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Star vs the Forces of Evil Character Theme Songs

After months of deliberating, I finally came to finalize my decision for these character theme songs! Now quick disclaimer, the characters are multidimensional to the point where you can make an entire playlist for each character, but for now I’m just focusing on songs that capture the spirit of the character in one go. I’m even going to leave an explaination to why I picked a certain song. If you like it, cool. If you disagree, that’s fine too. When I heard these songs this one character just came to mind:

Star Butterfly“Just Like Fire” by P!nk

I really wanted to do this before she got her actual theme song on “Starsong.” I wanted something really empowering with a female vocalist, but for some reason, Star always reminds me of 90s pop music. I don’t mean the boy bands and girl idols. I mean the novelty bands and one hit wonders. I remembered that P!nk (Pink) was an artist I heard when I was a kid. I originally picked “So What” but I didn’t want it to sound like Star was still hung up on Tom (Spoiler Alert: she isn’t). Plus with lyrics like “Just like magic,” and “No one can be like me anyway,” it was a bullseye.

Marco Diaz“I Melt With You” by Bowling for Soup

This was really hard for some reason. I tried looking at it from every angle. Should I pick a song that focused on his insecurities, his Mexican heritage, his karate? Instead I picked a song that focused on how he loves his friend. Marco is kinda a dork, kinda a badass, kinda cool and kinda lame, so I found a genre of music that some people find kinda cool and kinda lame: pop punk. Plus, it gives that SoCal vibe (even if the band is from Texas).

Janna“Freak Like Me” by Halestorm

This was the first and only song I picked. She’s a troublemaker and she loves it. Kinda weird and into the macabre. She’s already messed up, might as well have some fun with it.

Jackie Lynn Thomas“A Song About California” by Hey Ocean!

What better for a girl who everyone thinks is a mermaid than a band called “Hey Ocean!” It’s chill, but still with the right amount of energy, kinda like the character.

Starco songs

Sorry but I’m a big time starco shippers and I know I’ll bug my friends about this if I don’t get it out of my head, so here:

Starco (Star’s P.O.V.)“Head over Feet” by Alanis Morissette

Star still reminds me of 90s music. I have no idea why. I think the lyrics really catch how Star fell for Marco for basically being the best friend she ever had. There’s a comic by Area that, I think, really captures how Star developed a crush on Marco basically off-screen.

Starco (Marco’s P.O.V.)“You Captivate Me” by Eyeshine

A real SoCal band this time. Whether or not Marco develops a crush on Star, this song shows how Star has helped Marco feel stronger. He’s said several times she’s the coolest girl ever. 

Starco“No Matter Where You Are” by Us The Duo

If I could sum up starco (platonic or romantic) it would be, “We always have each other’s back.” This song says that, but is obviously more romantic. So if starco became romantic, I think it would carry this spirit.

That’s all I have for now. This is a weird hobby of mine so if you want me to pick a theme song for another character or show, just drop me an ask and if I can I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for reading.

Blood of Passage: Part Fourteen

Elain heaved into the toilet bowl a second time before she sat back, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand before flushing. Her youngest, for now, Adara ran a cool rag over Elain’s forehead, “Feeling better Mama?”

She attempted a smile, “Just fine sweetie. A little ill.”

Adara pouted her lips, “I want it to be a boy. Can you make it be a boy?”

Lucien snorted in the doorway, “I don’t think it works like that, Sweetheart.”

“Papa!” Adara jumped up, “You’re back!”

Lucien knelt down, “Why don’t you go play with Fia? I’ll help Mama.”

“Okay,” Adara kissed his cheek before she skipped out of the room, her curls bouncing off her back.

Lucien helped her up, kissing her stomach before kissing her cheek. “How is the baby?”

“She’s just fine.”

“So it is a girl?”


He snorted, “Ash will be just delighted.”

“Has Lady Aurora gotten settled?”

“Dacia is helping her.”

“Not Ash?”

“Trust me, you don’t want Ash helping her right now.”


“Because then we’ll only have daughters.”


Aurora slid the last of her clothes into the closet before turning to Dacia.  The female leaned backwards on her bed, her golden hair spilling past her shoulders. “Are you going to the Blood Rite tomorrow?” Asked Aurora.

“Thinking about it. Why?” She leaned forward, a smile on her lips. “You want to see Blake?”

