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∑=MC^2 [Spencer Reid x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Could you do the anything you write on your skin appears on you your soulmates skin au with Reid”

A/N: I wasn’t too sure on what this AU was but I had it explained. I also made it so that names and places of living wouldn’t work because that would be to easy lol.


You didn’t really understand the whole, write on your skin and it shows up on your soulmate’s skin thing. There were limits to it and rules. Knowing that you couldn’t put down your name or where you are because it wouldn’t show on their skin.

But what you also didn’t understand was what the hell your soulmate was constantly writing on his arm or hand. So many math equations and book references. Often times people would look at it and ask what the writing was, you’d simply answer “I guess my soulmate’s a math nerd?”

Not knowing how incredibly right you were.

You’re a simple grad student. Studying to become a psychiatrist, wanting nothing more than to help people. So all this writing on your arm was a bit distracting. Did your soulmate not know about the bond? Or just not have the time to find paper?

Who knows at this point, right now you were just trying to decipher what all of it was.

Sitting in a coffee shop you stared at your arm. Examining every piece of information. Letting out a huff at the undecipherable letters and numbers, except for the formula ∑=MC^2 which you recognized from senior year physics.

Giving up you clicked the power button on your computer. The screen lighting up before turning back off again. “What the hell?” you mumbled jamming the button a couple of times. “Shit” running your hands through your hair. “No, my resume. I didn’t save it.” groaning to nobody in particular. 

“Fear not!” a voice said from beside you. It startling you. “Oh god” holding your hand to your chest. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” A blonde woman said smiling. “I just saw you having computer troubles and I know my way around a motherboard so may I?” she gestured to your computer.

“Have at it” you pushed it toward her.

Shocked when witnessing her having it up and running within a few clicks. “What? How’d you?” reaching and moving the touch pad. Immediately saving your resume on the page. “Thank you so much! You just saved my future”

“No problem, I’m Penelope by the way” she held a hand out to you. “[F/n]” taking it while introducing yourself. Though her eyes widened at the mathematical equations and information on your arm. “Whoa” she said but soon recognized the handwriting. 

“Oh my god you need to come with me!” She began to smile excitedly. “Um okaay?” you said before grabbing your things and following her. Luckily not having any other plans that day.

Not expecting to end up inside the FBI building. “Am I allowed to be in here?” asking while following her through a hallway, to a pair of double glass doors.

“Yes, as long as you’re with me. I think.” Penelope said excitedly.

“Good morning princess” A man said coming over to you both. “Not now chocolate thunder I need to find Reid.” she held a finger to him while passing. “Um ouch” he commented catching up to you “I’m sorry who are you?” smiling at you.

“Uh [F/n], Penelope saved my computer, and told me I had to come with her here now. I’m just as confused as you are” you shrugged and he laughed. “Well that’s Garcia for ya. I’m SSA Derek Morgan, nice to meet you” offering you a hand.

“Likewise” shaking it in return. Walking into the bullpen Penelope yelled “REID!” startling you again. Damn she’s good at that.

A man looked up from his book to see the woman running over to him. “Come here” she pushed him toward you. “[F/n] meet Spencer, Spencer [F/n]” she quickly introduced you.

He smiled at you awkwardly, as you gave a simple “Hi” the other members in the area just watching confused.

“Uhh Garcia what’s going on?” Another blonde haired woman asked from her desk.

“J.J. Shh, [F/n] and Spencer are going to compare arms!” She turned back to the both of you. “COMPARE ARMS!” she yelled.

You pulled up your sleeve to reveal the writing on it. Spencer’s eyes widened before he did the same. “Boom soulmates! You’re welcome” she cheered as everyone, including you and Spencer, just stared shocked.

“Uhh” you said looking down at your arm. “Alright then. Just a few questions. What the hell is going on? What the hell is written on my arm? Are you some kind of Einstein or something? And do you want to get dinner this weekend?” your rapid tone disorienting a few of the profilers.

He processed your words for a moment before answering “Honestly couldn’t tell you. It’s a series of equations used from a case we just solved. I have an eidetic memory but that’s what some people say. And yes I would like to.”

You smiled, “Well glad that’s cleared up”

“I am as well. I look forward to getting to know you better” He smiled. Surprising all of his co-workers with his calmness.

“Did Reid just get a date?” Morgan looked at the other members confused before back at the pair of you. “Oh it’s the end times” Rossi commented before the whole team nodded.

Even a room full of profilers couldn’t decipher what just happened.

The One Where Its Not Jace

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: It had been years since you fell for Alec but lately it seemed like everyone was trying to get you two together. When Alec finally admits he likes you, you can’t manage to get the words out but things take a funny turn when you lose a bet during training. 

A/N: ahhh alec fans, this ones for you 💝

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“Alec?” you whisper, pushing his door open. A long creaking sound echoes does the hall way and you cringe as it continues to do so each inch you push the door open.

Alec appears in the doorway, “What are you doing here?” he asks, his face stuck in a frown.

“Isabelle said you wanted to see me?”

Alec looks at you, confused and you sigh.

Isabelle knew you had fallen head over heels for Alec the moment you had met him and once again you had fallen into one of her traps in which she tried to set you both up.

“Never mind,” you grumble, starting to walk away and Alec pulls you inside by your arm, shutting the door and pressing you against it. He holds a finger up to his lips.

“Someone’s coming,” he whispers as someone knocks on the door.

“Alec, you in there?” you hear Jace’s voice from the other side of the door and Alec relaxes, attempting to open the door before you shake your head.

“What?” he mouths the words.

“Jace can’t know I’m here,” you hiss and Alec raises a brow, crossing his arms over his chest, “Why?”

“He just can’t,” you whisper. You knew if Jace saw you he would make some stupid joke about you and Alec and then there was no way Alec wouldn’t catch on.

“I’m just getting changed,” Alec calls out, pushing you into his closet before opening his door.

“I thought I heard you talking to someone,” Jace states, looking around as Alec shakes his head.

“Figured y/n would be in here,” he turns to face Alec whose eyes widen, “Why would you think that?”

“Izzy told me.”

“Why would she think that?”

“I think she sent y/n here, another failed attempt I suppose.”

You feel your breathe hitch in your throat, “Please don’t ask, please don’t ask, please don’t ask,” you mumble to yourself.

“Failed attempt at what?”

Jace stares at Alec as though he’s oblivious, “You don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?”

Jace sighs, flopping onto Alec’s bed, “The girl is totally in love with you.”

“No she’s not!” Alec laughs before Jace gives him a knowing look. Alec’s eyes travel towards his closet where you were standing.

“Well, do you like her back?” Jace asks, sitting up.

Alec swallows hard, “I- I, uhh-“

You push the closet open, not wanting to hear his answer and speed out the door, everything become a blur in your attempt to get away from them.


“Y/N,” you hear Alec’s heavy breathing behind you as you rush into your room, trying to shut your door but Alec is too strong.

He walks in, Jace following behind him.

“Get out!” you toss a pillow at them and they both dodge it, stifling laughter.

“Oh, just tell him already. It’s getting painful to watch,” Jace scoffs and you shake your head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Y/N…” Alec starts and you shake your head. You had seen the hesitation on his face when Jace had asked him about his feelings for you. You knew there was no way he felt the same.

“Alec, it’s not you that I like. It’s Jace,” you sigh and Jace’s eyes widen.

“That’s ridiculous,” he laughs and you shrug, “Well I guess you don’t feel the same way.”

I’m dating Clary,” he reminds you.

Oh, yeah. Well that’s too bad. I’m heart broken, really,” you inhale sharply, “Now can you both get out so I can cry myself to sleep.”

Alec and Jace awkwardly stumble out and you shut the door behind them, “Fuck,” you mumble as you fall back onto your bed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

After a good hour of feeling sorry for yourself, you pull yourself up, pulling your clothes over your head and searching for pyjama’s so you could go to bed and just forget this night happened.


You spin around to find Alec in the doorway and he quickly puts a hand over his eyes. You scramble to pull a t-shirt and shorts on.

“It’s okay, you can look now,” you sigh and he looks at you embarrassedly.

“I just wanted to see if you were okay after what happened with Jace,” he smiles warmly, taking a seat on the edge of your bed.

You sit beside him, “I’ll live.”

“I didn’t even know you liked him. Is that why you didn’t want him to see us together? So he wouldn’t get the wrong idea?”

You nod slowly; it was an unintentional coincidence but it made a perfect cover story.

“So when – what – I mean, what exactly made you like him?”

You paused for a moment, thinking about all the things you liked about Alec instead, “I don’t know – it was just the moment I saw him. Trying to protect everyone - trying to do the right thing no matter how much it hurt him,” you pause, not wanting to say too much in fear of Alec realizing you were talking about him.

“Why didn’t you tell him sooner? Maybe if you had, it would’ve been you and not Clary.”

“I was too scared. Why would someone like that ever want someone like me?”

Alec stares at you, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “Hey,” he whispers softly, “Anyone would be lucky to have you love them.”

You shake your head.

“Trust me. It’s those who you don’t love that are unlucky. And they feel that pain every day.”

“Name one,” you laugh.

Me,” he states, swallowing hard.


“This may be the stupidest thing I ever do, but I need to tell you this,” he begins, wringing his hands as he speaks, “I like you, like a lot, and I – I didn’t think to tell you. There’s been so much going on since Clary arrived, it never felt like the right time. But the same way you felt about Jace when you first saw him – that’s how I felt about you. And I can’t risk doing what you did. I don’t think I could stand seeing you with someone else without you knowing how I feel.”

You stare at him in awe and he begins to blush, “I get it if you don’t feel the same. I mean I know you don’t- I was there when you talked to Jace but just – just think about it. Think about me.”

Alec stands up abruptly, wiping his sweaty palms against his jeans as he starts to walk away before you can say another word.


You barely get any sleep and by the time it’s 5am you give and decide to go practice your combat skills rather than roll around in bed, half excited and half unsure of what to do. You wanted to tell Alec you felt the exact same way but for some reason the words just wouldn’t come out. Just like they’d never been able to.

“Hey,” you hear Alec’s voice as he catches up to you.

“Couldn’t sleep,” you mumble, rubbing your eyes, “Thought I’d get in some traininGLDKJA-AHHHH,” you yawn halfway through and Alec chuckles.

“In that?” he looks you up at down, and you feel embarrassed as you look down to see you’re still in your pyjamas. You didn’t think anyone would be awake; let alone Alec.

“I could still kick your ass in this,” you nudge him playfully.

“We’ll see,” he retorts before pausing, “Why don’t we make it interesting?”


“If I win – you let me take you out on a proper date; you give me a chance.”

“And if I win?”

“Well, that’s up to you,” he shrugs.


“Wait- what happens if you win?”

“You stay still for a minute,” you whisper.

“What does that mean?” he asks and you shrug, “You’ll see.”

Alec grimaces just thinking about it; you had kicked his ass on many occasions and he wondered if you were going to make him stay still through some really painful headlock or something.

You sparred for a good 20 minutes before you both started taking serious swings at each other but you of course won, knocking Alec on his ass and pinning him down despite him being fairly larger than you.

“Alright, alright,” he laughs as you straddle him, your sword at his neck. You retreat it, tossing it aside and Alec attempts to sit up.

You shake your head, “You lost.”

Alec nods, putting his head back on the floor before inhaling deeply and laying still.

You yourself were way too nervous but you couldn’t help yourself; you knew if not now, you would never be able to tell Alec how you felt.

Alec’s eyes widen as you move closer to his face, pressing your lips against his. He tangles his fingers in your hair and you let out a soft moan before he flips the two of you around, pinning you to the floor this time. As he pulls away, he hovers over you before his eyes widen and he stumbles backwards, landing on his ass.

“So much for staying still,” you laugh and Alec looks embarrassed.

“Why did you do that?”

“The one I like – it’s not Jace,” you laugh.

“Oh,” Alec grins at you and you pout, “Though, how badly did you really want to go on a date with me? You didn’t even try!”

Alec smirks at you, “I didn’t want to hurt you…”

“Oh really?” you giggle as he stands up, holding out a hand to help you up.

As you take it, he pulls you swiftly up and against his chest, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I would never,” he whispers, pulling you back onto his lips.

“That’s too bad. If you had, you might be going on a date with me.”

“We can still go on a date,” he mumbles against your lips, “I don’t go out with losers,” you whisper back, smiling.

“If this is what the loser gets, I’ll lose every single time.”

Never Give Up Hope

Okay…I’m up for another angst fanfic. I was gonna wait for a little while, taking a little breather from fanfics, but this is not gonna get out of my head until it comes out and type it out. 

Like all the fanfics, this is based on @shinyzango 2D Bendy AU. It is very angst as far as I can type it (I apologize in advance if I break any hearts in the progress) and I can’t help but throw this that she drew in as well (So heart wrenching as well) I was unsure how to add Ink!Henry into this, but I think this’ll help out.

