i wanted to add more of the cast but i got lazy

“Kishimoto planned EVERYTHING from the beginning! SJ didn’t force him to do anything!“

-Kishi said the Kakuzu and Hidan arc was suppose to be longer but SJ told him to cut it short to get back to Sasuke. And that Hidan was suppose to return in the War arc but he admitted that he literally got lazy with drawing and didn’t want to add more characters because it meant drawing them.
-Kishi has repeatedly said Sakura is the heroine even well into the War Arc, only to turn around and claim Hinata was always the heroine after the series ended. His editors and SJ also kept pushing for Hinata to be the heroine for along time.
-Kishi said Sasuke and Naruto were suppose to be holding hands in 698 but SJ told him he can’t do that.
-Sasuke wasn’t even suppose to exist and was added at the suggestion of his editors.
-Same thing for the Chunin Exams Arc, Kishi’s editors literally told him he had to do it instead of his original idea of slowly introducing many characters over several chapters/arcs and he regrets not being able to do what he wanted. He just wanted to show Naruto going on missions and learning about the outside world.
-Once again, even Orochimaru and his involvement in the Chunin Exams Arc was not his decision. His editors told him he needed a villain and that he had to make the Chunin Exams not finish. Shikamaru was also suppose to be the winner, instead of losing to Temari.
-Kishi admitted the idea of Kekkei Genkai, Sharingan and the like in the Land of Waves arc was just a “bluff” that he did not plan on getting in to at all.
-The Mifune/Hanzo fight was cut short because his editors hated it and told him he needed to end it very quickly and get back to the main cast, but Kishi really wanted to write it.
-Pretty much the entire Kobayashi interview is Kishi going “I didn’t know what I was doing the majority of the time and when I did know what I was doing my editors made me do something else because they didn’t like it.”
-Holy shit there’s a lot more but I’m too lazy to write them all right now

Since it’s glaringly obvious that Kishi has made shit up along the way, changed his mind about things, was forced to do things he didn’t want to do or agree with and mentioned things that never got brought up again, why can’t people accept the (very likely) possibility that the entire Ending and probably the Ships were not what he originally planned?

Feel free to add more (because I know there’s more but sleep)

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #108 - The Road to El Dorado

(GIF originally posted by @dreamworksmoments)

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) Not only is this one of my favorite animated movies, it is one of my favorite movies period. I found it while scrolling through Cartoon Network or HBO Family or something and watched it every chance I could get. 12 year old me found it very edgy. The mild swearing, the cigars, the blasphemy, all of it was very enticing and that’s fed my love of the film since.

2) Elton John & Tim Rice, the songwriting duo behind The Lion King, re-teamed for this film and churned out a nice set of songs. But the strange thing is if you listen to the soundtrack most of the songs are recorded differently than how they appear in the film. The one exception I think is “Someday Out of the Blue” which plays during the end credits. Still, they songs add the fun and energetic flavor to the film. The opening song in particular, “El Dorado,” does a nice job of setting up the mythology we need to get the movie started in a very short amount of time.

3) If you’re a fan of voice over work, you’ll recognize Jim Cummings as Cortez.

Cummings is one of the most prolific and talented voice over artists out there. It would be impossible to list everything he’s done, but his most notable work has been as Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh & Tigger too, Hondo on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, Razoul in Aladdin, and Ray the firefly in The Princess and the Frog. It’s fun knowing what he sounds like because not only do you hear him in Cortez, but you also pick up the random nameless characters he plays too with his different voices.

4) The heart of the film, the thing that makes it great: Miguel & Tulio.

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

The bromance between Miguel & Tulio is what makes this film work as well as it does, it’s what makes it fun! Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline voice the pair respectively, and their chemistry is off the charts. It doesn’t hurt that the pair actually got to record their performances with each other, a rarity in animation (although Pixar has done it with Monsters Inc for John Goodman and Billy Crystal).

Their relationship and roles are clear from the start, they balance each other out. Tulio is mildly selfish with a great hunger for gold and an ability to think things through. Miguel’s heart is bigger than their brain, being the dreamer/softie of the group (wanting the map to El Dorado, saving Altivo the horse when he almost drowns, etc.). And they play off each other beautifully.

Originally posted by hamsturfinnur

5) 12 year old me was very fascinated with the slight profanities this film had.

Tulio [when he’s about to roll his dice]: “Come on baby, papa needs that crappy map.”

I thought crap was a real swear when I was twelve. I didn’t lose my innocence until thirteen.

6) Chekov’s Fake Fight.

Originally posted by somehow-you-will

(GIF originally posted by @somehow-you-will)

The fight comes into play later in the film too, but is a showcase mainly for the wonderful banter between Miguel & Tulio and - therefore - the excellent writing of screenwriters of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. These guys were my favorite screenwriters when I was twelve, and can you blame me? Their resume consisted of: Aladdin, The Mask of Zorro, Shrek, The Road to El Dorado, every Pirates of the Caribbean film, Treasure Planet, and both National Treasure films. They have a strong penchant for strong dialogue too. Consider the exchange above, and also this:

Miguel: “You fight like my sister.”

Tulio: “I’ve FOUGHT your sister! That’s a compliment!”

I love that.

7) According to IMDb:

The film shares several attributes of its namesake, the "Road” comedies made famous by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby during the 1940s (which helps explain anachronisms such as shared language, pop culture references and lack of historical accuracy).

I just thought that was a fun share.

8) God, I love the banter between these two.

[Tulio & Miguel jump into barrels of water in a chase scene but can’t escape because the barrels are being loaded onto a ship]

Tulio: “What’s happening here?”

Miguel: “We’re both in barrels. That’s the extent of my knowledge.”

9) Even the bad guys have great dialogue!

Cortes (upon discovering Miguel & Tulio on his ship): “My crew was as carefully chosen as the disciples of Christ.”

10) I’m just going to let you know now, so many of my notes here are just quotes from the film I love.

Miguel [giddily, after Cortes tell the pair they will be enslaved in Cuba for being stow aways]: “Alright! Cuba!”

11) For example, another quote:

Miguel: Yes, that’s it Altivo. Find the pry bar!

Tulio: Yes, “find the pry bar”. He doesn’t understand “pry bar”! He’s a dumb horse, there’s no way he could understand…

[Altivo drops keys into the brig]

Tulio: Well… it’s NOT a pry bar.

12) The Trail We Blaze

Originally posted by insidealosershead

Animated films are usually short so as to be not too time consuming. It can take years to make 80 minutes of animation. This film has a nice device of compacting what could be very long scenes into neat little montages with the use of a song. We still get Tulio & Miguel’s fun journey through the jungles to find El Dorado, but it’s done in three and a half minutes to a fun Elton John tune. It keep the energy, the adventure, but doesn’t waste the time of the animators or the audience.

13) Immediately Tulio and Chel have great chemistry as they play “pass the golden idol” together!

14) El Dorado.

(GIF originally posted by @dreamworksmoments)

Immediately upon entering the city the audience is filled with a sense of wonder, achieved through gorgeous animation and also Hans Zimmer’s subtle music which adds for extra bone tingling. You marvel at it with Tulio and Miguel, and you understand how it is such a mythical place.

15) Edward James Olmos does some great voice over work as Chief Tannabok.

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

I’ve never seen “Battlestar Galactica” so I am mostly familiar with Olmos from his work in Blade Runner, Stand & Deliver, and even “Agents of SHIELD”. I think he shows off a nice amount of range with this addition to his resume. Chief Tannabok is not an angry man. He is kind, soft, gentle, patient, but also you can tell that he’s kinda sad. You don’t HEAR Olmos, you hear the chief and that makes him an excellent addition to the cast.

16) And of course our big bad, Tzekel-Kan

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

Tzekel-Kan is the opposite of Chief Tannabok. He is angry, an overlord of sorts. He wants blood because he believes it is what’s needed. He believes people are wicked and evil just for enjoying life and being kind, and it is his righteous duty to smite them. He pisses me off way more now than he did when I was twelve.

17) This whole bit with the volcano! Miguel goes too far and says that the gods should not be questioned or else they will be forced to release their awful wrath…but Tzekel-Kan wants to see that. Only they’re not gods! So he and Tulio turn away to try and figure it out and we get this…

Originally posted by findreactions

There’s an old addage in writing: “A coincidence to get a character out of trouble is lazy.” However in this case I’m 100% okay with that because it’s just funny as hell.

18) How many of us have used this GIF?

Originally posted by idiot-eden

19) Chel.

Originally posted by specta-a

Chel is a nice way of making the duo a trio. Voiced wonderfully by Rosie Perez, she is just as crafty and cunning as Tulio (if not more so) but also understand Miguel’s sense of adventure. The pair balance each other out already, bit if Miguel acts too dreamer-y or Tulio is too gold hungry they throw each other out of whack (as this film shows). Chel helps stabilize them by film’s end and is a lot of fun to watch. Also, bonus points for being an animated female character with a body that is physically possible.


Chel [on why she wants a life of adventure]: “You’ve got your reasons…and I’ve got mine. Let’s not make this personal, okay?”


21) So Chel needs to prove to Tulio and Miguel she’s a good con artist…

[Chel shows the pair the dice she stole from Tulio]

Tulio: “How did you get those?”

Miguel: “Where was she keeping them?”

I’m with Miguel, that’s the more important question.

22) Oh Miguel…

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Originally posted by mulder-scully-gifs

23) It’s Tough to be a God.

Originally posted by borzotro

The only time this film is a traditional musical (ie: the characters themselves break into song & dance), and considering Kevin Kline’s and Kenneth Branagh’s singing here that might not be the worst thing. The interesting thing is that their version doesn’t even appear on the soundtrack. Instead we get a duet with Elton John and Randy Newman.

24) I need to remember this excuse.

Tulio [trying to convince Tzekel-Kan not to make a human sacrifice to the gods/them]: “The stars are not in position for this tribute.”

Miguel: “Like he said…”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

Originally posted by pantyception

25) I don’t identify totally with Miguel or totally with Tulio, but with parts of them. Like I identify with Tulio being kind of the dreamer who thinks things are possible, but this is a very me thing to say:

Tulio [after Miguel tells him he worries too much]: “No, I worry just the right amount! You can never worry too much!”

Same, Tulio. Same.

26) Remember how I said this movie was edgy to 12 year old me. Well it features a scene where Chel tries to seduce Tulio. Like, more than wanting a kiss. But like she shows off her shoulders for a back massage, they’re later found on the ground together all disheveled, it’s not even very subtle when you know what’s going on. Twelve year old me was very innocent.

27) I love their banter.

Miguel [when he and Tulio end up in a big arena to play ball for the locals]: “Well don’t blame me!”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

28) The ball game is a lot of fun to watch, if for no other reason then Chel on the sidelines.

Chel: “Foul! That was a foul!”

And then it’s her idea to use the armadillo as a ball replacement to cheat.

29) So earlier in the film we got this line from Miguel:

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

And then later in the film Miguel tries to convince Chief Tannabok that the boat they are using to leave isn’t good enough (because Miguel wants to stay) when in fact it’s perfect. When Miguel admits his mistake, we got this line from the chief.

Chief: “Hey, to err is human.”

Miguel goes to get in the boat, but then he looks over his shoulder at the chief and the chief looks at him knowingly. And they don’t say anything else about it.

I love that. I love that the chief isn’t an idiot, but he knows. He knows and he knows it’s good for his people and he knows Miguel is a good guy and…I just love it!

30) I love little things like this.

[A giant stone jaguar, controlled by Tzekel-Kan, attacks the city. It grabs a warrior, ruffs him up A LOT, then lets him fall to the ground.]

