i wanted to be free

a traitor, i’d trade her in a second

*deep sigh* she has returned. drama club AU is back with PART FOUR!! honestly im in love with these two loser nerds and i hope you love them (and this) too :’) part one part two part three and awaaaaaay we go!! (feel free to yell in my inbox after this)


“What? Mom, I didn’t ask Amy out!”

Karen appears to understand, nodding conspiratorially. “Ahh, you’re doing the playing hard to get thing, I see.”

She winks, something which Jake does not appreciate, and his entire face burns as he takes a deep, deep sigh.

“That’s not what’s going on at all. Amy’s my enemy,” he considers spelling it out, but he thinks that would be pushing it. “She’s supposed to be the worst!

“You kiss your enemy with that mouth?” Karen teases, and it’s very obvious where Jake gets his playful nature from.

Jake covers his forehead with his palm, turning around only when he hears Amy snickering to herself.

Really? He mouths, and she shrugs in response. At least someone is enjoying this painfully awkward situation.

“What do you mean she’s your enemy?” Karen continues, genuinely confused, as though she has no idea about Jake and Amy’s decade-long rivalry. “You talk about her all the time.”

Jake stiffens, refusing to turn around because Amy must look incredibly smug right now.

“Yeah, but only to complain.”

“Wasn’t your last ‘complaint’ about how annoying her pretty face is?”


If Amy could see Jake’s face now, she would know that his cheeks blush a bright crimson. Yes, that’s right. Crimson.

“Now Jake, that’s a very mean thing to say about your girlfriend,” Karen chides, disappointed in her useless lying son. “Our guest Amy must be so upset-” she turns around, and realizes she’s wrong, “oh wait- she’s smiling, never mind.”

“That’s because she’s not my girlfriend! She’s my enemy and you’re giving her way too much ammo!”

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ut-stuff  asked:

psst, hey - hey, hey g, guess what? ... te amo <3

(*Remember that time you said you wanted to see G drunk~?)

Oh, how he loves when Nyx serenades him in Spanish.  And he just so happens to know what that phrase means.  

Too bad, he also happens to currently be drunk off his ass.  

As soon as he sees them, G grins wide and lunges forward, his arms spread wide.  “h-heya… hola, mi amor.”  His accent is sloppy and slurred, but he tried.  He chuckles, tightening his arms around them, his head dropping to their shoulder.  He’s clad in his usual attire, but… his sweater happens to be missing; his ribs are exposed from beneath his jacket.   “heh, my dearest, speak spanish to me, baby.  i wanna hear the language of love.”  He’s bent over their form, putting a good deal of his weight on them while he smirks.  His cheekbones are dusted a light gold, and his breath smells of smoke, tomatoes, and vodka.  A Bloody Mary, maybe?  Or just some other weird concoction he decided to mix with ketchup.   

anonymous asked:

Is it wrong to NOT be asexual? Is it wrong to have sexual desires?

……………………………………………………..so i’m gonna assume the best intention behind this ask and attempt to temper my response accordingly

no? obviously it isn’t. as long as your attraction doesn’t involve harm or violation of consent, it’s not any more wrong to experience sexual attraction than it is to not experience it.

like i said, i’m trying to assume the best possible intent behind this ask, so in the interests of that i’m going to keep my editorializing to a minimum, but: my ““““““participation”””””” in the shitcourse, if reblogging posts i agree with can really be considered participation, takes the form and frequency it does because there is far more out there telling asexual people “it’s not okay that you experience no sexual attraction” than there is telling [x]sexual people “it’s not okay that you experience sexual attraction.” so. no. it’s not wrong to experience sexual attraction that doesn’t entail harm or violation of consent of others. but as an asexual person who’s had more than enough of the world telling me my asexuality is not acceptable and who has generally rejected that expectation as utter fucking bullshit, my priority lies in making sure other asexual people who may be following me realize that it’s also not wrong for THEM to experience their sexuality in a way that doesn’t align with societal expectations of sex-positivity and sexual attraction and sexual activity. and i’m gonna stop editorializing here because i’m gonna tilt harsher if i don’t.

the crossover i dream of: sam and max meet the scooby team
  • The Scooby Team: We adopted Scooby on sight. We saw him, and we couldn't help but feel like he belonged with us. He's the light of our life. The glue that keeps us together, you know?
  • Sam: Impressive! Well- this is our adorable adolescent, Darla.
  • The Scooby Team: Aw! How sweet! How did you adopt her?
  • Max: Sam pulled her out of a dumpster and she hasn't left our basement since.
  • The Scooby Team: ...
  • The Geek: You're an asshat.
  • Max: Plus, we were a little low on funds that month after buying some sweet new explosives and the monthly government fostering cash paid off.
  • The Scooby Team: .........
  • Sam: Max. Why.
  • The Geek: fuck you.
  • Max: hush my little royalty check. you're ruining all the fun.
autistic trait point system
  • toe walking: +5 balance
  • flappy hands: +5 happiness, -2 stealth
  • jumping: +1 athleticism, -4 stealth
  • pacing: +7 athleticism
  • spinning: -60% from usual hp drain while dizzy
  • echolalia: +5 happy, +7 neurotypical patronization
  • sensory processing disorder: -30 total hp, +100 hp healed per 5 seconds in sensory heaven
  • need to chew: +30 jaw strength, +30 drool strength
  • the autistic artist: +50 self-expression, -200 self esteem
  • picky eater: -50 total hp, -80% hp healed from bad foods, +80% hp healed on favorite foods
  • special interests: -10 focus
  • sarcasm detection machine broke: -100 stealth, +10 neurotypical patronization
  • eye contact machine broke: -70 stealth, +100 eyebrow staring capacity
  • nonverbal: -200 stealth, +20 neurotypical patronization
  • stim toy collection: +50 happiness, -40% wallet