So here we go! 

Bendy was waiting patiently for Henry to return home from work, watching the clock tick away until it will reach four in the evening. Usually, Bendy is pretty good with waiting for Henry to get home from work, but very rarely, he will start to feel queasy and nervous. 

So he waits, watching the time tick by. 

It soon turned to minutes, then two hours since past four…

…and Henry has not come home yet. This made Bendy a bit nervous, but then again that he could possibly ran into traffic. So this made the little devil stand up and reach over for the home phone. 

Usually, he doesn’t call Henry all the time, but mostly when he’s on his lunch break at work and when he’s on his way home. So the cartoon starts to dial the number and waits for Henry to pick up. 

It rings a few times, making Bendy tap his foot nervously. 

Hello, this is Henry. I can’t reach the phone right now, so if you can leave your name and message, I will get back to you.” 

Bendy gulped a bit, but he was smiling nervously as he heard the beep. “H-Hi, Henry. This is Bendy. I, uhh, just want to see when you are on your way home…umm…h-hope that you get this message. I love you, bye.” He hangs up. 

He was starting to get nervous. 

Henry is never this late before. Just as he was gonna put in Henry’s phone number in again after waiting a half an hour, the phone rings, making him jolt. Maybe it was Henry? He answers the phone. “H-Hello?” 

Is this Bendy?” It was a female voice, but he knew who it was. “Y-Yes, Mrs. Caster. It’s me…is…is Henry there with you?” Bendy asked. He knows that Henry’s boss, Mrs Caster, would call the house every now and then about work and talk to Henry about it. So he was use to her calling here. 

But it was now getting more nervous that she didn’t answer Bendy’s question. “…listen, I am gonna come and pick you up to take you somewhere, okay?” She said softly. Bendy’s form was starting to melt a bit from the stress he’s getting right now.

Is…is Henry….is Henry there with you?” Bendy asked again. 

….something happened to Henry…he’s in the hospital…” 

Bendy froze at the spot, the phone slipping out of his grip as he starts to breathe heavily and fast.  

As they arrived at the hospital, Bendy was a nervous wreck, Mrs. Caster having a hold of Bendy’s hand with her own, trying to keep Bendy calm the best she can. Her blue eyes glanced at Bendy, who had a hand on his head to keep himself calm and under control. 

“He’ll be alright, Bendy…he’s in surgery right now. All we have to do is wait…” She said softly, squeezing his hand. 

….h-how did this happen?” He asked, looking at her as inky tears welled up in his eyes. 

“It was a hit and run….a drunk driver rammed his car from the side….they got the driver and Henry got transported to the hospital…” 

Bendy looks away from Mrs. Caster, inky tears rolling down his cheeks. The woman sighed as she wrapped one arm around him to pull him into a side hug, letting him bury his face into her side, silent sobs wrecking his body. 

A doctor walked up to them, making Mrs. Caster look up at him. 

“Mr. Ross has suffered a concussion and a mild eternal bleeding. and we had to do surgery on his side to stop the eternal bleeding and to fix two broken ribs. He will have a hard time breathing for a few months, but after good rest he will be fine.” The doctor smiled. 

Mrs. Caster smiled as she looks down at Bendy, who looks up at her. “See? He will be fine.” She smiled, then looks up at the doctor. “Are we allow to see him?” She asked. 

The doctor nods. “Yes, but he will be a bit out of it from the heavy pain medication he is in right now.” He said, Mrs. Caster carrying Bendy in her arms, which he wrapped his arms around her shoulder as she balanced him on her hip, walking behind the doctor. 

They did get glances from other nurses and doctors, not seeing Bendy before when they worked here, but Bendy didn’t seem focus on them at all, only wanting to see Henry. 

They got to the room and when the doctor opened the door, Bendy’s heart heaved at the mere sight of Henry. 

He was pale as a ghost, breathing raspy breaths through the breathing mask he was hooked onto, a heart monitor tracking his heart beat, IV hooked onto his arm to give him fluids as he was unconscious. 

“I’ll be back in a few hours to change his IV fluid bag. Call me if he regains conscious.” The doctor said and Mrs. Caster nods. 

They were left alone as she lets Bendy onto a chair. He had a hold of Henry’s hand immediately when he was close enough. “H-Henry! It’s me, Bendy! Remember, your little buddy? You can wake up now!” He asked, smiling a bit nervously. 

As Mrs. Caster looks at him, she didn’t have the heart to say anything. Only let the little toon try to talk to Henry. 

“….I never said be careful this morning to you, Henry…” This made Mrs. Caster look at Bendy, who had both hands on Henry’s arm. 

E-Everytime you go out to somewhere, I always tell ya to be careful…this morning…I never got the chance to say it because I was so exhausted from the other night…but…but I’m here, now…so it’ll be all okay, right?” 

No response from Henry, this made the Bendy sob a little.

Y-Ya got to wake up, Henry…please…y-ya gotta….” Bendy sniffed until he laid his hand on his arm, starting to sob at what happened to Henry. The next thing he knew, he was asleep after crying himself to sleep. 



Bendy was in a dark void, crying as he was on his knees, sobbing the loudest he could hear himself. He was unsure where he was or what was happening, but he did not care. 

He didn’t know what to do at this point. “H-Henry…you…you can’t go..I don’t wanna be alone…..” the little toon sobbed. 


Bendy looks up at the source at where the sound was coming from, tears rolling down his cheeks.. A first, he did not see anything…but he started to see a crack. 


It gotten louder, even the crack was getting bigger, as if something was trying to punch through whatever Bendy was surrounded in. Then after one last thooming sound, the source broke through, a binding light surging through the area, nearly blinding Bendy as he forced to turn away. 

When he turned to look at the source, a confused look on his face. He could not see the large figure within the light, but he could see the figure reaching down, offering a hand to him. 

The hand laid flat against the ground, offering Bendy out of the dark realm that he was in. 

At first, Bendy didn’t trust the figure, but…it seemed so familiar to him. 

So with hesitation, he climbed onto the hand. He did jolt a bit when the hand moved underneath him, slowly lifting him up from the dark realm. He winced at the sudden light when he was out of the dark area. 

But this did give him a chance to see the figure as he looks up at the figure that helped him out of the dark figure that he was in. 

It…looked like an ink monster, like he had the ability to as well, but…this figure seemed more familiar. What really stood him out was his spiked like hair. 

Kind of like….


The figure smiled at him softly and sadly, sighing softly, but he nodded. Bendy gasped loudly, shocked at what happened to him, but he didn’t seem to think about it as he stood up and managed to launch himself at him. 


He wrapped his arms tightly around his neck, sobbing loudly into his inky shoulder. Henry sighs softly as he had one hand around Bendy to comfort him, afraid that if he used both arms, he might hurt the little guy with his mere brute strength. 

But he did let him cry into his shoulder, letting him let all out until he felt all better, now only hearing tired sniffs and small hiccups from the small ink Demon. When he felt Bendy pull away to look at him, which Henry looks down at him. 

“H-How are you…?” He asked. Henry opened his free hand to show him and Bendy was surprised. 

A pentagram, which it was marked into his skin before it vanished into his hand again. Henry smiled a bit at Bendy, patting his small back in support. “Does….does this mean….you’ll…you’ll be okay?” He asked, looking up at him. 

Henry smiled more and nods, letting out a deep growl. 

As Henry pressed his forehead against Bendy’s, the toon felt himself blackening out before he heard a voice as his vision starts to black out. 

“….see ya when you wake up, bud…” 

Bendy can feel a hand slowly stroking the top of his head when he was coming out of his dream state, humming tiredly in his sleep before he starts to flutter his eyes open. 

It seemed to be late at night at the hospital, seeing it so dark outside from the window. But he was unsure who was petting the top of his head. 

When he looks up, he had a surprise look on his face. 

Henry was awake, smiling tiredly at him. He was slowly rubbing the top of Bendy’s head, trying to ease the small toon. “…hey, bud….” He said through his oxygen mask. 

H-Henry…..” Bendy’s inky tears starts to fall down his cheeks, starting to sob again, having a hold of Henry’s hand when he moved it to his cheek. Bendy kept muttering Henry’s name over and over until he felt Henry slowly pull him into a one arm hug. 

Bendy wrapped his arms around his neck but he was being gentle with his wounds. Henry could only sigh deeply, but he rubbed Bendy’s back in a comforting matter. “…I’m so sorry, bud….I’m so sorry….” He whispered. 

Bendy didn’t say anything, still sobbing into Henry’s shoulder until he calmed down after a minute, but he still refused to pull away from Henry. Henry didn’t object to it at all, knowing that he gave the toon a fright. 

“I’ll be fine bud…a bit woozy for awhile….but I’ll be okay….” He smiled, but wince as he starts to slide back down into the bed, feeling the medicine kicking in again. 

H…Henry?” He can hear the toon’s voice filled with worry, making his heart heave. “I’m fine…just…tired….” He can feel himself falling back asleep again. As he was about to fall asleep, he can feel Bendy snuggling up to his side, his head resting against his chest to hear his heart beat. 

He lets him, having one hand on the top of his head. Henry can feel himself falling back asleep, but he hear Bendy whisper something. 

….don’t leave me, Henry….” 

Henry smiled and give him an affectionate squeeze before he can feel himself drifting to sleep, the medicine fully kicking in. Bendy was asleep as well, breathing softly while snuggling up against his human friend. 



As the week passed, Henry was using a crutch to help support himself as he starts to walk up to the exit of the hospital, looking down at Bendy who had a hold of Henry’s other hand. 

Bendy seemed to look up at Henry nervously, but there was a smile on his face and this made Henry smile back. 

“I’ll be good as new soon, bud…I just need to take it easy for awhile, okay?” He said, squeezing his hand gently and Bendy nods. “Let’s go home, bud…” 

They both walked out of the hospital, going back to their old lives at their house. 

Okay, there you go guys!

As I said, I apologize in advance with all of the hearts I break in this so….that’s that. See you all in the next fanfic

Until then, 


The Night of his Birthday

You noticed that Kiseok spaced out a lot after sex. You didn’t quite understand why but it made him looked even more amazing as he stared off at the ceiling as if he could see the particles dancing in front of his eyes. “What are you thinking about?” you asked softly, leaning on your side to look at him running your fingers slowly down his jaws as if it could hurt you. “Nothing.” He answered and slowly a smile graced his lips making him turn his head to face you.  The soft tips of your finger lingered on his skin as the two of you stayed silent enjoying the peace of mind each other was offering.

“He called me a few weeks ago.” You broke the silence.

“He did? What did he want?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t answer.” You tipped his chin with your forefinger and moved your lips against his. Instinctively, you closed your eyes once your lips touched his and the small smile against your lips made you pulled away. He didn’t even let you budge when he connected your lips with his once more. The soft lingering print of his lips on yours made you melt into his side. You continued to kiss his lips, absorbing yourself in the warmth of his arms wrapped around you.

“Why not?” His voice projected with pride. That’s my girl

“Because he called me a bitch.”

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Student Council Prez [3]

Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 
Words: 2085
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“-therefore the soldiers began putting a bucket of water near the machine gun and it wasn’t until 1942 that th-”

Yoongi holds in a yawn, eyes trailing outside until a sudden bang jolts him out of his drowsy daze. He turns to the source of the sound, a girl who just slammed the door open and the teacher frozen at the front of the classroom. He turns back to look outside but then does a quick double take when he realizes that girl is you.

“What ar-” Before he can string words together, you’ve stormed up to his desk and slammed a hand down.

“Listen. I can’t join you after school today.”

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As Good As Dead pt.1 (Remus x Reader x Sirius)

(I haven’t posted in forever, I’m slowly working on a couple requests right now, so look out for those soon. I hope you like this one! It’s VERY dramatic) The italic indicates a flashback btw

The day Remus Lupin was reunited with his closest mate was one of the best days of his life. Discovering Sirius was innocent was a bittersweet realization. When Dumbledore instructed him to take Sirius back to Grimmauld Place his heart wrenched, he knew all Sirius wanted as a teenager was to get out of that house. Another person was on the forefront of his mind, his wife, (Y/N). You had been best mates since 1st year at Hogwarts and immediately Remus had fallen head over heels.

 “So Remus, who did I see you flirting with at breakfast this morning?” Sirius asked with an overdramatic raise of his eyebrows. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t flirt.” He responded, bringing his book closer to his nose. “Her name’s (Y/N).” shouted James across the common room. You looked up from your textbook you were reading in the corner and looked over at the boys, hearing your name. “She seems cool” commented Peter. 

