blubbering and maybe crying because its so goddamn cute and hes so goddamn cute and hes like ”oh god did i do something wrong”
  • and you just shake your head and say yes, you do want to marry him
  • and the boys are in the background smiling, and sweating after all of the choreo they did
  • seriously. they’d been practicing for weeks.
  • (they said john even yelled at them once because he wanted it to be perfect)


  • if there’s. ANYONE who is going to ask you to marry him in a restaurant
  • it’s lafayette.
  • he takes you out to a really fancy dinner
  • and you both dress up really nice
  • and you get what you swear to god is the nicest food you’ve ever eaten
  • and you laugh and smile and talk throughout dinner
  • but he seems… somewhat…. nervous and awkward
  • and he’s normally this smooth talking guy
  • and its… very suspicious
  • and its even MORE suspicious when he says he forgot his wallet and that you have to pay
  • and you’re like “…. alright???? …. i geuss?????”
  • he apologizes a lot, more than he ever has before
  • and when the bill comes in the lil wallet holder folder thing made of leather
  • and you start rummaging through your wallet for the money
  • he looks very panicked that you actually are going to pay
  • and he’s like “no no y/n please look in the folder thing please”
  • and he snatches it before you can do anything and proposes in front of everyone!!!
  • (you see a few waitresses cry)
  • (he repeats over and over that he doesn’t actually want you to pay)
  • (kiss him. he deserves it. he was so scared.)


  • you are completely alone when he proposes.
  • he just… does it in your living room?
  • he steps out of the bedroom and he has a shirt in his hands
  • and he’s quietly like “y/n i made this for you can you try it on?”
  • and you take it and somehow wrestle it onto your body
  • you don’t even know whats on it. you just look at him and tell him it fits
  • and he’s like “go look in the mirror and tell me if you like it”
  • and when you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror it says “will you marry me?” in big sparkly pink font
  • when you go back out hes wearing… a MATCHING SHIRT…
  • and he’s already down on one knee and you approach him
  • and he hits you with the pick up line he said when you first met
  • and you BURST into laughter
  • once you’ve calmed down he’s like “in all seriousness y/n… will you marry me?”
  • and when you say yes, he j u mp s up and tackles you onto the couch
  • (like it actually slightly hurt a little bit) 
  • and he’s very apologetic
  • and to make it up to you he starts kissing you everywhere he can reach
  • (he made the shirt very revealing… for a reason)


  • its going to be big.
  • its going to be very big because she has to live up to her own high standards that she and everyone else has set for herself
  • so she takes you to a really busy tourist destination
  • that you’ve probably been to a million times
  • and you’re like “ok nice can we go now angelica”
  • and she’s like hang on… i’m waiting for something
  • and when you’re probably starting to get really annoyed because you’ve been there for the longest time
  • music starts playing that wasn’t playing before
  • and its your favourite love song
  • (whatever genre, whatever artist, your favourite song is playing)
  • and you’re like wow angelica this is really funny huh? its my favourite song
  • and she gulps, really loudly, and takes you by the hands
  • and peggy and eliza emerge from the crowd
  • and, for you, they sing the rest of your favourite love song with beautiful harmony and really cute and simple dance moves
  • and by the end everyone around you is clapping and you’re clapping but still you’re…. probably confused because… why did she serenade you in public
  • and angelica gets down on one knee
  • and she asks you to marry her in the most simple phrase
  • just straight up. “Will you marry me”
  • you stand up and nod
  • and when you say yes everyone EXPLODES
  • and everyone is cheering and clapping and she kisses you and you’re both laughing
  • (”was it good y/n” “yes angelica” “are you sure cuz if it wasn’t good then i can redo it” “angelica it was great” “are you satisfied” “ye s”)


  • the two of you are out for coffee and you both are having a good time
  • laughing and typing away at your laptops or doing work
  • and eliza excuses herself to go to the bathroom
  • and so you’re texting on your phone waiting for her to come back
  • when one of the baristas calls your name even though you didnt order another drink
  • but you go over and retrieve the cup that is apparently yours
  • and try to take a sip from it because like… free drink hell yeah
  • but theres…. nothing inside but this little hollow noise???
  • so with an eyebrow raised, you take off the lid, and there’s this… beautiful ring at the very bottom.
  • like, it probably shouldn’t be there because if someone got the wrong cup, they would not return it
  • you know the ring is for you and that it’s from eliza but you… can’t see her? 
  • even the barista seems confused?
  • and then she shyly emerges from the bathroom and is like “DO YOU LIKE IT Y/N” across the entire cafe
  • and you’re like… “yes eliza i love it”
  • and so she runs on over and takes the cup from your hands and pulls the ring out
  • and she doesnt get down on one knee but she does help you sit up on the counter top
  • and she’s like “you know what i love? you”
  • and then she proposes. and she’s blushy and really flushed and has the goofiest, sweetest smile suspended on her face and she talks about how helpless you make her feel 
  • and when you say yes, she does this lil dance and picks you up by the waist and spins you around
  • and then she realizes she can’t carry you because she is smol!!! so you climb down
  • and she slips the ring onto your finger and kisses you and she tastes like hot chocolate
  • and its… amazing