“No,” Aurora said.  “Just wondering what your plans were.”

“Lie,” said a bored voice. Ash.

“Go away, Ash. Were having some girltalk,” Dacia said.

Ash snorted, “Yes because pretending to not talk about Blake constitutes girltalk.”

Aurora crossed her arms, “Considering how much time you spend with your sisters, I’m guessing you would know. Tell me Ash, do you want to gossip with us and braid each other’s hair?” Ash gave her a lethal glare and she returned it with a hateful smirk, not that he could see it.

“Cauldron,” Dacia said lightly, “the next few weeks are going to be so interesting.” Dacia turned to her, “Why do you want to see Blake? Please tell me you don’t want to kill him. I don’t have the time to break in a new best friend.”

“Kill him, no.” She didn’t think she physically could. She hesitated, “But I do need to talk to him. It’s…important.”

“I’m not going to ask you what it’s about,” Dacia said. “It’s not my business unless it affects my Court.” She paused, “Does it affect my Court?”


She could see the uncertainty in Dacia’s features and in Ash’s. The lord’s attention was directly on her. His eyes narrowed as if reading every invisible tell her body gave. “That’s not quite true, is it Aurora. Not..a complete lie, but not the truth either.” He enunciated, “Why do you want to see Blake.” She pursed her lips, crossing her arms. The Lord’s face was stone; Dacia’s cheery face guarded, role the high lady. “You aren’t getting anywhere near my cousin until I know why you want to see him.”

“He left me a letter and I want confront him about it.”

“What was in the letter?”

“That is my business.”

Ash started to her but stopped at Dacia’s voice. “Aurora, we’re trying to meet you halfway here, but Blake is our family, we can’t just let you see him when the last time you saw him you almost killed him.” But she didn’t try to kill him the last time she saw him. But she supposed if neither Dacia or Ash knew, then that knowledge was restricted to her and Blake.

“I couldn’t kill him if I wanted to.”

Dacia snorted, “I’ve seen you fight, Aurora. You may get yourself killed in the process, but you could kill him.” Dacia gave her an appreciative look-over.“You could definitely get him in the bedroom, though.” Aurora rose a brow; Ash choked on a laugh. 

“No,” Ash smirked. “She couldn’t kill him. After all, you can’t exactly hurt your mate.”


The final horn blared through the mountain hours ago. Last day, it was the last day and Bay could finally get the fuck out of this mountain. He was filthy, hungry and desperately wanted to sleep in his bed; preferably without any nightmares.

His eyes slid to Nate, memories of sleeping side by side, without waking in a cold sweat, rose in his mind. Nate looked back at him, his eyebrows raised. “Yes?”

His ears heated. “Nothing.”

Nates lips curled into a smile, “Whatever you say, Baylor.” Bay rolled his eyes.

Ahead of him, Adrien groaned, his head hung limply, arms around Zev and Blake’s shoulders. It would seem the numbing high of Tarus’s blood was starting to wear off, reducing Adrien to the undiluted pain of shredded wings. At least, Bay supposed, he could still walk. Despite how much pain it would be to do so.

His illness started to shift in his veins. Apathy weighed down like a stone in the pit of his stomach. Who would have thought that emptiness could have weighed so much. Bay hated when he got like this.

Healers had told both Nesta and Cassian he would have bouts of deep sadness, apathy, and worthless or bouts of euphoria, reckless activity, and racing thoughts his whole life and Bay recoiled at that thought. He knew some humans had similar emotions and few ended their lives to escape but he was fae. And he would live forever. Thoughts of closing his eyes and escaping as the humans did would be entertained in his mind but at the end of the day, the thought of disappointing his mother or Cassian and Nesta stopped him. So he would pour himself into a book and escape that way.

“Hang on, Adrien,” Blake said. “Were almost out of here. Three hours at most.”

“What about Tarus’s blood?” Maze said. “Could you give him more?”

Tarus turned around, his golden eyes were assessing Adrien’s wings. He tilted Adrien’s chin up, looking at his eyes. The male’s mouth tightened, “No, I can’t.”

“Why?” Bay said flatly. “You gave it to him before.”

“Once is safe,” Tarus turned his eyes to him. “But there are…addicting properties to my blood. If I were just from the Dawn Court and didn’t have mixed blood, he could take more but I’m half and have diluted blood that can heal but also cause mind altering behavior that can leave a person an addict.”