Sirius looked skeptically at him, “What makes you say that?” Peter shrugged, “She saved me from some Slytherins the other day. Used some charms I’ve never even heard of, turned their faces upside down, it was hilarious.” “She’s quite clever.” added Remus with a slight nod. They could practically see the lightbulb above James head, “Maybe she could help us with- you know, our little project.” Sirius shook his head, “I don’t know, we don’t know if we can trust her not to squeal, she seems like a goody-two shoes.”

 You slammed your book shut, turning all the boys heads. You stood from your seat and walked with purpose over to them. “I am not a goody-two shoes, tell me what kind of project and I will be able to help you but, if I want to is a whole other story” You said as you sat next to a blushing Remus on the couch, crossing your legs. “And why should we trust you?” asked Sirius pompouslly.

 “Why not?’ You asked in the same tone back. 

“Touché” answered Sirius. 

“IIIII like her!” declared James.

You became the fifth and brightest Marauder, and according to everyone besides Sirius, the prettiest. That was until 5th year when Sirius noticed how pretty you were and despite knowing the fact Remus was in love with you, he asked you out.

“You know, I’ve been thinking, Moony.” started Sirius as he plopped next to Remus on the common room couch, pulling him from his textbook, “Wow, that’s new.” commented Remus with a smirk. “Very funny, How do you feel about (Y/N)?” 

Remus’s eyebrows scrunched, “Our best friend of 5 years (Y/N)? I think you know how I feel about her.” Sirius groaned, “No, I mean- I know you had a thing for her for a while.” Remus’s face flushed, “Why-why do you need to know how I feel about, (Y/N).” “I just need to know if you’re still bloody in love with her, that’s all.”

“I just feel kind of uncomfortable answering that.”

“Then it’s a yes.”

“I never said yes, Padfoot.”

“If it was no, you would have just said no. So it’s a yes, you’re in love with her.”


“So, I can ask her out?” 

Remus’s heart stopped, “What?”

“I want to ask (Y/N) out.”


Sirius shrugged, “I don’t know, we had a moment the other night.”

“What do you mean?”

“We kissed.”

Remus stood suddenly, his book falling to the floor. “Are you mad at me?” Sirius asked. “No, no, do whatever you want, Sirius, just like you always do!” Remus answered angrily and stormed up the stairs.

 You first thought Sirius asked you out as a joke but after a couple dates, you found yourself falling for him.

 “So, what if I asked you to be my girlfriend?” Sirius asked, smirking as you two walked back to the Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade. You took a deep breath, “What are you getting at, Pads?” Sirius stopped, touching your arm, “What do you mean?”

You rolled your eyes, “I mean, are you just doing all this just to shag me because you haven’t shown me anything more than friendship the past 5 years.”

“(Y/N), I really like you, honestly.”

“If you want to do this for real, I know it sounds stupid but for my sake you need to promise not to hurt me.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Sirius said, looking surprised.

“You need to promise me, Pads.” you said looking pleadingly into his eyes.

“I promise.”

 After Hogwarts, the Marauders slowly started to drift, with Lily and James starting a family, Remus trying to become a professor, and Sirius focusing on The Order. You lived together in a small flat above a barbers. Even though the place was small, you had no money, and weren’t able to see your friends as much as you’d like, you had Sirius and he had you and that was enough.

 You smiled at the sight of Sirius fervently working on papers for The Order at the kitchen table. You bent down and pressed a kiss to his temple. “You want some tea?” you asked. 

“No, no, I’m good, thanks love.”

“Do you need help?”

 Sirius leaned back in his seat. “I’m almost done, I could use a better kiss.” He said with a smirk. You smiled feeling a blush creep on your cheeks. You bent down and pressed a kiss to his lips, as you started to pull back, he stood with you, making the kiss more passionate. He let out a soft moan, you pulled back, chuckling. “I’m going to get some tea for me, you dog” You stood and waved your wand over the kettle. Sirius felt his heart skip as he watched you.

”What do you have planned for The Order meeting?”


You steeped your tea, and turned to face Sirius to see him down on one knee, holding a small box containing a simple diamond ring. You felt the mug slip from your fingers and shatter on the floor. “Bloody hell, I didn’t think it would be that much of a surprise.” he said with a chuckle.

 “What are you doing?” you breathed.

 “I don’t know what’s going to happen with this war, but I can’t not be married to you any longer. Will you marry me, (Y/N)?” He looked at you like a precious stone.

“Of course.”

 After Sirius had been taken to Azkaban, Remus was the only one you had left. You became close again like you were at Hogwarts. Remus found it harder and harder not to proclaim his love for you.

 You were racked with sobs. All you could do is cling to Remus. “It-it’s gonna be…” Remus couldn’t finish the sentence because he didn’t know. He felt his own tears slip down his cheeks as he stared at the grave. You looked up at him. “I-I can’t go home alone, Moony.” You sucked in a deep breath.

“You can come to my flat, it’s no problem.”

“Thank you, I-I don’t think I would survive without you.”

“I don’t think I would survive without you either.” he muttered before kissing the top of your head softly.

It was you who after three years of grieving for your friends and recovering from the loss of your first love, who kissed Remus late one evening.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?” Remus whispered breathlessly when he noticed your lips close proximity to his. The lust in your eyes confused him. He had lived his entire life suppressing romantic feelings for you, accepting he lost you to Sirius but, now Sirius was as good as dead and those feelings became harder and harder to push down.

 You brought your fingertips to Remus’s face, causing him to slightly flinch. “I think for once, I actually know.” You stood on your tip-toes pressed a simple, soft kiss to his lips.

 Remus remembered Sirius once describe kissing you like melting, but he thought it felt more like flying. Back at Hogwarts he would always find himself watching your lips as you told a story or murmur the words of a textbook under your breath. Sometimes he couldn’t help but indulge himself in thinking about kissing them but guilt would soon overtake him. This time he didn’t feel guilt, it just felt right. You pulled away slowly, still an inch from his lips. Remus took in a shaky breath, bringing his large hand up to rest on your jaw. “C-can I..” he asked, gaze flicking from your lips back up to your eyes. You nodded your head quickly, Remus ducked his head and attached his lips to yours passionately.

 It was 9 years later and you and Remus have been happily married for 5. He loved you more than ever, and somehow you got more attractive and irresistible everyday.

 Remus was visiting Sirius in Grimmauld place for the first time since the Shrieking Shack. He ducked through the fireplace and was immediately knocked back by Sirius’s embrace. 

“Oh, Moony. I bloody missed you.”

 Remus hugged him back. “I just saw you, you git.” He said jokingly.

 “For a second, then you went all mental werewolf.” Sirius said chuckling as he gripped Remus’s shoulders.

 “How’s Harry?”

 “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him. As well as to be expected, I suppose. I think he’s planning on staying with the Weasley’s for some of the holiday.”

 “Good, good. Molly’ll take good care of him.”

Remus nodded in agreement. A strange awkward silence fell, he could tell Sirius wanted to say something else but just gestured to the grand kitchen table.

 “Sit, Mate. Can I get you something?”

 Remus sat across from Sirius at the table

.”No,no. I-I ate before I came.”

 The silence fell again. Remus didn’t understand why he felt tension but he could cut it with a knife. “Kreacher, two firewhiskeys please!” Sirius shouted over his shoulder. All that was heard was Kreacher’s disgruntled murmuring. 

“Can ask you, Moony?” Sirius asked, his previous excitement depleting. “Anything” Remus answered before taking in a shaky breath, anticipating the question.

 “Are you uh… still in contact with (Y/N)?” 

Remus’s heart dropped, “Uhh.. yeah, yes I-I am.” He cringed at the awkward choppiness of his words.

 Sirius sighed with relief, sinking back into his chair. “Mate, you don’t even know.” He ran his hands down his face. “She’s all I can think about.”

 Remus didn’t know what to say, he opened and closed his mouth but was cut off by Kreacher shoving two glasses on the table. “Thank you, Kreacher” Sirius said with a smirk before turning back to Remus.

 “Does she know I’m innocent yet?” He asked. “She always knew you were innocent.” Sirius smiled, “I mean does she know I’m here?” “No.” Remus said quietly, sipping his whiskey. 

Sirius took in Remus’s expression, noticing something wasn’t right. “S-she isn’t seeing someone, is she?” He asked leaning forward.

 “She’s married, Sirius.”

 Sirius’s expression was unreadable. Remus felt like his heart was going to jump out onto the table. 

Sirius’s voice became very low, “To who?” he practically growled.

 “Me.” Remus answered breathlessly, staring at his glass.

Sirius stood suddenly from the table, his chair falling behind him. He looked as if he was going to lunge at Remus but pulled himself back. Remus stood slowly, “I’m so sorry, you were as good as dead, Padfoot. We thought you were gone forever” he whispered, locking eyes with Sirius.

 He saw his anger start to subside into sadness.

 “The thought of coming home to her kept me alive.” Sirius spoke shakily. Remus didn’t know what to say.

 “You always loved her…” Sirius started quietly.

 Remus nodded, “After that day we were both in so much pain, all we had was each other.” 

“And she loves you?”


 “And you’re both happy?”

 “More than I’ve ever been. I’d like to think she feels the same.”

 That silence fell again. Sirius looked at him, his eyes full of unrecognizable emotion.


“We’re infertile.”

 “Can I see her?” 

“Of course.” Remus answered with a sigh.”I’ll get her now.” Remus headed to the fireplace but stopped and turned to Sirius, “Can you ever forgive me?” Sirius said nothing, but was staring at a scratch on the table. Remus turned and floo powered to his and your flat.

 “Grimmauld Place? Why Grimmauld Place?” You asked as Remus tried to usher you to the fireplace. “Dumbledore says it’s the safest place for the meetings.” 

You shuttered, “Merlin, I hate that place. Who’s going to be there?” 

“Dumbledore, Tonks, Moody, maybe Arthur. C’mon, we only have to go for a minute.” 

 You stumbled through the fireplace, practically falling onto the grand table. Remus couldn’t help but chuckle at your clumsiness. You slapped his shoulder playfully, then turned to take in the house.

 “Where is everyone?” you asked.

 “Um, I don’t know. Sit, I’ll look in the bedrooms.” 

You sat, drumming your fingers in the table. You had awful memories you couldn’t bear to think of in this house, being a muggleborn and meeting Sirius’s parents for the first and last time. You stood suddenly, tired of waiting and walked down the hallway you knew the bedrooms were on. 

You walked to the door you saw open, hearing voices. You turned through the door and stopped in your tracks.

 Your jaw dropped and eyes widened. Your mind went wild until it settled on the reason you were seeing Sirius Black standing in front of you.

 “Tonks, that’s not funny! Cut it out!” 

You felt anger boiling. You couldn’t believe she would do this, she knows you’re sensitive when it comes to the past.

 “Tonks, change back!” 

You were infuriated by the clueless look in her eyes.

“Love, it’s not Tonks.” Remus said softly. Your face flushed and you felt your heart pumping out of your chest.

 “Pads?” you asked quietly, scared he wasn’t the real thing. 

Tears slipped down Sirius’s cheeks, his voice was croaky “It’s me, (Y/N).” You glanced at your husband, he was looking away, staring at a stain on the wallpaper. You looked back at Sirius and stepped to him, touching your fingers to his cheekbone. He looked pleadingly into your eyes, it was obviously physically hurting him to not slam his lips onto yours. You didn’t really know what to say, you just slowly wrapped your arms around his neck and rested your forehead on his chest. He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you flush to him, a deep breath leaving his chest he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.

 Even though your eyes were shut you could feel Remus watching you pensively, anticipating losing you to Sirius once again.


Jughead x Reader

A/N: thank you to everyone who’s made a request! i’m working on them & having so much fun. i love you guys ❤️ also- i hope i captured the feelings of a panic attack correctly. i’ve been fortunate enough to never actually experience one, so i based it off what i’ve read. but if you guys ever need someone to talk about this stuff- or anything- with, i’m here.

Requested by: @minigranger

Word Count: 1621


It happened for the first time when my parents broke the news to me about Jason. Cheryl, my older sister and Jason’s twin, was soaked when my eyes landed on her; her mascara had left stains on her cheeks, and her eyes were glossed over, like she couldn’t hear a word anyone was saying. Like she couldn’t even think; couldn’t breathe.

That’s how I felt. No matter how much oxygen I pumped into my lungs, it wasn’t enough. Then the room would spin, and the tears would spring to my eyes. I think my parents were scared, the first time it happened. I was too. But, as sad as it is, I’m almost used to it now. Not that you can ever really get used to panic attacks, but they happen so frequently these days, that I know exactly what to do. Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. I have a routine- when I have one at school (which is quite frequently) I excuse myself from the classroom, and rush straight to the bathroom with my head down. Then, I enter one of the stalls, and wait until it’s over. Afterwards, I clean myself up, and head back to class.

