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Oh! 38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?” Pretty please!!

Here we go with yet another fluffy piece. Set somewhere in season 7, maybe. 

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This is exactly the kind of family gathering Mulder is used to. Yelled accusations. Past missteps. Oh yes, he knows this. Except it’s not his family. And no one, for once, is yelling at him. He’s outside on the porch, the sun trying to hide, too, disappearing quickly, going to sleep. Under him the wood creaks softly. No one but him hears it. They’re in the kitchen, Scully and her brother Bill. Mulder was in there with them moments ago. He doubts either of them even noticed when he slipped outside. Out here, their voices are muffled, but he can still hear them, word for word.

“He has no right being here!”

“I want him here, Bill!”

“Dana, you work with him I get it. You don’t invite colleagues to spend time with your family.”

“I wanted an easy day with my boyfriend. What’s wrong with that?” A pause. Mulder outside, out of sight, swallows. Boyfriend. Scully has called him many, many things. Never her boyfriend, though.

“Your boyfriend?” Bill’s voice is squeaky high and Mulder can almost see the surprised shock on the other man’s face. His own expression, he figures, is probably not much different. Boyfriend. The word makes him chuckle deep inside. Boyfriend. Warmth spreads through him, spreads joy inside his stomach. He is Scully’s boyfriend - she just confirmed it. There is a stupid grin on his face; he feels it in the pull of his cheek, in the way his lips curl upwards. Too bad there’s no here to see it. 

“Fox?” Mulder turns around, startled. There in the door stands Mrs. Scully. She is surrounded by the light streaming out from inside. The voices of her children boast loudly through the open door. With a sigh, she closes it behind her and joins him.

“I’m sorry.” He says and she throws him a look, her eyes open wide.

“What are you sorry for, dear? I came out here to apologize for my children. Bill and Dana have always been like this. She’s his baby sister and he thinks he knows what’s best for her.” Mulder nods. He doesn’t know what that’s like, can only guess, as he’s only ever had a taste of being a big brother. 

“I brought you pie, Fox. Just because these two can’t behave doesn’t mean you should miss out on dessert.” She hands him a plate with a big, mout-watering piece of pie. With whipped cream on top. Mulder licks his lips. Mrs. Scully hands him a napkin and a fork and Mulder, unable to speak, mouths his thank you and digs in. He eats greedily, stifles a moan, and forgets everything for a moment.

“Just so you know, Fox,” she waits until he faces her, still chewing. He swallows hard, the distant voices - how are they not hoarse yet? - of Bill and Scully ringing in his ear, “just because my son doesn’t understand what a wonderful man you are and how much you love Dana, doesn’t mean I feel the same.” Then Mrs. Scully does something he never thought he’d see: she winks at him. Love, she said. Mrs. Scully knows he loves her daughter. They haven’t said the words yet. Hell, up until earlier there had been no definition to their relationship period. Until Scully called him her boyfriend in front of her brother. Not even to him, no. That’s not how they communicate. It makes him smile now; no matter how their relationship changes, forms new shapes, they’re still the same people. Still Mulder and Scully. As dysfunctional as they’ve always been.

“Thank you.” The words crumble out of his mouth. 

“You’re very welcome, Fox.” Mrs. Scully leans forward and kisses his cheek. Mulder finds himself blushing. When she turns to go back inside, she doesn’t seem surprised to see her daughter standing in the door. Scully has her arms across her chest, still in defense and still ready to fight.

“You two done?” There is amusement in Mrs. Scully’s voice. How often has she had to break these two up? Mulder wonders watching mother and daughter. Scully visibly relaxes as her mother touches her arm. She nods. 

“Good. Now go be with your boyfriend.”

“Mom!” Scully blushes deeply, but so does Mulder, and giggles uncomfortably. She waits until her mother has disappeared inside before she closes the distance between them. Scully falls into his arms and leans heavily against him. She’s warm, smells like pie, and looks just as delicious. Her smile is tired yet genuine. 

“Regretting that you brought me?” She claps her hands behind him, holding him tightly against her. Either for warmth or because she likes him. Either way, he enjoys her closeness.

“Never, Mulder. I wanted you here. I wanted to spend time with you outside of work. Like a normal couple.”

“Boyfriend and girlfriend, huh?” He can’t keep the shy grin off his face. 

