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Heart on the Line (part 1)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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anonymous asked:

That shot is incredible ! Would you perhaps consider showing us part of your process ? I just assumed you used 3D for the camera movement, it's amazing.

I shall present thou my process, but consider that it ‘ll be the exact same process as any other animation, it’s basicly like “i did a rough and a tie down, and i cleaned it”.

I assume that by asking this, thou wanted to know some “ways” of doing this kind of thing, but sadly i didn’t use any tricks, and i could have of course, but i just felt that if i was trying to find a way to avoid doing it, i would just not be doing it, and the rsult would have not been the one i wanted.

So in order to make this process as interesting as it could possibly be, i’ll try to explain my thought during each steps as much as i can.

So here is the rough, basicly if i recall correctly this was like my third version (i didn’t find the other one) i tried to have here “key moments” and not exactly “key movements”, i tried to define the most importants parts of the curve my camera’s describing. The thing is, i wanted to be sure where to slow down the pacing of my camera, and when to speed it up, and at the same time i wanted to know what the crowd would looks like.

Here’s my kind of tie down, it’s the thing i used in order to do the cleaning later, here, i juste came back to re-define a little better the last part, the fast parts are easier to read and i know where my characters are.
Something i also did (and lost by now so i can’t show it) is like a top view map of the crowd, with each character to always help me remember where each one is.

Note that i cleaned and colored the “ghost” first here, as he’s hiding characters, i wanted to know exactly where he would be to avoid unecessary drawings.

And here whe have the final cleaning, here is the part i’ll need to explain the most, because sadly there’s no real “inbetween” before this part and the tie down.

The first thing i did was to clean all the images i already had during the tie down, then i got all the models checked with the character designers Lady Hagdahl Sörebo and Lady Zhang to be absolutly sure that the things i would be inbeetwining would be the exact models  (i thought lady Hagdahl Sörebo was going to die during that part).
The thing i did at the same time was to define the size of the brush during each “key moments”, you may notice on the gif above that the further away the characters are, the thinner their line is.This is one of the thing that helps achieving this “3D like” aspect, it helps feeling depht in each frames and makes your eyes’s understanding of each characters easier.

Once i had my key movements perfectly lined, i started beaking it down, i inbetweened all the images i had, BUT i started to think about each characters’s movement, you may notice it , but the characters are not all totally still, some of them are moving, doing something, for exemple, the xingtiang (the ball-like things with arms who carrys bowl of food) wave their arms and bowl a little as they can’t exactly sustain their weight perfectly.
It’s that part that helped creating life in that shot, if the characters had been just standing still, the shot would have felt flat, and a bit life-less.

Once i had all my characters on models, my lines’s size defined, and my characters animation set in stone, i just had to inbetween everything to reach a ratio of 25 frames/1 second, it’s what we call a 1′s exposition in french, i don’t know how to say it in english, but the important part is that it helps your eyes understanding the movement, and in a shot with so many characters, and a movement as fast as this one, it was absolutly necessary to have everything at one, it’s also one of the thing that helps achieving this 3D effect, as we tend to see most of our 2D animation at 2 or 3 and our 3D animation at 1 (or 0.5)

And we’re nearly finished! after that i just colorised the characters, once they were, i was sure of the negative space around them, and were to put the confettis you see on the ground, it’s an other thing that helps defining depth in the shot, a solid ground under the feets of the characters.

And of course once i had everything in place i just had to add the flying confettis! I animated them straight ahead, as i already had my camera movement and my characters it was child’s play to guess the size, the orientation and everything else; it’s like animating in 2D on a 3D scene, thou know exactly where thou are, but it doesn’t have the cons 3D scene have, the space isn’t so big you get lost in it, thou know exactly what’s on screen, and it doesn’t feel dead.

I wanted them to flow through in order to lead the eyes of the audience and to make the whole movement flow more fluently, this way thou don’t look too much at all the characters and thou don’t get lost in the details, because thy eyes are attracted by the colored and bright moving dots through the image.

And that’s it! 
An other intersting thing about this shot is that i cuted it in 3 parts in order to simplify the tvpaint file.
It means this process only cover this part, which is the second one, the others weren’t exactly done the same way, but the process was more interesting for this part, that’s why i didn’t added the others.

Hope it’ll help thou in thy journey. 

Jasper Storyboard Comparisons and Rankings

A comparison of Jasper storyboards inspired by evieisyourqueen/critically-bitter. Save two exceptions I chose boarders that provided a lot of Jasper content, at the very least a full scene’s worth. Katie and Lamar I didn’t include as they drew Amethyst disguised as Jasper. I didn’t know how heavily that influenced their drawings of Amethyst/Jasper in the episode so I didn’t include either of them. If they do board more for her or post more art of her I’ll probably update this list with them. Hillary wasn’t included as she hasn’t boarded Jasper at all, and unless I missed it or didn’t pay attention didn’t see enough art from her with Jasper to get a solid grasp on how she’d draw her.

All that said, let’s get this analysis started!

Colin Howard

I really like Colin’s Jasper! It’s fairly consistent and looks very nice. The arms are well defined and her jaw and neck look thick and powerful without seeming awkward. Said jaw is rounded but without looking too soft either. Her expressions are some of her best here, especially those smiles she gives. My favorite aspect is probably the hair though. It’s huge and fluffy, something about how Colin draws it gives it presence and feeling. All around a great Jasper.


Fun Fact- Colin also drew some of the early sketches for Jasper before her design was finalized!

Jeff Liu

While occasionally inconsistent looking, Jeff’s Jasper is still quite good. She reminds me of a Tiger a lot in this episode, fierce and intimidating. The hair seems to have less volume on the whole, but spikes up when she’s especially angry. The chin is either rounded or angular with her body a touch on the leaner side of Jaspers at times. I’m not always a fan of how he draws her mouth, but it’s a smaller complaint compared to other stuff we’ll be getting into… Another good one all said and done, if a touch inconsistent at times.


Joe Johnston

Another great Jasper! Her expressions are probably at their sharpest and most frightening here, just look at that grin! Her hair is really big here, though not in the same way as Colin’s. It really adds to her already massive size, which is always a plus. Her body type also seems to be just right here, not too small but not too thick either. The jaw looks more rectangular here compared to Colin’s rounder one. While it’s not my favorite, it’s certainly up there. 


Fun Fact- Jeff and Joe have also boarded Malachite the most so far!

Lauren Zuke

Here’s where it starts to fall flat a bit. The brief parts where Jasper is boarded by Lauren are… not great looking, to say the least. Looking at their sketches is a better indication of how their Jasper could look, but I’m still not a fan. Something about the torso feels off and the fact this is a leaner looking Jasper isn’t helping. The hair isn’t as big but certainly fluffy looking, The face has it worst here though, with the over all shape and the too big eyes making it look rather off compared to other Jaspers. At the very least it’s consistent, but it’s not helping much.


Paul Villeco

Surprise! Zuke’s Jasper isn’t my least favorite! That honor goes to the inconsistent and quite off model boarding of Paul Villeco, and my god does it show. All these are from different episodes and dear lord it’s bad. From the odd jaws and ridiculous proportions of The Return to the long neck and odd body shapes in Crack the Whip, it’s hardly ever looks good and looks ridiculous at worst. He has improved though and by Earthlings his Jasper manages to get some consistency, but it’s still a touch too lean and even the consistency falls apart once the corruption scene happens (though he also didn’t board that part entirely). It gains some points for saving itself at the end, but outside of that it’s my worst by far.


Fun Fact- Despite being my least favorite Paul Villeco actually boarded Jasper the most. Huzzah.

Raven Molisee

Now here’s a return to form! While some minor inconsistencies with the hands, hair, and teeth abound, this is still a great Jasper. A well proportioned and thick body, a strong jaw somewhere between Colin’s and Joe’s, nice looking hair on the whole and wonderful expressions, Raven’s Jasper makes me wish she drew her more on the episodes she had with her rather then Paul. All over a good Jasper, if lacking some sharpness on the whole.


Rebecca Sugar

Without a doubt my favorite Jasper. The hair looks wonderful, the right mix of volume and fluffiness. The body type is excellent, looking strong and well muscled but not leaning too far on the thick or lean side. The best part hands down has to be the expressions. While the eyes aren’t as sharp as I would prefer them Rebbeca never makes them feel too big and the range of emotions she gets on Jasper is amazing. Definitely the first person I draw from when I want to draw Jasper.


Fun Fact- In addition to never drawing Jasper with her helmet Rebecca also drew additional boards for Jasper in Chille Tid and Earthlings!


Amber Cragg

Amber hasn’t had a chance to board for Jasper much yet but I hope and pray she does soon. While some of the proportions look off and the hair not super consistent, Amber’s expressions are amazing on Jasper, in particular the detail on the teeth. More of Jasper’s huge canines in the art please. Now that she’s been upgraded to a storyboard artist maybe we’ll see some of her Jasper soon! Maybe? Please…?


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can you recommend some korrasami fics?

Of course I can! Man, I don’t even know where to start, but these are some of the ones that come to mind (they aren’t ranked in any particular order):

March of Progress by @threehoursfromtroy

The Avatar must protect nature, foster peace, and keep the world safe.
The CEO of Future Industries must expand, innovate, and, at the end of the day, turn a profit.

Korra and Asami have fallen in love, and fallen hard. But when their duties come between them, their world convulses around them, and their pasts still haunt them both, can the world’s most powerful couple survive?

~ I’ve recommended this many times and still stand by this fic. We get to see the development of Korra and Asami in terms of their relationship, their characterization and their hardships. Also, the author is an absolute sweetheart!


Place in the World by paxbananaKorra struggles to find her place in the world. Continuation-fic. Related to One on One. 

~ Honestly, I think this may be my favourite ongoing korrasami fic so far. The author alternates between Korra and Asami’s perspective in this story and brings about brilliant characterization/introspection as well as culture (we get to experience a lot in regards to the Southern Water Tribe). Seriously… just read it when you have the time. (Yes, I know some people have a problem with the labels used in this story and I completely understand, but try to give it a chance. I think the author has been quite respectful in how they handled the whole situation - but, if this type of thing really does bother you, consider giving this fic a pass)


Absence of Light by @sniperctTen years ago, Avatar Korra opened a spirit portal in the center of Republic City. In the decade since, Korra has overseen a new era of peace. But there are dangers old and new, creeping shadows threatening to strangle and choke out the light and throw the world back out of balance. In the absence of light, what hope remains? 

~ I’ve recommended this to some people because it’s honestly one of the best stories that I’ve ever read (this too has its own series called The Avatar and the Inventor). This story along with The Seeking Balance series are absolutely among my top two favourites in regards to Korrasami fics. Here, we have a badass married Korrasami couple and a very interesting/dangerous villain. We also get to see some good ol’ characters from 


The Everthere by @guileheroine

Korra and Asami on the steady, special road to life partnership. A post-reunion, post(ish)-college roommate AU.

~ So, I’m not usually a fan of AU stories, but this one has left me stunned on multiple occasions. The characterization of Korra and Asami is divine, their relationship progression is so pure and beautiful and the story is captivating. It’s a slow burn story that is definitely worth your time!


(The characterization in this story reminds me of Nightmares and Daydreams by SorbetLaitier - another sort of slow burn type of story that I would highly recommend ~ https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10837027/1/Nightmares-and-Daydreams)

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by Gummy

Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers.

~ This is another AU involving a strip club - need I say more? I haven’t read this one in a while, but I would definitely say that it’s worth the read!


Parts to Play by @darling-gypsum

Asami Sato has been raised her whole life to distrust benders, but now, she doesn’t know quite what to make of the Avatar. The two girls bond as the Equalist threat looms over Republic City, but the threat could be closer than Korra realizes. Asami’s allegiances are tested. (designed to blend the “Asami Equalist AU” into most of the show canon, so Korrasami, Makorra, and Masami ships are all acknowledged and explored) 

Unseen moments in the last two books, as Korra and Asami fly out of and back into each other’s lives.Sequel to “Parts to Play” Books 1 & 2.

~ This is definitely a must-read story! It takes an alternative path in books 1 & 2 with an equalist!asami narrative. Book 3 & 4 are more of what we are used to in the show. The characters really get fleshed out and we get to see lot of behind-the-scenes moments/interactions. A very beautiful story/series indeed! 



Book 5: Light by @asami-snazz

A complete Book 5 story following Korra and Asami from the final and beyond as the couple navigate through their new relationship whilst also dealing with rising anti-spirit tension at home and considerable political instability in the rest of the Four Nations as Korra and Asami are tested more than ever before.

“The canon seemed to be being fired carelessly from the Spirit Wilds. Korra…No…Gut instinct told Asami that the Avatar would be there.”

~ I’ve always had a great liking for this story! Very nice characterization and relationship-building for both Korrasami  with a really neat plot! It starts out fluffy but gets very interesting as the chapter go on! We get to Asami have some amazing moments and we also get to see a bit more about Korra’s mental state. Highly recommend this!


Stand on the Horizon by theinvisblekunst 

In 159AG, a portal opened at the bottom of the Mo Ce Sea, allowing giant monsters that became known as the kaiju to enter the physical world. For eight long years, the world’s benders were the first line of defense, but the loss of life became too great. A fifteen year old Asami Sato has the solution, and she presents her idea to the world: Build giant mechs to fight the kaiju. She calls them “jaegers.” Now, three years later, her jaegers are the primary kaiju-fighting weapon, and she’s determined to pilot her own. Who knew the avatar would also want to be a pilot.

~ Another AU that I decided to give a chance and wow, I was not disappointed. I was a big fan of Pacific Rim merely for it cool action-packed sequences. The idea of giant robots fighting giant monsters is always pleasant to think about. Throw Korrasami into the mix and you get an even more entertaining story, especially when the drift is involved. 

This story was quite emotional for me, but I can’t recommend it enough! Korra and Asami become the true legends in this AU.


