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your fave is problematic: elizabeth olsen
  • doesn’t know how to take selfies
  • loves to cook for her friends
  • is obsessed with star wars and dressed up as yoda for halloween when she was fourteen
  • would like her superpower to be being able to clean her floors very quickly
  • when asked if vision’s lack of genitals would be a problem for his relationship with scarlet witch she simply responded “i mean, but what’s really important in your relationship then?”
  • makes videos singing in her car
  • while trying to break into hollywood used the name elizabeth chase because she wanted to separate herself from her famous sisters and be successful on her own
  • in 6th grade made platform heels that you would put in the bottom of your shoes and called them “shaquille heels” and sold them to a kid for 20 bucks
  • “i like being the wild card… like what am i going to do next audience at home????? mayBE I’LL PICK MY NOSE :O”
  • touches her upper lip a lot
  • at one age of ultron panel when asked what was the thing she was more excited about the avengers she didn’t understand the question and said “i get excited about eating and cooking”
  • did i mention she loves food???? and star wars???
  • is an actual cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure

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so this is like, a legit question because i like to ask people about stuff like this a lot. why do you like sorey and mikleo as a ship so much? (i haven't seen the anime yet so I can't really speak for what people are saying about him an alisha, but i'm mostly curious???)

Anon, you know not what you have just done…. I’m gonna put this in smaller text to it’s less of a wall.

Why I love SoreyMikleo: A (hopefully) Coherent Essay by Nao
(Also I know I ranted about this before, but I am too lazy to find that post, so my apologies if I end up being redundant.)

Also, please note: I will be addressing facts about the game and the anime, so read at your own spoilery risk. Because I wrote as it came to me, not necessarily in storyline order.

So, to start off, it is obvious to say I really, really love SorMik. Just look at my blog (and blog preview, but I digress.) 

I love that their relationship is never played up as “romantic” in the sense that we are used to in most media. They don’t constantly hold hands or kiss, their speech isn’t filled with “I love yous” or “baby I need you” sort of stuff. Not to say that they don’t touch each other and it isn’t intimate (the ‘secret’ handshake, the shoulder touches, the waist touches, etc, etc.) The love is just… there.  You can see it in the way they’re drawn to look at each other, the way they glance at each other and just… understand.

It absolutely filled me with warm feelings when we find out Mikleo learned so much just for Sorey. He researched humans and tried to know everything Sorey would need to know if he ever left Elysia. It was never a question of “Sorey is going to leave” it was just “Sorey is going to leave and I am going to make sure he is safe and prepared when he does.” I don’t think Zenrus or anyone else even questioned that Mikleo would go with him, honestly. And even though it was obvious Mikleo did fear being replaced by humans on some level, he still never stopped.

And just how happy Sorey was when Mikleo said he was going with him. In the game, in the movie, and in the anime. With each creation of that scene he just seems to look happier. (And oh my god, Mikleo’s blushhhh.)

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