“You heard us fighting.” It’s not a question. “Bill was not… he’ll grow to love- like you, Mulder. You probably have a lot in common. He just needs a little time.“ 

"You think I would have been like Bill? If Samantha brought home a… boyfriend?” Mulder asks quietly. He shivers as a cool wind whiffs past them and Scully tightens her grip on him. 

“I don’t know, Mulder,” she answers honestly, “I think you’d be protective. You are.”

“I would want - would have wanted to trust her judgment.” Scully gives him a sad smile and puts one hand on his cheek.

“You might have thrown him dirty looks, Mulder. But you would have accepted the man your sister loved.”


"Definitely love.” Scully whispers and before he can reply, or react in any way, she gets on tiptoes and plants her mouth over his. 

“Dana!” A voice hollers. Mulder startles and breaks the kiss, realizing it’s Bill. And he’s just seen them kissing. Yeah, Scully’s brother is definitely going to like him. Never. “Come inside.” Scully doesn’t move and stays in Mulder’s arms. “You too, Mulder.” Bill finishes grudgingly, stomping back inside.

“Did he just invite me in?" 

"He did. Now come on. It’s getting cold out here.” He lets Scully lead him back inside the house, but even while still outside, he’s never felt this warm before in his life.

I just…want more FP and Alice. Doesn’t have to be romantic ofc THEY’RE JUST SO INTERESTING



You Are Not Alone

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Loki x Reader

Listen to this 

Request: Can I request something where the reader is an avenger and also a vampire? But she’s very depressed. She loves her job but she’s getting lonely seeing everyone else with their significant others and she wants to feel loved. Later on Thor brings Loki along to a stark party and he’s bored and irritable until he sees the reader out on the balcony. They end up hitting it off right away and he helps pull her out of her depression.


Being around for almost 300 years was cool and all, being able to watch the world change around me. Meeting new people, and new lovers. I was use to change. Everything changed around me for years. But one thing I wasn’t use to, was being with a team of people, like the Avengers. When they learned of my kind actually existing, they wanted to see if they could find us, a vampire.

When they mistakenly found me, in the hospital, stealing blood bags. The person who found me was Bruce Banner. He alerted Tony Stark, and Tony followed me and convinced me to join the team. I only said yes, because I wanted to protect the world I’ve come to love. 

“So you drink human blood?” The newest member Sam Wilson questioned

“Sam” Steve snapped at him

“What I’m just confused as to why she drinks human blood and lives here, not trying to be rude” He then apologized.

“No it’s okay” I smiled “You’re just curious, that’s all. You should learn on how to communicate.” I joked. “But yes I drink human blood, but I don’t drink from the neck. I drink blood bags. That way I’m not hurting anyone, and I’ve been on a diet. I mostly drink Animal blood, and once or twice every few weeks I drink human blood to stay strong.” I explained while pouring a bag of donated blood into my to-go water bottle.

There was an awkward moment of silence. Sam nodded understanding what I was saying. “So can you control yourself around fresh blood?” He asked

“Yes” I took a sip from my bottle. the normal thing for a vampire was there veins popping and eyes getting darker when drinking blood. “I built a tolerance over the years.” I was okay with answering the questions, I liked when people wanted to know more, it’s not often I could talk about myself truly.

I had been with the team for a little over 6 months. everyone trusted me and I trusted them. I would use my abilities for something good. I liked being able to do things and not have to do it in secrete. I was free to be me. But there was still one thing that bothered me. Even though I was on a team of “outcasts”, I stood apart from them. They trust me but everyone is still a bit uncomfortable with a vampire. When I was in the room, they were on high alert. Jarvis always made sure everyone new when I was coming. 

I requested to have my room further away from the rest, which I ended up getting the floor they were working on to make more rooms to myself. I liked it that way, but I was always lonely even in a room full of people I was lonely. I was lonely for a long time.

I watched people fall in love, but I’ve never actually been in love. Human lives didn’t last quite as long as a vampires. So watching the team with their lovers broke my heart. I longed to be loved and in love. Natasha and Bruce, Tony and Pepper, Steve and Sharon, Wanda and Vision, etc. I wished to have what they had. 

Later that same day, Thor showed up. He said that upon his arrival he will have brought someone that we will all “love” to have. He shoved a tall man into the room. He was wearing a leather green and black robe, his hair was long and black, his blue eyes scanned the room.

“This is my brother Loki.” Thor announced to the room. This was the famous brother of Thor who tried to rule Earth. Supposedly he wanted to redeem himself and wanted to prove himself worthy to Thor. But one of the main reasons he was here was so Thor could keep a close watch on him. 