My biology teacher was handing back tests on this particular afternoon. I tried to mentally prepare myself for the grade I knew I would receive; this test had been a hard one, and I knew it didn’t go well. But when my teacher handed me back a test with a big red "F” on the top of it, I felt the air leave my lungs. Then, my hands began to tremble. I put my head down and stood up hastily. “Excuse me,” I mumbled quietly, to no one in particular, as I made my way to the door. I kept my head down as I rushed to the bathroom. “You’re almost there,” I tell myself in my head. “Almost there. Almost there…” I push the bathroom door open and smash straight into someone standing inside. I pick my head up to see the one and only Betty Cooper looking at me with wide eyes.

“I- I- I’m- I’m s- so- sorry,” I manage to stutter out.

Her eyebrows furrow when she takes in my flustered appearance. “Hey, are you okay?” she asks me gently. I open my mouth to respond, but I just start hyperventilating. Tears are beginning to slip from my eyes, and the room is spinning so wildly I can’t see a thing. Betty reaches out and takes my hand, steadying me as I squeeze my eyes closed, trying to collect myself.

“Are you alright?” another girl asks me. I straighten myself upright and take a deep breath, the spinning in my head finally slowing down, leaving me with a wicked headache. “I’m fine,” I whisper, barely audible.

“Are you sure?” she presses.

I let my eyes open, wincing at the harshness of the bathroom lights.

“Yes,” I mutter, a bit louder. I’m faced with the concerned looks of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. “I’m okay.”

“Do you need anything? Advil? Some tissues?” Veronica offers.

“Advil would be great, actually,” I tell her. She takes a small bottle out of her purse and hands me two small pills. I swallow them dry as I walk towards the mirror. I let out an audible groan when I see my appearance; my eyes are red and puffy from crying, and I have tear stains running down my cheeks.

“You know, I could help you with that,” Veronica offers, giving me a tentative smile.

“Thanks,” I sigh, allowing her to clean up my face with whatever makeup she’s pulling out of her bag.

“What happened?” Betty asks me quietly.

I sigh again, closing my eyes like Veronica instructs me to. “Panic attack,” I reply. “Happens pretty often.”

“I’m so sorry,” Betty tells me, and I hear the sincerity in her voice.

I reopen my eyes and give her a small smile. “It’s alright.”

“Hey, aren’t you Cheryl’s and Jason’s sister?” Veronica asks me.

My eyes drift down to the floor. “Yeah,” I whisper, saddened by the thought of my deceased big brother.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“It’s okay,” I cut her off with a smile. “Don’t worry about it.”

After a few moments of silence, Betty asks me, “Do you want to join us at Pop’s tonight? It’ll be the two of us, plus Kevin and Archie and Jughead. And you, if you want.”

I give her smile. “Yeah, I’d like that,” I tell her.

“Great!” Veronica beams. “Can’t wait.” She links her arm through mine, and I link my other through Betty’s. We walk out of the bathroom like that, the three of us, and eventually head our separate ways in the hallway. But now I have plans with some pretty nice girls, and something to actually look forward to.


Veronica, Betty, Kevin and I arrive at the diner first. Veronica and Betty slide into one side of the booth, and I take a seat on the end. Kevin sits across from us. We all place our orders, mine consisting of fries and a chocolate milkshake. We sit there, falling into easy conversation, talking about anything and everything until Archie and Jughead show up. “Hey there, boys!” Veronica calls to them, a playful smile on her face. The laughing boys walk over to join us, Archie sliding into the booth first, followed by Jughead.

“Guys,” Betty starts, smiling at me, “this is Y/N Blossom. She’ll be joining us today.”

“Jason and Cheryl’s sister?” Archie clarifies.

I give him a small smile. “That’s me.”

“Jughead Jones the third,” the boy across from me introduces.

I extend my hand out to him. “Nice to meet you,” I grin. A waitress- Veronica’s mom- walks over to our table, taking Archie and Jughead’s orders. Once they’re placed, we slip back into conversation, letting the time pass by as we laugh and eat and talk. Archie and I discover that we share a love of music, and the way his face lights up when he talks about it makes me giggle. Jughead stays quiet pretty though, adding in a sarcastic comment here and there, laughing at the rest of us. After a little while, though, the solace I’d found in that booth is shattered when Reggie Mantle walks in, surrounded by his little posse.

He recognizes me immediately. “Hey there, Blossom!” he calls to me.

I sigh. “Hi, Reggie,” I say.

“What’s uhh… what’s going on here?” he asks, eyeing everyone in the booth with me.

“Just trying to eat,” I tell him, desperate for him to leave.

“When did you start hanging out with this crowd?” he asks me, puzzled. Before I can answer him, he adds, “You know, Jason really wouldn’t approve of this.”

And just like that, all the of air suddenly escapes my lungs. “What?” I whisper, looking away from him.

“He would want you hanging out with the people he liked, not… well, you know.”

My hands start to shake, and my eyes burn with tears. “Excuse me,” I say, getting up from the table. Unfortunately, once I’m standing, I run straight into Reggie’s chest, causing him to reach out for my shoulders so that I don’t fall.

“Hey, where are you rushing off to?” he asks me.

“Please let go,” I whisper, trying to pull back from him. The room is beginning to spin and I start taking short, ragged breaths.

“Hey,” I hear someone say. “Let her go.” I recognize the voice as Jughead’s, and feel the familiar warmth of his hands as he steers me away from Reggie and out the door of the cozy diner. Once we’re outside, he lets me go, and I fall to the ground on my knees. I keep sucking in air, but it’s like the oxygen gets lost on the way to my lungs. The world is spinning, my head is pounding, I-

“Hey,” I hear someone say, breaking through my thoughts. “Hey, Y/N, look at me.” My eyes are still squeezed shut, but I manage to slowly pry them open. “There she is,” he says with a smile. “Deep breaths now, come on.” My breaking is too shaky to take a real breath in.

“I c-can’t-”

“Hey, just look at me,” he says softly. The world’s spinning begins to slow down, and I focus on radiant color of his eyes. He takes my hands in his, giving them a reassuring squeeze. “It’s alright,” he tells me. And I believe him.

The spinning finally stops, and after a few minutes, I am almost able to breathe correctly again. I sigh, and gaze at the dark haired boy in front of me. “Thank you,” I whisper.

He gives me a sweet smile. “Anytime.”

It’s Been A While (3/2)

Summary: You knew Lance in high school but never really hung out. After a small reunion you know you’re in trouble.. (I still suck at summaries..)

Lance Tucker X Reader

Word Count: 2074

Warnings: Bad Language, Bad writing, Implied Smut.

A/N: Back by popular demand? Here is a much fluffier (ish?) part. This is for sure the last part this time. I know most of you wanted an Epilogue for Taking My Life Away, but this is where the inspiration hit! Hope this is alright! Again, feedback is awesome!

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Yoongi 5

Your eyes opened earlier than usual today, strangely you felt your heart banging in your chest as you recalled the night before. The sudden rush of emotions overtook you as moved around in your bed making too much noise as early as it is. After a couple of tossing around and fisting the bed sheet you hopped out the bed.

Struggling to find a turtle neck to wear, you decide to go with a scarf.

As you dressed yourself, you started thinking about him and the angry messages he sent about the hickies you left. You had a hard time comprehending how he was mad when he left a far greater disaster on your neck.

You roll your eyes at the thought. He could be such a hypocrite at times. But strangely you were smiling.

 You don’t know what has gotten into you lately, especially when it comes to this man. He makes everything that you would usually hate likable. Like these hickies on your neck which you usually hated when other guys made them but because it is Yoongi you can’t help but blush feeling special.

You quickly shook your head bringing yourself back to reality. Special? Have you forgotten what he’s told you? He doesn’t do relationships. You’re nothing more than another toy of his.

You frowned looking in the mirror. Now how were you doing to hide these hickies? You knew you could never let your parents see them. They still think you’re they’re innocent virgin daughter, unlike your older sister studying abroad. It was easier during the summer because your parents were busy vacationing and went on frequent dates but now they were constantly roaming the house at all hours.

You threw on a red designer mini skirt with a white top, flats, and a scarf.  You wore your hair up in a messy bun leaving some hair strands down as bangs. You spent time on your makeup and wore red lipstick. Of course all this wasn’t for him. You tried telling yourself.

Coincidentally as you walked down the street you spotted Yoongi coming out of BTS’ building. Shit.

You made sure to look the other direction acting like he wasn’t there, hoping that he doesn’t notice you. Unfortunately, you felt him yank you by the arms “Where TF do you think you’re going?” he sneers

“Good morning. To school? Right?” you greet him cheerfully with a dumb oblivious expression

“You’re dead. Do you hear me?” he groans still clutching tightly onto your arm. You suddenly felt him pull you towards a quiet alley. He is really strong.

“Ah Yoongi it hurts” you whine right as he slams you against the wall “I could careless” he says as his hand grabs a hold of your chin. He holds your chin so that your eyes locked with his “I think the problem is that you’ve come to misinterpret my actions. You’ve taken them for weakness. Blame me for that, I’m too easy on you.” he clears his throat as he continues “And so you’ve gotten this silly idea that you…may have some control here.” he says tightening his grip on your jaw. He looked very dominant. You scrunched you’re brow not understanding what he was saying.

“You take me as an easy man?” he asks with a straight face. You chuckle. He couldn’t be serious.

You see that he clenched his jaw hearing your response. “Do you take me as an easy man!?” he raises his voice and you gulp struggling to respond because of his tight grip. “Answer my fucking question when I speak to you” his tone turns low yet still deep as he talks between clenched teeth. “N-No” you manage to say.

“No what?” he says inching closer “No Y-Yoongi, why would I?”

You notice a small grin trying to force its way onto his face before he wipes it off. Suddenly, his hand pushes you hard against the wall “uhh” you groan “What did I tell you about that? Try again” he says ignoring you’re attempt at pleasing him.

“No..Daddy?” You say a bit confused. What did he want to hear?

 He lifts his head up in frustration obviously irritated that he isn’t getting the response he wants. “Your response is ‘No, Suga I do not take you as an easy man, I’m hard headed and tend to not follow simple instructions but I do not mean any difficulties for you. I’m sorry’” he says mocking your voice. “Ok firstly, I will never repeat that sentence, secondly, I do not sound like that. And thirdly, I’m not calling you Suga, hurt me all you want” you say rolling your eyes. One of his hands raise to your neck as he tightens his grip against your air pipe “Try again” he says this time serious. You know what he’s capable of but you know he would never hurt you “Yoongi…” you say acting stubbornly.

He shuts his eyes in frustration “You know what? Fine…I’m sorry Suga. That’s all im saying” you said holding your breath while shutting you’re eyes. You felt weird calling him Suga…You felt like a stranger, but you did it for him since he doesn’t like you saying his real name.

As you opened you’re eyes you felt him staring at your lips. You suddenly leaned in and kiss him. You felt his soft lips brushing against yours and you took the opportunity to add your tongue in his mouth. You were getting lost in the kiss that you didn’t notice his hands on your chest gently pushing you away. Suddenly, he bites your lips harshly “uh” you moan as he pulls away “Did I say you can kiss me?” he asks pushing you against the wall. Taking a step back. “Don’t act like you weren’t thinking about my lips on yours. You were staring at them” you say mocking him

“Its fine, I know exactly how to treat you, just keep testing me Bitch” he says and you chuckle “Don’t call me a bitch” you say suddenly serious. You had a big problem with guys referring to you as a bitch.

“Why not isn’t that what you are?” he says loving how heated you’re getting

“I’m serious its fucking disrespectful”

“Oh, oh now we’re talking respect? Since when were we on respectful terms?” he says with a smirk.

Wow, did he really need to bring that up? You knew your ‘relationship’ or whatever you two have is from what others would call ‘respectful’ considering that you literally hooked up with him the first time you met him. But does that mean he has the right to talk down to you? People hook up all the time! And with different people each time, at least you don’t do that. He’s the only guy you act this way with. Because you actually feel love for him. I know it’s a stupid excuse but you really feel love for this man. And the sad thing is he probably only sees me as a whore.

“Ok fine, but you’re still not allowed to talk to me like that. We’re not fucking so this isn’t name calling to get each other off in which case it would be ok. You’re talking down to me so have respect when you talk to a female because you wouldn’t want someone to call your mom a bitch. So you’re not allowed to call me that. Understood?” you said getting pissed. In other words…don’t call me a bitch because I’m not a whore, I love you.

He was staring at you smiling.

“And just because I may have acted slutty and I slept with you on our first time meeting doesn’t mean I am so you need to get educated” you snapped looking away from him in shame. Wtf was he smiling about!? You tried to calm yourself.

“Woah, woah, when did I call you that?” he says suddenly getting serious

“Whatever” you crossed your arms as you continued to look away from him. It was obvious that you were mad.