* * * * *

Some other must-reads that are well-known include:

The Seeking Balance series by SimplyKorra (a.k.a @weissrose on this site) 


Ronin Korra series by @silks-stuff (very obsessed with this at the moment)


Spin the Rails series by @lokgifsandmusings and @progmanx


Venti Sized Crush by @mezoereed


They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me by frenetic_core 


The Blacksmith’s Favor by @sy-itha


Food Fight by @oldvelvet95 (I love re-reading this one!)


…and a whole lotta others that I want to include (but this list is already getting too long - though you may see me add things here and there :p). I haven’t bothered adding my own commentary to these last few ones due to their well-known status. But seriously, read them all!!! 

Hopefully you can find some nice stories in there that you haven’t read before. They all deserve the chance to be read and loved!!! Feel free to add on some other stories if you think I missed some good ones (which I know I did).

how to make a gif (for beginners)

this is a really long tutorial showing you how to:

  • make a gif
  • basic coloring
  • how to load an action
  • how to sharpen/use and action

you will need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6, but if you can make a gif in the version you have you can do this)
  • timeline (for applying actions)
  • and having basic knowledge of ps will help you though this is really detailed so you should be fine no matter your familiarity

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Do you have any advice on managing lots of branching paths in a choose your own adventure game? Even things like remembering what has happened (using tags) and making use of those is really cumbersome!

There’s a lot of things you can do here to help keep things straight. Primarily, you need to keep everything as organized as possible, and that means taking a big problem and breaking it down until it is in pieces small enough to handle. How I would start is by creating an outline for each individual storyline from beginning to end by breaking it up into a flow chart of story beats. Each beat should contain relevant information like:

  • A list of characters involved in the scene
  • The scene location and relevant environment details (What does this area look like?)
  • All branching conditions and where the branches lead
  • How this scene handles the different branches that lead to this scene
  • A brief description of what happens during this scene
  • Any sort of other requirements for this scene (props, character models, voiced lines, environments, animations, etc.)

Then, based on how the separate plot lines interact with each other, I would tag the branches with unique tags so that I can see where they intersect from scene to scene. If the flowchart of connecting scenes starts looking too complicated, it’s a good sign that the story could probably use some cutting or simplifying.

Let’s go with an example. We’ll create a quest that has a dialogue, a choice, two mutually exclusive scenes that result from the choice (an optional quest branch), and then some results. Here’s a sample quest summary:

The player character meets an archer named Neelo who wishes the player to recover her bow from a nearby cave. The player goes to the cave entrance only to discover another character, a shifty bard named Desmal, already at the cave entrance. Desmal offers the player a sackful of gold for the bow, but only if the player kills Neelo as well since she doesn’t want to deal with Neelo trying to take revenge.

So let’s build a quest outline for this, shall we?

Here is an example of a simple breakdown of the quest progression. You can see how scene progresses to scene, showing all of the different possible paths by which the player arrives at the next scene from its predecessor. You could (in theory) add notes to each of these scenes for the important information for those scenes, and dress them up visually however you like. As an example, I differentiated the action and dialogue scenes with the different shapes of bubbles, and used different colored arrows to indicate mandatory transitions as opposed to those driven by player choices. Notice how the quest converges after the player makes the choice to speak with Desmal or not and, if so, whether the player chooses to accept the subquest. Let’s continue with the second half of the quest.

Then we can finish the quest up through these scenes. Fighting Neelo is an optional part of the quest, but only if the player has accepted Desmal’s quest back up above. As you can see, there are two clear paths that the player can take to the end of the quest. If we wanted to do so, we could expand the quest to allow the player to keep the bow, attack Desmal, or any number of other things. We could track the results of the quest at the end and use those values in another quest later on. 

The benefits to breaking up story beats in this way should be pretty clear. Each scene, be it an action or a conversation or whatever, is essentially a single self-contained block that has a finite number of ways of entering, a finite set of results, and one major thing that happens inside it. While there’s no limit to the complexity one can pile into a single scene, resist the urge. Keep scenes simple and straightforward. Maintain the purpose of the scene, or it won’t have the right effect. I can then add all of the relevant details to that specific scene and know exactly what is needed to build this scene without needing to keep the entire storyline straight in my head. All I need to remember is what variables are important entering the scene, the scene details itself, and how the scene will determine where to direct the player next. Because it’s self-contained, I have a discrete chunk of work that I can do by myself or hand off to another designer. Once it is complete, I can connect it to the other completed scenes to form a whole quest. 

By keeping the storylines as self-contained flowcharts of interconnected scenes, I can easily determine each storyline’s relative complexity and size at a glance. The more the storyline looks like a spider web, the more complicated it becomes. Furthermore, with some practice breaking scenes down and creating them like this, I can also start estimating how long a specific scene will take to complete. This means that I can take a look at an entire storyline and estimate, based on the number of scenes in it, how long the entire storyline will take to craft. I can put in scene budgets for storylines to keep them sane - a large or critical storyline might have a top end of 25 scenes, while a one-off throwaway quest would have to be done in under 10. Since I can presumably tell what my schedule looks like, I can then make some decisions like “I can make this bigger” or “This won’t fit, I need to cut something”. I can then determine which parts that can safely be cut, and where I can reference smaller self-contained storylines into larger ones for more engagement without adding too much complexity. 

Got a burning question you want answered?

The Trash Man’s Mystery Height (Aka: The Height Ref) ((AKA Aka: Too Much Time On My Hands))

TAGS BECAUSE I’M PROUD AND WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THIS: @wrathwritesthings @themissimmortal @hypaalicious @louisvuittontrashbags

SO, this question has always bugged me? Is Ardyn tall or short? Or a nice inbetween? Now in actuality it’s never been a doubt in my mind that Ardyn is at least six feet, but that still begs the question, how many inches do I need to shave off or add? Welp, let’s take a look, shall we?


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It EXPLICITLY says “Gold Wedding Ring” and it/they cost 768.94 Euros which is a little over $820. (I can’t make out the first word)


EDIT: A friend of a friend just pointed out something IMPORTANT! Yuri only bought 1 ring as a gift for Viktor as seen by the total on the receipt and the qty. That means that after that ring was purchased, Viktor bought the matching ring with his own money. This explains why Yuri looks at his hand so shaken when he has the ring placed on him. He only expected to give– not receive– and Viktor FUCKING DELIVERED. And Viktor didn’t do it under the fake pretense of “Good luck charm”. HE KNEW EXACTLY WHY HE WAS BUYING THIS RING



12/8/16 Update: I tweeted at Kubo in Japanese to ask her if she’s able to confirm whether or not the rings were both bought by Yuri or if Viktor bought the second one as a surprise to him, so stay tuned! Crossing my fingers and hoping for a reply!

12/8/16 Edit:
Someone said it could say “Pink Gold Wedding Ring” which looks nothing like the rings that were bought, so I’m not sure. At this point, even with all the pausing and squinting, it’s impossible for me to say.

Someone else said that Yuuri bought both, which was what my original thought was before I was challenged, but it’s hard to say right now. I went back and reanalyzed the scene and noticed that all the rings have individual prices, none of which seem go under 440 Euros (although it is obviously a little blurry the further the rings are from the shot), so if he bought the set, he would at least be paying 880+ Euros which is why I’m leaning towards 1 ring. In addition, even rings of the same set have different prices (presumably because of the band size?) so given that they are both male and would require rings on the larger end, I can see them costing just a bit more. 

Second, one of the lines in the translation on Crunchyroll is completely wrong and misleading.

The full speech Yuri gives Viktor after giving him the ring is:
“今まで、ありがとうございます。これ以上ぴったりくるもの思いつか なくて。でも、あの…明日からがんばるね…その… 御呪いよ。”

Imamade, arigatou gozaimasu. Koreijou pittari kurumono omoi itsukanakute. Demo, ano… ashita kara ganbaru ne… sono… omajinai yo.

Which translates roughly to: “I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than this. But, um… I’ll try my best from tomorrow (onwards) so… that’s… (a) good luck charm.”

Crunchyroll adds a translation line of “Tell me something for good luck too” which is incorrect. Yuri does NOT request anything from Viktor, which is why I was so convinced that what Viktor did next was completely improvised and on his own with no prompt from Yuri. That, along with Yuri’s extremely shaken expression upon realizing what Viktor is now doing/did (take out the matching ring) sells me on this.

It’s possible Viktor bought the ring right then and there as Yuri purchased his (he could’ve spoken to another employee and be like, get me the matching ring to that customer’s), as Yuri looked about for the one he wanted, but it’s hard to say at what point this happened IF it’s true that Yuri only bought 1. I GUESS WE’LL FIND OUT.

12/13/16 Edit:
Found two great new posts that support my theory of Yuuri having only bought 1 ring.The first (and most definitive) post can be read here

It discusses the price of the gold rings and how the tax added on top of it will bring you up to a total closest to the price shown on the receipt. Initially I had noticed the price of the gold ring myself but since I noticed it was only 600+ euros and not the 760+ shown on the receipt, I disregarded it, not thinking to account for tax which is so simple that I feel silly! In the comments made to someone on my original post, I also talk about how Yuri saying “Those two” are in reference to two styles of rings he was trying to decide between.In addition to this, if you assume that gold rings had two different prices (as was shown by the shots of all the other rings) and factor the fact that he could’ve bought the cheaper ring (which again, given the shota of the other rings is roughly around 40 dollars cheaper) the ring becomes 609 + 21% = 736.89 which JUST misses it but if you consider Yuuri’s foreign transaction fee (since he is purchasing outside of Japan) a 4% charge brings us MIGHTY closee at 767.45 

All that would really change the numbers a bit is what percentage Yuuri’s card charges per transaction (since it could really be anything between 3-5% realistically, depending on the card, if there is any at all) and which ring he bought, since I already theorized that the different prices were due to different band sizes and the slight difference in price would likely change depending on how small (or big) he would have to go down from the display size. 

The second post is here

Discusses where Viktor got HIS ring from to give to Yuuri. I do support this a lot because if this is the case, it implies Viktor was going to propose on his own anyways, which is what I always believed, given that Yuuri is definetly caught by surprise since he didn’t expect anything back, and is also ROMANTIC AF.

anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if all of the main characters of all of your AUs met each other? (Ex. Tony, Howard and Maria from the Werewolf AU, all the avengers for Anthro, Mob Boss, and Monster)

Oh boy. Ooooh boy.

MB Tony would be so frightened of Howard and Maria, would beg the others not to let slip that he is… what he is, and his Avengers would be so sad and angry all at once. Monster AU Tony would be so jealous that he got a shit Howard and this one dotes on his little boy, why couldn’t he have that, why couldn’t his Howard be good too? Anthro Tony is aloof but cordial to Howard and Maria because Cats but he is keeping this tiny Tony. (Maria thinks this is hilarious because Cats; she knows that Anthro Tony will cede to her when push comes to shove and she can tell he’s just trying to be a little shit and aggravate his mates anyway, who look jittery but also excited because apparently this is going to be the door to asking about pups that they’ve been waiting for. Howard is confused and clings to his Tony in terror because he thinks Anthro Tony might mean it.)

Anthro and MB Natasha are kind of in love with Monster Natasha. She’s beautiful and terrifying and at one point she says “I have literally eaten a man” and it’s very hard not to squeal excitedly because holy shit they’re badass and terrifying in every universe but this universe is way cooler. “Tony bribed me not to eat him with soup,” Monster Natasha adds, and in the background Howard clutches his Tony tighter, but MB and Anthro Natasha just… need to take a moment to process this, why is Tony like this, why–

MB Bruce looks at the Hulk and then at Anthro Bruce and he is just… “WHAT IS THIS,” he says, loudly, with feeling. Hulk thinks this is hilarious and pulls them both into a hug. Anthro Bruce looks pained. “I would have to move heaven and earth to find an answer for you.”

Monster, Anthro, and MB Thor shake hands and slap each other on the back and then MB Thor leans in and wiggles his eyebrows and says something in Norwegian and Monster and Anthro Thor roar with laughter. They don’t explain no matter who asks or how insistently.

Anthro and MB Clint are kind of intimidated by how big Monster Clint is and how obviously his trauma is still affecting him. Monster Clint looks at Anthro Clint and is so very confused. “What the hell are you.” Anthro Clint is no longer intimidated HE WANTS TO FITE and MB Clint just sorta climbs on his back to keep him from doing so. Monster Clint herds all of the Tonys together (and Howard, because he’s not letting go for anything) and curls his wings around them and just… kinda roosts. With all the Tonys. “What the fuck,” MB Clint whispers.

All the Steves and Buckys are sticking in their pairs, but they’re sizing each other up, too. All of the Buckys even growl at each other a little. Then MB Steve blurts out “Does your Tony purr?” and Anthro Steve is like “HELL YEAH HE PURRS especially when we XXX–” (Howard screams and covers his Tony’s ears in the background but Tony is too busy playing with Clint’s feathers to notice). Monster Steve jumps in to add that his Tony doesn’t purr but he does sometimes mewl like a cat and can he touch Anthro Tony’s ears??? (”Yes,” Anthro Tony says. “NO,” Anthro Stucky growls.) All the Steves and Buckys are happy to talk about what their Tony likes in bed and the tension between Buckys fades the more secrets they trade about what they’ve found Tony really likes (MB Bucky and Steve do so quietly, in whispers, and tell the others not to say anything to Howard and Maria, and the others nod solemnly).

The happy scene is broken when MB Tony clambers out of the circle of Monster Clint’s wings to stand with shaking hands in front of Maria and ask, “Can–May I hug you? I didn’t, the last time I saw my mother, and I–I think about that a lot, I can’t–I should have hugged her. I should have hugged Howard, too.” Maria doesn’t ask questions, just pulls this grown ass man down into a gentle hug, and then he feels another pair of arms wrap around him and it’s Howard, and he can’t help the tears welling up in his eyes, especially when he feels a pair of little hands wrapping around one of his own and he looks down and sees this tiny version of himself looking up at him with concern.