Warrior [patting himself down]: “I’m okay!!!”

[Jaguar steps on warrior]

Warrior [from under Jaguar’s foot]: “I’m still okay!”

31) Remember how I talked about Chekov’s Fake Fight?

Tzekel-Kan [when he was Miguel & Tulio cornered]: “I know what you are and I know what you are not. And you are not GODS!”

Tulio [after a beat]: “Y-you’re not a god!?”

The pair then continue to have a very real argument where they say some pretty cold things to each other…

Tulio: “You’re buying your own con!”

Miguel: “At least I’m not DATING mine!”

But it has the same effect. Tzekel-Kan is distracted, enjoying their fighting, and the audience is as surprised as he is when the pair work in sync again and punch the guy out. It’s a nice way of playing the scene out.

32) Friends Never Say Goodbye. A very sad song that plays when it seems like Tulio and Miguel are going to take separate paths in life and are really mad at each other. It actually has some nice truths to it, and again is slightly different on the soundtrack. Elton John is backed up by the Backstreet Boys for the song on the album. I hope that didn’t ruin it for some of you.

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33) The film ends with the citizens of El Dorado crashing a pillar into their gate so as to keep Cortes from finding the city, only it is falling too soon. So Chief Tannabok grabs some of the ropes and holds it back for a while. And this is probably REALLY mean of me and I apologize in advance but I just thought of this:

Originally posted by ignitetheliight

I’m so sorry.

34) According to IMDb:

A series of sequels featuring Miguel, Tulio, Chel, Altivo and even the armadillo going after other legends about gold was planned, similar to the Shrek (2001) series, but following the disappointing box-office results they were immediately canceled.

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

While that would’ve been interesting I’m kinda glad this film just stands on its own. It’s a nice little gem that way.

I love this film, and think a lot of people out there will too. People don’t really talk about it these days except to talk about how no one talks about it. It’s a nice variation from standard Disney fare, the music is great, freaking Miguel & Tulio are just awesome, and it is just such an enjoyable/adventure filled film. I think you should all watch it now! It’s on Netflix if you have it. So go. Go follow that trail! (Too easy?)

anonymous asked:


This ask was so pure I’m blessed… T/W for mentions of self harm

Lazy Saturday mornings were always Tendou’s favorite. It wasn’t that he was necessarily lazy himself, but the euphoric feeling of not having to wake up, take four shots of espresso, and finish three reports he had procrastinated on for two weeks on was an amazing change. Well, maybe Tendou was a bit lazy.

Tendou didn’t even feel like moving from his small space on the bed. He took lethargic interest with the way the sun cast through the blinds and how Mourning Doves vied for attention. He could roll over and fall back asleep, if he wanted to. Though, he was right on the edge of the bed and his girlfriend was still asleep on his chest, and he’d rather take a bullet than risk waking her up. He yawned, then noticed her stir for a moment before nuzzling back into him. At this point, Tendou was willing to stop breathing. She looked so peaceful, and Tendou couldn’t quite remember the last time he had actually seen __ with her eyes closed. She still harbored remarkable purple eye bags, though, to which Tendou made a mental note to tease her about later.

After about twenty minutes or so, Tendou didn’t oppose the idea of waking her up so much any longer. His mind wandered to places he’d rather not go when he wasn’t occupied with something. He figured he could just leave the bed and do something in the living room, but he knew for a fact the rest of the apartment would be absolutely freezing; February did not treat them nice. He slowly turned to his side instead, cupping her head in his hand and placing her down on the pillow next to him. She whined and burrowed herself in the duvet, still asleep, but gaining conscious. Tendou smirked, tugged the duvet out of her loosened hands and flipped her onto her back. He sat up and positioned himself above her and threw one leg over her side. He leaned down and pressed his lips against her neck softly, going in for a kiss, but decided against it. Instead he blew, hard, right against the part of her neck he knew was the most sensitive.

Almost immediately, she was up and screaming, her hands on his shoulders attempting to pull him away. He smirked and continued blowing raspberries, effortlessly grabbing her arms and pinning them above her head. She writhed underneath him, giggling incomprehensible words and attempting to kick him off of her. Usually, she’d have him flat on his ass in the matter of thirty seconds, but catching him at her most delirious gave him a definite advantage. After a while, he figured he had tortured her enough, her chest still heaving and a long, drawled out cuss spilling from her lips. He cut himself off with a wet smack to the red spot on her neck, which instantaneously quieted her down, too. She was completely awake, now, and able to rip her arms away from his and sit up. She merely looked him in the eyes, saying nothing. She used the fabric of the duvet to wipe his saliva from her neck, to which she grimaced, not noticeably, but Tendou noticed.

“You know, Satori, sweetheart…” __ sniffled in a broken voice. “For someone who pays all your damn rent, that was sure a lovely way to thank me.” Tendou smiled sheepishly, looking down at her from his seat between her legs.

“Not gonna say anything? Okay…” She shook her head and smiled, stretching her arms behind her head and cracking her back before snaking them around Tendou’s neck. “You’re so lucky I love you.”

“I know I am.” Tendou hummed, cupping her chin. She flinched, making sure he wasn’t going back for her neck again, before leaning into his touch.

“Now you’ve got something to say, huh?” She chuckled. She grabbed his hips and guided him off of her, leaving him laying on his back as she sat cross legged, rubbing her eyes. “If this thing is still here when I go to work on Monday and my boss asks me what it is, I dunno if I tell him the truth or make up a much more believable lie.”

“What’s so unbelievable about raspberries?” Tendou laughed.

“We’re twenty, that’s what.”

She finished rubbing her eyes and rolled herself on top of him, straddling his waist as he had hers seconds ago. Absentmindedly, she traced the skin on his bare chest, and Tendou thought she was either incredibly amused with how his skin felt or she was still in a sleepy haze. He didn’t mind though, watching her with a lovestruck grin on his face. He watched her as she slid her hand across his chest to his shoulders, and her fingertips taking sudden interest with his freckles.

“You know what I’ve always found odd?” She said, her pointer finger drawing triangles into his skin, presumably a shape his freckles had made.


“You’ve got freckles everywhere, except your face.”

“Oh please, don’t say that’s odd.” Tendou snorted. The way her fingertips were running across his shoulders and chest made him sigh, suddenly. “Do you know how much more shit I would’ve gotten from people?”

“Aw darling, don’t say that.” __ cooed, scooting herself back on his lap to kiss at his shoulders.

“I kno-ow.”

“Anyways, I dunno about you, but I think the freckles are gorgeous. They add to your dorky charm.” Tendou shook his head, the silly smile on his face growing wider. He had to bite his lip to contain it. She traced the freckles on his chest and stomach next, drawing shapes and what he could only presume were constellations. The only time she stopped was to mutter, “that looks like a jellyfish”, as she traced a cluster of freckles on his stomach. Tendou didn’t really care what his freckles looked like, all he could focus on was her. Every time she ran her fingertips across his skin a jolt ran up his spine, because even after years of her touch, he was still starved for it. He found himself absentmindedly closing his eyes, even if he was trying so hard to focus on the beautiful little amused smile on her face. Tendou gave into the heaviness of his eyes and chuckled, he was absolutely living. His eyes fluttered back open when __ started fingering with the elastic of his boxers, pulling them down slightly to reveal his hips.

“Satori, darling.” Her fingertips traced gently over the puffy lines on his hip. “How did you get these?” With anyone else, Tendou would’ve been a nervous wreck discussing the scars on his body, but with her, he couldn’t feel more sane.

“I put ‘em there myself.”

She frowned, but didn’t stop brushing her fingers over them.

“How come I’ve never noticed these?” She frowned, taking the other side of his boxers and pulling them down completely, sliding them off his legs and throwing it to the edge of the bed. “You’ve got a lot, huh?”

Her fingertips moved from his hips to his upper thighs, rubbing at similar puffy scars. Tendou just watched her stare at them, the admiration her eyes once held, gone. The love hadn’t fled, though. In fact, Tendou swore he could see it more.

“I never really pointed them out ‘cause there was no need to.” Tendou shrugged, meeting her eyes. “It’s all in the past. I really don’t feel like that anymore, you know.”

“I know.” Her eyes flickered from his back down to the scars on his thighs. “Can I? Can I, uh…” She shifted himself so that she was face level with his thighs, and ever so softly, pressed a gentle kiss against the scarred areas. He gasped, not out of fear or disgust, but out of pure and utter shock.

Ba-abe.” Tendou whined, throwing his hands up to his cheeks. “My heart’s gonna explode.”

She looked up at him, mouth agape, before pouting, and pecking another series of kisses along his right thigh. Although Tendou was used to the proximity between her and him, this entire gesture made his heart beat rapidly in his chest. When she shifted her weight and nuzzled into his other thigh, Tendou swore he giggled. He covered his mouth and cheeks with his hand, the latter burning furiously. He did this until she traced a trail of kisses up his stomach and pulled herself up completely, moving his hand away from his mouth herself. She then kissed his lips, short and sweet, before pulling him into a hug.

“I love you.” Tendou muttered into the tresses of her hair in his face.

“I love you too, my perfect angel.”

She gave him one last squeeze before sliding back on the bed. She sat cross legged by his knees, patting on her legs to signal him to kick his up onto hers. He did, careful not to force his weight on her too hard. She then took one of his legs in her hands, running her fingertips up his calves.

“I love how even your leg hair is ginger, wow.” She chuckled, sarcastically. “Makes it easy to see your pale ass skin, though.”

“It’s hard to imagine just two fucking seconds ago you called me your perfect angel, wow.” Tendou mocked her, lightly kicking her in the chest. She laughed, tightening her grip on his calf. He laughed with her.

She continued with her soft touches for a while, sending Tendou back into a relaxed state. After a while though, she stopped, pressing her finger over a certain part on his leg.

“How’d you get this?” __ asked. Tendou sat up and looked at the scar she was pointing at, a dark brown one sitting above his ankle. “It’s the only scar on your legs.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Tendou shook his head. “In my last year of elementary school, my class took a field trip to a petting zoo, and since I was actually ten years old, I thought it would be hysterical to chase after a bunch of chickens-”

“Tendou Satori don’t you dare tell me you got a permanent scar from a flock of chickens.”

Oh yeah I did. Don’t regret it one bit.” Tendou laughed at the way she shook her head, muttering something about, “I can’t believe I fell in love with you.” After that, she decided to leave his legs alone. She had him flip on his stomach, next, which Tendou had no complaints about. He loved the feeling of nails on his back, and if she took her time there like she did everywhere else, Tendou swore he would fall back to sleep in an instant.

The moment her fingertips brushed against his shoulder blades, Tendou had already melted. He audibly sighed, nuzzing his face into the pillow. He could hear her giggle from behind him, continuing to touch him.

“What are all the scars up by your shoulders from?” She asked him, running the palm of her hand across the nape of his neck to the small of his back.

“Acne scars, babe.”

“Oh.” She peeped. “Sorry.” She leaned in, her palm flat on his back, and kissed his nape gently.

“For what?” He laughed, flopping back down into the pillow. “This is literally the best day of my li-ife.”

Tendou swore he had reached Nirvana in those next five or so minutes. She traced all the freckles on his back, from where his hairline stopped to where his tail bone lay. He’d sigh every so often, the only indication he was giving her that he was awake. There was a point where she was doing nothing in particular, just scratching up and down his back softly, making his eyelids droop. He swore he was on the brink of passing out once more, just one more gentle touch, but she paused, her hand leaving his skin for a moment before it came in sharp contact with his bum. He whined in protest, but that was covered by her booming laughter.