“How can you possibly know that,” Bay said. Nate frowned at him but he didn’t care.

Tarus motioned to the scars on his neck and the ones wrapped around his arms, “Experience.” Zev’s eyes darkened and Maze went pale.

“Sorry,” Bay said.

Tarus shrugged, “It was a long time ago.” Bay highly doubted that. He could smell the lie coming off him and if he wasn’t so apathetic, he would demand named of the male who made those scars. But it was hard to make himself care.

“So what do you suggest we do?” Maze asked Tarus.

“I suggest we get out of here as fast as we can,” Tarus said. “When we do get out of here, we put fresh binds on those wings and give Adrien plenty of rest and exercises to keep his wings healthy.”

“And the pain?” Bay asked.

Tarus shrugged helplessly, “I hear alcohol has a way of reducing pain.”

Bay rose an eyebrow, “You want to trade one mind numbing addiction for another?”

“I don’t know what else to say.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get out of here,” Bay said. “I’ll scout ahead.”


Nate debated walking with Baylor but when the male was like this, it was better to give him space. He pitied any male who would try to kill him between now and the exit. A feeling Baylor was lethal but a detached one was almost as bad as Cyrian. Almost.

The other males, save for Adrien, looked to him. “What?”

Blake rose his brow, “Is there a particular reason Bay is being a dick?”

Nate glared at him, “Why would I know?” Only Cassian and Nesta knew about Baylor’s illness. As did Rhys, Feyre and his father, for security purposes. He did as well, Baylor had told him about it once, during a manic episode, and Nate had spent time with a couple of healers learning about it. Chemical imbalance that can cause dramatic mood swings, they said. He didn’t realize fae could have some of the same illnesses as humans. There were few, almost unheard of, but they were there.

“‘Why would I know?’” Blake echoed. “Maybe because you know everything about him?”

He ignored his brother and looked to Adrien, “Can you make it?”

His brother took a labored breath, “Do I have a choice?”

“No,” Maze said. “Don’t worry Ade. We’ll get you out of here and get you some help.”

Adrien’s body convulsed with a painful laughter. “Goodie.”


Pain rocketed through his body and his wings with each breath and each step. He was glad to have Zevakyn and Blake help him walk. As much as he hated it, he needed it.

Bay was ahead of them as they continued through the mountain, albeit at a slower pace, due to his pain, but they progressed. He was usually good at picking up emotions with his shadows and he wasn’t sure if it was the near blackout pain or if it was real, but he picked up a distinct lack of them from Bay. Unless apathy counted. Not many shadowsingers can read emotion through shadows but he could, as could his father. He didn’t think Nate or Blake did.

Right now, he didn’t care. It was an effort to keep air in his lungs and his wings off the ground. Adrien kept his eyes open and his feet moving, the only solace being the lilac and rain scent that was his Maze.


It wasn’t a good plan to let Bay go off on his own but Blake saw the blank look from the male. Instinct said it would be a mistake to force him to stay, so he let him go. As they advanced behind Bay, Blake kept Adrien’s arm around his shoulder, his own arm, against the lower part of his brother’s back, edging him forward.

Tarus still led them, his voice was a whisper, “Is he always like that?”

“I assume by ‘he’ you mean Bay,” Blake said. “I wouldn’t take it personally. He gets like that sometimes.”

“There was a story about a female from the camp I was originally from, she was like him,” Zev said slowly. “What is Bay’s mother’s name?”

Blake shrugged, “I don’t know. Bay won’t talk about her.”

Nate almost flinched in the corner of his eye, Blake turned his head to his brother, “Something you would like to share with the group, Nathaniel?”

“Nope,” Nate said cheerfully.

Blake opened his mouth to demand answers but Adrien said, “We got company.”


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The only reason people hate Mon El is because these people just want to see two girls on screen kissing lol (kara and lena) as if they can't just watch that on another website... but i mean sure they just use the reasons that he's "abusive" yikes i can't with this fandom

I half agree with you. It is true that the fandom only hates Mon-El because they ship Kara with someone else although they hypocritically claim that they want her to be “independent”. I can only describe their arguments against Mon-El to be biased, dumb and sometimes even offensive and triggering when they use the term “abusive” so lightly whilst there are people who have actually been in abusive relationships, romantic or not (myself included). 

