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Could I please request the soulmate au "soul crushing" with Todoroki?

Soulmate Au • CLOSED

Writing mood though, but I really hope I did decent on this too… especially at the end. ;;;

Clashes of ices scattered rapidly through the dark alleyway when Shouto tried his best to prevent Stain from approaching any closer to him. The truth: Shouto’s stamina lessening from many shifting movements, but at least he’s managing to send Stain further from his fire attributes.

Several wounds. Fresh slices oozing out crimson liquid, trickling and dirtying his heroic outfit. Heavily huffing elicited from his lips as a sign of his usage of quirks, and not to mention prying Stain away.

With no way to know what was exactly happening with their soulmateーnot to mention that they were destined to be with the Shouto Todoroki, himselfー they immediately scouted the familiar cities. Bricks collapsing. Noumu’s deliberating. Heroes grouping. But they needed to help their soulmate somehow, it has to be one of these people.

“Where are you, soulmate?” Grasping their hearts painfully, a vocalizing groan pleaded for some help nearby. Shouto’s covered in gashes of cuts, everywhere. His breathing distorting tiredly, clinging onto his remaining strength to battle The Hero Killer.

“I guess you’re done for, huh?” The Hero Killer chuckled sinisterly as he was holding his blade to his lips closely, catching Shouto’s bewildering attention. “Dammit…” With one lick, his entire body tumbling down and paralyzingly onto the ground. He gritted his teeth. If only someone could help come to the rescue.

Unsuspectedly, a surge of power came blasting in Stain’s way, catching him off way. Another heroic arrival with a bellowing speech, their aching soul replacing with encouragement of spirits. “Leave them alone!”

Izuku. Izuku! Shouto’s cyan/brown hues darted between the two and witnessing the familiar green-head pouncing Stain with his menacingly punch, sending afar across the buildings. “Shit-” Stain rasped out.

“Keep watch on them, I’ll take care of The Hero Killer!” Izuku averted his attention to them, with determination gleaming in those green eyes. His voice beaming solemnly before taking off, green bolts surrounding the male as he jumped to a certain location.

A serious manner. They couldn’t defy his orders as this was urgent. Why did their heart stop aching though? They pondered.

“…Thank you… so much… for coming…” A voice reached out to them, sincerely sending his thanks as his voice weakly did so. His chest heaving with breaths from the on-going commotions.

Wait a minute. One glance. This was Shouto Todoroki. They heard of him, various of stories surrounding this mysterious hero. Why did their heart stop hurting, for him?

Red blemishes surfaces their cheeks brightly, involuntarily resting his head in their arms for him to comfortably repose against. Iida was lying besides them, engulfing in his self-resentment, but he knew he needed to wake his realizations.

“Of course, you two will be alright. The teachers are coming on their way. You’ll be alright, Shouto… You are my soulmate.”

Soulmate? His eyes gaped, a confusion yet relief clouding his thoughts. His lips curving into a content smile, closing his eyelids as he did so.

This genuine, softly smile. That’s when they knew. His words surely imprinting into their hearts proudly for awhile, “I’m glad then, Soulmate.”


*Denki voice* the only fast thing about those two is their speed during fights

Tired heroes having a well deserved rest. ヽ(´ー` )ノ
Has it gotten even a bit colder? I wanted to draw them in warmer clothes for fall. They’re wearing each other’s colors!