Monster Tony wants a hug too but isn’t brave enough to ask for one, but Clint–Clint has always been good at hugs, once he realized what hugs were. This is fine. He yelps when Monster Natasha plucks him up and sets him by this alternate version of his parents, but they gladly draw him into a hug as well, so he sniffles into MB Tony’s sleeve.

“…Do you want a hug, Tony?” Anthro Steve asks him gently.

Anthro Tony makes a ‘meh’ sound before saying, “No. They don’t smell right. And cats aren’t like that with their parents anyway.” He looks down at Werewolf Tony when the boy pads over to him and holds his hands up, wordlessly asking to be picked up. “This is a lovely dress,” he tells Werewolf Tony. “If you stay with me I will supply you with endless dresses.” And Werewolf Tony giggles and shakes his head and then politely asks “May I play with your ears?” And HNG Tony wants kittens so bad in this very moment. He puts a little more oomph in his purr just for this pup.

(”There are three adult Tonys,” Monster Steve whispers to Monster Bucky later. “Oh my God Bucky the sex we could have–”

“Right?!” Anthro and MB Steve exclaim.

Steve,” all three Buckys sigh, and then give each other suspicious looks because it’s not like they’re not thinking about a giant Tony sandwich but they were going to wait until they had some privacy to mention it.)

Lover AND A Fighter

Originally posted by giggleplier

Request: Omg, could you do a teamiplier request (with bf Ethan) where the reader is a smol bean but like hella strong and is a martial artist and they get into a brawl (obviously informing the victim that they are a fighter) and teamiplier is just like ‘omg smol bean can kick ass’. Maybe like the person they beat up is a creep that tries chatting them up and touches them inappropriately (nothing to bad, like maybe ass touching?? But reader says no???)

Summary: It’s Mark’s birthday (it actually is coming up soon awww) and you guys have the great idea of having his birthday party at a bar where he can’t drink. Fights ensue.

A/N: Hey y’all sorry I didn’t post all week. I have no excuse, I just couldnt really find the inspiration for this fic at first rip. Anyway here I am! With a fic! Hope you guys enjoy :D (ps in case you don’t usually read my A/N 2.0 at the end of the fic, make sure you read it this time. Got a cool thing to tell you guys hehe

Wordcount: 1240, woohoo they’re getting longer!

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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glisean  asked:

Could I ask which program you use for your pixel art? Just picking up using graphics gale but am not happy with the palette settings. Also how do you choose the canvas size you work with and the appropriate scale for objects and characters?

1. Software for pixel art

I use GIMP. But it doesn’t matter too much.

Sometimes I’ll use Photoshop for its better animation tools. Although some GIFs are easier to edit using GIMP’s more raw system (it uses layers for animation frames).

If you want to check out GIMP, I made a tutorial about it: GIMP Pixel Art Tool Setup Tutorial

2. Canvas size

Choosing canvas size for me has evolved over time. TL;DR is that it is always based on the context (how the work is going to be used/displayed and your personal quirks). Examples:

Physical print size

Tribute is 660x900, because that was a round number that fit nicely on the magazine cover for which it was made. (Nicely = I imagined how big I wanted the physical pixels to be.) 

For the scale I looked at my inspirations at the time (eBoy, Army of Trolls, PixelFreak) and simply chose something similar. I set people height to 24px and created a composition of rooms, hallways and shafts that would look nice assuming that 25 pixels ≈ 2 meters.

As you can see I made a reference box for the size of a human (to the right of the doors), which I moved around the scene and pixel all objects relative to.

Traditional display resolutions

You will often find pixel art works done at 320x240px size since that was the screen size of many DOS and Amiga games. It’s nostalgia.

In my case, being obsessed with the British home computer ZX Spectrum, it’s 256x192 pixels.

At one point I wanted to make a ZX-styled scene from the movie Speed Racer. To match its widescreen aspect I simply put two ZX Spectrum screens together for the 512x192 final image (8:3 ratio).

I liked the super-wide proportions a lot so I made Pixel China Mountains the same. It all goes back to liking the ZX Spectrum.

Desired display size 

If you want pixel-perfect images on Tumblr, you have to size them to the exact width of the dashboard (500px before October 30, 2014, 540px today). 

To avoid cropping or image scaling I started doing pieces at 250px size to fit perfectly on the then 500px-wide feed at x2 scale.

After Tumblr’s change to 540px, I started doing 270px wide pieces. :) It’s a nice number for pixel art. Depending on how big you want the pixels to be you can set the canvas width to:

  • 270px (540/2)
  • 180px (540/3) 
  • 135px (540/4)
  • 108px (540/5)
  • 90px (540/6)

Additionally, the biggest size you can display on the dash is vertical (portrait orientation) at 2:3 ratio, so these days my final display target would be 540x810px (canvas at 270x405px). I know at least mazeon​ also sets things up this way (he usually goes for 300% magnification on a 180x270px canvas).

For complete reference, current pixel perfect sizes are:

  • Tumblr: 540x810.
  • Twitter: 506x1195 for the main feed. Only the middle 253px will be shown before user clicks on it.
  • Facebook: 470x470. However, make it just one pixel higher and Facebook will scale the height down to 394px (so all images > 470px will display at 394px high).

3. Scale

Scale controls the tradeoff between the smallest items you can represent and the size of the scene you’re trying to show (given a fixed canvas size).

The smaller you go, the more abstraction you need to use, but a larger scene will fit into the same canvas. The bigger you go, the more details you can add, but the scene will show less physical space.

For example, I can draw a whole city with people as small as on the left, but I can only draw a part of a room using people on the right given 540px of space. 

To directly answer your question, “appropriate scale for objects and characters” will depend on the style, the scene and desired canvas size. So there’s no direct answer, you’ll just have to find something that fulfills all three variables for your illustration.

Or as Yoda would say:

“That which you seek, inside you will find.“


anonymous asked:

Hey! So, I saw another ask that was about main characters and I found that really interesting, so I was wondering how exactly you keep track of all your arcs. I really need a system, I am getting messy with my own and don't know what to do. Thank you!


This question really made me think. In a way, I sort of have a system, but it’s difficult to explain the “rules” of it. Arcs are constantly changing, expanding, and overlapping, so it is difficult to develop a system that allows for that sort of fluidity and flexibility. 

First of all, for character arcs, I would recommend just following the Character Arc map.

But, for subplots and other arcs, it can get a lot more complicated!

For me, it involves a lot of different sheets of paper, and color coding, and sometimes folders or binders. Let me break it down as simply as I can.

First, I generally like to keep binders or folders for my different WIPs, and sometimes different sections within them depending on how expansive it gets. 

Secondly, character arcs and plot idea tend to come to me in a hurry, so usually I find myself finding the nearest blank piece of paper and scrawling down everything I just thought of in a big hurry. 

This could look something like a flow chart, or a mind map.

When I want to clean that up into something more legible and easy to follow, I usually just turn it into a scene/parts list! Basically, I just write down the individual parts/scenes of an arc step-by-step, using only a couple sentences to describe each one- basically summarizing the arc, in little bite sized pieces. For example:

1. Casper’s psychic abilities give him really bad migraines the more he uses them. Finally he uses them too much and, in enormous pain, begs Tali to make them stop.

2. Unable to see Casper in pain, Tali gives him a risky medication that has unknown side effects.

3. As a result, Casper’s pain disappears, but now he has huge memory gaps.

4. Tali now feels guilty, and avoids Casper, who keeps pressing her for answers about what he’s missing, including Tali giving him the medication.

And so on, through to the end of the arc. (I actually wrote about 10 more steps, but now I’m thinking I might use this plot one day, haha.)

You may also notice that there really seems to be two characters involved in this arc. Character arcs can often seriously overlap. Usually, that’s where my colorful pens come along to color code the differences.

The other thing that I sometimes do when I have a lot of characters with many different arcs going (usually varying in size and degree) is to simply keep a few notes on them as things go along. As an example:


-being manipulated by C to spy on Secret Location

- B works for C and keeps watch over A

- C has something that A needs, and uses it to manipulate him

- A feels guilty about spying and tries to tell D

- B kills A before A gets the chance


-keeps eyes on A for C

- ends up killing A before A can tattle to D

- attempts to frame E for the death

- D figures it out anyway

- B goes to prison

And so one, down the line through each character involved in the arc. Again, at parts where different characters and plots overlap, colorful pens are your best friend.

It’s hard to determine a perfect system as far as arcs. Overall, it’s important to maintain flexibility in whatever you choose to do, as arcs are constantly growing and changing.

A few additional notes and ideas:

  • Write down scenes or plot threads on note cards that you can rearrange
  •  Keep track of the threads of plot as you go along by writing summaries of each scene so that you know where you’ve been
  • Always be sure to write down an idea when you have it, so as not to lose it later.
  • On that note, it might be smart to have some folder or other organizational tool in which you can deposit your ideas, even if you’re not going to use or edit them until later.
  • As each arc unfolds through a new scene, write down a list of things that will result from that scene or questions that might yet be unanswered in that plot line up to that point, as a sort of checklist of what has yet to be done.
  • Keeping a timeline of your story may also be very helpful in summarizing  and tracking events.

Followers! If you have a way of tracking your plot that works really well, feel free to add on! I’d love to see your ideas.


anonymous asked:

Hi there! First off, your writing is amazing and you are a cute and pretty person. Secondly, could you write some fluffy and/or funny headcanons for a fem s/o who is pregnant and in a poly relationship with Noct and Prompto? Thanks <3

You’re too kind, darling!!! Thank you so much! I got you on those headcanons! 

I don’t have any personal experience with a true poly relationship. I’ve been a couple’s “girlfriend” before but I dunno that was toxic that was a mess let it stay in the garbage where it belongs (withardyn). IN ANY CASE! I love the idea of Poly!Promtis so I gave it my best shot despite my lack of experience!!

 More under the cut for length. 

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Building an MCU!BuckyNat headcanon

Okay, here’s some ideas and some questions you can ask when you put together your own MCU!BuckyNat headcanon. These are sick days ramblings, so do with them what you will.

Starting point in their timeline:

  • Bucky: From some time after WWII to, well, just the last couple years, we know Bucky was in a state of arrested personal growth. We know he had forced amnesia. But we have very carefully *not* been shown the full extent of his interpersonal capabilities as the Soldier. We know he *must* have had a lengthy conversation with Zemo, for example - the infamous mission report he sought - but we didn’t witness it. Additionally, we never see the Soldier interact interpersonally with a cohort; we only see exchanges between him and either bosses or victims. So we really haven’t seen the Soldier’s capacity for relationship. (This factor alone makes me wonder if we’ll see a flashback to demonstrate what this looks like, perhaps in an end credit scene.) But we can surmise he is capable of a relationship that is important enough to shape both of them. And we can surmise in this fantastical setting that as long as Nat is also of age, the age difference is kind of irrelevant.
  • Natasha: For this writing, I’m going on the assumption that MCU!Nat really was born in 1984, instead of the comics birth year of 1920-something. I’m not entirely convinced one way or the other, except for the fact that it’s the MCU, and even their Captain Marvel casting choice - a character who in the books is a colonel in the Air Force - could only recently legally drink. So having a 90 year old female lead, even if she looks like Johansson, is unlikely. So, earliest year for a reasonable relationship would be Nat at age 19 or 20, so circa 2003/2004 at the earliest. (If she’s older, this whole thing is expanded and complicated!)

Working together:

  • Obviously in the comics, he helped train her as an adult. This is a potential starting point for them in the movies but really, if their handlers have any sense at all, they’ll quickly realize they make a fantastic team. That partnership would be a huge boon to anyone who controlled them. And surely their handlers are also arrogant enough to believe that they could control their private lives as well, at least for a while.
  • Depending on how many interactions you want, they could weave in and out of each others’ lives for several years. We only know for certain that she’s working for SHIELD in Iron Man 2, circa 2010. That’s up to seven years’ time for interactions, coinciding with her making her mark as the assassin Black Widow.
  • With the time frame being just a few years, and not decades, there’s probably only one real instance of the relationship being discovered by their superiors. We don’t have time for more if she’s born in 1984.

Being separated/punished:

  • I’m quite confident that whatever else happened, their punishment for their behavior included his memory being wiped, and her memories very definitely being kept intact. I don’t know whether or not she realized the extent of his mind control; but since she endured her own, at some point in time it’s likely to register that he was forcibly wiped of memories of her. She would certainly have realized by the time Steve meets him and recognizes him.
  • One theory going around is that their separation and punishment was the catalyst for a big relocation for him, from his long-standing connection with Russian HYDRA to being controlled by American HYDRA instead, as in CATWS.
  • In contrast to that option, I believe that Bucky is still with Russian HYDRA in CATWS and is only on loan. His Russian crew, his Soviet weapons, and the temporary feel of the bank vault storage all suggests this to me. Instead of him transferring to the US, I think a “quieter” punishment happened for them both. I think he was shuffled off to Siberia, then eventually sold - potentially as “damaged goods” - to a different handler in Russia or in another former Soviet country. I think she was probably sent on several unsavory missions and from then on was kept under stricter supervision, and never worked again with a partner.

Being used against each other:

  • In the comics they first meet again, memories intact, as they’re working at cross purposes. It’s a compelling tension, but I’m suspicious that we’ll not have time for such an arc in the movies.
  • To my knowledge, there’s not an Odessa-event in the comics. This is unique to the movies, one of them being used against the other before their reunion. This adds a compelling layer of guilt on his part, and complicates her feelings over the years, I expect. This can be the complicating factor of their reunion in the films, since they’re likely to be working together on the same goal when they meet again. 
  • Some folks also add an element of Odessa being a test - Bucky’s handlers sending him after her, wanting to know if he would kill her.
  • Introducing a loving chapter of their past after audience members first watched them fight each other in a viscerally dangerous situation makes for a fantastic contrast. It’s a unique reveal for the writers to get to play with.
  • With this reality in the relationship, we also have the potential for Bucky to finally get directly emotional on-screen about a specific past mission of his, to show a specific guilt and grief. He went after Steve, but it goes without saying that Steve forgives him. Sam is another victim, but Bucky didn’t know him at the time, and they’ve slipped into a quietly friendly antagonism. Tony’s loss was just too large to make about Bucky. This regret - that he went after Nat - Bucky can feel keenly and personally.
  • And we only know about Nat’s self-reported exchange at Odessa, and DC of course. There could be more times when he was sent after her.