“Just stay out of trouble” Tony snapped at Loki. Thor introduced me and Sam to Loki. I stuck my hand out to shake his.

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone else.” Loki looked me in the eyes “Lady y/n” He took my hand and kissed it. I was use to this kind of behavior from men, especially in England years ago.  I smiled and bowed my head in respect. Which caught him by surprise, and I earned confused looks from the team. 

“Then you must know of my kind, yes?” I questioned

“Indeed” Was all he said, “Where will I be sleeping?” 

“On the roof” Tony snapped again. 

“The same floor as me” I smiled “I’ll show you” 

I went about my business as usual, making my way around the tower, by myself. I would stop to talk to whoever was in the same room, but the conversation quickly died down since I know that they wouldn’t want to talk to me any longer. 

The only thing I wanted was to hold a conversation with someone, but I know how they feel about me, they trust me but they are always watching my move to make sure I don’t turn on them. 

I made my way to the fridge to grab my animal blood bag, then pouring it into a glass. I felt a pair of eyes on me as I did all of this. 

“Can I help you?” I asked. 

“I was just looking for someone to talk to.” Loki spoke softly.

“Well seeing as no one here seems to trust you, or like you, I guess that leaves me to be the last resort?” I gave a soft smile.

“Well, not actually, I wanted to talk to you. I already know they don’t like me” He chuckled. 

“Oh” Was all I could say. He slowly walked into the kitchen, observing the room. He had a disgusted look as he continued to walk around. 

“So what’s your secrete?” He asked stopping so he was now standing next to me. 

“Excuse me?” I turned to look at him

“How do you do it?” He asked “How do you live under the same roof as them when treated like you’re still a monster?” I was not expecting the question from him

“Well I-” I was cut off by Steve walking into the room

“Hey y/n, the mission you were suppose to go on has been changed. Sam and Bucky will be going. We need you to stay back to show Loki the ropes. He seems to like you.” Steve explained

“Okay” I spoke quietly, giving Steve a small nod before quickly leaving the room.

An hour later I could hear Loki making his way to my door. I opened it right before he could knock.

“Oh, where you expecting me?” He smirked looking down at my small figure. 

“No” I answered “I heard you coming” 

He looked confused

“Perks of being a Vampire, I can hear everything around me” this time I smirked at him, I took a step back allowing him to enter my room. 

“Did I upset you earlier?” He asked concern in his voice

“No” I walked back towards my living room area. “I just didn’t want to talk about that with Steve there.”

“So lady y/n, how old are you really?” Loki asked 

“326″ I smiled, being able to just talk was enough for me. 

“So I guess you could say you are immortal?” Loki continued “You could live forever” 

“I guess you could say that.” I made my way to my book shelf. “Do you like books?” 

“Yes, have anything of interest?” 

“Of course I do” I smiled, grabbing a random book “This is Jane Austen, one of my favorites, this book is called Pride and Prejudice.”

“I think we will get a long just fine” He smiled while taking the book out of my hand to look at it. 

Ever since he came into my room, and stole a few books from me, we spent everyday with each other, either reading or talking about our lives and what it was like 300 years ago. We became pretty close. We spent most days in one of our rooms, away from the team unless it was dinner, a meeting, training, a mission, or game/movie night. 

Tonight was movie night and everyone, except Sam Loki, was in the theater, we decided to watch The Notebook, since most of us haven’t seen it. I sat on a two-seater sofa by myself. Tony was with Pepper, Nat and Bruce, Steve and Sharon, Bucky and his random girlfriend, Thor was next to Clint,and Wanda and Vision. I watched the team as I purposely sat away from them. I knew that I made most uncomfortable, but everyone tried to include me into movie and game night.

I watched the movie, wishing I had someone to love me the way the characters loved each other. I watched as the old man told the old women the love story of the two teens who fell in love. I happened to look away from the TV to see all of the coupled paying attention to each other and not the TV, deciding I had enough of this, I made my way out of the room only to be stopped by Tony announcing that I was leaving.

“Y/N why do you gotta go? We not good enough?” He joked

“Just tiered” I said before I walked off. I heard Tony whisper 

“I thought Vampires don’t sleep?” I rolled my eyes and made my way to my room. We do sleep, I just stay up super late. 