“Wha’ was that for?” He mumbled, lifting his head up from the pillow to look at her.

“You have freckles on your bum. I thought it was cute.”

“So you slapped me-e?”

“Well, all’s fair in love and war.” She smiled fictitiously. “That wasn’t half as bad as the raspberry.”

Tendou shook his head, leaning across the bed to grab her in his arms. He held her there for a moment before throwing himself back onto the bed. She squealed, although she was silenced by Tendou pressing his lips against hers. She broke away then kissed him again, starting a cycle of soft lips moving against each other while hands roamed. Tendou parted away after a while, resting his forehead against hers.

“I love you…” Was all he said before kissing her again.

Times like these were just his absolute favorite.

Five minute ficlet

Pediatrics. You groaned in resignation, absolutely dreading this final clinical rotation of your residency. You’d be deferring it, over and over, refusing to consider doing it until it was the only thing standing between you and career. It wasn’t that you disliked children, per se. As individuals, they were cute, and funny, and enjoyable to be around. But add illness, stressed parents and distracted, overwhelmed siblings, and the whole thing seemed like your own definition of hell. There was no getting around it though. You knew if you just focussed on the end of that 12 weeks, you could make it.

Your first few days were overwhelming. Just the orientation to the ward was enough to make you want to throw in the towel at times. Trying to calculate dosing on medications for tiny bodies was nerve-wracking, making you fuss, double check, and then triple check. But slowly, you began to settle in, getting comfortable enough with the kids to talk directly to them instead of through their parents, making sure they knew their personal autonomy was important to you. You fast became a favourite of the preschool crowd, with your knowledge of silly jokes and constant supply of stickers and temporary tattoos. You almost felt silly for dreading it so much.

Until the accident, and the ward was overrun by school aged children who’d been injured in a freak accident on a field trip gone horribly wrong. It was an all hands on deck situation, and you found yourself casting about for your favourite nurses to help you, and discovering they were all tied up with triage and initial assessments. You pulled a chart and tracked down a patient. She was a somber little thing, blonde curls flattened by whatever she’d been through, and the biggest hazel eyes you’d ever seen. She eyed you suspiciously as you approached.

“Hey, Sunshine, I’m Doctor Y/N. Can you tell me what’s hurting?” You asked. From the way she was laying on the biobed, it looked like it was her leg, but you wanted to know what she was feeling before treating her.

“Only my Daddy can call me that,” she spoke quietly, pointing at her hip and upper leg. You nodded and ran the tricorder over it.
“I’m sorry,” you paused to look down at the chart, “Joanna. That’s a great name, no wonder you want people to use it.”

“Momma says nicknames are for the lazy,” she shrugged. “But Daddy calls me Sunshine, and Stardust, and Joey.”

“Joanna, I’m going to give you something for pain, and then we are going to set up the osteogenic -”

“The osteo regen?” She interrupted. “I thought it was broken. Is it my hip or my femur?”

You couldn’t help but smile at her. One of her parents was medical corp, there was no question in your mind. “It’s the acetabulum,” you offered, wondering if she knew anatomy as well as she seemed to. She nodded, bit her lip, looked down and then back at you.

“That’s the socket that the ball of the femur goes in, right?” She asked. You nodded.

“You’re pretty good at anatomy, Miss Jo,” you complimented, prepping the hypospray with pain medication. “Are you good with hypos too?”

“Yeah, Daddy always rubs them after. He says it makes the med disperse better, but I know he’s only doing it because he thinks they hurt a little,” she nodded. “You called me Jo.”

“Sorry!” You apologized. She shrugged.

“It’s okay,” she replied. “I kinda like it.” You held the hypospray to her neck and were impressed that she didn’t even flinch as the med dispersed into her skin. As you were setting the osteogenic regenerator up at her hip, an absolutely frantic man in science blue came charging onto the ward.

“Joey?” He called, looked around in every direction. Joanna held up her hand and waved.

“Over here, Daddy,” she called. He rushed over and took her hand in his, pushing her bangs off her forehead and pressing his lips against her skin. He pulled back and glared at you, looking over your shoulder to the PADD you’d been documenting your work on.

“You’re a resident?” He questioned, narrowing his eyes as he attempted to pull the PADD from your hands. You smiled and held tight. He looked passing familiar, but you couldn’t quite place him. Same eyes as his daughter though, intense, intelligent and a hazel that held more colours than you could name in a single glance.

“With all due respect sir, yes, I am. But right now, you are a father, and that means I’m in charge of the treatments.” You kept your voice calm and kind, unable to imagine the kind of fear he must have been feeling when he was notified of the incident. He opened his mouth to retort and Joanna laid a hand on his to stop him.

“Daddy.” Her little girl’s voice was a warning. “Daddy, I know you are scared, but remember what you tell me when I am scared? You can’t be mean to Doctor Y/N just because you are frightened.”

"Now, Sunshine, I wasn’t going to be -”

“Daddy, hush. Look how pretty Doctor Y/N is. And she’s clever, Daddy. She found the fracture in my acetablumum right away,” Joanna scolded. You felt yourself blush as Joanna complimented you and found it difficult to meet her father’s eyes, but forced yourself to look at him and hold your ground. He drew in a deep breath and smiled at you.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Y/N,” he offered. “Joey’s all I’ve got, and her mother would kill me if she were to get badly hurt on one of my rare visits.”

“She’s going to be right as rain in about 48 minutes,” you glanced down at the chart again to figure out his name, “Doctor McCoy.” Wait. You looked back down at the chart to double check the name, then looked at the rank stripes at his wrists. Your eyes widened and you forced yourself to swallow and take a deep breath. He smiled in acknowledgement and offered his hand.

“Call me Leonard. As you already pointed out, right now I’m just Daddy,” he grinned.

“Uh, yeah,” you stammered. You cursed yourself for not recognizing him sooner, but the truth was, you were most familiar with him from his research. “There’s so many things I want to ask you about,” you finally managed.

“Well, you get my little girl patched up, and maybe you can ask all the questions you want over burgers as a thank you,” he offered. Joanna tugged on his arm, and in response, he leaned down to allow her to whisper in his ear.

“I knew you would like her. Can I come for burgers too, or it a date for you and her only?” Her whisper wasn’t quiet enough that you didn’t hear her, and both you and Leonard blushed.

“I would love if you came, Joanna,” you smiled.

“Yay! It’s a date!” She exclaimed.

Written for pynchweek Day 5: Northern Lights // Dreamscape // Stars

Adam wakes up to someone pressing their lips to his forehead, so gentle and caring that makes his heart stutter a bit, still not used to be treated as someone worthy of such precious gestures. Those same lips brush against his cheek, then decide to move to his nose, his jaw, and below his ear. Adam leans into the touch, letting the warmth of it soak him with the fondness it radiates. 

His eyes flicker open, and he finds Ronan sitting at the edge of the bed. The light coming through the window hits him in a way that makes him look like a dream. 

“Why are you up?” Adam mumbles as he closes his eyes again, curling on himself. 

“I have something to show you.”



Adam groans and rolls to have his back facing Ronan, burying his face into the pillow.

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anonymous asked:

How about an imagine where the NDRV3 boys' s/o is the culprid of a murder (they did it in order to protect someone), they're about to vote for the wrong person but then the s/o says something that will lead them to the real cuprid (meaning themselves), and when they found out who is the real culprid, the s/o tell them that they're glad that they found out that it was them (does that make sens ? Sorry my english is not perfect)

It’s okay Anon! My English isn’t perfect either as it’s my second language but I get what you mean ;) I’m going to presume S/O tried to save the boys if that’s okay ;P Hope you enjoy ;D

NDRV3 Boys’ reaction to S/O who is the blackened and when they’re about to vote for the wrong person S/O doesn’t let them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The class trial was coming to an end

- Even though Iruma was insisting she wasn’t the culprit, everyone was still convinced that she was

- She isn’t

- You glance at Saihara and realise that he’s been staring at you 

- “S/O - san?…”

“Okay! Monokuma let’s vote!”

- “N-No!… I… Don’t think we considered all possibilities yet.” You say quickly

- Everyone turns to you

- “Huh? What’s the matter S/O - san? We discussed why Iruma - san is most definitely the culprit already, do you have some more evidence?” Saihara asks

- “You could say that…”

- “Well don’t just stand there S/O! Clear my name!” Iruma shouts angrily

- You lock eyes with Saihara “I don’t have an alibi when the murder took place.”

- He instantly understands. But how is this possible?!

- “… No…”

- “I’m sorry”

- “Huh?! What do you mean sorry?”

- Saihara just stares at the floor as he quietly stutters out a “S/O - san. It’s S/O - san.”

- Everyone is shocked, but at the same time they’re… Thankful you willingly sacrificed yourself for them

- Once the votes are in, the one with the most votes is you

- Saihara instantly runs to you and grabs your shoulders 

- “Why.”

- “I’m sorry.”

- “No. Tell me why.”

- “I… If I didn’t, you’d be the victim in this case Saihara - kun!”

- … You killed someone for him. You feel his hands shaking so you quickly hug him

- “Listen to me, you can’t give up now okay? You need to keep going and save everyone else. Can you do that for me?”

- He’s sobbing now. “Without you?… How?…”

- “Please. I believe in you!”

- Those were the last things you ever said before Monokuma had to literally  drag you away from him

Kaito Momota:

- “Alright! So the culprit it obviously Hoshi right?” says Momota 

- “I keep telling you, I didn’t kill anyone!”

- “Stubborn until the very end…”

- This is wrong. You know this is wrong. You don’t want to die, but if you’re selfish everyone else will die

- “No…” you whisper

- “Huh? S/O you say something?”

- “If we vote for the wrong person… We’ll all get executed right? I don’t want that”

- “It’s fine… We already determined the culprit of this case!”

- “Hoshi - kun isn’t the culprit! I am!”

- The courtroom goes silent

- “What.”

- “I am the culprit.”

- “S/O this really isn’t the time to be joking.”

- “I’m not joking! I did it! I killed them! If I didn’t… If I didn’t kill them you’d be the one that’s dead!”

- “You did it to protect me?… B-”

- “Okayyy~ I’m bored now so let us move onto the vote!”

- You nod at Momota before selecting your own name

- After the voting is over you look over at Momota he clearly has tears in his eyes but that doesn’t stop him from quickly walking over to you and kissing your forehead

- “I didn’t vote for you.”

- You look up at him

- “I did.” You’re then forcibly taken away, forever


- Is Yumeno - san really the killer? He doesn’t fully believe that, the theory is just… Incomplete

- “I keep telling you guys, I’m not a killer, I’m too lazy to kill someone”

- “That’s literally the worst excuse I’ve ever heard!”

- You sigh, of course she’s not the killer. Maybe her reason wasn’t the best but you can prove that she’s innocent

- “So what now? Are we going to vote for Yumeno?”

- “No! That’s wrong!” You shout

- Kiibo gives you a confused look but at least you got everyone’s attention

- “What do you want to add S/O - san?” Kiibo asks

- “The murder weapon was never found right?”

- “Well yeah but why does that matter now?!”

- You take out a small knife from your pocket, there’s dried blood on it

- “W - What is that?!”

- “The murder weapon.”

- Kiibo.exe stopped working

- When he comes back online he just sees you selecting your own name on his voting console

- You look at him and give him a weak smile before returning to your own seat and selecting your name

- “It’s over now… Everyone.”

- Wait. Wait S/O - san don’t go.

- “I’ve prepared a special punishment for you S/O - san! Well… Let’s give it everything we’ve got… It’ssss PUNISHMENT TIME!”