But I don’t exactly agree with you when you say that they just want to see two girls kissing. I mean I see the appeal of the KaraxLena ship, especially as a bisexual woman myself. They do have chemistry and an interesting relationship and I’m cool with people shipping them, even though I don’t. What I’m not cool with is the constant harassment and hatred directed toward everyone who doesn’t agree with them or share their opinions. It’s honestly disgusting sometimes. It’s amazing how many times, I had to step away from the internet and go take a walk and calm myself down because that’s how toxic and nerve-wrecking this fandom is sometimes, especially when you’re a gifmaker and you’re a little more exposed to the haters as you put content out there for the Supergirl fandom and you can’t control who sees it and who replies to it. I just ignore the hate and I don’t respond to it but it is definitely frustrating sometimes. But then I remember that the Supergirl staff and the critics adore Karamel and that we’re getting a lot more than we’ve even asked for and I feel great again. We just need to shut them out, be vocal about our love for the show and be better because when they go low, we go high. Stay positive, loves!

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IA about body shaming. But talking about fashion, length of pants should not be considered bashing. We all talk fashion and caits mishaps all the time. Sorry, don't think we should have to censor that kind of talk just because she's dating sam. Fashion is fashion.

Yes that’s fine and fair enough but I’ve seen a lot of body shaming around here lately and it’s not cool. Dislike the girl all you want but critiquing her looks and her body crosses a line.

So I just watched the first episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I love it! Well I’m going to love it. There’s a lot of good things I like about it already.

  • Bong Soon is tiny and super strong, yes
  • Ji Soo/Kook Doo dressed up as a woman, yes (he looked great)
  • Hyungsik/Minhyuk completely smittened by this tiny super strong woman
  • Hyungsik going around on hover boards, we all wish we could look that cool doing so.
  • That scene where Bong Soon and her brother were kidnapped as kids and she stopped the car with one hand like a tiny little badass.
  • She wants to work with video games! I love her.
  • ALSO the fact that Hyungsik’s character finds her strong woman attributes attractive, amazing.
  • I have more but that’ll do XD

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Came for the Toontown content, stayed for the cool bean Artist & her Space Babies

Honestly even withouT the toontown specific content I can’t help wanting to be a lil toony once in a while

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You say you're a feminist, but your Rebecca character is a slut that cried when someone gave her what she wanted? Ha cool story bro! I'm surprised the feminazis haven't organized a witch hunt yet!

You’re a coward and more of a monster than I.

Rebecca was attacked by a man she’d never seen nor spoken to before. She is not a character. She is a living breathing woman. And I’m surprised you haven’t found your own entrails strewn out in front of you, but I suppose that’s the benefit of eternal solitude. No “feminazis” to set you right, if you never appeal to a female in the first place.

So like… if jug isn’t ace in riverdale, are they gonna set him up with betty? Because they have chemistry and I’m not mad about it?

They’re my fave characters on the show so far. Genuinely lovely people. 

Ronnie too, but I need to see more of her. Maybe making tough decisions.

Archie is bland AF and if they don’t give him a more interesting storyline he’s going to flatline. If they proper emotionally manipulate his character he could be really cool. Stick him in a really shit situation and make him make decisions and fuck up.

I want way more Kevin because he’s tokening atm

Also more Reggie. 

I’d watch a show just about Jug. 

The Blossom family is stupid and ridiculous. I’m not a fan.

I wonder if RT/CRWBY will do a RWBY Chibi short with teams RWBY and JNPR wearing their new Volume 4 outfits at Beacon (with the exception of Pyrrha, for obvious reasons). It would be really funny to see everyone confused as they don’t know how the heck they got this new clothing and Pyrrha being really puzzled that everyone but her got a change of clothes.

theories? on MY blog??

Okay, so remember that ask about how Luigi is buddy-buddy with his ex-minion pals? I’ve gotten a handful of reminders from both anons and actual users telling me that Luigi wasn’t conscious during his time as a villain and therefore would not remember his time in the castle. That’s cool, you can believe that if you want! But I just can’t agree.

Here’s what bugs me about Mr. L:

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You know that when Samar Navabi walks into a room alone to face a crime boss and his high-powered attorney, she is going to command that room.

I was struck again by how much more interesting she is than the supposed female lead. 