Her search (“Going after him is a dead end. I know. I’ve tried”):

  • The big question here is, when did she look? After Odessa? Before Odessa/right after separation? Both? How did she feel in Odessa if she has a failed search for him behind her?
  • How did her search interact with her decision to defect? Or did it at all? (See my headcanon below for more on this)

The meaning in the bond:

  • Was it “only” a single important interlude? That lasted, what, a few weeks? It could have been his first interactions as a human for decades. He could have been her first love. That’s the shortest version, but it’s enough.
  • Was it a longer series of interactions. Perhaps of multiple training periods? Or partnering up repeatedly?
  • The biggest sized positive influence is that one changed the other’s life in more concrete way. Maybe they got away together, the Soldier being free for some length of time, before he or they were recaptured. Perhaps he sacrificed himself to get her free of the people who raised her. Perhaps she simply cracked his programming in a way that never fully recovered… which probably made for a brutal few years, but ultimately prepped him for Steve’s presence getting all the way through to him.

My current headcanon:

They trained together, starting a relationship without being discovered. It was quickly realized that they were unstoppable together, and over some period of time, they were used together to complete several missions. On the last one, whatever it was, they were discovered. His mind was wiped and he was stored in Siberia. All of her memories were kept intact as she was used more brutally than before. But she started looking for him. It was no easy feat under the new level of surveillance but she looked. It became an obsession for a certain period of her life. This overwhelmingly obsessive time is what makes her worry about Steve later, when she tells him that he might not want to pull on this thread.

It was during this same time of more brutal missions that she got on SHIELD’s radar. Maybe a year or two after being separated from Bucky - as she *still* actively looks for him - Clint was sent for her. I don’t know how much Clint knew of her reasoning, as he offered her whatever deal he offered. But she knew that choosing her own freedom meant giving up any slim chance there still was that she would find him. She would have even less access to information and leads outside of the country and intelligence structure she knew. She had to decide between her freedom and continuing her search. And we know which one she chose.

Eventually she met him again in Odessa. He looked right at her and didn’t even know her. And he injured her badly, but didn’t kill her. At that point, she would have some confidences she shares with Fury, Barton or both. Even if it’s just allowing a look on her face that she wouldn’t allow with others. I don’t know how many details they knew. But they at least understood through watching her difficult recuperation experience that the Winter Soldier had been involved, and that they had some past connection. This makes her actions in Fury’s bunker in CATWS even more poignant, especially the deleted scene where she confronts him about allowing her to think the Soldier had killed him.

It’s only once Steve has recognized him, and given her his birth name, that she’s able to find one of his files, where a friend works. Only a combination of him being free of handlers and Zemo flushing him out finally gets either Steve or Nat anywhere close to him. And Steve now has both more drive to help him and more “legitimate” history with him, so she lets Steve take care of him, for the most part.

And then eventually their paths as Avengers will cross again.

anonymous asked:

yooo glad to hear you're feelin' better and ready to accept requests again ^-^ So could I request how Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker would do if a young child was brought into Talon, either because they have exceptional combat or tech related skills Talon wants to exploit or they're being held there as a long term hostage to ensure someone's cooperation? Like how would they interact with the kid, if at all? (sorry if the asks a bit long ;-;)

An agent picks the child up from kindergarten, but it’s Widowmaker who sits in the back of the car, a small handgun cradled in her hands that the girl eyes both frightened and awed.

“Do you work for my mama?” she asks as she fastens her seatbelt as if she’s being picked up by random men in black suits every day. The words stranger danger evidently mean nothing to her.

“It is more accurate to say that your mother works for us.” Widowmaker says. At least now she will, she adds silently. The agent lets the autopilot drive and while the car pulls out of the school’s parking lot together with half a dozen of other parents with their children, he turns around and waves his phone.

“Lets take a photo so your mommy won’t worry, alright?” he suggests and whatever else the child may be, camera shy she is not. She makes faces at the camera, makes the agent snap picture after picture, usually with Widowmaker somewhere in the background although at least once she sits on her lap and pretends to brush her hair.

“You could braid it,” the girl says and Widowmaker, whose patience for people who are not targets or her handlers runs low at the best of times, yanks her hair out of the child’s grasp.

“I don’t want to braid it.” she says and hopes that is the last of it.

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anonymous asked:

!!ALL GUYS IN CAMP CAMP!! (Every single one!) First time they kissed their S/O.

Let me know if I missed anybody you wanted! Also, this one is a bit longer than usual, but I tried to keep everyone’s moderately brief. Also, I’m under the assumption this follows the campers being teens. (I skipped Daniel, just because I wasn’t certain where to go with it, but I’ll add him if you prefer!)

Triggers: Cursing

David- David is known to be a spur of the moment, excitable fellow. The first time he kissed Y/N, it was spur of the moment. He had just managed to get Max to actively participate and enjoy an activity. 

The boy, of course, denied it, but no one could deny the smile on his face during the swimming races that David had put together after seeing Max enjoy their free day at the lake so much. 

 He had been loudly telling Y/N about the breakthrough as he practically danced around them enthusiastically on the way to the cabin.

“You should have seen it! It was amazing! I think I’m really getting to him! Oh, Y/N, I’m just so proud of him!”

As he finished, he picked them up with a twirl, bringing them down to press his lips to theirs.

Only a moment after, he realized what he had done, and basically dropped Y/N. Uttering a quick goodnight before storming into the cabin.

Y/N pressed their hands to their lips, a dazed smile there already. They looked after David in amusement, a laugh escaping them. It seemed he had forgotten that they worked and slept in the same cabin.

Thet opened the cabin door, peering in and seeing David had already buried himself under his blankets. 

They walked over, pressing a kiss to the lump that they felt was closest to his face. 

“I love you too, David. I’m proud of you.”

With that, they made their way to their own bed, a giggle leaving their lips at thedistressed sound that left David’s blanket lump. The poor boy was so easy to embarass. 

Max-  The first time Max kissed his partner, it was entirely planned. This little mischievous bean knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it. And he knows that he truly loves Y/N. They’re just too kind for their own good, and much too trusting.

It would be on some nature hike, egged on by David to try and locate some rare wildlife. They had a list of characteristics to look for, and they were split off in pairs. Max deciding it was the perfect time to put his idea into action.

“Hey, Y/N. I think I see the spotted butterfly. Isn’t that on the list?”

Y/N glanced at their paper, lighting up with excitement. It was easy too simple to get them to act competitive. Especially since they had bet Nikki they would find more animals than her.

“Yeah! Where is it! We have to get photo evidence.”

They pulled out the camera, following where Max had gestured vaguely. After a moment of surveying the area through the camera lens, they let it rest back against their chest, a look of confusion on their face as they looked more closely at the clearing.

“Where? I don’t see it. Are you sure you read the characteristics right? It’s suppos-”

They were cut off when Max pressed a kiss to their lips, using their focus as a distraction to steal the kiss.

The small sound of surprise they emitted left him smirking.

“Nah, guess I didn’t see it after all.”

Y/N sputtered and pointed an accusing finger at them before the buzzer went off, signaling the competition was over. Y/N gasped loudly in shock, realizing they hadn’t found a single animal and grabbing Max’s hand. They took off in the opposite direction of David.

“What, where are we going?!”

Y/N didn’t look back at him, “We’ve got to run away. I bet Nikki that I would let her cut my hair. I’m not letting that happen.”

He just snorted on a laugh, moving to keep pace with them.

Preston- Preston was currently working on a new show. It was a modern rendition of Cinderella… with aliens. It had been interesting to say the least. But, at every turn he seemed to be displeased with how the actors were presenting themselves.

Currently, it had lead to an argument between him and Y/N.

“You’ve got to be easier on everyone! I know you have high expectations, but you can’t expect so much from everyone.”

“Of course I can! How am I gonna win any awards if these scenes aren’t perfect! And your big scene is a mess!”

Y/N scoffed, crossing their arms angrily and glaring him down. “You’re the one who wrote it! If it’s so shitty, that’s on you!”

He threw his hands up in exasperation. “You’re missing the point! There’s nothing wrong with the lines, it’s just…”

He trailed off slightly, seeming to relax and wringing his hands slightly. Y/N seeming to grow even more aggravated.

“It’s just what, Preston!?”

Preston scowled deeply, turning his gaze to the floor and mumbling slightly, “It’s the kiss. I don’t like it.”

Y/N threw their hands up.  

“If you don’t like the kiss scene, why did you add one.”

The two had a slight staring contest before, rather boldly, Preston moved forward and grasped Y/N’s face. He tilted their head and pressed their lips together, holding them there for a moment as their eyes widened in surprise. After a second, their eyes fluttered closed and they pressed closer to him.

After the two finally separated, flushes on their faces and both seeming to be slightly out of breath, Preston spoke up once more.

“The writing is fine… I just didn’t like the thought of you kissing anyone else before I got the chance.”

Y/N seemed at a loss for words for a moment before they gathered their bearings and rolled their eyes, crossing their arms over Preston’s neck.

“Please, if you didn’t want me to kiss someone else, why didn’t you just take the other lead role?”

Preston simply scoffed and draped his arms around his partner.

“Someone has to run the acts, Y/N. There has to be some organization to all the chaos… Besides, I’m working with terrible actors.”

He finished with a smirk, earning a loud huff and shove from a laughing Y/N.   

Harrison- Harrison had been wanting to kiss Y/N for awhile now, but he couldn’t build up the courage. Every time he finally decided to go through with it, something would go wrong. He would get too nervous. He had attempted to conjure them some flowers to set the mood, and that part had worked well enough, but he had also made a ton of bees appear with the bouquet.

Another time he had made a flame appear in his palm at their request while the pair was cuddling. He hadn’t thought much of it at first, smiling down at them as they stared at the flickering fire in awe. It was in that moment, their attention entirely absorbed in something other than him, that he once more thought about kissing them. And, with that idea, he flushed drastically. The flame in his hand bursting to twice its normal size and almost burning Y/N’s eyebrows off.

Since that incident, he’d avoided the thought all together. It seemed as if he just couldn’t try and kiss them without some type of consequence occurring.

“I don’t understand, Nerris. I’ve tried to be romantic, set the mood, but I always make things worse when I do!”

He was currently sat across from the elf girl, the pair playing some type of Dungeons and Dragons ripoff. The two would often go to each other for relationship advice.

“Well,” she started, tossing her dice, “there’s your problem. Your magica level isn’t nearly high enough to perform any type of seduction spells! If you wanna kiss Y/N, it has to be entirely action based attacks.”

Harrison would have normally rolled his eyes at such advice, but he realized that Nerris was right… In a sense at least. The few attempts he had made to romance Y/N had ended badly, and the only common factor had been his use of illusion.

He suddenly swiped his hands across the board they were using, ignoring the girls sputtering of indignation as he suddenly stood up.

“Sorry, Nerris, I’ve got a date to set up!”


That night, he took Y/N to the movies, surprising them at their door when he arrived with flowers he bought from the store. The entire night had been relatively normal actually, which was very abnormal for the pair.

Y/N couldn’t help but be perturbed by the situation. After movie and dinner, the pair were now walking in the park. The stars shining brightly above them.

“Hey, Harris! Can you do that thing I like so much.” Y/N said happily, letting their intertwined hands swing between them.

“Oh! Um,” He looked at their hopeful eyes and let out a nervous and forced cough, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea… Besides, the moon is so bright tonight, why would we need a flame with it to illuminate your beauty?”

Y/N couldn’t help but blush at the sweet words, almost flattered enough to not catch the weirdness of their boyfriend not jumping at the chance to impress them. But they did catch on. Dropping their hands and stopping for a moment, concern on their features.

“What’s wrong, Harrison? You’ve been acting strange? Are you sick? We didn’t have to go out tonight, you know.”

Harrison sputtered slightly, waving his hands around frantically.”No! No, nothing’s wrong! I’m super glad we went out tonight, I just…”

He trailed off for a moment, finally taking a deep breath.

“Look, I’ve been wanting to kiss you so badly lately, it’s almost the only thing I can think off. But every time I’m close to you, I get all fuzzy. I can’t think straight, and it ends with you getting hurt. I can’t get closer to you if I am the reason for-”

Y/N cut him off by aggressively grabbing his shirt and tugging them together. The kiss was awkward, nothing but teeth clicking together and trying to fit against one another. After a moment, they let him go, pushing him back a bit and taking a deep breath.

“There! Our first kiss! It was awful and uncomfortable, no kiss from now on could be worse than that. So, there’s no need to be nervous or weird, and definitely no need to withhold your magical abilities.”

Harrison couldn’t help but laugh, grabbing Y/N’s hand and tugging them along with a shake of his head.

“Unbelievable. I work so hard to set a romantic mood and you just steal my first kiss, I think that’s some type of boundary crossed or something.”

At their little snort and shove, he laughed a bit more.

“I’m serious, I just don’t think that was very thoughtful of you.”

Even as he spoke, he was waving his other hand in front of them, having a small flame flicker to life at his fingertips for their amusement.

Neil- Neil was helping Y/N out. His partner had recently had some trouble with some of their classes, and he was a sucker for making sure they knew how smart he was.

Albeit, he had to tone down his smugness in order for them to even consider tutoring with him. They knew first hand that the other could get out of hand when he was given the power to. But, for now, the two introverts enjoyed being in only each other’s company whilst surrounded by books.

Well, they were, but Y/N was quickly growing frustrated.