- “No! Wait! Don’t take S/O - san!” He reaches out a hand but… You’re already gone

- He feels something on his face, huh? What is this? Tears?… He thought robots can’t cry

Rantaro Amami: 

- Well, this was certainly unexpected

- Everyone suspected him as the culprit

- “No! Amami - kun isn’t the culprit!” You protest

- He smiles at you, you’re always there for him

- “Do you have evidence to back that up?”

- “… Evidence? I don’t need evidence.”

- “Oh? And why is that?”

- “Because I know who the killer is.”

- The courtroom goes quiet for a minute until Akamatsu speaks up 

- “Who’s the killer S/O - san?”

- “Me.”

- More silence

- “You’re not just… Saying that because we suspect Amami - kun right?”

- “No. I’m 100% serious.”

- That must be wrong. S/O - san? The culprit? No way is that true!

“Wait, S/O - san, if you really are the culprit, then how did you kill them? The Monokuma file doesn’t specify the cause of death.” Amami states as he stares at you

- “There was no murder weapon in this case. I simply delivered a powerful strike to their temple”

- You weren’t supposed to answer that

- Your expression is sad but at the same time, it’s peaceful

- “Would you guys hurry up and vote already?!” Monokuma remarks angrily

- Once the votes are cast you’re chosen as the blackened

- Amami just marches up to you an angry expression on his face

- “Did you want to get out of here that bad? Did you?”

- “No.”

- “Then why?” He sounds like he’s trying his hardest not to cry

- “Because I love you Amami - kun.”

- You don’t get to say anymore, Monokuma was getting way too impatient

Kokichi Ouma:

- “So, do we all agree that Akamatsu - san is the culprit?”

- “Everyone, hold on please! I’m not the culprit”

- “Nishishi~ Poor Akamatsu - chan”

- You bite your lip. You can’t just let everyone die.

- “Um, can I say something?”

- “Hm? What is it S/O - chan?”

- “I don’t think Akamatsu - san is the culprit.”

- “Oh really? Why don’t you point to who you think it is then?”

- “.. Okay.” You raise your hand and then point to yourself

- Ouma just stares, he has an emotionless expression

- “Go ahead everyone, please vote for me”

- “Nishishi~ Oh S/O - chan you’re so funny! You still have a lot to learn but I can see that you’re trying to become a great liar like me! Th-”

- “Stop it, Ouma - kun.”

- He sighs and looks at you again

- “I thought you hated the killing game S/O - chan! Was that a lie?”

- “Of course not. It’s just, I had no choice”

- “No choice? There’s always a choice whether to kill or not!”

- You smile at him as you select your name

- “You’re right… There’s always a choice. That’s why I chose to save Ouma - kun”

- You give him a little wave as Monokuma quickly drags you away

- He’s crying, not crocodile tears, these tears are most definitely not lies

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Chabashira - san is the culprit? Is that really true?

- He turns his head to look at you but he notices you’re biting your nails 

- “Alright then, shall we proceed with the vote?”

- “No.”

- Everyone turns to look at you

- “Why not S/O?”

- “I…” You sigh “I can’t let you guys make a mistake.”

- “Gonta doesn’t really understand, what do you mean S/O - san?”

- “What I mean is, Chabashira - san is not the culprit in this case.”

- “Do you know the real culprit S/O - san?” Saihara asks

- “Yes. The real culprit of this case is… S/O.” You say 

- Did Gonta hear that right? You’re the culprit? But that’s impossible!

- “Wait! Gonta doesn’t understand! What do you mean you’re the culprit?”

- “I’m sorry Gonta - kun… I know you said people who like insects can’t be bad people but… I am a bad person.”

- He’s in tears, he wants to ask you why you did what you did “N-No! S/O - san is not a bad person!”

- “Gonta - kun… Remember me okay?”

- Before anything else can be said, the trial quickly comes to a close

- He’s crying through the whole execution

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Kukuku~ How beautiful, even when backed into a corner Harukawa - san is still fighting for her innocence

- “I keep telling you idiots, I didn’t kill them.”

- “Yeah! Leave Harumaki alone!”

- You look at Harukawa, she’s clearly getting angry

- “Harukawa - san isn’t the culprit.” You say

- “Yeah see even S/O agrees with us!” Momota announces cheerfully

- Shinguji turns his attention to you, “You said that with a lot of confidence S/O - san. Do you perhaps know who the real culprit is?”

- “… Yeah.”

- “I’ll give you a clue Shinguji - kun, you’re looking at the culprit right now.”

- Oh. Oh no.

- What is this

- “S/O - san? You’re the culprit?!”

- You smile at him, even with his mask on you can tell he’s not smiling back

- “What was your motive behind this murder?”

- “To protect the most beautiful human I have ever met. You, Shinguji - kun”

- He doesn’t respond. How could he respond to that?

- Once the voting is over he quickly makes his way over to you and takes hold of your hands

- You squeeze his hands and smile

- “Don’t go.”

- “I don’t have a choice”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- The robot eh?

- He didn’t really think Kiibo of all people will be able to murder someone

- “Please listen to me, this is borderline discrimination to robots!”

- Heh. What a guy

- He’s chewing on his licorice and just so happens to glance in your direction

- Your hands are clenched into fists and you generally looked stressed

- “S/O. What’s up?”

- Kiibo - kun isn’t the culprit…” You say more to yourself than anyone else

- “S/O! Why are you so sure of that? Who’s the real culprit then?!”

- You don’t respond, you just raise your hand

- He’s shocked, so shocked that the licorice in his mouth falls to the floor

- “Wait. What the hell does that mean?! You had no motive to kill!”

- “You’re right, I didn’t. That changed though, as soon as I saw the attacker coming after you”

- No way. You killed someone so that he can be alive?!

- Once the voting is over he quickly makes his way towards you

- “You idiot. You’re going to die now!”

- “I know.”

- “Gh.”

- Before you go he grabs your wrist

- “Wait. Have this at least.” He hands you a piece of licorice

- “Thanks… Hoshi - kun”

Let's talk about headcanons about Food

Now, Mod Sync here is a decent enough cook. Put a recipe in front of me and I’ll be able to cook almost anything, and I can cook some things from just memory. I was making omelettes and looking up recipes and I wondered “What about the Undertale cast? What do they eat outside the game?” So, here are some things I’ve thought up about the main four!

If anyone remembers the Anniversary Q&A that happened (oh, who am I kidding, of course you guys do), then we know some things about that already. HOWEVER, I’m only going to partially use this info here. These are headcanons after all, so I don’t have to quite follow canon. 

Now, if you wish to continue, I shall leave these under a Read more, because this is gonna get wordy and also for you guys who are avoiding food for whatever reason. Also will include some other AUs.

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Real Talk: What are the writers of Henry Danger even doing?

I have to question whether the show hired new writers or consultants or something. We’ve all noticed that the characters seem to be acting pretty shitty in recent episodes. But the episodes themselves, in terms of plot and plot elements, seem to be going down in quality. I really enjoyed the show before, but now it seems stagnant. I just want to address some of them.

Continuity in World-Building

This is a really annoying thing for me right now. The writers need to make up their mind about the extent of Ray’s powers. Early in the show, I assumed he was only invincible on the outside, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. I assumed his powers were only skin-deep. After all, when he breathed in the tears of the jolly beetle in season 1, it affected him internally since it was going through his respiratory system, which is on the inside.

Following this logic, Captain Man can definitely be harmed if his oxygen supply were cut off or became toxic. So what exactly was going on in Gas or Fail when he went down to fix the gas leak without any protection? (I’m also pissed that he let his sidekick who is decidedly not invincible do the same but that’s for another segment) Also, for some of the more obvious ones - why was it assumed he would survive underwater in Danger & Thunder and how the hell did he survive in Space Invaders riding outside the shuttle? 

And okay, let’s say his internal organs and everything were invincible, too, and breathing something in (or lack of) won’t kill him. How does Gwen’s muffins affect him? He should be resistant to everything internally too, right? How does he get sick in the next episode? He shouldn’t be able to have anything penetrate his skin, and that includes viruses. And nothing airborne can affect him. Writers, what are you doing?

Ray’s powers make less sense with each episode, and are now just being manipulated as the plot demands to make for a convenient plot device. It’s not only lazy writing which becomes boring since no new elements are introduced to build on the world, but the inconsistency makes for an unrealistic story. Not to mention no limitations on his powers makes Ray an overpowered superhero who is, to be frank, boring as he has no conflict, nothing to hold him back.

In addition, in a world where two people were able to get powers by manipulating science, and more people are able to be born with powers (since the world is the same as that of The Thundermans), you’d expect a few villains with powers of their own to show up. It would definitely add a risk factor to the show. But that hasn’t happened, so we’ve really had no villains that were interesting in that respect. The most advanced villains so far were just really good with science, yet were unable to give themselves superhuman abilities. Oh, the logical fallacies. 

Over-arching Story

The story has become pretty stagnant at this point. We have no idea where the show is going. First season was exposition to the main characters and their relationships, the world, and Henry adjusting to becoming Kid Danger. The second season was filler, which was enjoyable and good for getting to know everyone more, and ended with a big change. 

The third season should bring in more.  But now the show’s just continuing along the same track as the second season. It’s just filler. No amount of one hour specials can change the fact that the characters aren’t dealing with more on a world basis. There is internal conflict frequently between the characters and some development in their statuses (i.e. Henry getting powers and learning to fly the helicopter), but there’s nothing on a larger scale. There is no Big Bad, just a number of relatively small time criminals that are consistently beat. The main cast has never faced a loss at the definitive end of an episode, which makes it less interesting. There’s nothing to lose.

My preference for this might just be because of my experience with Lab Rats, which did an amazing job of having the world grow as bigger threats got introduced each season. I was hooked on the show because there was a story line to be followed with lots of suspense, and some episodes ended with a big loss for the main characters. The reason a Big Bad is needed is because it gives the characters a goal, and everyone wants to see whether it gets fulfilled or not, which is where the surprises and subversions of tropes come in to entertain the audience. Without a goal, the show has no purpose. In seasons one and two, Henry’s goal was to be a good sidekick. By season three, he has definitely achieved that. What now?

Gwen getting away made me hope for that at the beginning of the third season. It was the perfect opportunity, as a petty criminal with dark intentions got away with the heroes’ biggest secret. But it hasn’t been expanded on yet, and it doesn’t seem like it will be. Same goes for Drex. Drex gave some backstory that was interesting in getting to know the main characters. He was considered one of the greatest fighters Ray had ever seen, but he easily lost to a 15 year old with little actual martial arts training compared to him, and isn’t slated to return.

Where is the show going, then? How will it end? With Ray passing down the title of Protector of Swellview to Henry, after having defeated a dangerous threat that plagued them for months? Or after a one hour special with no drastic developments? One would clearly be better writing. 

Character/Relationship Development

Or lack of. I think we can all say that we’re disappointed in our so called heroes.

Lately, episodes have been ending with pretty much no conclusion. For episodes in season 1 and 2, they concluded pretty well, with Henry and Ray defeating the villain of the week and getting the girl of the week. And season 3 episodes with villains end in much the same way. But in general, season 3 seems to be focused on more emotional development and relationship development. However, the writers are completely failing in ending the episodes properly.