I love Samar, not trying to take cool points away from her and transfer them, she and Liz have different characteristics, but shouldn’t we get a similar feeling when Liz walks into a room? ‘Wow, she’s cool, she’s confident, she’s smart, she’s halfway interested in doing her job, she actually wants to be here.’

I get Liz wanting normal after 3a. I get it. But it’s also boring. This is a tv show. They gave her the most boring fantasy in the world - “walking in the park” - okay. That’s nice. I hoped she would get that with a halfway decent guy in the end. Emphasis on the end. Like, last episode, the end.

Apparently they opted for another direction. Just give her the fantasy life with Tom right now and then she’ll have nothing left to strive for and just look like she’s bored all the time. 

Home Again| 17

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-Jay’s POV-

It’s been three months since I fucked up. Ninety two damn days without seeing her smile, without hearing her voice, without her words. I haven’t been the same. How can I be that little girl’s dad? No wonder she doesn’t want her around me. I can’t stay like this much longer. Steph won’t answer the phone, Y/N, sure as hell won’t answer it. I don’t even think she’s still staying with Sooyoung. I haven’t heard a thing from any of them. 

I sit in the studio day in and day out, trying to keep my cool but it never works. I always end up crying myself to sleep because I miss her so much. The picture in my office of us wasn’t helping me out at all. I was in my office sitting in my chair, more memories floated through my mind. 


“What the hell!”

“You could have killed Sunghwa! What the fuck is your problem?! Stop being so fucking jealous of Sunghwa!”

“How can I not?! Every time I see you, you’re with some other guy. You think I didn’t see you with Wooyoung?! Who the hell do you want?! Is it Wooyoung or Sunghwa?!’”

“…Do you know how much it hurts me to see you with another man? I can’t stand it. It’s killing me. I just feel like I’m fucking up so much. I can’t lose you a second time.”

“I’m not with Wooyoung nor am I with Sunghwa. I’m with no one. Leave Sunghwa alone. Do it for me. Okay?”

“I can’t when I still love you.”

“Why the hell are you protecting him?! Move Y/N!” 

“No! I’m not letting you hurt your friend over me, Jay!”

I can’t just sit around anymore and wait for something to happen. I have to do something or nothing will chance. 

-Y/N’s POV-

“WHAT?! YOU CAN’T! Y/N! I know you’re upset with everything, but you can’t!” Steph shouted. “You can’t stop me!” 

I’m leaving Korea. I came to the decision last night. I can’t stay here anymore. Not that he knows. I don’t plan on ever coming back. It’s just too much trouble right now. Stephanie was trying to guilt trip me into staying. She wants Jay to accept that he’s a father and try to be be Seulgi’s dad. But I refuse to let him. I’m protecting the both of them this way. I’m saving Jay’s career by not pushing him into Seulgi’s life. And I’m protecting Seulgi by not letting her see what her dad father does for a living. And Steph doesn’t understand that. 

“What about Jay? Don’t you think he deserves to be in her life?! He’s her father!” 

“Don’t you think if he wasn’t some asshole with girls always hanging off his shoulder I would let him be her father?!” I screamed back. Steph only stared at with. She could see the hurt in my eyes. 

“You still love him, don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer. I was too riled up. I walked into my room and slammed the door shut. I slid down the door and tried to control the tears that were now falling. 

-Seulgi’s POV-

Mommy slammed the room door. She must be really upset. I was watching from the kitchen. Girls? Aunt Steph groaned and ran into her room. I looked on the counter and saw Mommy’s phone. I climbed on the chair and grabbed it. I typed in the password which was my birthday. April 25. 04/25/09. I went to contact and searched for my father’s name. Park Jaebeom. Why can’t my last name be Park. Park Seulgi. I like it. Does Mommy not like that? What happened between them?

I found it and sent a text message. “Meet me at the park by Sooyoung’s apartment. I need to talk to you.” I tried my best to sound like Mommy. I think I nailed it. I grabbd my backpack and rushed out the door, shutting the door quietly so Mommy and Aunt Steph can’t hear it. I ran for the park.

Once I got there, I sat on the bench holding Mommy’s phone. I watched a little girl and her parents on the swing set. The little girl and her mother were on the swings. The dad was pushing the both of them. The mother’s smile was very bright. The little girl’s laughter was heard all around the park. I saw a familiar car pull up. It was his car! He got out and looked around. We made eye contact and his eyes widened. He ran over to me. “Seulgi! What are you doing here by yourself?! Where’s your mother?” 