“Are you mad?” he chuckles stepping closer


“Good. Now get on your knees bitch”

“Seriously? Its like your trying to piss me off” you say shooting him a look

You suddenly feel his hands around your neck. “I am. I need to show you how it feels to be annoying.” he says pushing you down on the floor “And also, who’s boss. Now why don’t you suck me” he demands in his deep morning voice, while unbuckling his belt. You look around wondering if anyone could see the both of you but it was still pretty early and dark. You wish you could say you denied him but sad to say you didn’t even hesitate at all when he told you to get on your knees. 

“Don’t you dare cum anywhere on my shoes, scarf, and skirt- anywhere near my outfit? Or your taking me to both Valentino and Gucci to buy me new ones” you spoke in a bitchy tone grabbing onto his thighs as you adjusted yourself on your knees. “I think they would be better off and more expensive with my cum on them sweetheart” he remarks. “Oh why because Suga cummed on them and his little fan girls would kill to get their hands on them?” you sarcastically ask rolling your eyes “No, because Yoongi cummed on them and now Y/N would easily get off at night without being sexually frustrated” He says smirking. Your mouth dropped in shock “YOONGI!” you hit his leg blushing. You could have sworn he was trying to fight back a smile. “You’re an ass” you said.

Pulling his pants and boxers down your mouth nearly watered “Your this hard already?” you ask taking him in your hands “Shut up and suck me” he says pulling your hair out of its bun. What has gotten into him this morning? He was really horny and dominant. You take his cock in your hand observing how veiny and thick it looks. Your core burns imagining how it will fill you up. You lick his tip slowly tracing over his head. “Uhhh” he lets out a moan as he tightens his grip around your hair. Your lick a long line up against his shaft making sure to take it slowly. Your tongue traces over his veins all the way down to his trimmed pubic hairs.  “Mhh fuck” he hisses as your tongue outlines his area all the way up to his tip “Just like a bitch” he groans pulling your head towards his cock. You lick off some of his precum on his tip. Tasting his sweet and bitter cum “uhh”. You kiss his shaft all the way up to his head before taking him into your mouth. You make sure to take things slowly, sensually sucking his tip before pushing him all into your mouth “Fuck, suck me fast” he hisses thrusting into your mouth. His cock hit the back off your throat causing you to gag. You hold his shaft as you start bobbing your head back and forth. You look up at him as you suck his cock and see his eyes dilated. “Take me in deeper. I need to see you choking on my dick like the bitch that you are” he says causing your core to burn from sensation. Your hands jerks him as you continue to suck harshly on his tip tasting him in your mouth. You swallow his seed continuing to jerk him while sucking on his beefy cock. Your hands move down to his balls as you play with them while he thrusts into your mouth. You hear sensual groans coming out of his mouth as you palm his balls “fuck your so good” he says causing you to suck him harder. He holds your head as he begins to thrust deeper and faster into your mouth. You began to find it hard to breath as each time he thrusts into your mouth his tip blocks your air pipe. Your eyes waters and your hands squeeze his balls harder as your tongue rolled over his shaft “Fuck! Yes uhh like that uhhh fuck” he moans as his hips buck faster into you. You begin to taste his seed in your mouth so you bob faster. You knew when you felt him twitching in your mouth he was close “Fuck you’re so beautiful” he groans right as he feels himself about to explode. You suck onto his shaft making sure to jerk him while sucking “Fuck Y/N. I’m cumming” he groans slamming his cock deep into your mouth. His cock twitches and in no time he cums in your mouth. “You don’t have to drink it” he says out of breath as he loosens his grip on your hair. You swallow every drop of his cum. Before standing up. You wipe your mouth as you fixed your hair back into a bun. You weren’t sure what else to do so you just watched him buckle his belt.

 Once he’s done he looks at you with a smirk before walking away. “Your just ganna leave me like that?” you ask shocked. He stops walking but doesn’t turn to face you “You’re a big girl touch yourself in the bathroom” he says. “Unless you need me?” he says cockily turning his head.

You chuckled. You weren’t going to give him the satisfaction “No I’m good. My fingers are as good as yours” you say picking up your purse. His eyes trail to your neck and it trials there for a while. You could have sworn you saw him smirk a bit.

You walk past him heading to school when he reaches and pulls off your scarf crumpling it in his hand. “Give it back” you say trying to grab it. His grip was tight. You struggled to get it out. “Yoongi, give it to me” you say trying to stand on your toes. “You’re so immature, wtf” you say jumping on him. He moves the scarf over his shoulders and your body presses up against him leaving no open space. You try to get it out but he wouldn’t budge. In your attempt to grab it you fall landing on top of him. Your body is pressed up against his and his dick is pressed against your pussy. You slowly move your hips against his in order to create friction. But you stop when you realize where you were “Get off!” he says pushing you on the ground. You both stand up. “Give me it!” you say inching too close to his face. “Are you asking for a scarf or a kiss? Back off” he says tossing the scarf on your face. Aish! He is so annoying. You groan wrapping your scarf back around your neck.

Your eyes trail to the scarf around his neck. And you quickly unravel it to look at his neck “Oh Fuck!” you gasp laughing. You had not noticed these many hickies on him yesterday.

He shoves his scarf from your hand and wraps it around his neck “Thank you Y/N. Its ganna last at least 2 weeks.” He said obviously annoyed.

You bowed. “No problem”

“I’m going to fucking give you hell if you keep pissing me off” he says walking away from the alley.

He looked so hot that you couldn’t help but lean in to peck his lips. He quickly backs off before your lips lands on his.

“Dont-“ he stops talking once he sees a member coming out.

He starts walking ahead towards the school and you follow him but not closely “Is there like a rule policy for you guys not to have hickies?” you ask noticing how weird he was suddenly acting.

“Just don’t come close to me. Your honestly so annoying” his tone suddenly changed and became harsh once a member walks by.

 “Hyung when did you leave?” a cute guy with bunny like teeth asks. “I needed to get some air. You go on ahead without me” Yoongi replied and the guy nodded “Ok see ya” he says walking head.

Once he was out of sight Yoongi turned to you and glared “Quite acting so shameless, would you?” he says walking ahead.

You didn’t know what he was talking about. But a part of you hurt hearing those words.

“What are you talking about?” you say walking up to him. He doesn’t say anything except look at you with boredom

“Leave” he says harshly.

“You just were kissing me and sticking your dick in my mouth and now your asking me “

“To fuck off. Yes, I am” he says rudely

“Why are you suddenly being a jerk?” you say confused and a bit hurt.

 “Why are you suddenly being a pain in my ass?” he bites back before making a turn and approaching the school.

You would be lying if you said his attitude didn’t hurt you.

Entering the school you are greeted by stares. Why were they all looking your way? You raise your hand to your scarf to see if it had fallen off. But it hadn’t. Were you perhaps walking funny? You saw some girls rolling their eyes and looking at you up and down. You are practically used to getting looked up and down by people. It happened at every school you transferred too. So this wasn’t a surprise. But it really irritated you.

“Rich brat” a girl mumbles walking past you and you glare at her. Are they butt hurt about you dressing in designers?

“She probably bought her way in to there” another said walking past. You scrunched your eyebrows.

You look ahead and spot the same boys from yesterday, along with 2 other unfamiliar faces, and Yoongi.

“Y/N!” J-hope yells waving at you. He was so cheerful you practically walked to him with a smile.

“Hey J-hope” you say giving him a hug since he hand his arms wide open. He embraced you with much strengthen

“You made our department. Congrats” he says smiling brightly

“What are you talking about” you say with a smile yet confusion written over your face

“Your name is on the board for TT. Triple Threat” he says pointing to the direction.

You make your way towards it, looking for your name. He is right, you did make it. You turn to face him and smile “Wow.” You say speechless titling your head “How?” you giggle looking at Jimin.

“Don’t look at me. I had no say in this. I don’t make the decisions. It was all Mr. J” he says smiling.

You smile. But your smile fades when you see a guy glaring at you. You wonder who he is. “Oh, Anneyong Haseyo Sunbae ” you say bowing.

“Anneyong” he says bowing back.

“This is Seokjin. He is our oldest member” Jimin says and you smile. But something about his voice told you you’ve heard it somewhere before.

You tried to remember where you have heard his voice from. But you just couldn’t place your fingers on it. His eyes are on your scarf and you swore you saw him make a face.

“And I’m Jungkook” It was the same guy just now who was talking to Yoongi.

“Annyeong Haseyo sunbae” you say bowing again

And he bows chuckling

“You’re really pretty noona” he says taking you by surprise

“Noona? How old are you?” you ask

“Not that much younger” he says holding up his head. He is truly adorable.

“He is the innocent… maknae” Jin says. But why had he emphasized innocent while looking at you. “We may not have a dress code but don’t you think your skirt is a little too short?” he suddenly asks out of nowhere. “Uhhm really dad? I don’t think its short at all” you say looking at him. The other members busted out laughing. His face expression scrunched real quickly before he took his attention off of you. Something about him told you he didn’t like you very much.

“Uh I have to get going. First period is almost starting. Nice meeting you two” you say bowing. You see Yoongi from the corner of your eyes shooting you questioning looks.

You didn’t know why you were bowing at them so much. It probably looks strange to him since you act completely different with him, but you aren’t putting an act. You really are respectful. In reality you love treat others well and making a good first impression. Believe it or not your morals used to be very high not long ago. There was a point in life when you use to say you would never have sex before marriage. But although some things change you are still that girl…she is still here. Somewhere.

You couldn’t help but feel like you were whore shamed by Jin just now. You didn’t like the way he looked at you up and down. Or the way he eyed your skirt. But you held in your emotions. And you were sure no one noticed.

Your first period was math. Jin, Yoona, and Yoongi were in there. You sat the furthest away from them. Jin joked a lot with Yoona. Yoongi looked like he wasn’t paying any attention to anything except to his music. And you just laid your head on the desk waiting for the period to finish

“Yoongi oppa I heard there is a party next week. We should go” she said before turning to Jin. “Right Jin?” she said.

Did she just call him oppa? You tried your best not to turn around. You heard him reply “I’m busy” and you didn’t know why you smiled hearing that.

You heard Jin talking about how sick the parties this year will be and how he is definitely making sure he doesn’t miss not one.

In second period, only Yoongi was in your class. You sat beside him but you didn’t speak to him. You made sure to pay attention to writing. You felt him glaring at your paper, so you closed it. You were writing about a turning point in your life. Since that was the class assignment. He scuffed “Finding out that you don’t need people is not a turning point” he says and you glare at him. “Oh yeah. Then what is?” you say waiting to hear a response. “Have you ever struggled?” he asks squinting his eyes at you “Way past trying to orgasm. Have you ever really struggled?” he says looking into your eyes. Your mouth opens slowly before closing. You nervously look around to see if anyone heard. “Excuse me?” you say trying to collect some thought. He scoffs placing his headphones on. Your eyes widened. Was he serious? First this morning outside the school and now this? He was being a complete ass.

You tap on his shoulders waiting for him to listen to you “I don’t even know why am sharing this but… when I was 16 I was in love with a man. He meant everything to me. Because when I was with him he made me feel happy regardless of how shitty my life was. He was my world” you stopped talking right as your eyes watered “um uh I-I really fell in love with him. He was so respectful, loving, and brave.” You trailed off for a moment looking at your paper “He meant everything. He still does even if h-he’s dead.” You paused for a while “I thought my life ended with his and I started messing around with random fuckboys to get over him but it never worked. No one could replace him. Not until I met-“

“I’m sorry for your lose. You don’t have to explain anything to me. I didn’t judge you” he says cutting you off in a monotone. As he blasts his music again.

 You felt a sting in your heart. You never shared that story with anyone except him just now. And he just disrespected you like that. You closed your book and turned your face away from his direction. You noticed how he started acting so different after you shared your story. The teacher told him to turn off the music but he just ignored him. “Yoongi” you tap on his shoulders to tell him to turn it off but he yelled at you “I already told you what to refer to me by!” he sneered. You were shocked by his reaction. “Um Suga…turn off the music” you said in a shaky voice. You felt so small. You scoot your chair away from his. Your heart continues to sting. And people just stared in shock.

What had caused him to just snap like that? You thought

When the class dismissed you quickly grabbed your stuff and left the room leaving no time to stay behind.

In third period- Science:

You saw that BTS, Yoona, Sara, and a couple other students were in there.

“Y/N!” Sara says waving at you. You made your way to her table

“Hey Sara” you greet her, fake smiling.

She smiles at you while her eyes trialed to Taehyung and back and forth. You laugh at how cute she is. She really likes him.

“You should go sit next to him” You whisper to her but she looks nervously at you

“That would be weird” she says shaking her head.

 “No it won’t. He has an empty seat waiting for you” you tease.

 “No shut up” she giggles.