Look at Dodging Danger. You’d expect with Henry growing cocky, despite not having full control and knowing the extent of his powers, would be a bad thing. But he never learns his lesson, and walks away with a win that isn’t even his. At the end of License to Fly, it should have been addressed why Ray was so reluctant to teach Henry how to fly. Instead, he falls out of the helicopter and Henry flies away with a bunch of girls. Unless it’s all some build up for something bigger at the end of the season, like Ray not being sure Henry’s ready to succeed him, and not being willing to let Henry go out on his own yet, it just seems like shitty writing at the moment, ruining everyone’s favorites.

To be honest, though, the episodes have been failing to conclude in general, not just the ones with Henry and Ray. Charlotte never won the gizmo show, and instead had everything she worked for destroyed. Piper never got over her anger issues, despite it clearly affecting her relationships and wanting to change (and then there was a grown ass man harassing her so she would snap).

I don’t know if Dan went into writing a more action-filled show to avoid more emotional scenes or whatever, but it doesn’t do his characters well to completely avoid any closure.

“Lowkey” Problematic Approaches

This is a bit more heavy topic, and I did brush on it a bit in the last section. I don’t like to throw this kind of thing around, but I’ve increasingly noticed it, and I think everyone else does to. So let’s get to it.

We’ve all noticed how the one black girl in the group has had zero love interests, despite so many of us begging for it, while the white female lead has, despite being years younger. And, okay, I’m willing to believe the latter was for plot purposes, but there’s no reason for the former, especially since everyone else on the show, and I do mean literally every single other person, has. [Combined with how Dan treated Andre in Victorious in terms of his romantic conclusion, despite the major support for Tori and Andre getting together, you have to wonder what exactly is going through his head?]

And does no one else find it problematic how the only black man is a hyper-masculine guy who takes orders, never speaks but grunts, and eats raw meat? How about how an Asian male character is severely emasculated and made the butt of many jokes?

How about how women are talked about and treated? Everyone remembers fuckbois Henry, Jasper, and Ray in Double Date Danger, and even in Henry and the Three Girls. Also Kid Grounded. Even though it’s consistently called out by Charlotte, the heroes of the show never actually change. Their misogynistic comments are never corrected or realized by the heroes themselves, leaving behind some really damaging ideas about what’s okay. And I get it, it’s a kid’s show, but that’s all the more reason the heroes should realize why they’re wrong at the end of the day.

Also, one “joke” I have never enjoyed is the end of Let’s Make a Deal, when Captain Man said something along the lines of “Well now we can hit them as frequently and as hard as we like” when he snatches the wigs off the showgirls. It was transphobic in itself, and in addition, he shouldn’t have had a problem fighting the women in the first place. Just because they’re women doesn’t mean they’re not criminals, and he shouldn’t go easy on them.

That said, we can still enjoy the show, but we can’t completely ignore the harmful messages and stereotypes portrayed. It’s important to consistently call them out, and hopefully, the writers will realize why it’s wrong and it will stop in future episodes.

So yeah, these are my issues at the moment. I truly did enjoy the show at the start, but now it’s not really progressing in the ways I was hoping to see, and every other episode seems like filler. There’s really no purpose at the moment, and that’s disappointing.

@danschneider, take note.

A conflicted rant on Matsuri’s death.

While I respect everyone’s views on this issue and this is not a negative response to anyone’s, especially since I’ve seen a lot of well thought-out counterpoints to mine, I wanted to add some of my thoughts to the discussion.

I don’t necessarily agree in full with all the harsher critiques about Matsuri’s death scene. I think it was important that he died this arc rather than last to emphasize the transition of power between the main Washuu family line and Furuta/V. Other than the Marude revenge narrative and the toxic love narrative that could have formed between him and Urie, Matsuri had wrapped up his major roles in the story. Would I have liked to see him have more screentime in terms of him coming to grips with losing power? Absolutely. Was Matsuri a well-written character that had great potential that wasn’t fulfilled? You fucking bet.  

I think that Ishida generally has the issue of caring too much about his characters and maybe overdeveloping them for what he intends for their role in the major plot, though. To me, the problem is less that Ishida is being lazy with the plot and is mindlessly killing off characters, and more that Ishida got really into developing these characters’ backstories despite the fact that the development wasn’t necessary for their planned arcs. Which leads me to keep asking the question: how much is it poor writing on Ishida’s part, and how much is it that we as an audience get too attached to these minor characters who are going to die? 

I think it’s a mix of both. Ishida has so many characters within this story that it’s difficult to manage their plots effectively. :re has a cast twice the size of the original series’, and Ishida’s trying to complete all of their narratives within the same timeframe. Because of that, sometimes his well-developed characters have seemed flatter than usual in recent arcs. At the same time, though, I think that we’ve spent so much time as a fandom hyping all of these characters up that we all are disappointed when they don’t meet the level of potential that we want them to. For instance, the Houji vs. Tatara scene didn’t seem like a trainwreck to me; I thought it was a fitting ending for two characters who were more than one-dimensional, had backstories, but didn’t play overwhelming roles/have character arcs within the series. I saw the anticlimactic aspects of the fight as actually better for the story’s themes than if we had a more satisfying/drawn-out fight for either of them. However, we had been thinking about this tension between these two characters since the end of TG. While we anticipated the fight, we would go over in our heads all the amazing and mind-blowing ways their encounter could have gone.

And I see myself get like this all the time with the series. I weirdly feel salty on occasion with Akira’s recent story arc, since it was her taking the stereotypical hit and serving as the damsel-in-distress plot point the past arc and a half. However, when I think more about it, it’s not an inherently bad (although generic) situation that weakens her as a character. In any case, I think Akira needs to be shown in more vulnerable situations to further her character development at this stage, and after she recovers this may be the right gateway to that. Characters need to be able to move the plot forward, and Ishida honestly doesn’t put plot over characters often enough in :re.

I think Matsuri’s a much more difficult situation, because he did have some unresolved feelings before his death, and we didn’t get to see them contemplated. He was built as a bigger minor character that should have gotten that one page or panel of reflection. That is undoubtedly a poor writing decision (although I can’t say that I don’t partially enjoy the dark humor route he took with Matsuri’s death scene).

I think there should also be another frame of mind when examining Matsuri’s death and missed potential outside of this lack of reflection, though. Not all more serious and unresolved aspects of characters essentially need to have entire arcs of development. It’s not essentially bad writing to have character traits introduced that don’t ultimately affect the story. Based on how the story has progressed so far, I can imagine that Matsuri first began as a plot device rather than as a developed character inserted into the plot. The Washuu/CCG plot line is so essential to the series that he was most likely always planned to serve his role as the proper CCG heir and die here. If that is the case, Matsuri could have been a more one-dimensional fodder character, and I’m happy that he is not. Even if it was executed in a flawed manner, I would prefer Ishida’s characterization of Matsuri before this anticlimactic death scene over a flatter Matsuri.

My Thoughts On Neo Yokio — I Might Just Surprise You!

Since I have a little time before I power through a 4-5 hour drive to Maryland. I wanted to try reviewing something that has taken over my eyes and mind for the past few days (and no, it is not Madoka).

A tangent before we start, I tend to be one of those “Main-Subculture Hating Hipsters”, that will wait until every high up, every gossip, every hipster and every anime fan has shut up about something they deem as good before I check it out. Hence why I hit Madoka much later — when no one was talking about it. I wanna go in as blind or unbiased as I can. Call it being an “Asocial Hipster”, but when the internet finally shuts up about something, I’ll experience it and then come back to see what happened on the net and explore my own experiences solitarily.

But the thing I’m reviewing today is quite different from that usual attitude of mine.

Today, we are reviewing Neo Yokio!

Netflix’s, Ezra of Vampire Weekend’s and Jaden Smith’s anime…

And… *sweats*

Why I think it is a good show.

In fact, I liked it a lot!

Let me add a point of bias: in most shows, I don’t watch it sober on my first viewing. When I tried Neo Yokio sober, I was disgusted by the art style — but when inebriated, I could take in little moments and the bigger picture.

Before watching it again whilst sober, taking in more detail and falling in love with it.


… Ahem…


Go ahead boo now.
I’ll wait…


Firstly, Neo Yokio tells the story of Neo Riche “Magistocrat” Kaz Khan, played by Jaden Smith. And honestly, the series is just a short slice of life.

Simple and very clear that it’s just not anything special. But that’s the brilliance — in my opinion — of the series.

With a kind of similar attitude as The Boondocks but less focused on Black Culture (Excluding Kaz and his posse Lexy and GollieB), and more on parodying both anime of the 90’s and early 00’s and the 1%.

I want to focus on this 1% idea, and why it was very interesting and successful angle to attack with comedic parody.

We are in 2017.

The political climate worldwide is ABSOLUTELY unbearable — hence why I live my life as a 23 year old loser artist as apolitically as I can.

Even if it’s practically impossible…

— And this is why Neo Yokio genuinely made me chortle the entire way through.

So, let’s start with the main character: Kaz.

Kaz is dubbed by the masses as “Neo Riche”, the highest class of Neo Yokio, and while he does his damnedest to deny it, he proves quickly that he IS Neo Riche in the first 3 minutes of the series — and it works.

This aspect added a lot on my second sober viewing — where the jokes and satire made a bit more sense after I had my time with the laughs and visual insanity that Neo Yokio is.

That’s when I found something charming and actually worth my time.

Kaz — is the perfect MC for this ridiculous world.

I like fashion. My boyfriend really likes fashion. And the idea of being the 1% is insanely charming and a way we love to playfully act together.

And Neo Yokio plays into that — Kaz being just as flamboyant and unconnected in one way as his rival Arcangelo is flamboyant and unconnected in another, both stereotypical yet enjoyable plays of the 1% that many people despise so much in the political spectrum.

Kaz doesn’t care about politics, and this is a perspective I rarely see about the 1% until Kaz and his friends start observing it, serving to — while confused in tone ending — comment on what often goes unseen by the 1% that is not focused in politics but in their day to day life.

And it’s petty, stupid and hilariously over-the-top, as many people see the idealized lives of the 1%.

Let’s talk about Kaz.

I feel like Jaden Smith’s monotone mannerism and voice fit ABSOLUTELY perfectly for the kind of character Kaz is. He’s overly dramatic in a drab, pretentious way. He’s from an almost alien lifestyle and he is presented as such. Jaden fits personally with this and adds charm to it.

Look at one of the BEST bits from Episode 1, where Kaz — depressed over being dumped AND failing an exorcism goes to a graveyard with his OWN grave just to lay there and wallow in his despair.

This moment shows how we should see throughout the show Kaz — as weird, inconsequently rich, ignorant and yet funny and lovable.

This makes him a great character to experience the world inside of Neo Yokio’s other classes. He is ignorant and therefore he is called out for it in many funny ways that can add some depth to him.

Charles works in that manner, being a robot butler, who snidely chastises his master’s lack of consequence. But has a similar charm and enjoyment at Kaz, almost playing the role of audience proxy.

And the more characters that come, play off of Kaz very well comedically. And from Kaz as well the references to Toblerones, high fashion like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, and the absolute joke they make out of Kaz’ bachelor status make him very personable.

Next, I want to talk about the animation.

When I first saw it, my gut reaction was “TRASH, BURN IT!!”

Originally posted by kravalicious

But after really seeing what the show tries, I started to understand it was —consciously and unconsciously — parodying: Shitty anime from the 2000’s, lazy techniques in anime as a whole and it made for a charming exterior.

Seriously guys, Sailor Pellegrino’s name written in Sailor Moon’s title font, that’s hilarous!

And whether or not, Ezra or the community says “it’s a serious story”, I’m basing this review after my experience and things I saw.

In that, I want to talk about some of the social commentary. It all doesn’t work.

They have an interesting episode showing Kaz’ ignorance in his inherent misogyny — but also, I feel like it doesn’t know whether it wants to comment on it or make fun of it.