“Ugh!” They exclaimed, shoving the book and paper they were currently using off their lap with an annoyed grunt. “Math makes zero sense, and I hate it!”

Neil looked up from his own book.

“Math? Math is one of the few things that does make sense. With its consistent rules and regulations, you can always rely on it. It’s English that doesn’t make sense. All those fluff words and contradictory structures, how can you ever be sure you’re using it right! Someone will always think that they’re more in the right than you!”

At this, Y/N couldn’t help but interrupt with a smirk, “You mean more correct?”

He gave them an unamused look. “Do you wanna fail?”

With that, a book was chucked at his face and laughter escaped between them, the two finally settling back down and getting back into their studies.


“A helium nucleus being ejected from the nucleus of an atom can be referred to as?” Neil trailed off, looking to Y/N to fill in the answer.

As they were put on the spot they sputtered and glanced down at their notes, “Umm… It’s some type of decay, right?”

He smiled, “Yes! What type?”

“Umm… Gamma Decay?”

Neil deflated, shaking his head with a sigh, “No, it’s Alpha Decay.”

Y/N groaned in annoyance, head slumping down onto their papers in defeat.

“Hey, hey! Don’t worry, you’ll get the next one!”

They grumbled at him, words muffled by their book. Neil raised an eyebrow.

“What?” He said, leaning forward to hear them better.

However, as he leaned closer, they jerked back up, ready to face him and complain about how they were going to have to drop out of school and be a hobo. But, with their exaggerated movements, their lips slammed into Neil’s.The pair freezing in shock before Y/N pulled back, sputtering and busying themselves with their notes.

Neil also turned away, suddenly very interested in the physics book he had read a million times. Silence permeated the air, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. And, upon both their cheeks, a goofy smile, and blush were matching between the two.

Space Kid- (It’s canon that Space Kid’s name is also Neil, since he’s Neil Armstrong Jr. But, I’ll just use the name Junior for him, if that’s okay.)

Y/N laid comfortably against Junior’s chest, the pair currently sprawled out on a blanket and staring at the sky. It had been their idea to have a late night picnic and stare at the stars. It was an exceptionally clear night, and news reports said that the Aurora Borealis may be clear in some more parts of the world.

It was wishful thinking, but the pair were determined that, ig it did appear, they would get to see it.

“So,” Y/N started, leaning further back against Junior and grasping his hand to play with his fingers. “What’s the constellation that looks like a snail again?”


Y/N smiled brightly at him. “Yeah, that’s the one!”

They released his hand.

“Show it to me again!”

Junior smiled, relaxing a bit and pointing towards the sky.

“You see the really bright one, right there?” At there nod, he continued, their eyes tracing his hand’s movements. “You go three over, and there’s the spiral of the shell.”

He loved the way their face lit up as they saw the image in the stars. Y/N had been the first person who didn’t snark at his dreams, they even supported him. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have his family backing him, they fully saw his potential, but everyone else he knew seemed to see him like a joke.

Y/N saw him as human, and, without even realizing it, he had started to lean down. To both their surprise, he had cut his partner off mid-sentence by connecting their lips.

He pulled away shyly, he was going to make an apology, but was cut off by Y/N’s awestruck eyes on him. A huge blush bloomed across his face.

“Don’t… Don’t look at me like that.”

They sighed dreamily, a dopey look on their face, “How can I not? When I have the best boyfriend in the whole world.”

He sputtered, holding them tighter and staring back up at the sky to deal with his embarrassment at their continued cooes of affection.

Pikeman- Y/N and Pikeman had been dating for awhile now. The two had met at the gym and hit it off right away.

More so, Edward had started hitting on them while they were lifting weights, and, even after being warned to bug off, had not left them alone. Just as they started to get exasperated, their dumbbell slipped from their hands and smashed into his foot.

The first encounter ended with him curled up on the ground over his then broken foot and Y/N standing over him practically yelling apologies and trying to convince him not to sue.

He didn’t, in fact, the two had laughed about the event every time they saw each other after.

And, before they knew it, they were meeting outside of the gym too. Going on dates and hanging out at one another’s houses. Y/N had even attended his Wood Scout’s ceremony when he got ranked up.

Currently, the two were working out, having become one another’s spotters after they agreed that personal trainers were not working for either of them.

“And then,” Edward grunted as he pulled himself up into another sit up.

Y/N muttering a soft “One hundred and thirty-two” as he did, holding his feet in place so he wouldn’t shift positions.

“Petrol had the great idea to try a new polish! We’re definitely gonna win for neatest squad this year.”

They rolled their eyes at him, as much as they loved hearing him talk about his life, he was going much slower than he usually did.

“Ed, babe, I need you to shut-up and finish your sit-ups. At this rate, I’m easily gonna beat your time to two hundred.”

Edward just snorted, but picked up the pace regardless, “As if you could, besides, I know you like watching me work out, I’m practically irresistible.”

Y/N let out a huff, “Ever so modest,” as they spoke, they let go of his feet for just a moment, laughing as his knees almost met his face on the next pull up, but they quickly applied more weight to his feet before he could.

“Am I wrong, Y/N?”

They hummed, seemingly in thought, but, on his next move up, they met him with their lips.

Pikeman went tense in surprise at the motion, all confidence draining from his system as he had to brace his hands behind him to not fall back.

Y/N sat back, a smirk on their lips. “Does that answer your question?”

He sputtered for a moment before he gathered his thoughts, gulping and trying to look slick once more. “Yeah, well-”

“Oh yeah, as of now, I officially beat your time, by the way.”

The romantic moment dissolved as they started laughing at his indignation.

Trust You With My Whole Heart (Himchan mafia/gang AU pt.2)

Word count: 7.8 k+ (wow, I sure got carried away)

Genre/warnings: Mafia/gang AU (May contain a swear word or two. Contains more violence and less smart talk than part one of the AU, but in my opinion, nothing too vivid or too excessive, even despite the described near-death experience and fight scenes)

Summary: He’d caught you, and you’d stayed simply because you didn’t have another choice. But all of the recent attention you’d been getting from him and all of the late night adventures outside the apartment he took you on made life more exciting and bearable, even to the point you found yourself wondering at the fact that you actually enjoyed it. All seemingly went uphill, that is, until one faithful night, when the person walking into the apartment to meet you late at night wasn’t Himchan, and when you weren’t the one who needed to be saved, having to be the savior yourself this time around.

(IMPORTANT A/N) First and foremost of, this is part two of this mafia AU I’d written recently. Since people asked for part two, and I had some ideas up my sleeve, I wrote it while I still had some inspiration to do so. I believe part two is still readable and understandable without knowing the events of part one, but some of the dialogue might seem weird, especially the talks that are based on previous events, so reading part one first would be advised.

Also, even thought I’m still no medical expert, big thanks to my friend Aleksa who managed to answer to all of my very stupid questions about wounds, chances of survival in different cases of getting injured and what not else. I’m very glad I have smart friends who can prevent me from making stupid mistakes while writing, because I know none of this medicine stuff.


His hand was holding yours tightly as you were walking down a small, dimly lit street, his fingers intertwined with yours. It had always amazed you how cold his hands were, and how you could never warm them up even if just a little bit. After all, he was a cold-hearted and cold-blooded gang leader, so maybe everything about him had to scream out “cold”, even his hands. There were only few people who didn’t view him according to this description, and you knew better than to be a fool just like many others who thought Kim Himchan was nothing but a tactical, intelligent bad guy, just like the ones always shown in the movies.

Heartless and reckless, thinking about nothing but money and saving his own skin and bones. Yeah.. None of that was him.

He glanced over at you, barely turning his head so you wouldn’t notice his sneaky stares. He’d bought you another dress, this time getting absolutely everything right - the color, the shape, the size. He was amazed by how well it suited you, and how only you managed to make the dress look better than it was before and not vice verse as it usually happened to other girls. Your necklace reflected light from the street lamps, shining brightly against your baby soft skin, and he had to try his hardest in order not to pull you into his arms in the middle if the street and bury his face in your chest, telling you how beautiful you were and how glad he was he had you. Your head was tilted up to face the sky, and recently you’d been gifting him with his favorite sight in the world, a sight he used to see only occasionally, but nowadays was able to witness more often than ever before - your smile.

“What’s so special about her anyways?” Jongup’s words kept echoing through his head at moments like these, and he always ignored them because he really didn’t know the answer. For some reason, from when he first saw you, his perception of women suddenly changed from what it used to be. They’d always been beautiful creatures to him that he never gave in to, and never thought of getting in business or contact with because his work made it hard and challenging to do so. But from your first encounter on he started dividing them into two groups. There were you, and then there was everyone else. Everyone else could go away and continue living their own lives, but he had to have you, because you were different. You’d caught his eye, and since no one’s ever done it prior to you, you had to be special. You had to be his.

“You seem rather happy today,” you heard him say, and saw him smiling down at you as you both took a right turn, walking down another street, “In fact, you seem rather happy in the past time as a whole…”

“You know, since you started taking me out more often, I’m kind of getting used to this new life.. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like it,” his face shifted a bit as you said that right to his face, but he understood and respected your point of view, “But.. It’s become… Bearable…”

“I’m glad, (Y/N). I want you to be happy,” he said, and continued walking, only to add to himself after a second, “Together with me.”

He was messed up in the head, but not messed up enough to have forgotten how to love.

He shut the apartment door, making sure it was safe and locked, turning to you right after. You’d taken off your shoes already at that point, and he, being the gentleman he was, helped you to take off your coat.

“We skipped learning today, but don’t worry, we’ll do it tomorrow. Tonight just relax, we’ve been walking a lot. You must be tired,” he said, going into the living room and making himself comfortable on the couch.

“Channie, I still don’t understand. Why are you so eager to teach me first aid and the basics of treating all types of wounds in first place?” you walked into the room and stood in front of him, a questioning look in your eyes.

He was leaning against the pillows with his arms resting on them, like the true king of this place that he was. A smirk escaped him as he eyed you up and down, and you suddenly recalled how uncomfortable that used to make you feel in the past. Now you’d gotten used to the fact he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you at most times, and you’d learned to tolerate all types of stares, even thought you preferred the loving ones to the hungry ones.

“Oh, baby. Are you scared something bad might happen to your man?” he asked, chuckling a little. You snapped back to reality, realizing that was literally what was going inside your head ever since he told you to learn the very basics of medicine, but you weren’t going to admit it. Not to him, and even less to yourself.

“I mean, why else would you want me to learn how to properly clean off cuts and even how to treat bullet wounds?” you asked, surprised at how nervous your voice came out, “If it wasn’t for the fact something bad might happen soon, you’d rather want me to learn how to dance, or how to play an instrument or something, right? I bet your sick, twisted mind would love to see me putting a show on, just for you and your entertainment…”

You made him chuckle with that statement, and within seconds he gestured for you to sit next to him. You did as told, leaning your body against his as he lazily adjusted you into the position he wanted you to be in with one swift move of his hand.

“You’re learning just in case, don’t worry. I have my ties and people who could stitch me or one of the guys up if there really was the need to, and you know that, but I like making sure we always have a plan B by hand if things don’t go as planned,” he mumbled into your ear, and you felt his nose brushing against the side of your head.

“Don’t the guys know first aid?”

“I know a little, and Yongguk used to know too, but he hadn’t done it in so long that I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to do it now if it really came down to that. If you only knew how much time I’ve spent with him.. If I think about it now, I’ve probably known him for the biggest part of my life..” he paused a bit, the memories seemingly fading back to him. You rested your head somewhere on his shoulder, and patiently waited for the story he was about to tell, as if there was one thing you liked to hear him talking about, it was his past, as that was another way to get to know him better and understand what had lead him to be in the position he was in nowadays.

“He only looks reckless and fearless. In fact, when he sees blood that isn’t the enemy’s, he starts completely flipping out and worrying too much. I remember the old days, oh God. Just me and him, trying to survive in this cold, unfair world that showed no mercy to such little scums and lost kids like us. I barely knew how to hold a gun when I was forced into my first assignment, and I had to do it all alone because Yongguk refused to use a gun at all at first. He was too nice of a guy, too peaceful and too against violence, and it took me to get majorly hurt for him to start acting. God, that was the only time I’d ever seen him cry too, because he really thought I’d die on the spot, right in front of him, simply because he couldn’t bring himself to shoot when I needed backup…”

Silence filled the room for a bit, and as he wanted to say something, you spoke up instead, cutting him off.

“Is that what the scar on your left side is from…?”

“I never knew you were so observant,”
he smirked, his tone indicating he was a little proud and more than pleased that you'd noticed, “Say, babe, how many more of my scars have you seen out of plain curiosity?”

What did he think you were supposed to do when on hot summer nights he refused to sleep with a blanket on, lying in bed with only a pair of boxer shorts to cover him? Yes, you were curious, and you had to admit you’d seen and even traced some of his scars with your fingers, thinking of possibilities how he could’ve gotten them or how much it hurt when the object came into contact with his body, leaving nothing but a mark as a sign that it’s been there at some point behind.

“I don’t know how many, you have a lot of them. Please don’t get any more,”
you quietly said, burying your face in his shoulder. One of your hands was placed on his chest this whole time, and you clearly felt his heartbeat increasing a bit.

“I sadly can’t promise that, baby, but I’m glad to see you’re worried about me..” he said, letting silence hang over your heads, accompanied by your quiet breathing. 

“Hey, (Y/N)?” he suddenly asked, not really waiting for a response in order to continue, “what would you do if at some point I simply wouldn’t come back home?”

You froze on the spot, and he immediately noticed, letting his hand caress your arm gently. 

“Just in theory,” he added, more than certain that didn’t lighten the situation, but at least made his statement a little clearer.