 “Whatever. Your lose” you say sitting next to her.

“I love your shoes! Omg your outfit is so cute” she says inspecting your skirt. You smile taking her compliments. “Omfg Is that a Valintino scarf? Wtf they cost like 800 dollars” she gasps feeling the texture.

“Let me see it” she takes it off of your neck and you gasp “No Sara”

She puts the scarf around her neck feeling the soft material when she suddenly looks at your neck “Holy fuck” she whispers. Quickly wrapping the scarf back on you.

You adjust it feeling embarrassed that someone else knows about your sex life “Who? Where? When?” she whispers inching closer to you with big eyes

“No, I-Its nothing. It’s just a rash” you say and you hear someone chuckle

“Those are a lover’s mark. Tell me please. Was it your boyfriend? Did you guys make love?” she says looking like a little girl who is just learning about sex. Your cheeks went red

“Your blushing omg he is your lover” she squeals.

 “Shhh no, it was just a mistake” you say trying to sound as convincing as possible.

“Oh come on you don’t expect me to believe that a one night stand can do that do you? It looks like he spent hours kissing your neck and a mistake is like a quickie which involves maybe 1-3 hickies not a 100!” She says causing your cheeks to go red

“Stop talking omg” you whisper covering your face.

“Who was he? Does he go here? Is he cute? Is he wild? I mean he has to be if he was able to make those by yesterday?” she rambles. You rarely talked about your sex life to anyone so this felt oddly strange.

“Shhh, please quiet! I’ll tell you later” you said hiding your face on the desk

You were afraid of looking around in case any of the boys heard so you kept your eyes on your paper

“Ok class get in groups of 10” the teacher says and your heart stops hoping you wouldn’t get grouped with them.

“Y/N” Jimin calls you and you look his way “Do you want to be-“

“Jessica and Hyori you can join us” Yoongi quickly says and although you didn’t want to join them you felt a sting by what he just did.

Jimin looks at Yoongi with a puzzled expression. Before smiling awkwardly at you.

You and Sara join another group with a lot of good looking boys. “Hey! Hey!” one says looking at you

“Hi” you say awkwardly.

“Your really attractive” another says

“Are you the new girl?” they kept asking you so many questions

“Yeah I am. Are you guys new?”

“No, we’ve been here for 4 year now” one said and you nod

“So, what departments are you in?” you ask



“I wish I was in the TT department. I heard all the celebrities are in there. They look down on others as if they’re the shit. All they know how to do is have sex, party, and brag. It gets to me” he says and you nod

“Really? Like who?” you ask and he looks behind you. You turn and see who he is looking at.

You weren’t sure if he meant BTS in general or Yoongi.

You turn back around “Oh that’s not true. Not all of them” you say defending BTS. He just chuckles

“Do you know someone in TT personally?” he asks and you nod

“I am” you say and his eyes widens

“I don’t believe you, you’re a transfer students. That possibility is slight. Transfer students can’t be placed in TT just like that” he says with a grin

“Well, I am” you say shrugging your shoulder jokingly 

“You give off a different vibe” he says and you scrunch your brow. “Although you’re sexy- excuse me for my bluntness. You seem very innocent, humble, and Idk like a musical theater person. Not that you aren’t talented but can you rap? Don’t you need to pass all the fields to be in TT” he says and you felt your mood go up

“Well excuse me. We should be best friends, you know me so well” you say laughing with him. “Yes lets be best friends!” he says laughing

“Shhh. Too noisy” you heard someone say. And you recognized it. It was Yoongi’s voice.

“See” the guy whispers and you giggle

“What’s your name?” you ask

“Baekhyun. Yours?” he says

“Y/N. Oh and this is Sara” you say forgetting she was there all along.

This class was really fun. Baekhyun was so cool.

During lunch Sara pulled you to her locker and waited till the hallways was empty before asking you to explain.

“So who was it?” she asks and you sigh

“A guy who I keep messing with. I have feelings for him, but he doesn’t feel the same way, even though he fucks me like he does sometimes. I don’t want to talk about this. I just really want to move on from him. Please just let it go. It won’t happen again” You say hoping she would stop asking

“Did you use protection?” she asks and you shake your head

“Did he cum in you?” she asks and you nod feeling shy

“Then you might catch something or get pregnant. I don’t care how much you like him! You have to use protection when having sex” she scolds you like a parent

“Ok, ok mom” you say and she laughs

“So may I ask why you keep messing with him even though you know he doesn’t like you?” she asks and you pause for a second to think.

“Because for the first time since Min Joon, I feel something for another man…I feel love” you spoke more to yourself.

“Who’s Min Joon?” she asks

“My dead boyfriend” you choke out. Sara covers her mouth “I’m so sorry Y/N. How did he die?” she asks and tears fall out your cheeks “I don’t want to talk about it” you say as she hugs you. You inhale trying to catch your breath “I don’t know. It’s just…All I know is that he called me the night before to say goodbye and told me they were coming after him and that he was going to wait for them like a man rather than run.” You weep. “He left me…And it took me forever to get over him. But Yoongi he did something to me that no has ever did. He made me embrace who I am. For the first time in my whole life, he accepted me and made sure to be truthful. He didn’t sugar coat anything. He admits things even if when they were hard. He brought out the old me while still embracing the new me. I never had to act like something I wasn’t in front of him and he never made me feel like shit for the person that I have become. I don’t know he’s just different than any man I’ve ever met. He’s intimidating but I like that. He’s misunderstood, and I can relate. He’s complicated and rude sometimes but in the end he’s still kind to me when I really need him.”

“What did you just say?” she cuts you off pulling away to look at your face

You look at her lost

“D-did you just say Yoongi?” she asks and you stare at her with a blank face.

“No” you lie and she walks closer to you “Y/N don’t lie to me” she says and you shake your head trying to play it cool “I’m not”

“Is that why he’s wearing a scarf too?” she asks amused

“How would I know?” you say seeming uninterested in him

“Mhh, which would explain why I saw you with him yesterday night” she says squinting her eyes

You gasp. “You did?” you say with wide eyes

“Nope….OH my God” she gasps pointing at you.

“Fuck” you curse realizing how you just gave yourself up

“You’ve been having hickie sessions with The one and only Min Yoongi?” she says impressed

“Don’t put it like that” you say feeling your cheeks burn

“Do you know how many girls would die to be in your position? He’s fucking hot and a fucking a rapper. Are you at any position to be embarrassed?” she says and you gently hit her arm

“Don’t tell anyone about this please. He will kill me” you say

“Of course, not only him but practically every fan of BTS and Yoona” she says

“What?” you ask

“Don’t worry baby I’m not judging you. You can sleep with whoever you want” she says

“Wtf does Yoona have to do with this?” you say scrunching your brows

She looks at you with concern. You could tell she wants to say something but she keeps quite instead.  “I’m just messing with you! Hey lets go grab lunch” she says grabbing your arm.

Lunch was crowded. You and Sara sat with Baekhyun and his group of friends. You felt Yoongi glaring at you, but whenever you turned to look at him he was usually not even looking at you or your way. You felt embarrassed so after a while you didn’t bother turning his way when you felt a pair of eyes. “Taste this” Baekhyun says holding a spoonful of banana pudding. “Come on its delicious” he says and you opened your mouth allowing him to feed you “Is it yummy?” he asks and you nod. He looks at you while you swallowed the pudding. He wipes some off your lips with his thumb and you practically feel Yoongi glaring at you for the longest.

You turn your head and this time you catch him staring at you. But he doesn’t look like he cares. He looks away from you disinterested. And you sigh disappointed at how composed he is. And at yourself for thinking he would ever be jealous.

After lunch all seniors gathered in the gym again.

Another meeting was happening. Seniors were going to find out what groups and classes they belong to base on their department. Your name was called and so was Sara’s. As well as Bangtan, and 25 other students. Gathering in the room you made sure to keep your eyes away from Yoongi although you were sitting couple of feet away from him. You were on Instagram when suddenly you received a phone call. You picked it up “Hey” you said in your soft voice. “Y/N?” It was raspy.  Your face went red and your eyes watered. “Who is this?” you spoke in a shaky voice. You couldn’t calm your breathing. “Y/N are you?” Sara says rushing to you. You shook your head holding your hand out to tell her not to get closer. You were shaking so much. Everyone was staring at you. “I think I’m going to throw up” you say running out of the classroom.

Author: @tidalg Characters: Montgomery De La Cruz Word Count: 778 Warnings: None

It was two AM on a Friday night after one Liberty High’s infamous basketball games you and the rest of the cheer team were at Jess’s house for a sleepover. You laughed at Jess as she did some stupid dare from one of the other cheerleaders you hadn’t had this much fun in a long time and it felt good to do something without having someone by your side the whole time. As you remembered that you had just gotten out of a two-year relationship with your now ex-boyfriend Montgomery De La Cruz. It wasn’t easy being his girlfriend since he was so hot headed and was constantly snapping, but you had found a way to work with it for a while and then your relationship started to fall apart. When you started dating Montgomery you were so happy in the cupcake stage of your relationship, but after a little over a year you started to become unhappy every time you would go to a party or anywhere Montgomery would always get jealous and try to fight some random guy which would end up in you two fighting. Then, it became a daily occurrence of you two constantly fighting. I loved Monty, but the relationship wasn’t healthy and we both deserved better than to stay together unhappy. We slowly stopped going to school together, walking with each other in the hallways, sitting next to each other in class or at lunch, stopped answering each other’s texts, and then we just stopped talking completely. We didn’t break up officially, but we both knew we were drained from the relationship and it was becoming more of a burden than a good thing. Neither of us would break up with the other though we’d been together for so long we were too scared to break up with the other. I knew we both couldn’t keep going on like this so I asked Monty to meet me at my house after his baseball and explained how I felt and that I wasn’t happy anymore and we both deserved better than to keep dragging out the relationship and of course he tried to fight me on that we could work it out, but we’d silently been working it out for the past 9 months and he finally understood that I had nothing left to give. It’s only been three weeks since we broke up and it’s been hard, but I was slowly starting to focus on myself. I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my back pocket I pulled it out and saw his name lighting up my screen I quietly excused myself and went to the back yard.
“Hello” I answered
“Hi” he croaked
“Mon, it’s two o'clock in the morning are you okay?” I asked there was a long pause before Monty finally answered back
“I’m trying to be okay”
“What’s wrong” I quickly became concerned even though I had broken up with him I still cared for him
“ Uhh I just I just miss you a lot right now and I just wanted to hear your voice” he stuttered as my eyes started to tear up
“Please don’t do this to me Monty..please” I begged
“It’s been three weeks”
“I know”
“It’s cold out and I wish we could cuddle”
“I can’t”
“I know” he whispered “I just thought- I don’t know what I thought. You know I would always sneak into your room on nights like this when you got cold and we would cuddle and talk for hours”
“I think you should get some sleep”
“ Yeah you’re probably right I’m sorry for calling I know you didn’t want to talk”
“It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you D, but I’m happy now and I want you to be happy too”
“I’m happy when I’m with you Y/N”
“That’s not fair and you know that. I haven’t felt this happy or content with life in a while”
“I know I’m sorry I just miss you so much”
“I miss you too, but I think you should get some sleep”
“Yeah, you should get back to the sleepover. Goodnight Y/N”
“Night Mon,” I said as I hung up.
I quickly wiped some tears that had managed to escape and went inside
“Hey, you good girl?” Sheri asked
“Yeah, thanks” I smiled back walking back to the living room where the rest of the girls were.

Bad Girl

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “The last time I checked, I had a penis.“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @jpadjackles

“I need a fake boyfriend. This stupid dumb ass won’t take a hint.” You groan rolling your eyes.

You agreed to go on a blind date and it’s just a bust. Brian is ridiculously oblivious. You keep dropping hints that you want to leave but he’s not getting it.

“What do you say, Dean?”

Before he gets to answer, you hear Sam scoff.

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miraculous-stardust  asked:

Hey! I'm just getting started in Italian, and don't really know where to begin with learning the basic grammar rules I need to know before I start building my vocab. Do you have any recommendations for websites, or resources...? Thanks!

Uhh, sorry, I saw your message, wanted to do a list of websites/app/ressources before answering you but then forgot =X

I mostly use the LangBlr community, and some textbooks are shared there if you need one to help you learn basics I think. There’s also this website which seem pretty cool : http://icebergproject.co/italian/

We also have a Discord group, called “Spoonful of Language”, here’s the invitation link : https://discord.gg/kqNrZgC you can ask question to native, train you in vocal chat, and people are sharing many ressources !

I suggest you @sayitaliano, @nessunuomo, @sciogli-lingua, as nice italian LangBlrs. I don’t have any online ressources, as I started learning italian at highschool, my grammar basic are in my notebook X) I try to put some on my LangBlr, but for the moment my work takes me a lot of time and I couldn’t do anything italian related in weeks.