I saw it as really a mix of both. Some successful, some not successful, nobody’s perfect and yet I enjoyed it.

There are some bits that I liked — being gay and all, Arcangelo’s VERY FLAMBOYANT portrayal was absolutely hilarious, I loved it!

I love when they play up flamboyancy comedically, it often makes me fall love with a character.

I loved Lexy chasing after the hottest lesbian in the town, knowing he wouldn’t make much out of it — even if he got Ranma’d to being Kaz’ date. I liked him calling out Kaz’ bull misogyny as both a good moment for Kaz and an interesting commentary, and using Ranma ½ as inspiration. I think that’s why I like gender benders as a whole. They tend to be wacky, campy and bring up new perspectives.

But that’s just me, whether you take offense or not, is up to you. I can’t dictate that and I don’t judge people for their reactions to things. I just personally find most campy portrayals too ridiculous to be taken seriously, even if it is meant to be derogatory. Sure, they’re not great for LGBT or Women’s civil rights, but for the sake of a show that makes me laugh, I don’t take it seriously.

If I wanted a serious commentary about more real life issues, I’ll go outside of anime and comedy films.

As for other comments and the one’s it tends to get right: The ignorance of the Neo Riche.

Kaz doesn’t even think of himself as Neo Riche, yet he is. And the character, Helena plays with that — while also making an army of fangirls, who follow everything she does in a completely hysterical manner. They are a nice poke at the masses that follow someone famous to the ends of the earth. Charles also plays with that around the penultimate episode — not spoiling. ;3

On to sound, while I didn’t pay much attention, classical style music is everywhere. No tracks stood out to me because classical is not my forte, but I think it fit with the Neo Riche-style.

The acting is hokey, plays the gamut from Jaden Smith monotone to Lexy’s VERY black mannerisms — it made me feel remarkably at home. My family is absolutely like that in voice styles and ranges. It made me laugh even more. I personally liked the acting, seeing it as intentionally “bad” for the sake of comedy.

The story itself plays between slice of life and a serialized story, which kinda mucks up the sudden tone shift in the end. Unlike Cowboy Bebop, we don’t have as much time with the cast as a whole to feel much for them in the end. But I’d hope for a Season 2 to really explore more of the side characters. I want to know more about Lexy and GollieB’s hole-in-the-wall bar, I want to see more of Helena’s followers — especially after the ridiculous things they do to be just like Helena, and the ending kinda shook me in a way I didn’t expect that was very cute going forward.

I could go on, but I think it is time for me to sum up my thoughts on Neo Yokio:

“It’s very good at what it does, but it’s not for everyone. It’s audience is like the Neo Riche, small and niche.”

That is the best way to put my thoughts on it.

Some people will get it and enjoy it. Most others, will write it off as trite. And I understand that point while also saying:

“Try watching it inebriated. Take in the campy ridiculousness of it all.”

No matter what the creators and critics say, everyone’s personal experience will be different based on where they come from.

I read it as a parodic farce and enjoyed it very much as such. As a serious story or social commentary — it fell a lot more than it rose.

And that’s OK.

The best parts of the show are when Kaz is with Helena, the Helenists, and his boys, Lexy and GollieB. Laughing when he’s dealing with his aunt (voiced by Susan Sarandon, so yes!) or wallowing in the “misery” of being privileged bachelor.

I recommend it for those who want something that you can make fun of — as I found it making fun of itself.

To people who love the fabulous rich lifestyle of fashion, fame and camp!

And I recommend trying it alone or with friends, but most importantly — drunk and/or baked as hell!

Always bloom proudly guys,

—Tuchi OUT!

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5 Years and Counting -- Requested (Tom Holland x Actor!Reader)

Woo, okay. So this was requested and I was excited because I haven’t really been much of a “prompt filler” kind, so this happened. I feel like I dropped the ball with this, but idk. 

Again, any and all feedback is welcomed and is appreciated. Feel free to message me about anything and everything (honestly, did y’all watch that last Sherlock episode? Wtf?). And the reader is portrayed as a neutral character for inclusivity :) 

Prompt at the end. Thanks a ton!

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

You had been back on set for a total of 13 hours and you had already managed to come face to face with the director’s golf cart – so everything seemed to be out to end your acting career. Considering neither you nor Jon had seen each other, it only made sense that you both had spent a considerable amount of time apologizing to each other.

“Look, Y/N, if Tom finds out I almost ran over you today, he would have me murdered!” said Jon, as he fiddled with his hat. 

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ice-whisper  asked:

AU where Len is the pyromaniac

another one for the short fills. hope you enjoy!

ao3 link


“Hey,” a gentle voice is saying. “Hey. Can you look at me?”

Len doesn’t want to. He just wants to stay here and luxuriate in the glorious feeling of relief he felt. All that tension, all that anger, all locked away deep inside, it needed to be let out - and now it was.

It was -


How long has he been here?

Len blinks. His eyes hurt; they feel crusty and sore like he’s had them open too long. He’s dissociating again, most likely.

“Hey. You with me?”


Len feels the hot flush of shame. “I did it again,” he says dully. “Didn’t I?”

And he’d tried so hard not to, too…

“Yeah,” Mick says. “It’s okay. You couldn’t help it.”

Mick’s the best, but Len doesn’t deserve him. They’d met in juvie - Mick had saved Len’s ass in juvie, more correctly, and in more ways than just the shiv that’d been heading Len’s way - and Len had made him promise they’d team up again when they were adults. And Mick had kept that promise, tracking Len down years later when he’d finished out his juvie-to-prison term and some of his mandatory probation period, the part before his conviction had been overturned, and between the two of them, they’d scraped up enough for an apartment.

An apartment that Len keeps burning.

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So, I went to see Musical Touken Ranbyu today and..Holy shit it was awesome!

Just really, loved the story, loves the cast, loved the songs. The only complaint I have would be the technical issue where I felt that the sound speakers weren’t able to handle the loudness of the music and messed up the awesomeness of the songs sometimes, which I felt was honestly a shame, because they did really well on the singing. (Also, I think the music was a little too loud sometimes, as you could barely hear the actors sing.)

Until I picked up my tickets at the theater I had no clue where I’d be seated, so I feared the worst, but… I had some really nice seat. 15th row, 18th seat. Which not too far from the stage, and right in the middle of the theater at the aisle! 

More impressions and a short summery under the cut… 
(Read at your own risk! May contain spoilers! I’ll try to keep it cryptic though.)

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TF2 Headcanon

@camiluna27​ gave me a weird headcanon and it ended up like this.
It is TRASH.

Title: For Fuck’s Sake

“Jesus christ, when I said GET A ROOM GUYS, I didn’t mean it like this!” Scout shouts down the corridor, only slightly above the awkward cacophony of moans, groans, cries and… slapping sounds he didn’t wanna think too hard about, really.

It’d been a hell of a long day, well, week actually. And sure, everyone was entitled to let off steam however they wanted, but this… this was ridiculous.
There was a moment when Scout paused in horror, realising that somehow he’d become the fuddy old guy just trying to sleep, while all the ‘kids’ got freaky.

“Oh no… I’m old.” he whispers, feeling sick.

Though not as unwell as the sound of his father getting it on did, and god, the bastard had to be putting on a show just to fuck with him. Wait, no, wrong phrasing!

Scout shakes his head, trying to pretend none of this was happening. None of it. They definitely didn’t get louder after he shouted at them, nope…

Live in Denial. That’s his new motto.

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What I don't understand...

Did they come up with this twin thing the moment people thought it’s Spencer’s twin in Hanna’s dream?
Because that’s how it feels like.
If you have known since the beginning of season 7 that you were gonna have an evil Spencer twin, then why on earth would you not tie it into the ENTIRE show from beginning to end? It could have worked if they had tried. They had enough time. And the twin should have been revealed way sooner.
And the liars should have noticed. Not a blind girl and a horse..
Nothing adds up. Not even the last 10 episodes add up…there are plot holes and unanswered questioned even with these last ten episodes.
This is what baffles me the most. So ok fine, you were too lazy to make the twin be a thing since the pilot, but that you can’t even tie up lose ends for 10 episodes??? Like, what was the point of AD giving Jenna this huge endgame book?????? Who build the game?

You are in the wrong business. Each and everyone involved in this show (with the exception of the actors) should go find a new job.
I have seen soap operas that were better written like this.

Honestly, I wanted there to be a Spencer twin because I always felt like Spencer has huge potential to be A… but I knew that Marlene and Co may not be brave enough to make one of the liars A, so a twin for Spencer was the next best thing for me… but not like this.
The reveal itself was amazing but the rest was simply awful.
It was story time with Alex just like it was story time with CeCe.
And the girls, again, were detached from their own show. They didn’t even get to solve the mystery. Spencer only found out because Alex revealed herself to her and the rest found out because blind Jenna smelled an evil bitch and called Toby, who couldn’t tell that Spencer wasn’t herself even when fucking her????
He literally needed a horse and a blind girl to help him realize something was off about Spencer.
Then he goes sees the girls and has some weird explanation and they go: oh yeah, that makes sense.

This was rushed. You had 7 years to prepare this and you failed.
Marlene, I really don’t understand. And I don’t understand how no one ever tells her how this is bullshit? Everyone, the cast included, lie and praise this shit.

I don’t blame Marlene alone tho. ABCfamily gets some of the blame for not making Spencer A in season 3 when Marlene wanted to do that.
And the fans on twitter get some blame too. You whiny bitches and your death threats are also responsible for this mess. I hope you are happy with your ships.
And Wren felt mostly like fan service too… everyone wanted Wren for 6x10, so Marlene made sure he was involved now… but it still doesn’t explain anything. His involvement feels like a joke now.
Why did he draw the pic of the woman in the red coat? Was that supposed to be Mary or Alex? He was dating Melissa in season 5/6 tho…?? But was with Alex???
What did Melissa mean when she said she’s been protecting Spencer since it started??
How did Melissa know Bethany?
Did Jessica want Bethany to call her aunt Jessie simply because she was having an affair with her dad?? Was this all it was?

Nothing adds up.
Marlene tried to give us everything we wanted (including dark Aria) and failed to wrap up her own show because she was too busy trying to figure out what everyone wanted. She tried to please us all and lost sight of her own vision.
That’s the one thing she always said she didn’t lose… but yes, Marlene, you did.
The show is even more messed up then it was after 6x10.

You shouldn’t have tried to please the fans. You should have stayed true to your own vision.

And I loved the idea of an evil Spencer twin. I even loved the character of Alex… but we literally only got to see her for one episode. And it was poorly executed.

(Prolly a million typos in this post as I’m posting from phone. Sorry).

thejonderettegirl  asked:

Hi! Could I please have option 1, where Jasper thinks he’s the biggest Bellarke shipper, but surprisingly it’s actually Murphy, or if you have too many prompts maybe a gifset with Bellarke and Wicken parings? Thanks!

hello, Eponine! yes ofc you can have a fic =D



Jasper Jordan is many things. 

He’s rash and impulsive. He’s energetic and enthusiastic. He swallows without chewing when he’s hungry. He can be oblivious and selfish at times, but he always has good intentions. He’s loyal, but he holds grudges. He’s a little too into High School Musical, in a way that precariously toes the thin line between ironic and unironic.

But the one thing Jasper Jordan is not, is blind

He’s seen it ever since the first day of college — when he’d walked onto that courtyard, and saw a small, curvy blonde scowling at a broad-shouldered man with a head full of dark curls and a lazy smirk.

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin are meant to be together.