“I sent the text.” I admitted jumping off the bench. I hug him tightly. “Daddy.” 

-Jay’s POV-

I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. How did she get her mother’s phone. There’s no way in hell she knows that Seulgi is in this park alone. She’ll kill me. “Seulgi, we need to get you home-” “No! I want spend time with, Daddy.” She squeezed tighter around my thighs. I squatted to her level. “Do you mean that? I don’t want you to be in trouble.” “I don’t want to believe what Mommy says about you. Spend time with me to prove her wrong.” 

What does she say about me to? Is it all bad? I picked Seulgi up and put her on my waist. “You’re very heavy!” I joked kissing her cheek. Her laughed holding on to me tightly. Her laughter brought a smile to my face. Is this what it’s like to be a father. “How about we go get some ice cream?” She nodded her head and put it on my shoulder. I wrapped her legs around my waist to make she didn’t fall. We made our way to the a nearby ice cream parlor. I got us both a cone and we sat in one of the booths. 

“Well, Seulgi. Is there anything you want to know or?” She nodded and pulled out a locket. Y/N’s locket that I got her for one of her birthdays. I remember that. She promised she’d wear it forever. Seulgi opened it and revealed the picture inside. “Did you give Mommy this?” “I did. She promised me she’d wear it forever. I’m just glad she kept it.” Tears were forming at the thought of the memory. Seulgi got out and sat next to me. She wrapped her little arms around me and pulled me into a hug. “Don’t cry, Daddy. Mommy and I still love you very much.” I couldn’t tell if that true or not, but I decided to just believe it. “Appa, can I see you work?” 

“You wanna see me work?” She nodded and let go of me. “Okay. Finish your ice cream and maybe you can.” I watched her try to it her ice cream fast. “Slow! I don’t want you to get a brain freeze!” 

Gosh, I’ve only been her actual parent for about 20 minutes and I sound as if I’ve been there her whole life. She obeyed and slowed down. Is this what it’s like being a parent? “Daddy! I’m finish!” “Great. Now go throw your trash away. And we’ll head to the studio.” She jumped out of her seat and threw away all of the trash. She must be really excited about going to the studio. No one I know has ever been excited to go to studio that doesn’t work there. I paid for the ice cream, grabbed Seulgi’s hand and walked out the parlor to the studio. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I sighed and unlocked the door. I looked around the living room. It seemed pretty quiet. Too quiet. “Steph! Where’s Seulgi?” “I thought she was with you!” She yelled through her bedroom door. “I thought she was with you. Wait! Where’s her backpack? Where’s my phone?” The door was unlocked. But it was locked earlier. Oh no! No no no! I grabbed my hoodie, slipped it on quickly and rushed outside. I ran down the sidewalk screaming her name. “SEULGI! SEULGI! SEULGI! SEULGI! Mommy’s sorry! SEULGI! SEULGI! Please come home! SEULGI!” As I screamed, tears were forming. I’ve never lost her before. It’s my biggest fear, just like it was my mom’s biggest fear to lose any of her children. Damn it! I’m such a failure! Maybe she’s at Sooyoung’s. I ran to her apartment and asked her if she saw her. She said no. I ran to the park nearby and she wasn’t there either. I began asking around, luckily I had a picture of her in the pocket of my hoodie.

-Jay’s POV-

We walked hand in hand into the studio. “Yo! It’s Jay!” I heard Joon Kyung’s voice. I looked up and saw some of my closest friends walking up toward me. Seulgi let go of my hand and hid behind my legs. “Who’s the kid?” Sik K asked. I smiled and looked down to see Seulgi tensed up, holding my legs. “Guys! This is my daughter, Seulgi.” I said proud. “Daughter?!” They all repeated. “JAY YOU HAVE A KID?!” 

I nodded. “Seulgi-ah, they don’t bite.” I reassured her. “You promised, Daddy?” “Daddy promises sweetie.” She let go of my leg and moved to left to let everyone see her. “Be nice or I’ll kill you all!”