I hope the few ressources I shared help. If I find them back, I’ll reblog with a link of a Google Docs TextBooks library !

Have a nice day, and sorry for the late reply ~

“Two Hearts” Simon x Reader (part 1??)

summary: You get married to Negan but Simon later on confesses his feelings for you and you end up having an affair with him

was requested :D hope you enjoy! 

The sun was setting at the Sanctuary and today was a special day for you. You are wearing a white wedding gown, putting on make up. It was your wedding day and luckily you are getting married to the boss around the place, Negan himself. You like Negan a lot but you weren’t too sure where your relationship stood out with him. A knock comes from your door; you put the lipstick down and start to fix your hair, “come in!” you say.

The door open and it was Simon. He was wearing a bow tie and a nice blouse. Even though you were new to the Sanctuary; you knew Simon before the outbreak and you were glad to see him again.

“Hey!” he greeted, he makes a wide smile looking at you up and down, “wow… absolutely beautiful (y/n)” he says. It makes you blush a bit, “thanks… I’m nervous,” you say rubbing your arm. Simon smiles, “don’t be; you’re one of the lucky gals… and Negan’s a lucky man to have you.” He picks up your chin and looks into your eyes, you smile up at him, “I guess” you reply. You could tell in his eyes he was hurt about something, it makes your smile fade. You found out not too long ago Simon has a crush on you, so told one of the girls… Maybe he was sad to see you with another man? You couldn’t blame him though; as much as you liked Negan you also liked Simon. It was like one half of your heart belongs to Negan and the other half belongs to Simon… Negan did ask first.

“Something wrong?” you ask, trying to make him spit out his feelings.

Simon just shakes his head, smiling, “no” he says. He takes his hands off you and heads to the door, “I was just checking up on you” he says the leaves. You see him close the door and sigh. You feel bad for Simon; you hate seeing him sad. You dust your dress off a bit before heading out.

Meanwhile in the garden of the Sanctuary, everyone was seated down and Simon in between Dwight and Negan as he and Dwight were Negan’s best men and on the other side of the brides maids were Negan’s other wives.

Negan looks over at Simon and smiles, “do I have anything around my face?” he asks. Simon examines his face and shakes his head, “not at all” he says, he makes a smile at him, “y-you’re a lucky man Negan… to have (y/n).” Negan raises a brow why he specifically says your name but he just nods, “yeah…” he agrees. Suddenly the song ‘Here Comes the Bride’ starts to play as you come walking the aisle. You come out holding a bouquet of flowers as you walk over at Negan. You look over at Simon and make a small smile. Simon slowly smiles back. Once you reach to Negan and the two of you say your vows, you glance over at Simon at sometimes. Soon you and Negan kiss, as you two are now officially husband and wife.

You look over at Simon but he was still smiling, but you can tell inside he wasn’t.

A few months past and you were happily married to Negan but you still thought of Simon. Lately he’s been acting strange, ever since the day after the wedding. He’s been neglecting you in a way or nervous to even talk to you. You couldn’t take it anymore; you had to make a move for him to say what he wants to say.

Simon is getting out of the shower, he puts on a robe and starts to walk in his room, grabbing his alcohol but before he can pour any in he hears a knock. He puts the bottle and glass down and walks over and answers the door, he freezes as he sees you, “uhh hey (y/n)” he says “I didn’t expect you to be here.”

You frown a bit and walk in, “Simon we need to talk” you say, you walk over to his couch and folds arms.

“Of what?” he asks as he closes the door, he walks over and sits on the other couch across from you. You cross your legs a bit, “it’s just you seem sad… and difficult to talk to in public” you say, “what’s wrong?”

Simon sits up straight and his eyes widen a bit, “well…” he begins, he then makes a big sigh as he explains, “its kind of stupid but… I like you a lot (y/n) and I’m j-jealous of you being with Negan, I wish… well that you were with me than him.” You were about to say something but Simon talks again “you probably like him more anyways I mean he’s tough and all… and I guess to you he’s handsome and all but Negan has wives already, I didn’t expect him to you ask you the question so soon, I know I’m a fool for not telling you earlier but I love you” he says, “I really do love you-“ You knew it was wrong to but you went over to him and kissed him deeply. Simon didn’t hesitate; he kissed back and holds you close, pulling you on his lap.

You brush your fingers through his hair as you kiss him some more. Soon the two of you pull away and smile at each other. Simon strokes your cheek, “you have no clue how long I waited for that,” he says. You smile and started to feel a small bulge from him. You blush a bit but giggle, “ohh Simon we can do more than that.”
Simon looks at you, raising a brow, “what? But what about Negan?” You frown, he was right, Negan is your husband but Simon’s also right that he already has other wives… you place a finger on his lip, “if you don’t say anything… I won’t either,” you whisper. Simon cracks a grin, he kisses you again but this time he lays you on the couch as he hovers over you and kiss you roughly.

On the couch you and Simon start to undress each other and Simon starts to kiss you in different places. Once you were warmed up and Simon was hard, he takes you onto his bed; he’s on top of you for a while until you push him down on the bottom. He chuckles softly, “mhh you wanna ride me?” You nod and climb on him, you spread your legs at first as you grab onto his cock and slide him in.

Simon leans his head back and moan as he feels your tight walls.

You start to move your hips as you ride him and bounce on him making the bed move in a way. Simon holds onto your hips and looks up at you, you just lean your head back and moan lightly, his cock feels so good inside you.

It was a few minutes when you continued to ride Simon but Simon stops you as he sits up and starts thrusting. You moan louder and sit back, bouncing on him some more. Simon leans on the pillow and goes faster and harder inside you. You gasped feeling him repeatedly hit your spot; you stop riding and start to hold onto him as he thrusts up inside you. Simon moans and holds onto your ass, burying his face into your neck as you moan out loudly. You yelp as you cum on him.

Simon lays you on the bed as he thrusts harder, “mhh fuck (y/n) I’m going to cum!!” he says. You hug onto him, “cum!! O-oh Simon!” you squealed out. A few minutes later Simon pulls out and cums on your belly. You pant leaving a small moan of satisfaction. Simon chuckles and kisses your cheek, “sorry about the mess” he says. You smile and stroke his hair, “I’ll clean up” you reply, and then Simon gets off you as you walk into the bathroom. You sigh a bit cleaning the mess Simon made on you, you didn’t like the feeling of cheating but Simon he was just so good… and so loving. He’s starting to addictive to you.

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I leave hell for my astral space so that I can bring tonight’s journey to an end. However I notice a hiccup in the teleportation and stop it before it’s complete. I must have good reflexes to be able to do that considering how fast it can get 😋. I’ve been hijacked mid-teleportation before but this didn’t really seem to be the case as the hijacker usually shows themselves since they want to fite me or whatever. But here in the void of nothingness was just me and the feeling that something went wrong but not knowing what.

I decide to play it safe and connect to an astral nexus that I know about instead of using my normal teleportation. It’d be better to figure out what went wrong while in my astral space and not wherever the hell I was after all. While I walked through the pristine white world of the nexus, debating on whether or not I should go on one last adventure before calling quits, I noticed a presence following me.

It was a demonic entity, walking on four legs as I could tell by its footsteps. It didn’t feel threatening. I didn’t even bother to turn around because I assumed that it was Agema, my guard who always follows me around, especially when I’m in this place. That is until Agema appeared in front of me like “uhh you’re being followed” and took a protective stance against the other entity.

A dark wolf with four red eyes watched me carefully. I had come across it’s kind before but he seemed very nonagressive compared to the others. In fact, he was almost cowering at Agema and I. Agema snarled and told him to explain himself. “I wanted a way out, out of that place. You were my chance of escape. Please don’t hurt me,” he answered. I questioned him on his allegiances and he denied any. As I pressed further I noticed two other entities around him. Two very small puppies that hid behind their dad’s hind leg that sported a huge bloody gash. All three wolves were trembling and weak.

I inquired as to why he wanted to leave hell though I could make pretty good inferences just from that scene. “It’s cruel,” he told me, “to raise pups in a place that will just rip them apart. I want a better life than as a savage beast.”

“It’s cruel but it’s the world we come from and where we belong,” Agema remarked. Despite his words I felt a twinge of sympathy in his voice, an uncommon emotion from him.

“I don’t belong to savagery,” the wolf snarled in reply.

Frozen stars Chapter 3: Sad memories

Hunk carries the sobbing Lance onto the bed, Hunk, knowing Lance, isn’t so keen to physical touch, but when it comes to things like this? He is desperate, basically craving touch.  “Hey, Lance, what happened, are you ok?” He says as he puts his arm over Lance’s shoulder. Lance tilts his head towards the door, cracking his knuckles, keeping his hands busy, this situation isn’t fun for him. “No, I just panicked when i was with Leo, started thinking of my family, well, he is family, but, it felt like i was losing him.” That was a lie, well, partially, he didn’t think something in his pockets was a trigger to a mental breakdown. “Awe, Lance, you don’t have to worry, Leo’s fine! Even Coran said he’d be,” Hunk pauses, with  a comforting tone taking a breath, only to say; “-I thought there was something else that happened, like… yeah, if you remembered something bad or something.”  Hunk sees Lance move reluctantly, tugging his hugging arm. ‘sorry Lance, didn’t mean to make you remember’ Hunk thinks sadly to himself as he removes his arm carefully from Lance’s shoulder, with Lance hopping a bit further away from Hunk, notably uncomfortable. “No, no, i just got worried, my Homesickness got the best of me that’s all.” Lance smiles up at Hunk. “Ok..” Is the only thing that Hunk can respond with. They sit in silence for a while before Lance stands up, gesturing with his hand a little “Goodbye” before leaving the room.

Shiro had gathered the others, that is to say; Allura, Coran, Pidge, Keith and even Slav.

They’re all sitting in the dining hall, except for Shiro, who’s anxiously walking back and forth infront of the others.

“Shiro, why’d you call us??” Pidge asks looking at Shiro with a questioning face. Shiro stops walking, straightens his back whilst facing the others directly, might aswell just tell them like this. “Lance had a mental breakdown, like, it was quite a heavy one aswell.” He says. Pidge drops her Jaw whilst Coran and Allura look at each other with questioning faces, Slav looking at the others with bothered eyes, and keith raises his eyebrows and looks at Shiro surprised.

“Wait, are you telling me that, Lance, the happiest boy in the team- had a breakdown, a mental breakdown!?” Keith, almost, shouts at shiro, although his voice was still partially loud, he didn’t want to seem mad, he’s just worried. “Yes, he, uh, he wasn’t looking good, and maybe it was more of a panic attack? I don’t know.” Shiro says with a worried tone, crossing his arms.

“Um, excuse me? Before the argument goes any further, can you explain to me what a mental breakdown’ is?” Allura asks, quite confused about the situation. Shiro, looks at her and raises his hand, as if he had an answer, but stopping before scratching his head with the same hand. “It’s, like uhh, kind of that a feeling you get, feeling anxious and sad and overwhelmed, and you can’t stop that feeling, or maybe, it’s like, it’s like a breaking point of some sort, when you bottle up all of your feelings until something small makes you, well, break.” Shiro explained, waving his arms all over the place, he does that when he feels anxious. Allura, who was bending over the table, with eyebrows crunched together lets out a sad sigh, before sitting normally on the chair again. “Thanks for the information.” She lets out, as quiet as a whisper.

Everybody’s suddenly interrupted by the fact that someone walked into the dining hall- it was Hunk. “What happened, where’s Lance?” Pidge asks, worried as she stands ap and slams her hands on the table. Hunk looks at the others and smiles lightly, making everyone slightly relieved.“He’s fine, just a little homesickness and he was getting worried over Leo, he’s either with Leo or in his room.” He says, sitting next to Pidge, hugging her softly to comfort her. “Really?” Keith says, letting out a relieved sigh, well this wasn’t good, but he thought it was worse. “We should let him be for a while now, he.. needs some time alone” Hunk then says, as he looks away at the floor. “It’s ok, he’ll need all the time he wants right now.” Shiro says, smiling at Hunk.

Lance didn’t want to go to his room, he just wants to be with Leo. He sits by Leo’s side, seeing the, once again, sleeping child was like looking at one of his brothers lie in their deathbed, it made Lance cry, cry for the guilt and loathing he doesn’t deserve to have stuck in his chest. As the teardrops fell onto the sheets of Leo, he was greeted by a hand taking lance’s hand, Leo looks away at the wall, and lance, he continues crying.    

Lance remembers the time when his cousin had gotten involved in a car accident and was heavily injured, lying asleep on the hospital bed, looking so calm yet so hurt, he remembers as his tia was crying running her hands through the boys hair, Lance remembers as he held his cousin’s hand just staring at his face in shock. He remembers his cousin dying.