“No, you’re not blind,” Monty had said in their dorm room later that night, “but it’s possible you you’re just a little too optimistic.”

“Aha!” he’d yelled, one finger jabbed towards his friend. “You said I’m not blind!“ 

What? The important thing was, he’d been right.

And he still is. Because after four years of him telling everyone that Bellamy and Clarke belong together, he’s finally being proved right. After four years of scheming to set them up on impromptu dates, of poorly disguised hints and pointed suggestions that were really only translucent at best, of being told to ‘shut up, Jasper’ whenever he crows over their obvious mutual attraction and respect and adoration, Jasper Jordan is finally receiving his vindication.

Because they finally are together!

Well. They’re living together, at least.

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Hiro Mashima On The Ending of Fairy Tail

So recently Hiro Mashima was at New York Comic con and let slip that, indeed everything at the end of the series, he had no plan for. He once again brought up his original plan of FT being only 10 volumes and stated he hadn’t thought beyond that.

After hearing it straight from Mashima himself, I think I can finally say something I’ve wanted to to for a while and finally start confirming a suspicion I’ve had for a while.

Hiro Mashima having no idea on the future of Fairy Tail past volume 10 makes so much damn sense to me. I don’t mean in a term of “Ft sucked after a certain point”, but what I mean is you can see how this was supposed to be finished way earlier than it ended up being. If you look back at the beginning of FT, many praise the first arcs because of how they develop our eventual main cast and give them all relevance. The thing about why that worked was, Mashima was working with what he had established and built on. This might sound wierd, but just bare with me, imagine if the real ending of FT was originally suppose to be Fantasia and not Alvarez.

This might sound odd, but thinking about all the arcs up to that point a lot was established an kinda in a bottle resolved. Many characters didn’t have long standing motivations that need to be resolved later on in the series. A lot happened upon their resolution naturally. Gray’s story with Lyon was introduced on Galuna and concluded on Galuna, Erza’s past with Jellal was hinted at through Seigrain and then resolved in ToH, and Lucy’s familial issues were hinted at and then resolved after Phantom. Alot of these events were layered, having some form of build up or Mashima knowing what he wanted to do with the characters. This all concluding with Laxus, him and his crooked morality was the last built up thing and when it concluded there was nothing left to build on.

Now I want to explain a little more, after Laxus was defeated, we got the Oracion Seis arc, this arc was when the bad staples of FT really showed up. There was an increase of Fanservice, an increase of Friendship speeches with no point, and a lack of consistency. It strikes me as odd that this all started happening after Laxus was defeated. The last built up character. Another thing that happened was there was soon a lack of playing with expectations. Reading back, it’s hard to imagine how much foreshadowing there was in only the first real arc of the series. As small of a story it was, Daybreak told a compelling tale that seemed to lack a lot of the problems of Fairy Tail. It knew how to do the twist of “this book wasn’t something your father was ashamed of, but the best book he ever wrote” a lot better than say, “Wendy your guild is an illusion”. With Daybreak you get clear foreshadowing in Kaby’s own words, Lucy discovering a seceret while reading the book, and the tragedy of Zeuka Melon already happening, whereas Wendy’s guild had that one line from Rabaul after we had just learned who they were near the end of the arc. The thing is, playing with expectations is easy to do if you know how you want it to play out, but stuff like Wendy’s guild are clear sign of adding something in near the end.

Now that we know about the lack of planning in the series, a lot of choices still make sense. The ending of FT was ambiguous and left with no real conclusion, now compare that to the end of FT, it was ambiguous and had a lot of things open ended. The reason why FT worked more is that after 11 years what Hiro gave us in Alvarez was not worth it, while in Fantasia, we got a conclusion to a built up problem, Laxus and it was small enough we could accept it.

Now some might then point out things like, what about Grimoire Heart, Mystogan, Igneel, Zeref, the whole raven tail thing, well lets think about those. These do smell like additions to the series, nothing wrong with adding more concepts, but think about how he resolved most of them: Lazily. While these were later additions there was clear signs that unlike the previous arcs these new developments lacked any real direction.

Notice that dragon force didn’t get a name in its first outing (Aside from the title of the chapter), but Zero gave it a name. Another thing that stinks of inconsistency is that after the Laxus arc is when we get the dark guild hierarchy. Another thing is the cease of any of the development for side characters like Elfman, Mira, and Juvia. All really got the height of their characters in Fantasia (though Elfman in phantom lord). Hell the last scene of Fantasia was a montage of every character we had sen in the series so far.

The Laxus arc could’ve ended the series on the same ambiguous note and celebration of FT that the last chapter did.

My theory on this and why Mashima went this route was he was trying a repeat with Rave: extend the story longer by introducing three new villain groups linked by a signal thing. With Rave Master it was Doryu, Onigami, and Blue Guardians linked by sinclaire. With FT it was OS, Grimoire Heart, and Tartaros linked by Zeref. But the difference was in execution: Rave needed a reason to extend conflict while looking for the Rave Stones, but the rave stone quest never stopped being the focus, FT need a reason to exist. Aside from Natsu trying to find his dad, thee was no reason or these characters to go on past the LAxus arc. They had all been resolved: Gray and Lyon fought, Erza was freed from the tower, and Lucy stood up to her Dad. So there was no real goal for them. Zeref being the big bad was a concept introduced as the main antagonist was a add on. And it only loosely connected together.

I think your all tired of my rambling so I’m going to cut to the chase. Like a lot of people have said FT was a series with a lot of potential and that is true, but you can always see potential in a blank slate that has gaps to fill, but FT never filled those gaps, it gave us the same old thing and then hoped it would work. But if you don’t live up to your potential then the only thing people will see you as is lazy. I know this has seemed like a long bashing on Mashima, but after learning how he had no plan it really began to show me that FT wasn’t suppose  to be the next big action shounen, but rather an author experimenting in a borderless world a lot of people got invested in. I am disappointed in Mashima because I think with planning beforehand of FT and instead of diving into it like he did, then maybe this could’ve been a great series. There is one thing that I am actively angry at though and it goes back to mashima at comic con

FT might not be over because by keeping it ambiguous, Mashima now has a safety net to return to if after his next series fails then he can just keep going with FT. To me there is nothing more lazy then returning to what made you popular, you should stride to always do better than how you did before. So knowing that Mashima has the chance to return makes my blood boil. You had the chance to make a good series and give a conclusion, too late to try again. I hope to never see FT 2 in the future, but I am eager to see Mashima’s next work, because unlike FT, he isn’t rushing it. His new series isn’t coming out as the same time as FT ends, just like FT did when Rave was still running.

I hope you all could take something away from all this… whatever I just wrote… And see FT in a new light.

So my erstwhile friend of too-long-to-count Mr. Feel (aka @thefeelofavideogame ) doesn’t want to be known as a “RWBY Guy”, this makes sense, RWBY is a very frustrating goddamn show, in so many damn ways. I’m doing him a favor of listing a bunch of problems with RWBY that he can just reblog for his followers since he doesn’t wanna deal with that shit.

Now, SOME CONTEXT: I’ve watched all of RWBY Seasons Volumes 1-3, I’ve seen maybe like, two episodes of RWBY Season 4. I know it had been improving but recently took yet -another- nosedive, and have written massive, massive amounts of words on the subject of RWBY’s incompetence, so I’m probably going to regurgitate a lot of points here that I’ve already ranted about to my friends in private to keep the word count from being too apocalyptically long.

I’m also going to be directly comparing RWBY to what it -wants- to be: a shonen-style anime romp, instead of any sort of high literature, just in case people think I’m some pretentious ass and not, y'know, a total nerd myself.

This list is not comprehensive, but is probably a good list of major production/storytelling faults. I’d need to do a whole series on this to talk about all the things wrong with RWBY, but a few major points of discontent, in no particular order:

1. Terrible, Terrible Pacing

Pacing makes or breaks a show for a ton of people, and RWBY’s pacing, for a show, is ridiculously awful. I’m gonna be rolling a lot of my issues into this large point, because RWBY has a problem with both set-up AND follow-through on points it tries to present. It does a lot of things wrong with this, in that it tries to blow past a lot of setup just to get to ‘the good part’, which is the kind of mistake you say fanfiction writers and NaNoWriMo novels make. You have to establish things if you want people to get emotionally invested! You can’t just force these four people together into a team, say 'okay, they’re a team now’, and then not elaborate on how they actually feel about each other at any point! Does anyone know what Team RWBY thinks about each other? Not really, because you get a laundry list of traits, get them referenced once, and then they assume for you to fill in the blanks. It’s sloppy and lazy.

Sloppy and lazy describe a lot of the other plot points RWBY puts forward. The show continually tries to introduce a cool new thing without even beginning to resolve the thing they’d already attempted to put forward. This gets really frustrating in the way they put forward the climaxes of the various seasons, because do you want to know how many times the members of the MAIN TEAM are relevant in a given finale?

0. 0 times. Twice they get pre-empted by a Cool New Thing, and the third time is supposed to be the Time They Lose And Everything Goes Wrong, Oh No, except you don’t CARE because they’ve accomplished NOTHING! They’re a vehicle for action scenes, nothing more. It’s not even a problem of runtime, because the Volume 4 episodes are now the length of your usual anime episode! They just don’t know how to effectively use their time.

Part of the problem with this, is…

2. Massive, massive cast bloat

Mr. Feel didn’t get far enough in for this to matter, but RWBY has a -huge- issue with introducing new characters for the sake of having new characters. To wit You have basically two teams full of main characters, which is four characters apiece. The cast does eventually slim down, only to add about three more characters for each one they trim off the list. And, as of this writing the cast is all over the fictional world, splitting the focus indefinitely to a point where the narrative is impossible to follow. A bunch of characters are superfluous, such as Neptune, -possibly- Sun, and basically Everyone They Introduce during the Tournament Arc. It gets to the point where they introduce new characters and can’t develop the ones they already have, with some… notable exceptions. Nearly all the main characters are about as flat as cardboard when it comes to personality, with viewers expected to fill in the blanks, only to never get any reward for inferring these character traits, because, again, RoosterTeeth is terrible at follow-through on their series.

But I’ve been talking like the foundations aren’t rotten, when they are, due to the fact that-

3. They ignore the basic ideas around what makes shonen fighting good

Okay, so, an unrelated friend once made this metaphor about how Shonen Fights should work, and I’ve been using it ever since, it’s how I tackle so many fights, and why I tend to dislike a lot of the fighting around RWBY.

The best Shonen fights are like puzzles. What I mean by that is that, at any given point, you know what your heroes have access to, and how each part works, and the excitement comes from not only learning what tools the heroes’ opponents have at their disposal, but also figuring out how exactly the heroes’ tools will come into play. Now, you may be thinking “Shonen break the rules with sudden power-ups all the time”, and I posit that, no, they really don’t. So long as something is alluded to being in the Hero’s toolbox, they can use it, even if this means it’s, in narrative context, a 'new’ power. The most iconic example I can think of, of that rule playing out, is Goku going Super Saiyan on Namek. It’s alluded to a bunch of times that the only thing Freiza is scared shitless of is a Super Saiyan. Vegeta tells Goku he doesn’t stand a chance unless he’s a Super Saiyan. From that point on, the idea of 'becoming a Super Saiyan’ is a tool that’s added to Goku’s 'toolbox’, that he eventually uses against Freiza.