  • he just got back from a really long business trip
  • and hes been away for weeks
  • and when you go to pick him up at the airport
  • hes sweaty, and his hair is kind of flat, and he looks more exhausted than you’ve ever seen him
  • but he still looks so happy to see you
  • and when you guys are hugging, he whispers “what’d i miss” into your ear
  • (which is an ongoing joke between the two of you)
  • and you whisper “you missed me” in return
  • and you feel his smirk grow against your cheek
  • but when you finally pull away after about ten years of hugging
  • hes not smiling and he says, very seriously, “i never want to have to miss you that much ever again”
  • and he gets down on one knee and opens a small pocket of his suitcase
  • and pulls out a ring.
  • and he says this big long speech about how much he loves you
  • and how much he missed you
  • and every little thing about you he loves
  • (and backs it up with evidence)
  • eventually, he’s almost fallen asleep when he says, “will you marry me?”
  • and you get down so you’re level with him and you say “yes, thomas, i’ll marry you. now let’s go home”
  • (when he wakes up the next morning he double-checks to make sure you said yes)
  • (you say yes, you did say yes. “did you miss that thomas?”)


  • lets face it.
  • this man probably wouldn’t go out of his way to propose
  • he loves you, of course, but you know that
  • and he knows that very much
  • and he doesnt feel the need to prove it to you with some big declaration?
  • (”i bet hamilton would do something lame like serenade you or read a poem, pssh”)
  • so you’re most likely in your bed just cuddling
  • and when you begin to pull away to get water or get changed, he looks over and just goes
  • “marry me?”
  • and you fall back into bed and tell him that you’d love to.
  • (he doesnt have the ring yet)
  • (he promises he will take you shopping when he’s not working)
  • (he works a lot)
  • (it will take a very long time to get your ring)
  • (he also doesnt want to go out when hes sick cuz he doesnt wanna cough all over really expensive rings)
  • (he apologizes profusely)
  • (tell him you love him anyway)
  • (and kiss him)


  • he is very shy
  • and has been carrying around the ring for months.
  • literally. months.
  • (he’s afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (like, very afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (he doesn’t put himself out like this a lot)
  • and hes also been waiting for the perfect moment!!
  • so one day you’re in a bookstore you both like
  • and amidst the stacks of books and paper
  • he gets down one on knee and is biting his lip because hes so nervous…
  • but he does it anyway!!! because he loves you!!! and really wants to marry you!!!
  • he wants it more than anything in his life!!!
  • he has a really!!! really cute and cliche speech about how much he loves you
  • talks about how beautiful you are every ten words
  • explains to you that you are the best thing in his life and never wants to lose you!!! but stutters his way through it
  • wants to put the ring on your finger while hes kneeling and… kisses your ring finger oh gosh…
  • he may… stay on the ground……. ???
  • (he wants you to either meet him on the ground or pull him up)
  • (pull him up by the collar and kiss him. he will smile so wide after)
  • (he might ask you later if it was romantic enough. tell him yes.)
good things about yugioh
  • Duel Monsters: Nostalgia!!! Yugi is such a cutie omg!!! Mai is the female duelist we always deserved! Egypt is so cool!! Lookit how beautiful and cute all the friends are they're so good to each other oh no i'm crying
  • GX: holy hells the character development, so good A++ insert the ok emoji here; beautiful dorks going through angst what else could you want?? and what a lovely message about growing up so good yes 100%
  • 5D's: the motorcycles are SO COOL OKAY and Yusei is HOT; fascinating setting, cool ass dragons, amazing look at classism in society, Aki has such a beautiful character arc, Lua has a beautiful character arc, Crow is such a good birb dad, Jack/Carly is so pure and good and well developed A++
  • Zexal: omg, the animation, top notch, the music??? beautiful and fantastic and perfect, the characters are all so cheerful, upbeat, and adorable, would protect 11/10, good foreshadowing and interesting twists and cool past life shit, Yuma is a good boy, beautiful messages about healing and forgiveness
  • Arc V: ahhhhh the writing and foreshadowing is so on point!! the character designs are A++++++ 15/10, the dimensional setting is an amazing premise, the duel writing is 11/10, Entertainment dueling is so much fun and the monsters are so cute and it's great seeing the duelists interact with them and run around the field together; there are SO MANY GIRLS and everyone is pretty af and good and pure and they have interesting emotional struggles and it's A++ inspiring 12/10 would be inspired again

Let’s take a moment to appreciate yoongi’s hands. Seriously , his fingers make me want to kiss his lips so fucking hard , this doesn’t even make sense ik but can you hear me screaming rn? HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PERFECT. HOW CAN EVERY LITTLE DETAIL ABOUT HIM IS PERFECT I CAN’T

Supercorp Proposal AU

“Darling, will you tell me more about Krypton?”


The Supercorp Proposal Oneshot that NOBODY asked for.

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