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Will you help support my financial career? Next semesters books are super $299 each and I'm going to have a hard time. I was planning on borrowing from library but only 4 hour max.

Look, the reason I supported @melaninmedicine is not because I wipe my ass with money, but because she is working in the medical field. I was released from the hospital recently and died nearly twice during my stay. Partly because they were understaffed and partly because they just lacked empathy/care for their patients. If it wasn’t for me knowing the head of the department, I’d have died there like a piece of shit and somebody would’ve had to explain to my parents that “there was nothing we could’ve done”. The situation in hospitals is simply shitty and being a doctor is a fucking hard job. I wanted to contribute to changing that.

I’ve followed @melaninmedicine  for a while and from what I’ve seen she still has that initial caring for her patients most docs lose after a while. I don’t wanna let that go to waste. What better way to support change than by supporting the ones that embody the change you wanna see? Maybe she will turn into a bitter and miserable person that will come to hate her job and her patients, but maybe the kindness she received from stranger will help her stay on the right track. My guts tell me it will. I mean look at her responses to my asks. She seemed genuinely happy and grateful. She reached out to me to thank me multiple times. This girl is not some sort of entitled bitch. Honestly, most girls on here are actually pretty sweet and kind individuals.

Does this mean any of you do not deserve support during your struggles? Not at all. It’s the opposite, I do hope all of you will get the support you need and I am the first one to reach out. But that’s why I do not understand why y’all are giving her shit for it. Stop being miserable, because that shit loves company. Start being positive and kind, because that shit made me consider supporting her in the first place.


different endings for different universes– or, in Other words, me forcing myself to fit all the prompts for day 4 of gyjo week in one post

Day 4 (May 10th) - Post SBR / Alternate Ending / Injury