Finished! How was it? Did you enjoy it? Here’s the next chapter. Thanks for reading. Admin Kai and Admin June

so now that we got the obligatory Ronaldo episode out of the way, here’s some much better ideas for Beach City resident-focused episodes

  • The Cool Kids
  • Seriously why haven’t we gotten a Cool Kids episode this season yet I love them they are great
  • Either Buck, Sour Cream, or Jenny separately would be fine too
  • more Kiki would be nice as well. Kofi can show up too if he wants
  • Nanefua Pizza, the episode. PLEASE
  • Yellowtail and family. Though Vidalia was very briefly in the season’s flashback episode I think? Or was Greg just staying at her house and she wasn’t home? I don’t remember. She and Yellowtail cameo’d in Onion Gang but only briefly. Anyways, more Vidalia please.
  • Related to the above, an exploration of Sour Cream and Onion’s relationship as stepbrothers
  • Suitcase Sam. Seriously, what’s his deal? Why does he wear an eyepatch, especially since we saw in Onion Gang that he has both of his eyes? Probably the most underused named Beach City resident.
  • Peedee is criminally underused (though not as underused as Suitcase Sam) and I need more of him. Mr. Fryman can be there too
  • I’d say Jamie but even though he’s only appeared as a cameo in Future Boy Zoltron and didn’t have any actual lines, Buddy’s Book was basically a Jamie episode, even if he never actually appeared as himself.
  • Sadie! Lars too I guess haha. Barb and Lars’ parents are also characters we could see again.
  • More gems interacting with (non-Ronaldo) residents. Though if Purple Puma is part of next week’s episode, which I feel is likely, we might be getting this then.
  • Smiley, like Onion, has already gotten his season 4 episode centered around him. But whatever. And Greg got Three Gems and a Baby, Steven’s Dream, and The Zoo (and That Will Be All, but he didn’t play such a huge role in that one other than arc catalyst). Not that I’m saying no to more Greg episodes!
  • People who live in the outskirts of Beach City, or in Ocean City, or in some other place. Mr. and Dr. Maheswaran? (Mr. Maheswaran is pretty underused for someone with such a prolific voice actor. Then again, might be for the same reason that Sugilite hasn’t had any new lines since she first appeared - prolific VAs cost lots of money.) Mystery Girl/”S”? Andy? I dunno, who else is there?
  • I’d say Jane but that would likely end up as another Ronaldo episode
  • Seriously no more Ronaldo episodes they’re always terrible

anonymous asked:

Do you ever argue? Can you be mad at eachother? I wonder what do your arguments look like

“If I get mad at Luna, it’s going to have to be something extreme. It takes a lot for me to get angry with her, and most of the time, I’m not even angry… more frustrated than anything. I tend to get high levels of anxiety when I get upset. My heart races, I sweat, stuff like that and usually just need time to myself to cool off. They can get heated, but for the most part, I stay more quiet and let her vent, but there are times I slip up and say how I feel. I try not to take any flared temper out on her. Despite the fact that I might be angry or frustrated with her, I don’t want to hurt her. I have a hard time staying angry with her if I do get angry.”

“Like every married couple yes, we do have our arguments. A marriage isn’t always all sweetness and light. Though they don’t occur that often. Even when we are having a disagreement with each other, we still try to sort things out. But when they do it is usually about something small. When Noctis and I get mad at each other, it is usually because of a lot of things that have been built up and then just burst at a particular moment. We both are very proud and stubborn, and fail to see our own mistakes in such moments. We only realize when one of us has had enough and walks away for a moment to get a breather. However that’s also the beauty of an argument sometimes *she chuckles* You get to make up for it with one another.”


I finally designed Violas parents! 

Violas mother is based off the concept of having a “yandere mum”, infact its part of the story im planning on what effect Akane will have on her daughter and what she will become based on her household. I don’t want to say too much about it yet so staaay tuuned!

Her dad is just a prisoner.. but he is still hopefull about being saved.

 let’s hope it will be more then just concepts and character designs hahha

misswigglebutt replied to your post: It’s confirmed not a helmet but her really hair…

i just happened to reblog the post related to this, here u go ghostdigits.tumblr.com/… their very first post there with YD

ah, cool thank you!!!

I still think its a fun concept to mess around with :}

Also, there have been maybe 2 instances in the past (one def with Ian) were the crew said “No thats not true!” about something, but then it is true! Bc of course they don’t want to spoil people! So who knows!

Who can we belieeeeve