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Tactical Ressler in 3.07 Zal Bin Hassan 

Inspired by the post by @aussieokie that you can find here  (I was going to reblog and add to her post but with four gifs, I wasn’t sure how well that would work).  Check out hers too and reblog the crap outta that pic because he looks hella hot in it. Seriously. We need #MoreTacticalRess on our dash.  I’m not even joking guys.  DO IT.

after 2000 years i do this lmao. tagged by @oreowarrior@pommeplisa

I dislike way more things but it would fill the whole image so i didn’t add more 😂😂😂😂😂.

And i’m a simple person with my bag so no fancy shits in there, mostly because it’s an small bag and also because my mom always ask me if i can keep her stuff when we are out and i always need to make space for her stuff 😂😂😂😂😂

mmmh now to tag, maybe @nordielie and @sehyeo because why not 👀👀👀👀👀👀 and anyone who want to do it too wwww.


I know everyone is losing their shit over Tracer being gay (IM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS TOO GOD BLESS HER-) but can we just talk about these?

- Reaper wants a family. This could also possibly hint that Reaper does in fact feel lonely, wanting someone to love him, wanting to be happy but is stuck in the curse he’s in now.

- Possibly hints at Gency! Also, Genji’s face is revealed (somewhat)!

- This is Pharah (SHE DOES HAVE A BODY UNDER THAT ARMOR-) with some man. This may be her boyfriend, husband, or even her father!

- Sombra knows who McCree is.

Feel free to add onto this! There could be some more stuff I’ve missed!

thank you for giving me happiness

so it’s the end of the year(for me, for some it’s already 2017 dajldjask) and for starting this blog in like what, august?? a lot has happened oml. I went from freaking 18 followers to 410 so quick I’m shOckED?? why do y'all follow my dumb ass😖❤I’m so honored and grateful so I’m gonna be cheesy af and finally make a follow forever bc I love you all.let’s start with being cheesy

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I’m sorry for all of you out there that still love Tamlin but this ONE sentence in itself proves why Tam-tool is a dick and why Rhys is a hero.

“I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened under the mountain.” Rhys said with equal quiet.


She was under that fucking mountain because TAMLIN was an idiot who got all of his people cursed and was too selfish to try and break said curse earlier.  A HUMAN who he was supposed to have loved, saved his ass–all of their asses–ESSENTIALLY ALL OF PRYTHIAN I MIGHT ADD–and does he ever once thank her? No, that prick LOCKS. HER. UP.

Enough said.

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so this year is gonna be busy for me cuz i have some important exams, and my teachers assign SO MUCH HOMEWORK?? and i can't really find time to improve on art. so im curious, how YOU manage time with school and art??

I literally schedule EVERYTHING. Sticking to a schedule is very important for time management. Of course sometimes I do procrastinate but generally I stick to my schedule. Setting up reminders helps too!

Additionally, there is a lot more information/advice here: 

Hello! My name is Anna. I am a friend of Vic and she was kind enough to have me add on something to her post. This is a little bit of a long post but it walks through a lot of ways to begin & maintain time management so hopefully it teaches you something. 

First, I want to say that time management is intimately linked to self-control and both of these are mental “muscles”. What I mean by this is…

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Season 2 Theory

On why Zarkon is able to find Allura, Coran, and the Paladins so fast: 

  • Perhaps Shiro’s arm does have a tracking beacon in it? But that would also bring up the question on why it wasn’t used before in Season 1, but still an idea I immediately jumped to watching the Season 2 Trailer 
  • The wound inflicted on Shiro by Haggar has some sort of property that allows her to pinpoint where he is/the others are? I would think that maybe the wound could do more than just hurt Shiro/who knows what Galran space magic can do 
Things I Want To See In The Real Young Justice Season Three: (Feel free to reblog and add your own)
  • Jason Todd
  • The return of Wally
  • Bluepulse hopefully becoming canon
  • Supermartian getting back together
  • Tim and Cassie’s new relationship
  • Static being awesome
  • Barbara becoming Oracle
  • Cassandra Cain taking her place as Batgirl
  • Raven
  • Cyborg
  • Heck, throw in a little Starfire too while you’re at it so we can have the whole Teen Titans
  • New members of The Light (With The Brain and Black Manta out of commission, they’ll need to replenish their numbers)
  • More Klarion
  • Red Arrow being a father
  • Arrowette
  • More of Aqualad interacting with his father post-betrayal
  • Darkseid being awesomely evil and awesome
Ask Me

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Genre: fluff, smut

Length: 4,618

A/N: this is a prequel to “Waffles”. I thought I was done with this story, but I guess I’m not. A lot of cutesy shit because life is hard enough. Also, I keep getting angst requests so I needed some lightness in my life.