To be honest, you had no clue. What would you do if he died and never came back? He left home every morning, telling you he’d be back soon and that you shouldn’t miss him too much or worry about him, because he knew what he was doing. You remember that early on you were too scared to literally think anything about that statement. He was still a stranger, and you knew less than nothing about him, so only being able to judge by his lifestyle you were simply scared. Then came a point when you silently wished he wouldn’t come back. You didn’t necessarily want him dead, but his presence, his sweet words and good treatment, was something that bothered you, something that irritated you and made your blood boil, because you had to tolerate him against your own will, if you wanted it or not. In the past time though, when you were forced to face the fact that you couldn’t possibly escape him, especially after an unsuccessful attempt to leave him and the country a little less than half a year ago, you started getting used to this life you were leading along his side. He’d successfully made himself king of your universe, and, as days passed, you felt yourself becoming more and more attached to him, not only requiring the physical protection he could offer you, but wanting his attention when it came to being his lover. You were… falling for him completely.

What if he died? Where would you go, and who would keep you safe? Even if Himchan would be dead, maybe the others wouldn’t, and you knew details the enemies could use against them. What if you got caught by somebody and tortured to death, because you’d definitely refuse to spill details? Or even worse.. What if the others, instead of taking you in like Himchan did long ago, would turn their backs to you, not sparing a single thought on the fact you were practically one of them now, setting a bullet in your head because of trust issues?

“That was the only time I ever saw Yongguk cry, because at that point, he had no one but me in his life. I was his only friend, and he couldn’t stand two facts - the fact he’d have to do this on his own from then on, but over that, the fact that a person as good as me would pass a such a young age, not having lived life properly yet…”

“… Would you cry, babe?” he asked silently, feeling you slightly moving in your position. Reflexes made you snuggle a little closer to his side and grip on his shirt, tensing your muscles.

“Don’t talk like this, please-”

“I think you would,” he interrupted, tilting his head and trying to look at your face, “Question is, would you cry from sadness and devastation because your lover passed away, or would you shed happy tears because you’d finally be free?”

“Channie, no, don’t say that…”

But apparently he didn’t want to hear anything anymore. He got off the couch, gently holding your frame and placing you back down in a lying position as he threw you a last loving but slightly pained stare and exited the room, seemingly heading to the study.

You stayed there, speechless and without emotion at first, until a lone tear finally escaped you and fell on the couch. Why was it him who always made you cry? He’d flipped your whole world upside down, making strict rules and having everything go his way for such a long time already. You had your reasons to be mad and to have a desire to disobey, but.. Why is it that he made you so conflicted between wanting to love him and wanting to hate him? Why did he say such things when he clearly saw you were giving into your feelings for him more and more with every passing day? In the past, even just a few months ago.. Even then you wouldn’t be able to shed happy tears because of his death. Why did he talk about it so calmly, and why did he make you feel so bad about him, yourself, and your relationship, whatever it may be, as a whole? Why on earth did he make it out to be like you didn’t care, even though you did?

“Hey, are you still-…. a-awake…?” he walked back into the room after half an hour, just to see you curled up on the sofa, with tears straining your cheeks and your eyes blankly staring into the distance.

“Hey.. Baby, I didn’t mean it..” he said, cautiously taking a few steps into your direction.

“You sure sounded like you meant it..” you simply said, sniffing and letting another tear drop down on the sofa. He picked you up, and held you close to his chest, carrying you into the bedroom and putting you down on the bed. You let him take off your shirt, and were surprised when he put one of his older t-shirts on you instead of your sleeping shirt. You changed into a pair of shorts as he undressed for bed himself, and soon you felt him pulling you back by your waist and under the covers, turning you to face him as his arms were loosely hanging around you.

“I’m sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean to make you cry…”
he pierced through you with his gaze, searching for forgiveness in the stare you directed at him.

“Just don’t dare say anything like this again, or I might actually consider shedding happy tears when you die,”
you told him, wanting to sound dead serious but sounding hurt instead.

“Don’t worry, it won’t come to that, someone has to take care of you, so I’ll stay around,” he leaned it, teasing you a little with his closeness before carefully and gracefully capturing your mouth with his, proving once again he always knew how to leave a deep, long-lasting tingling and sensation on your lips after one of his kisses, “Because I love you. And I’m still waiting for you to fully love me back…”

“.. We could buy a piano, actually, if you want to. I used to play it long ago, and could maybe even remember a few easy melodies. What do you think about playing duets with me, hmm?” he said after a while and smiled a bit, remembering that part of your previous conversation. He made himself comfortable, nuzzling his head against yours, and you simply nodded in response.

“I’d love to, Channie…”

“In that case, let me see what I can do about it, but tomorrow. Today’s been a long day, and I want to sleep before doing anything else. Goodnight, babe…”

“Good night, Channie…”

Everything continued just the same way it’s always been. Well.. The way it’s been since your attempt to leave not too long ago, at least. Himchan knew how it felt being locked away from the whole world, as in his short lifetime he’s experienced more things than possibly imaginable, and being locked away in a cell for a certain amount of time was one of them. He knew that a four wall environment could drive a person insane, especially if the view behind the windows was as lovely as it was in his apartment, so he started taking you out more in the evenings.

“It’s not safe for you to go alone, so we’ll go together,”
he’d always tell you, causing you to feel a mixture of gratefulness and disgust. You were glad he finally took a look at the situation from your perspective, but you were still annoyed and disgusted you couldn’t go anywhere on you own.

“I’m not a dog that you have to walk out on a leash every now and then, you know?” you’d scoff sometimes, spitting it right into his face, and he’d always just casually laugh it away, putting a hand under your chin and saying, “I know. You’re my one and only lady who needs to be protected from a few cold-blooded bastards at every cost, so, in case you really don’t want to view our nightly adventures as dates, imagine I’m your security guard or something, if that makes it any better…”

You did at first, until he started putting thought into where to take you out to. He’d surprise you with new places every other night, and you had to admit that you’d sit around at home for the whole day, waiting for him to be back in case he’d planned something for the evening. He saw you loosening up with every trip you took, and when you started repaying all of his hard work with genuine smiles, it fueled his desire to see you like that again. These trips were helping you and your emotional well-being a lot, and soon he found out you both even managed to act like an actual couple on some days, without sarcastic commentary or coldness in each other’s words. You’d get a hold of his arm sometimes, or find him sitting somewhere just to snuggle close to him in order to talk, and every time something like this happened, he’d feel like he just won the lottery. You didn’t really notice the change, but he did, so he stayed quiet in order to keep it this way, because there was just one thing in the whole world he was completely certain of - if you’d notice, you’d be back to acting cold, even if your heart told you to do the opposite. That’s just who you were - a freedom-loving, stubborn person, who still had a hard time trying to forgive him for having locked you up in an apartment for most of your days for so, so long already. 

One day, just around two months ago, he came back home with a guest. The lad looked rather young, and was a few inches taller than him, as well as skinnier. Introduced to you as simply Jihoon, he was invited into the dining room to eat dinner together with both of you.

“You know, there’s a reason I wanted to introduce you both to each other,” Himchan said after taking a last bite, about to grab a bottle of wine and pour some for all of you. The alcohol of choice at home was always wine, as that was his favorite beverage of all alcoholic and non-acloholic ones… Right after coffee.

“And that would be..?” you questioned, seeing how they looked at each other and nodded in unison.

“I may not look like it, but I’ve been studying medicine for the astonishing amount of seven years at this point in my life already,”
Jihoon said, giving Himchan another look before he continued, “If you ever see a healed wound or a stitch on this guy, know that I’ve most likely been the one to fix that up. We’ve known each other since long ago, and if it wouldn’t be for him, I’d probably be resting in peace somewhere deep underground instead of eating delicious homemade dinner in a nice company, place and environment tonight…”

“O-okay, a doctor then. That’s amazing, but I still don’t understand how I could possibly be involved in.. whatever you’re thinking about, I didn’t quite catch on…” you looked at them, a puzzled expression on your face.

“I want him to teach you a few basics,”
Himchan said, leaning over the table to get your glass and fill it up with the claret liquid, “You’ve done a good job with fixing up minimal damage in the past, and, the more successful B.A.P is getting and the higher we’re rising in ranks, the higher the possibility of something bad happening gets. I know my friend Jihoon here will always be there to help, and he’s got a few more people on the line who would do the same too. But I need a plan B just in case, and since you could master that easily with a bit of work, I’d be really thankful if you tried it and helped us out..”

Help them out… Yeah, you could do that. But the sight of open wounds and blood pouring out of them was something you’d rather leave for someone else to see, so you flinched at the thought, making Himchan throw you a concerned glance.

“(Y/N), is everything fine?”

“Yeah, sure..” you said, staring at the table for a little before letting your eyes meet with Jihoon’s.

“I’m all in for learning, it’s just that… How do you prevent yourself from fainting at the sight of a nasty looking open wound..?”

A moment of silence hung over the room, and two loud, ear-piercing laughs filled the place soon enough.

“Don’t worry about that for now,” Jihoon said after he’d calmed down, “We’ll take care of that later. After a while you’ll get used to it, believe me…”

He’d come over with Himchan in the evenings sometimes, and would sit with you in the living room, teaching you all kinds of things while Himchan was in the study, doing some research on other things the group would need for their upcoming missions. On evenings when Jihoon didn’t join you, Himchan took the responsibility of helping you with your studies. His skills were a bit rusty, but he still managed to spot most of your mistakes and help you with correcting them. The only thing you were worried about was that if it actually came to the worst case scenario and you would have to give a helping hand in order to make sure one of the members stayed alive, you wouldn’t be able to act properly because you’d never done it in real life. You knew the theory, but had never done a practice round. Himchan always calmed you down, reassuring you that you were only backup and probably wouldn’t ever have to use any of your knowledge anyways, and said that it if really mattered to you, you’d know what to do the moment you saw the situation.

“It all suddenly changes when you see the actual situation if front of your eyes,” he said while sitting next to you on the floor and giving you a glance, “I didn’t know what I was doing when one of my squad members got injured for the first time long ago either, but we had a guy who knew what to do, and he told me to help. I said to him that I had knowledge, but no experience, and he just laughed, passed me some bandages and told me this would be my first experience of probably many more to come…”

“He survived, by the way,” Himchan added as he saw the trust issues in your eyes after he’d ended his little speech, causing you to burst out laughing.

“I trust you, you know,”
he looked into your eyes and reached for your hand, making you go silent immediately, “And if my life was hanging on a thin thread, I’d be more than a hundred percent sure you wouldn’t let me down..”

“Himchan, but what if-”

“No what-if’s, I believe in you,” he said, getting up and heading out of the room, “Let’s hope I won’t be your first experience and your practice subject though-”

“Or any of my experiences at all..”

He laughed, and stopped right in the doorway, giving you a loving look.

“You care, after all. For your own safety, or for me, I don’t know yet. But you care…” he disappeared, his heavy footsteps audible through the whole hallway.

Today was two weeks from when he’d asked you if you’d cry in case he died, and you were standing in front of the windows, not finding any peace as the clock kept ticking and the minutes kept passing, but despite all of his earlier promises to be back on time he was nowhere to be seen. 

“He’s just late… I’ll scold him so bad for making me worry… Oh God, Channie, where are you?” you mumbled to yourself as you stood there, toying around with the curtains and trying to hold in the tension and nervousness that was building up inside of you at an alarming rate.

Loud noise snapped you out of your thoughts, and you immediately turned around, facing the living room doorway. Himchan was home, and he’d just opened the entrance door a bit too fast and too harsh, slamming it into the wall. Thank God he was here, and you had nothing to worry about anymore.

“Channie, I-” you were about to give him a piece of your mind, but were cut off by the sight in front of you.

“Don’t question, just come with me and get in the car,” Junhong said, and as you were finally able to tear away your gaze from his dirt and tears-strained face, you noticed his wounded knee and how he was dripping mud and blood all over the floor.

“Junghong-ah! Calm down at first, let me help you and bandage you up at least before we head anywhere-”

“Just do as I say, you don’t know the whole story!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, making you flinch in fear. His anger faded away in seconds when he understood that his getup, paired up with his body build and his height, made him quite scary and intimidating, and he softened his voice as best as he could, looking you right in the eyes and breaking your heart apart with a sentence you never wanted to hear.

“I wasn’t the one who took two to the chest, you know… ”

“Junhong-ah, why are you so fucking slow, just run already!!?” you cried out in despair as tears kept streaming down your face and you were standing by his car, waiting for him as he was staying behind.

“It’s not like half my kneecap isn’t coated with flesh anymore like it should be, you know,” you heard him say through clenched teeth as he sprinted to the car, unlocking the door and getting in, barely waiting for you to close the door so he could hit the gas pedal full-force.

“Junhong-ah.. I’m s-sorry, I didn’t mean it, i-it’s just that-”

“Oh, spare it, I know more than well you didn’t mean it,” he said, turning the steering wheel violently and driving down the road twice the speed limit, “I was hyperbolising anyways…”

“W-what happened thought, do you care to explain?”
you tried to wipe your tears and stay calm, but just the thought of the scenery you’d have to face and witness soon enough made you want to pass out.

“Long story short, or, well, as short as possible,” he said, taking a deep breath. You could see it in his eyes - how much he was hurting, but how he pulled himself together like the young professional that he was, thinking about his friend and leader’s life that could fade away at every given moment rather than his much easier treatable wound.

“We were done with it for the day, we had them pinned down on their knees. We thought they were bluffing when they said that there were still members left who would take revenge, up until coordinates of one of them were sent to us. (Y/N), they were heading to get you. They knew about you, and knew where you were living. They must’ve spied on you and Himchan when you were out one night, and they kept coming back there until they were sure this was your home-” another sharp turn caused him to stay quiet for a bit, and you sat there, tying not to get your head smashed into the windshield and trying to cope with the knot in your chest.

“I’ve never seen Himchan go havoc, not until today. Eveyone who wasn’t in our gang was dead on the spot, and before any of us could blink he was in the car, turning on the ignition and swearing for us to get there in seconds or he’d handle it on his own. Long story short, there were eight of them, and they’d made it far enough already as we approached. One was hit by our car, and another one shot on the spot by Himchan before any of us could blink. It got.. ugly, to say the least… and all seemed to go just a little bit more in our favor than theirs, until Daehyun got in the way…”

“… And Himchan always puts our lives before his own..”