Once I made it to my room, I quietly shut my door not wanting Loki to know I was back in my room. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to cry, I hated not having someone to be with, I wanted to know what it was like to be in love and to be loved. I laid down in my bed as tears began to fall. I curled up into a ball on my bed. 

As I continued to quietly cry, I suddenly felt my blanket go over my shoulders. I stiffened at the touch of a hand rubbing my shoulder. 

“It’s me, relax love” I heard Loki speak calmly. “What’s wrong?” 

I wiped the tears away as I sat up and scooted over allowing him to sit down next to me. I told him everything, how I lived 300 years alone, scared to be in love since human lives don’t last as long and a Vampire who doesn’t age, how I’m tiered of being alone and no one understanding me.

“You are not alone. I know exactly what you are going through, I mean I age, but not like a human, But I’m always lonely.” He wrapped an arm around me.

“I just want to be wanted.” I piratically whispered.

“You are” I squeezed me. “I want you” 

“Really?” I gave him a funny look

“Yes” He nodded “On Asgard everyone avoids me, hates me, no one wants to be with me, same this Midgard, then I met this women who treated me as an equal, she dismissed everything I had done and gave me a chance.”

“Maybe because she knows what it’s like to be the monster.” I looked up into his eyes.  He didn’t say anything else. He just looked at me. His eyes flickered to my lips and then back to my eyes. I took the opportunity to move in for a kiss. At first he didn’t react so I started to move back, but his hands were now on the back of my neck as he pulled me into a kiss. 

“We can be monsters together.” He spoke between kisses. 


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I agree, that quote gives the photo a whole new meaning. I want to believe (ha) that maybe he didn't mean it like that, that saying "it'll bee cool" was just a poor word choice, that he further explained to Gillian what it meant before she agreed to take the photo, but it still doesn't sit right.

My first response was nervous laughter because I wanted it to be an out of context thing… but like… it wasn’t. Just a poorly judged humorous anecdote. And then I thought I’ll let it slide, except I’m still roled from MeToo, and the inherent white male privilege in the whole thing is exactly the kind of thing we all need to stop giving passes for.

You don’t get to participate in a political movement and get praised for it only to laugh it off as something “cool” a week later. Asking a woman who trusts you to perform an act without giving her all the info she needs to consent to it, and then laughing at her ignorance a week later doesn’t sit right with me, regardless of whether she is later okay with it all. Doing one good thing doesn’t stop you being part of the problem and laughing along, praising it or finding it cute makes us all participants in the continuing fucked upness of the world.


text between the girl squad

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Eva: Meet me for lunch tomorrow, I have something cool to tell you

Vilde: What’s up?

Eva: Too good to tell you here

Chris: Yeaah

Vilde: Now I’m super curious, can’t you tell us now?

Sana: Dont kill her vibe. She wants to tell us face to face.

Vilde: But hello, we’re talking in a chat it’s pretty much the same thing

Sana: No

Noora: Can’t wait to hear it, Eva

My two cents that no one asked for:

1. I’ve had just about enough of people “convincing” Gillian to do things without giving her the full picture. So that’s my starting point with that.

2. On the other hand…if Gillian really had no clue what she was posing for a picture of that David was about to post all over social media (and so was she), then she could have, like, asked him. Or taken two seconds to google it if she really wanted to go all out. 

3. On the other other hand, I’m sure she trusts him at this point, after all these years, and knows him well enough to know he’s not going to rope her into some cause she doesn’t believe in. 

4. On yet another hand, David joking about it and being all like “lol she had no clue what she was doing, but I was like, this will be cool, lol she can’t drive either” is undeniably tone-deaf and undercuts the message of what they were doing in a disheartening way. To be blunt, it makes it all feel kinda fake and staged. 

(4a. Even if five minutes of lending your famous name/face to a worthy cause is better than none minutes, regardless of how dashed off it is.)

5. However: David loves to tell a story, loves to be funny while telling that story, and – I suspect – everything else falls by the wayside while he is constructing and delivering that story. I’m not trying to be a DD apologist here when I say I’m not sure how literally that story should be taken.  

6. Regardless, and regardless of how it actually went down with taking the photo, he shouldn’t have been so flippant about it. Honestly, this shows neither of them in the most flattering light. 

7. On the (*counts* Scully, you’re not going to believe this) fifth hand, though, perhaps one thing that this shows us is that, like the rest of us, David and Gillian are muddling through, trying to give important things the attention they deserve but at the same time busy and distracted and self-centered and not always as good at it or as informed or as dialed-in as they aspire to be. 