I know that the ch short but its been  a rough time, sorry :/

Can’t Help Falling In Love (Loki x Reader)

A/N: Helloooo!! So, yes, I’m really gonna post daily until I finish my requests!! So if you sent me a request, your would be out soon!! So sorry for taking too long and I’m sorry if this fic isn’t how you wanted it to be, I’m not really good with writing Loki…😅But I really tried. I know, it sucks, I’m so sorry you waited for it for so long as well for a sucky oneshot…Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: @inlovewithgaymermaids: Can you do an imagine where reader has powers that whenever she sings, people in earshot fall into a deep sleep. She loves singing though and hates that she can’t make people happy. Loki is immune and takes her in, training her. He eventually falls in love with her.

“Steve,” you called as you shook the soldier who was unconscious on the ground, your voice laced with panic. You hadn’t heard him knock on your room door and he walked in on you while you were singing, accidentally putting himself into a deep sleep.

You continued to shake him as you heard his soft snores. “Dammit.”

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Vernon A, B, W (nsfw hc)

A-Aftercare: (has already been answered.)

B-Body part: I feel like he thinks his thighs are his best body part?? Idk why but, maybe cause they are pretty muscular looking nowadays 👀. His favorite body part on his partner would be their legs and booty lol. He’s said before he likes legs and he’s obviously an ass man.

W-Wild Card: Uhh disagree if you want to but, I think he’d like having sex in random places sometimes. Like on the couch, kitchen counter, against a wall…

Be Mine? - Newt Imagine

Tonight had been planned to perfection. The entirety of the Glade had organised a well-deserved bonfire, in celebration of another year in the Maze, and recognition for all the Glader’s constant hard work. As of so far, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously, including yourself. Everything had turned out just as hoped, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic beyond this point.

As you welcomed a few friendly Gladers to the newly opened event, you spotted your lovely and wonderful best friend, Newt, who was already flashing you his usual cheeky grin. You responded with a giggle, and made your way over to him, enveloping him into a warm hug.

“Glad you could make it.” You smiled, looking up at him due to the quite evident differences between height. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” He smiled again, his voice evidently laced with his usual adorable accent. 

“We have beverages, care for the usual?” You asked, walking over to the table that was holding the cups of Frypan’s special creation. 

“Oh God, not these buggin’ things,” Newt chuckled, taking a beverage, despite the awful aftertaste.

You laughed, agreeing with him that when it came to making drinks, Frypan wasn’t always the best at it. But, it did the job right, and it’s all there was to offer.

“Shall we sit?” Newt asked, pointing towards a large log the had been placed specifically near the bonfire. 

“We shall,” You agreed, giggling in the process.

It was quite obvious that you had special feelings for Newt, and not just because he was attractive. He had a kind heart, and no one could ever replace the connection that the two of you shared. It had been like this for a while, the feelings you felt for Newt only grew stronger by the day, and it was so agonising to not know whether or not he shared the same feelings. You didn’t want to trouble or pressure Newt with the feelings you felt for him, so, like always, you remained to yourself, treating him just like another one of your good friends.

“This was a really good idea, look how happy everyone is,” Newt smiled, talking to no one in particular as his eyes surfed the crowd of cheerful, genuinely happy people.

“I know,” You sighed, smiling to yourself, “I hope things can stay like this, I hope the world outside isn’t as bad as it may be,” You huffed, suddenly feeling saddened by the thought.

“Hey,” Newt started, turning your face softy with his hand to meet his gaze. “We can worry about that when the time comes. Tonight, we forget about all the bloody klunk that goes on in this shucked up world of ours." 

You felt butterflies erupt in your stomach as Newt touched your face. His hands, calloused from all the hard work he’s done over the time, but soft as they met with your cheek.

"Good that.” You agreed, smiling as he responded by doing the same.

“Come on, lets go for a walk, it’s starting to get a bit too buggin’ crowded for my cup of tea,” Newt suggested, standing up from his seat and gesturing his hand out in a kind way, offering you help up.

You smiled, liking the idea of the two of you being alone and able to talk more.

You earned a few suspicious looks from a few Gladers as the two of you left together, a few of them whistling or making comments, only to be cut short by Newt saying “Slim it, ya’ bloody shuck-heads,” In a joking manner.

The two of you walked at a comfortably slow pace along the walls of the Maze. Occasionally bringing up events that occurred throughout the week. The conversation usually ended on a quiet note, but it wasn’t an awkward silence, more of something.. blissful. 

“Sorry for the boys back there, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything,” Newt said, and for a moment, you had completely forgotten about what had happened only a mere few minutes ago.

“What happened?” You asked puzzled, but quickly realised afterwards, “Oh! That.” You chuckled, “Don’t worry about it Newt, it didn’t faze me.” You answered truthfully. 

“Good.” He smiled, “You know, if they ever do anything that bothers you, you let me know, okay?” He asked, suddenly in a more serious tone.

You were puzzled by Newt’s sudden concern for you, why did it matter? It’s not like the other Gladers had bothered you before-hand.

“Just you being the only girl here is all, wanted to make sure you’re comfortable,” Newt muttered, blushing slightly at his own words.

You couldn’t begin to comprehend what was happening right before you. Did Newt feel the same way as you did? As though your thoughts had been answered, Newt spoke again.

“Look, uhh, there’s something I kinda gotta’ tell you,” Newt stuttered, suddenly seeming nervous.

You felt yourself suddenly beginning to grow anxious as to what Newt had to say. Could it really be all that serious? You patiently awaited what he had to say. 

He struggled to meet your gaze as he tried to coherent the right words to say.

“I-ahh, um, look Y/N, I-” Newt started before being abruptly cut off as you attached your lips to his, not giving him any time to say anything.

The two of you only stood frozen for not even a second longer, in an instant, Newt was deepening the kiss by pulling you in closer around your waist, holding on tightly.

You had completely lost all sense of direction and your surroundings as you both enveloped yourselves into the lustful and long-desired kiss.

As you slowly began to detach yourself, you instantly locked eyes with him, and he looked more surprised that you had ever seen him in his life. 

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me-” You had barely finished your sentence before Newt lips were attached to yours in an instant. 

The two of you moulded together in one swift movement, completely indulging each other in the lust-thickened atmosphere. 

After another completely desirable moment had passed, the two of you eventually regained your senses and detached from each other.

“Holy shuck,” Newt whispered in pure disbelief, “You made my job a hell of a lot easier,” He chuckled, earning the same response from you.

“Newt, I never thought you.. felt the same way,” You muttered in disbelief as well, still trying to comprehend the entire situation.

“You were worried if I would feel the same way? Look at you, Y/N, any guy would be the luckiest man in the entire buggin’ world to have you,” He admitted truthfully. 

You were at a complete loss for words, not able to understand the events that had just occurred.

“God damnit Newt, I’ve liked you for at least a year now,” You chuckled to yourself, feeling a certain sense of freedom as the words left your mouth. “I just didn’t want to trouble you with the thought of me having.. certain feelings for you,” You admitted, struggling to find the right words. “And if we were to.. be in a relationship,” You added, feeling odd as you spoke each word. “I was scared of what the other Gladers would think. I mean, wouldn’t that come across as quite.. dumb to them? I don’t know,” You huffed, suddenly feeling exhausted by overthinking everything.

“Who bloody well cares what they think? All that matters is what makes us happy, what makes you happy.” He smiled after saying the last few words. “I want to be with you, Y/N. You make me so buggin’ happy all the time, I want us to be.. closer.” Newt smiled, looking at you as you did the same. 

He grabbed your hand softly as he looked into your eyes, they were completely adorned by full lust and happiness.

“Oh, Newt,” You giggled, pulling the two of you into a warm, long embrace once again. “You have no idea how happy that makes me.” You smiled from cheek-to-cheek.

“You have no idea how happy you make me.” Newt replied, resting his forehead against yours and placing a small, sweet, tender kiss to your lips.

Imagine You're a Doctor With a Special Patient (Part 2)

By Cyrille

Part 1

The card with the man’s name and number lay dormant on your nightstand. You don’t know why you didn’t reach out to him immediately, it certainly wasn’t denial. There was no way to be in denial when the proof was right there in between your legs.

But for whatever reason you didn’t contact the man, though you spent plenty of time looking at his card. His name was David, which you realized was not the name he had attended his appointment under. Which name was his real name? Was either name real?

It didn’t matter, you set the card down as your stomach turned again. You’ve been having morning sickness for the past few days; another confirmation of David’s claims. You must be pregnant.

You’ve obsessively been checking your hips and breasts. David mentioned that both would be getting bigger, but its been two weeks and you haven’t noticed any changes.

Damn, two weeks? Why the hell haven’t you called him yet?

And yet, another two weeks went by without you making any sort of attempt to reach out. You now began checking your belly along with your hips and breasts. He had mentioned that your pregnancy would be sped up; each trimester only a month long. You should be showing any day now. You had noticed a bit of growth, but you’ve also been combating cravings. How much was simple weight gain, and how much was a sign of the thing growing in your stomach? You weren’t exactly skinny to begin with, with a modest belly and a bit of fat in your breasts, so gauging whether or not either had grown was difficult.

You went into the bathroom and stripped. You had been using a tape measure to check all of your measurements precisely, but now you decided to just take a moment and behold yourself in the mirror.

Damn, you looked so normal! At least, if you didn’t have a pussy where your penis had once been. Your chest was still hairy and you sported a decent beard. With the bit of weight you’d gained you looked quite rugged. You’d be a model of manliness, if it wasn’t for that damn pussy.

You reached a hand down to touch it. Despite your disgust, you were still fascinated. You hesitated before touching your clit. You’d previously jacked off on a semi-regular schedule, but you’d been 100% hands off with your female genitalia. It just seemed…too weird. You took a deep breath and thought “who fucking cares”.

You began rubbing your clit, the first stimulation you had received since David enchanted you in your office. It was glorious. You immediately opened the cupboard under the sink where you’d stored “it”. Yes, despite your better judgement, you’d purchased a dildo online a week ago. You wanted to throw it away immediately after it had arrived, but the same curiosity that caused you to purchase it in the first place led you to simply stash it away.

But now you pulled it out and used it to full effect. You rubbed yourself while you stuck it inside. This was all insane; you were a man, but you were in the throes of female masturbation. You quickly came, then led yourself to come again. Damn, what was stopping you from going all night?

You must have been pleasuring yourself for over an hour. The worst part: you thought about David the whole time. The way you had been head over heels for him within moments. The scandal of being a doctor fucking his patient right there in his office. And the feeling of carrying his child. Yes, you grasped your stomach as you relished in how good it felt to carry his kid inside of you. Your free hand moved from your stomach to all the other parts of you that were going to change. You grasped your breasts, imagining them swollen and filled with milk. You caressed your hips, imaging them spread out to accommodate the inevitable birth. Fuck, the birth! You had tried your best to not think about that inevitable event. The pregnancy itself was bad enough. You knew the end of it would be terrible, yet in this moment, the thought of it was intoxicating. That should not seem sexy to you!

You pulled all of your hands off of you and decided that was enough. What the hell was wrong with you? Those pheromones, the ones that started this, there must still be some trace of them in your body to have you feeling like this.

High on both pleasure and frustration, you stormed back into your room and picked up your cell phone. You didn’t expect David to answer as it was rather late, but the phone only rang once before it was picked up.

“Hello, this is David. If you’re calling this number you must be dealing with…stuff.”

“Oh-uhh, yes. It’s your doctor.”

“Oh! I wasn’t sure i would hear from you. It happens sometimes, people don’t want anything to do with me and would rather deal with it on their own.”

“Well, not me. I…have questions, I think. Maybe not. I’m just confused and, uhh…I’m not sure what to do.”

“Of course, are you busy tomorrow?”

“Uhh yes I work. I’m booked all day with patients. Despite…all this, I still gotta work.”

“That’s admirable! Then how about the weekend? Saturday?”

“I’m completely free.”

“Perfect, we can grab some coffee and talk. Just text me your address and I can pick you up. We can talk about anything and everything and I can answer your questions. And don’t worry, now that you’re pregnant the pheromones won’t affect you again.”

“That’s good.”

“Alright, see you then!”

“Wait! One quick question; is your name really David?”

“Heh, makes sense that a doctor would be smarter than most people. No, David isn’t my real name. Neither is the name I visited you under. But we can talk about all that on Saturday. See you then.”

“See you…” *click*

You put down the phone. Well, now you had a date to look forward to. No! It wasn’t a date, obviously. But…somehow…you wanted it to be? You were free from the pheromones, he said himself that you shouldn’t be affected again. You were naturally straight, so why did you feel the way you did? What exactly were you feeling anyway? You weren’t sure, all you knew is that when you finally drifted off to sleep that night, all you could think about was “David”…