Silence hung over the car, and Junhong looked over to the passenger’s seat to make sure you were as alright as you could be in this situation.


“That was one to the chest. Where did the other one come from?” he heard your barely audible voice, and thought hard if he should answer. 

“(Y/N)…. (Y/N), I’m sorry, I thought I could help him by at least getting him away from the middle of the gunfight, and I almost did, but…”

“You missed a bullet…”

“… And he moved just in time to take it for me…”

Your silent cries filled the car, your shaky breaths and the squeaking sound of tires on the asphalt being the only things audible in the otherwise silent environment.

“Listen, I won’t lie. It doesn’t look good, but.. He’s strong, and he should manage. I’m taking you to Jihoon hyung’s place now, a.k.a. B.A.P’s little private clinic we’ve unfortunately been forced to visit a few times in the past already. Jihoon knows what he’s doing, but if he does it on his own, he might not be quick enough and might not make it in time. With another pair of helping hands though, you might just make it.. ”

It took another few chaotic turns and two more minutes of Junhong’s already-not-good-in-everyday-situations-and-even-worse-at-moments-like-these driving to get to the final destination, and you got out of the car in milliseconds, this time around remembering he was wounded and needed some help. Junhong was holding on as brave as ever, and didn’t waste any time, gladly accepting your help and support and leading you into the right direction as you ran into the building, taking three steps up the staircase at a time.

You froze in the doorway, with a panting Junhong running up just seconds later behind you. 

“Jihoon hyung, we’re here!” Junhong called just to trigger a “Here!” from a room that was located all the way down the hallway and to the right. You left Junhong alone in the hallway, spotting the rest of the guys in another room to your left as you passed by. 

There he was.

Laid down on the bed, his eyes directed at the ceiling. His face displayed just how much he was hurting, but despite the pain he was still fully conscious, even mumbling something under his breath through clenched teeth.

“Channie..” his eyes widened at the oh so familiar, barely audible voice, and he tried to look your way, but couldn’t move in order to do that, instead furrowing his brows and clenching his teeth in pain.

“Himchan, are you stupid? I know you’re glad your last hope is here but I told you to stay still and stop moving, didn’t I?!” Jihoon angrily snapped at him, and gestured for you to come closer to him. Your stare abandoned Himchan and his wounded body, and, trying to hold back your tears, you ran forwards to Jihoon, clearly listening to his further instructions of what you had to do and obeying everything he had to say and told you to do.

“Okay, mister too-tuff-to-fall-unconscious-already. Any last words before I make you drift off to sleep, hopefully for just a few hours?” Jihoon checked the needle, ready to inject some much needed medication into Himchan’s vein. Himchan turned his head lightly to face you, and gave you a broken smile.

“I guess this is practice round, baby, right? Don’t mess up..”

“Stop grinning, you idiot! I swear, I’ll kill you if you die!” you cried out, still unable to fully take in the horrible sight in front of you, but trying to pull yourself together in order to be able to give a hundred percent of your work and knowledge to keep him alive.

“Baby, that’s not how death works,” he chuckled a little, wincing in pain as he felt his consciousness slowly fading and drifting away.

“Kim Himchan, I swear I’ll join her to kill you if you don’t shut up now,” Jihoon said as apparently Himchan was testing his nerves. You wondered how the hell they managed to stay this calm in a life-and-death situation like this, and Himchan’s last words before he drifted off to sleep were the only thing that snapped you back to reality.

“I trust you, (Y/N), with all of my heart… ”

Good thing that the heart he was talking about just minutes ago wasn’t damaged, nor were any arteries or anything that would send him straight into the heavens or rather the hell in just a few minutes. You watched Jihoon’s professionalism and calmness as he casually performed an operation that was already quite hard to do in the hospital at home, on the bed he probably slept in every night, unless he was stitching up his unfortunate friends on it. He acted fast and his facial expression showed no stress or fear of doing wrong. His instructions were clear and short, in fact, he didn’t speak much. You watched the job getting done, passing the guy who didn’t look like much but was actually a skilled doctor all of the needed things back and forth, obeying every single one of his commands and trying your best to do everything just like it had to be done and like he told you to do.

When the two damned bullets lied somewhere nearby in a crystal white bowl and all of the blood was wiped away from Himchan’s pale, soft skin, the bruises he’d gotten just recently bandaged up tightly and neatly, you let out a shaky breath, glancing at the clock and finding it to be half past two AM already. You’d spent a solid two and a half hours here, maybe even more than that, and you hadn’t even noticed. 

It was… over. Finally…

“(Y/N)?!” you heard Jihoon call as your knees slowly gave up on you and you slid to the ground, taking off your gloves that still had some blood on them and throwing them somewhere nearby on the ground.

“Hold on for a bit, I’ll get the rubbing alcohol.. Just don’t faint, there’s still five other idiots in the other room with less serious wounds, but still requiring medical attention nonetheless-”

“He’ll be fine, right?” you looked up at Jihoon with a dazed stare, the look in your eyes pleading for a positive answer, “Himchan will be fine..”


“I still have his blood on my arms, even though I wore gloves,” you said as you noticed you indeed had some splatters of it near your elbow, “His blood, Jihoon, do you hear? It’s not supposed to be on my skin, it’s supposed to be in his veins…”

“(Y/N), listen-” 

“I remember flinching back then when he came to me more than a year ago with a rather small cut on his arm, asking me to bandage it up. I never thought I’d be pulling bullets out of his chest at two AM with my glass heart and no medical knowledge whatsoever-” 

“(Y/N),” he stepped a little closer, looking you right in the eyes and finally catching your attention, “If there’s one person who will never leave this apartment in a dead state, it is Kim Himchan. He’s got too much potential, responsibilities and ambitions to let himself fade away, and since he took you in, I’ve never seen him clinging onto life more than he’s doing it now. He’s got a reason to live now, you know.. ”

Yongguk and Youngjae were the one who helped you to get Himchan back home, as they’d suffered the least injuries - only a few cuts and bruises. Junhong’s knee was the second nastiest injury, and, as you’d helped everyone else by following Jihoon’s instructions as closely as possible and treating their wounds with extra care, and as you were leaving to get back home, Jihoon was still working to fix it up.

“Junhong-ah.. Sorry for screaming at you previously and making you run around that much..”

“No worries,” he smiled at you a little, “I’ll be back on my feet in no time.”

“On your foot,” Jihoon quickly corrected, “At least for the next few weeks.”

It was mid-night, so you didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing you. Himchan was brought into the bedroom and carefully placed on the bed. You escorted Youngjae and Yongguk back to the entrance door, saying your goodbyes to both of them and thanking them for their help when Yongguk suddenly placed a hand on your arm.

“Thank you,” he simply said, and, knowing him and how quiet he usually was, this was the biggest compliment anyone could receive from him - his gratitude in the form of those two words.

You stayed by Himchan’s for side the whole night, lying beside him and gently stroking his unconscious frame. It was going to be hard and painful, but.. Jihoon said he’d manage, and all you could do at that point was hope he wasn’t wrong. Himchan had to manage, because without him, you weren’t too sure you’d manage yourself..

You found yourself shedding tears again, and cursed under your breath. He was the reason you felt bad and cried again, and you hated yourself for loving him.

Loving him.. At this point it was undeniable, wasn’t it?

If you didn’t love him, you wouldn’t have gone to such extents. You wouldn’t have pulled yourself together enough to help him, and you wouldn’t have even tried in first place. You wouldn’t be here crying hard over the fact he was hurt, you simply wouldn’t care. But you were here, by his side, not like he told you to do, but like you decided you wanted to do. You were here not because he forced you to, but because you wanted to. The keys to the door were on the commode now, and no one would be able to stop you if you walked out of the apartment and never came back. It would be weeks until he’d be capable of moving again, and by then you could be far away already. The other’s wouldn’t act at all, or, even if they would, they simply wouldn’t be quick enough. Tonight was your chance if you still wanted to leave, as nothing was holding you back. You had the money, the ability, the freedom..

Thing is... you didn’t want to leave. Not while the person who saved you was in this state, and not while you loved him as much as he loved you.

His eyes slowly opened early in the morning, and you immediately called up Jihoon to know exactly how to take care of him. He tried to joke around, and tried to do smart talk, but there was nothing but clear exhaustion in his voice, so instead of listening and answering you simply shut him up, making him rest as much as possible.

The whole next week he spent in bed, cuddled up by blankets and your never ending attention. Because of the horrible pain he was rather asleep than awake most of the times, and the only time you found him to be fully awake and ready for conversation was a week after the faithful incident had happened.

You’d gone out the house together with Jongup to go and get some much needed supply of medication that was running low in your apartment, when you heard him say.

“I think I finally figured out what was so special about you that he was ready to throw his life away on the spot back then when he first saw you…”

You were already used to this manner of speech that Jongup used, and took it as a compliment, waiting for his conclusion.

“It did take you long enough, but you were actually crazy enough to be locked away by him and despite all of that fall in love with him..”

“You make it sound like prison, don’t do that, Yup,”
you told him as he escorted you to your door, proud at how this harmless nickname you’d given him irritated him slightly more and more every time you used it.

“I’m glad, to be honest,” he said, stopping when you’d reached the door, “Keep an eye on him, as we still need him not only as a member and leader, but as a friend. He can get weirder than me at times, so beware.”

“I doubt that’s a thing, but I sure will. Thanks for your help,”
you said, and made your way into the apartment, taking off your outerwear and heading straight to the bedroom.

You made it to the doorway, and stopped.

“Channie, are you stupid?! Lie back down!!” you screamed at him and ran towards the bed.

“(Y/N), don’t worry, I feel much better today than any previous day,”
he was sitting up straight on the edge of the bed, smiling up at you. You relaxed a bit, and slowed down, gently sitting down on the bed beside him.

“For real?”

“Have I ever lied to you?” he tilted his head, and you chuckled. For a mafia leader he sure could look hella cute if he wanted to.

“If I think about it now.. Yes, yes you have. You told me you’d have to get rid of me if I ever tried to escape you… But you didn’t…”

You almost hadn’t noticed how his hand that was previously next to yours gently slid on top of your hand, his touch, as cold as always, sending shivers up you arm.

“You’re not the one to complain here. You were lying for a total of one and half years to me, telling me you loved me every single day even thought you never truly did.”

“I was lying, or I have been lying?” you raised a brow at him, “What makes you think you have the right to talk about the situation in a past tense? Do you really think things have changed-”

“Haven’t they?” he cut you off and gave you a genuine, challenging look as nothing but silence followed.

He looked so pure. Smiling at you with a picture perfect smile, his pale skin seemingly filling the dimly lit room with a faint, unusual glow. He wasn’t nowhere near bad, no matter how many bad things he’d done in life, you were certain of it. He only fought for his own survival since a very young age, and, even more than that, the survival and well-being of the people he cared about and loved the most. Including you.

“Stop staring and just kiss me already,” he chuckled and snapped you back to reality, making you realize that this whole time you were looking at his lips.

“Like you told me to?” you tilted you head a little, “Or like I want to?”

“The latter, please,”
he said, letting you place a hand on his cheek and pull his face a little closer.

You’d kissed many times before, too many to count, and even though in the past months your relationship’s only been going up, this was the first time you truly felt it. The desire to capture all of him, and the refusal of letting him go. It suddenly made sense, how well your lips clipped together and how his kissing style and intensity was just the way you liked it. How soft his hair felt when you tangled your hand in it, and how much you wanted him to simply stay where he was for as long as possible, not only because you couldn’t deny how well-shaped and desirable his body was when it moved against yours, but because you’d completely fallen for him and his caring personality.

“Why is it that I always have to get severely hurt in order to make someone realize they need me in their lives?” he said when you pulled away, biting his lip lightly and smiling at you, his eyelids heavy and his stare as dreamy as ever.

“At least I admit it now, be glad, and be happy that the people you love feel the same way about you, always having your back when you need it the most,” you made him chuckle, and he tilted his head down for a second.

“Babe?” he looked back at you, surprised at your way of calling him, as you never called him anything other that “Channie”.

“When you get better… ”
you bit your lip, gathering enough courage to look straight into his eyes, “How about I fulfill that promise I made back then?”

He smiled, and instead of telling you anything really, leaned in to kiss you again.

“I can’t believe it… You love me..” he said in between kisses, making you laugh lightly and chuckle. He sounded like a kid who saw snow for the first time and couldn’t believe it was a real thing, and only now you truly realized how this was the moment he’s been working so hard to experience for the past one and a half years.

“Enough is enough, Channie. Get back in bed if you want to experience more of my true, genuine love, or otherwise I’ll give you the silent treatment,” you said, helping him get back into a lying position and giving him the regular everyday treatment he got from you every single day now.

“As you wish, baby. I’ll do it, just like you told me to,” he teased, falling asleep soon enough again because of the side effects of his medicine that made him sleep in order to mend the pain. 

Kim Himchan, the fearless leader of B.A.P, or Kim Himchan, the pitiful leader who was forced to stay in bed for quite a while now? Who cared? He knew he didn’t, and he knew you didn’t either. B.A.P, for the nearest future, had Yongguk, who unwillingly agreed to lead until Himchan was capable of taking over again, so they wouldn’t get lost anytime soon. And Himchan? He had you - his very, very soon-to-be wife, and the person who he’d saved once just to be saved by less than two years later in return. 

He knew exactly what he wanted to do now while he was forced to spend his days home in order to recover. He’d buy a piano, and he’d teach you a few things about music so you could play duets with him. He’d spend time being cuddled up in your arms, and he’d make sure he savored every bit of your love and affection he could, as apparently he’d managed to get it all now.