RWBY doesn’t play by these rules. Everyone has a boatload of powers at their disposal - Aura, Dust, Semblances, and trick weapons - but none of them feel really well explained or well-distinguished. Dust can be combined in a bunch of different ways! Okay, how? Why do crystals and powdered dust both exist? What causes Semblances to exist or not? How -exactly- does Aura even -work-? Not only that, but then they introduce new powers, like Ruby’s 'Silver Eyes’, and then refuse to elaborate on them, treating them as exercises for the viewer.

Not only that, but the fights just. Don’t feel 'dynamic’, there doesn’t ever feel like there’s a change or a moment where things shake up. To make a videogame-based example, a lot of bosses tend to have 'Phases’ in it. These phases are well-defined, because they involve changing the way the players and the boss have to move. RWBY doesn’t do that. All the interesting different stuff is just different 'strings’ of combos, like in fighting games, which feel downright uninspired when you have to many different ways you can approach fights. Nope, just a varied combo string.

But all that could probably be forgiven if they just…


Look, I get it. Everyone hates pandering unless they’re the one being pandered to. That’s how it’s always been, that’s how it’s likely always going to be. But there’s a level of -advanced- pandering that goes on in RWBY that is absolutely cringe-worthy on every level.

There’s throwaway characters based off of company in-jokes, the 'combat’ technique names are named after fandom’s ship names, the inclusion of a character just so a prominent member of their staff could voice a character whose existence is downright superfluous. Making a character more important than they seemed because fan reaction was popular. It goes as far as like.

Okay. I would be perhaps be the last person to talk about queerbaiting, as a straight white dude, and given certain fandoms’ overuse of the term, it’s been relatively diluted recently, but RWBY’s actions of pandering can be straight up queerbaiting, because, as it turns out, people wanted a narrative focused on girl heroes, and what they got was every plot beat being soaked up by dudes as each of the main team is effectively damselled in their own way. And yet they still try to spin it as the 'girls’ story’. It’s honestly kind of disgusting, and a topic for another post, but the real thing that probably makes me the most mad is…

5. Nobody at Rooster Teeth knows what they’re doing with the show, and never have

Don’t get me wrong. Monty Oum is an inspiration to me as someone who primarily works in creative space, trying to make creative things. Monty Oum was a creative force that will be sorely missed in this world. But Monty made one singular, huge fuckup which has kneecapped RWBY even worse than the show could ever do to itself.

There’s no story bible.

For those of you who don’t understand what that is, it’s exactly what it says it is. If you don’t know what something does, you refer to the story bible. If you don’t understand what the plot’s beats are supposed to be, you refer to the story bible. Over, and over, and over. Having a singular document to refer to is vital in a whole bunch of different areas. Game Design Docs, Story Bibles, Production Diaries/Bibles, they’re all more or less the same concept over different areas.

From what we know of the behind the scenes, there was a lot of stuff Monty had in mind that he just. Didn’t tell -anyone- else working on the show. He couldn’t have known he would have died so young, but that’s exactly why bibles exist. They’re there as contingencies, you make them so that, in case you aren’t there to work on something that’s so completely -you-, people can follow what you had in mind. So many things got dropped, shifted, moved around with Monty’s death that the show spent all of Volume 3 trying to recuperate, while gradually trying to salvage the show, but it’s clear they didn’t know what to do with a lot of pieces, and are just hoping that people are forgetting about them.

This is, quite honestly, inexcusable even for a 'semi-professional’ work. You can’t keep ideas to yourself. You have to share them, workshop them, write them -down-. That’s the only way anyone’s ever going to know what you’re going with, and a lack of a story bible is as much at fault for why RWBY is so frustrating.

I wanted to like the show, I really, truly, honestly did, but it’s made me so mad at every turn that I can’t even enjoy when it -tries- to improve, because I know it’ll continue to disappoint.

Don’t watch RWBY.

Dylan Obrien soulmate Au

Y/N pov.

You were currently sitting in your dark living having a Harry Potter marathon by yourself surrounded by snacks and Chinese. You were half asleep and your favorite part of the order of the Phoenix was coming up when your phone ranged.

You quickly searched for it through all your trash before finding the buzzed electronic device.

“Hello” you said

“Y/N it’s mike” Mike was you manger

“Oh Hi Mike what’s up.”

“I just wanted to be the first to tell you got the roll of Teen Wolf for Next season.”

“Oh My Gosh are you serious.” You gushed

“Yup have a great night.” He said beige hanging up.

This date couldn’t get any better this was one of your favorite shows and now you got a part as a new character for the last season.
You sighed happily first the HP marathon, then the job. And the most important part when you woke up this morning


You woke up to the warm sun on your face. You had no plans so you decided to watch one of your favorite movie series and have a lazy day at home. You made a nice breakfast, then got in shower to get ready for shopping for you fun day.
After shower you glanced down at your arm and saw your count down clock.


Two months eight weeks seven hours thirty-two minute and twelve seconds until you meet your soulmate. How did it get so far down. You swear the last time you looked at the clock you had a least 4 years left.
What changed in you or your soulmates life that you two will cross paths early.

*Flashback over*

You smiled thinking about finally meeting the person you’re meant to be with.

*two months later*

Dylan pov.

“Posey I’m freaking out here man.” I yelled at one my best friends.

“Dylan, mans what’s wrong?”

“Look at my clock dude.”

We looked down at my clock to see that is read


What if she didn’t like me.
What if my being and actor and traveling a lot bother her.
What if what if
Before I could panic more Posey grabbed me.

“Dylan calm down everything is going to be okay. This person is made for you and if this is a problem you guys will work it out. YOU ARE SOULMATES DUDE.” He said

“Thanks man means a lot. But do I look okay.”

“Hah you look okay.”

“Okay great.”

“Okay now we go to get to set.”

Y/N pov.

You were kinda panicking today was your first day at work. You got the script a couple weeks ago but now your shooting. You first seen were with Tyler Posey and Dylan Obrien. They we both fanatics actors and you were worried about messing up.

Add on to how nervous you are . You saw that know your meeting your soulmate today. You refused to looked down to see when. And try to just get through the day.

As you walked through the building you ran into Dylan S. and Holland.

“Hey you’re Y/N right, you’re going to be play Harley? Dylan asked

"Umm yup that’s me nice to meet you both.” You replied before shaking both of their hands.

“Okay welcome the show I’m looking forwarded to working with you. Holland said

"We are on the way to see the rest of the class come on.”

You smiled before following behind them. On the walk you guys talked a lot and they even invite you out after working saying the whole cast did after the first day back.

As you walked towards the set you saw the refreshments table and decided to get something to eat since you were so nervous this morning to eat.

After you got to the table you reached for a muffin when you heard two synchronized buzzing. The sound when two soulmates are together. You smiled to see who met the one true love. But turned to see Dylan O. Standing behind you. You realized that it was clock buzzing. You looked down at your clock saying


Then moved your eyes to the identical buzzing clock next to yours.

Your eyes moves up the arm to the shoulder. Soon meeting the ember eyes of your soulmate.

“I’m Dylan.”


“I think your my soulmate.” He smiled at you.

“Okay Hi Soulmate.”


Hello! This here is a (hopefully) simple little spell jar for those of you who would like to protect the love they have with someone else from outside forces.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a spell jar to make the other person fall in love with you. You two must already love/share a bond with each other. This requires the consent of both parties, and should not be used to force anyone into any sort of relationship. This is merely a way to protect the bond you already have from any sort of negative interference from outside forces.


  • A glass jar or container that is capable of being tightly sealed
  • Peppermint (I got mine from peppermint tea I have) - corresponds with  strength
  • Basil - corresponds with love and protection
  • Bay leaves - corresponds with love, protection, and warding
  • Chamomile (again, tea is great) - corresponds with protection and peace
  • Lavender - corresponds with love and peace
  • Cinnamon - corresponds with success, love (and lust), and protection
  • Pepper (I’m using black pepper) - corresponds with banishing/protecting against negative energy and influences
  • Sea Salt (Of course any salt would work, I’m sure) - corresponds with protection
  • Rose Petals - corresponds with love (I just used the roses from my garden, but you can use specific roses to symbolise what kind of love you’re working with)
  • Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse/etc Water (optional; I’m using it because I have some and want this to have as much power as possible) - for supercharging the spell jar
  • Pink/Red thread or ribbon, for love (You can also substitute this for whatever color you feel symbolises romantic love, or for a color that symbolises a different love, like platonic or familial)
  • Black thread or ribbon, for protection (again, you can choose a different color you feel better represents protection)
  • Something that shows the connection between you and the other person. Jewelry, a picture, OR (what I’m choosing to do) two pieces of paper with both of your name sigils on them (so one for you, one for them)
  • A white candle OR candle app (optional)
  • A sigil that represents your intent (I like to use sigils, because I feel they help me better focus, but if you have a different method, go ahead)

***Obviously you don’t need all of this, and you can switch out what you need. I just happen to have all of these, but really if you just have a few things and a container, all you’d need was the connection piece, and you’d be good. Duh :p***

Below are the two sigils I’m using, one for in the jar and one outside of the jar. The one on the left is @kitchenwitchupinthisbitch​‘s sigil for charging; the one on the right is my own sigil, meaning “This Love is Protected From Outside Forces”. I drew my sigil on one side of the papers, and then KitchenWitch’s sigil on the back.


At this point, feel free to do whatever you do to get ready for your spells, or magic, or whatever. If you worship any gods, do what you do to incorporate them. If you’re like me, and like to work with the elements, set up your casting circle and go along with that.

Be sure to cleanse or consecrate all materials before use. Once that’s done, set up your work station, and follow these steps:

  1. Draw your sigils (as pictured above) on two pieces of paper. One you will put into the jar, the other you will keep out for charging. I would then suggest following @sylvaetria​‘s post on http://sylvaetria.tumblr.com/post/160089151078/energy-tethers-101>energy tethers, though if you have a different method, go ahead.
  2. Once you’re done with your sigil, put one of them in the jar and stuff it down as far as it will go. Now, it’s time to add your other ingredients! (And light your candle, if you chose to have one.) Starting with peppermint, and ending with rose petals, put all of your ingredients in. While you’re doing so, you can also state what each ingredient stands for, and why you’re adding it (i.e. peppermint, stands for strength, adding so that our bond may be strengthened/strong enough to stand up to malevolent forces)
  3. As you can see in the picture below this list, I have used as my connection piece two sigils on two separate pieces of paper - they’re circular because I used the ring my partner gave me to trace the shapes. Anyway, on one paper I put my name sigil (using my full name), and on the back I put my first, middle, and last initials. I then did the same with my partner. From there, I put the pieces together with the sigils facing outward, and used the thread to sew them together. As I sewed the black thread, I stated what it was representing, and why I chose it. Same with the red. (Note: if you are using an actual object, like a ring or necklace, wrap or braid the ribbons around it. The whole purpose is to sort of give a physical representation to the bond you and the other person have.) Once that’s done, add it to the jar.
  4. After that, I added in my solar eclipse water, to sort of give a boost. I used that mostly (okay, totally) because I was lazy and that was the only water I had managed to charge for myself. Sue me. (I’m just kidding please don’t sue me i’m poor)
  5. Charge it! I just shook the thing up, because again, solar eclipse water and the fact that I had already initially charged the sigils, but you do whatever you wanna do to charge it!

(please ignore my terrible sewing skills^^)

The finished product!

There you go! I just sealed it by, well, closing the jar really right, but you can add a sigil for sealing on the lid, or a ribbon, or candle wax, or whatever really. I’m assuming that unless something really happens, most people don’t want to end their protection for their bond!

Anyway, I would recharge it anywhere between every couple of weeks to about once a month, depending on how many obstacles you two are facing. As always, you are more than welcome to adapt this to suit your needs, or to offer any suggestions.