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Isadora has more gains than Dimitri and Warren combined (now if only I could draw them at maximum capacity).

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Could you do headcanons for Leo with a younger sister who is a skater too? Also if you feel like it. You can add any other skaters you want so it's not just one!!! It's up to you of course! Have a nice day <3!!

((Hell yeah, I’m adding my own skaters))


-Isn’t too overprotective of her, but he’ll make sure she doesn’t get too swamped by fans

-Almost always influences what music she’ll use for the program

-But please keep him out of the costume talks

-Likes practicing spins with her, since it’s a lot of fun


-Always, always shows her off

-It’s like that Will Smith red carpet meme (this one)

-Loves trying to teach her how to do quads, even though women can’t really do quads

-’She’s my sister, of course she’ll manage a quad!’


-Insult his sister, deal with him

-Just try to say something bad about her routine

-Although he’ll never admit it

-Little sis doesn’t even know what he’s doing for her


We *NEED* to talk about how flipping great the cast is for Black Panther.

I mean, Chadwick Boseman, Forest Whitaker and Michael B Jordon are pretty ridiculously good on their own, but they’ve also squished in another four of my favourites.

Angela Bassett, who is insanely fierce and fabulous in American Story. I watched a bit of Hotel with my boyfriend and was like “I don’t know if I want her to adopt me or marry me’ and he was like yeah I get that. She’s fantastic.

Danai Gurira, who is also fantastically fierce and fabulous, but also adds this vulnerable edge to her character in The Walking Dead that is just perfection. She is one of the few characters in the show that I still actively give a shit about. 

Daniel Kaluuya, who I knew from yearsss ago when he was WRITING OR A TV SHOW when he was just a teenager. Hello, talent. He’s also a pretty great actor too, and showcases this brilliantly in one of the finest episodes episodes of Black Mirror.

And last but certainly not least, there’s Lupita NYong’o. Beautiful, talented, smart, made us all cry buckets in 12 Years a Slave and dresses like an edgy Disney Princess with the colour setting turned up. What’s not to love?

I know I said I was falling out of love with Marvel movies, but I will absolutely be seeing this film and I shall be draining in all of the talent and beauty in sheer awe. 

Here’s some Susan Pevensie and Wendy Darling headcanons

  • they met in england a few years after susan lost her family
  • susan hasn’t smile in months and she’s thinking about moving to america because england looks too much like narnia
  • but damn wendy changed everything
  • they’re so different
  • one is light itself
  • when the other is more reserved
  • wendy wanted to be a pirate when susan was a queen
  • but they’re also so alike
  • they’re both very motherly
  • but more importantly they’re two girls who went into a magical land
  • but don’t belong there anymore
  • they know how it feels
  • they tell each other’s stories
  • they talk about mermaids
  • and fairies
  • and lost boys
  • they hold hands
  • and they kiss
  • and wendy becomes susan’s new family
  • they’ve been told they wouldn’t be happy back on earth
  • but here they are growing old side by side
Lucaya moments for dayZ

In GM Pluto, Katy says this to the squad:

Immediately! Lucas looks at Maya before turning to Katy and saying: “Wow. Thank you. That’s good advice.”

katy’s quote of “The only regrets I have are the dreams I gave up too soon” relates to how Lucas feels about Maya and how he may feel he can never have her because Maya will always want to protect Riley.

Pls add your thoughts!

//quietly admits i’m really happy with this one

Reasons why Olicity should not have ever existed

• they literally have no chemistry. Everything she says he looks irritated by
• 100% fan service
• comic book wise he should be with Laurel but I’m not gonna get into that
• “you have failed this omelette”
• she dumped him bc he wanted to have a relationship with his son
• she’s incredibly selfish
• the cringe is too much to cope with
• he’s rude to her
• she’s rude to him
• he has more chemistry with every other woman on the show
• they ruined the show

Feel free to add