And right after that, when the holes in his chest turn into nothing but scars, he’ll take you down the aisle and finally marry you, since, even though it took you one and a half years, an attempt to run away and a near-death experience of his to realize it, you finally loved him just the same way he loved you, and that was all that mattered.

What may come, part 2

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 3192

Warning: Umm just a little teariness.

Part 1

Mila wanted to take you some place fun for your first night in L.A.  You did not mind fun, but you really wanted a place that you could talk and catch up.  It had been almost a year since you two had seen each other.  When you pointed that out to her, Mila relented and brought you to a little Italian place not far from her home.  The owners seemed to know her well as they both came to hug her as soon as she walked in.  

Introductions were made and you both were seated at a small table towards the back of the restaurant. It was quiet and you could smell the incredible food coming from the kitchen.  “You are going to love it.  So much better than the places back home.  This is authentic.”  Grinning wide you skimmed over the menu finding a few things that sounded wonderful. Drinks and appetizers were ordered and finally you had the chance to breathe and look at your sister.

“Mila you look so happy here.  I should have known this would be your element.”  Resting your chin on your hand, you just stared at the contentment that was in her face all the time now.

“[Y/N/N] I am so freaking happy it’s disgusting.  This is where I should be.  I can’t believe it has taken you this long to move out here with me.  I promise you won’t want to go back home.”

“That will depend on if I can find a job or at least some steady income. And don’t even think you are going to support me for long.”  You could see Mila stop as she was about to say just that.  She smirked at you as the drinks were brought around.  “So what happened to that girl you were seeing? Valerie?”

“Ugh that turned into a hot mess.  We found out that we are a lot different and have varying views of what we want out of life right now.  She wanted a family right now and thought I should quit doing what I love so I don’t travel so much.  That had to end quickly.”  You gave her a sympathetic smile as you sipped on your wine.

“At least you found out before you got too far into it.”  Mila nodded sipping at her own drink.  

“What about you?  Any cute guys?”  She already knew the answer but asked anyway.  There was a plan in her mind that had been brewing since you had finally said you would come out to California.  Not that she would ever tell you… or him for that matter.

“No, you know I would have told you already.  There is a limited supply at home.”  After a disastrous ending to your last relationship, you had taken a long hiatus from dating.  Changing the subject quickly you told her a few pieces of gossip from back home. That lasted through the rest of dinner and into dessert.  Both of you were hysterically laughing as you walked out of the restaurant.  It felt good to have the time to spend with your sister.  You were so close it was difficult to have so many mile in between you.  The ride home consisted of more laughing and jokes until you pulled up into the driveway of her house.  It was not a huge place but it was pretty, a street over from the beach with a huge front yard that had a ton of greenery around.  It looked so calming.  

“Don’t even ask how much it was.  You will throw up.”  Mila winked at you as you climbed out of her little sports car.  An SUV parked in the other spot on the driveway.  “You can drive that till you figure out life.”

The house inside was of course beautiful too, clean, probably since Mila was rarely home, and had a housekeeper.  With the exception of her office, that was a complete train wreck.  There were papers piled everywhere, including the floor. It was a room that had two clear glass French doors with a sign on it that said in big bold letters, ‘DO NOT TOUCH THIS ROOM, EVER!’

It caused a quiet laugh from you.  You could only imagine what caused that to be placed there.  Probably some woman who had dared to clean up or organize the chaos. “Mi, a little aggressive there don’t ya think?”

“What?  I couldn’t find anything for a week.  Clean my house, not my work.” She kicked off her shoes sending one of them flying across the room.  It used to drive your mother crazy when you were younger.  Now it just felt like home.  “Okay night night.  My ass needs at least five hours of sleep.  The spare room is on this floor down the hall from my office.  Make yourself at home.”

With a wave in the air, she went upstairs to her room.  The spare room was a decent size with a queen size bed and a desk that would be perfect for working on your photos.  You were not all that tired so you unpacked and set up everything you could. After an hour, you figured you should probably try to sleep.  It just felt odd being in a new place, you hoped that the feeling would not last long and you would be able to settle into a routine of sorts here.

The morning came with a bright light in your face.  Combined with the jet lag, it was difficult to open your eyes.  A few attempts at falling back to sleep were futile, so it was time to just get up and face the new day.  There was a note on the fridge from Mila saying she had left and to come have lunch with her if you were awake.  Rummaging around in the cupboards produced your favorite mint tea.  She must have bought it for you because Mila would take coffee intravenously if it were possible.  It felt nice to have someone here in the strange new place that thought about you enough to have a few of your favorite things around.  It had been a long time since you had had that.

A couple pieces of toast and mug of tea later, you called your mother to let her know you were still alive.  The same laments came from her, begging you to come home.  Another fifteen minutes of explaining that you wanted to be here eventually calmed her down.  However, you had to promise to text daily and call at least every other day as well as get Mila to call more too.  That would be something you would have to tell her at lunch.

Lunch was at one so you still had two hours before you had to leave.  Hopping in for a quick shower gave you the chance to clean off whatever you needed to before starting fresh in L.A.  Once finished you worked on the pictures you had taken the day before of your sister.  Several of them had turned out really well but there was one that once you had converted it to black and white, you fell in love.  She was seated in her chair leaning forward, concentrating hard on the scene.  Everything around her was out of focus and blurred.  One of the set lights was in the background giving just a hint of glow behind her.  It would be one you would add to your portfolio.  Searching for a print shop close by proved easy.  In the area around Mila’s house and the studio, there were several.  Finding the best reviewed and priced one you sent the pictures off for them to have ready when you arrived before meeting her for lunch.

Picking up the prints and finding your way to the studio had been a breeze thanks to the navigation system in Mila’s SUV.  You were let right in the gate when you arrived as your name had been left with security.  Finding your sister was a little bit more difficult as you could not remember which set they were on.  A nice gardener pointed you in the right direction to set fifteen.  The same security guard from the previous day was standing post at the door as you walked up.  He eyed you warily as you once again had your camera slung over your shoulder.

“Coming to cause trouble again?”  Your back went stick straight as you were about to let loose a tirade, but when you noticed the smirk on his face you relaxed and laughed.

“Only a little this time. I’m [Y/N].  I wasn’t really trying to cause anything yesterday.  I was just doing what I do sometimes and take random pictures.  I swear I wouldn’t have tried to ruin the movie.”  He smiled holding out his hand to shake.

“David, it’s nice to meet you [Y/N].  I believe you; I just have to make sure this place is secure.  It’s my…”  You shook his hand as you smiled up at him.

“I know, it’s your job. I will try not to make it any harder than it already is.”  His deep laugh was infectious.

“I appreciate it.  Go on inside I think they are getting close to a break.”  With a smile, you walked inside.  There was the same bustling about of everyone around the set.  It really was fun to people watch as you walked through towards the main part of the set.  You could hear Mila’s loud mouth over everyone.

“No! I need more than that. You are supposed to be a desperate man. Show me a desperate man.” Standing quietly behind one of the stagehands, you watched as one of the actors sobbed and screamed through the scene. He truly sounded like a desperate man. Getting lost in what was going on before you, you missed someone coming up behind you.

“If I did not know that sound was from a movie, it would break my heart.  He is damn good.”  The unexpected voice in your ear nearly made you yelp, forcing you to cover your mouth. Turning to see Tom standing behind you made your already frantic heart speed further.

“You scared the shit out of me.  Oh my God.” You whispered to him.  A bright grin appeared as he looked down at you.  

“That wasn’t really my intention but I enjoyed the result.”  Taking a long breath to help ease your nerves you turned back to watch the scene.

“If I ruin this and my sister gets mad, I am throwing you under the bus to save myself.”  Whispering over your shoulder as you stood up on your toes to see the rest of the action.

“As a gentleman I would take full responsibility for your inability to keep quiet.”  Your eyes went wide as you looked over your shoulder at him. Unsure if he meant that statement to have a double meaning or not, had you searching over his expression.  All you could see was a friendly smile but you did not know him well enough to determine if he was hiding something.

Before you could reply, you heard Mila end the scene for lunch.   “It was good to see you again Tom.”  Walking off towards your sister, you did not want to say something to make yourself look any more ridiculous than you probably already looked.

Mila waved excitedly when you saw you.  “I’m so glad you could come.  I wasn’t sure you would be able to find it here on your own.”  

“Your car found its way to the print shop and here.”  Her smile lit her face as she pulled you towards the back of the set.  There was an open area that had several tables set up and a buffet of food against the back wall.

“Get whatever you want the food they bring in is amazing.”  Setting your belongings down next to her you followed filling a plate with a sandwich and a pasta salad.  Mila grabbed a couple drinks and before long, you were both happily eating. “So what did you get at the print shop? I’m impressed that you found something already that you liked.  You are always so picky.”

“Hmm picky, me?  I wonder where I get that from?”  Rolling your eyes you pulled out one of the copies of the print of Mila.  Her mouth hung open as you handed it over.

“[Y/N]… it’s me.  I… holy shit it looks amazing.  I want this for my office!”  You had been worried she would not like it, but looking at the joy on her face sent a thrill through you.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Pfft like it?  I love it.  Hey Tom!  Come see what my talented sister did.”  Tom had gathered a plate for himself and had been walking back to one of the other tables before Mila had gotten his attention.  He decided to take a seat at the table with you.

“What did she do?” Mila handed him the print and you watched as his eyebrows rose in surprise.  “This is lovely.  It really captures Mila’s essence when she works.  [Y/N] it is wonderful.  You should be very proud.”  He handed it back with a beautiful smile, his hand grazing yours causing a warm electric sensation.  Your cheeks flushed quickly as you tried to hide it.  Mila not missing a thing had a knowing smirk on her face, though she said nothing of it.

“Thank you.” You said quietly as you put it back into your portfolio case.  The rest of lunch was spent talking about your job possibilities and what things you should do now that you were in Los Angeles.  Tom had been eyeing your case as it sat on the table next to you for most of the break.

“[Y/N]… may I see what else you have in there?  I am curious to see after that beautiful portrait of Mila.”  It was one thing to have your sister look at your work but someone outside of the photography world, especially a world famous actor, made you nervous.  You nodded anyway though, taking short quick breaths trying to calm your nerves that were trying to eat you alive.  It annoyed you that your anxiety popped up when you least wanted it.

He opened it carefully, as not to damage anything inside.  There was an assortment of prints in there from the past several years. There were some from your earlier days but not many.  Tom was silent as he took in all the different prints.  You picked at the rest of your lunch not wanting to stare at him while he took his time.  Mila was typing away furiously on her phone and not paying attention to what else was happening around her.  Once you had finished your food, you downed the rest of your water bottle just as Tom finished the last page.

“You are… talented does not begin to describe it.  [Y/N] these are absolutely brilliant.  This one here…”  Tom sorted through setting the case on the table in front of you, pointing to a picture of an older man in bed sleeping.  It was another black and white you had done.  “This is heart breaking and breath taking all at the same time.”

Mila leaned forward setting her phone down on the table, shaking her head with tears filling her eyes. “I haven’t seen that one before… When did you…?”

“The day before.  I wanted one last good picture of him.  He did not look so sick in this one.”  Tom canted his head looking at the both of you, seeing the emotion on both of your faces.  

“I won’t ask further. But it is beautiful.”  He rested a hand on yours in comfort.  The warmth of it doing odd things to your heart.

“This is our grandfather right before he passed.  He was always such a strong man.  Then when he got sick, he went very quickly.  This was the last time he actually looked like himself.”  You never told anyone you had made it black and white so no one would remember how pale he had been.  The only reason why you kept it in the case was that your grandmother told you to. She loved the picture because it was how she always saw him first thing in the morning, peaceful.

Mila gave you a hug before kissing your cheek.  Wiping her eyes quickly she stood up, straightening her shirt.  “Okay that was way too heavy for lunch time.  Warn me next time.”  She walked away to give herself time to compose herself and get back into director mode.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”  Tom held a hand up to stop you.

“No apologies please. I was the one that brought it up. Thank you for sharing it with me.” Leaning back in the chair you stared down at your hands for a moment.  Letting your own mind absorb what was left of the sorrow and allow lighter thoughts to return.

“I need to return to makeup. It was lovely to have share lunch with you.  I would love to do it again soon.  Perhaps when I don’t have to return so quickly.”  Did he mean?  No, he could not mean… Just being friendly, that is all.  The tone of his voice sounded sincere and quiet as he smiled down at you.

“Umm yeah… I will be here a lot I’m sure if Mila has anything to do with it.”  Your stuttered sentence only made your anxiety grow.

“If Mila has anything to do with what?”  Your sister had perfect timing as always.  Tom answered before you could get a word out.

“I said I hoped to see [Y/N] for lunch another time soon, when we weren’t so rushed.  She said you would make sure she was here often.”  Mila had devious looking smile to her face.

“Oh yes, she will be here a lot.  I am going to speak with the producers and a few of the marketing execs.  I want [Y/N] to take the teaser ad photos of the cast.”  Your jaw dropped as you stared at your sister.

“You can’t be serious. Mila I have never done that type of thing before.  There has got to be someone who you usually work with and who is far more qualified.”  Crossing her arms over her chest, she gazed at you.

“Look through that damn portfolio and tell me you aren’t qualified.”  Your shock had turned into silence.

“I agree with Mila.  I believe you would do a wonderful job.  But I am just the actor.”  Tom grinned as he turned to walk towards the set.  

“You are going to sit and let me show off your talent, [Y/N/N].  I have already called the producers.  One is coming down in a little while to look it over.  Follow me so you can watch and get some ideas.”  A chair had been sat beside hers so you could watch the scene.  Your mind was racing with the fears and excitement of it all.

What would happen if this really worked out?

(To be continued with part 3)

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Anisah tries to make a tutorial :) 

There is probably a list of people who should never make tutorials, and i’m on it… but here we are anyways ~

(this is a very detailed tutorial from start to finish, so please bear with me lols. also, its super long, so under a cut it goes )

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