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Chuuya gets Atsushi cute things that Kouyou has no need for anymore. Hairpins, lipstick, sun umbrellas, cloaks etc. Atsushi loves all of the clothes that Chuuya gets her. She has always wanted cuter clothes but was too scared for the backlash. But with a mafia executive member supporting her identity, she feels safe being who she is because who wants to fight against gravity?

Just…. this ask is so pure? I love it! He always brings her cute clothes, and sometimes he’ll even buy her something he thinks she’ll like! Omg, he does her makeup when she wants to, and teaches her how to do some cool hairstyles!

1296) One of my teachers thought I was dating my friend and she told my mom. The next day my mom came into my room and lectured me about how almost every teen who says they’re gay is in a phase and just trying to look cool. I’m pretty sure I’m a bisexual and I want to come out to my friends but I have a lingering fear that I’m actually straight and what she said is true. I like to think that I’m not letting her words get to me but I am…


The new patch content kicked me to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while: make Neelesh’s parents.

I was trying to come up with a reason that a white guy would have a name like Neelesh, and my headcanon was that he was adopted as a baby by an Indian couple. And this is them. Devika and Nisha.

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The missus really early in her pregnancy and she just feels like shit and one day she’s asleep and bed and harry comes home and lays down next to her and puts his hand on the tummy and she wakes up a lil and she goes “I kind of want some ice cream” and he goes “there’s some chocolate ice cream waiting for you in the freezer baby” Harry’s just the best hubs ever

MY HEART. :”((

He would go and get her ANYTHING that sounded remotely appealing just to get something in her belly. She’s been so sick most of the day. He brought her a pillow and the thickest, fluffiest blanket (probably his blanket) because at one point, she crawls into the bathtub and stays. The surface is cool on her skin and it’s quiet and she doesn’t have to go far if she needs to be sick. He brings her cups of ice to crunch on because liquids sound like too much and ginger candies to suck on. Wipes down her clammy skin with a cool, wet washcloth and sits on the bathroom floor with her while she drifts in and out of sleep. Only leaving her when she croaks out that, “Harry, I love you. But the way you smell is making me feel sick.”  

He peeks back in an hour later. Her cheeks and skin have more color when he kneels beside the tub and finds her awake. Her eyes a little brighter.  She warns him not to kiss her. 

“I just threw up,” she rasps, so he settles on her forehead and then cheek instead. 

“You look better,” he observes, cupping her cheeks tenderly. 

“I feel better.” 

He carries her to bed, even though she insists she doesn’t need him to carry her there. 

He settles them down, not before pulling the wastebasket from the bathroom around to her side of the bed…just in case. He tucks his blanket over them and massages the pads of his fingers against her arm. 

“Anything sound good yet?” he asks, hopefully. 

She pauses, thinks for a moment. “Ice cream?” 

And Harry can’t help but giggle and nuzzle his nose to hers because only his sweet wife could spend the day being sick and immediately want ice cream after. “That, we can definitely do.” 


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from what i've read they found a twitter account that was leaking informations about the tracks and they immediately reported it to TN, but somehow people started speculating that those were informations leaked by this girl in the group (which I can assure you it's false, since she just said what most people were already saying on tumblr and that taylor already liked etc) the girl user is @/lovingherisred13 if you guys want to help her since everyone is accusing her


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i was kinda stalking your art tag and i got aalllll the way to the bottom and wow first off you've improved so much!!! not that your art wasn't great before it's just,, wow it's so good!! also, i saw one of your posts about h.m being an angel and how she's ur sunshine and stuff and im not attacking you for it. obviously that was a long time ago i just wanted to say it's amazing how much your opinions on her have changed! mine definitely have after following you! i just think it's really cool =)

ya its amazing how a fandom can ruin your love for a character isn’t it lmao

no but thank you I agree I’ve improved a lot since I first started posting here

Lol of course as soon as something new/cool happens in the green day fandom it draws out those (probably same) rude people that want to try and make the rest of the fandom feel bad about liking something. Come on guys it’s makeup. he’s not going to run for office with her. I don’t like her either for other reasons but I’m sure as hell gonna buy that eyeliner lmao suck my ass

The Avesnes Aristocracy - 76

Benjamin had grown up into a teenager as well and Madelyn decided to invite him over to hang out. He was still the same kind of guy as he had been as a kid. Sloppy long hair, a laid back attitude but also a nice set of brains. He wasn’t the kind of guy she could fall in love with. He simply wasn’t her type and his personality was a bit too similar to hers. Madelyn wanted to love someone who was a bit more of a challenge, someone who would pull her into crazy adventures and force her out of her comfort zone. Ben was more like Vincent or Ferdinand, like a brother. Their conversations were always about nerdy stuff they were both interested in, it never got truly exciting or even slightly flirty.
“…and so I figured out a way to attach a solar panel to my phone so that I never have to charge it again. It’s pretty cool, I can make you one as well if you like.”
“That’s quite amazing, Ben! You might be able to sell something like that. You should file for a patent.”
“Yeah, maybe I should. Thanks for the tip, Maddy.”
She still enjoyed hanging out with him though, so the thought that they’d eventually have to live together wasn’t too bad. The only thing that really made her feel awkward was the thought of making babies with him, but she’d deal with that when it was time for it. For now, she was just going to enjoy her teen life, which included random pillow fights in the kitchen!

Vincent’s new friend Jesse Woodwall had also aged up into a teenager and she was quite beautiful. Justine was out of town to perform some celebrity task for sick kids in the hospital, so he had the courage to invite both her and her mom to the mansion.
“You know, they picked Madelyn as heir and Madelyn told me I’m free to become friends with whoever I want. Since she’s heir now she pulls the strings in the household so I’m less scared of mom! Maybe you can come here more often now and we can hang out?” he asked Jesse. He realized how pretty she was and definitely wouldn’t mind spending more time with her, preferably without her mother next time.
“Sounds great, Vincent. I’m glad your sister isn’t as strict as your mother. It should make life easier for all of you guys here,” she smiled at him.
“Ohh yeah,” he replied. “I’m sure if it!”

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What’s your type?

My type? Someone who needs me. Not to the extent where they can’t live without me. Please if you have the opportunity to go far away and do what you love, I’ll love it from a distance. And we’ll make it work. Plane tickets only cost so much.
Someone that wants to be a brunch date, and find cool places that we can call “ours”. Someone to have a fun night out with her friends, and maybe come home to me? If not that’s okay, I’ll see her in the morning. Someone who is afraid of losing me as much as I am afraid to lose them.
I want adventures and pictures with shitty frames we painted together over taking our place we worked so for, and finally get the chance to be together like normal.
My type is someone who wants and needs me at the end of every day, and doesn’t let me forget that. I don’t need constant reassurance, not at all. But I want to know someone is willing to go as far for me as I would for them.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way going to find a perfect cliche relationship.
But I’m willing to do my best to find what I want, and compromise and give her what she wants too. My needs are important and so is my happiness, and her needs and her happiness are important as well.
I wanna make sure she loves herself though before she loves me, and that’s where it gets tricky. I will spend every day showing her how loved she is, and as much as she will just say okay to get me to shut up. I hope to God, this girl will see herself the way I see her. In every aspect of beautiful another person could be.
My “type” in all honesty after all that. Is the one who I can reach over and grab in the middle of the night. You know that feeling of comfort, and reassurance and just peace? That’s my type, that feeling. The one that rolls over and kisses me until I wake up.
I crave that.

nareszcie mogę się przyłączyć do 500+


I am so glad that real people who don’t know me liked my art enaough to follow this blog. Sadly I don’t have any cool things to give away co I will just thank people.

First of all I wanted to thank my ultimate hypeman- @swilmarillion I am sorry I don’t draw as much Tolkin as I used to but I promise I will try my best. 

Also I need to thank my rl friend @lostinparadoxspace she has just started college, so maybe wish her luck or something

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I hope Lisa will appear in the crossover as well. It would be cool to see a different version of her, too. (Maybe with powers.) I just want to see the Snart siblings together again and kicking ass.

I would absolutely love that! I honestly don’t understand why the writers haven’t bothered to do more with her character, considering she was fantastic and her appearances seemed to have been well-met by fans? Not to mention the actress has said she wants to come back?

I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed we end up seeing her (especially the Earth-1 version of her, because the crossover is already a bit of a mess in my opinion and I’d rather see ‘our’ Lisa again without the Nazi overtones, if I got to choose ^^;).

But I do agree, seeing the sibs together again would be lovely, as its something I we never got on Legends and something I continue to miss in canon.